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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 3

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 3

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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nLDmEiiGEmMwm TARS SOUND FOR VALIANT SOLDIER OF CONFEDERACY i nn mi Plants Also COL. GEORGE M. ER, who died today. Ctoris Become Property to Park Commission Presentation was made this afternoon to the city of Oakland ofthe old Delger mansion, "together with" hothouses, conservatories and aviaries in the Delger property on Telegraph avenue, between Nineteenth and Williams streets. E.

F. Delger, a San Francisco capitalist, and son of the late Frederick Delger, a former capitalist of Oakland, with Mayor Frank K. and members of the park commission went over the grounds this afternoon to make selection of what part of the rare trees, plants and shrubs con Id be made use of by the park department of the city. IMPROVEMENTS FOR CITY. It Is the intention of the owner of the property, E.

F. Delger, to place this land on the market, and all the Improvements in the way of buildings and the collection of rare shrubs and Book Gases The Sectional Kind. They tfee th'tf best', cost less ancj are far more convenient tiari old style book cases, for you. can section at a time as your books accumulate, and you always know just what they will coif you. Our prices are same as the factory quoted in catalog.

a You; can jjet these sections with top and: fumed or mahogany finish, Book capacity about fifty-two volumes. -On term s. for. SIX EMPLOYES OF STREET DEPARTMENT REINSTATED Baccus Restores Names to.Pay Roster Upon Learning Men Can Hold Jobs by Means of Charter's Civil Service Plank COIMTTEE MAY See Jackson's 3 6.50 cash, outfit for 6 5. $6.50 month.

n.u I i ram special Ordinary Accounts Subject fo Check The ideal account for the-professional man, the housewife, the farmer, or anyone who needs an account which can be checked against and' at the s.ame time earns interest. on Term Deposits Real Estate and Approved ei opposite the names of the. respective. FARMERS AND HERO HANTS, SAVINGS BANK Franklin at 1 3ih Street, Oakland, Gal. Reinstatement of the six employes of the street department dropped at the time of the organisation of the new administration will be made on the order of Commissioner of Streets "WlHiam J.

Baccus. As a result six men who were appointed to the places left vacant will be dropped from the rolls of the city. The change in the street department by which the old employes were dropped was made through a misunderstanding of provisions of the new city charter. It was thought by Councilman Baccus that he had the right to make readjustments in his department, but the- charter provides jthat men employed prior to September 30, 1910, cannot be dropped excepting for cause. POSITION OF OTHERS.

i In all other departments the new commissioners merely re-enacted legislation that would continue the old employes in office. Baccus decided to make several changes and by dropping six men made changes affecting eighteen city employes In readjustments. Activity in politics of an objectionable nature was the reason PER CENT 17 4 ST Four Per Loans Made on Gent G. M. Prather Passed Away This Morning At an early hour this morning death brought to an end, at the age of 88 years, the career of George Merrlweather Prather, at the home of His -son, Edward C.

Prather, former county surveyor of Alameda county, 632 Walsworth, avenue. The demise ws caused by ailments resulting from o'frl age, although the de-' ceased bore them with the patience of a soldier. Prather was a native of Louisville, and. In early life, devoted himself to mercantile and scientific pursuits, in both of which he attained distinction. At the breaking out of the Civil war he allied himself with those of the sons of his native state who espoused the cause of the South and became a leader Of the Confederate forces.

After the close of hostilities Prather and his family came to this state, where they have since resided. Among those surviving him ore his son, E. C. Prather, for many years surveyor of Alameda county, now connected, in the- position of surveyor, with the Realty Syndicate; a daughter, Mrs Judge E. G.

Ryker, a son, Clarence Prather of Montague, Siskiyou county, and another daughter, Mrs. G. L. Belaher of New Tork. The deceased was also the grandfather of Mrs.

William de Fremery and uncle of Mrs. I. H. Clay, Thomas Prather, fam Prather. William Prather and Mrs.

Harry East Miller of this city. He was commonly known as "Colonel" Prather. an honorary title bestowed on him by his friends. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of the son of the deceased, E. C.

Prather, nrai-At. GAMBLERS ACTIVE ALBANY TOWN ALBANY, July 26. Gamblers here continue to swindle victims picked up In San Francisco and invited to mythical prize fights and aviation meets. L. D.

Pentzer, a farmer of Cul du Sac, Idaho, en route from Los Angeles to his home, was buncoed' out of all the money he had on his person except two silver dollars In a game conducted here yesterday. Pentzer reported his loss to the Berkeley police and an attempt will bo made to recover his money. Pentzer said he met two men on, the train while on his way here from Los Angeles, After a short trip through San Francisco one of the men, he said, suggested that the party cross the bay and watch a prize fight being conducted here. He went up against a spindle game prior to seeing the "fight" and soon lost his money, about $30. WHALERS BREAK RECORDS, TAKING 77 MAMMALS 1CTORIA.

B. C. July 26. The steam whalers St. Lawrence and White, working from the Kyuquot station have broken all record for their catch, during ihe last two weeks, according to special advices received by wireless.

They took fifty-one whales, including seven sperms. At Sechart the total catch during the same time amounted to twenty-five, -making a grand total of seventy-seven whales taken off the west coast of "Vancouver island the last two weeks. Healthy Stomach a Necessity If yottwonld enjoy life. It is even $more. It is the key to health and success.

If you allow it to go on you, you may as well up the 'sponge. But there is no need of doing that. Keep stomach and entire system 'in perfect condition by the regular use-of Flllffv'c Piiro rial Whlelrou It stimulates the flow of the saliva for the digestion of the starchy foods and also stimulates the output and flow, of the igastric juice for the digestion of other foods. In this way and by Its influence, the food is properly digested, the nourishing portion of it Is rightly assimilated and is absorbed into the blood to be distributed to every organ and tissue of the body for nourishment and repair. Duffy's Pur Malt Whiskey Is the only whiskey that was taxed by the government as a medicine, during the -Spanish-American war.

All druggists, grocers and dealers or direct, $1.00 a large bottle. Refuse substitutes and Imitations. The Puffy KtS WMfcT -v. i' -rr- Osteopathic Association Challenges Medical World GLAND IT PERMIT -TRESPASS No German Naval Base on the West Coast of Africa Will Be Tolerated. Naval Demonstration Will Be Made if Conditions Reach a Crisis.

LONDON, July 28. That Germany will get compensation in South Africa as a result of hor descent on Agadir and in return for the freer hand which ranee is seeking in Morocco, is -conceded here, but it is also clear that Great Britain is not going to permit the establishment of a German naval base cn the west coast of' Africa if she can prevent it. Great Britain's trade routes to South America, South Africa, India and the far east all pass within striking distance of Agadir and for generations British statesmen have maintained that to allow a possibly hostile power to establish Itself on the flank of these lines of communication would be a vital menace to this country. There will, however, be no objection to Franae giving compensation inj the shape of a' rectification of the Kamerun (German) and French Congo boundary, provided that it does not include a change in ownership of the coast line detrimental to this country. The activity of the foreign office today was again marked, the indications pointing to the near approach of a stage acute or begin to dissolve.

King Alfonso appeared on the scene today, having arrived at Portsmouth on the Spanish royal yacht Giralda. He Immediately came to London, where he conferred with Sir Edward Grey. King George is remaining in town and messengers pass frequently between Buckingham palace and the foreign office. Unless an arrangement is reached in the meantime the Atlantic fleet, the projected visit of which to Norway was cancelled yesterday, will probably be sent back to its base at Gibraltar at the end of the week. E.

A. H. VETERAN HAS DISAPPEARED Thomas McGizney Is Missing From His Home Since Last Monday. Thomas McGizney, aged 76 years, has oeen reported to the pollco missing irorn ms nome, 1416 tnrteentn street, since last Monday evening about 6:30. McGizney received inlurles to hl hMi about a week previously, and- since that time naa not been a normal condition mentally.

As a result, his family fear he may have been injured or wandered away from home and is unable to remember how to return. McGizney is a Civil War veteran and is short and stout In figure, weighing about 160 pounds. His head was bandaged when he left home, following his injury. He has a dark grey mustache, and mixed grey hair, where his head had not been shaved to permit of the dressing of his wounds. When last seen he was attired in a aarK Diue serge suit, a soft white shirt, black necktie, a black slouch hat, and carried a cane.

TRY TO FIND STRANGE HOUSE Detectives and Girl Kidnaped Monday Seek Her Former Place of Hiding. SAN FRANCISCO. July 26. Detectives, with little Lorine Roeder. who claims to have been kidnaped Monday afternoon, are endeavoring to locate the house to which she was taken and which she is unable to describe.

The child declares that a Portuguese woman open the door, and the police on the several beats have been instructed to endeavor to And- out whether there are any houses of mystery or where strange doings have been reported in the vicinity of Golden Gate. Park or the Richmond and Sunset districts. THINK MISSING GIRL IS LOCATED SAN FRANCISCO. Jury 26. Helen Johnson Whitson.

the 17-year-old girl who was stolen by a gang of white slavers July 15 and has been kept hidden ever since, is. believed to have been located. Frank H. Fne. head the State bureau- of criminal -identification, left last night on a secret mission In search of the missing girl, having received confidential information which, ha believed, would lead him to the place where she Is being kept Joy her captors.

The motner of the girl, Mrs. KL: Johnson, went with him. At the headaniarters of the State bur eau of criminal identification in the Mer chants Exchanre. buildinar this morninar nothing was known of Pue's whereabouts or--the success or failure of his mission. Passenger on Steamer Commits Suicide SAN PR i t.

WY O. an oil operator, 50 'years old, committed suieider at- last night the steamer1- Carlos bound for this city. -A r. wireless Message was recelTed today by the Olsen-Mahoney Lumber company telling -of the tragedy, arid the morgue wagon met the vessel on arrival. Bradshaw was a passenger th boat, boarding it at He shot himself in tb bead after bud-per last night.

EN LL Collateral 1 A safe' deposit- department with the syst em: We have the only safe deposit, boxes' iri Oakland 'fitted with the Yale interchangeable key lock, the jonly lock which affords absolute protection against duplicate keyst We have an adequate storage vault for silverware, trunks, etc. Call or write for further particulars. of People by Gift plants made by his father has been turned over -to the city. The Delger mansion, a two-story building erected In 1818. will beJ given to the cltjr.

it tft mayor- ana park commissioners decide that any use can be 'made of it that would warrant the expense of moving the structure. PART OF MUSEUM. 'fi Mayor Mott said this afternoon that the might be used as in adjunct to the city museum. In addition to the mansion there Is a large conservatory; two aviaries, and a tarva amount of eoulDment In the many years in which the property was occupied Dy ine oia ucigci family, the trees, shrubs and plants were assembled from many parts of the world and form a rare collection both for beauty and for horticultural interest. Selection be made from these and the most valuable to be transplanted into the city parks.

for dropping several of the names from the rolls. It has now been determined by City Attorney Woolner that this action was in conflict with the civil service provisions of the city charter and that the men dropped must be reinstated. The men to be reinstated are as follows: Charles Ott, deputy superintendent of streets, succeeded by A. H. Hayes, promoted from Vrooman inspector.

Leo J. McCarthy, clerk, succeeded by W. J. Quinlan. H.

J. Tresselt, deputy superintendent of streets, succeeded by Benjamin Fich-yew. C. Elder, timekeeper, succeeded by Emll JIahn. 1 C.

R. Parsons, "Vrooman Inspector, succeeded by "William Warrener. D. H. Parker, deputy superintendent of street, dismissed.

Besides these changes Joseph C. Coughlln, former deputy superintendent of streets and sergeant-at-arms of tho last state senate, was transferred to the city treasurer's office and Raymond B. Felton was transferred from deputy city clerk to be deputy street superintendent in Coughlin's place. The charter gives the council special power to make such transfers, so Coughlin and Felton will retain their new appointments. the Cook County, is suggested as the scene of the contest.

The plan is to apportion 800 patients equally among the four schools patients suffering from typhoid or pneumonia preferred. The school which has the most patients alive when the last subject has been buried or discharged shall be awarded the prize. HONOR PAID TO DEPARTED WOMAN 2000 Suffragists Meet to Pay Tribute to Ellen Clark Sargent. SAN FRANCISCO. July 26.

More than 2000 suffragists assembled in Union Square yesterday to pay tribute to the memory of their dead comrade and coworker. Ellen Clark Sargent, widow of United States Senator A. A. Sargent, and one of the foremost workers in the cause of woman's suffrage. A program, including band music, vocal solos and speeches, drew several hundred men to the bandstand, and the windows of the- hotel and office buildings facing the square were black with people.

Two interested listeners dangled their legs from an opposite roof. The meeting was under the auspices of the California Squat Suffrage Association, of which Mrs. Sargent was seven times president. Miss Elizabeth Lowe Watson, the incumbent president, presided. Mrs.

Rose French was general chairman of' the occasion. A musical selection by the band, under the direction of Prof. John Mc-Kenzie, opened the program. It was followed by the national anthem, "My Country, Tls of Thee," in which the audience Joined. Governor Hiram Johnson, who was to have opened the meeting, was not present.

He sent a telegram of regret. In his absence. Thomas E. Hayden made the opening address. Haydeh, in telling of Mers.

Sargent's life, said: "She was ene -of those wise elder women who saw years ago that woman cpuld" not attain her highest development, until she "had the same large -opportunities and' the same' large chance as her brothers have. Hayden'i words were rouowea ny a tribute, "As a Friend of Women," written by Mrs. William Keith and read by Mrs! Watson. BERKELEY RESIDENCE ROBBED BY, BURGLAR BERKELEY. July The resin dence of E.

S. Kevins, 21-lt Durant avenue, was entefea' shortly after midnight iy? a robber, who gained ert-trance through a window which had been- left open. Nothing of value was taken, as far as learned by the so' offensive to those present at the "Inquiry. that he was finally compelled' to order her from' tho- Bho would not leave VunllV he told iher If she did nit retire peaceably ha would hare7 to hare her ejected by the cleric After leaving the 1 room Mrs. Simpson came upon Miss Grace Graves and gave her a berating.

The latter was equal to the emergency- and i for, a ew moments, there was a war of "words between 'the two women the like; of which had never before been heard In the office of the district attorney. lose Its name Progress and Prosperity" Is Copyrighted, Says Ed. B. Webster. The members of the "Progress and Prosperity" committee of the local Chamber of Commerce are much wrought up over the fact that it has become known that the title of the committee is not Its property, but is the sole possession by copyright of Ed.

B. Webster. This fact only became known since the last meeting of the committee, which was held last Friday night, and no committee action has been taken in the matter, or will be before the next meeting, but the sentiment of the committee members seems to be that a strenuous effort will be made to keep the name under which the committee of the chamber has done so much good work In the past. The cause of the controversy Is a committee which "Webster organized some years ago and to which he gave the name of the "Progress and Prosperity Commitee." The committee went out of existence, however, following Webster's departure for Los Angeles, and in the interim, about two and a half years, ago, the local sub-committee took the name for its own, and has used it without dispute since that time. But within the last few days the members have learned that Webster had applied for and had received from the state the exclusive right to the "trade mark" represented by the name.

Webster up to the present time has not stated what he means to do with his copyright. Irving Kahn, at the present fime chairman of the subcommittee of the chamber, stated when asked as to the matter that he believed the copyright. had been received by Webster only within the last ten days, would not hold because of the lapse iii time and the fact that Webster's committee was not In existence when the cnamDer committee was organized. MORPHINE LOADED BANANAS FOUND Carpenter Arrested Charged With Taking Them to Prisoners. W.

M. Garland, a carpenter, is In custody at the city prison and will be charged with a felony this afternoon, it being alleged that he violated section 171 of the penal code by carry ing morphine into the city prison to one of the inmates. Garland admitted that he had placed morphine in tissue paper in a banana which he had cut onen for purpose, and that he had taken tnis, witn other fruit, to Hazel Wallace, a woman in the city prison under arrest for vagrancy. The law making this action a felony was recently passed by the State legislature. Garland declares that he was unaware that he was violating a law.

The morphine was discovered by Jailer John Fahey and a warrant was sworn out ror the arrest of the visitor. SUFFRAGISTS TO LISTEN TO LECTURES The cause of "suffrage" will be expounded by City Attorney Ben Woolner this evening at a meeting called by the members of the Oakland Suffrage Amendment League to be held in Lincoln hall. Thirteenth near Franklin street. The occasion has been designated as lawyers' night. The speakers will be Carlos G.

White and H. Johnson. Miss Carrie Whelan, Miss Kate O'Reilly and Miss Rowena Foster will act as ushers. Mrs. Emma Shertzer is chairman -of the committee of arrangements, and the music will be furnished by the Appomattox Boys' Choir.

inareooiaen, as xonowsr. tr "No. i Names Shares. Ami' if Mabel Boyes IW 135" "lMH''. aiaoei oyes Ada Dalton i-.

4 1 Ada Dalton 8 1 Lucien Simon 71 10 Lucien Simon 78 10 Lucien Simon 74 6 Lucien Simon 115 Mary Simon 75 10. Mary Simon 7 15 Mary Simon 131 20 D. K. Newell 3 1 Harry 14J 173 C. R.

Dolhr- 12 'A. 171 71 i 1 's JI7.B7I 304 i 7 l.5 871 i 873 871' 22! R. B. Phillips 130 20 E. I.

113 I lAly Bartholomew 133 20 E. Merrill. 137 Bertha H. Glasscock 121 Bertha H. Glasscock 122 5 EfTIs C.

Glenn 30 I J. P. Potter 50 1 Elisabeth M. Ferrea 12 nuuw accoraanca wiin taw ana an or- 1 det of the Board of directors th-above entitled corporation made on 28th day of June. O.

as, many shares of each parcel of such Stock as aiSy be necessarv will be sold at th frir Xf the said corporation In Room SOS ol xne Dunamg known and designated at 1 Central Bank Building, the City oi OaTtland, County of Alameda, State o( California, on Friday, the 14th day of July, A D. 1911, at 10 o'clock A. M. of the- said day, to pay delinquent assess-' r-' ments thereon, together with-costs of ad- r- Vertlslng at4d expenses of the sale. vt CHICAGO.

July 26. rThe American Osteopathic Association now in session here, has issued a challenge to its three other chief opponents in the medical world. The association's challenged are the American Medical Association, the American Institute of Homeopathy and the American Association of Eclectic Medicine. Bellevue hospital. K.

or After Investigation by District Attorney Mrs. Simpson Withdraws Them. Mrs. Fannie Simpson's charges that Miss Jennie Burke, superintendent of nurses at the county infirmary, had neglected Miss Hoilis Simpson, her daughter and also a nurse at the same instl-ttuion, during the illness that resulted in the death of the latter, one day last week, have turned out to be a tempest in a teapot. Mrs.

Simpson, who is temporarily residing in a hotel at the corner of Eleventh and Webster streets, this morning called on Dr. Oliver JX Hamlin, official medical and surgical expert for the district attorney's ofTIce, and requested him inform Assistant District Attorney H. 1 Hynes that she had decided to 'drop the whole matter. Dr. Hamlin immediately communicated the message to' 'Hynes and there the matter will in aH probability rest.

"WTien Mrs. Simpson first laid her complaint before Assistant District Attorney Hynes he was inclined to' regard It as a-very serious affair and with a view' of getting at the bottom facts he summoned Dr. A- Clark, superintendent of the county Infirmary; "Miss Burke and' Miss Bertha Graves, another nurse, to meet Mrs. Simpson in his office. The conference occurred late yesterday, and all the testimony presented was In favor of Miss Burke, who has been superintendent of nurses at the in firmary for nearly eight years.

Instead of Miss Burke' or any of heother nurses neglecting Mlsa Simpson, duriag fatal illness, as Mrs. Simpson' had claimedj the -statements of not only Miss Burke but of Superintendent, Clark and Miss Graves, as -well as those of Drs. Hamlin. Dudleyi- Smith. Cuter, von Adelucg and Dukes, who were called In to.

consult on tha case, 'were the, effect that, it would have been beyond ability to- minister a sick, person more efficiently and more consistently and faithfully thap Miss Burke -and her assistants cared' for Miss Simpson. Miss' Burke told 'rAssistant -District, AtteleyHynjBB-that she loved Miss Simpson and 'worked as hard- as mortals could to- hel save 'her life. ThIs was bernej out by Clark and Miss Graves, in addition to which the other physicians declared that never in thelr prof eselonal careers had they witnessed more -efficient-, duty than that rendered by Miss Burks at the bedside of, Miss Simpson. OftOERED FROM OFFICE. t.

-7v During the investigation in the- district attorney's off ice Mrs. Simpsoni mother of the dead manifested Intense enmity towards Miss. Burke and this was alsoi displayed by Miss Bertha Graves, --another who Simpson, relation of Miss Grace Graves, who Is a former nurse at the. infirmary. District Attorney Hynes said today Sirs.

Simf 3oa mads herself MOTHER'S CHARGES NOT SUSTAINED PREDICT DEATH OF i WOOL IE' Smoot and Crane Assure the President of Measure's Defeat WASHINGTON, Joly: matlon came to President Taft today from Republican Seriate leaders that he need have, no anxiety -over the possibility of action this session of congress, on. arjbJl revising the wool schedule of the present Senators. SmooV.Uah; and --Crane of Callted with the president 'of "'ooarrss Augnst .10. with all bills TMrUe, the wool schedule defea'tedr On the heels of these predictions, however, came rumqrs.f roWL. the capital an attempts wbutd he made by insurgent senators to tack an amendment woo schedule on the farmers -free list bill.

Wool is "voted on sin? the senate tcM morrow; the farmers fret list comes up August 1. WBLIi NOT According fo thje it- regular senate leaders, the La Follette woor bill will not be supported by the Democrats, and the Democratic House bill cannot be accepted by the" The lnsurgenis plan, however. It was eald today target te'Carmers'fretf list bill "with" the amendmeftrXor wool revision of the Democrat "and ojit''-of tha conference-' they- hojpe to get cxraiT promise measure. CLUBS TO FIRfe RROTECT I ON AIMEDA, July WUsme 5f 7m.ZJ?8 held In the Oakland: ofj Conv merce narters tonight v.tS discuss ways! and means for the establishment -a' fire station near the Webstsr-'street -bridge. tor the protection ort the-warehouses in that Tlcinlty; "The.

meettrigwill be. held under tha Joint auspices of he OakUod Chamber of I Commere'r anf the; North Side Improvement Club -ef this NOTICE OF -SALE OffV. DELINQUENT SHARES OF California Trona company, a corporation; location of principal piaes of business. Oakland." Calif osia. Location of works.

Borax Lake, County ot San Bernardino, Notice There is delinquent -upon -ths following described stok. on account of assessment (No. 1) levied on the 19th day ct ilay. A- 1311. amouata 1 1 ot in iaoara .01.

uireccors. M. E. BRUNEH. Secretary of California Trona Company, 1 Corporation.

location of office. Room Central Building. Oakland. California. NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT OP SALE Notice" Is hereby riven that, the dtr of I-sale of the above delinquent stock ha xgeen postponed.

by order of the Board ol directors of the above named California Trona Company, from Friday, the 14th day -of July, A. T. Jll, to Monday, the 24th day of J.uly. A. E.

1911. St-the hour o'clock a. of said day, at. th same place above mentUeoied. Dated July 12.

A. D. 1 3117 1 By order of the Board of Directors. M. E.

8RUNER. Bretary of California Trona Company, -a. Corporation. NOTICE OP POSTPONEMENT OF IALE. Notice Is hereby given, that ths day of sale of the above delinquent stock been postponed, by order of the Board of thth-da'y.

of July mu at tne jrourjof .10 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the same place above mentioned. Dated, July 24th. A.

D. 1911. i By. order, of the Board of Directors. BRUNEH.

Secretary. of California Trona Company, corporation. NOTICE OP POSTPONEMENT OP J.T-.-'- SALE, 'i Notice Is hereby given that the day of -1 of the- -above delinquent stock has en postponed, by order of the Boctfl ot: Dirctors of- ths above-named California Trona trom -Wednesday, tha 26th day of July, A. D. 1911.

to Tnursday, the, 27th 'day of July, A. D. 1911, at tb hour of 10 o'clock of said day, at the same place above mentioned. Dated. July.

2th, A. D. 1911. '1 By order of the Board of Director. M.

II BRUNKR, Secretary of Califarnia Trona Company a corporation. IDORA PARK TRIBUNECOUPON JULY 26th, 1911 IDORA PARK Any girl or boy under 15 years, of age presenting three of these coupons of CONSECUTIVE DATES- st any of the folpwing TRIBUNE Of fices will be given-1 A FREE TICKET TO IDpRA PARK TIUnCXE ttA.iv rRrsnn-E orncEl mikita oauaa. cu. -i BSOADWAT BlUTCS Ul BmlMy. OOiul.

BEBKELIT SBLAJTCH. Z1M 6fctt.ofc Amu, afcAKEPA BEABCH. 7mrk aad bit Cltn ((ckuMer1 Dnf Stm.) rtCTCTAtS. ESAJfCH. FraitTU A.

Zut 11th St. tBswsos's 2Dr StM.1.

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