The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on September 12, 1880 · Page 1
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 1

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 12, 1880
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1' . - - a a m- M 'i ' v ...r - i . - o .-.. i . 1 :,V .:.::..-,' i . ' . .' -: 1 " r t .- -l-l.--- .. r.; r'l i ,1 rut .... ,ii ... urn ; .THE NEWjS AND OBSlER. The New and Or:r: j . Ashe, 0 atling A Co., Proprietors. Published Dsilyexcept Monday) and Weekly. ,1 BjLTKS OV SUBSCRIPTION IlC A-DYANCB : Dally, one Tear; mail postpaid....,.....!.. 00 1 " aix months. " " 3 M i " three " '1 ; ! 1! 75 Weekly, one year, "! V M ........ 1. 2! 00 J " . six months. " : H 00 Ten conies, one vear. mail postpaid L IK ftrt .a- a -.3.: .-..-; vv n No name entered without payment, and no paper sent aiier exjurauon oi tune paid for. W'WW K A I 4 TV 1 1 k l M m i lY . ii I I I . I I J A . NX ill - F W I II II I I II II IV NX. II I 1 1 ll 1 II I 1 II i I! I" , M .tl t'f b i -f N m- y y.Lh av .y u Hmn n, pn w n, rh . n ii f ' JL 1 U, V ff i -U--L 1 -IL W JJ.J K 1LU IL IL V ilJ.lL U0 .' I j! : :': J . - f - -? r- - e w---. - 1 . . . ' '.t ' r 1 : ' .. ' I ! 1 - : 1 . I J i vor. XVHt" RALEIGH, K. O.r SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1880l NO 158., By Telegraph! i K00N EEPOETS. board of trade rooms tbla forenoon, at which a committee waa apbointed to consider the reduction of wages In view of the present !ow;prices of print cloths. It it probable that the result will be a general reduction of ten per cent. 1 -1 1 . '. The Cotton Crop. " -I" !-' i ' -: 1 :; ' -JJiTiViJ1"' ePtember H.The2?f publishes special telegraphic reports from eiKhtj oentrai poioU in the cotton districts of laaa. MlSBiauirjni. TAnnMu t... i. ! the condition of the oatton crop op to Ueptem-. ber 10, Jten j days later than the monthly re. .1, u uuiton cxcBange. Dummaryt Louislaoa Eighteen returns from sixteen parishes The weather, with the exception of -hJwo parishes, is reported oofsTorabie oa ac , ceunt of too much rail 1 only one patlaU v i reports the weather better (ban last week: -: three parishes report the condition unchanged from last week, and changed for the worso tod the crop tery uofcvonbla u compared wimi last year, two pansoes report sprout' log from seed; hree, army wormij eight, boll worma dolnv nonslriitraKia riami T tt... periabeai pae, tusti oaa.'sbMdin);: four, tot, A Plh reporu the damage at kX) per oont i ' t ' two. lUt one. B.1. anil nu i Ah i iV,,. ' tab.M P0' whlrd of crop, and Two K JiT f . cklnrhM been consider ; ab 7 interfered wtth by nln. Labor IiiuN floleot and working well In tea pertshes and . scarce in four, The avenge yield la '700 poundi per tort. In n Dumber of psrlibes ill (ho tatvej cS thiootiooi In other! they uti? 7 lh; wwl,,,,r hM el JtfOriSlCt 4 .. ; : 0)1 :j i , ;.) , A , MlsaiMlppUTweotyeven return! from fT0fable,;talny In all but eight, and draught ?M ?UBtr ,Hw eottntin! report the eon t dliion improved from lut W( k, and ten 'changed for worse. I The general condition is , boi as rsvorsDie as at tbla lima last year. The army worm is reported in ten( boll worm! in four countiesi rustlnfourj shedding In seveot proutlngof bolls in eleven) rot In four. Tho damage is ten per cent In ooi twenty-flvo . per cent, in one and fifty per cent in one couotv.k Picking ii very backward in ten - ccuntlei in oomrquence of heavy raloi Labor U safflcfent In all but three counties. The average yield per-acre 'hi flOOpounda. The ' 'S?Mber' ,D Pteb 7 t been good. The returns from : Terat . show the ; weather generally favorable, and the plant is fruiting r and ODenlnsr'walL Th tmnAiiinm k. tricts,doinillttlidimagei two.dlsiricta report tweoty.uve per cent, dimsge Ubor gen - mlfr4i iearo. -; Thi average yield ii oso pouodi per acre. The boll worm dlMppcared from leveral oouatlea. ( v Alabama Hitums from Ua jpolati la Ala i u!f -.UB . wP ! no ai favxabla u last week. Wprmi are reported if flv fw.-i8.!00' 00uall",l 0D ttportt teo, another iMr1 Laamaga, Picking U eligbtly backward. Labor ti iuOclnt In Avei fewoe In three coucUe. :The average yield 4 Is BOO pounds per acre. T Ananass uetorni from arknau ..ka. MISCELLANEOUS. J. A. BEAGASSA, 16 FAYETTEVILLE STREET, " v BALOUII, Jf.C- j , Confectioner, j CAHDY MANUFACTURER, 1 AKD PROPRIETOR OF : 1 if ExcelsiorBakery 18 10e. TIrketa for $1. i Delivered every morning at your door fresh and warm. Krh (Inn ftwt I Ana anil Vmilta ilwin kanl nn hand. , ,-. aug2-tf GBEAT BARGAINS "IN J 1 DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING. W.H.&R. S; TUCKER; : ' : ; - -i it , . : l ii - -' . YOUR ATTENTION IS SPECIALLY I INVITED TO OUR STOCK OF , - - i 1 ' ' f -: t " " ' ' ' "'. '"' - I J- " 1 " Hamburg and Nainsook MISCELLANEOUS. The Qnlj Direct Line U IT 5 That connect) via MdREHKAO City with N KVB ERIC, K IKSTON, 1 Y 0 n E Lahramqk, Uold?- boro and KALKian and all points on the A. A. K. fl. Rkllnwul XI.l I. r.wvlln. - - - .... . v kiiu aii'iui v itallroad. 5 EDGINGS & INSERTINGS M ' n ', M" m- i 1 j 1 ssviai aBlaJ Sa4aMSMBSBr iiw - i.i.iaul53c?nlA1 P0!?.n. of the Bt&te about - u-uiirusioi crop wiu ce made; in eastern r."7 r crop 01 iwo-tnirds of a bale to the acre( la western Arkansu there is "Vb damif9 being about twenty JTf .l:!?d 0Pfl damage- from worms in ' "f?8 P?"100 01 tn Hotwith" . cent of last year. .f'4 - - j 1 In southern Tennessee there has been some nKeass b acreage, and the crop will show aalizhl Increase in nmrfni i complalntof drought in western Ueorria. The . prop, despite the worms aadmst. is the beat lorseverai year. Labor la scarce and ex- In Florida the crrm la twn mU I..v.. Sfcj'il dwBefrotn the late cyclone is 1: Caa Tactory Banted.' C BaoW September ILU'rhe cteW lory -of Smith , Wick!, with the stock of lls and machinery, was bamed this morn- vrer 3ujw A. lamoer-yard Ja?iD! dBMed to b extent of fS.OOO Smith & Wicks era Insored is the Merchants a Auxaaoaia, Va.. Beptember ll;-John r . , v-bapenan, a prominent lawyer Of this city. W. nd,dfd bed thta morning, with a . Ptevoi in bis hand and a ballet to hU head. 1 Niw Yom, Beptember 11 -Er OmI. It u a , f 5 . avasBraa sv V VUiU le lying very ill at. fire Island, and . frared cannot recoverl i" f '..'; & i&j Septeabee lL.-.tar ! ""V-, wKwniutca ati o ciock this atom XTIGHT BEFOBTS. IWanutU UWBispdj John T. Morrlco, Cnsr rayettevllle mm Davie BtreeU, MALEIOJT, N. G, j I OIALKK IK ALL KINDS or ' V'; FURWTURR, . MATTRESSES, " , . SPRING BEDS, Et. noT?instoreonof theltrgest th--lir'JrYrJr1 100" Jnrniture In oitJi conaiaUng of T Walnut D. C3, Suites, I OotUga Suites, , ' Parlor noltes, ; Bedsteads, Bureaai, i Vr'aihiUnds, v 1 Tablae, . Lounges, : ' . ; Tin Kafee, Cribs, Cradles, , VhaMdt; Wardrotien,- . 1 , - . : ? Chairs. BikaW : , 1 And many other gooda, which will be sold cheap tor cash. Now la your time to eev ear bargalna. I octWW . LThe Weekly Mining News., 1 Mi Jtott SelUtla Jottraal of fig " .- Bad la the Ccratry; v ; ;r'--',f ;-'-vv ;t ; ' " ' ' ' ' -; ; ' Prints tl follaat and fairest report of xninlng matUra la the form of specral cor- I irow, eyerj mate) ana Tern- OUR IMPORTATIONS JUST RE- ' i 'V l ''".;-'' ' , J UKIVKP DIRECTLY ..FROM ST.IAL, SWITZERLAND,.. . RNAlitK UH TO OFFER THE Latest Novelties ! Edglnzs and Insertlngs, MATCHED. : I ; ,. : ' .;. .( .; . , j.--' . ', -., , All la KaUrely JTew PattterM ! Xflceto '!.'' ' '. ;"! i V '-J '",.-l,r " i:K V W. II. 2s R. 8. TUCKER. n -g- -. ) j -' ' GROCERIES. i FREIGHT AS LOW AS BY ANY OTIIEU LIKE. 1 1. . : Itlcrchstnti nnrt fhlppora scnooLBooksJ North Carolina Alive and . Vldo Awakei OLD TIME AND REVISED BOOKS HAVE HAD THEIR DAW North Carolina Demands the Newest and Best, Books for Her Schools. V 1 A,?.n?r.lnJu? vlolqitjr of these roads will Una it to their Interest to til p by this route, lloats onllili Una leave Nrw Yohk regularly every Thursday at 8 o'clock p. 111.. fVnm -iMftP Si Vaafc l)lua a saaaait ... I J.. leavo MoaKitRAb City every Tuesday at Wo clock a. m.i ii .- .--'r Connecting at New York end Fall River, ; Ooston, Provldsnoe and all polnU North and West, and by Hteamer at Newbern wili Norfolk, ftalUtuoro and Phhadel-- entrualed to this line will be handled with care and delivered with promptness and all damages occurring, when proved, paid! Jfor full Information aa to-Freight, Ao., 1 apply "to So Broad If;-HUE STRQNAGH Ooptombor 0th 1 880. WewCrsa Carollsus Wheledntlsi Ble. Hew Crap Kstra raniMllan and da. burgb lia Head Oatmeal. i Thurber's Selected Noilbern Oatmeal, in DuiK ana o-pouna paoKagee roadway, or Pier S4 East River, N a. n. asttirkwh anpennienaeni, tuueigu, n.v. S. IX. GRAY, Agent, Newbern, N, C. J. BEOOKriELD. ) A. VT. Lt'DOLV. CHINA XALAOE i' -: frl V''Vl;l;.1l, 7V -of- ::'.vr,, v ' . . . i ... Fine Fresh Crack en and Cakea. JUMN UKUUKMtLU 6 UU.. CHARLOTTE, N. C. FRUIT JARS, ,''' , ' " JELLY TUMBLERS, . ! ! REFRWERATpRS, 1 i ICE CREAM FREEZERS, I ' WATER COOLERS. Cblna,Glass.Alr, O-ockery Cut-. Jcry, Looking laises Wood . t and Will or-Yf are, euid 1- IIoaie Fnrnbhlnf dSoods dener-' aKK WHAT THE TKACUKR8 OF TUN ITATK XORslAL KCBOOL AY, .UNivKitNiTiibr KottMCAnoiiVAr, rjrATN rprmai.ri!iiooL, .-!.;- t hi .lulu IWI tuijo' ine Appieton Kaansra. KNTiitllBK. RIM, have been used i by the i teafhei e uurum ma 'aat nu sesstons or tne ior msl Mnllnrkt. ami hiva vluan nll fafltlnn. Wa 1n nnf kaalta a 5 VnflltuM - r ivvwivmw as wws wsw l M a.K sVaMlls the ltesders HEARTILY, and believe the " uiua ana m r; iijups suggestea in tneae Muirwava ioiioweu, wjn prouuee in telltgont and expressive realera. J The selections are goodthe PHONICS SIMPLE AND TIIOROUOH and the SPKLLINO exercises adcjirable. I; (Mlgned) JULIUS TOMLINSON, . Instructor In English. V JOHN E. DUGQKR, Teacher of Reading and Phonics, i B. W. HATCHER, Teacher of Phonics, Arith me tlo and Ana lytical Orthography. ' - m i, J. if. WEATHEBLY,! ' Teacher of ReadiiJhd Phonics. CIRCULATION, 0,500. Price, 5 Cents. i $3.00 a Year. V! Addreaa. WlfEtTT.V vrTVTxrn vpwo aogl0-3ia. T MnrraySWNew York City. ot's safe ; ifi ' n . 1 -j. - :- - --sir t',1-. "t . - . litoylLiTiir ounE . . . . - . Mint Drops, Pinarore Drops. Lemon and Vanilla Drops. ; Jlutter Hootch Cakes, Ginger Snape, Chooolate Flnjrere,, Arrow Root Crackera,riogerUlnger firead.Cream lingers, Maooaroons, extra cboloe Milk and Mods Crackers, Mason's- Lunob Milk od Rtitter Crackers, Corn Starob Animal aad Bird Craokera. : - , f - fottzs Airs cAmrzs keati. Basiad Turkey and Chlpken.Brawn, Lunch Xeogua, Roast BeefJ Potted Turkey, 3ame Duck, Chicken. Beef and Ham.' Cooked Corned Beef and Tongue, . Anglo-American Packing Co. 'a f i Corned Beef, in 2,1b., B-lb. V: i-. i rv: . and 14-lb cana. nrAa good m the beet, at lower flgv-ee. FANCY GROCERIES. -Aiexla Oodlllot'a Mushrooms, let choice: Boneleaa 8ardtniiaTPrnar.vt V eanstH mnsa. I . tard. Queen Ohvea, Sardines, Prunes and vitva vu, tjroaae a uiackweU'a x armouth Bloatara. Walnnt anrl MuthwiAin r...nn Chow Chow, ; PlccallUL Gherkina i and jaixeucaaesv' i :! ; ;.'. v,-. i GENUINE IMPORTED EDAM AH D IWtjbla. and sacks Paitapaoo and Orange -jvi. x wur. xatw uc;area to Trade. Car load each Bolted Meat, Maraball'a Salt. , and Mixed Oate.' ;)l ATTENTION OF TRADE la called to our stock Roasted and Green poffee. White and Yellow Sugars, j Jta, um. ww mto uiuiruf at a amsui margin on ,ooat' ; : j .. - .1 i-; ; I 4 '. Cigars. Smiking and Chewing Tobaccos " s aioosi oi ana ana medium Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos. Majolica v am MMcyGoolIs ' " . .... '': I. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ' o?iisr :W"-A: June 27 AT A SACRIFICE, m, PRIMER, SPELLER OR SIXTH i !: HfiXUein Pi KV KHii A 11 X. I A i 0RKAT HAVING TO PUPILS. - - ADOPTED FOR FIVE YEARS BY THE HTATK BOARD OF H. C. Adepts tor Five. Yri. bjr riflytwe , . Cecisillea la Ueeraia. ... $1 15 PEU BOTTLE I A PaaltlTsi Uiua& tnr AIT. Tiil.i. I... J rf. ' m er ana 4jnaarj xrouaiea r Dot tt the UT?oailoo Court hers to day a notion for a mw iiw ig in- case oi james ? nomas De-JarBette, tor the mnrder of bia sister, waa overruled. The case will go to the Cowrt of Appeals on a lengthy .bill of exceptions oC the ruling! of the lower court. It is alleged that one of the Jurors was incompetent because of mental aberration during the trial? After the , UKXionfof anew trial In the case of DeJaraette was overruled this morntog. the eowrteen-teaoed the Driaooer an l. . " . .rr r-T"" .u scab . Mmnfarr. .1 8AODtiMviLU, Tana , September it The body of a tt, Laprbde, an aged Ucbe-. - - m rat uxhb, waa ! loonn .mImvIi. In . Jn. ,ji '-j .m mu. uw imu : mm 1 1 - from hie hoeaa. Thm waa a K..lla Ti. 1 1 ' through hie heart and bis throat cut. i He bad ' bene mlaalna ainm laal VriHu T. I. ;i j. The Pabt Qaeetloa la ArkasMaa.! LlTTLB Rornr Aar . Rnn.H'1l , , " ' v(WI.V , . . j ; Delleved that tha nmmaMl anum.iftiBni ir . conslitutkw is defeated. An official coot oeossai? to determine it. j;.; t..i CaraaioMl Ma alsMKUea,! ChioaoO. SeDtrmher 1! (Ioth R n wai renominated for Congress by the Reict ti li ' . - U Lj, 1 II T - tea : I 4i. in I RiaDlxO. Pa . Hentemhtr 1. Lit t Jacobs wu aomioated for Congrese to-diiv . a iae ivcpuonciDi oi loe eiguio atrie .i ',4 ' j .4 AavaUia Kpldamle! The ii. Read tho Record : ! '...(,.-,- jr"'..i '-.-i-i---. -V :.V i fit aavad mv Ufa". J?. B. Tjtkt' fUlrmsi rlt la the raniadv that will mm iha many diseases peculiar to women." AfotA-r'sMaffagine. f .. . ": --( T k Km atvv. tMmtm mtmA tenn .nl'. doraements from some of the highest meaicutaient in tne country ."ak York World. j 1 "No BemedT heretofore diaoovered ean U.1J . . t be held tor one moment In comparison with It'C. A. Money, DJ D.t Washing-to. D. CL -. . v , Sale by DrvgUta la all Paris of the ;. ! Try lt and Take no Other. f i i , IIOCUE8TEB, IV Y. ug5 . , Land For Bale. , A TRACT OF, LAND, containing: aDoot Ova Thousahd Acbks, is for sale oa good terme.. It la on Crabtree Creek, about one mile from the. North Carolina Railroad, and two miles from Morrisville. The land la excellent, much of it bottom. Time will be .'given ion good security. For Lnrmi nr uiainnivu l ? . JL. V. JUINJSH, Ac, which we are offer In if at small profit sa KM-aa.H k' an . i a w fMjwe a w uua, Denial inni in iMra. Onr all-Havana (Dead Shot) 5-cent Clar. only all-Havana 6-oent t3gr in the market. Cardinal Cigarettes neweet and beat. jwm 0 Hi l Adopted by the city of Augusta, Oa., July 10, leaO, after a thorough examiination nd discusaton of -the merits of several aeries. , , i For Xurtber-teamonials, Aa, apply to , W.P. HIX, Columbia, a C, Agent for D. AppketOQ: Co., Publishers, NewYoik.- f . aog 17 THE BONANZA FOK BOk: AGENTS is selling oar srcENBiiK Ulwtrp book, .LIFE OF f , - . Cen. , Hancock ; aw A tife-l&na friend. Hoir. J. W. -Fon- VKT,n anther ot Natipnal famex-. .Tbla yuck. fta iw)OBa8D by ,Qew. Hacck, pnjr Ceadeta and Prase da Jaw priced, jmj, enaaly pew4ar,:and taking like wildfire et erjwi& &a&tm50c. Agents are book be Q1 'ai particulars, ad- Ua. . t- . ; . . - ;! AQSliaw-liir, 13 mBW, SDHffiAMlH BACON!! IW'D J. HABDIN, Grocer. A yer w" eraa-alram in. rt flnnr.batnntAn 'Vsm TTAmai L anl atlaiei fTeit-veav'e. RMaWaat ' va wvni vj aw - j-a wasa, Strips, thin and well trimmed; best brands n n. i n . . .... vui...u uauia.' -.. . . - : . ;: SontbsimptDn ! Brandy;- Old Apple Brandy for Brkcdvlns Peaches: 'MOKnwu oruuv luwreuii; xine israndiea, Whiskies, Wines, Ales, Ac, Ac The Lunch Milk Biscuit, THE BEST OF PL.AIS CRACKERS, 15 .. l rlTH f SM. l-t ls III nT 11 5 i .-. ' mw w a a- - Acknowledged j by eminent Phyeiefas aad tM DUblia' to ha f ha nVI.V BDii Resaedv for laalrla m.tii.c. n sla. ChrtdrenuTTa'a:-- "4 LYJTZtt i V a-enuine not else.- -fi10 9f Oenulne Holmsn's Pads' $2. WriVLSetti -T ailed' PC"d' HOLM AN PAD COMPANY. ng25-deedAw3m New York. Claw track Cc. I lege aBf JIiTdson Blverj InstKuie, , , AT CLAVEBACK, NKW YORK. ' ' ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFITL and largest boarding schools fn the wif Jrf aPW0fcrouMy tbftSoU lege. .iFnll College Coarse tor Women. Fourteen Inatrnntora . Tjn A.JL-t. W:?". )A wealthy New York' City, offers to pay all (be ax-150 a year eaeb. for fifty dfes from the South. This $150 will include Board anri TnltlAn lw a Jl." College Courses, French, German, Latin and Greek and Piano .Music all in catalogue for 40Q a year. For catalogues and full particulars aadreaa - r"-"u Rev. AIONZOU'r.APU' ik ; , ' aug34-dAwlm Preslifent. ' - r' "Hasy nr MISCELLANEOUS NORTH CAROLINA STATE LIFE . incorporated ilil872,)' Assets Surplus to Policy IftkMers, f. if. Cutneron, , If. K. A nderaon, W. IT. Hick. lr. E. Jturke IIayn0Qi, Pro. K. B. Smith, 1 . .AdifmrAetuaiy, aseoie ie 17894 at r r las.Aa.r.u.. lce-iVaMfaai. 4'jr anrfi TVerw. i.,.firecfjor. The only HOME Life insurance ComJ pany In North Carolina. One of the most anticessiui uompaniea 'or !ita ae In the United States. Uaa already laaued !"i .w1 ?d . thre thopaand ! pollclea. All of Us funds Invested at home among w. wnU fuvj'iv. an loases paiQ promptly and in Oaah. Tlataa aa 1a. .J! .v.. .-i tlrstrclaaa Company, Has THREE dollara ivi yrjr AJVM.A.ROI iiaitwitiea, Agenu wanted in every county In the 8Ute to work for Oils moat exoeQentand firmly esUblUhed home Institution. For N. C. HTATK LIFE INSURANCE CC f aa. a tM ' ! I lVWrVf "M l-n.-' l IMPROVED PATENT LIVER PAD va aa am ai ifimuiii n twits t tese. ; : ': . htUNVittrtfilllAlajtia, fanii ani FflTtn 'UwCwjIilalj .Keinlrji, Xertuaeu, :s UetBtUiav ferCuiesk vfeihosi -fc'k t Nerrou '. Eeassesi ': r "" JmaALldAt,t F. II, Ilcai it's brutllioro. V Posltl ve Care-ITIlhont i MeOlclaei. ili BOUOIE8. Patented .W)tL it) i ' 1 tour dayi or ...IIS ' r T . 1 iia i win cure any 0Me in . No. fl will An pa Ha mn.1 LIm no matter of how long standing.' " i v No Aaiiaamia itnaaa m mKkI - iv- nr nil ef unrf.kBiiAil 1. Zl produee dyspepsia by destroying the coat ing of -the stomaoh, j "5.!j H;t) ii or mailed on receipt of arloeiTih THT'-.. . For further partloulara send for tfrcuian John street, New Y0rk.:: -ib hMWl .... tt w. aAA . s L " k M V1- - . nLe ouer aow rewara lor y ( case they Quick, safe and sure cure. Il may O-deodSm ;-:J-"f! lAltA .'i.i Sy. a week. fi2 a days V W mide. , CosUv outfli rr Truk A Co nov 28-dAW fafat.'.tl5 the ffi easilr' irewrr Address' j. " .. . . : r PUU and tS antfit frJ i.rr . vu., roruana. juatne nov so-axw-iy resarJ wis,' Terms - HAtr i (i.iii i i- ITuBieUia. Seat on triAl fraimtita dolt S&L AJ4IEL F. BEATT T, WMhi&rton N- r .' .1 li W- Han aai.i i , i if ' i ISiii. SwtkyaMU. Ckak. ffSCHfJOLROOMS 4o.Spcialtv .Warm Air JifE)ICAL COLLBQE. OF yptaiNlA : 'H-kBfcltmondiT Jbscniar ftessloa Henna Uctoh 1. and nnn. tinues sink months. Intermediate Frsmina- tions on the -Elementaipy Branches; at the close of FIRST Session jFmal Examination' on the' Practical Branches at the fcad ftfjSwpojftf saar 8103. ElGHTKBH MONTHS' CofctBGtAJS IlT-v STBVCTiojr.- Baily-' examinasJoesj and rctt- uuoa. t miy lour iecrares.a aaj. ) Anipie op. portpnWer for 'Clinical siadyi And PracGcal 1 t. F:or announcement iof -iHjciiIar- ad- icjuii sueamona; sept,8,f . e Mea 2 2 ADVEETISINO BATE3J One Sqnars (one iaeh) one day three j fear live may be made at the office of TUB I t Obbxkveb, east side Fsysttsvills I r block- below tha Ysrboroeak Hoose, 1- N. C , i . , 1 -v 8TATE SCHOOL BCXCT. r- in -m t -t- a r v- -c , a. w a. Staf b of Hortt CaicIIzi1 OHce SinL Pa bile Iastne: ' U 'TI T ST. VTttT Ct -Ait I"?'' Caft: Vr. B. KENDRICK, . ,,:-. GVw. ilyW Uxr$xfy PaVC.,,' . JJBAJt BiB.:-It gives me psar i inforaa you that j V i Holnes HeaCLars ail r " HoMGrannaKiE!:::. have been adopted fur uae la l! 3 V. ' flohoola of tMa State. , .VexyTeiT)cUUly, ; ' 1 i " 8upt, of Pulliq iKtn '' '''''--;. " 'n' - :y. yvl HEADK113 ' AND SPKLLT: i HOLMKS'1 ytatrllAoa, ' 1IOLMKV hrooro Raaoaa, itOLMKa'1 Fovbtk RaADKa, U0LMC3 BrgbttV ? t ' i ..'. "; .14. . ' f . I " EXTRA REAW21 FOR ADVA! CLASSES. : HOLMES' AC ADEMic Oa Bixt: i j-umapxb. tn-,-iitr.-fc.'.-t GE0QRAJniE3. J MAURlTS Fiijr .LbsIovi IM C oomArar, h,-, t : , MAURY'S Woaxn wa Liyb Iw, HHSX!8 MaauAtorQ'oaArr r, MAURY'S PHTSICALQrOGBAr: , MAURY' Wall Mafs, Selcf Beta i - "X:--. M.-v. ! GRAMMAR lANDniSTC:: IIOLM EST FlBBT Lxaaoxa tx G ba t: - HOI.UkJV liifni.tiif flaiwwi UOLMES' IIurroBT or raa UaiTr - used la the pa bile and Private ; thronahont tha Atata. HnnS aahrv' ot Introduced the booka can get 1 iuuy.jf- terms on appueatloa 3 H a I irvm TTvt rTrtv-?fv T iiuin iiinuuiiiu a LriUlUiaiCKllJlL . .: ortriEiiaixEv::-. firm fl U IB I UUili ,:1 '','- nt Sj fctf-al ' I WJ.. For announcement jo OFFICIAL TlFRTy: i 3O.00Q1 iai Thirtv a ' . r a to sell 'the I ilpfv4 at i a Faxiac CloaeStove. .OPEN FRE; rBmwl av.i..':":1 Includinir the Lift. r ir. n.J 1 Palar .nJTtw;P"?rln,ntse ' Outfit. I?Li.?!Efe?iCxlober.l Far BeiT.:-T..1W?W. t? UlfBBAVD-BPO,?- aej) 7'8Beekrnan8t.N.Y The Capadura cfear, InTOTICK j . I V.1 I TTTILL BE SOLD AT ATTriTtr I A DIES AVn BWDti 1 ' lffl"L 0, - p08t1Lfo'Lour Price li8f " you to UitDER BY Ma ti the best way, and aee the any ktod. of Merchandise we keep for sale at sudJis- f xuwDons, rrinees '-An If rea neatH w i ii TO u 'r'o00. I noK vi.v-ui ana ae- THE NEW, FOOD m ii Jaly29-dtf -Cary, N.a i' Wiini.nWi ! HnlMnhw 11 llvnl knuri n flaalth Hr K'au. aifvb1.i.. an epidemie of dengue prevails at Cbarlest S. 0. : Dengue also prevails at INew OrleLi. : J 11 ii j. : ' ' : Bedaetloa of Prtoaa ef pPriatai. , I S .''1r - .' - ' - i i l.l-1:!lt!j:: Fall Rivbb, Mass, September 1J.'4a tneeling of maaafacturera raa , heid! t tie A MAMia tTfaaiiaal AT ONCE TO CU W VT AUWU aell the lives of our next President and Vice-President,1 ues. uak uuuiL and t Honm HI ENGLISH. Thousands are vittlnir far tha tJvAv r. 0 . WHW x . oontains steel nortraita nf tha n.n4.... and other full-paire ensrravlnffa.i Extra f ducementa orTered to those sMeotins terri tory! irow. Docqlass Bros., 55 W. 5th st. , July 31-daw-lm j ; ' '' pUSE AND LOT . FOR,. 8ALE,I 1 wiU aell the house and tot where J DOW! live, am . th. . s.n.k and Hrwood atresia. The bouse la two ?7 r, " " contains ijaeven rooms. Double kitohen and well oHgood water tn ?ardJ5?d " BoMary outhouses and garden. The property i fu one block of Peaoe Institute, and-tbe beatBeigkborhood la the clty.j I ain determined to sell, and will auc7-lua. give some one a eood banrain. . i , i jp - . u. K. MTTLE. The best 5 cent Cigar in tha world. tub nuFpuKcric, Regular New York Price $1.25 per Bottle .... : l - a.o . . , vio.w per uaae oi one "i'lj-r- doxen Bottles.: , A ', Tv WILL BE SOLD ,AT AUC1ION. AT Jf?a t6" D8 tol lot T Wy S VVi the Court House door, In Raieieb on pr,.?e, We baT IL 2 "d 13 pkckaWnr SATURDAY. October 9. isft .V!S!S' 5 notions, which cannot ba h5??5?.f . . - e . - - l ! i v i . - . . i: s ui luicn BBs. an i lannm as w wa a t j a r sbbbbb -sb ; saaaaa. i ( i - - s sb u oka odii. sb. lies nnn r m C7 UIMA UMJkafiA.a. I I tA aitroa fisla I. ...j. I . l Ultiwr AnTArtiainc -iA,J.-a- n iriiiq riuiiuignB J DoweTcudxT IZ HOwellaco.TS h." a a 'pttiT fi iv A ,7 .1 " jvaieign, on SATURDAY, October 9, 1880. at 12 o'clock ui uuv iAi i ill Liiarirw nr Kaieii. a. j ed on the weatj by .Saunders street, south by Jones street (extended), west of Raieieh aald Railroad and north by Lane 8trt (extended).: Said tot Ilea Juft wtf uuKe as iimsDoro street, land conuins tail, for Cash down. the monv k ror twice iVt HOUGHTON A DUTTON -.--;-..imom at., rsos ton. MEDICINE I VI Ska. . ' I : I 1 a. mm 1 ''-SBWSB V. fi 41 JOT t3 it B; L. Gildenleere, Pk. D., C tLL.., JTroresserer ureek n I Jloptlns UalTemity, Baltlr - . ItaMlvlMia.Lr4JkfMiVal1AM a . ' , large a .measure of iavorv and hearts inn aalhaaW hhoKa-' b PWifnaanr have received frpm 4he best scholaF batlonkl "minds of the eountrr. 1- . haw nf iaiial tattita aa a! aryeompleta rreparation for sue a 't W amnf. tuM' li; 'tha TTnIaai ' maayrwher ha, seeeUed Ida PfcuDe dare ted m tesinraad Naguistie stuij. the new and .richiy endowed: John i JiUwnriry atfttht fbr a fit ssaa for i T3rtek, the 'appointment was eonfemi t , Qildersieeve, after wide eohierence, tzl his solieitatioa otflbri,and kia work t vro&aser oi .Unireriirr attracts r Untioiu 'HeValao the presiding oi -American. Ehilogicsi Aasoaiationf 1 Prof. GUderalaeVt's Latin bookj r duet bf thte order of ability and trsiaJng. Embodyln't: the best resol studies in Latin pnllolory,' they a elsar and practical tn teethed. . , THE jPRIMCrj, Haaals ., Planers. s onee holds the intti. . c. r r i " r,r''"" "MvwKiM t , ipplles; ,'rj Ti Ui. .4 1 11 1 . -t TTV r nanil. an. and mteiBsu.'v ' Latin antiinr. ;! . i minhiuu ... i with thetniraaa In U... '? -A teacher in pne ot the lesau. Of the Co tin tnr . i ""gu wa oooK, writes : l . W have just Anlsked the Primer. 1 ward. tottZUStt ffiL c larger vocabulary; their text-book has e for them a arfnj a-m t .v. T. UieMfore, a mors vivid interest ia It; ar It have keen W MmWai w t . 1 And 4ieRiJ 1 " TiiiS liATLN GRAMMAR TIO ADVERTISER -' - - - 'BJB7I1U JUJ A our 100 pase Mmnhlat. ail -Send 1 cts. for aroceries and Provision of every descrip-r ,tion; Flour, Meats, Syrups, Choice Butter. Fine Teas, Sugars, r . . -.'..Coffees, Ac, Ac. L 4- . HINSDALE ADEVEREUX sey-im, i , , a.-vrz Y. -II' i OLWE OIL! i I-" " I' M : -,. ! -t..' iTanoesoonl's Best SaLid Oil, imported In tin cans, and -bottled by T myself ; direct froBs the Custom Bouse; iinquestlonably mmiin. mnA n .. nn J i it. - t.u.ui)Heii mi uuanty. 2 t, J .:'..-. E. J. HARDIN. augSr tf. ! i'- PRICES iAttorneyi - . THB 3: For the Oampiign. XHE YADKIM VALLEY flEVS Tr-'TT? IVofaAesl 'IF(y, ...,r. ( "v:i.V "' ni ; . :.:,.'Jv.,.,; AT ONLY 1.00 PER ASNUM. .v.:-.- v i-r'.: Tofv. i- ... -j-.! . , .;:-:,). AB who subscribe now will get it one year for only 50 oenta. Clobs of three only ifi ceou each. Address, ' V L- "TUB NErs, Jone29-Sm- Mb. Airy, N. C. " Oak Wood Sawed and Split to Order at , $3.60 per lord. ' Plae Wood Sawed and Split . . r at $3.00 per Cord. nPHE WEEKf.Y RTTsr n.u. 'i..-. ' ''' . can be cured only by a chansre of the nartv in power, THE SUN earnestly WnWta In order that all thoaa wh, ..,1 to Order with our purpoee may moat emclentiv . operaie wile us, wewlUaendTftB Wmk st4 Lumber and briok In anyqoantity. Prices low. Ordera Iafk at. l... "t. i." rail's Grocery Store, Fey ette vll le Street" Or at mv nlaM rif himlnuu. ; , ir.: .T uoecriDers.iDoati nald. for t wd tv-fl AlJ P""? three aontbs. AddreaT iU, De angnHB Wlork City, f $5 TO $20 AY at homo. Sam Is markfid b it . fcgical arrangement of materiajaal 'a tyr' ' Phy that pleasaatly aids ths eyi . Its pr?L ifitf , kod eoarenieat j it. f nitiomL rnloa anTl ak.. j t . J pbinted j and its traaaUtians f masbatitat P.hi- .T t".1-le" ''ovator .7 " V ;sw uoastlrations niiu v jus srri l purnaMiiia . i Vila H r., ,i - 1 ueoOCtionsHof i Sf?f restore to permanent aaaldiihJl JiJWi't, lmVw.- u L 1 r n!iK!. JpoBvalesenit, CknsmaptiTejnOTa I ZZZTiJ axone AlexaaJ ' worked. KervunaS ii TJ!r5i..JiHTe,K I nosx ImecestinsraerrssiTa. ahlflAIr d Fickle in ApSTth f ffij?" e? CaMar'"bs BaltoCal"'; - Malt or .ifuHWaT Tt- L" .ir?1?1.0? I treatelln a manner to mala It aXZTl . igned lv7.ihTeomi.fsSr.S I drill In Latin Syntax 1 aLBete73r , MALT, BITTERS COMPANY ! liaoe ta Grammar, ead m VoealwlarvT (septs .!..a;, . jar.f,rrrarn-- ll;THE.iTTv,BYiCRnTsiCL-T?Ux ; Weekly -State Jonl J FOR .. S A T:-nn The title, matarai a- "a. -J!'1': one of tha ina-mmi'-.-ri'",jAn tfljt -ia h BOBceaoie lor Ita wsU-aTadad mm - ejses,Aptenoieeef tdioms, and adaptation ii , wuwwHnsi oi US MB - iwaaas-t--.-- . LATOi Pbikkb, lxmo, 1M pages... i .iu. MIIT1C -la 1 unn, iv. Pieterln the SuteJ aa I fTIlr OBJuauB.lxme.XM "care rally aeleoted fev I i KbadBb, 12mo, 182 good as new, and WBarSuwaauSa C Jama r!nnnw ?.bod7.'tbetype6 metal, ngriff Burl'eXffd Mm ion. with amnle Hiani J?Jfr1 i?a r,n- will be sniH vith r-iliTt ne. outfit WMhlngton Hand Prea." Size of Platan i L. "ftC .rP?t trlbutora. PorYrr." Ial die- Or an vtvuifll SB BBS BIB BSBSBSB I i .1 john spelma.nL I H Gen. Aomt Kttem&M' f ?v?-Wi ae7-tf HJiIb, N.iCj BHf-Mt.i'ilffiSti li! ; s i :lw',.i i,." '. -yy-yh fl '-I 7 M'; i 1 1 1 June 2-tf J. I. YVHITAKER, - . , I. "' - lxi''r t i . vo' ort'And; Maine,, nov 20-dAwly - p i , '

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