The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1891
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"* VOL. XX. ALGOM REPUBLICAN ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1891. NO. 40. POBMSHKU BVKRY WKDNKBDAT STARR * HALLOCK, Proprtotof*. JOS, W, HAYS, Editor, Terms of Subscription, One copy, one year, In advance •... .51.50 One copy, six months. In advance 73 One copy, three months, tn advance 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, The equipment of the BBPUBMOAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed In tlits county. Steam power. jar Advertising rates made kirewn on ttpiili- catton. This paper is the official paper of Kcs- sutti county and the city of Algdna, REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor.... Hin/aio. „ ,, of Sac county. For Lieut.-Governor. Qfto. VAN of Taylor county. If or Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WK*VBB, „ ot Hardln comity. For Railroad Com FRANK T. • * of Jasper county. For 8upt. Publlo Instruction,. .-H ot Clinton county. REPUBLICAN REPRBSENTATIW3 CON- VENTJON. publicans of Jl-fee held at —,--,--•.--—-I -j August 4th IMH., at one o clock p. JH. to nominate a candidate for representative from said -district. Tire ratio of representatotn will be-one delegate for each county and' one for one lumtlred votes and fraction over fifty cast for W. M. McFarland for Secretary of State at tho 1890 state election. The counties will be entitled to the following number of delegates: 'Hancock833 votes, 10 delegates : Koasuth 1285 votes, 14 delegates. By order ol the representative committee. 15. J. BLAIR, Hancock County, B.F. KEKD, Kossuth County. ',< ____. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. The reirabllcan.ominty conversion of Kossutfe county will be held at tho court house hall in Algona on Friday, July 31, 1891, at 1 o'clock p. m.,fer the purposewf electing fourteen (14) delegates to attend the representative convention to'be held at Britt, Iowa, August 4, isoi, and also fourteen (14) delegates to attend the senatorial convention in tins district yet to be called. The basis <jf representation will be the same as that of toe last republican county convention. Bach-voting precinct will be entitled , to the foll'owing-sumber of delegates: . Algona 1st waisa, \ " 2nd -' ' " 3rd •" " 4th -'• Burt, Buffalo, Cresco, Fenton, Greenwood, German, Garneld, Hebron, Harrison, Irvington. JJotts Oreek LuVevne, Portland, Plura Creek, Com'. Kamsay," , „ Seneca.v..-..,. •Swea, v ""•• Sherman, Union, "Wesley, •Whlttemore, Gardner Cewles. Ohn B.F. Beed .1.13, Winkel E. B. Glarke John Kerr • K. L. Lamoreaux A. A. Potter •M. Welsln-odt 8. Mayne Henry Isenberger M. Hayes A. Goodrich ,1. B. bengstou A. L. Belton N.C.Taylor I. P. Harrison E. Bacon frank Paine J. Longbottom M. O'Kourke K.A.Howe " No. d«e'. '0, A. Ei-icksou U. M. Parsons s. D. Patterson JE. F. Bacon ...5 2 4 2 4 3 y 1 with* journalistic nomad, who has no well defined locality in the field of Ideas that he has preempted for his own: there is «o excuse for a cmwspaper to waste its editorial space up»>u a contemporary that gets its ideas ia periodical installments from campaign headquarters, and establishes its correction lines according to the Chicago Herald: there is no reason in carrying on * discussion with a party that has no regard for veracity who doesn't know the wae of data, has no "McKinley bill" arou»d the office and depends entirely up<m the "presume:" to finish out our clim«x there is no sense in tbe RE- FtiBLicAW fooling away any more time in a clothing discussion with th« Algona Courier. Were it not for the (fact that the Courier had added another word to the argument for total deprov% by publishing another lie upon the McKinley bill we would drop this veey unsatisfactory controversy. So far as the REPUBLICAN is concerned the point at iaauehas been the truth or falsity of the Courier's statement that it "now costs>at least $100 more onaccount of McKinleybill to clothe ft family of 6 children, the oldest being 14 years, than it would otherwise." The •statement is false to the extent of beingri 'diculousand we proved it tobeso upon the word of the clothing merohantsofAJgona, who testified that on the -whole clothing was now cheaper if anything than it was previous to the days of the McKinley tariff. We proved upon, theauthority of the business men of Algona,*and we published the names of the rawi interviewed, that not only clothing, but everything else bought and sold across the counters in this city was just as ckeap as it was a year ago. We challenged the Courier to name one single artietevtfeat had advanced in price according to its prophecies last fall and according *to its statement a few weeks ago as to the increased cost of living under the MeEinley bill. This i3 all that the Courier .had to say in answer to our challenge alKit had to say by way of refuting our flatfopted statement that it had squarely and. deliberately lied for the befuddling of those of its readers that diden't. know any •.batter. We publish every word that the ^Courier .had to say last week on the clothing question: We have now before us a copy of the McKinley bill, and 'have examined it Total No. of votes 80 •B..F. RKKD, County Chairman, ANNOUNCEMENT. LOGANwwr.'CLAY Co. IA., June 3M, isoi. .. —>.-KEPimtiOAN : Please announce that at 5» e u re ,9 ue ? t of friends In several counties of the , 47th dismet,:! am a candidate for State Senat[ or, sutyecUe; the decision of the republican FBANK W." To property, clothe a family of \ Ten for a year, the oldest being 14- years, [is made to •cost about $100.00 more,'en ac\count of the .McKinley bill thani itwould. ' otherwise.—Algona Courier. Republicans' were defeated two_years jo because they failed to nominate heeler, This year they will be sue- bsful because they did nominate him. Pi *PW it is reported that the Democratic fttform is not ^proving satisfactory by means and that tho Democratictfltate central committee is anaking an attempt to .work off on the people a doctored document more in Ijne with the popular Idea. , It is charged .that the press were furnished with an incorrect report of tbe platform. Jn this issue appears the call for the Republican representative convention, to come off at Britt on the 4th of August. Tho call for the county convention fed \ lows in tbe same connection, the data fceing fixed for July 81st, and the work to' be performed being the .selection pf dele-i 'gates to the representative and senatorial ^onventiohs. The question of candidates Will come at once tp the front. In, the '•representative field, though it is apt fenpwn that any are WPrking for the nomination, we hear qujte a number of names Mentioned, among which are those pf Daniel Rice, 0. B, Smchins, J. B. Jones, Gardner Cowles, fieprge C. Call, E, B. Butter ami/Senator Chubb, « is pleasing to among Republicans a a RepubHean to county will have 14 voles j Convention and E[an,eQ<5| JQ. is evident to send Kossuth the Britt TELLS REPUBLICAN has position to carry the tariff argument any " 3i'with the Algona Ootjrjef. The rgument thus far has been go v^jty one The Courier has failed to estab- .asingle fact or back up $ 8JJ?£le ptatement that it has wade up tp date yi clothing controversy, by anything mm wprtby of the dignjae4; woolen goods. We would publish the schedule but for want of time, and may do it later. It is safe to say that the tariff on those goods averages 130 or 140 per cent. When we consider what the removal of a smaller tariff on sugar has accomplished, we may have some idea of the tax we are paying on Nothing. The Courier would be perfectly safe in telling its Democratic readers that the tariff was three times that high. Very few of them ever saw a copy of the McKinley bill. The Democratic managers have never taken any copies of the McKinley bill and gone into the distributing business. Allowing the Courier's statement as to the average tariff on woolen goods to stand undisputed for the sake of argument, we challenge the Courier to show where clothing or anything else has increased in price -to the consumer one penny under the new bill. LeJ.the Courier go to the stores in Algona and get its data. That is the best way to ascertain who pays the tariff, The Courier cites the result ia the case of removing the tariS from sugar in proof that the tariff on everything else is a tax. The case of wool is not parallel with the case of sugar. We have never been able to produce more than one tentb of the sugar that we consume. Consequently the tariff on sugar was a tax. It was a tariff for revenue only; the kind of .a tariff thr.t the democratic is in favor of and every democrat in congress voted to retain that tax. The tariff on wool is a different kind of a tar-jff; it is a tariff for protection; tbe kind of a tariff in which the republican party believes. Every fiber of wool wornupo^ the,backs pf »the American people can anidwill be raised 'by American farmers if the new tariff is ^allowed to remain. We -ask every candid •farmer who reads this paper if it isn't to liis interest to raise the wool that clothes bis family and let his neighbor turn it ietP clothing instead of baying the goods from some foreign peasaatry that raise w«ol but never wear any, amendment is a true index to the sentl- ment of the party throughout the state, the anti-prohibition minority is so overshadowed andoutnumbered bytlvepro-prb- hibition majority that the party cannot be said to be divided upon the temperance issue. Tho HirscU amendment was a fortunate circumstance, as it made apparent and located tho actual strength of the anti-prohibition element in the party. The Hirsch amendment was voted down ten to one with volleys and whole brood- sides of thundering noes. The Republican party will make a^etermined«nd gallant fight upou the 'ksonspicuoes issue" in the Iowa campaign this year. Anothertkingwasbroughtout by tire Ce • dar Rapida convention'that ought to have a rejuvenating effect -upon the p&rty in general: So far as 'national issees and the national party -Ere concerned the recent "landslide" has not had tire effect of crushingout the esprit de corps of the Republican party of Iowa. Every reference during the convention to the McKinley bill, Harrison, Elaine '«nd Reciprocity -brought 'forth its storms and thunders of applause. Iowa will be united in line of '-battle upon the national issues dm 1802. As to the ticket nominated by the Cedar Rajjids convention, lengthy comment at this>d(ite is-not necessary. It is sufficient to-say tteaf Ju our opinion a stronger ticket and <wtihal a more satisfactory ticket could'not have been named. Wheeler is a'man* of marked ability, a farmer and I/he almost unanimous choice of his party. VamHouten has every qunlifica- tioa.lpr a-strong candidate. He is an able rnan.-'an old soldier and an officer in the -Farmer's .Alliance. Weaver, Sabin and Campbell are well known in Iowa politics and they are all winning candidates. -We are pleased;with the ticket, the ^Republicans of Iowa are pleased with the ticket, and we.predict that the ticket will be successful. There 9 week ago today the Republican state convention was assembled in Cedar Rapids. The work of that convention is already knowa to every neaderof this paper. During the week that has elapsed since the convention, we ha?« watched the Republican newspapers of the state for an, expressiow of approval or disap» proval pf the work of the convention. Pleased with tbe platform and ponji- nees ourselves, and approving the work pf the. convention, we are again pleased tP observe the almost unanimous expression of enthusiastic approval from the Republican voters of Iowa. Republican Iowa is united for a Republican victory. The aiiti-prohibitiou elemeot pf the p^rty If mw& etasjler than we had reason to IO WA.JREP UJ3LICAN PLATFORM Adopted at Cedar Kapids July i. isoi. The .republican party of Iowa, in convention assembled, gives renewed expression of devotion .to. the principles of tiie national .republican. partj% and declares .Acceptance of those principles to be the'bond of union with the republican party»of Iowa. W«.eommend the .patriotic, wise and SM?M e PW.s administration of President Harrison, We-commend the republican party in the last congress for.its redemption of pledges .made to the people as to there- vision of the tariff in the interest of home industry, and for its work in behalf of liberalvprovision for pensions for the old ' soldiers, in accordance with the pledges, of the-nation. We approve the coinage act, by which the entire product of -the silver mines of' the United States is added to the currency! of the.people, and out of which experiment anay come a wise adjustment of: financial questions liberal towards west, ern interests. , Wo commend most heartily the policy; that has.been inaugurated looking to reciprocal trade relations with other peoples of the American continent, and the ad- ministsative efforts now making for the enlargement of foreign markets for American beef and pork. We assert that the republican party stands on. record in every state of this union in favor of elections based upon the freedom of the individual conscience of the citizen, and that the republican party may be trusted, in Iowa or in any state, to .promote any plan of reform, Australian or other, calculated to extend this liberty and to further protect the purity of-the ballot. While inviting to our shores the worthy poor and .oppressed of all nations, we earnestly -commend laws that protect our country and our people against the influx of the vicious and criminal classes of for ; eign nations and the importation of laborers under contract to compete with our own citizens,; and earnestly approve the rigid enforcement of these laws and cf such further legislation as may be necessary. We favor such legislation as will impose upon all classes of property, icorporate and individual, equally the burdens of taxation. We favor tbe passage of the Conger lard bill; state legislation tending to promote farmers' institutes and enlarging the powers of the dairy commissioner, We regard the World's Columbian exposition as an important event in the world's history, and we are in hearty sympathy with every effort to make it a success; and in the friendly rivalry pf states we should make« creditable exhibit of Iowa,'s products. And we favpr a liberal appropriation by the next general assembly for this purpose, "that our prosperity and greatness may toe fully exemplified. We take pride ia the record of this state; we recognize that Its growth and power, its prosperity and its good name, have been the fruits of its industrial people, and we believe in augh policies, state ana national, as will promote justice and wide? opportunity among tfeeae classes, TP tbeir support, m the future ag in the past, we pledge our most intelligent judgment and most sincere endeavor. We point to the recprd of the state under republican administration for justification Jn the declaration >that we favpr ecpnpmy ft nd honesty in the adjoinistra- UPQ pf public afiairs; to tb%t reeprd, also, for jttdjpnent that the republican party baa kept faith with the people in the obligations of the past, and upon that record the republican party invites continued support and confidence. We haje DP apologies to offer to the people, nor to tbe democratic party, for the vopublican record pa the cpnepicwus '"""« In tfee state campaign this y$ar. %int<a*st of true tejBpHffigf/ aM We Cuar fio tfe«t" the outlaw has had th6 patronage, counsel and protection of the demoof*tic party; that the detaoctatic party, sfe it nas won power, h*a nullified the law, defied the authority of the state and the expressed will of the people, and that now appeal is made to the electors of the whole state for the approval of the lawless work. We recognize that the istone is law against the defiance Of law, subordination against insubordination—the state of Iowa against the democratic party. We recognkc that the issue is between "the interests of true temperance" =atid the freedom «nd rule of mdlscrimiDa'te trafllc. We renew our allegiance to ike people of Iowa, and submit to them'the determination of the issue, ifepopniziite that the'control of tbe next legislature by the democratic party means etatc-wid'ts license, -and that the control -df thetiext legislature by the republican <party'5means a continuance of opposition to the behests of the saloon powei-j 'through the maiwtenance and enforcement of the law. WC'denounce the democratic pariy of IoWA'OS,insincere in its'dealings with tbe salotm'issue. We chaise that party with serfaee to the saloon -and. purpese to strei^gthen its grasp upon the homes and politics of the state. We cite in proof of this ; St8 surrender this year of the local option feature of the .plank of 1889. under which last year pretense of indorsement by (the state was made, and to which pledge was given in .petition for legislative authority. We charge that this abandonment of local option is the forerunner of "further premeditated betrayal, and that trust in the democratic party w411 end in complete breaking down of the temperance legislation of the state, and a complete turning over of the state, in every township thereof, to the pollution and fester of the saloon, against whatever protest ot'communities now free We protest against the re-election of Horqce Boies to the governorship of Iowa. We charge that in his unwise and .ambitious zeal to-cultivate the favor of "new allies in the northwest," and upon 'that strength to commend himself to the •favoring graces of Grover Cleveland.that he did most outrageously misrepresent the honest, industrious, frugal and prosperous people of Iowa in his Reform club banquet speech in the city of New York on the 28d of December last. We denounce as purposely misleading the alleged statistics with which the governor assumed to sustain the indictment against the state which .had dignified his name. We denounce the Ottumwa platform of this, year as framed with deliberate purpose, -to mislead and deceive, wherein sympathy is expressed where none iPfelt; wherein help is proposed where none will be rendered; wherein purposes are avowed which are not entertained. In support of this indictment we point to the pretended friendship for the soldiers, and to the arraignemeut at the same time of the republican party for haying appropriated money for the .payment of pensions; to the "free silver" 5 ,plank, intended to deceive the supporters of "free and unlimited coinage of silver;" to the plank assuming to "reaffirm the doctrine of control and regulation of railroads,,' a policy implanted upon the state under the administration of the last republican governor, against the opposition, secret and open, of the democratic party, extending to an alliance with corporate power in the first election of railroad commissioners under the law in .1688. We denounce the democratic party of Iowa for misrepresentations in its platform and before the people of the McKinley bill, charging that it seeks to mislead the people through reiteration of un•truths as to the effect of that bill, and in all ways to work upon the prejudices of •the uninformed. We arraign the democratic party for opposition to ballot reform in the south, •while yet making pretense of ballot reform in Iowa, where the undisputed right to cast a feee ballot and to have it honestly counted goes in every precinct of the state unchallenged. We arraign the democratic party as the enemy of labor, scheming to break down the defenses of protective laws, to block the wheels of home industry, and to degrade the masses, .of the people—a party controlled by aristocratic and reactionary tendencies, the legacy of slavery. The republican party of Iowa appeals to the intelligence and to the integrity of the people of this state, and from all good citizens we invite support. MiceofReflenutionofTaxSale, - Kennelly - p - A You are _ hereby notified that on the 6th day of December, 1886, the following described real estate.sltuated in Konsuth County, state of Iowa, to-wit : The northwest quarter of the southeast guarter and the undivided tlilrty- pne-fortleths of the undivided live-sixths of the undivided nine-tenths of the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter, all beliio in nm'^nm 1 t p W w sh T lp n(i ' llorth ?( mi fc' e 28 - west of the. fifth P. M., Iowa, was sold to It. J. Danson by the Ti-easurer o£ said County for the taxes of the year 1885. that the undersigned is now the lawful holder of the eertincate of purchase to the above described land, that the equity of redemption from said sale will expire and deed wil be made to the undersigned, unless redemption is made from said sale within ninety days from the completed service of tins notice. Dated June 27, A. D. 1891, C. K. BKENNAN. Mice of Redemption of Tax Sale, To George II. Wlilte. V H. Stougli, a.A.Hooth : You are hereby uotilled that on the 5th day of December, J887. tJio Treasurer of Kossutfi county. Iowa, at a tax sale holden at the court house in Aigdna In said county, sold the following descrTbed real estate, situated in said county, to K, a, Danson for the delinquent taxes i tlier eon. viz: Undivided wventeen- twentleths of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, and 4i!Mor»of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter, and 9 80 of cue southwest quarter of the southwest quarter, .and 303-340 of the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter, all being in section 4, township 99, north of range 27. west of the fifth F. M., lowa, and that the certillcate of sale thereof has been assigned to Hie undersigned, wlio Isthelawlul owner and Mulder thereof, and that the right of redemption will expire and a deed be made by the Treasurer of said county conveying said premises to the undersigned. pursuant to the statute In such cases marie and provided, unless redemption from such ssile be ° f tlle C ° mpleted C. E. BHENNAN. Dated June 27, A. D. 1891. Thia space is reserved for Dr L. K. Garlield, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by in Algona Notice of EfifleiBtion of Tax Sale, • KenBelly - Vict ° 1 ' •i'ou are hereby notified that on the Gth day of December. I88d, the Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tux sale holden at the court House in Algona In said county, sold the fol- rnnJil? dtesc1l ; lbeTcl ™n- ««ate, situated in said coiuny. to It. J. Danson for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz : The undivided- one-tenth ?£• Sr ? r t l least W^ 1 ; 6t lllc southeast quar- t?,u , n -f , lln( lvlcle( l fourteen-flfteenths of n,V?,i*i f ld . ed slx ,- sev « nt »s of the southwest 3i,iJ ,\ « H 18 . southeast quarter, and the undivided live-sixths of the southeast quarter of the southeast, quarter, and t.lie undivided ono- seventh ol the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and the undivided one-sixth ot the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter, all being in section 27, township 0(i, north of range 28, west ot the fifth V. M., Iowa, and that the certificate of sale thereof lias beeii assigned to the undersigned, who is the lawful owner and holder thereof and thu the right of redemption will expire and a deed be made by the treasurer of said comity, conveying said "* 1, . statute iji such .cases made and provided, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days or tlie completed service of this C..E. BKENNAN. . Dated June 27. A. D, 1891 30 " tl Mlc . nil nf T'civ Ull Ul Idi To V. H. Stotigli and K. L. Lamoreaux. You are hereby notified that on the 6th day of december, 1887, the Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, at a Tax Sale holden at the Court House in Algona in said County, sold the following described real estate situated in said t.ounty. toK. J. Dauson, for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The undivided four-lifths or the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, and the undivided nine-tenths of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter, and the undivided one-fifth of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, and the undivided one-tenth of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter, all being in section 27 township 100, north of range 27 west of the fifth p. m. Iowa, and that tho certificate of sale thereof has been assicned to the undersigned, whoisthe lawful owner and holder thereof and that the right of redemption will expire and a deed be made by treasurer of said County, conveying said premises to the underslen- ed.-mirsuanUo the statutes in such causes made and provided, unless redemption from such sale be made-within' ninety days of the completed service of this notice. Dated June 27, A. D. 1891. C. E. BBBNNAN. Notice to Contractors. Notice is hereby given that proposals for the erection of a school house in sub-district No. 4 Port and township, in the county of Kossuth! will be received at Geo. E. Maible's store at Burt, Iowa, where plans andspeciftcations may be seen unti one oWk p. m. July 7, 1891, at which time the contract will be awarded to the RILEY & YOUNG*S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE. It is a fence for open countries, for it cannot be blown down, it is the fence for low rands, for it cannot be washed uuw. It destroys no ground whatever, and if beauty be considered an. advantag« .it is the neatest and handsomest farm lence m the world. Tu short, it combines the good qualities of all fences in mi eminent degiee, and us soon as in trod need will become the popular ienoe of thn country. It is beaut- ful and durable. It is strong and will increase finr£ T°f° f fi'M Ul ' J aVltl , fi V niore thtm Hn y °«ier fence. It ^ylll last much longer than any other * e ,uce. It is a great addition, occupies less ground excludes iess sunshine, has no superior as a fence It is stronger Mian anv other fence, and wll turn any stock no matter how breaehy. it is plainly visible and is not dangerous to stock ike barb wire. The bestJiorse fence in the world. H will protect all crops Mm *y>al£-fiM!*vn.< chlckoa-f« a .wild ox. )tis ,^?»W "'P^"-'^"^-^'"ebmparisoii of • i clst much the cijRjipest. Kept for sale in all parts Mado 6y Kecoiniaendert by the Queen. This is what all English people sar about whatever they have to sell. In America however it's "the verdict of the people" that Haller's Barb Wire Liniment is the most successful remedy (for cuts and bruises and sores ever introduced. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Buy your fly nets^and dusters for the "Fourth" of F. 8 STeoan. Go to STOUGH'S and see the best $2.25 ladies shoo in town. Hens' ladies' and shoes at GalbraitU's. •children's tennis Sheets issues regular Go's guarantee to cure all ailments with BSdd's Germ Erad. Purifies the blood, increases the circulation, expels poisonous humors and builds up the system. What more do you want a medicine to perform? DeWitt's Sarsaparilla is reliable, Sold by Sheetz. lowest responsible bidder. The board reserve the right to reject any or all bids. WM. SHANOU, Pres. • „„ .„ ERNOST BACON, Sec. 36-40 _ LEVI TOOTHMAN, Director. CPKCIAL ATTENTION will be given to all £? * '"*?. "A JSPiHHiw, including TinVare. Gal. ' Guns ' ™ m . ' - eis. Am also prepared 10 put in Furnaces and T?, ?i umbing T 8 }"* 1 Gas Pi l )e ilttf "«- iron and ' T, r » .-- - .,.-, .., w ..ij'. Iron and Prompt attention will be given to work In my Hue. South of court F, L. PARISH. Notice. g J Ten !°^ au partles Interest- th day of March, isai. the un- n n ^ , that on e ay o March, isai. the undersigned was appointed by the Circuit Court Jift 088 "** County, Iowa, executor of the last Will and Testament of Fredrick Rocherdauz deceased, late of said county. «•"«"«»<", na »m pe ^ OD « lnfl ebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned, and those Having claims agaiusl the same, will present them " the said Court tot 36 " 40 . 0. BLAOKFOSP, Executor. Notice to Graders. Bids will be received to do the grading and haul and spread gravel on the Blackford hW, - uu *'i Jul v 11.1891. D. A, BUELL Com. Smoke the Sweets, dorff's. For sale at Laden- See our mens flue shoes for $1.75. F. B. STOUGH. To Bridge Builders. Bids will, be received at the Auditor's office "lata. W4«r [ ol Jowa, of its The 0. M. & J3t, Paul Railway will sell, June 15th to September 15th inclusive, special form of tickets to Clear Lake, |<>wa. Rate for tfce round trip will be $1.95. Fine line fast black satines. Color guaranteed fast and can not be affected bp acids or perapjjflUoo. AJJ Galbraith's. Base Ball shoes at g.'g. STOPGH'S. I want you to understand John Henry, that yon aint to drink that Haller's Bar- saparilla all up. J got it for pap and me, P»p he sez—mamw-you go down and git —bptUe of Sailers ewsaparilla & Burdock and will gjt over feeling so tired and b&d and git rid of all them pimples. Bo let that alone »ow— For sale by Dr> £. A, Sheetz. ten of Jfcr do' bria-ge-oneast llneorsectlon 3i, Wesley Town- aud n specifications may be seen at the 30-40 . H, PBTBBS, Com. K IDD'S GEBM PHAD1CATOB . cures all diseases, because it kills the s, and all onimalculae (in the . The air Inhaled, water Wnk! fruit eaten, aj-e teeming with't diabetes do Prices are __ has the right prppfj: * " i iX? a !i? lfl S catarrh,consuinp- Igbt's disease. cancers.tumojS, iucurable diseases. (Never W. L DOUGLAS 3 SHOE well X Should Say So. Most people carry arpund with them liver eo dilapidated that if they see it they wpuldtakeit for a straw bat as quick as & liver—as a they have % lajjae back and fee} Haller'a Pain Paralyzer taken

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