The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1891
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VOL, ALO-ONA, KOSBITTH OOtTNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1891. No. 38, FOB ALL, FROM THE BABY UP. At lOc, 15c, 2Oc, 25c, 35c, 5Oc. <""-"W A T .T .TTTJgi From 5c. to 2Oc. A New Lot of Black and White Goods in Prints, Etc. This week we will sell a line of PONGEES AT CUT PRICES Away down from the Spring Price. Ladies' white embroidered flouncings, Alloves Black lace flouncings, Fish net narrow lace flouncings, and A good assortment of those ladies' straw hats at 25c Largest Ldiie of SUN UMBRELLAS IN THE CITY. Silk Mitts, Etc. " -~~- .-I-*-—-r--r. , _Boys' Summer Coat and Vest, 75c. lens' Summer Coat and Yest, $1.00 to $10.00. Cut Prices Until After the Fourth ON CLOTHING. RECOLLECT WHEN YOU BUY $20 WORTH YOU GET A FOLDING TABLE. Look at Our Cool Weather Clothing, It will do you good. JAMES TAYLOR. ALGOMREPUBLICM PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNKSDAV STARR & HALLOCK, Proprietors. _ JOS. W. HAYS, Editor. _ _ Terms of Subscription. . One copy, one year. In advance ............ &I.BO One copy, six months, in advance .......... 75 One copy, three months, in advance... ..... 40 . 8uIworiptions,conttn«e^iU .ordered stopped , and all 'arrearages are pa»$''Ss^^^-^*^ BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in tins county. Steam power. " ,, (^"Advertising rates made known on application. This paper is the official paper of Kossuth county and the city of Algona, _ _ ANNOUNCEMENT. LOGAN TWP. CLAVCO. IA., June 3rd, 1891. . ED. REPUBLICAN : Please announce that at the request of friends in several counties of the 47th district, I am a candidate for State Senator, subject to the decision of the republican primaries. FjfcANit W. CALKINS. To properly clothe, a family of six children for a year, the oldest being 14 years, is made to cost about $100.00 more on ac- •couritofthe McKinley bill than it would otherwise.—Algona Courier. Read the Iowa Homestead's article on Silver in this paper. Major McKinley will paralyze the Democratic opposition in. Ohio with his little bill-it. The Republican, party of Ohio, headed by Major McKinley will kill the political snake of the Democracy over there so dead that its tale will stop wiggling before the sun goes down. Wm. McKinley Jr.: The Republican party never won a battle by truckling; it never lost one when it was honest and courageous. The honest and conservative and well meaning have the largest battalions when they muster under one flag.- The 140 speeches delivered by President Harrison on his 10,060 mile journey have beeen put in handsome book form* When Cleveland made a similar trip all that was needed was a new index to the cyclopedia to serve the purpose of a connecting link. only democratic paper in Mills county has come put for the Weaver independent party, It says it can't stand the stench apy longer. It is instructive to notice in ibis connection that twenty L papers ia Kansas that championed the southern Alliance party last fall have put for tgefefeiieaii party. The unpriAoJpifl4«b^j;er of the re/ eot third parly pJQb4bj|p|i convention f §t Pes Moines is gljj^rji,^ in good shape [by the declaration of %! Solutions that republican party of tUfe state is for easing the salpons. After uttering a eoood like that there is no need of pf the hypocritical concern- Democrat:*-^ such staun and school why OQ they I prohibition ticket Already the Bethe of Republicans, they are too loyal to the home and the school to give any support to the prohibition ticket thus making success possible for the Democratic party, the party that you belong to; Brother Democrat; the party that is no toriously an ally 6f the -saloon, and. an enemy of the home and school. The republican convention of last TFri* day was well attended and its;work was well done.' The selection of B. F. Reed as county chairman was a good stroke. A better man for the place could not be named. We shall have an energetic and enthusiastic campaign and the republican party will go to the polls united and organized. That will mean victory. The most enthusiastic republican convention held for years in Ohio was that of last week at which Major McKinley was placed in nomination for governor. The Ohio republicans are united, to a man, in McKinley's support and are confident of sweeping victory. Iowa republicans feel just the same and the republicans in both states are going to carry things this year. . - ";v. The Democrats prophesied that 4 the McKinley bill was the political death warrant of the man whose name the bill bears as well as of the party that passed it. The tornado of enthusiasm with which Major McKinley was nominated is very strongly suggestive of the fact thatDemocratic foreshadowing is pretty unreliable. Next to. James G. Blaine Major Mckinley is perhaps just now the most prominent and popular man in the Republican party, We have some hopes that the prophecies relative to the G, 0. P. will prove equally vapory and unre' liable. We have as little faith in the power of the Democratic party to read the future as we have in their ability to guide the affairs of this government to the best interest of the people. The Chicago Inter-Ocean gives, up more than ten columns of its space in a .recent to F. W. Faulkes, editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, whp makes therein, an attempt to show that prohibition has been ruinous to the republican party pf Iowa and at the same time ruinous to the cause of temperance, Faulkes succeeds in passing himself off upon the editor of the later Ocean as a staunch republican of the extra "conscientious" variety who lay awake nights studying how to save the republican party. Consequently the Inter Ocean's first lesson to Iowa republicans w the management of their local issues has been greeted with ridicule from one eMplthft state to the other. The superior .wisdom of the Chicago editors may be conceded, but if they propose taking the republican party of Iowa to raise they should at least cpwe over and get acquainted, An insight of the true character of the Cedar Radids win4* bag that would do the Inter Ocean Iris of good coj&d be had from a glance at his numerous free trade and free, whiskey democratic campaign bioadaides of ttie past few year*. T&» later Q®m » a »&4 The Democratic State convention meets at Ottuniwa to-day under the most disheartening circumstances. There has been rain in every township and voting precinct and the ground is in first class condition. Not for years has there been a more discouragingly heavy crop of small grains, and not for years have the prices been so discouragingly good. The. tflto0fl: 'corQ^jt^bod and^jte yield-promises to be immense. The same is true of flax, only as to flax it is further true that the acreage is much larger taan the state over saw before. , Potatoes and all vegetable crops are making a splendid show for this time of year. We have uniform- ily high crop prices, while on the other hand, what the farmer has to buy is as low if not lower than ever before, and the time has come when the children can have all the sugar they want without mortgaging the farm. In short, the farmer is enjoying a boom and farm lands are booming in price. The farms of Iowa are becoming every year more valuable and safer property. It would be difficult to imagine a more desperate run of hard luck than the democrats are having, and the convention is likely a gloomy one. SAFE GROUND. We give place this week to an article on the Silver question from the Iowa Homestead. The merit of this article is that it presents in terms easily understood by everyone the exact issues in finance existing in this country to-day. This is a strong point of merit, one that will be appreciated by everyone not in terested in having the public mind be fuddled. It will be appreciated by every honest man wholly without regard to whether the conclusion reached by the writer is in accord with his own. .And aa to the Homestead's conclusion on the silver question, it may be said that it is what the best and wisest statesmanship of the nation approves^-the use of every ounce of American silver in the form of a perfectly safe money. That is the ob ject aimed at in the silver law enacted by the republicans in the last Congress. The republican party is pledged to that policy by the enactment of this law and by the declarations of its leaders before and since its passage. We believe that so far as that policy is. understood it will be endorsed by every man BQt in favor of repudiation and not a mine owner- It is pn the safe and resonable ground between the Wall street single staodard money bags on the one hagd^jjd the equally grasping mine-owners on the other. The one extreme would driyfout^f the Country everything but gold, the other, everything but silver. The great mass of the people—the producers as distinguished frpm the sharks and speculators, want both gold and silver. They want plenty Of money in circulation and. they want it to h# good, money. * ma In response to a letter from th« Secre tary »f the Kossuth County Temperance, AUiance, enclosing a copy of the A1U- ance Constitution with th£ request to make a oaovass for wing reply interests of the good cause. It is a life battle with me. It is high time that all Christian people and temperance workers should be in the field. It will be Gcd and Temperance, or Whiskey and the Devil this time with the people of this state. Yours Truly. That letter has the ring of the genuine coin in it. Prohibition in Iowa needs more of such men, who are willing to make, "a lif& battle" f or the cause. ';, ' '' " - " ' '' . CLOTHING. Algona Courier: The American Economist, a weekly publication supported by the tariff enriched monopolies of the east, goes to show how cheap a 14 year old boy may be clothed notwithstanding the McKinley bill. It figuratively takes a news boy into a" store in the Bowery in New York, and clothes him thus: Suit ............................... . — 76 cents. Cap ...................................... 8 cents. Shoes ................................... 49 cents. Tie ................................. ..... scents. Stockings ........................ ...... locents. Total ............ ......... . ..... 51.51 It clothes a boy for $1.51-. How do you find it, Mr. Farmer, who pays the tariff tax? Do you not find that to put a fairly decent suit on a 14 year Old boy, you must pay from : $13 to $15? The McKinley argument given above is about similar to all McKinley arguments. To properly clothe a family of six children for a year, the oldest being 14 years, is made to cost about $100 more on account of the McKinley bill than it would otherwise. The Courier is dishonest as usual. Since the above appeared last week we have taken occasion to interview several Algona merchants in regard to the present price of clothing as compared with the average price for the past two years. Mr. John Reed makes the fiat footed statement that not one single article of clothing, including both home made goods and imported worsteds, costs one cent more than it did -two years ago. Mr. Reed showed us a very fine sample suit of men's imported worsteds, as good as anything that the Courier man is in the habi- of wearing, marked $10.50, and at the same time he made the statement that he had never been able to gee the goods at a better figure at any time during the past four yearr. Speaking of the cost of clothing a 14 year old boy the Courier says in the j, ly decent suit on a 14 year old boy it costs from $13 to $15." The Courier knows that that statement is false in the extreme. Eve.ry "farmer" that has a 14 year old boy knows it, (We might remark parenthetically that the Courier is always presuming upon the intelligence of the farmers. It is always the "poor farmer" that, is being robbed by the Republic an party,' That kind of demagog- cry ought to be wojn out pretty soon with the farmer readers of the Courier.) To return to the matter of boys' suitings. Mr. Reed threw down a very fine all wool suit for a thirteen}, yeajr old boy—an imported article and aj good as anything he had in the sjjpre^prics $5.00. Hi. Reed said that he wuld lay down a suit of clothes for a fourteen year old boy for 11.00 but the goods would be of a cheaper grade than he could handle in Algona. In regard to the, statement of the Economist we are, t«14 that it was probably correct but that thj goods were probably all of the very cheapest grade on the market. "To property, clothe a family of six children for a year, fy# eldest being 14 years, is made to c^at *bout f 100 more oa ac- iy bill than it would, _. — & l?r&z$tt w* JSy§fy farmer in Kossuth county knows that he can clothe a family of six children for a whole year and clothe them well and keep within the bounds of $100. On an average the McKinley bill has not raised the price of a single article of clothing and we challenge the editor of Courier to produce any proof' to the contrary, taking .-.the m0k|^'tof^^r<>m"llre goods upop t<^ters : 'OOtiy, stpte he may ' time publish" the name of the merchant who is responsible for his figures. Let the Republicans watch the Courier for a reply to this challenge. tow Kates via C. & N. W. K'y. On July 3 and 4 the Chicago & North- Western Railway Co. will sell round trip tickets between all stations on its lines at very low rates; tickets good for return passage until and including July 6. For tickets and further information apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y. 37-40 Shoes, we still lead in the shoe line. Our $2.25 shoe for Ladies wear cannot be equaled anywhere, we have it in four Widths. GEO. L. GALBKAITH & Co. It is quite the fashion now to take De Witt's Little Early Risers for liver, stom-, ach and bowel disorders. They are small pills but mighty good ones. At Sheetz'. Smoke the Sweets, dorff's. For sale at Laden- A beautifulskin.brighteyes.sweet breath, good appetite, vigorous body, pure blood and good health result from the use of De Witt's Sarsaparilla. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Just received a fine line of Ferris' COr- set waists for Ladies and Misses. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. The C- M. & St. Paul Railway will soil, June 15th to September loth inclusive, special form of tickets ,to Clear Lake, Iowa. Rate for the round trip will be $1.95. If you want an unflavored cigar, smoke the Sweets. For sale at Ladendorlf s. Constipation, blood-poison, fever! Doctor's bills and funeral expenses cost about two hundred dollars; De Witt's Little Early Risers cost a quarter. Take your choice. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. MONEY to loan on chattel security. 34tf E. V. SWETTING. Sheetz issues regular Go's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erad. Seek serviceable shoes at Slough's. Is your hair faJFmg out or tuining grey? If so, try Beggs' Hair Renewer. It will stop it at once. Sold by F. W Dingley, For the Republican State Convention to be held at Cedar Rapids July 1st, the C.M.&St, P. R'y will sell excursion tickets for $5.95. For tljie North -Western Saengerlftpt to be held at Milwaukee, excursion tickets will be ?oid by the 0. M. <fc St. P. Ry, July 7tb and 8tl* at fare one way for the round trip. Buy best buggy ttyiiets at bottom pric es of>*& StougV An Interesting description of that com- paratiTflFttnkjapwfl country "Tfce Republic ofparaguay," by Tfceodpw Child, will appear in the July number of Harper's Magazine, and will form th,e conclusion of the very popular aeries pf South American papers which has been Notice is hereby given that proposals for the- erection of a school house in sub-district No. 4, Portland township, in the county of Kossuth, will be received at Geo. E. Marble's store at Buvt, Iowa, where plans and specifications maybe seen, until one o'clock p. m. July 7,1891, at which time the contract, will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.'-..The board reserve- the right to reject any or all bids; WM. SHANOH, Pres. EKNCST BACON, sec. 36-40 LEVI TOOTHMAN, Director* SIFTINGS. "f arifl' Pictures. From the New York Press. Is the tariff a tax when print cloths of the 56x60 classification are dutiable at 3 cents a yard,. _ when you can buy them for cents a yard?' Notice. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that on the 4th day oE March, 1891, the undersigned was appointed by the Circuit Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, executor of the last Will and Testament of Fredrick Rocherdauz. deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make- payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against the same, will present them properly authenticated, to the said Court for allowance. Dated at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, this 8th day of June, A. D.il89i. 36-10 j. 0. BLAcicFOBD, Executor. F. L PARISH. re and Tin S PECIAL ATTENTION will be given to all kinds of repairing, including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Pumqs and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared to put in Furnaces and -__. «.... .*. U w f*w£>uftx,u. i.w jjuu nt vuiuiwca anil do plumbing and Uas Pipe fitting. Iron and . roofing. Prompt attention will be given to *.*•% V"*.""O« * *"•"!*»' «*VWVMII»\*_, .. , „ „„ all kinds ol work iu my line. South of court house. F, U, PARISH. Splendid Stories! Striking Pictures] Funny Poetry! Patriotism Wltait PlaWel Edition. ORDER IT HOW.

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