The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1891
Page 5
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THE NORMAL SCHOOL. Will Htm Next Year*-i»rof. V. M. <rf Oysart, the new Principal, The Normal School board met this motning and just as we go to press we leftrn that arrangements have been made for conducting the school du* rln# the following year, and that Prof. .& M. Ohaffee, of Dysatt, Iowa, has been engaged as principal. Prof. Chaffee is a young man, a graduate of Cornell College, and possesses all the qualifications necessary for making a .success of the school. Further partic- Kfiars with reference to the Normal School and the plans for conducting it during the following year will be published next week. imitate. Ilev. Davidson, of Algona, delivered a very forcible and eloquent address on Thursday evening followed by Mrs. Hinman, state president. A pleasant feature of the evening was the excellent music rendered by the choir. Suitable resolutions wef e adopted by the convention. One asking for municipal Suffrage for women, will come before the next legislature. Perfect harmony prevailed and the general verdict Was, a pleasant and profitable meeting. frmn mtfc A BIG BAIN STORM. . The storm of last Wednesday evening was one of the hardest that ever struck this part of the country. The weather had been threatening all day, and gatherings of dark clouds betokened a coming storm. Along about five o'clock the storm came in earnest. Jt came from the north and for upwards of half an hour the rain fell m Winding sheets. The storm had but tairly passed over, when it turned around and came back from the south. It was a common remark that no one Had ever seen it rain harder. Everything was flooded, and in many places sidewalks were floating or buried out erf sight. The river was fairly out of i its banks the next morning. Dr. Ban- reports the fall of rain at 4.7 inches. •The play of the lightning was sharp and continuous, and the roar of the thunder deafening. Ed Simpkins, of Union township, had two horses and two cows killed. A cow is also reported killed near the Milwaukee depot. Washouts along the smaller grades are reported, but nothing very serious. Th« storm was quite general and v*rr ser«re west of here, but as far east as Clear Lake there was only * good shower. The passenger train from tne west was about an hour late that evening, the track being examined by the section men all along ahead of the train. THE BLACKFORD HILL. ^ The board of supervisors were in session Monday and Tuesday pursuant to p^ar^adjournment of the June meeting. * 11 report of the proceedings will be published next week. The Blackford hill matter came up |for final disposal and the friends of the J new road scheme represented by Wm. Cleary, Harvey Ingham, E. H. Cla.ko and others made a hard fight. J. E. Blackford presented a remonstrance to the board signed by 240 names. After hearing all arguments pro and con the board decided to let the road remain where it is, but to lower the grade at least five feet according to the plans and survey of C. B. Hutchins, and gravel tlie hill, the city of Algeria to furnish the gravel. D. A. Buell was appointed a committee to oversee the work. .- •-»-««+-« . FOR A Y. M. C. A. The matter of organizing a, Young Jen's Christian Association was suggested by the REPUHLICAN awhile back ^ nd we are glad to find out that the Kflaa of organizing an association is going abroad among the business men of jbhe city and meeting with geaeral favor. Why not have an association? That (such an organization would be produc- 'ive of no little good is apparent. We i told that ample rooms for the ac- ommodation of the association will be forth coming if one is organized. The PUBLICAN is heartily in sympathy 1th and will give its support to the Y. I. C. A. movement in Algona. Council Doiiig-s. 'he city council met in regular ses- siqnlast Saturday evening at Clerk i Sessions office. A petition fromLevi ! Horning et al for side walk to run as follomrs: Commencing at the south- i west Corner of block No. 84 oftheori- i ginalplat and running thence north on the east side of Dodge street to the I northwest corner of said block 84, was I read and referred to the committee on I streets and alleys. A number of bills •^ were allowed and, it was then moved ^L ana supported that ordinance No. 9, ^•i being an ordinance "regulating the •f }runmng of engines upon the streets" W hepasaed. The ordinance is published f elsewhere. * •- -• i .-.*>> ^ W. C. T, U. on Amendment Day. At a special meeting held by the Algona W. C. T. TJ. on June 27, the ninth anniversary of the vote on the adoption of the Constitutional Prohibitory Amendment a large attendance was present, and the session was earnest and enthusiastic. Mrs. Mary Carter, the first Pros, of the union, presided. Mrs. Rev. Smith read a scripture lesson, followed by singing and prayer. A letter from Mrs. M. C. Bailey, resigning the presidency of the Union on account of ill health, was read by the Secretary. The resignation was accepted. On motion Mrs. Hamilton was elected to fill vacancy. There being a vacancy in the office of Secretary, Mrs. C. A. Ingham was elected thereto. After discussion, a committee consisting of Mrs. Ingham and Mrs. Garfield, were appointed to wafer with officers of Pair Association in regard to offering prizes to school children for temperance essays—the b^K essay to be read at the Pair. The following program was then taken up: Sele Oarter7 SyStemat ' C Personal WorJ? - by Mrs. Kea Kev! SmVth IOWa Pl ' ohibitm 'y Iaw - by Mrs. Pnn«f. h" tt fir" y ^ays-Miss J °s |e McCoy. Hour *"Kba.m, on the Lessons o£ the BclecteA roew-Tiio Drii»ldi* J&fe O v«.r the Report of District Convention at Webster Ofty T< "• 0onn ««"iMn The poorest paying turn property fc the small hon»; the best Is the deep milking Ba ve the heaviest lieads of the grasses to Jhtiwote, jtwt as you saw the finest oats of corn. Selection operates every- Prof. Henry predicts 820 to $35 a ton for good hay next-winter and says "fodder corn will be worth hal/thait, directly or indirectly." J We read of cream separators in Africa. Iowa fanners who indulge in it cannot afford to make poor batter much longer. The beat only gives any profit. We can not understand why people travel across the ocean to visit Europe who have not seen the much more interesting United Statue, an over, first. It is entirely practical to save grass so early that it -will, if grown alone, make good pasture by tho middle of June, and if sown with dome ooto; by the first of .nine. Prof. Htidd's Russian cherry orchards rm; bearing wry full this summer, and the trees are as hwdy as willows. Tlie late frosts did nil; affect them as they did rwtivi- varieties. Will Pay Appointment of Mrs I,. K. Hortou to organize On motion the following resolution was adopted: That we wish to express our appreciation of the faithful and efficient services given us by our retiring president, Mrs. M. C. Bailey, and that we hope she may still be able to encourage us by her presence and counsel. On motion a vote of thanks was tendered the young ladies wko kindly furnished the music, and to Mrs. Carter for her efforts in. arranging the meeting. **iu»s V, Scott, Carml, 111., fttyg. He paid thirty-one dollars doctor's bill >r nis wife in one year, a»d one bottle of s female regulator did her more " all the mediciue she k»d taken w .. Druggist, Carnal, III. Write Bradfleld Regl. Co., Atlanta, Ga f° r ,P^ulars. Sold by F. W. Dlnglev and Dr. Half th e Iowa State Republican Convea- at Cedar Rapids. July 1st. the Chicago &Korth-Western Railway Co will from June 29th to July I 8t , inclusive, se excursion tickets to Cedar Rapids and return at one fare for the round trip—ticlc- eU good for return passage until July 3d inclusive. For tickets and further information apply to agents C- & N". W. R'y. De Witt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist hi.* 6 f i Ifora ? < Best ''"tefiJU for sick Headache, chronic constipa^Wn. dvsoeD- sia. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. v For tue A- 0. Y. P. 8. C7 E tickets will be sold at fare one way for the round trip. Selling July 8th to llth inclusive Return coupons will be made good only on trains leaving Minneapolis July 12th to 15th inclusive.—C. M. & BK, P. R'y. Purifies the blood, increased the circulation, expels poisonous humo* and builds up the system. What more do you want a medicine to perform? De Witt's Sarsa- panlla is reliable. Sold by Sheetz will The 0. M. and St. P the Musical Festival, L U1WU auiuluina . vian Singers of America, to be held at Minneapolis, July 16 to 81st, excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip. Little Giants! Little Giants! Little Giants! are the pills that do the work successfull, effectually and tfermanently We warrant every bottle to give sat& faction. Sold by F. W. Dingley. Come and get a pair of our Oxford ties before they are gone, as they are selling fast. F. S. STOCGH. Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism and most diseases originate from impure blood. Cleanse it, improve it, purify*!! with De Witt s Sarsaparilla and health is restored, strength regained. Sold by SfreeU. The Sweets is an unflavored and free smoker. Call at Ladendorff's. " uuiree Tho West is fnst becoming possessed of everything wln-Kbl.) hi Europe, in the r goo<1 stock. Tin; best mutton to bo fonnd an> now being brought t)i« Wolff hi ];irga nnmbers. A Inmb's tail needs cutting off bcc.-inse the bine rmiggot fly is looking for foul places to deposit its offgs. If the sheep wnro washed every day docking would not be necessary. The toil should not be cert stwrtcr jfaan three inches. Mflk.Is made l»y processes not very wott understood, but this is known: if the milker rs changed, most cows give less rndlpc, as a. protest. The oow becomes attached to her milker, and if lie bo gentle with her, she resents a change fttonoe. Have we .not condemned the English sparrow without studying fts habitat We wiU/ched three of them Mght on a blue grass lawn and each hopped aboQt nntil H found two gra%>s,wijen ell flewofl to their neets in the Teeessee of the oor- •«<•«. of a buIMing. We can bear jnuch '-•-Mi n»y bird tJ'rt-wilT work fot t» tn 'hrs direction. If the oats kwlgo, cwt for bay be/ore •. W *.• * poll. W your hay crop is short oat n- P wrts whHe two-thirds green, if you '-'id (*4*s it is a waste of time aad worse K«I. If you oot greeti stock oa|>s and in email show-we. Oate a corn fcxMer ration vcty much, observe the-etooB/reststraw stands up Juice in the foddor ta a great ooa- Bligbted heads that do ao* a U)c Hnui oftclowxl we sot to *M«oy- iw* fts "bunt" whore tlie smut finds ita way to tlie half buslwl. lowii crops promise exceedingly w»U so fat. The otvt crop tht*t wae checked by the'dry May weather, a«d will mostly stand up, will be hoavy. The hay crop will be light on many farms, but H hiwi been so and will continue to ko eo, uatil we-etody more into the hay question and suit ODOpe to particular fct&la. Tfe« core bids fair to be heavy. Rains have fallen over most of the State to insure full crops and the "stand" averages good. The potato crop has had suitable weather" and that useful article will be more plentiful than last year. Iowa ie now In her sujnnws: bounty. The landscape is one of quiet loveliness. Tlie ecops cover tlie earth and W*TO in varied abundance. Farm after farm has prass, corn, oats and hay with Itotte variation. We have no mountain scenery tuid very little water to break the monotony of rich field after rich field from one end of the State to the other. People from any other country in the world are amazed at the uniform goodness of Josra soil and the unrivaled abundance of all tow oropa. The State i« enjdytng a growth in all directions, in town and country, and the half has not been told. To look at Just read what follows and then reflect: McCORMICK Harvesting Mach. Co., Establ'd J. I. CASE Threshing Machine Co A. A. COOPER, Iowa's Pioneer Wagon Matter P. P. MAST & CO., Cultivators, Seeders, etc JAMES SELLY & CO., Corn Planters, etc. D. S. MORGAN & CO., Clipper Mowers HEARST, DUNN & CO., Planters, etc DALY MANP'G CO., Disc Pulverizers, JOHN DEER & CO., Plows, etc. - J. R. JONES, ..... 1881. 1842. 1840 1843. 1850. 1834. I860. 1866. 1854. 1870. After looking over the foregoing list of Manufacturers and represented by the man who pays the freight, you cannot fail to ^__ you can reap by buying your implements of the Oldest Implement House in I represent the best goods made in each department. all of are Iowa. professor hi this snme course. A celebrated scientist teaches agricultural chemistry, and the finest dairy in the Westistoboprwtwlanda special professor in dairying wf11 trmcli its mysteries. Those guntteuwn leach Jn no other course, whfle nearly tvery other professor in the college also tcrtohrs in it, in mathematics, physics, botimjr, entomology, ohwnistry, English, modmnioal InwnJng, military drfll, etc. Sh«han & Sons, erf Osiigo, are working in the kvth of pl«jn dogroji laid down by positive people that Shorthorns will not give milk enough to pay. Just wfeat may happen to eaoli eoatwrnaoioa* fellows is fearful to think upon. TJwyiatlkBhort- Lorofi like other eows and get imitk as other people got Jt, from good cows, and haw turned over a new leaf hi dairying, and proved wiw*t maoy people believe, that Shorthorns, by selection and proper management, will make fine dairy eows. It requires courage to do this, b«t the eiiehane nave phjok enough. This is the lesuJiog breed of ctittie in the «em>*4r) It is of geaeral iateteut to know that will anaww for the dairy. The recent rains have helped Ohe pastures. They came none too soon. Wo have far too many bare, pastures aU over tho State. A little .reflection would show us th»t only the beet lands yield good grasses. Tbe wet slough yields lit- Ue grass of any kind and what it does pwoHi<» IB not "wihwib^e, J* reqwirep about two acres of good, dry, well seeded land to graze a foil grown animal, horse, oow orstoer, and fine, large mutton-sheep will oat as much as a cow. When the average pasture ie stocked "heavier there wm not bo grass •during «11 4^ gwoing Reason, In «ttoh abundaoee-oe to fceep trp profitable growth <» milfc yield. 6o«e twrts will do better in favorable ««ttsons, but not a large per cent, of ot» pastures 1W Him Ihen stop and look at that fine assortment of shoes in Stough's show window. * $tf^POTjf^9 ate&«'*'wvj&$« fwEJwMftAx -,._. Tenth District W. C. T. U. The ninth annual W. C. T. U. convention of the Tenth district met at Webster City June 24,25 and 26. Mrs. JUH. Brown, district president, and Mrs, M. F. HinmaQ, state president, With a goodly numbey of delegates and visitors were in attendance. Reports fromofficei-s andsupeiintendants showed that much progressive work had been done, that many new members bad been added and increased interest manifested for temperance and troth. &W.E. M. Crosby, of Webster City, gave a cordial and eloquent address of Wlcome and was responded to bv'Mvs «*•* of Livermore. Mfi. fiJlX I address was full of interest and r the cause, which was r&oejved i close attention and heai%, ap. wval. A paper on' 'Dress as it Owgbt /\ nA I) «-m«n >»<->n J Viv. 1*".,_ YT *-•• . •'"™ . _ dread to see «• bair turn- -grey, is a remark madeby so many aSies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of ~ -.-„..- H a luxurious and«jk>ssy appearance, we know that they would not hesitate to buy. We guarantee every bottle. BOia oy j?, w. Dingley. 35.43 Nothing does a druggist so much good [i°A a ™ ai 9 e <?!? in ethat he can eW , which was both •K— , e J er y boWe to 6 Beggs' Family Jfedicines « 9 it anteed, so you cannot fail (one tion when you call for them, At Half Bates to «Ulwi J52-H»u?V»:VB«Brn Husk says "we will soon be sending store cattle to England, and while they fatten our cattle we will be fattening our pocket books." That may be a good way to fatten our pocket books, but we greatly doubt it We never knew a farmer to got rich by selling stove oat- tte A ranchman may maBe Money by selling low class cattle, but th« English do not want that sort. They will want OUB high grade steers and if we let them go, then they will want our corn and oil cake to go with them. No, fanners wUl never get fat socket book* that way. J^et' the English have our'highest selling t>eef after we have made all the profits possible from breeding, reaflng sad feeding them, r Breeders' Qauetta sometih>e ago the fact thai to a>ost o| the July _^TJ- "i -T^-W^WJ .if AQf Chicaao & North rates-one fare for the roapd trip. For rates, dates of sale, limits of Wekets etc apply to agents O.&K m»Jf '37 40 "Obi how dreadfully yaHpw an d greasy my face is getting/ 8»y do yoS ,&T"**.ft5«!8lV « I — -T -.« *~?.-^ T,-, ^— VT^MKW^A MJ •• • hver, and that your skin can be e«ow to « trans ~ practical, aud all would 40 well to Blood Maker. _,„ ' tyF. W, Diaitey t»u#b$ pra-Qttcalagriflultuw, M the Agricultural oolloge as now ofg%nbed,thiB study has a jwofeeeor who live etook only. JJ e is of ftll kno oodoemlng the domestic anlmtjft, Ko expense Ifl fiparod in procu»ing blm books and iJiufltr»tive materiaj for bis das*. Aa'o«l»«fte«*he6Wbati6 knosro praoU- oftjly ooft^rnina soils, orc^ppi^ cultivating, fewrwastteg, hayUng, soJUcif, m««:ke^ Jttg, book keeping, seeding, routing and tb<* iOfi. A third <«twdMf tatdJbg to aj} ttB wlftUotie. Draining, Collier, of th« Geneva^ .,„„ York, cxperluieqt station, gjlv«fl the-value of cattle manure at $l.lfi per ton and of cattle urine at 63J59 per ton. Howe wine he pnteti* 4100 per *ouj. sheep ratne ot 80.87; awino urine at 82.45. Tbete flg- urefl ATO iNwed on theamoontof nitiogen, potash and phosphoric adya oon««teed in them. Premature fermentative and leaching destroy the values of solid manures and with most t armors no effort at all is made to save tho urine of tie animals. Urine is immediately available for plant use, while solid manures must decompose first Heavy rains wash away nitrogen and as manures become assimilable there Is -danger between growing periods of this loss. The urine isready to do H« work at once and be mostly utilized in one season. Hence the necessity of saving R and using it. It pays tho farmer to save his own home-gtown seed* unless h/j wuots a cluuife. E«u»t«*p seeds are eajfgwaive; and the beet of ijiem ate foul Clover seed pays unless the pasture is wanted. Many farmers hWe ndt got into th« habit of saving clovw «*od. To be. sure of a good crop the first crop «f clovw should be out early rather than late, Barfy cnt oiov«r to p«efcci&te to thet tot late when the hoe.* are brown. Clover outf«*ee«d need not be wa§(^<i <^ mil oh as it generally is. It should he thcwougW(y dried and need« notbuig in the line of roftiug that tt usually go«« thtouffh. A very littie time wilj save clover and timothy and other seeds Jfrom clean plaoee free from all woedft o^d e«ve thp ueuaj spring bUlfcrthajln, in £&«$, o&vin^ on the <M> the me«!hajEit savee (n hie busl- THE GRAUGE STORE En In Swiss, Viennese, White and Colored Ham- burgs, Flouncings, AllQvers, Etc. Laces, Gloves, Mitts, Ribbons, Umbrellas. r i 0 ^ Remnants of Lace and Embroideries for one-half i/neir value. I HAVE MOVED From my old stand opposite Court House To First Door East of Post Office, Where old and new customers may find me. *. W. A. LADENDORF. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. HuMliins, a', n. Piwident. V ' If food sours on the stomach digestion is defective. WeWlI's LUU» EarlyBJsers will remedy this, fhe famous little pills , . Piwident. Vice-Presei)t. ' FIRST NATIONAL BANK ^^ FARM LOANS. M. Z, GROVE. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE ST i Jt&^.f'i' j

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