Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 5, 1911 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 5, 1911
Page 4
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SXtHTDATi MOENING. OAKLAND TRIBUNE TJOVDI.IBER 5, 1C11. I ;ff. Special Suit Values for Monday J $35:00 Suits at $25.00 'X? splendid assortment of Tailored Suits in blackvlbrown, navy;' : vand tan in. the :welt tailored effectsplendidlyinedat : $25.00 the; Suit . Former prices to $35.00 , " $3.50 Kimonos jat 2;50 - . i&kspecial line of new Silk Kimonos and Dressing1 Sacques.in a . (variety of patterns and sizes; formerly priced at $3.50 ;'i : Special at 2.50 Taft & Pennoyer's Meii's Dept. wish to announce the arrival for the holiday season of Smoking Jackets, English Tavistock House Gowns, Lounging -' i Robes, Bath Robes, Etc - CVVe are "showing many exclusive fabrics and shade concep- : tions, ' notably : Royal Ascot Gray Paprica Brown, Beach Sand Tan. Attractive, dependable,correct styles; beautiful color effects. Unquestionable Leaders v SMOKING JACKETS Two-toned -stripe, invisible plaids; : newest : Colorings, hand- tailored $5.00. 'v - V BLANKET ROBES, a v .;, . , With the cheerful touch and style; made as well as it is possible to produce; patterns 'and exclusive colorings 5.00 ') ; s Baby Department (TyVe are showing a beautiful -new assortment of Infants' and r Children's Hand-Embroidered ' Silk and Cashmere Sacques, r Hood' Shawls,5 Wrappers, Kimonos, Nightingales, etc. These garments are embroidered in the daintiest 1 patterns and shades of pink, blue and white.: xhe prices are most reasonable. Alwaysan acceptable little present for any baby. : t: W-Vi - NOVELTIES "l ' UNovelty-t gifts in, celluloid and" silk, such "as Rattles, Ribbon, .Soap, Sponge,- and Powder , Boxes, Coat Hangers, Armlets, .1 1 HandPainted Clothes Hangers Baby Records,' safety Pin-:- Holders and. other,, novelties too numerous to v mention. I I Prices .that' appeal to all classes of purchasers. T ! ; - y A ' - ARNOLD KNIT WEAR , We"are exjclusrye igents for; the Arnold Wear and always car-Lmf.--ry.-a. full stock of the most popular numbers. Night Draw-.'-ers with and; without feet, Gowns, Bath Aprons, Towels, ; iWash ClothsAccouchment Bands, Lap Robes- and Drap- tT eneST '--i- - ..--::.;:.i. U-c - . ,. J- - 1 ,1 . In siffe Jexsey, cotton taffeta, sateen and moreen. 1 Silk Messa- line and Taffeta Skirtsr in;,a large range of all the leading JlSateen ? and Cotton Taffeta "in black, navy, gray, brown and greeri .-i Ju . . .V.., ."., . 1 .V.1. 4 ..... .SX25 to " $3.50 ' .:"Silk, Moreens from - i . . . . . . . . . . ..".3.50 to S6.50 t These;3kirts-can all be'rfed in the extra wide sizes." ; Sterling Novelties for Thanksgiving Table HAI 'wonderful assortment of dainty , and inexpensive -novelties' .i that' add to the appearance, of a. well-set table. J -Every piece stamped' sterling. This new assortment just received . and - some special lots at attractive prices. - Sterling Silver Casters, a dainty, Silver and Glass Tray for dainties . .;. J .50 'Sterling Silver Comfits priced from . .... . .S1.50 to STw50 -Sterling Silver vSalt and Pepper Sets S2.50 and 3.50 'Sterling Silver Lemon Dishes";.. ... ..i .S1.75 and" S2.50 -Sterling Silver, Butter Trays Sterling bilver bugar Holders rSterling Silver Salted Nut Holders . . sterling oxivcr xNapmn xungs . ....... Sterling Silver Boh Bon Spoons. . .., v Sterling Silver Picture Frames ;. . .". . j Sterling Silver Extract Bottles, -rSterlins' Silver Salt and Penner. Many other -novelties in silver I" Special Boxed Papers The latest moire effect in Paper and Envelopes. Two. sizes;, many well-selected shades," some plain, some "gold : bordered . both sizes at the one price , . ,50 THE BOX ; A - ;nlendid chance for a holiday gift. .Lay in a supply.. ALLEGED COMBINE UNDER : - INVESTIGATION IN NORTH PORTLJLNIj Or, Nr tJTh "Ore-Vonln tcxiay Bays that! agrata of the interstate Commerc Commltilon h&v 1sea et work ta' this" cltyr for" the past hro "week" favesttgatlng possible combinations among; ; plumbers, hardware Tiitn and dealers In metal goods, t. The Taper says tee activixy or xne . xeaerai investigators extends throughout the ntlro Paclnc coast. , ' 4 .Continuing, it states: . Secretaries of Ohe various organizations with : which dealers In uaatal goods- are -affiliated bare been suhpoenaed to appear before ths foderal crand Jury here. -They hare ,fceea asked to -hrlns; their hooka with thm. list of the members also has ten demanded from each orcunlaa- r- phese;jted to r.iusEun . 'WASHrN'GTOK. Jfor. 4.---A collection rf .more than 100 medals trophiea, swords end personal belongings of the late Rear-Ailriilral Bchley. intimately associated 'with . his long naval career, have been Fiven to the National Museum by Mrs. .'.Schley. The , commodore's flag, . which lot tie of Santiago, and part of a sliver service reads from bullion,. taken from the "--sli battlsshlp Crljstcbal Colcn. are ia-'c--sl ia Cie-eoUecCca. . : - ats little Tray to 'set a's-fass : onJ: . . . ; S1.00 to S3.50 ....... to S6.00 . 50d to S2.50 ...;S1.00 to'S3.50 to 83.00 2-ounce UU ....50d EACH individual vjlM?- Wiru' for gifts, prizes and "favors, all RAILROADS PAY $T84 , ; v MILE FOR DAMAGES 4 HOXTSTON, Teao. Nor., 4 8tattotlos) for 32 of the leading railroads of Texas that comprise about 83 per cent of the mileage of the state and do about 81 per cent of the business, show the abnormal growth of the damage suit industry ia Texas during the past Cereal year. The sworn records of these roads ahOw that the enormous sua of $2,505,084 was paid out la settlement of personal mjury caaes. Thia' Is k aa average of fl84 -for ach mile of road operated by the roads from which the statistics are taken. The ora paid oat oa these suits was 2JSS par cent of the total operating revenue of the roads aad was S.40 per cent of the total operathvg expenses of the roads embraced la the report. t rr, t n -L-y--Jr.:s : COLUSA PRONE CROP . BRINGS GOpp PRICE ColJSA. JCov. , 4The" prune crop.r!3ed. la Uie yicinity ; f Colusa this season was enormous and trta5'- " price received were the highest that have beea paid la several yars. There are now In the Fifth-street warehouse 8000 sacks to be shipped to San Francisco, The steamer Colusa will take 4000 sacks of the prunes today and the balance are to be shipped on the eteamer.Dover, , Tfceee prunes in the warehouse were not all that were mi own here, j JVB. DeJarratt is shipping j:j tens cf 1-3 crr- t C-lcajt-fcy-rail. VESSELS ARRIVE IN HARBOR I'JITH LUMBER - - Gas Engine Works Leases Land and Begins Erection: .of.NeiMMant. . MAIN STRUCTURE T(K BE 100X80 PEET Steam ' Schooner . North Fork . Put on Ways to. Be Overhauled- The steam schooner Pomo, Captain Lttleland. arrived late yesterday from San Francisco and laid alongside of the Hogan Lumber Company's wharf, where 8he-l3dfscharging 40,000 feet of lumber. !;..;."-. ! -. ' ' In order to accommodate the orders for gas' engines and enlarge lti water front area, the Atlas. Gas Engine; Works, ' which Is located at 'the foot of Eleventh avenue, has leased . large plot of landat the foot of Twentieth avenue, where it is erecting a new plant. The new home of the engine- works will be 200 ; feet - la length and 80 feet In width,: which with a number of out-bnlldlngs 40x80 feet will cover considerable space. A pile driver of Cotton - Bros. Is at work, driving the piles for the foundation of the wharf and in a few days this part of the work will . be completed. C. Chrlstensen has the contract for building the place, which will be made of corrugated iron and will be finished with all modern facilities and conveniences. - All the latest machinery will be Installed. . A water plant for the purpose of fighting fires Is already on the grounds and . is owned by the company. The" officers of the company are I. - A. Moberry, manager, and A. Warenskjold, president. - . ' . ' " y'r ' SCHOONER IiAlD UP. - The steam schooner Tiverton cams In late, yesterday and laid up at the United Engineering Works, where she will be overhauled. r . . The steam" .schooner Worth Fork, Captain Nelson, from Eureka," arrived-yesterday nd laid , up at the. United Engineering Works. She -will be put on the ways and overhauled..; . The American Dreftging. Company's big dredge Uncle Sam was towed. In from the Key Route Basiii and laid up in the mud off East Oakland yesterday by the Oakland launch' and Tugboat Company's tug Dixie. " The steam schooner Excelsior tuna In and went on the ways at the United Engineering Works late ' yesterday. She will be overhauled and repaired. . 600,000 FEET OF LUMBER. ' , The . . steam ;, schooner : Tamalpals, Captain Anderson, . arrived late yesterday and laid alongside the E. K. W6od'TtimbeifiCompanys wharf, East Oakland, where, she is discharjrlng a 600,000 foot cargo of lumber.- ..:..? The scow, schooner Mary Francis is at the city wharf at the foot of .Webster ' street discharging -' cargo-" ? of sewer pipe consigned to the Ransome-Crummr Co. - - - i a-' : , : The " river steamer; DImond 5 pulled i In and laid alongside the .- city wharf at the foot of Clay street yesterday. She cams in empty! and went ut empty. I ' : l'';-: -. : '' iThe Santa Fe Company's tuJB5. Pi-Ripley is on the ways at ' Moore and Scott's shipyards undergoing cleaning: and painting. . i , - : -' . 1 " J ARRIVES WITH CORD WOOD. '' The scow schooner Magnolia . was moved from the city wharf .at the foot of" Clay-street to James P. Taylor's coal bunkers, where she! is discharging cord wood.- . -i The dredge -Caledonia Is at-Western Paclfle Company's mole - dredging out the slip. At present the slip is not deep enough to allow, ferryboats in , the slip, but ; with a i little dredging this fault wil soon,: be remedied.':..' "".''"..;'. .-::S -r-, -.. The steam schoone? Katharine is at the E. K. Wood Lumber Company's wharf - discharging lumber. She arrived Jate last night. ' ".- BRIDE BY WIRELESS; :j - , w; HIS S. 0. S, DIEIT ' NEW ;TOKK, ; Nov, " 4. The wireless operator in his lonely station ; at Pire Island, - some time ago hit . upon an ingenious method of securing a. bride, v In good and bad weather he sent out across the , lonely v water the signal , "S. O. 8" which is. the matrimonial C Q. D. or call for immediate assistance. . The message was picked up by steamers and ether wireless stations and widely published In the newspapers.. An Immense amount of gallant corresponqeace found . its Way to the lonely wlrelefis station -and as the sequel the wireless ' operator, Haas Anderson, was married last week to ' Mrs. Blanche ' Hltchuel of Bay ' Shore, - L. X. After their honeymoon ia New York the pair will take up their residence, at Fire Island. ' OYSTERS AND WINE FOR --BASEBALL DELEGATES ; SAN ANTONIO, Tex.. Nov.' 4 Morris Block, 'president San Antonio - Baseball association; A. H. Danforth, president, and C H. Genslinger, -secretary, of the Travis cTub ""are axranglng a special entertainment for delegates and visitors to the tenth annual convention . of the Ta-tloral Association of Professional . Baseball Leagues, to be1 held ia San Antonio November 16 to 18. . The quality of Texas oysters has been heralded over the -land, but probably Thany of the visitors have never tasted them,- so they will be treated to a : succulent oyster roast, supplemented with several : casks of ; wine , made from grapes grown near Ingleside on the coast. The entertainment will be held Saturday night, November IS. in the Casino hail, the oldest club in San Antonio,, the clubhouse and-grounds retaining many of the pioneer characteristics of San Antonio. This wCl be. the final and crowning entertainment of the many provided for the baseball visitor. . . - DAILY "RIVER REPORT AGAIN BEING ISSUED : - - .'-,- - . - SACBAMENTO, Not. A. The weather bureau, through N. .B, Haylor, the local forecaster, has resumed the Issuance of the dally river bulletin, giving the height of the water at various places aleng the rivers Where gauges are read daily. New gauges have been placed at St. Joba, on Stony creek, at Jacinto, on the Sacramento, and at Nicclavs, on the Feather, wihle the one at MonroeTilla has ben abandoned. The bulletin will bo published dally until May SI. while the Saa Joaquin butlets- -wi'.l terta jDe-.ar 1 anl rua ur:til jr. 0. NATIVESONS TO BE HOSTS TO THE DAUGHTERS I E. A. THEELB. ' Several hundred Native ' Daughters will be guests at an entertainment and reception- to he given by Piedmont Parlor, . Native - Sons of the . Golden West, next Thursday evening In .Lincoln hall, .40 7iThirteenth'street, where the visitors will be received by a com mittee which will Include E. A. Theile, George Planer, ' I Pierottl and L. Lundqulst- A program v will be given. It has been the custom of the parlor to honor the members of the sister lodge during the year. ; The affairs have been marked : by their originality, and it ia believed that the coming event will surpass all previous functions. R. M. Hwnb will act as chairman of the evening. ' WOOD ALCOHOL KILLS JACK1ES Deadly Stuff Believed to-Have Been Stolen From. Cruiser Pennsylvania.-. 1 BREMERTON; .Wash., ' Nov. 4 Fromdrinklnj? -wood" alcphol," "P. J. Halley and Jkt- 1. ; Law, ' navy sailors, are-deadr Seaman : Arthur Johnson is dying ? and : a - -detachment s of '( navy guards are eeklngto- find otherr'mem-bers of the complement of the cruiser Pennsylvanlav f who .may be - dead or sick in hotels, of the city. - The .deaths occurred' simultaneously 'this- morn- ; It Is believed that the ; men stole a quantity of wood alcohol left aboard the, ship by workmen. ; .; Possible extension of the tragedy to include more names Is a cause- of worry among officers' of the' ship, -t r :.. :.; ' . . '; ' Many -Sailors are ashore on liberty and it is known that others than the dead and known sick partook-of the poison draught. i ' - -. ' : Halley died after . Intense suffering in a- .hotel, but Law was able to reach hisrshlp after : a ' trip - into town before stricken. There is little prospect that Johnson will survive. . .. WALLA WALLA GETS NEW RAILWAY LINE WALLA WALLA, Nev. 4. Articles of Incorporation of a : railroad line which at least will . provide Walla Walla with a transcontinental train service have been filed In Olympia by Robert E. Strahorn, president of the O. W. Tt. & N. and formerly president of the North Coast Railroad during its construction before it was known to be a part of the Harrlman system. KERMAN WILL SHIP TONS OF WINE GRAPES KERMAN. Nov. . More than 1000 tons of wine grapes' will be shipped from Kerraan this year according to estimates made by Ji A. Johnson, secretary, of the growers pool.. Over 800 tons have been shipped by the pool, while , two.7 or three : large vineyards, whose proprietors did not enter the selling" agreement, will make up the balance of the total tonnage. WILU GIVE RIGHT OF WAV. COLUSA, Nov. 4. Ia the matter of the estate of Albert M. Packer, a petition has been filed asking permission to sell a strip of land to the Colusa and Hamilton rail road to be "used for a right of way. M. J. Boggs, Oscar Robinson and T. Harrington have been appointed appraisers. V ",: DAnGEElS OF FAT i:nr fat attests ti:s lunss How many people tuSerlng from excess of fat can expand their lungs to fullest extent giving to their bod ies an abundance of fresh air? The short, panting breath of obesity makes the heart work faster, sending the blood through veins and arteries, at double. pressure, giving no time for proper nourishment of the body Aad all because the longs ara crowded with rolls of fat that prevent smooth, easy breathing. How much better to dissolve the fat, and allow the system to produce compact muscle. This is accomplished surely and harmlessly through Marmola Prescription Tablets. These convenient little tablet are thecondensed form of that famous Mafmcia Prescription which for years has proved so harmless and elective in redacingfat people to slimness. The steady even reduction is accomplished,, without dieting or exercise, allowing yon to live as yon like, eat what yon like aad still lose 10 to 13 oz. a day. Llarmola Prescription Tablets are for sale by all drr--ists or the tlarmola Co., 77 Ilonroe Ave., Detroit, I.Iich., ct 1Z-o lit a larB Cass. II gettirj too fit f;r cc;.r: t, try a cs?9 tr ?y. . Here is ycrar opportunity to eectire WgH grade. Fall Suits at prices far below the actual value of the garments. New seasonable, stylish, splendidly made Suits in a great variety of models materials, colors and effects wU be placed on sale tomorrow ' V:eB;J:sef f6uM Early 4 Selection lnklBlMISergm ?:K'--':;--V--- . MAN TAILORED. . v : 'V : '-.X-: .'' We are the recognized headquarters for theVmost popular suit of the age, fThe Ink Blue Serge.- - Our assortment of. these popular suits is the largest to be found anywhere.- These suits are made from the best materials by man tailors: they are extremely stylish and dressy.- All are Skinner Satin lined. -;-"5 ;: ,' rS22.50 S25.00 S27;50 S32;50 New j Tailored: Suits A great variety of splendid models -to make selections from. --- All are lined with guaranteed lining. The materials Include Mixtures, Twoedey Broadcloth, Sard-finished Worsteds, .Two-tone Cheviot, ; and 4 a. variety of novelty weaves. ' . . : " 4 ...... . fil5.0(y S18.50 ft S20.06 S22,50 825.00 Novelty Suits - Selected and exclusive models comprise out collection.' .Several are Imported. These suits are noteworthy for style, finish, , workman ship, materials,' trimming; lining and fit-, ; ; , , . . v S25.00 -. S29.50 S35.00 S45.00 'Corduroy and. Velvet Suits ..i These popular and extremely dressy suits offer a new rangei of exctulslte styles and effective trimming. Our, showing of these suits Is exceptional in every respect. - " -r S25.00 New Fall Coats A large and varied Assortment of coats' for Ladles, Misses and Juniors. Splendid new models In plain-tailored and novelty, effects. Coats for street, business and evening; wear.'- The materials Include Serges If?. ."V V ZS C Reversawes, $6.95 iVeiv Skirts A bis; variety - of 'Serges, Tweeds, Broadcloth, a njd Panamas in th e newest effects. SPECIAL. S5, 57.50, 53.50 WHEAT iS BEARISH December Futures Sold on Hard Spots by Armour- . Lichtstern: Combine. ' (By JOSEPH F. mTCWLRfi.y CHlCAOQ,. Nov. 4 Sentiment f In wheat was bearish at the close tonight." One noticeable feature of the market, today was the selling of ,. the December future on all the hard spots and It was generally believed by those who watch pit conditions closest that this wheat was being sold by the Ar- mour-Lichtstern aggregation. Fluctu ations were confined within 94 1 o and the highest were reached at xnld-v session. There was some - reaction from the best levels during the last half hour, yet closing price, were M Ho above the resting spots of Friday. '-k.: 'n - ' .: -,.-'. - " Many of those -who 5 bought 1 wheat yesterday were sellers today, : and some of the shorts were evening- up their contracts.. There was continued talk over- the -hig sales - of No. i, red winter wheat as reported yesterday, and the result of these transactions was "viewed . from two standpoints. Those favoring the bear side of the wheat believe that as many - of : ths millers .have been filled up by : the Lichtstefn wheat, they . will require only moderate amounts : for some time, and that this -will .work against the price. -A-" : f:ri. --- - ' r- . " BJB3 WHEAT ALL TAKEN. Those who favor the bull side say that nearly all the No. 2 red winter wheat has been taken and that it will be moved out. that there is little left save the hard variety and that this will command prices asked by holders. There is a promise of unsettled weather in the spring wheat country - of the ' Northwest, which will mean a cutting down of the movement until such time as the roads are thoroughly frozen, over and the hauling of wheat to the : various stations will - be . assured. - - - ' ' ' . , '.' .. . . The old time bull crowd in bp corn market the speculators wh)o : bought everything in signt a few months ago. and who adhered to that market as bulls until the structure presented a top-heavy appearance when they sold out, are again to be seen as' buyers. Prices closed today H 4 c : higher, showing- someTreactIon and decline from the mid-session bulge. "j ; ADVANCE TS OATS. . , V. In sympathy with corn there wasa fractional advance In oats. ' The demand . was general and largely from shorts and those who believe that this cereal Is slated for an advance. . . The feature as well as -the factor In the provision market was the. buying of lard by foreigners, , yet prices were confined within exceptionally narrow, limits. LONDON TRADE IDLE. - LONDON, Nov. 4. Trading was Idle today on . the stock exchange and price movements were Irregular. Consols gained H and other investment shares pointed . upward. But home rails were lower. Disocunts were unchanged In Lombard street. - -hop sirrpsiENTS light. SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 4. Shipments of hops from San Francisco by sea in October were 119, 3SS pounds, compared with ' 236,247 pounds for October, 1910.. The value th!3 year, 1 ?--: V? JIC,72S rK J31.1S1 -S AT MARKET CLOSE ." - : TT O S29.50 S35.00 $56.00 : to Eleventh and Washington Street IN WALL STREET Steel Was Strong Around the High Price of Previous - Session. By THOMAS C. HOTWHUtiy ' - . wall btrebt, NEW TORS, Nov. 4. Stocks were buoyant in Wall street today, with Beading, Union Padfio and Canadian Padfio' the ' leaders. ' Steel was strong around the high price of the previous session. Reading was the moat a-tive of an stocks and Its , advance covered threS points. Blocks of a thousand shares and more' changed hands ia. a single .transaction. ; '. .' . ; .7 Bank clearings for the week showed a material- increase.: Mall ' order business was much larger. Bailroad earnings continue around high levels. The' publio also bought '.-'considerable- stock in small lots and the upward movement .is beglanlag to acquire , ia following. The New York hank- statement showed -a - material increase in loans-'-V ".-': :ry,.. j.: . ; American Tobacco advanced to 4Z0 on the curb as the. result of . a report that the' United States Circuit Court would make official announcement- Monday of the plan of reorganization and this plan would be very favorable to the : common stockholders.' . - - '.;',- 1 . ; STREET CELEBRATES. Wall street celebrated the apparent adjustment of American Tobacco Company affairs, this week with a material advance In 1 prices of all .. stocks. . a . quarterly statement of $2922,725 of net earnings by the Steel Trust also helped the advance, because, it was much better than expected, JSpeeches -ef President Taft deaounciag the corporations - for law-breaking and threatening to dissolve them because of It had no influence on the market. although the government must - begia. some important litigation soon la nursuance to President Tft' plan, . '-.'.;"? ' '-':'.-:' '-';.-. , . ; --.'"'"' Announcement came that the Stanley committee' will remme . tr fMHnn wn. I member 1. The Stanley committee is KXOected to lnanlr nartlmlarl Intn v. relations existing between the ; railroads ana ; xne sceei . corporation. . Particular attention will be paid to this relationship at the time of the 1907 paaio Jn Wall street. The Interstate Commerce Commission is expected to bring action soon against railroads and the steel trust on the charge of rebating. ' ' DISPUTE IS SETTLED. ,Wall street considers the tobacco dispute settled because the objections mad to the company's plaa"by Attorney-Gaa-eral Wickersham were not displeasing, to the Insiders. The reason this settlement is celebrated so vigorously Is that the reorganization leaves the insiders In as full control of the tobacco industry as they were before the government brought its suit. 'It is argued, from this that the government will be powerless to enforce competition in any Industry and therefore the dissolution suits will amount to nothing, fin connection with the ateel trust there is a distinct belief ia financial circles that the govercrnent will lose its suit entirely became it has made charges that cannot be proved. The steel petition is considered s, political stump speech. - ' One of the pecu"ar movements of the week was a raid on Amerlcal Smelting stock. Tl.is raid had ell the fippearance cf a deliberate shake-out by iss jers,' for imrr.ei;ate'.y ater the cc"'.ars- toc'-i t-. 'j f - - - - i a f : ' u ! i . :t tit . it; "... i ". f . - nnnfn' .ills ' kiu. i it'. at New Furs, Coats, ; 8eU and - Slnigie Piece - U0NEY SAVING PRICES mi CO-ED TO ABIDE BY; ; - EARLY TO BED BULE MADISON, Wis., Nov. 4 The Self. Oovernment' AsseclatlOB. composed ot uaiversity women, has voted not to abrogate, the. rule whereby all co-eds must .' return from 12 o'clock 'parties at 12:20 v, a. m. It is said that a certain soclete -y-' racuon among, tno giris ravorea a 1 o'clock leave-taking, but the more serious-minded won In . their advocacy of the earlier hour. ' L. KREISS gTJTTER AND KTOCStlON ST3. i: -The fall season la now, v here and It Is essential that , the home "undergo complete rejuvenation; . jbe invested ?: with : an ; a too s p hero el warmth - and coziness a ; cheer to dispel the gloom ot winter. ' - . - - . '.-. Our .Upholstery, ; Sectioo at your service--a depart- ment of rich im po r t e d stuffs ; beautiful, inexpensive materials; artistic han Ings, 'coverings and dainty curtains to enhance the winter comfort and attractlve- ; ness of mansion or cottae. Special mention Is deserved ,by , tlio splendid display of .tapestries,. for wall decoration and furniture co-rcrlr , showing an Interesting assortment of new weaves, slns and colors, T:- Tf P 'T77rin ps of 07 jn' ; - - -- rr , ill L- 'Lfn" tiisniiissisj m m ssk"''- "-----" ""'iswsi V --

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