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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 1

The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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READ NEWS WANT ADS- EVERYDAY. HUTCHINSON NEWS CALL TEL. NO. 4400 FOFf THE NEWS VOL. LI. Jaly e. Wl) FOURTEEN PAGES. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1923 FINAL EDITION. No. 144 GREEK KING AND QUEEN ARE TO LEAVE ATHENS Political Situation Such as to Main Mora Necessary. TO GO TO RUMANIA Acuta Situation Likely George is to Lose His Throne. (By The Associated Press) Athens, Dec. George and Queen Elisabeth will leave Athens to-, night for it announced by, the here today. (By Tiie Associated Pfcse) fxmdon, Dec. dlpUv mats who are familiar with the acute political situation in Greece see little chance of saving King George's throne, and the foreign office apparently has been reconciled to the tact that he must go. The Brltleh charge frequently has 'Informed the present revolutionary regime In Athens that Great Britain will view with disfavor any violent change in dynasty, but the military Junta apparently found It (utile to attempt to sway the extreme elements in the liberal and moderate parties from their desire to banish Constantino's son in order to make way for the return of their great the establishment of the republic, FARMER WITH GUM FORCED SIGNATURE GEORGE ON THRONEONEYEAR King George II of Greece, eldest ton ot the late King Constantino, acceded to throne on September 28, 1D22, after his father bad been forced to abdicate by the Gonatis- Plastlras revolution. It became apparent almost immediately that George was to be a motty arch in. name' only, for the revolutionary regime gave Greece what was virtually a military dictatorship. Neverthe-, less, there was no disposition' to terminate the dynasty, tho leaders of the government preferring to. keep tho young sovereign under close surveillance and allow him a semblance ot power. To Clarify Situation. However, in the last few months republican.and pro-VenUelos sentl-l ment. In Greece has been growing rapidly, and last month tho military republican faction requested King George to leave Greece tor period pending a clarification ot the general consented and It was understood (bat he was leave the oountry- for. two months, appointing a regent to hold tho nominal sovereign power. Last Saturday, the long deterred national elections look place. The returns showed such a preponderance of liberal republican, sentiment that a dynastic order seemed inevitable and apparently it has materialised. King George's wife, Queen Elizabeth, is the eldest daughter of Queen Marie ot Rumania, familiarly known as the "royal grandmother ot the Balkans." He Made Banker Sign 910,900 Check on a Kansas Bank. THEN THE FARMER RAN THEY ELECT THEIR PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE IN MEXICO LONG-STEMMED PIPE AND PAIR OF DRINKS Kupper Bttr of Hobokeh They Make Him Live Long, New York, Dec. Kupper Bior.of Hoboken, Is celebrating his 104th. birthday with; a little jaunt Washington, where he hopes to meet the president. "1 am going to tell President Coolldge," he said before he left, "that I am tho head ot a family made up of my children, great grand children and relatives by marriage that numbers 143 Republican voters." Bier, who owns and operates a meat and poultry market In Hoboken, attributes 'his long life to his faithfulness to a long stemmed German pipe and "a couple ot Franco Italy, Jugo-Slavla, and mks a day." He has three Rumania, also have made over- rB 45 grand children and 13 tures to the Athena cabinet against great, grand children living. His the expulsion ot George. oldest grand child-is The chief object the recent visit of the klpg of Jugo-Slavla In Paris, speak France's Inter- i venfion on 'of kingly mother-in-law. Queen Marie of Rumania-, going far beyond the usual' functions of a mother-in-law, urged every friendly government In Europe through diplomatic channels to save the crow us or George add her daughter. Queen Elizabeth. LUG DROrMNTHE PRICES OF EGGS Banker Aaked to Go to Country Home to Some by the Farmer. Tepoka, Dec. On pre. text of signing papers at his farm house, M. F. Davidson, Clay county farmer, morning induced Oliver Martjv Longford banker, to accompany him out of town and then forced him at the'point of a gun to sign a check for $10,000. reported today to officers of the Kansas bankers association, Payment-ou the check has been ordered stopped, both by the bankers association and by Marty, and such notification has, been sent to all state banks, It was stated. How It Vyas JSone. Marty Was approached this morning in the Citizens State Bank of Longfcrd, he said, and Davidson asked that Marty accompany him to his home where some papers requiring the signature of both Marty and Mrs. Davidson were to be signed. The two drove away in an automobile and tlvo miles from' Longford, according to Marty, the alleged holdup occurred. "Hero Is where wo settle Is said to have remarked as he Bhoved, a pistol in Marty's face, threatening him and demanding that he sign a $10,000 check. Parmer In Pursuit. Jumping from the Marty says he ran to a nearby farmhouse with Davidson In close pursuit. Only the housewife Was at home and Davidson again de. manded a check from Marly, the latter related. Marty Blgned ono drawn on the Citizen 's State Bank at Longford, he said, made payable to Davidson. The latter fled, Marty told the bankers association here, adding that it was some time be fore he managed to get word of the affair to Longford. No further details of tho Incident were given in tho report received here. Marty did not say Davidson bad asked a $10,000 loan but simply that ho was a customer of "the IMJUfff CARRVINfa OUT MY POLICY OF "NOUVINfa EXPRESIOEWISi" DIDN'T TAKE LONG TO GET IN PRISON NOT TO TRY REV HEATON FOR "HERESY" HE'D REVISE THE STATE'S TAX SYSTEM Not to Call Challenge on "Doctrine of Virgin Birth." THIS IS THE DECISION But There is Much Difference of Opinion in Regard to Episcopal New York, Dec. have been made to avoid a trial of the Rev. Lee. W. Heaton, Fort Worth' rector, of a heresy charge for challenging the "doctrine of tho virgin birth," Rev. Or. Ernest M. Stlres, rector of St. Thomas church In this city, and a fundamentalist partisan, announced today. "On December 7 asksd Mr. Heaton what disposition of his case he would prefer," declared Dr. Stlres. "He replied that he would prefer that the proposed I trial should not take place and that he should be transferred to work In some other diocese." Dr. Stlres declared that In a' letter dated December 11, tho bishop coadjutor of Dallas nnuonnced that this course would be entirely satisfactory to him. New York, Dec. Plans for the completion of tho cathodral of St. John the Divine, under construction for a number of years, today appeared to bo endangered by Farm Bureau Head it "Antiquated" at Emporia. AT FARM BUREAU MEET President Ralph Snyder Talks of Failure of Wheat Marketing in Kansas. OKLAHOMA MOB AFTER A NEGRO 'i 1 and Negro Wu Probably Fatally Wounded. Leavenworth, Doc. Within 48 hours after ho had been arrested In connection with tho looting of a Missouri Pacific box car, E. Wright, former inmate of the federal penitentiary had been sentenced to the stato prison. Wright pleaded guilty in district courfto larceny from a box car. OPPOSITION DEVELOPED It is to Adoption of Five Presbyterian of Faith. Petition for Release of Lieutenant Gritfis They Are Seven Lower Than They Ware a Year Kansas People to Join in National Move for Release of American Soldier Who Is in German Prison for Trying to Capture Bergdoll. Kansas City, Dec. Eggs were selling on the wholesale market here today for 3fc cents a doten', 7 cents lower than a year ago. The price, has dropped 12 cents In two which is, an unprecedented experience for this time of year. Mild'weather resulting, in Increased and largo cold storage stocks were given as causes for the decline. The market declined 2 cents late yesterday, 2 cents again today. Every citlaeu of Hutchinson and Seconds were quoted at 19 cents 1 surrounding terBitory who wishes and selects 43 The whole-1 to append hta signature to this sale pri of cold Btorage eggs petition may do so by either calling here, 24 cents, la 11 to 13 cents; in person at The Hutchinson News PETITION. (By Press) Now York, Dec. the FORMER KAISER WON IN VERDICT It Was Libel Suit Against Editor of the Berlin Anzeiger. HEATON'S STATEMENT. 1" A petition To German Government From the American People. Corliss Hkoven Grlffts, former lieutenant In the" United States army, was; arrested In.Germany while'endeavoring to effect the capture of.Grovor Cleveland Bergdoll, deserter from the United States army. He has been sentenced to nineteen months' lm prlsonment. Immediate release would be considered by the American people as a most gracious act on tho part of tho German Therefore the undersigned joins in petitioning tor this action. Name. and lower than a year ago. CASEY SURROUNDED BY ARKANSAS POSSE ON A RIVER ISLAND Little Rock, Dec. Benny Casey, Kansas penlten- tlary'eecapee who slew D. W. Burns, Kansas officer, Friday; surrounded by a posse on an Island In the river near Jonesboro, according to a special dispatch received by the Arkansas Democrat, from Jopesboro. WEATHER AND ROADS Kanaas roads good. roads tpodi Plttshurg-T-Cloudy, roads good. roads good. roads good. Arkansas roads rough. roads good. roads good. cloudy, good. good. office, or mailing in a request to that effect tor The News, such let-. terB being attached to the petition. The News will not forward the petition to the national committee until next week, so opportunity will be (liven all who wish to join in the petition. i I From the Committee, The News this morning received the following letter from the Committee to the Release of Lieutenant Gritfis, with headquarters in Crlcago; Editor News, Hutchinson, Kansas. Dear Sir: An with a splendid fighting record during the World's languishing in a German prison. His only "crime" (s patriotism. Lieut. Corliss Hooven Gritfis attempted to capture Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, a deserter from the United States Army. He was arrested, Imprisoned at solitary confinement for months, and finally tried, convicted and sentenoed to a year and nine months in a German prison. Meanwhile Bergdoll goes free and unmolested. In, view of Lieut. Griffls' fine record added to the motive that tollwnced action, "this committee was tormetl to organize the American people in a petition to the German government for his pardon and immediate' release. Obviously this request cannot come from tho American government, or ever, the American Legion. It must come from the American people," the urgency of acting without the slightest delay, this committee has ready set at work the necessary machinery for arousing American people and circulating a monster petition throughout the nation. TrU8tIng that you will cooperate with us to the fullest extent in effecting the release of this patriotic American, wo remain Yours very truly, JOHN P. Among 1 tho members of this com mittee are Alvin C. Owsley, former commander-in-chief, ol th American Legion, the department vom I manders of nearly every "state of the American Leglqu, D. Baker, former secretary of war, United States Senator Arthur Capper, Gen. Lloyd Brett, commander-in-chief of the oterans ot tor-, ulgn Wars, Capt, Oscar Carlstroni' past commander-l'i-chiet of the Spanish War Veterans, Mra. Johns! Trigg Moss, head of. tbe -Daughters of the American Revolution, H. D. McBrlde, national chief of the "40 and 8" and many others. negro who has stayed here ritoro thau a day In years. They were victims of a mob of than 15 men went to the hotel where the negro had been employed three days a porter and them down, when Birch attempted to persuade them to desist from: their threat' to lynch the gro. Abided by Custom. Morlow, one of several towns In Oklahoma whicfi has not allowed negroes to settle in their vicinity, 'for years has abided by the custom of permitting no members of the race to remain hero after nightfall. Last Saturday Birch brought Robert JOfnlgan, the negro, hero to serve. as porter in his. hotel. A few hours later ho received au I anonymous communication order- i lng. him. to. dismiss tbe porter at one's' and drive him from the city. Birch ignored the letter. Then a Mob Came. The tha hotel early last its members calling loudly fori the negro and announcing their ip of- hanging him on tho spot. 1 The hotel proprietor, with' Jernl- gah. at- his "side," hurriad into, tho lobby but was shot dead '''before could speak. The nogro' also fell, critically wounded. Tliefr assailants then fled. Mrs. Birch, who witnessed the shooting, Bhe thought she recognized the man who killed her husband, but authorities early today ttiey had no clews, as to the identity Of members ot the mob. They were not masked. (By Tho Associated Presa) Dortmund, Germany, Dec. opposition has developed In the A verdict has been rendered In Presbyterian church against the favor of the former German Era- adoption ot the five articles ot peror William in a libel suit instl- faith denTaiuled 'by the funda- tuted against tho editor-in-chief of mehtalists In their victory, over the tho General Anzeiger, Herr Von Der Heydt, for having published a Lexington, Dec. Loo W. Heaton, rector ot Trinity Kplscopal church, Fort Worlh, ngulnst whom heresy charges have boen made for challenging tlio doctrine of tho virgin birth, today said ho knew nothing of arrangements being made to avoid his trial and expressed the opinion, "1 believe that It will be impossibly to legally avoid the trial unless Bishop Mooro withdraws the charges and backs down completely from his present position." Emporia, Dec 13 Revision of the state's "antiquated tax system," careful consideration and support of cooperative wheat marketing and exchange of farm products between northern and southern Kansas farmers were among the steps suggested for more profitable agricultural development by President Ralph Snyder of the Kansas State Farm Bureau In hie address at the fifth annual meeting here today. Many Taxes. President Snyder asserted that a gasoline tax, a state income tax. a luxury tax, a gross production tax and a constitutional provision for the classification ot Intangible property "afford possibilities that you are dbstincd to hear more about during tho coming year." Wheat marketing In Kansas thu? far has boen a "practical failure," In tho opinion of Prosldont Snyder and "not a success anywhere." Talks "Wheat Growers," "The United States Grain Grow em, so far as Kansas Is concerned, has boen abandoned. Tho Kansas Wheat urowers, while having sold sonio grain, has boon' Ineffective. The Farmers' Union, except for Ha effort to orgSnlzo cooperative elevators, has succoeded In creating a successful old lino commission company In Kansas, as have tho Cooperative Grain Dealers In Hutchinson. INVESTIGATE FACTS ABOUT GIRL'S DEATH Mnrlpw, unwritten law, exemplified by prominent public signs" hearing the comaiand: "Negro, don't let the sun go down on you here," caused tho death last night of A. W. Birch, prominent hotel owner, and the 'Iheh ofTheNew Wk different versions of which Presbytery. i appeared abroad long ago, that tho i Ministers in all parts at the kaiser in 1895 caused the suicide country, it" was said, were signing ot Lleut von Hahnlte, a young of- a protest against the assertion that these five articles are essentials ccr arched to the imperial yacht the latest development of tho controversy between modernist ond fundamentalist factiens of tho Episcopal church. Rev. Dr. Karl Relland, rector of St. George's churh In aligning himself squarely with tho modernists, asserted last night that "a large ca'tliedral tor a literal creed" did not Inspire liberal chnrchmon and said tho drivo for Ho.000,000 for tho cathedral virtually was a dead Inquiry is Made About Arkansas City GirL Dead in Wichita. (Continued on Page Eleven.) MOURNING THE LOSS OF A KANSAN KILLED of the church doctrine. LIBERALS TO REMAIN FREE (By. Tho Associated Press) London, Dec. Former Premier Asquith, at a meeting of the of the Liberal party this afternoon at which Lloyd George and practically every Liberal member of parliament was present, declared the Lib: erals intend to remain free from alliance with other parties. Export School Slates. New York: Ninety per cent of the school slates manufactured in the United Slates are used in foreign countries. Hohenzolleni. A fine ot 300 gold marks was imposed. i The Story. It was alleged that while tho Hohenzollern" was lying off the Scandinavian coast, Vou liahnko struck the war lord in the face after having been Insulted by him. Former Vlce-Admlrnl Hallormund testified ot tho trial ot tho suit that he was officer of the watch at the time and that the Injury to the former emperor was duo to a ropo striking him In the course of some maneuvers. altercation whatever occurred he- the kaiser and Von Hahnke, according to this witness. The lieutenant went ashoro with friend for a spin on his bicycle; he lost control of the machine on a mountain path and fell into the sea and was killed. David Burns Gave Life in the Performance of His Duty. FRESH SET-BACK IN HOUSE TODAY Washington, Doc. leaders of the House, who perfected their committee organization yesterday, after a delay of two weeks, encount- tared a fresh set-back today when they made their first attempt to begin the legislative business of the session. WEATHER REPORT, Temperatures for the past 24 hours, asroported by the automatic record- Instrument at the First National Bank building: 4 P. M. .......50 4 A. M. 6 P. 48 (OA. M. IP, 11 8 A. 10 42 10 A. 12 Midnight 38 12 Noon 3 A. M. 34 IP, Minimum, 32; Maximum, 50. WEATHER FORECAST. ARMY AND.NAVY MEN IN WORLD ROUND RACE San Diego, Dec. Tho four American army aviators who have been selected to attempt to circumnavigate the earth will have a race on their hands if they hope to beat tho American navy, according to reports received from Washington In naval circles here. Tho roports said six naval airmen, to be selected from tho Atlantic ond tlie Pacific fleet air forces, will make the race for the navy, it Is said that tho navy flight tonight; and Wed-i will start from Hampton Roads, on nesday moderate temperature. TWO WERE KILLED, Airplane Crashed to the Ground In Texas. San Antonio, Dec. tain-Harold commander of the 4tth school stiuartron, Brooks Field, and Sergeant C. B. KyaU; were killed this morning when their ship, crashed at Pendleton, miles from Temple, according to a long distance message to officials at Brooks Field. They were euroute to Dallas on a cross country flight. Captain Sturcken's horns was New-York City. Sorswuu Byals' i homo was Ulenwood, Gu, or about February 15, about two weeks In ndvanco of the date set by the army for the beginning of its attempt. STILL A DEADLOCK IN THE U. S. SENATE Loavonworth, Dec. wholo stato and irVany from beyond tho borders ot Kansas cama to Lansing yesterday and today to mourn tho loss of David Burns, slain Kansas prison official who was placed In his Just resting place la the uatlonal cemetery at tho Soldiers homo this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Early this morning peace oftlcers from all soctlons of Kansas began arriving and by noon It 1B estimated that fully 75 sheriffs and other officers had come to attend the service A Masonic Burial. The services were conducted by Chaplain W. H. Ward of tbe prison, and a quartet rendered Mr. Burns' favorite hymns during tho ceremony. At the gravoy: an im- preaslve service was rendered by King Solomon Lodge No. 10, A. F. A. M. of which Mr. Burns was a member. A. B. Carney, chairman ot the stato board of udmlrllstra- Hon and representing Gov. DAVIS, 1 delivered an eulogy at the grave. Tups were sounded by a soldiers homo bugler and a firing squad from tho home gavo the salute. A Brave Man. have never mot a braver man," Mr. Carney said In tho" oulogy. "Tbo message cams Casey was captured. Burns would let none other go. His confidence In his own ability was supreme. Ho knew neither hours nor dayB. Success to him meant everything. "The desperate criminal knew Burns. Burns knew tho murderer, the highway man, tho robber ills estimate of tho criminal's character was accurate yet-Just; the prisoner's inner thoughts were fathomed by this man" Wichita, Dec. by two special investigators, mak lug an Inquiry Into the death ot Hazel Hadloke, 19 yoar-old Arkansas City girl, who died hero Sun day were awaited today by Waltei A. Blake, county attorney, betor- Instituting a direct county Invest! gation into'tbo circumstances sui rounding tho girl's death. Ho sal' tho Investigators roports probabl- would not be submitted to him day. Tho girl'registered at a hoti- hero Dec. 7, and was said to remalaod In her room almost coo stantly. Sho died Sunday morning The doath certificate stated tba: she died of heart disease. Dr. C. C. Kuester, who attendee tho case, said this morning that hi was summoned to the hotel early Sunday morning and that the girl diod soon after his arrival. He said heart disease was the cause of her death. The body'was taken to Arkansas City where it was buried yesterday; TWO PRISONERS WHO ESCAPED SURRENDERED They Came to Oklahoma County Jail Voluntarily, for Help. Enid, Dec. Turner a.rid Arnold Ammous. two prisoners who escaped from a train at Caldwell, last Thursday night while they were being taken to the federal prison at Leavenworth, now are held in the county jail at Perry according to word received this noon. According to county officials al the men came to the Noblt county jail voluntarily Sundaj morning and asked Sheriff W. A Ricker to have tho county physic Ian treat them for Injuries result lng from exposure since their capo. They were given medical attet tion and lodging in tho Jail. Willi, there, they confessed thoir Sths- tlty according to Sheriff Ricker. Federal authorities were and are enroute here to take to Leavenworth. Washington, Dec. senate failed again today, to break its deadlock over the election of a chairman of the interstate commerce commission. Tho vote on tlio lust ballot taken before todays adjournment the twenty-llttU since voting began, stood: Smith. Democrat, Soutfl Carolina, 42; Cummins, Republican, I Iowa, C'ousons, Republican, Michigan, 11. I Smith was four short ot a majority. Voting will ho resumed tomorrow, HEYM IS APPOINTED ASSISTANT TREASURER Topeka Kan. Dec. D. Heym, teller at the Bank of Topeka. has boen appointed assistant stute treasurer. succeeding Sum P. Moore of Lawrence, it was announced today by State Treasurer Thompson. Moore's ill-health pro- vents him from spending his full time in tho department, but ho will continue to spend part time there, i the treasurer suld. THERE'S NOTHING DOING SAYS HUGHES TO RUSSIAN OFFICIALS Washington, Dec. Hughes informed Russian soviet officials today in a statement trana mltted through the American con sul at Revul that "there wouM seem to be at this time no reasor for negotiations" with the sovlol governmeut such ensealed ic tho message trom the foreign minister received yesWrday al the white housu. The secretary's statement that the American government "ii not proposing to baUCT away lti principles,"

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