The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1891
Page 4
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ARRtm and DEPARTURE of TRAIfiS. OHRSAQO. MILWAUKEE AMD ST. PAtJL, 8»_*o. No. Nd. No. lpa98«n([cr. ft pu*«ug«r.... offftltht «:M a m 4 :S7 t> ffl t :16 a m 11!« ft m 8:17 p m B freight GOINGHIAST. No. 2 passenger 16:29 am No. 4pfwsenger 9t3opm Noi 14 way freight i!:l5H,m Nd l*freight 2stop to No. Straight 10:65 pm Chicago & Northwestern It'y. OOTHO NORTH AND ATB8T. Freight accommodation fl :B5 a m Chicago Mall and Express 4:05 p m _ , OOINO SOUTH AN1> BAST. Freight accommodation 7 :35 p m Chicago Mail and Express 32:20 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Moines at 7 p.m., Chicago6:50 a. m., and Kansas City 9 :W a. in. Tickets for sale to all points in the Jnltod State* and Canada. PBtiESSIOML & BUSINESS DIRECTORY. .' •* - ; A LGOtfA, tdWA, JtlJfE 24j 1891. K088UTH CO. MARKETS, Market re« the opening Millions." scribers. chat 'tera of "Imperial we to all our BUD« AI.GONA. Oats $ .80 Corn ;.. ; .40 gggs.... 11 Butter .. 12@ .14 Cattle.$2.00 @ $4.00 Hogs T 3.90 Wheat 80 Barley 60 Flax 90 Potatoes 50 R. .T. OAKSOK. VTi 0. DANSON. DANSON BROS., Algona ' Imva - omce B. F. REED, A TTORNEY- AT-J,A\V, Algona, Iowa. Office in tho Ualbratth block, WHITTEMORK. (No change reported since last week.) Oats 40 Corn Eggs 11 Cattle $3.50 @ $4.00 Wheat ".. .80 Flax 1.00 60 Butter 18 Hogs Barley , Hay, loose .$4.25 . .50 $6.00 Regular meeting ofrSons of Veterans next Tuesday eyining at eicht o'clock. .Boys, turn btuv There are three or fottr candidates for muster. The ladies of the W. C, T. tl. will observe Amendment day in the reading room next Saturday at 8 p. m. A special program is prepared for the occasion. " Jos. W. Hays, editor of the REI>UB- LCAN. is attending the commencement exercises of Cornell college at Mt. Ver- S^'jffl^ .The fact is *% «tfe visiting |^^fflW™rkoth^,i: uA « He is expected home JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGKON, ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., "PHYSICIAN and STTHUEON. office next *. i door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. WESLEY. (No change reported since last week.) Oats $ .80 Corn 87 Eggs 12 Butter 10 Cattle 4.00 Hogs 8.60 Wheat 75 Barley 50 Flax 90 Timothy 90 Hay, loosoO.OO X.KDYAKI). Butter 10 Eggs 12 Oats 36 Corn 40 Potatoes 75 Wheat... .90 @ .94 Hogs...$8.75 @ 3,80 Wild hay... .6.00 non this Week, to-morrow. O. W.MeMurray came home from Forest City to spend Sunday. He reports his contracts well under way. the hotel being now ready for the plasterers. The Emmetsburg Reporter says that Prank Nicoulin was in that town at different times during the week. Ev^ idently Frank is hustling for buggy purchasers. • J. A. Hamilton is moving his hard wood lumber yard onto the vacant lot where the old Commerciai;House used to stand, and is dry lumber. erecting a shed for the •*W. K. H. MOKSK. .1. M. TKIDB. MORSE & PRIDE. ALQONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., F JYBICIAN and SURGKON. Algona, low*. Omce in tho Republican building. Oats Eggs Cattle 2".00 Flax 90 Hay 4.00 BANCROFT. .$ .30 Corn .12 $ .35 Butter 18 Hogs 8.90 Barley 40 Wheat '.. .75 DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner ol State and Thorington streets Aleona. Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. pflYSICIAN and SUKGKON. Consultation A ill English and German. Office and resl- denceover Goetcli's store, Wliittemore, Iowa. E. E. Sayers, D. V. M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Crops are booming. A. P. Hall is able to be up and about. Chas. Benham is in town visiting friends. W. W. Wilson of town Saturday. E. F. Clarke was down from Bancroft, Monday last. Rev. Eri Garfield is visiting his nephew, Dr. Garfield. Bancroft, was in Presiding Elder W. A. Black delivered the annual sermon at the first annual commencement of the University of the Northwest, at Sioux City, on Sunday last. S. S. Sessions in a few days, will have on hand a new supply of nick- nacks, advertising the state fair. The fair will be held August 28th to September 4th. Miss Edith Jordan, daughter of postmaster W. E. Jordan, of Bancroft, has been elected president of theEsthesian literary society, of Cornell college, for the fall term. The Courier explains the small attendance at the Democratic county convention upon the hypothesis that it threatened rain and democrats are afraid of water. the report of the committee! 'to"seftlfl with the auditor and Surer, Yesterday morning the standpipe was emptied of water and workmen, sent by the company that erected the Pipe, began repairing the same. There JJg» several pretty bad leaks near the Everybody intersted in the silver question should read the article from the Homestead Avhich will be found in this paper. It is a very instructive article. It comes right after our continued story. A number of Algona people attended services Sunday at the dedication of the Buffalo Fork church. They report a very enjoyable time. A ride into foolish _, wantsi to know al 'Jit the .AJftoira ^atefr run asyt* We Joseph Mayer, a farmer came * He had & rfj !f S ^ InftV fta picnic last (Satttf S^fel? 80 ^ P""* -tow wife*- S2SSL2^BS?»- WftS ft .WttBWK ThfefS M££S$P|toK from >«« wtifvtw the wefttherl arotmd attd Cara e he raises cream ddubt ' the country at this season is one to 'be enjoyed. Emmetsburg Reporter: discovered a milk well county, but the editor of Tney have in Kossuth the Upper For Information ni regard to lands western Iowa, write to the iu North- Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, IOWA ' A. D. CLARKE & c ABSTRACTS. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south •of Sponberg's tailor shop. Aljrona Iowa. b F. E. FOSTER, IEB 33 IE IE3 ! Opposite Court House. Algona, Iowa. first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of IOWH. Deposits received, money loaned foralmi an,i 1°.W°1 X .?'£^^ W. S. Carlisle, of Whittemore, Avas a pleasant caller, Monday. W. A. Schmidt and Gustina Weise have been licensed to wed. Judge Carr delivers the Fourth of July oration at West Bend. Attorney Sullivan Avent to Bancroft yesterday on legal business. E. G. Bowyer is away at DesMoines this Aveek, taking in the sights. A. Hough returned home Saturday morning from a visit to Ohvein. The band boys expect to send foi their instruments in a few days. A. A. Sifert has closed his school iu Wesley and is at home for a time. Gardner Cowles arrived home Thursday Irorn a mail route letting trip. R. J. Hunt-left for Cliicag*o : ~on Tuesday, on a visit to his daughter Elsie; Miss Do Comstock of Spokane, Washington, is visiting friends in Algona. This neighborhood is harvesting a splendid crop of strawberries this year. Charlie McCall come home from Ames last Thursday to spend his vacation. Mrs. R. F. Iledrick left on Tuesday for Superior, Wisconsin, on a short visit* Arthur Bigelow and yard, spent Sunday friends. wife, with of Led- Algona *• .. Stown J. E. Beattie, is building a substan- h ' S ] south-west Whittemore's r " Ale ° nti Mrs. P. L. Parish and children went W. U. INOHAM. President. J. B.JONE8 Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. I would call attention to the fact thut I am located here permanently, tor the manufacture Jtadsale of cemetery work iu Marble, Granite aid gtone. I now have and mt«nd to keep iu stoolt a f»ir line of flnislnd MonmnfutsrlSad- stones. etc., and will guarantee all work to be equal to the beat. I » m the only marmfatturer of ewoutM-y work In Kossuth Co. Therefore, pleaie «lre me a call bofore placing your order au<T> f^'^th^biu^u- and honorable' Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Basset*, of Shel- +S !" nff tb , e Paternal mansion tins week. Iowa has 9,308,811 acres of corn this year. Who was it said that it did not pay to raise corn. We would like to have the Bancroft Register explain what kind of a craft an "equestrianship" is. Mrs. Lucy Parr and family have gone to California, where they will make their future home. The Fifth Annual Corn Palace Festival will be held in Sioux City, October 1st to 17th, 1891, inclusive. ty ' uclODei li. L. Clark, representing the Masonic Insurance Company of Des Moines was in Algona the first of the week. The Algona base ball nine are to play with Cresco next Saturday, and with Wesley the following Tuesday? My son deal with men who advertise Deal with Jtm Taylor. Read his ad. in another column— Benjamin Frank- We call special attention again this week to the special sale of John Goeder's. His ad will be found on the last page. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ferguson, of Ma- ALGONA MARBLE WORKS. QEO. SHiLUEY, Prpprietor, East State it., Alpwa, to** —_ _ — — r* —"• *"-«j "* .&uct w TS ™ r York > are visiting their son, Bank erguson> of the Fh ' st National R. A. Palmer expects his family home from Dakota to-day. He proposes to run down to Eagle Grove to meet them. The co-operative creamery at Blair- gownewas struck by lightning and burned last week. It was insured and will be rebuilt. . J. B. Nicol, wife and little boy, are visiting the Gilmore families in this place, for a week or so. Mrs. Nicol is a daughter of D. Gilmore. BtyAl™t 5™ me ?T "ear Emmets- and burn- night • *.., ™ number of back copies of the REPUBLICAN containing seventy-five Masons left this morning on the 10:30 train for Mason City, to attend the celebration of St. John's Day. They return this evening on a special train. Arthur Waldo, now of Minneapolis, Avill resume his position as a printer on the REPUBLICAN on the first Monday in July. We shall be glad to have him with us again. The sale of lots at Ledyard last Thursday Avas attended by a good sized crowd and the lots sold well. We hope that the Ledyard boom will prove to bo substantial. Will the Algona Courier be so kind as to name over a few articles that are more expensive now by reason of the McKinley bill than they have been on an average, the past tAvo years? Rev. F. M. Smith has tendered his resignation as pastor of the Baptist church, to take effect September first. Elder Smith stands very high in the estimation of the people of'this place. Goldfield Chronicle: Fred Waterhouse, the good-natured cigar man from Algona, was in town last week, selling our dealers a fresh supply of his excellent cigars. Come again soon, Fred. Artist Hudson Avas absent several days last Aveek taking vieAvs with Sell's Bros. shoAv. Avhich passed through the central part of Iowa. As an all around artist, Mr. Hudson is Avell up to the front. J. B. Winkel has done a neat piece of Avork in trimming up the shade trees in front of his house. By grading down the bank, laying a neAv* sidewalk, etc. he Avill have one of the neatest places in town. After the first of July the star route from Algona to Forsythe, Palo Alto county, Avill be curtailed to end at Fenton. Fail-will and Forsythe will be served by a route from Whittemore via., Fentoii. •'Well,"said a spectator to our reporter as the circus parade passed by, "You can't give them a roast after seeing that." It was true. There was not enough of the whole parade to make a decent roast. Dr. McCoy has just received notice of appointment as Aide dee Camp on the Staff of Gen. Vea/y, Grand Commander of the G. A. R. So should Ave say Col. McCoy? We extend congratulations. Harvey Ingham has lately put in a large stock of spruce gum of a very fine quality, if the sample left at this office is any index. The public is invited to call and examine. See his ad. in another column. From the most careful estimates, it is calculated that the flax crop of Kos- Des Moines insisted on mixing- whisky with the product; hence his report of it cannot be trusted. . '. After the Fourth of July the new flag Avill hold 44 stars in its field of blue. They will be arranged in six rows. The upper and lower rows will have 8 stars and the intermediate rows to have 7 stars each. Mr. J. II. Clarke, Boone, AVHX) has been breaking m the vicinity of Ledyard has decided to stay in Kossuth county which we think is a very sensible decision. He was in Algona Friday negotiating for some land. Geo. L. Galbraith has about com- ple.ted the repairs on his basement room. New windows have been placed m the front, giving the room more light. It will make a fine place for anyone Avho wishes a basement room. t Mrs \?' H - Watson arrived home from Mount Hope, Ohio, Thursday night. She was accompanied Jby her son, Dr. Ed. Watson, who will remain several Aveeks. Dr. Watson has had a pretty serious sick spell and needs rest. A number of oak Avood sidewalks are being laid in town this summer. ,One ot the marks of such walks is that they are being placed above the ground more than the old walks, making them run suth County what it was will be nearly double last year. The whole north end of the County is being broke up and sown to flax. The man with the bear was in town again last Thursday. It is reported that Brother Warren of the U. D. M. kept away from the outfit. He still carries a cane as a souveinir of the last bear that came to town. Several catalpa trees about town attract considerable attention, notably the one in Capt. Ingham's yard. The trees are just now in full bloom and the white blossoms and green leaves make a very pretty picture. Prof. E. A. Carter expects to leave Algona in a few weeks to return to Charles City. Sorry to see the Professor go. He is a skilled mechanic and just such a man as they need in the foundry here all the time. The name of Miss Kate Keith is one of a list of forty-live lady trained nurse graduates of the Illinois Training School for Nurses last week. It was to take up this training that Miss Keith gave up her vocation as teacher. The RjBruiiMCAN made a little take last week, relative to the • ill *-•-« «t ivx.ftt.tjj m CVAI11 tl 1/JJ.vLU less liable to decay and easier to keep clear of snow. The contract for building the Methodist parsonage has been let and .work will commence at once. The building will stand south of of the church and face the east. It Avill be a fine two- story structure and will be an adornment to the church property. The Dick circus outfit got stuck in the mud while on the Avay from Britt to Algona, and consequently failed to get here for the afternoon performance. They gave an exhibition in the evening, however, the credibility of which some called good a«d others called poor. A Ayell is being sunk on Avest of topencer which is something of a Avonder. It is now 165 feet deep and there is a current of cold air rutfJbing from the mouth with immense force. It Avill raise a man sitting on a board placed across the mouth of the pipe. Geo. E. Clarke and family left Saturday for Wells, Minnesota. The younger members of the family will remain at Wells, while Mr. and Mrs. Clarke go to Notre Dame, Indiana, to be present at the graduation of their daughter Gertie, at St. Mary's College. Tuesday evening next, June 30. there Avill be a free lecture at the Baptist church, by Miss. N. Garton, now of Des Moines, but formerly a missionary of Burmah. The people of Algona are invited to improve the rare opportunity of hearing a foreign missionary. Renwick Times, 19: Miss Alice Mann, of Algona, stopped of yesterday on her way home from Ames, for a visit Avith her friend, Mrs. Higbee. By the way, Miss Mann has been elected assistant principal of the Ames schools, a position she is admirably qualified to fill. A rather remarkable thing occurred at the third ward caucus Thursday night. Only six voters were present, and on the first ballot for delegates, five of the six received votes. On the next ballot the only man who rtid not voted for himself was made chairman of the delegation. A water spout off to the northeast, attracted considerable attention about two o'clock Saturday afternoon. A long slender column of dark clouds hung down toward the earth from a larger cloud above. One of this kind of storm clouds is said to have passed near Irvington, Friday. A few copies of "The Veteran's Last Song" and "My Fathers Flag and Mine," are on sale at the post office book store. These are two of Chaplain Lozier's most popular and spirited songs and should be found with every collection of patriotic songs. Go and get one for only 25 cents. Harvey skipped the Republican convention to play a game of base ball. He worked up a scrub nine and got himself in as captain and challenged the town kid nine to a match game. The game took place Friday afternoon on the rifle range and resulted in a score of 49 to 14 in favor of the kids. not heard yet whether the yarn, it is a fact. Renwick Times, 19: F. I, Stoddard expects to leave to-day for a trip to the west, and will probably dip his teet in the Pacific ocean before returning. We wish him a most pleasant journey, and hope he will decide when he_gets back that there's no place like Renwick. His family go to Algona to-day for a visit with friends. We have taken the liberty this week of quoting a lengthy article from the Iowa Homestead upon "The Silver Question." Mr. Wallace's editorial writings are noted for their clearness and perspicuity, and in this case he gives a very clear and comprehensive discussion of the question. The article is well worth reading. Mr. Chester Rickard reports the IIo- bert Co-operative creamery to be doing an increasing and satisfactory business. It began business June 2, and the present make is over 7,000 pounds of milk daily. On the product shipped the highest New York prices have been secured. The creamery is by L. C. Adams, of Des Moines. A fakir held forth on the street corner Saturday. His way of doing business smacked strongly of gambling. He rolled up valueless articles in little packages, some of which were said to contain a bill of money, and offered them for sale at 60 cents and $1.00. The suckers who bit were many. When will people kflrn to ahun the professional street circus-faker. He Avas not there for his health. Wm. Grey, of Wesley township, who attended the Republican convention as a delegate last Friday and Avas chosen a delegate to the state convention is a brother of the gentlemen of that name Avho run a farm near Wesley. He came recently from Washington, where he had been a special examiner in the pension department for some ten years. Mr. Grey is a journalist and Avas formerly editor of the Grundy County Republican, a leading paper in that section of the state. Weather and Crop RevieAv: An inch of ram is no very definite quantity to most people. The following figures may give a clearer idea: An acre of ground contains 6,272,640 square inches of surface; an inch deep of water on this area will be as many cubic inches of water, Avhich at 231 to the gallon will give 27,197 gallons, Avhich Avill weigh 226,778 pounds, or 113.8 tons' A light shoAver of only .01 of an inch is 1.18 tons per acre. So if there is a rain- tall of one inch, the amount that falls On a farm of 160 acres Aveighs 18,128 tons. Coming down very rapidly such a tremendous weight packs the soil. The Democratic County Convention for the selection of delegates to the coming State Democratic convention was held last Wednesday, Algona, GreenAvood, Seneca, Wesley. Irvington Garfield,Burt, Lotts .Creek and Lu Verne being represented in the convention. J. J, Wilson AA'as chosen chairman and D. A. Ellis Secretary of the meeting. The folloAving Avere elected debates to the convention: A. Rutherford Jr., P. T. Ferguson, J. G. Graham, J. Casey, E. Chrischilles, Nate Studor, J. R. Keller, W. P. Giddings, Phil. Dorweiler, J, J. Wilson, P- J-Marty, C. Byson, C. L. Lund, F. W.Kmney. There will be a grand Fourth of July celebration, at O'Rourke's Grove. Patriotism, eloquence, and plenty of fun. The orator of the day, is J. W. bullivan, and Miss. May Henderson will read the Declaration of Independence. After the speaking and other exercises, there will be foot racing, wheelbarrow races, sack races, and lots of other amusements which Ave will not here enumerate. A grand bowery dance, afternoon and evening. Music furnisher by a first class orchestra. The Catholic people will have a stand on the ground, Avhere meals and refreshments Avillbe served, and the proceeds go to the Catholic church, An invitation is extended to all to come. The Weather and Crop Bulletin for the past week says that the rainfall in the state has been excessive. In Ida county the rainfall was very heavy, estimated at IS Miches. The general effect on crops, in the State at large, will be very beneficial, if it is suceeded by favorable weather for cultivating corn, and the ripening of grain. But the heavy storms wrought considerable damage in many localities, by washing out corn and flooding crops on bottom lands. In many sections, in the southern districts, small grain crops show a tendency to lodge, and it is probable there will de considerable loss from that cause. Clear weather and sunshine however,- may largely remedy that trouble. On the whole, the crop outlook is good. grounds. The path of thestoi less than a .mile wide. Late in 1 afternoon delegates came down the place and rustled up a com from Algona and the whole par turned,% the picnic. The bo v dance lasted till sunrise the nextm ing. The Scandinavian people have an6ther picnic the Fourth of at Paiil Peterson's place, in the sect! eight neighborhood northeast of Bu Everyone is invited and a rousing go, time is expected. ,.M?W t^y services at the Baj B 2. d the . tist church were held in the eveni 6ire , a succ ess in tl Performance and in ntftken - T »e church grated with plants ' ttndth .e *ull audience listened with appreciation to the somewhat lengthy and well delivered pro- S 16 ,,' 3 ? 6101 ? 68 lK ert ^terspersed with responsive readings and with C±W he f olr and , * the school. Some of the pieces spoken were of unusual excellence. The following is a ist 6f those who had part in the speaking: Jessie Johnson, Lucile Walker, Hattie Dawson, Frank Hofius, Pearl Figher, Lillle Howard, Mrs. Bailey's class, Clare Dalton, LuluHofius 1 , Aeries Y^ng, Matie Calkins, AHceMinfler* Jennie Patterson. Mamie Burroughs Eickenro Mamie Chapin Robbie Collins, Rev. F. M. Smith Florences Sarchett, Bessie Rist and Mamie Hatch. The collection was larger than usual, goes an which for the pftr* r rkcof - the American Bap Publication Society. • ~fi^ »> ^ ago ', lfc wil1 ke remem- hno i ' * he McEnroe herd of some 4,000 head of cattle was disbanded, and the owners notified to come and' get thefr cattle, which many did. In the Bur" special from Ft. Dodge,To that 4,000.head of cattle near lake, in Kossuth County, be- ^•ESWJ? the "tent, and the were powerless to .,, the report HP at-avf **' ~ V-- tnousan d crazed cattle started put in one vast; army, bel- fnghtfully. Fences were no nvp,- f.,v™° ih £ h ' Peeress and they tore over farm after farm, trampling the crops into the mire. After atimetnS herd was gradually divided up and scattered over the country. The numerous small herds of cows that came l™'!r^ u *? vay ? oon cau g Q t the craze snd joined the stampeders. .When morning dawned the big herd was scattered m all directions, and the country in VlPlTllt*T7 ril* n^»*4-4-1 T i •v-'j *** vicinity or luttle.s Lake resembles path of a cyclone. The farmers r^» a ;lfe™ desteSSd «« the and impounded as many of ered steers as they could These, they -are, holding • fo? , T " e te owners are coming horn all directions to reclaim their property. The ^entire neighborhood is excited, and the occupation of the herders for the summer is gone." What will the report be by the time it gets as far as Chicago? As nearly as we can learn, the above herd was not wholly disbanded, but about 2,000 head are still being herded there. Many farmers whose farms adjoin the herd ground have had their crops more or less damaged, and have claims against Mr. McEnroe for a considerable sum. But the report as given in the Hawk-Eye is wholly.unfounded. DeWitt's Little Earl or cause nausea. rather than force. rly Risers never crine Mild but sure, assist Best little pill for sick dyspep - For the A. C. Y. P. S. C. E tickets will be sold at fare one way for the round trip. Selling July 8th to 11th inclusive Keturn coupons will bo made good onl on trains leaving Minneapolis July 1 to 15th inclusive.— C. M. & St. P. R'y. Ladies—Call and see the handsome em- bro dered skirts for. Laidies, Misses and mis- part taken by Rev. Black in the commencement exercises at the university of the Northwest. The mistake was ^discovered before we went to press, but by an oversight it was not corrected. Such breaks will happen occasionally. Britt Tribune: Twenty pounds of sugar for eight dozen eggs in Britt. (p—n McKinley.) By actual count there is only one more hen ia Britt than a year ago, (and only two more roosters.) Last year it took fourteen dozen eggs to get 12 Ibs of sugar "The tariff's ' ' tax." a tax," "the tariff's a A- M. and G. M. Johnson kave a new kind of hay stacker. It is called the "Wind Proof Hay Stacker," and the claim is made for it, tUat it will work when the wind is blowing, without losing any of the hay. it is so operated as to drop the hay in the center of the stack. Farmers should go and see it. Real estate in Burt township seems to be having a boom. B, F. Heed bougkt a quarter sectioa of Burt land a month ago for «15 per acre aud now Children's day exercises were held at the M. E. church Sunday evening and were witnessed by a crowded house. 1 he program waa entitled "The Pearl Gatherers." A young lady sat on a throne representing religion and before her came a number of pearl gatherers, each one bearing a banner on which was inscribed the name of the pearl. The first one was righteousness, then came education, love, industry, gentleness, innocence, obedience and Nazareth. The first letter was very large ^d the initial letters of a^the tfannera formed the wprd reJ^jon. As each one camti on the platfopoa an appropriate address ww given 404 fittingly answered by wligwm'* i^prew Interspersed with these wer« responsive readiags, and m by smaller children. The exercises closed with a dialogue setting forth tbe object of children's oay, following which came the opHeeti0n/$ip,54. — whole progrwa was i;a pleasing to t&e audience. Purifies the blood, increases the circu- lation.expols poisonous humors andbuilds up the system. What more do you want a medicine to perform? De Witt's Sarsaparilla is reliable. Sold by Sheetz. HaU Bates to Milwaukee, For the North-Western Saongerfest, which will be held at Milwaukee, Wis. July 8th to 18th,. the. Chicago & Northl Westoraj-alwayCo. will gell excursion tickets Milwaukee and return at half rates-one fare for the round trip. For rates, dates of sale, limits of tickets, etc. apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y. 87-40 Harness and horse collars, whips, etc., James T. Scott, Caruil, 111., days •. He paid thirty one dollars doctor's bill WJ? ?# e i n °*f y w - * ad owe bottle of BradfleW's Female reKulatpr did her more good than all the medicine she had taken W*H !' ^1% S^Pft 1 *' Carml - 1"Write BradOeld RegF. Co., Atlanta Ga Particulars. So!d\v F/ W ftndPr, gaeetz. Dingle ey -40 ABB TQU AW VE To the importance of keeping up with fye tunes?- If BO, subscribe Yorthftt new- siest'and best of wetropolian weeklies TOT Sioux QJTY JOURNAL, weeKlie8 « In order Jo give, this paper the widest latien the Single copies to l6 ' 1891 PERKINS BEOS. CQ,, gioux Pity, lows, JS,fe? of summer corwis *

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