The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1891
Page 6
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BANCROFT NEWS TCditor, V IOWA/JUNE 17, 1891. 01?' 'he eutj^rins ___ t miss the (juakw? social, in iS settled, t Algona July 2d. H ftbicycle race the 4th. a'"fine shower Monday night. rMaltoy &^oflus;6por£a new awning. _. 0."Call was up firbm Algona last ednoktay. 'V £idne$'Bist,wa9 a Bancroft visitor it Sunjjayr > Mrs. Capt. Jeanson \vi\s at Algona. Saturday. eeliiiff is making a fine addit- Ebtei. '" -•• r' liPiJi Byrne is aiTOtmd again after a Delays,illness.; ,... , ; We hear. rumors of another ipgtq,the. Jakes. Rev. Cannon, of Armstrong, was at ^a^a^t Friday, f Bancroft is making preparatians for fbiig, day the Fourth. : . /•Gopti Gooke, of Algona, was up last ~ " ' • on business. last party If you don't believe Bancroft is having a boom, just try to buy a lot at the same price they were offered six months ago. Sunday school missionary Sutherland, of the Fort Dodge Presbytery, attended the Sunday school convention last week. S. Stenson has taken down his old board fence from around his residence and will put in one of more modern style. Presiding Elder Black, of the M. E. church, held quarterly meeting and communion services at this place last Sabbath. Miss Eva Whitney of Algona, our former primary teacher was here the last of last week visiting her old friends and scholars. J.J. Kelly of Algona and formerly of LuVerne, is working at Sundstrom's jewlery store. He is said to be a very fine workman. i;; Leonard, south Of town, is build- j an addition to his house. KFi ; arik,ICennedy, of Algona, was vis- — ' vtown on Sabbath last. p'-The-Misses Wallace and Kennedy |wei*e in'Algona last Saturday. This is the time of the year when the |ude l^as, to. work his, poll tax. Jll||rs£By;F." Grose IS visiting with par- la^, a|id;frienfis at Humboldt. iLwJrjsf'pJec^andLeb Tibbets of Fen- [>rii;wfire;:in;toYi > n ; 'last Saturday. ifeP&vibwent to Chicago with §attje fast Saturday night. rv;ils Conner, of Algona, visit. irn Bancroft one day last week. ^| Bli Bollovyay has added a fine new Dttbl&seated carriage to his livery. i I,,tf. Bruer, has a man busy all the tiiae making 'the' woven wire fence. OT^'e'rvnll be a Quaker social at the Japtis^ church next Friday evening. <Juite a number of Bancroft people |!Vr6re at J.'H. Grover's picnic Friday. M.isS May Colburn of Algona was a .^Bancroft visitor the first of the week. •The ice cream social for the benefit C the school organ, netted about $16. 'Joe-Russell who has,been under the •eatrjer ; for two weeks; : is on the mend. Miss Flora Wilson went to Golclfield Tea a visit and on business last Saturday. .,_ Fred Caulkins returned from his |F>Minneapolis trip last Saturday night. Anderson and Son, the carpenters i ''ate patting a new front into their shop. Campbell and Reynolds have added new awning to their -newly painted Presbyterians held meeting in , school house last Sabbath at four ^•O'clock. i- A. G. Dugan was in town Saturday to buy up mortgages taken by Skinner and Clarke. ,,. Fred W. Bergman is working for J. , B. Johnson, in the machinery business, "at present. . Mrs A. Gr. Ward and child returned home last Wednesday from an extended trip east. Mrs. Hofius of Algona, visited with friends at this place the latter part of ofjastweek. > About twenty persons -in full connection at the -last Sabbath. were received M. E. church * ~ O. E; Bliss is building a dry shed 130 •x 20, and an office for the Paul Lum, ber company. If you want to see a fine line of jew- LVTC lllci". Irvnlr \t\ of .ftun/lof vrkin 'o •Fiv\nt' Dr. Cutler, assisted by other physicians, performed an operation on a son of Jesse Davison of Portland township, last week. Dr. L. K. Garfield was called up from Algona last week, to attend Mrs. O. D, Wilson, who lies sick with Brights disease. J. B. Mousel has begun the erection of a fine residence, just cast of the Baptist church. Tally one more for South Bancroft. James Woods, a brother-in-law of B. F. Wickwire, will move his family to Ledyard this week, where he will open up a meat market. The Misses Blanche and Mabel Hayden of Burt township, were the guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sweet, last week. Dewitt Coles, who lives two miles south of town has a brother and an uncle from Dayton, Webster County visiting him at present. J. F. McDougal of Charles City who represents the N. Y. life insurance company was in -town last Saturday in the interests of his company. There has been an eighty of land sold to actual settlers everyday for the past month. A booming town like this is the place to spend the Fourth. F. W. Drake is expecting to receive a pension, shortly. Mr. Drake was a brave defender of his country, and should have a pension if any body has one. The jacket that was advertised in these columns last \veek has been returned to the owner, whicli goes to show that this is a good place to advertise. Our ball nine is practising, our horses are in training, our foot racers are taking off flesh, pur bicycles are spinning, and everything promises a glorious Fourth of July. Stephen Douglas, the efficient drug clerk at the corner drug store has been laid up for nearly a week with lung trouble but is improving rapidly under the treatment of Dr. Busby. A five year old mare and two yearling colts belonging to Wm. Farrow, strayed away about three weeks ago. Mr. Farrow publishes a notice in this issue of the Bancroft News. There was a ball game at the Grover picnic between the Portland and Buffalo Fork nines, in which the Portland boys were successful. The Buffalo Fork boys are playing in hard luck. A very impressive part of the Childrens' day exercises at the M. E. church was the speaking of a piece by llev. Ward's little deaf and dumb girl, who used the finger alphabet to express herself. Skinner & Clarke have sold the following lands to the parties named, the past week: 120 acres in 99-28 to John Wolf; 160 acres in 99-29 to Casler Bros, and 160 in 100-30 to Schade Bros, of Pocahontas county. Miss Anna Clironholm's Bancroft friends were glad to hear of her elec- and Bancroft News. In no case will the paper be continued beyond a few weeks without duo notice. The sample copies are free. The Children's Day program's at the M. E. and Baptist Churches were exceptionally fine, and there were large and also appreciative audiences at both places, as will be seen when wo consider that about a $7 collection was taken at the former, and about an $8 one at the latter place was taken. At the Democratic caucus last Monday night J. G. Graham was elected chairman and D. A. Ellis secretary, after which they voted viva wcc for delegates to the county convention and the following delegation was elected: Geo. 11. Woodworth chairman. John Clausen, Wm. Kinne, D.'A. Ellis, G. W. Skinner, Wm. Hedge. The township committeeman reported that the funds were a little short on last year's campaign, and the caucus immediately raised the money. We had a lawsuit last Saturday, in which H. O. Carpenter was the plaintiff, and Kinne and Pierson were the defendants. Sam Mayne appeared for the plaintiff, and G. W. Skinner for the defendant. The case was tried before Squire Austin and a jury, and after having the evidence and arguments, the jury found for the defendant, and assessed the plaintiff $3,50 and costs. The trouble arose about wages which the plaintiff was to receive, but as the plaintiff did not work out the full time, the defendant retained a little over three dollars as damages, which the court sustained. We notice by reports of the St. Louis races of June 9th that the two year old Johnny Winkel came out second in the five furlong race on a sloppy track, with, First Day as winner, time 1.144. But on the same track three days later the time was changed by. Johnny Winkel beating First Day four lenghts in the 44 furlong race, time 1.04*. The colt Johnny Winkel is owned by Maj. Thomas and is by Hymar out of Amy, the former pet of the Misses Mattie and Kate Winkel, of this place. Amy is still owned by Mr. Winkel. Now why don't Algona produce some trotting stock (as they have no runners) that can win the stakes at the large cities, instead of trying to belittle the Bancroft stock. WE INTKNW to make our Fourth of July Celebration asuccess,and guarantee everybody living 'within a radius of twenty-five miles of Bancroft a good celebration and a good time,— if they will come out. We want you to witness one of the old fashioned kind of Fourth of July celebrations and we want you to see Bancroft, note "how we have been moving along towards the dignity of a city since you were last here, and we want you to see something of the business enterprise of our town. Bancroft is one of the growing towns of northern Iowa and has sufficient tributary territory to make it in a few years one of the leading cities in this part of the state. Now this isn't all blow exactly, as anyone will be convinced who will visit this part of Kossuth, note how Bancroft is growing and the country around about is improving. Come in to the celebration and learn how this immediate section of .the country has been taking a boom this season. As to the celebration; the following are some of the prominent events of the day: If possible we will publish a complete program next week. Trotting races, running races, hurdle races, bicycle races, foot race, boys foot race, sack race, egg race, base ball game, ragamuffins, etc, etc. For further particulars' watch this paper next week. Clear the Track! For we are going to UNDERSELL Anything in the County on Watches, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Optical Goods, Sewing Machines, Organs. Watches, Chains and Charms a Specialty. Repairing a Specialty. A. Sundstrom, Bancroft, Iowa. T. G-. HAS A FULL LINE OP BUSINESS LOCALS. Go to Barslou's for era, $1 per- box. the famous crack- just look in at Sundstrom's front , as you pass by. Miss Clara Burroughs who is teaching north ;of town spent the Sabbath with friends in town. The Union band has been giving some fine music on the streets several evenings. lately. . i < Street commissioner Gallion is doing a fine job of grading northwest of , the Catholic church. , .Pat Kain, O. S. Cooley, F. Holman and A. Anderson, of Plum Creek, were ih town last Sunday. SamMayne sold a half section of land west of Ledyard to O. II. Brooks post- ''ihiaster at Eagle Grove. \' D. C. Hewitt was fined $5,00 last ' Holiday, for shooting inside the city liffiltff about a month ago. -"'Miss Caroline' Wesley one of Burt tOfwftahip's good teachers spent Sunday at ber home near Bancroft. Silas Hartshorn will set out an acre tion as teacher in the Algona schools, student and has of soft au ipje ti;ees bn his place south n (he near future. <?f the Chicago Daily News Paul Dispatch did the town last week. v jPtei«wqeBot>iBion^ana Alfia Chapin caaieup from Algona Sunday after- mjpn Qutj railed velocipede. Dutton of Irv- iilgton wmch'weW affeer their cattle rattvis herd. \vfll be Sunday ehurch from 1U morning. t ld the north Mr. Peterson sutler. ^' fi W#» i'*g^lip|a last week to ; some lajidji which he placed lie bands of Skfb$i$ $nd Clarke. Miss Chronholm was a former in our A class in Bancroft many warm friends here. Lu Verne News:—Lu Verne has more good .sidewalks than any town of its size in the state. Hold on there, Bancroft can douhle discount yoii on sidewalks in proportion to the size of the town Mclnroe Bros, herd, which has been about 18 miles north of here, was compelled last week, to disband their herd an account of the herd ground being sold to settlers. Their leases were made subject to the sale of the land. F. M. Purdy of this place, and a Mr. Riling of Bellevue, Iowa have bought out w. E. Jordan's elevator and will continue the business. F. M. Purdy will manage the business as Mr. Riling still retains his business at Bellevue. E. B. Campbell of Armstrong Grove returned from an extended trip to Oregon last Saturday. He says he was well pleased with the country and says that Dr. Taylor has a good business and that Mrs. Taylor is much improved in health. Duaue Tallman will open his menagerie the first time at Emmetsburg on July 2nd. The menagerie consists of an eight footed horse, two timber wolves, a six legged calf, a South American Anaconda 22 ft. long and other things of the kind. Four of Algona's fast cycler's viz., W. 0. Danson, Jos. W. Hays, Forest Stough aud Dr. Morse stopped here for refreshments on their way to the lakes one day last week. \Ve hear that one of (he parties broke his wheel and had to lay up for repairs at the hospitable roof ol Capt. Jeauson's all night. Partres in Bancroft and vicinity, not reguiar subscribers of the Algoua RKi J UBLi<SiN, need not be alarmed if they reciev\ u sample copy occasionally. The publishers will send out time The County Sunday school convention met last Thursday night in the Lutheran church. Among those present was Rev. Whitfield of Algona who came 200 miles to attend the convention, the local pastors, and E. P.Bacon of Burt president. The meeting opened by an address of welcome by A. J. Berrymoii in behalf of the Bancroft Sunday schools and the response was made by E. P. Bacon. After a fine piece of music the audience listened to Rev. Whitlield who spoke about what we are here for. Later. Rev. Archer of Eagle Grove, Missionary Sutherland and others spoke. After taking the collection and another piece of music the meeting adjourned. We were not permitted to be present the next day but we since learn that the following officers were elected for the year: President, Dr. Barr, Algona; Secretary C. M. Doxsee, Algoua; Treasurer, II. N. Renfrew, Bancroft. We also learn that Rev. Cummins and Rev. Whitfield were elected delegates to the state convention. Taken altogether it was a successful and entertaining meeting and it is hoped much good will come therefrom. The State Register of Friday contains the following item, which is not exaggerated and which is a good advertisement for northern Iowa: " Mr. K. R. Jones, of Humboldt, who was in the city yesterday, told some facts about the growth of northwestern Iowa that are remarkable- Pocahontas county, he says, has half changed hands in the past year, mostly by new settlers coming in. In Humboldt there is not so much wild land, and the farmers who own the improved laud are holding on to it at $25 to $40. In that county there is not a single farm more than six miles from a railway station. The town of Ilumboldt is having a business boom this summer. Carpenters and other mechanics are in great demand. At Bancroft in the northern part of Kossuth county, the county is being developed at an astonishing rate. Wild land that three years ago was sold for $5 to $7 an acre is now worth $12 to 15. Ex-Governor Larrabee recently bought an immense tract there and he is holding it at $15. The raw prairie is being turned over by steam breaking plows, and that plow nine furrows at a time and will get over fifty to sixty acres a day. Then the land is seeded to flax. The northwest seems to be having a boom this year." Don't go without shoes when you can get a good comfortable fit and a serviceable article at a reasonable price of B. F. Wickwire, Bancroft, Iowa. Next Saturday, you will find a nice assortment of crockery and dishes, at Barslou's. Agricultural Implements. Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc,, AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Fuil Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. If you want a good square meal, uo brown sugar, go to the Phoenix. and Granulated sugar at for $5.50. Barslou's, 100 Ibs. Don't you want your picture taken? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. If you want a good American watch. Sundstroms is the place to get it. B. F. Wickwire always carries a full line cf crockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying. J. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Deering and Milwaukee Binders and Mowers^a full line of Rock Island Plow Co. goods, Racine Buggies, Carriages and/Spring. Wagons, Sterling and La Belle Wagons, Eclipse, Carter and Revolution Wind Mills. If you want to buy go to Sundstroms. an organ cheap, Go to charms. Sundstroms, for secret society Buy your Wickwiro. spring straw hat of B. P. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before the price goes up. A bran new Graham's. line of buggies, at J. G. Don't fail to go to the Economy Store for lowest prices in everything in their line. D. R. CIIOTYELL. DcWitt's Little Early Risers never gripe • cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic constipation, dyspepsia. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. or Did You Notice > The pile of brick near Bancroft's center? Now tlie next time you go there just step into the first store directly east of the brick pile and see what a choice line of goods the "ECONOMY" people will show you and at such astonishingly low prices. D. R. Crowel, Bancroft, Iowa. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures enlarged at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTKANDEK, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft. Iowa. Has his barn ready for tlio sick and lame horses, s» bring them along. Charges reasonable. Strayed, One gray mare 5 years old, two black yearling colts horse and mare. Horse lias small white star in forhead aud barbed wire cut on left fore-leg. WM. PADKOW, Bancroft, la. The Phoenix House is being thoroughly renovated, repaired and painted, and is the best hotel in town. Rates, $1 and $2 per. day. Transient custom a speci- ality. Sample rooms in connection. WM. MUSSON, Prop,, Bancroft. Are you expecting to celebrate the 4th of July? Go to D. R. Crowd's ECONOMY STOKE for your shoes aud bats for all the boys and girls, old and young. And before you buy see their new white dress goods and summer suitings in great variety. Sundstrom has a bran new line of musical instruments. To and for the People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to trade or sell your fann or other property ? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved laud on long time with bu,t little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest aud favorable terms? Do you want anything in a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult B. M. KicUmoml at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. Our Iowa teas are just as good as those imported teas we hear so much about, and if you will buy five to ten pounds of us—as you do of those importers—you can have them just as cheap and have the homegrown teas here in Iowa. Yes, we can sell cheaper, as we save the freight over the seas. And stsckings for men, women and children—they can't ho matched any place in this town for prices. Clothes pins one cent a dozen and pins to pin your clothes at one cent a paper. All these are to he found at Barslou's Cash Store Bancroft, - Iowa. Insure your standing: crops against bail. Now is tlio time to make yourself sate. Have you seen Go to Graham's, the new Deerinc? A fine line of hats in the latest spring styles at B. F. Wickwire's. at those LaBelle Go aud look at Graham's. If you want to sell Clarke and Skinner. Phoenix 6. W. SKINNER, Manager, E, F. CLARKE, Sec. Bancroft Loan and Trust Comp'y Negotiate Farm Mortgages. Write Insurance, Sell Real Estate, BANCROFT. IOWA. fho Plioenis lias recently been refitted an4 refuroisucd throughout, and affords accomiuodatioos t Next Saturday, you, will flud a. nice Hue of crockery aud disiies, at Barslou'a.

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