The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1891
Page 5
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ANCROFT NEWS J. A. jffidltof. BANCROFT, ioWA, JUNE 24, OF THE TOWN. to- Corn is knee high, Rev. Williams is expected home day. " Mayor Barslou was at Algona last Friday. ^F. M. Purdy was at Algona last Thursday. C. C. Chubb of Alflona was in town last Monday. Asbury Hartshorn is very sick with the paralysis. J, B. Jones of Algona, was in town on Monday last. Chas. Brnnspn of Algona was in town yesterday. Boys, dpnt lose your love letters on the ball grounds. Dr. Cutler's residence is in ,tbe han'ds of the plasterers. Wheat, oats and barley are heading out and look fine. The Bancroft and Burt ball nines play at Burt today. F. M. Taylor, of Algona, was in Bancroft last Thursday. ; Ernest Davis returned from Chicago last Thursday night. Clara Eingquist, of east Swea, is visiting friends in town. Paul's dry lumber sheds and office are nearly completed. Axel Sundstrom has received a bran new "Giant" bicycle. Representative C. L. Lund was in town on Monday last. G!eo. W. Dustin, the Elmore miller was in town last Monday. E. G. Bowyer the jeweler of Algona was in town last Thursday. The Methodist ladies expect to have a bazarv in the near future. The Good Templars had initiation again last Saturday night. Bev. L, A. Cummins and wife were at Algona last Wednesday. H. O. Wilson was at Blue Earth City last Thursday, on business. Kelly is turning out some fine work at Suhdstroms je\vlery store. ; Arthur Clarke and wife, -tit Havelock, are visiting with his parents, of this place. Ida Swanson, who teaches in the Rimers district, spent tlid Sabbath with friends in town. Quite a number of Bancroft people attended the Buffalo Forks dedication services last Sabbath. D. Lake of Webster county, agent of the Council Bluffs insurance company was in town Monday. Chas. Mallory returned from a business trip to the southern part of the county, last Saturday. J. G. Graham and Dr. 11. A. Busby went to tne Democratic State Convention at Ottumwa yesterday- .. , Misses Jennie and Annie Thompson, of Seueca, were visiting in Algona last week and returned Friday. At the close of the sermon on Sunday evening at the Baptist church, baptismal services were held. The Free Methodists had meeting in the school house last Sunday, Bev. Nolte, of Algona, officiating. We hear that the Barnsay social for the benefit of the curch, netted $37, which if true, is good enough. A coupletf Italians with a bear, and a blind negro, were here last week gathering Up the stray nickels. John Hoppert of Louisa county was here last week and bought a quarter section of land of G. W: Skinner. Quite a large crowd of people attended the lot sale at Ledyard Thursday, but we learn only a few lots were sold. Mrs. Brad Means and Mrs. Eugene Gould, of Minneapolis, are visiting in the family of T. W. Robinson at present. ;' Photographer Harper took some fine negatives of the confirmation class at the Swea: Lutheran church a few days ago. : The editor of this Department will take subscriptions to the REPUBLICAN, also advertisements and orders for job work. The Misses Eva Whitney andMattie Warner started, for an extended visit to Pennsylvania last Wednesday ev- •"-. G. ! F.Hpllowa5sf and Matt -Hamilton were at Algona, .on Saturday. Fred Waterhouse of Algona was a Bancroft visitor last Monday. C. F, Buker, one of Swea's best pedagogues, was in town Saturday. Our lumber dealers are selling lum^ ler at a very fast rate at present. Harvey Graham, Burt's machinery man, spent the Sabbath in town. A number of our young people had a picnlc'at Greenwood lasji Sabbath. G.W. Skinner and wif e,Arthur Clarke and wife visited Algona yesterday. J. B. Mousel has a brother-in-law and family visiting him at present. David Button and ' Bob Wright of IrvinigtQn, were in town last; Sunday. Wbo says BancrQft is not going to haye a candidate for Representative? Bev. Ward brought back a fine road horse on his return from Independence. Stiidor Bros, of Prairie, were here last Saturday, on a search after cattle. School closes 090 week .from next Friday, andVth^n come> the deluge of kids. Clarke Coffin of Burt?, was here with a drove of ponies on his way to Minnesota. B, F. Grose is having a side walk built in front of his lots in South Bancroft, S, D. Drake, the genial flour drummer, took in the town one day last week. J. G, Graham received 2 engines, 4 separators and 4 horse powers, last Monday. A child of John Adams', who lives soutjj.oj town, ia reported as,. being very sick. C. B. Morehouse and family are ex- peeked back from the east the last of thisweefc. Um Austin's new house in the west T>arfc of town is beginning to loom up in good shape. * Bev. A. 0, Ward preached at the Ledyard schgojl house last Sunday at '' V< ening. C. B. Kegley, the 'general dry-goods drummer, of Traer, spent the Sabbath with Wm. Campbell's folks, west of town. ; The ground in front of the Catholic church lias been cut down and leveled which makes one of the : prettiest fronts in. the city. Dr. Howe, G. II. Peters and B. F. Smith were the Ramsay delegation tjhat attended .the Republican county convention. ^V ; Mrs. E.L. Ward and .children left last Thursday evening for a visit with friends in Fairmont and Winnebago (j!ity, Minnesota. I Fred Caulkins, the Ledyard real estate dealer, was down 'last Sunday; and fell into the hands of our barber and lost his mustache. x i John Bobinson, M.B..Chapin, Chas. Bronson and Mr. Goddard, of Algona, stopped off here on their way home from the Ledyard lot sale. ., The Spencer trotting Association have their firit race at Spencer, July 2. Winkel's I£ossg,tlv will run in the mile STovelty race on t^at day. "Barslou for sheriff , aintrthat a corker;— *Whittemore ,Cor. ;Lu Verne News." The trdible with you, George, is that you are -already corked. The ball M>oys have been hard at work pulverizing and scraping the ball grounds and now claim that they have the finest grounds in the county. G. F. HoJJpway sold the southeast quarter of section § in Burt tpwnsbip to Andrew Hulmftn, from Chicago, and Mr. Hulman is here to improve it, Bancroft has as good, a band as any town of its size in northern Iowa and everybody should support the boys in their efforts to give us good music, E. C. Anderson got tired of sending to Mankato for compressed gag fop his soda fountain, so he went to Algona last Friday and bought a generator. [ TUe Baptist Sunday sehooj will gjfe sketches of the which our boys were wholly unprepared and could only muster 5 men out of the 9 to play. The score stood 18 to 8 in favor of Biu't. The Quaker social at the Baptist church last Friday night was a success. It netted $15.50, which would have been raised considerably had they had more ice cream. The delegate to the Republican State convention from this place is Samuel Mayne, and the delegates to the Democratic convention are J. G. Graham and W. F. Kinno. We understand that the Le Mars Sports have bought a horse in Chicago, that is warranted to beat Franchise or any other Iowa horse, in a running race. We'll wait and see. Bev. Ward took Paris Green to the asylum at Independence last week, and while there saw Dell Gardner, whom he says is getting much better, not having had a fit in three months. Bricklaying,was to have begun on the new bank last Monday, but for some reason they did not begin work. The work will be pushed along so as to get it ready for the roof in two weeks from the time of beginning. A child of Mr. Kelly, who lives in the Sjogrert house, was kicked just above the ear by a colt and it was thought for a while that" it would be a serious case, but the child is improving rapidly under the treatment of Dr. Busby. The Swedish Lutheran church at this place was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies, according to the Lutheran ritual, yesterday. The church had been decorated with flowers and the ceremonies were very enjoyable. O. T. Brigluvm, of Mitchell, S. D., an experiencey hotel man, will take charge of the Phoenix House in the near future, and from his appearance we predict that he will keep a first class house. He arrived in town last week and immediately rented the above place. We made a mistake last week in saying that Sam Mayne appeared for the plaintiff and G. W. Skinner for the defendant in the Carpenter and Kinne case, as the position of the attorneys was exactly the reverse, viz: Mayne for defendant, Skinner for plaintiff. The.sjEjption men have taken out the old cattle guard and .crossing south of town and moved it north to the next street, which will be a great improvement, because there will be no necessity for climbing a high grade at the new crossing as was the case with the old. The Catholics will celebrate St. John's day one week from today. Bev. Father Hughes, of Blue Earth THK KotmTii or We don't want you to forget that wo are- going to have a celebration the Fourth. We were in hopes to give the entire program this week. In addition to things already mentioned there will be a iloat carrying 44 little girls, representing the several states, and the Goddess of Liberty. The program will be .complete in every detail, nothing lacking, and will furnish amusement and entertainment for all. .You will make no mistake when you come to this place to celebrate Uncle Sam's birthday. Kggs of Crabs and Ix>bgtors. Crabs and lobsters are hatched from eggs, resembling upon birth nothing BO much as the animalculse shown by the microscope in a drop of ditch water. They fire as unlike the shellfish they are to become in mature life as a grub is unlike a butterfly. In. the case of the crab tlie egg clusters are attached beneath the animal after extrusion, while with. .the.lobster they become fastened to the tail, which, by its fanning motion, in- cJ-easoH the stream of oxygenated air through and among the ova.—Washington Star. Clear the Track! For we are going to UNDERSELL Anything in tho County on Watches, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Optical Goods, Sewing; Machines, Organs. « Watches, Chains and Charms a Specialty. Repairing a Specialty. A. Sundstrom, Bancroft, Iowa. 4 T. G- Annoying. "Is Beniharclt really so thin?" "Really. Why when she smiles there isn't room on her face for it, and sue has to lie down and let it spread over 011 her •pillow."—Epoch. « BUSINKSS JLOCAtS. Go to Barslou's for era, $ 1 per- box. tue famous crack- Don't go without shoes when you can get a good comfortable fit and a serviceable article at a reasonable price of B. F. Wickwire, Bancroft, Iowa. Next Saturday, you will find a nice assortment of crockery and dishes, at Barslou's. and HAS A FULL LINE OF ural Implements, Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc,, AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Full Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. If you want a good square meal, no brown sugar, go to the Phoenix. Granulated sugar at for $5.50. Barslou's, 100 Ibs. Don't you want your picture taken ? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. If you want a good American watch, Sundstroms is the place to get it. B. P, Wickwire always carries a full line cf crockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying." If you want to buy go to Sundstroms. an organ cheap, home to her ney, passed through town dayevpoiiif?, : : ;< Will Croaswajt of to work for Jolm CN butcher, slwp. ; Ejqjma Smith, of succesrfu 8Uip, last week< Mrs. 15, C-Aodettwo eWlfr'-wWIfll M. Mon- ftttoy. lost came up u, in the a gope over in tjUe Sunday school luring the pswt quarter, ne^t 8»iM|ay evening, F, A. Kenyoigi of Pomeroy., who W here some time ago locking over the town has now come back to stay wit}) us. He will engage in the real estate business. Don't forget that the Demovest Med* al contest will be held at the Baptist church one week from (his evening. It City, will sing High Mass, and Father Nichols of Algona, will deliver the sermon. This will be quite a holiday among the members of this church, at this place. The Dedication services at the Buffalo Forks M. E. church last Sabbath, were a success. Bev. Luce of Clear Lake, preached a very able and interesting sermon, after which $750 was raised to finish paying for the church, a large part of this amount being cash. The organization of this church was the work of Bev. Ward of this place. -BienMayhew who was clerking in •Wlfson's store met with a sad accident last Monday afternoon. He was rolling a wheel helping Joe Cameron out of the mud with a load of lumber when some how the wheel ran over his foot crushing it pretty badly. He went home to Burt on the next train to remain with his parents till he is well enough to resume business again. There was a man here a few dajs ago looking up a location to put in a grain elevator. He repres(Bnte4 the grain firm of Alexander & Ijpwell. With Purdy;$ Beling, J., A. Wiqkel, '•3, A. Campbell, and Qrannis & Co., these people must think this ip a grain market, when they will make the fifth grain buyer by coming here. But then the more the merriev and the better for the farmers. Next Saturday, you will find a nice line of crockery and disbea, at Bawlou'a. If your w^tch wont run, Suadstroms' is tho place to get it fixed. A fine line of hats in the latest spring styles fit B. F, ' Go to charms. Sundstroms, for secret society Buy your Wickwire. spring straw hat of B. F. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before tho price goes up. J. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Deering and Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a fall line of Bock Island Plow Co. goods, Racine Buggie|, Damages and Spring Wagons, Sterling and La Belie Wagons, Eclipse, Carter and Revolution Wind Mills. A bran new Graham's. line of buggies, at J. G. Don't fail to go to the Economy Store for lowest prices in everything in their line. D. R. CHOWBLL. Strnyed. One gray mare 5 years old, two black yearling colts horse and maro. Horse has small white star in forbcad and barbed wire cut on left fore-leg. WM. PAHKOW, Bancroft, la. Did You Notice The pile of brick near Bancroft's center? Now the next time you go there just step into the first store directly east of the brick pile and see what a choice line of goods the "EGO NO MY" people will show you and at such astonishingly low prices. D. R. Crowel, Bancroft, Iowa. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures enlarged at reasonable prices. T.-JI. OSTBANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon < Bancroft, Iowa. Bus his barn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. Our Iowa teas are just as good as those imported teas we hear so much about, and if you will buy five to ten pounds of us—as you do of those importers—YOU can have them just as cheap and have the home* grown teas here in Iowa. Yes, we can sell cheaper, as we save the freight over flie seas. And st«ckings for men, Avomen and children—they can't be matched any place in this town for prices. Clothes pins one cent a dozen and pins to pin your clothes at one cent a paper. All these are to be found a.t Barslou's Cash Store Bancroft, - Iowa. Go and look at tUoaa LaBelle wagons, at Qrftftftin'jB. If you want to fell Real Estate, go to Clarke and Skinner. 8un4strom liw a braa, sew line of musical instrumente. is given u»d.6jr the ftuspieies 0. G. T. The Bobevt'^ brothers tm impromptu of up i ovon Kmirta, ' *' "'. „,.. you MM Qo to Graham s. new To and for the People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance,? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? * ' Do you want to trade or sell your farm or otbgr property? Do sou want- to buy a farm or unimproved }and on long time with, but little or no casb payaent? Do you want, to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of inter' est an4 fft£prftbje terms? . Do you, waul any thiug in & legitimate line of Banking? For »y wCill of the above, please Insure your staiuUng crops against hail, Now is tlie time to make yourself sate. consult W, $[, itielnaoMtl at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' an4 Traders'. Bank Block, Banproft, Iowa. Are you cxpectiugto celebrate the 4th .of July t Go to ' for your ejjmifl a "d b»t» for all the boys and girls, QJ4~«j$ young. And before you o«y e«e 4fi*ir nsw whUf arees goods and summer sailings In great va ety Phoenix House, . BANCROFT, IOWA, - Proprietor. G, W, SKINNER, Manager, E. F. CLARKE, Sec. Bancroft Loan and Trnst Comply Negotiate Farm Mortgages, Write Insurance. Sell Estate, Uasrecently hee» refitted * - J -"~- J - 16 .

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