The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1891
Page 6
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CROFT EWS if. A. Editor. I land were still open for homesteaders SOROFT, IOWA, JULY 8, 1801. ^ ' • "' : TALES OF THE TOWN. larvest is near at hand. Jon't forget the contest to-night. Bancroft is the place for a celebra- best celebration in but it turned up that some fellow had told an awful lie to get the report started. Everybody will be glad to hear that nuently tried to enforce the ordinance to see the whole space of nearly 200 f eet as he understood it, But others differ- inside the track covered with a moving ed with the mayor and thought that mass of teams and the ordinance was not against lire races were all close crackers, and as the firecrackers were I which was a Walk had the i county, r Sam Reed, of Algona, was in town ; Monday. ;r3. E. Jones was in this city several |ays last week. ho says Gannon is not a rattler. ,„.- can't play ball. •• And still they keep shooting off guns aside the corporation. Ben Reed's jovial countenance was seen here on the Fourth. B. F. Grose went to Chicago last londay evening on business. The State Temperance Alliance lembersbSp is growing in this town. , Mr. and Mrs. Dr. W. E. II. Morse Ispentthe Fourth with friends in this Icity. I Judge Cook's familiar form was seen [on our streets last Wednesday after- tnoon. Experts for the Iluber and J. I. -Case engines have been in town the fe - last few days. 1 Miss Emma Sheppard is visiting with : her aunt, Mrs. J. Sharp, of Burt township, at present. J. D. Flanagan, C. W. Maher, and Uncle Win. Winters has received a pension of 812 per month. He served his country in a way that was deserving of a pension. The many friends of Prof. Case will be sorry to learn that he will not remain another term in our schools. Mr. Case has made many warm friends during his short stay among us. Kinno and Pierson, the livery men, have put up a new Enterprise windmill and further manifested their enterprising spirit bv advertising in these columns. Notice their ad. Hass Austin and wife were at Ledyard last Sunday, where the former filled Rev. Ward's pulpit, the latter be- . n .__ .. 1 miii-i*r I'rtyn"***!" 3". Car. the trotting race u rapidly all the evening, J away for or in his stead. ^ u shorty » and a m an named Palo Alto Reporter: Norman Col- Algoua. "Shorty" won lar, of Bancroft, put his Leader road P* ^ with Tallma n second, Staley grader to work on West Fourteenth fe ^ d QU( . for interferlng w ith the Street, on Tuesday, and with the ma-1 ^ mnnerg _ After these amusements chine and three teams put 70 rods ot repaired to the ball grounds street in first class shape. Go and i fineg( . e ever p i aye d on see it, but when you do so, don't go for ound8 wag witnessed . T he the council for squandering a fortune, i ° . • 1 i!__ T*** «*i\>e«/lVll*\r« HAS A FULL LINE OF Agricultural Implements, Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc., AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Full Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. i . ing at the Fenton funeral. They report thatLedyard is still on the boom. The Misses Gertie and Elva Grose had several cousins from Algona visiting with them over the fourth. They HJfc HAW** v»w«- ~ • -returned home on Monday and the Misses Grose went with them to return the visit. At a business meeting of the ball boys last Monday night it was decided to have a ball game with some nine on Friday, July 17, and a bowery dance in the evening with refreshments. All to be for the benefit of the local ball nine. The board of directors will try to hire Miss Abbie Vinton our former popular primary teacher for her old as the work was paid for by subscription, the lot-owners on the north side of the street in front of whose premises the work was done and Messers Meehan, Godden and Cummins on the south side were the contributors. If the city had bought one of those machines years ago with the money & ^ described in another col mugfc no( . £ t the wort that has been expended, every-street . ., i I „ f*itn4- _*•*! n oQ in the city might now be condition. in first-class anu^ lw ^» j. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Peering and ^^rl^™^ Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a full line - - " ' '"""• of Bock Island Plow Op. goods, Bacme Buggies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, Sterling and La Belle Wagons, Eclipse, Carter and OUAJ^I «- x- pOTJUlal j^iiujcixj *,^*.»«*-~~ --J. D. Flanagan, C. W. Maher, and d t ment; we also understand that F. C. Groneman all of Fort Dodge were Migfl Bichmond O f Armstrong grove is _ « " i TS • ,1 ».-» . i « i_i ...«.». «•« ivt\ fint'Ofl i\V .1 . \ V . BANCROFT VS. IUJRT. Bancroft Wlm on tlio 4th. An Eauy Victory for the Homo Tctun. The first game of the season on the home grounds. They appear in splendid form and put up a good game and the grounds were in excellent condition. The visitors opened the game with Stowe at the bat, who sent a sharp ^>VJjl|/lli-»i.v»* wu *.*.«»- j.- t towns. There is no question but that the baud is an honor and an institution of value to the town and we hope that the campaign this fall will be sufficiently warm that the boys can make the band work pay, as they never have made expenses heretofore. As was predicted in these columns last week last Saturday .was the biggest day in Bancroft's history. -<0i. <- • IPTl — ]ast Friday evening'by Rev. A. G. Ward, Mr.Frauk Revolution Wind Mills. here last Friday. Mrs. Chas. Higley of Swea township returned home from an extended visit to Chicago last week. Miss Stella Hudson and sister visited in Bancroft a few days lately, including the Fourth of July. Cassius Walters went to Algona last Monday to begin reading medicine m the office of Morse & Pride. Rev's A. G. Ward of this place and A. S. Black of Mason City will exchange pulpits next Sunday. Dont fail to attend the Demorest Medal Contest at the Baptist church tonight. Admission 10 cents. J. B. Jones stopped off all night at this place last Tuesday night on his way to his land office in Ledyard. When Scanlon don't hold down first base just make up your mind it would take a thousand of brick to do so. H. W. Rofa is the proud father of a girl.' This is Henry's first girl and he will probably quit plastering now. The little folks in the primary department will be glad to see Miss Vm- ton back again if she can be secured. Miss Emma Smith was elected Chaplain of the I. O. G. T. lodge last Saturday night in the place of J. W. Case. J J. Kelley has built a new barn west of his house which makes quite an improvement for that part of town. Wni. Ringsdorf who has been visiting with his son-in-law, G. F. Barslou at Britt last week returned home Friday. J A. Johnson is the happy father of a bouncing baby girl, born Sunday morning. Mother and child doing well. Rev. L. A. Cummins and wife went to Chicago yesterday, to attend the National gathering of Baptist young people. Bancroft had visitors on the Fourth from Blue Earth, Elmore, Fairmont, Estherville, Algona, Forest City and Spencer. W. W. Alcorn's new engine and thresher were delivered last Monday. Mr. Graham is selling lots of threshers at present. A number of our local Knights of Pythias went to Wesley last Wednes U.CJJCVL l/liiV/A* V} • - — . Miss Richmond of Armstrong grove is wanted in the room vacated by J. W. Case. P. M. Barslou was at Des Moines on business the latter part of last week, and reports that the people of Des Moines arc very indignant at the murderous wretch. Pierce, who so cruelly murdered a policeman there the other duv Samuel Mayne returned from the Republican state convention on Thursday, and says that there was a great deal of enthusiasm and a general conviction that the Republican state ticket would be elected this fall. Hurrah for Wheeler and Van Honten. Mr. Callanan was in Des Moines last Wednesday to find out what amount of truth there was in the statement that large tracts of land were ready to be homesteaded, but found that there were very few pieces if any at all open for homestead. , grounder to second which the fat boy handled with ease and retired him at first. McDonald took his base on balls MAK1U15D. At the M. E. church ^3 T «jl.»A* J t> J •*•*" ' Echelberger and Miss Aleathiea ney, both of this place. The church was decorated and the bridal couple Did You Notice cy. With Capt. Per- A f me line of hats in the latest spring backed by his stone stylcs at 3. p. Wickwire's. Our ball boys are expecting the Winnebago City nine to come down and play on the home grounds this afternoon. If our boys can come anywhere near beating this nine they are to be congratulated, as the AVinnebagoes hold the silver bat of Minnesota in the amateur class. Messrs. Ellis and Green, of Butler I county, and C. J. Pettibone, of this stole second, and a base hit by Stowe, a two Finch, and an error by Gannon sent three men over the rubber. Lindsey went out from pitcher to first. McChesney not being able to find Perkins' curves retired the side with a total of three runs for the first inning. The next seven innings the boys had Burt at their mercy. With Capt. Perkins in the box, ba wall diamond, the visitors only managed to get four runs. In the ninth, however, by finding the ball for four base hits a two bagger and four errors by the home team, the visitors tilted the score six.runs giving them a total of 13. . „ . Tallman was first to swing the willow for our boys, and the little shortstop with a good eye, mauaged to get his first on four irregular balls, stole second and crossed the plate on Scanlon's long IJIl^lj UtV-'Vit-WW^*-* w- , " ~ marched up the aisle to the music performed on the organ by Miss Emma Smith, after which they took their stand under a decorated horse shoe where the the ceremony was pronounced according to the ritual of the M. E. church, which was very beautiful. We again extend Frank and his wife our best wishes. BUSINESS LOCALS. line 01 guuu.0 wj.c/ i_ vx v-r • •* ^ • • • • at such astonishingly low prices. The pile of brick near Bancroft's next time you go there just step into the east of the brick pile and see what a choice - -- - 1 - w ill show you and D. R. Crowel, Bancroft, Iowa. Go and look at those LaBellc wagons, at'Graham's. ._ If you want to sell Real Estate, goto Clarke and Skinner. ]£iune & Pierson for stylish rigs. 1 Have you seen the new Dcering? Go; to Graham's. Horoes for Sale. We have six good work horses for the which we Store drive for a bag. Crosswait took his base on balls, Woodworth striking out. Perkins sent a sod cutter along third base line, Scanlon and Crosswait scoring. Gannon hit the sphere for a base, advancing Perkins to third. Barslou sacrificing scored the big captain and the one armed fielder. Palmer pounded out a two base hit, stole third and scored on a pass ball. Taylor went out The Phoenix House is being thoroughly T enovated, repaired and painted and is the best hotel in town. Rates, $1 and S3 per day. Transient custom, a speci- ality Sample rooms in connection. ainy, odiuin place, deserve much credit and praise for the able way in which the engine that hauled the band and the young ladies representing states was handled. J. G. Graham is also entitled to mention for generously loaning the engine, Buy your spring straw hat of B. F. Wickwire. score on a , ^.^j^-- --------on an easy grounder to the pitcher, thus uns had ending the inning after six been piled up for Bancroft. runs had The can- Go to Barslou's for the famous crackers, f 1 per- box. as"it added much to the street parade on the fourth. After advertising excursion rates etc. the C. & N. W. R. B. (the 'Com- modates Nobody Whatever Rail Road) on being applied to for a special train to carry people from Algona to this place on the Fourth, finally consented to give an extra caboose with the wild freight that came, but which would not hold the people inside so that a large number had to ride on top of the cars. This is a fair sample of this road's treatment of a people that have patronized them very liberally. U1213J-1 j/**^« **Jf *-«» nonading was kept up all through the game, our boys not having any trouble to find Stowe's curves, which is shown by the fact that they piled up 18 scores. Crosswait caught in good form and made some difficult stops. Palmer and Scaulon also put up an excellent game neither being given an error by the scorer. - ' i) iotal If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pierson have just the outfit for you. Call 011 them. __ Don't go without shoes when you can get a good comfortable fit and a service- Eble article at a reasonable price of 13. V. Wickwire, Bancroft, Iowa. If you want a good square meal, and no brown sugar, go to,the Phoenix. Granulated sugar at Barslou'a, 100 Ibs. for $5.50. ., G. W, SKfflER, Manager. E. F. CLARKE, Sec. Bancroft Loan and Trast Comp' j Negotiate Farm Mortgages. Write Insurance. Sell Real Estate. Score by inning i Uancroft c Burt 13 Kinnc & Pierson, men. the Bancroft livery- 11 \) .. ••••!••••• ** * " Time of game, two hours; Batteries, Perkins and Crosswait, Stowe and Stowe-, Earned runs, Bancroft 13, Burt 6; bases on balls, Perkins two and Stowe four; struck out, by Perkins 9, by Stowe 3; two base hits, Finch two, Perkins two, Palmer one, Woodworth one, Scanlon one; three base hits, Per- Don't you want your picture taken? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. B F. Wickwire always carries a full line cf crockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying day night to institute a that place. Only one drunken new lodge at man, and he j^t*v»v - UJlo« Ol>c*im-'!* wi-n-*} v««w *-— •»— — j A large number of people from Ban- king orc> (j mp ires, Hough and Mayne. croft and the north end of the county ._ _ Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before the price goes up. A bran new line of buggies, at J. G. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable The most stylish rigs in town at the most reasonable rates. Traveling trade es- mljjlY V/I.1V ^*» «*••••— -~-- _ - , promptly placed in the box car, is our * _ , . -n.. 1,1, n vi /I •»¥*n QV/1 record for the proud of it. Fourth, and we are Lewis Grey closed a successful term of school near Ledyard last Fridav. Lewis is one of the boys that we can't praise too much. Prof. G. F. Barslou, wife a daughter of Britt, are visiting relatives and friends in town. Frank looks as natural as ever. A sister of T. M. Ostrande/ arrived from New York last Thursdafr evening for a visit with her brothei/whom she had not seen for 11 yea^ J. A. Anderson of Fort Dodge is in town superintending the erection of toe new State hank which will be pushed to compl/ion as fast as possible. C C. Cbi'L'Vjwas in town one day .-.•• ' deaiiujuowedsome pretty sore ALGhad hurt ou a fence Qfence and not a po- in attended the funeral of O. C. Tibbets and daughter, of Fenton, last Surtdoy. Rev. Ward preached the funeral sermon and the G. A. R. ofyAlgona, took charge and buried J,bem according to the ritual of that o/der. This is a very sad case, where Hie dread disease con- cumption cajjded away botli father and daughter-'In quick succession. ™» ^ :l_.V?V,,l fritirwlu lltlVA tllfi KVI1 Graham's. IJANCKOFT'S IfOUIlTH. On the morning of the glorious day it could be seen that a very beautiful day was in store and as early us nine o'clock the teams began to arrive from all directions. At about 10 o'clock the procession headed by a thresher engine ou ^vill find a nice dishes, at Barslou's. pecially solicited. UciUKiiicy •**•* *JL V ***-'« I •-*-——~ family/and friends have the sympathy of ah the people in this part of the cpttntry. The Northern Iowa Baptist Association meets in the Bancroft Baptist church next Tuesday evening. The meeting will consist mainly of devotional and some business meetings. The pastors of the churches in the Association and District Missionary Carrol, IJlwUCDwlV* 4*^i*v*v.v» ~*j — »v which hauled the band wagon and the wagon occupied by Uncle Sam and his forty-four girls, or states, began moving down the street. After this came Campbell & Reynolds advertisement of pumps, stoves and tin ware, followed by the rag-a-muffins, in which Orvel Ostrander won first prize; this was followed by a long stream of buggies, carriages and wagons and after going over the principal streets, they repaired to Kinne & Pierson advertise with us this week They run a first-class livery stable IS put out first-class rigs and stylisli teams. Go to Kinne & Pierson. JameB T. Scott, Carmi, III., Says: , ." _;«_ :_ ,.„„ irnno Qn/1 ntlfi llOttlC 01 Kinne & Pierson. tban all the H.DALB, Dru she httd taken Carat Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new The-Northernracittc Wonderland embraces . i'aiU.Uozetaanasiauieu»"«»:w • riJXf.J.Valley'i management. ClcttlUli eliiu. j-/ii3n.i\>v •**»**«-'— — — j < and Sunday school Missionary Eldridge are expected to be here. The meeting on Tuesday evening will be opened by the Loyalists of Bancroft. A large number of delegates from the 20 odd churches are expected. Everybody is invited to attend these meetings. Fire crackers iu the bauds of the small boy and the boy that wasn't BO small caused no little excitement in our city Thursday and Friday, understood one of the m Mayor U.LC IJUJUVJ^'U* »a v* ^ *'*'•* 3 •* *the beautiful grove in the east part of town, where a well read Declaration of Independence was listened to and applauded. After music the orator of the day, Rev. L. A. Cummins, of this city, delivered what was said by Algona. judges to be one of the finest orations ever delivered iutho county. After singiug of the "Star Bpauglcd Banner" by the Union Choir the people began to make ready their dinner To and for the People, n >j Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable weurs Do you want to rent a farm or grass »to».^kaou tbenwtb, Tile Nortberu raeine runs i»o a»ujr »*l»«»£ |S «^tto!»k sleeping r--"°™»"« ln ..l,,iinn with tlie Uliiuauu, or- WKuM V** ***•*•**' »•%'*•'-— rf - — the grove, after which they went to see ~* the races oa track north Q| ti&»iuidthe you want to trade or sell your farm or Do farm _. eet and toe of looking? For any and ail of tUe *»£?< r -^M-tticbr-"—-* • !m4 ™

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