The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1954
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT BI/VTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1954 Dally rate per Vtn* Insertion: Minimum clmrg« 1 time per line .. 2 times per line per day 3 times per line per day .. 1 time* per line j ~ ''"" Month per line . Count five averaf , Ad ordered for t! »nd stopped befor* charged for the m ad appealed *nd i made. All classified ftd'. mltted by persons residing city must be accompanied by Rat« may be M«lT J "" »bovc table. Advertising ordeiv*. --• eertlon take the one time tnble. No responsibility will ' more than one Income any classified ad. All ads are restricted er classlflcnted style t. Courier News reserves the edit or reject any nd All classified advert by 5 p. m- preceding d except for Monday's 1* In before noon on Saturday. DIRECTORY Adding Machines, Typ«writ«ri DON CO. Space ard Typewritten; 35'^ dlscouir used. Jully nuuiantcft? """ 129.50 up. Snlcs Knd writers. Adding and chines. BUSINESS MAC! 119 S. Bronclwny. Roynl typewriters, portables. Victor ' fielding McCaskey Registers Hftl vice. Office desks, office and used. WHITLBY OFFICE 109 W. Walnut Ph. PO 3-8802 Bricklaying Ph. 544 Catering you while yon urc worki mw shopping Ph 3-4597. Ear Corn Eggs .Egys from proiluci Uvcrcd to your doc at night. Ph. .1-06:12, Promised Lund. Touns oven reiuly hen Fireworks FIRBWOKKS works to select Ironi Station. Ark-Mo Stitt arch on right slttc. OIIE wltli fireworks with a boom. Food* know how 3-4597. Grist Milt We shell enr com, mill home ground im-jil. Rumt-ys SI on . 6 Ml. So. Bly Insurance CALL 3-4553 For Complete Planned Prottx*iion GLENC'Ofc HOi'Kl. J24 \V. A^^. Moving, Storage Don't call an OUT, _ . company until yon Inspect on fccrvlee and rfili-s. Cull " '-- "~ mates on lora) or low « Ing. Beckhtini Moving and N. 2nd St. Ph. 3-8028 Office Equipment tor »od mlmcogrnph tuppllee. WHITLETf OFflCK sr 109 W. Wolnut Ph PO 3-8802 Painfing-W«Ilpap*r ftnUhlng, o*irp«nter w< If dntrad. Ph. 3-8372, P*can* Oro., So. Highway 61. Ph. 2-2632. lUpiirs machines Lalct St. Ph. IED SING TION cons«\«ivi- ... 60r 20c 17c 12r y' 9c 11.20 ds U> the Hne r noven time* atlon will be of tlmefi the mcnta of bill IE copy sub- ng outsUe of ,cd by cnsh. nod from ihc Irregular Inv table, bf tHfcen for insert Ion of o their propel type. Th<* the rlsht BO C must be In of publication ads must he ay. RVICE RY inw, n 'ARDS TER Phone 3-33H2 arking i VOOD Stiuid- oinu. BJlglUly Other models oivlcc. Type- countlnK mn ~ 1ES CO. h. ;i-flt)9l u to i>k in? nc innchlnns us and Ser- B chnlra, New supptr ul 2 UjlO <* 1.10 9 GLASS 3W TILE liiying Co. cola, Ark. |13 pk If our infills lor iiB or clnlst- 12,3 rk l|3 1 yintr. r'lnu f° r North llroiul- 12.11 vfc I)!?. jltry ronMiiiici- tin- ill your order 11. L. HnlM'H. 0;4 ck II mi, nilstil 1" 112. 11. -1 ck If i KS ol nreworks line of Ilrc- irlvc \o BhC-H Line north o: 5 with » •:!.'> 12 ; 0 ck 1|» n [or you. We Oroi-.TY. ph 123 ck 12 1 kr chopb Mid re lly J-4S44 1313 pk I 1 .'.* e 553 clc .fction Agency '(.•lion U'll IJINO •it i 6 I'K If rago STORAGE tOWIl .ilOVlll:.; )cci our van for irer tstl- dlslftnce jnov- d StoniKc. SQO pK | mtnt supplies, fll- apor. dupllca- pplleB. SUPPLT lit 12,10 ck 1>10 pap«r g. nheet look k References 13JU pkl 15 . Joe Hebter'i i. 2-2632. 12,6 pit 1,6 tfpnlred, *11 3-4038. 1323 pi: 1;2H trvicti work g LIU ran- llfi. Mouette. 1MB pk l|ifi fl. Ully. 17,30 pX 1,M 1954 WIND-UP 1951 Studebaker $395 !/3 (on pick-up with heater, overdrive, good tireB. Nice appearance. 1951 Ford $695 2 ton chassis and cab. Long wheel base, 825x20 rear, 750x20 front. Has heater, turn indicator and looks new. 1951 Ford $595 V-8 pick-up with original black finish and practically new (ires. Looks like a new truck. 1940 Chevrolet $45 Good transportation. 1952 Chevrolet $695 1/2 ton pick-up with heater, radio, deluxe cab. practically new tires, and heavy duty rear bumper. Very clean! 1948 Ford $295 3/4 ton pick-up. Mechanically A-l. 1950 Ford $495 Tudor with healer, scat covers, and good tires. 1947 Ford $235 Tudor with radio and heater. 1946 G.M.C. $85 '/i ton pick-up. 1953 Ford $$$ Kordor with radio, healer, tailor made leather seat covers, new lubeless while wall tires, and continental rear spare. 1948 Chevrolet $295 1 ton pick-up with very good tires. Mechanically A-l. 1946 Ford $195 1952 Ford $725 >/, ton pick-up witli 28.000 actual miles. Heater and (ires. Appearance like new. 1952 Dodge $895 •l-dr. with radio, healer, new tires, and seal rovers. 1954 Chevrolet $1495 2-dr. with S.OOO actual miles 1947 Ford $295 Con vert i hie 1949 Ford $395 Custom V-8 2-dr. 1953 Ford ??? $$$ Convertible with radio, healer, while wall (ires, and Coronado deck. 1951 Chevrolet $695 2-dr. Deluxe Fleet line. Has radio, healer, seal covers, spotlight, sun visor and while wall liriw. 1950 Nosh $295 Super Statesman. 1951 Nash $345 Rambler 1953 Ford ??? $$$ Victoria with radio, beater, seat covers, while wall (ires original factory two-lone finish. 1941 Chevrolet $55 Looks like a cream puff. Motor a little rough. 1947 Dodge $145 Hi ton stak« with long wheel base. Open til 9 pm Daily Phillips Motor Co. Br««dtr») A Chlck>i»wb> PHONG 1-4453 BETTER BARGAINS on Better Trucks and Cars! 1947 CHEVROLET % Ion with utake bed. Thl.i truck h 1958 FOKU 54 ion pick-up with mod and mow tires. Plumn- 1353 INTERNATIONAL V, ton 1951 KTIJDKIMKKK ',', tan pic See this truck I'J.M rOltll 14 Ion |ilrk-llp. On paint, radio, heater, and < 1050 DOIKiK '', Inn (ili-k-up. A J!>K INTERNATIONAL '/, ton I J948 CHEVROLET 1 Ion. A (nai See Union Ho k-uji. NRW piiint and tires. ? 685 K owner. Hits nc.w tires and Rood buy S 495 irk-up. Kxrcllcnt coiulttiori.? 775 mes for Trucks —FARM EQUIPMENT— rOllf) TRACTOR. CULTIVATOR A PLOW in sood condition W25 1918 OLIVER "88" Tractor. It's (-Iran urid In cood mechani- MOLINE Model "II" tractor wi WK HAVE FAKMALL "H". "M OF TRACTORS AN!) I!SKI) F/ DELTA IMPL "Service Hole 312 S. 2nd Television, Radio Services TV & RADIO SKKV1CH BLYTHEViU.K SAUfiS CO. 100 E Miiln Ph. 3-^C10 12;16 ck It WILSON'S TV &. liADIO SKRVICK 1.14 S. FlltST (fn«:rnm Bldtf.) Night Hcrvlcc ]>y AppOtnliiK-nl Ph. ;i--12:i7 fl.2(» rkil T. V. S15KVJCK CALLS $H.50 PLUS PAiri'S Within t;lly MntltB EbJSCTiiONIC LABS 111 W. Walnut— Ph. 3-S531 20011 W. Muin-IMi. 3-J407 12J2I1 ck tf Tire Recapping GUARANTKKO RKCAPS We put new 1H(- in your i\rtm\ Htki- new fit. ii (ruction the cntii. All »t"c linrk it nd cftr tires rci'iippi'd. J^URNK'IT'SKOYAL T1RK SKRVJCE H. HlKllWIty 01 Ph. II-HfilW I2 : 7 c:k 11? Venetian Blinds VuiKitiuu lUintln Cleaned Miu'lilnc pmrrsN. Ttipt-i;, cordi, tun) sliitH spfirkllnn clfiii). i, el \w r«|)i\lr youi bllndti. AUSTIN- WIC'KfcJl Paint, aiimii. Wullpiipiir Phone 3- (1207 fli-1 ck tr Apartment for Rent Apl. 112 B. fhcrry. liiduln- 1(« K client. I'll. 3-3tKW nfler 5 p.m. I2J2U pk 1120 '2 intiin nun. iipl . upr-tulrt*. Elt-i-'trlr Jlovi' inn! n-n-l^crtiKir. prlvnlt Dalti. Adult* onlv. 7110 W Wiilnut. pli. ^-^U(H) I2;2tl 1^ M (i Hti-iiin linilfd uuf. upHtnlrn apt. Cull :i-:i2S5. 12'^ ck tf Ncwlv (Icruiati'd . modern miluni .*> in. Tip'slalrs upt liitrdWDOd floors, nov/ vctictliui hllmlN. KUS In-lit, acri-i-ii poivli i ml K»nin<'. writ iiiniti'd. full 2-:>if:u. lO.lfi ck It Modern 2 mom MINI. upt. I'll. :i--!Mi.'t 01 '.'.-Tty'j :i|li ck tl •1 rm. lint. npt. I'h. 3-UH22. 1221 pk Ii2l 2 brctUHHii Turn. iipl. C!OM* In. I'll I'-^lllH) day. ;i-;i5HH nmllt 1221 ck It J rn; fnrii. tipt dec, kUclu-n 112 E. -Syciuiiort- Ph. 3-:iSMt \'i I!H pk rs 1 room nirn. diri>lri apt. ion West Ash, 12211 pk Ij.s .'( room, pilvntt> butli. unftirn. tlupliix. NiiUii'Jil niii- 1050 Mollv. ph. U-27:i? or ;i-3IR7. 12,28 rk Ij'i Unfnnil:,lied apt , A moms, prlviilr huth Kli-i L ir)c tint *,viifn iH-ntcr. src 'ti : 'JO N. aixih .St. 01 mil Mrs. C A Hovi-y, H-OOtl!' nfti-r b.'M p m or tMrh n ornliiBii. U 2fl rk 1 .'i 3. rm. compli'tt'ly (urn., nnn linit Ni-wly dcroniU'd. i'lost- In. tJnud '.oi-c \ion. Vh. a-2-\6^. 12.30 i-fe ti 4 IT... imtnni. MILS wjiti-r neuter. 'C:i--hunt. newlv ile,oniti-d. fUmd lonition. C osi- In. I'h. 2-2-lii.V 12 ;id ck tt 3 nu ein<'!em'\ iipi Iklns. wtr. Mini. Ph. Mrs. C. A. Tiint, ;i-iiH!)(i ni-'.ht 12 JO pk 1 2 ". AND MANY 'OTHER MAKES Ut.M ICfM'lI'MENT. EMENTS, Inc. Is Our Trade" Ph. 3-6863 For Snle. Real Estate ,-. room hoii'i- mid :: lotN. If lnu-rcst HI write Urn. llifl. H'dliind. Mo. 12 1!2 f 1 : I: 100% Ci. I. Loan on this 1 room housu and bath. This house is only -1 year.s old n excellent condition inside am out. Only ?250.0() cloKiii),' costs. Price $7,200.00. Vauml Modoi'n 3 Ix'di'oom home at 907 Hollisoii. l.nrsje livinjt room, utility room, attache! garage, funcctl back vard, natural giis heat. $1.1000 to aOOO cash will handle. $7000 loa i balance payable $52.37 per month. This house is in good codi- lion. Move in tomorrow. Kxlra nice 3 bedroom home 7M Adams. 2 years old. Roomy attached carport, choice neighborhood. You need to see this house to appreciate it. 13500 cash and assume the loan ba - ance of $flOOO. Payable $74.00 per month. See or Call Johnny Ma IT, Realtor Glcncue Building Ph. 3-1111 or 2-2596 .lliOACKICSFKNCUIJ-I.KVJ': * MuHt :iL'!t by llrjH ol yciir W clsr H'. 1 ' rt-tited. Ctrows cotton, corn, brims, rice, hay, 125 acres In cultlvnlioii. well timliu'd. Very inodrrn six room hnint 1 . t'xtrn lm-K(! bitni, !HO Uui concrctf tillo olli.-r bulldlimf,. l.ow tiixt-H. No rolion busi- now. 11 mllra soutlnvrht of I.)I-K- tur, Mo, $17.fiiM).«0. Tnrins. Own»-r Jin; UUIrJolin, 213 S. Wiilnut. I'll 'llf. Htrclc. Mo. 1223 pk 1 1 4 room IIUIIHB. 1 HU Soutli L'lurk. PIl ;i-«037. ".17 1'k ll» For Sole (•(iiilpiiii'iit, Onod fontlHIoii -2'U\ K.'ii- wiiotl Or. 12^.1 pk l(t! We buy i\nd sell used plmnblnv; and HH.S np|>llLinct\s. Orfiburn Supply I'h :i-;noa or it-^a. 1 ). i- ti i>k ai (,'liidrrfi. (IlliiiK tllrt. cotton hulls. SIT5» per liiad W. I 1 . Slmrp. I'll. I'O- J-HCB4. 12 B |»K i;l! Ust-d TV Wets mid HiHllon ELECTRONIC LAB— 2008 W, Muln at. 12.3 cfc tf I!«g!iiers. Ph 3-3133 11110 rk 11 W« HIIVB jiroptirrd frft.ri diillj — ,-hh-Krii Miliid. Imni milnd. punrnin rlii-i'M', potnto s^lnd, homo bivKcd Deans. lnvrbrfMi'd Irfsli liv-m. hsviltccuvU rtba. burhcciiod fn-erf. Mcsl T-honi- filctvk itlid .-.hlolii, pure very, i;rt»uiid bfuf LOWK'S GROCERY, ph. 3-4S97. 12 ,1 vk 1 Li \cw lU^li Hdt'lHy Krulth ita)rd pl.ivi't- with strobcsi'opc. .siH'i'do'tii'tcr l'.-t-d fur -short umc »» tiniiotistrutor Will M'll vi'ry n-HMiiiithlr C;\f,b 01 terms O SI b,L . , 1 . ttlll. :!0 Kul i-ltTt hot wiuor ln'j.tcr. mlsc r urnit ure Ueckhum ytni:u,.- Co I'h :t-»ua8. nu i tk i-» HEw^l WZ^A I .THE ICY HAND OF WINTER H IS REACHING FOR YOUR CAR ^1 Ut**pfotttfrt with this WINTER comma in* $f#MW • Oi<»9» mnim!»h>ti and MlnmiUtt kArlcont* IB cornel wtnMr gradl • kntaM OnniM Ford Alrtl-rfMM • TighXn aM coeKng »yil»m caniwctfwn • F>*|4| cxmticaM «Ml l*WI wMi wifrtw grant* >M &*+&*{£•& $10.95 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 300 Broadway Ph. 3-4453 Jack Your Fcrj, Portable Uciui C Dyimiiiltf mid 3 JtYUUM IMPLEX Oytht'vllK-. Ark Ph 3-4404. If voti arc hnv dinner, et il» hel Just cull LOWK'S C Krftsh (Irrsficii wrlfjht. I'll. 3-43M G.E. H" table i pi ced. Cull 3-flB U-sU-r tlaliy O wen at 913 Holly. M!» Lincoln 4 tl • 1S.W mo. Ph. :t-6 For Law 4 n«. n •t-'M'il or 2-^Cfi7, 5 rooms A hall Jieatr-r. 530 N. 61 7i t No uUlUk-K f Unfurnished 3 r w Hi 1 ilf bath, rj v .tter iL'iilcr. R( 3-3H6 after 6 p. in 4 room funilHl hot, water heater; 1 ouac, KSK conne !)738 or 2-M38. HiiKinesB bulldli ] I'l -si. Mrs. Holllp Housn for rent 1 ec room home. Ci mine, oil lii'al. A hufiinc-fifi bldg lln sind WiUnut. 4HH. We rei\t floor pjllslnrs. HUBBA 'lionc 2-201S. 2 bedroom nnM house on farm. Imlt of Blythevlll Offlcee at 211 \ 2 b I'd room ho Drive. S50. per icross street, or L BUSINESS Concrete Dlock overhead door, yl CiUi ro a-etus art HO acres of Ian with at (lltlomil r with us. Write » News, Illythcvllle. Ili2,5(J per ncre, p •\ rm. turn, hoi K lot Ph. 3-42fl5. Ntsw 2 bedroun ((InliiK room, di-n On puvcd street Natural gua Ucu i lonih. A dd re-tut News. Priva Coiiilortubli- lioine. Prtvnte b 2-2liflf!. Hooms to rent 1 e r ;es, P i. 2-2514. Comfortable b ioiuo. Cull 3-^37( C a.s iriil. Pli. 3-3 *M;Mua I Ul •i m i N 1 H ° l i HU *s •p E: T •3 gl I)CCOI 1 _ i I ! "TIE M J Give S | erow< 'jP and i i 1 c I p i H 1 c •I ^ amiixiiiii * AIIP 1 Fo' •Ij Highwa ii^P^iii GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK WITH FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr. Ulcanera • lira . [T COMPANY 12;3 cK tf •Ing a pany or club [p you prepare for It. GROCERY, ph. 3-4597 12|3 ck 1 S 3 :1 turkeys. Mrs. Ken- pk Ij7 nodel TV, refiKonttbly 05. 1228 pk 1[4 t'tano, can be 12;28 pk Itfi 4 dr., assume pnynientu, 1228 pk 12j3l modern house, wired itovc. E. Wiilnut. Ph. 12 30 pk 1 2 Bl Hwy. Ph. 34397. 12'30 pk 1 e, 206 N. only. Ph 22'J cV; t! . circulator and ho'. 416 K. Ash Ph. 12 22 pk lil id house, gas heat, heater; 5 rooin unfurnished •ormectccl. Call 3-8572. 312.^2 pk 31 and •cut furnished. Modern 2 pletcly equipped. ddjolning north city le $40 mo ph. 3-3756 12 ; 7 ck tr 8J12 ck tl use. 243G Kenwood noiith. pick up Key all 535 W Osceoln. 12 24 ck tf 1 rent to purty acreage to gin Write box MNO. '",. Covirlor 12J30 ck tf Cnsh In advance 2-2ti31. •12 28 rk J2i;U 12 2H ck 1 5 house, livlm; room, iiiul Httuched yiiniv;e In cliolrc locution. . .100 tl, loi. 575 :i !ox K-10. '-, Courier 12 ;io pk V2 ...nly. Ph 12 29 pk 1 '! Job Wanted Washing and trailing done In my home. Reasonable rates. 10] W. Cher- 12 29 pX ll) Situation Wanted Handicapped mt-ntn desires position. High school Kruduate. sdlcs experience. Can drive snmll truck. Write Box XYZ. '•/(. courier News. 12,^11 pk i;7 Loans Money To Loan On Jewelry, shotguns, luggaKP, camerfts. tdlos, musical instruments. Other attidfh oi vnlij(!. East Main Loan Co. UOG W. Main Ph. 2-2000 ^30 ck If LAND — FARM LOANS FOR THE BEST IN FARM See EARLS Farm& Loan Co. C. I,. Earlb 2-2416—J. Mwrsli 2-2720 Blythevtllc Ph. 3-4052 3;30 ck tl Lost & Found Lost black hour hog. Wt. 230 ibs. Ph. 3-3075. 1229 pk 1J6 Notice NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS Our ticket office will close 9:00 p.m nljthtly attcr Jan. 1, 1955. Our patron'' Icfivlna n late buses purchase your ticket or taring i" express before Q'.flO p.m. and we will be nble to serve you Tlitiliking you tor your co-operatic GREYHOUND LINES, J. E. Carter, 12;:tO pk 1;2 Want riders to Detroit, Mich. Leav- HB Jan. 3. Call 2-2559. 12|2!) pk 1,2 TALLY LAKE CLUB. INC, (Near Tomato, Ark.) Notice—trespassers will be prosccut- d. TOM H. CALLIS, Secretary 12'15 pk 1115 LcavlnK Saturday night for San Antonio. Tex., and would like passenger. Contact, at 126 E. Vino. 12.30 pk 1J3 Situation Wanted Yount; mftii, 25 years old. wants K°°rt sition with local firm. Veteran with ci'llent education. Very (,'ood, refer- ces can be procured. Write Box LMN. Courier News. 12'20 pk 1|5 Wanted to Buy • Wo hui tin canr, Blythcrllle Iron and Metal Co. Ph 3-8962 ll|5 ct If Wanted to Rent 2 htHiroom house close In with nat- \ui\l K^ S - Permanent resident. Plume j-(i:i. r >'t lifter 6 p.m. 10-26 tl Bilking Hint If you use aluminum foil during biikmg use ;i .section only slightly larger Hum the baking utensil. K tin? entire bottom of the oven is covered with foil, it Will cut off circulation of heat and prevent correct cooking. 12;il pk 1<U i W. Muln. 12.14 pk 31 I Paint Closeout Man; T.TPCK and Color* £ Price Hubbard Hardware HUBERT'S CLUB Now is the time to plan your gala HOLIDAY PARTY HUBERT'S CLUB The Most Reiiulifully Decorated Club In the South -OPEN EVERY NIGHT- Photos on Request UTLEY'S DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE Give liquor for Christmas. Follow the crowds to Utley's Drive-In Liquor Store and save money on all items! —Open Regular Hours— if. & 1 . JSk SI .« 1 I $ 9k PRICES Hondy 6 Pock Carton Canned On All Brands Of Liquors Wines, Scotch, Gins and Cordiah S §8 BEER 60 C , HUBERT UTLEY All Popular Brand Cigarettes $1.70 Ctn. For Reservations Phone 3241 or 9411 , Holland, Mo. i 1 i END OF YEAR SPECIALS Our Cars Are All Weather Ready 19&J CHF.VROLET 4-clr. sedan with power Rilde transmis- mlssion, W.W. tires, deluxe radio, seal COTCM, heater and defroster. A one owner car with living room comfort. Was $1895—NOW Jl«95 1954 CHRYSLER Windsor deluxe 4-dr. sedan, automatic transmission, W.W. Urn, null*, heater, »nd defroster. WM 52095—SOW SWSS 1952 PLYMOUTH Cambridee 4-dr. sedan. Has W.W. tired, radio, heater, defroster, and seat covers. Was $995—NOW J 895 1959 CHEVROLET 4-dr. sedan with power slide, seat covers, radio, heater, and defroster. It's real nice. Was §795—VOW 5 6*5 1919 PLYMOUTH 4-dr. sedan with seat covers, radio, beater, and defroster. It's a steal at only $ 305 1951 PLYMOUTH Cranbrook 4-dr. sedan with seat covers, radio, heater, and defroster. Was S795—NOW .5 695 1919 FORD V-8, 5 pass, coupe with seat covers, radio, heater, and defroster. This is a dandy for only % 3*5 CHEAI'IES 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! 1942 CHEVROLET 2-dr. 4 1939 PONTIAC 4-dr $ 99 t'J« CHEVROLET 2-dr. & 1941 PLYMOUTH 2-dr S 89 1940 PLYMOUTH Coupe & 1939 DeSOTO 4-dr $ 98 1946 DODGE Vi ton pick-up & 1939 PLYMOUTH 2-dr % 99 SOME OF THESE CARS HAVE HEATERS & OTHER EXTRAS Many More to Choose From. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan. Remember you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 W. Walnut Phone 3-4578 SEAT COVER SALE Fiber - $9.95 - Plastic - $13.95 (Price does not Include Installation) Seat covers tailor made for all trucks & cars GILBERT'S AUTO UPHOLSTERY Hiway 61 N. Ph. 3-6742 EDDIE'S LIQUOR STORE 122 E. Main Phone 3-9713 Owned & Operated by Eddie Salifoa FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO, A l Sell That Stuff" Phone 2-2089 Visit Conny's Conoco Service, Ash & Division The New Ford "600" Tractor SO MUCH MORE FOR SO MUCH LESS PARTS SNOW TRACTOR CO. WESTBROOK IRRIGATION CO. Soles and Service For IRECO IRRIGATION SYSTEM FAIRBANKS MORSE • GARDNER DENVER • MARLOW PUMPS • WISCONSIN CHRYSLER WILLYS ENGINES 225 NO. ist. ST, Estimates Free PH American Electric Supply, Inc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF Electrical Supplies & Construction Materials Rear 213-215 W. Walnut —Blyt h'cville— Po. 3-8353 104-106 K. Word— Jr.ncsboro— WK 5-5385 LAMPS, /l|S^ CONDUIT SERVICE Kr/fft) WIRING EQUIPMENT ^fjSf DEVICES H jMr home or business house is no4 adequately wired, Bee your licensed electrical contractor. USED TRACTORS MOST ALL MAKES and MODELS Wt Havt th» troctbr for you! Come in today and have a look. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Highway 61 Ph. 2-2<llJ

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