The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XX, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 1891. No. 87, f ATT7fl uAU/<£] At lOc, 15c, 2Oc, 25c, 35c, 5Oc. From 5c. to 2Oc. A New Lot of Black and White Goods in Prints, Etc. FOE ALL, FEOM THE BABY UP. This week -we will sell a line of PONGEES AT CUT PRICES Away down from the Spring Price. Ladies' white embroidered flouncings, Allo ves Black lace flouncings, Fish net narrow Idee flouncings, and A good assortment of those ladies' straw hats at 25c Largest Line of SUN UMBRELLAS IK THE CITY. Silk Mitts, Etc. Boys' Summer Coat and Yost, 75c. Mens' Summer Coat and Yest, $1.00 to $10.00. ON CLOTHING. RECOLLECT WHEN YOU BUY $20 WORTH YOU GET A FOLDING TABLE. Look at Our Cool Weather Clothing It will do you good. JAMES TAYLOR ALGMAREPUBUCM PUBLISHED BVKBV VVEDNKSDAiT STARR fc HALLOCK, Proprietors, JOS. W. HAYS. Editor. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one yeav, In advance §1.50 One copy, six months, in advance ,.. 75 One copy, three months, in advance 4C Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this county. Steam power. CP~Advertising rates made known on application. This paper is the ofilcial paper of Kos- siith county arid the city of Algona, REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION. The thirty- sixth annual State convention of the Republicans of Iowa, will ho held at Cedar Rapids, on Wednesday, July 1, 1801, at U o'clock a. in., for tlie purpose of placing in nomination candidates lor the following state offices: Governor, Lieutenant governor. Judge of the supreme court. Superlntendant of public instruction. Railway commissioners, And for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for each county and one additional delegate for each 200 votes or fraction of 100 or over cast for W. MV McFarland for secretary oi state in 1890. The total number of delegates is 1,058. (Kossuth county will bo entitled to 7 delegates.) It is advised and earnestly requested that township and ward committees be elected and organized at the caucuses held to elect delegates to the county convention, and that the county central committee bo selected and or- gauized at the county convention held to appoint delegates to the state convention, and that these committees as organized be reported without delay to the undersigned. By order of the republican central committee. EDQAB K. MACK, Chairman. K. D. OUASsniiL, Secretary. Des Molnes, May c, 1891. HEPUBMCAN COUNTY CONVENTION. The Republican County Convention of Kossuth county, will be held at Court House hall In Algona Iowa, on Friday June 19, 1891, at one o'clock p. m., at which time there will he selected seven (7) delegates to attend the State convention which will be held at Cedar Kaplds, Iowa, on July l, 1801. Also the county central committee will be organized by selecting a Chairman-and one member from each voting precinct and ward. Each voting precinct will be entitled to one delegate at large, 'and one delegate for each twenty-five votes, or major traction thereof, that was cast for Win, M. McFarland for Secretary of State, at the last general election. Each ward and township will be entitled to the following number of delegates, as follows to-vvit: . Com', No. votes. No. dele'. Algona 1st ward, s. s. Sessions 03 4 2nd " C. M, Doxsee 83 4 " 3rd " F. IJormoy 49 3 " 4tU " -E. U. Clarke 70 4 Burt, JoluiKerr 73 • 4 Buftalp, Kobt. Lane 24 2 Oresco, Joel Taylor 69 3 Fenton, - J. L. Blunt 25 2 i German, , G. Stelsel 26 a Greenwood, W. W. Wilson 87 5 j Garfleld, c. G. Wright 13 2 l Hebron, Win. Goodrich 19 2 ' Harrison, John bengston 10 2 ilrviugton; .<• c. B. Hutchiiis 71 4 ' Lotto Creek Jas, Archer is 2 ., LnYerne, I. p. Harrison cs 4 Portland, J.H.Grover 59 3 Plum Creek, ft* M. Gardner 50 3 Prairie, j. Longbottom 4 l Riverdaje, A. Fisher 37 a Bamsay, . fl. Merrifleld • (B 3 ^feneoa, WVW.Aleonr 32 2 fwea, 0. AYEricksou 41 3 fberman, Henry tiurren 23 a Union, M.j3e1jenek 52 3 Wesley, W. H/Colbv us B Wultteroore, N.Ootton us 4 „ . , • "fotal No, of delegates si, Each, ward and township are requested to select one of their nuuihef to toe a member of the county central oojnwl».ee and also one for eacli sub-district to be a towjWjp committee of which the member of the epilnty central committee from that township, snail be chairman, ajud report the same at owv county convention. l> 0. O.OHIPHS, Cliajnnan. B > TOWNSHIP PRIMARIES. * TUe township primaries, to elect delegates to , the county convention of June 19, will Be lield % ,& follows: "$ Baiusay-At the school house in district No. , i, June 18th, 4 o'clock p. in, <, U. Ww»WW&, Com. ITettteJi — At the Webster school fcouse Wednesday evening evening, June Wr ri iN» :Uf •i — T I .4 tf • «' ; \Vay<i—At ttie B. >, J un.e jatb, ^o'clock" , Com. a, 3ml Ward—At the Wigwam Thursday evening, June 18th, at 7 :30 r. M. C. M. DOXSEE, Com. Aluoiin, 3d Wavcl—At the Normal School building Thursday, June 18th, 7 :30 p. in. F. DOKMOY, Com. N Algona, 4th Ward-On Thursday evening, June 18, at 8 o'clock, at the court house. E. H. CLABKK, Com. Ci-esco—At J. B. Jones school house, Thursday evening, June 18, at 7p. m. O. A. POTTER, Com. Union—On Thursday June 18th, at l p. m. at the Frinlc school house. M. SCHENCK. Com. ANNOUNCEMENT. LOGAN TWP. CLAY Co. IA.. Juno 3rd, isoi, to. EEPunLiO'AK : Please announce that at the request of friends in several counties of the 47th district, I am a candidate for State Senator, subject to the decision of the republican primaries. FRANK W. CALKINS. Reciprocity is not another name for free trade, it is another term for protection. The one man that can get any thing he asks for from the Republican party is James G. Elaine, the greatest statesman that walks this planet. "If we don't buy we can't sell" is the chant of numerous democratic papers that doubtless take potatoes, oats and other farm produce on subscription. Dubuque County has an anti-horse thief society and the Democrats are counting on carrying that county next fall. It is a remarkable coincidence. "There is a great deal of talking nowadays" said Secretary of the Treasury Foster, recently, about a billion dollar congress but the people should remember that this is a billion dollar country. The time for turning loose the college graduate upon the world 'to revolutionize society is again, at hand. It doesn't take long for the young college graduates to ascertain that life is not a school day dream. The republican state convention cannot do a better thing this year than to reaffirm its declartipn of lastyear in favor of the use of the entire silver product of the American mines as money, and every dollar of it as good as any other dollar in the laud. It strikes us that the American press are wasting much space over the Baccarat scandal. The whole matter is interesting to us, only in so far as it ia a turning inside out of the private-life o| some 6f England's titled aristocracy for the edification of any who may admire England's emasculated system of royalty as an institution. Ex Senator Sam'l McNuttof Wuscatine announces himself as a candidate before the coming Republican convention for the nomination for lieutenant Governor. Mr. McNutthas been prominent in Iowa politics for the pajrt twenty-fire years, He is well known as a leading Iowa Re? publican and will probably make a strong pull for the nomination. '•Fill the state with Republican, clubs" the New York Press, in cUpr organize. The J»reas gives ' of Iowa as well as to the Republicans of New York, Organize. The Republican party in Iowa needs organization. Had the party been sufficiently organized to have guaranteed a full vote two years ago,. Horace Boies would never have made his New York speech &s governor of Iowa. The Republican party of Iowa never stood in greater need of thorough organization and aggressive leadership. The next campaign gives promise of the hardest political battle ever fought in Iowa. The Democratic party is backed by Cobden club money, and funds unlimited frojn the combined liquor associations of the nation are at their disposal. The old party, so far as the next election is concerned, will stand or fall in November according as the people decide for or against prohibition. Let every Republican remember that. CREATING A WRONG IMPRESSION. The' editor of the Upper Des Moines is manifesting great solicitude lest the im pression that the Kossuth County Tern perance Alliance is an instrument of the third party, controlled and directed by third party apostles, should not go abroad with sufficient weight. In a special to the State Register reporting the temperance meeting of two weeks ago Brother Ingham very plainly intended to give the impression that it was a third party convention. Indeed, so strong was his intimation to that effect that President Tellier, of the County Alliance, deemed it advisable to write a letter to the Register by way of correcting any false impres sion that Bro. Ingham's special might have produced. The report of the con vention in the Upper Des Moines of last week was evidently written with the pur pose in view of givipg circulation to the same impression, It is hardly necessary to say anything in defence of the Alliance or to go farther than simply to point out the disposition of the Upper Des Moines. Those who are familiar with the always half-hearted support given by that paper to the cause of prohibition will understand why H is now making an attempt to prejudice the temperance movement in this county. In regard to the State Temperance Alliance: It is a non-partisan organization for the primary object qf enforcing the law. All interested in the enforcement and retention of pur present laws upon the statute books need have no hesitancy in uniting with the Alliance. Prohibition is of course a question of political significance in Iowa. Considering the political phases of the question, the REPUBLICAN does not entertain a single friendly BeBtiment toward the tt»ird party movement i»i the supposed interests of the cause, and never can, until Republican party in, Iowa writes out a new history for itself in opposition to gOQd. order and decency. Whatever the proMljitiou party may bays to recommend U outside of Iowa, looking at the question of prohibition from the standpoint of expediency and with the best interests of prohibition in mind, the prohibition party movement in Iowa is impolitic and unwarranted by anything like a common, sense enthusiasm for the 9, The Republican putty of Iowa, Uio Republican pg&t aioftf - T F£ _* between prohibition and the saloon. For all that \ve have of prohibition the temperance people of Iowa are indebted to the Republican party; for all that they may expect to gain, the temperance people must look to the Republican party. To cut loose from the old party upon the eve of the impending struggle would be idiotic and suicidal. These are our sentiments in regard to the Prohibition party. As to the Temperance Alliance: It owes, allegiance to rjo political party, and al who are in favor of prohibition and the enforcement of law, whether Republicans, Democrats or third party Prohibitionists, should unite with the organ ization. A &REAT QUESTION. Spirit Lake Beacon: Occasionally a Republican paper is found exhorting the party in Iowa to abandon the prohibitory movement. It seems to us these editors are not gifted with ordinary shrewdness. However a man may regard the principles involved in the Iowa fight on the saloon, he ought to see that Iowa Republicans cannot at this juncture of affairs change front on this issue without inviting defeat and courting disaster. As a party of the people Iowa Republicans endorsed prohibition because of the clearly ex pressed will of the majority. As a mat ter of consistency it cannot abandon it until the people have reversed themselves on this issue, and as a matter of self- preservation it dare not do so. We may be beaten in the championship of this cause, but we will be demolished if the opposite course is taken. We have spoken from the standpoint of policy and consistency. For ourselves we are willing to say that no political result, past or promised' changes the opinion of the Beocon upon the principles involved. The saloon is a curse, an outrage upon society, a blight upon manhood, a crushing sorrow upon womanhood, and the Beacon will never consent to its legal recognition ia Iowa. Prohibition may not have filled the full measure of enthusiastic anticipation, but has so far benefltted the state as to cause the saloon to be hated a; it never was before. SEEN FROM A DISTANCE. The London Financial Times makes the following comment upon the tin plate situation in this country and drops a seasonable nint to the Welsh manufacturers: On the one band, we hear that millions of dollars have already been invested in plant, and that tin-plate making is about to boom in Yankeeland; on the other, we are told that not ^ sheet of tin plate lias been made there, or will be made there for years. Doubtless the truth lies somewhere between these two extremes. As ygl the efforts in tnis direction made in the States are perhaps chiefiy tentative, but few people doubt that sooner or later they wilj bja crowned with success. Raw materials, capital and technical skfli are all at hand, or can be easily obtained. Time alone is wasting to build up the industry, but it is to be feared that the Welsh manufaeturers are deceiving themselves if they imagine that a decade must elapse before any impression can be made on their business by rivals across the water. The Financial Times is not far o,ut of § way in its Climate of the real sit- atioE. We a^e probably a few days nearer makj^ ^mmercial tin-plate Ibi Times suj^pg however. Low Kates via C. & N. \V. K'y. On July 8 and 4 the Chicago & North Western Railway Co. will sell round trip tickets between all stations on its lines a: very low rates; tickets good for return passage until and including July 6. Foi tickets,and further information aDolv to agents C. &N. W. R'y. 37-4C Very popular, very small, very good DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the pill for constipation, billiousness, sick headache Sold by Dr. Sheetz. ... our fine line of neckware and fancy shirts for men and boy's. GEO. L. GAI/JBIUITH & Co. Fourth of July cigars from $1.00 up to $3.50 per box at BmrasoN & Go's. 86-36 Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism and most diseases originate from impure blood. Cleanse it, improve it, purify it with De Witt's Sarsaparilla and health is restored, strength regained. Sold by Sheetz. Shoes, we still lead in the shoe line. Our $2.25 shoe for Ladies wear cannot be equaled anywhere, we have it in foui widths. GEO. L. GALBRA.ITH & Co. .Smoke the Sweets. For sale at Laden dorfl's. If food sours on the stomach digestion is defective. DeWitt's Little Early Risers will remedy this. The famous little pills that never gripe and never disappoint For sale by Dr. Sheetz. Just received a fine line of Ferris' Corset waists for Ladies and Misses. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. The C. H. & St. Paul Railway will sell, June 15th to September 15th inclusive, special form of tickets to Clear Lake, Iowa. Rate for the round trip will be Deals in Kossuth County Land. Following is a record of the real -estate deals made since last reported by the REPUBLICAN: Austin s Bell and vv et al to J M Young, w hf ne qr 22-94-27. Chas J Anderson and vv to P G Brncksou, ne qr svv qr 21-99-30. William bhaw Anderson and w to Peter Peterson ne qr 13-94-30. D A Buell and w to Wm Elvldge, beginning 10 rods w and z rods n of se corner of svv qr sw qr set 24-97-29, thence n 307 ft thence w 80 ft theuc s 307 ft theuce e so ft. 2 S Barrett and w to Thos A Way, se qr sec 26 and n hf ue qr sec 85 all in 96-27. Isaac I Bush to Geo W Chamberliu.swqrs- AimBomsto Wm THall, w.lif swqr 1-98-28. Geo Brumder and vv to .Nicholas Tix, n hf se qr 26-98-30. K H Clarke commissioner to Harvey Inghaw, 6 111 25 "99-27. Nicholas Carr and w to C Itidgway, w hf sw qr and ne qr sw qv 15-96-so. Cecilia Cavanauuh to Mary Alice Fuller, nw qt 31-90-30. ' M L Clarke aud w to Henry Zewet, e hf nw qr 12-95-30. James Uallanan and w et al to Harry Larson nw qr sw qr 12-99-30. F B Cole and w to Wm Meel, w hf sw qr and ' hf se qr 14-100-28. Thos F Cooke to John f Sherman Hess, e hf sw qr and w lif se qr H-ioo-28. John Conner to Herman Dejtner, eufseqr sec 7 aud uw qr sw qr sec 8 all in 94-27. 0 & N W By Go to American Emigrant Co and n M Bartholomew, tight of way across sw qr t qv see qr se qr sec 11, w lif uw qr and nw qr sw or sec 12-98-89 a,ud e hf sw qr ite-99-29. U C Dodge and vv to C W Hopkins, sw qr 1- w m Peering and w to A]»OS Q Smith, swqr E 8 KUsworih and W et al to Geo Wells, e hf IW qr 31-98-27. Richard Edwards and w to John Hertz, sw qr 30-81-29. Byron Foster and w to Henry Zelinet, ne qr L2-9&--30. Hans a Jink to jens H Fink, n lit uw qr 22- J8-30. Win Fokkeu and vv to A A Dressuiau. se qr ue qr 30-98-27. ^ J it Qrifiet and w to K S tfllswortb and L B Jones, 86 qr 23-98-37. * LTaudAL Griffin to D P King, e bf ne qr Andrew Hanson and w to Hans Nelson, w 1)1 w Iimma JHaiues and husband to Lucinda Singleton e hf ne qr and nw qr ne qr and ne or nw qr sec 31 se qr ne qr and ne qr se qr sec 21, n hf swqr sec 14 all In 100- 30. i ocv, .x, um Malyina A Hulbert to Frank E Smith, n hf se qi;J4-loo-27.shlsec20 and e hf se qr see 20, s ht se qr and se qr sw qr sec 32 all in 100-28. Li, Jones and wet al to Gco Wells, e hf sw qi al-09-2(. J B Jones and w to Jennie 0 Hoetenbower \v hf ne qr and se qr ne qr und s hf nw qr 24-95-27 Henry A James and w to Geo H Wise, nw or sec 4 aud ne qr sec 5 all in 95-28. q Martha and Edward A and \V Kennedy to 0 J> Grig, ue qr 11-94-27. Nancy A lUnney to Stephen Booth, all of 11- U4-30. qr^-K-"" 1 °° Ia to M S Cunnlhghan, se qr He Geo H ana Alvin T Lttdwlg to Ferdinand Pa- trotz. w hf uw qr and w hf svv qr 24-WJ-30. Wellington Mason and W to Francis ME vans S 1)1 S0 Ql' o^O^ W B Quartoii guardian to Thos F Cooke s GO acres ot the w hi s w qr 24-100- 28. W tO Jtunes -- Soutlieni iteal Eestate, Loan & Guarantee Co et al to C Dunlapu, se qr and nw qr 3-99-28. * b lWJ' 1 l? 1 ' u , lleal ^ state Loan and Guarantee Co to Ci O Dunlap, commencing at sw corner sw qr neqr sec 4-99-28,thence n 14 ch 43 He thence e 20 ch thence s 14 ch 43 Ik theuce \v 20 ch also se qr - " d W 6t al t0 J M Young ' w HT sloan and'w et al to 1 M Young w hf ne 1* .t*~Ji™27« S™^?^ Stewart exi ' et al to Jos Zauke, ne qr ~~ svv qi-ro-o Han ' y Laraoni mv qr State of Iowa to Albert L Johnson, nw qr IG- .^8~2U. Lincoln Singleton to B N Woodworth e lif ne qr audn w qr ne qr aud ne qr n w qr 31-100-30 Martin U Smith aud w to G W Brown and Henry Bretzleff.n lit uwqr aud uwqriieq?4- Liiicoln Singleton to Midjje Manson. u hf sw ' 91 SS? if' se qt ' nc ' ql '' the lle I 1 ' se <l r sec 21 all 111 10u~i50» KegofUSt,atid Office to John P Crothers s w qr se qr and ue qr 33-oc-2a . ' United States to David G awartz, uw qr 32- 09~2B* United States to Miles White, w hf nw qr and nw qr sw qr 31-99-27. Keg of U s Laud Office to Thos Cooke, e hf svv U S to heirs ot A M Iforton, \v hf sw qr 8-97- 8t Francis W White and w to 0 O Puulap, ne qr u~100"28. Mary Woolwtne and h to Thos F Cooke, the s CO acres ot the w hf svv qi- 24-100-29. Francis White to Geo Welis, w hf uwqrsw * ~ » KN Woodworth and w to Theodore Nelson e lif ne qr 31-ioo-so. ««««, If you want an uuflavored cigar, smoke the Sweets. For sale at Ladendorff's. Constipation, blood-poison, fever! Doe- tor's bills and funeral expenses cost about two hundred dollars; De Witt's Little Early Risers cost a quarter. Take your Choice. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. MONEY to loan on chattel security. 24^ E. V. SWETTIKG. Sheetz issues regular Co's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Brad. Is your hair falling out or Imnjng grey? If so, try Beggs' Hair Renewo * it will stop it at once. Sold by P. W Dingley. " Djusse MAKING—Four blocks west of the M. E. qhurch. MBS. W¥. Notice to The undersigned will receive bid* of Saturday, June 2ot sections i aua 12, aud un-, grade between sections 17 and 20-88-29, trade feetweeu sections 24 and will 0)e received at the Bancroft pxM offie Notice Notice Cowtrat-tors. Port ajid townshi ort ul Uliereby given tbat proposals of a schwa bouse w sub-dljsteici ,fewBsalp,iu tge couQty~pf« L%

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