The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1891
Page 4
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.I'-, THE BANCROFT NEWS J, A, FRECfi, BANCROFT, KOSSUTH OOU^Y, IOWA, JUNE, 8v 1801. VOL. 1, tfO, We must have a celebration, Geo, WoddWbrth arrived home Saturday, G. F. llolloway was in Algomilast Friday. Tom Holland, who lives west of town Is very sick. i B. F. Smith was at Algona on business last Thursday. Will Hough was up from Hurt Sunday for a short visit. John Kerr, of Burt, was up Monday faight to see the city. Ben Mayhew visited with his parents at Burt over Sunday. The Knights of Pythias had initiation last Friday night. A. A. Grose is breaking up his prairie land south of town, .: B. M. Richmond is building an'addi- tion to the corner store. G-. A. Whitehill was up from Algona last Thursday on business. Thos. Lantry and J. B^ Jones were in toWn last week Tuesday. The receipts of the Bancroft depot are about $5,500 per month. Supervisor Holtz was seen on our streets several days last week. •W. L. Joslyn Was up from Algona Monday night ou official business. Thos. Goody came back from a visit a distance and does not know how Bancroft and Kossuth county are boom- Ing, A number of Bancroft Good Temp- lars intend to goto themass temperance jconvention at Algona tomorrow. Qeo. 'Constance, superintendant of the Boberts lumber yards, was down from Blue Earth City last week on business. J. W* Hartshorn moved his family from the Barslou building to the Andrene house in the north part of town last week. A brother of Wartmart Bros., of Ramsay, is visiting the boys. He is a Presbyterian minister and is located at Sheldon, Iowa. Wm. Hunter, of Mason City, was visiting with his old college chums, Prof. E. C. Anderson and Dr. R. A. Busby, last week. The Kossuth County Sunday School convention meets in the Lutheran church in Bancroft June llth. It promises to be a success. C. A. Tellier and Bert Salisbury, two of northern Kossuth's No. 1 teachers, visited their homes in Algona the latter part of last week. W, B. Tallman has just finished breaking 225 acres of land for Rev. Richie of this place and a Mr. McKinnie, of Bagley, Iowa. The Algona REPinvLiCANhas a larger circulation this week in and around Bancroft than any other paper published in Kossuth county. Fred R. house look application with relatives at Mankato, Monday. We have heard a number of farmers complain of cut worms in their corn. Attorney Smith, of Cherokee, lowai I Goody handles the brush, was here looking after his land inter- 1 ests. . . . ' •' '' 'I Mrs. S. P. Hartshorn returned Saturday from her visit to her parents at Algona. , Rev. A. G. Ward attended the Ep- wortli League convention at Algona last week. Anderson has made his a great deal better by the of a coat of paint. Mr. Ringling Bros, show will be Earth this year and they have billed this town. Will Hart, of Algona, is working on Dr. Cutler's residence, which is nearly completed, I. J. Bruer has improved the appearance of his residence by a liberal supply of paint. I. J. Bruer has sold about 600 rods of •woven wire fence, which speaks well for the fence. If you want to buy anything read our ads this week and you will know where to go to get it. . " ; .. We are in favor--of- everything that helps to give an honest boom tq our booming town. Mrs. Peter Jeanson, of Ledyard, visited with the family of P.M. Barslou last Thursday/ The Fort Dodge bankers were here last week pushing on the work of the new brick bank. A corn doctor did the town last Friday and Saturday, but he was referred to Horace Boies. The regular monthly'covenant meeting of the ^Baptist church will beheld next Friday night. Quite a number of schools in this E art of the county are getting their air exhibits ready.; S, S. Wartman, 4 the. flour drummer, a former Kossuth county man, visited Bancroft last week, ' . E. Dixon's face is wreathed in smiles by the advent of an eight pound girl at fiis house last week, r The division bridge builders of the Northwestern were repairing bridges in this vicinity last week. Campbell & Reynolds have had their front painted an decorated, which gives it a very neat appearance, The Phoenix House had 40 for breakfast one day last week. Don't say anything about Bancroft's boom. A. J. Berryman went to Cedar Rapids last Thursday to/attend the Masonic Grand Lodge of the State, A sidewalk has been; ordered on the east side of Summit Ave. from H, W. Boby's to the Catholic church. . v . Bert Edmonds, Algpna's champion Wcycler, traveled from Algona to El- Biore on his wheel last Friday, The cemetery has a new fence, This lias been needed a long time and everybody interested feels thankful. Capjb. R. E. Jeanson, pf v Swea, left for" [oux City last Friday, to attend a lay School Convention. Barslow's cash stove is the place to "buy tea or anything else in the grocery "'" Barslou advertises this, week. »W*Bays, of Algona, was in " days last week loosing af- ' of the HKJPUBWQA^- who lives a few miles yon the arrival of • A large amount of lumber was hauled from this place last Saturday for the Danish Lutheran church in Denmark township, Emmet county. Patronize men who advertise, they are;always the men to deal with. The business men of Bancroft advertise in this paper. Bead their ads. B. N. Bruer is manifesting the fact that he has a big lumber trade this year by building a new lumber shed 20x150. And still we boom. Sam Mayne sold a half section .of la»d Monday to actual settlers. The land Ifes southeast of Bancroft several miles. Did not learn the names. Practice economy by trading at the economy store. Read Mr. Crowel's ad and then go and trude with him. Econ omize your money and it will go-faith er: ••'•. •••-'.-.•;-,. ••• NicfcArendis another one of those neople who believe in keeping thing looking nice. <He has shown this by giving his house "and barn a hew coa of paint. There has been a subscription started and carried through to buy a ladder for a ladder company. This town needs a company badly. Success to you, boys. - •-. W; E.Jordan and wife and Prof. E. C. Anderson and wife attended Decoration day exercises at Algona last Saturday and remained visiting with friends over, Sunday. • G. C. Blanohard, formerly of. this place but now baggage master at Lake Crystal, was visiting'with his parents west of town. He was considerably surprised at Bancroft's boom. Campbell &Beynolds sells hardware .cheap and lots of it. They understand the business and people are finding it out. The firm has a large trade and deserve it.-Look over their" ad. Clarence Norman, who; five and one half miles northwest of town, caught a pair of young wolves last week while herding. He sold them to Duane Tallman who has them in a cage. Has Austin met with what came near being a serious accident; last week. He was breaking stone, when a splinter flew into his eye, foy which cause he had to remain in a dark room several days. The Bancroft band has got the material and is- getting the practice that will make it the best band in northern Iowa. Now don't any more Algona papers say they "think" Bancroft has a band. .••.:.• Mr. Musson has had the Phoenix house fixed up in first class Style from the third floor down. The Phoenix is were sung and the- grave of-every Union soldier buried there was appropriately decorated. The board of directors of the independent district of Bancroft, and the board of directors of Greenwood township had a meeting last Saturday to settle the financial affairs of the two parties, caused by the organization of the Independent district or Bancroft. Don't run away off to another town to buy something in the jewelery line or have your watch cleaned when Bancroft has a home jeweler who sells as Cheap as anybody, and does good work in the way of cleaning and repairing. Read Sundstrom's ad and give him your trade. While Dell Barslou and Gar Bolster were out riding last Tuesday night the horse kicked up and got his foot caught in the harness and turned a complete sumersault, horse, boys, cart and all. Luckily nothing .worse happened than a broken cart, and a bruised knee for Dell Barslou. Chris Boettcher and J. A. Johnson lad a runaway on theirway home from Swea, where they bad been delivering a harness and buying cattle. Johnson was pretty severely bruised, and his litr tie boy, who was in the buggy, had his ankle badly sprained. The buggy was completely smashed. J. II. Graham has as big and fine a stock of farm implements as any other dealer in northern Iowa and don't you 'orget it. He sells cheap, pays the freight,like Jones of Binghamton, and advertises in the Bancroft NEWS this week. He will furnish farm ma- ihineryfqr all north Kossuth at prices that are as low as anybody's. Every temperance man, every prohibitionist, ahd.everybody that pretends to be, or wants to be, should attend the mass convention at Algona tomorrow. Let us see how large a delegation Bancroft can send to a straight out prohibition convention. Let us make it a grand rally, an onward move that means business from the shoulder. A pleasant party of our young people, who thought they heeded-a' little'/ recreation, took an excursion trip over land to the ever famous watering place of this region "the lakes." The party comprised Alfred Leonard, Henry Smith, Dell Barslou, Louis Gray, "Ed. Gray, James Colemaii, Geb. Bliss, and ., The ladies of Kossutb County will do Wfill, to see Mrs. Crowel's ttiimuery, at the Economy store, before buying. If you want ft good sqtiftf« meal, HO prowu swgar, go to. the Phoenix. and ®et your tinware Reynold's Hardware 1 at Campbell and Granulated sugar at B'arslou'd,. 500 Ibs. Don't you want your picture taken? Yes you say ? Why :go to Harpez*. If you want a good American watch. Sundstroms is the place to get ft. A complete line of new and. choice dry gbods, also groceries and wad-paper, at the Economy store. ',B. F. Wickwiro always carries a full line cf crockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying. If yon want to buy go to Sundstroms. an organ cheap, Clear the Track! ,Kext Saturday, you will find a nice line of crockery and dish«s, at Barslou's. If your watch wont run, Sundstroms' is the place to get it, fixed. " If you want to sell Real Estate, go to Clarke and Skinner. ^o and look at those LaBelle wagons, at Graham's. Go to charms. Sundstroras, for secret society Buy your Wickwire. spring straw hat of B. F. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before the price goes up. For we are going to UNDERSELL Anything in the County on Watches, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Optical Goods, Sewing Machines, Organs, Watches, Chains and Charms a Specialty. Repairing a Specialty. A. Sundstrom, Bancroft, Iowa. A bran new Graham's. line of buggies, atJ. G. Oats Eggs .Cattle.. 2.00 Flax Hay ....... BANCROFT. . .$ .35 .Corn $ .40. .. .12 Butter 16 @ 8.00 Hogs 4.00 .. .85 Barley ... .50 .. 4.00 Wheat........ .80 HardwareandTin Boouesbojo, Ostrauder last house last week, .has finally entitled to one t of the time. *£ of this place, CUildren's Pi, Baptist and the Misses May Barslou, Mary Lynge, Lizzie Kingsdorf, Ella an,d Emma Smith, and Lela Gray. .They took tents and equipments arid •were pi-epar- ed to enjoy themselves, which no doubt they did. . , . . . . ; . ; . • ( The law suit between C. G. "Wright and B. S. Dalton came up for trial: last week Tuesday, G. W. Sk-inner appear^ ed for the plaintiff and "W. B. Quartan, for the defendant. .. Tjiia,:plain|iffv,dfi-; marided a" juiyj "wlien" attorneys skirmished.for awhile and' after a liara: foupht battle the jury found for tlie : plaintiff, This was G. Ws first case since his return from California. .lie, 'ollowed it up Saturday with another case, which will very likely go to the supreme court with Quarton on the opposing side. At the Emmetsburg shooting tournament last Wednesday and Tursclay; our marksman gained still further dis-. tijiction and although they did not come out first in the round up, -they stood well and Bancroft can be proud of their record. The following is a record of the number of successful shots, out of a possible 200: Grim, Clear Lake 171; Smith, Algona, 168; Sundstrom, Bancroft, 167; ShadbOldt, Emmetsburg 167; Georgeson, Story.-City, 165; Ellingsworth, Sheldon, 131; .Steinberg, Bancroft, 125. Matt Freilinger and J. N. Salldin were to have a law suit last Saturday at this place but the latter's lawyer did not appear in time and the case went by default. J. W. Sullivan, Algona's democratic lawyer, and G. W, Skinner were attorneys for the plaintiff, and W. B. Quarton for the defendant, but the latter did not receive word in time to come until tbe evening train which was too late, as the court had adjourned. The cause of the trouble was some hay which had been sold to the defendant by plaintiff. * '..: BANCROFT, IOWA. '''Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures larged at reasonable prices. going to be a first class bptei hereafter rn every thing that 8rst class means. The Phoenix advertises. Nelson Bros., of Homer, Hamilton county, bought a half section pf land of B. N. Woodworth in the neighbor" hood of Armstrong Grove. They in* tend to come up in a month or goto improve the land, Still tbe,y come. In response to the reading rpopa notice last week in this paper,, 8, Mayne offers to furnish the room, All persons who are interested in starting the reading room will meet at Sfayrie'! oitee next Monday njght at 8 o'clocl, #* F.WtckwirebeUeves in advertising and m$* W« JRlocals, Mr?«- Htf! ** deserves his share pi the He operatgft a general store an4 an Bancroft has as good a as there is in JKossuth coujii place else for that matter, a first class artist as " "" finding it out, YOU can see of bte worfeat tjje $0$Q&<# t a card on this page. Clarke & Skinner land this sell a great it, for they i and WW m • •-r— - •-— m. [Wlfee. oomnan 1 '*?'Tr f *y!'j v T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary 4, Surgeora j .; . ,i?ancrpft, Iowa. , Has his .barn rearty for the sick and lame horses, so brills tlieih iiloni;. Oharges reasonable. ••.••tf,:L •.^r>^,- —T-! •,-•:' .••...•.-•> . : ~. Of, CAMPBELL & REYNOLDS, To and for the People. * Do you want a good,, square meal? : Do:you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? .: ' , "•':"':' Do "you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? r *D.o you want to buy a farm orunim- prayed land on long time with ljut little or no cash payment? . "Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and fayorable terms? Do you. want anything, in a legitimate line of banking? . For any and all of-the above, please consult K. M. Kichinond at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. BANCROFT, IOWA._ Wm, Musson, - Proprietor, Everything in the Hardware line. We ( sell the celebrated G-old Coin Cook Stoves. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing. Iron and tin roofing, spouting, etc. T : ti '*» l '-i HAS A FULL LINE OP Agricultural Implements, Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc,, AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Fuil Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. A fine line of hats in the latest spring styles at B. F. Wickwire's, The Phoenis House is being thoroughly renovated, repaired and painted, and is the best hotel tq town. Bates, $1 and $3 per, day. Transient custom ^Bpeci- ality. Sample rooms in connection. WM. Mpssoy, Prop.. Bancroft. ^ The Phoenix has recently been refitted and refurnished throughout, and affords first class accommodations to the traveling public. Stop at the Phoenix. Commercial trade solicited. Good sample rooms. WANTED! T _Insure y^ur Hail. Now is safe. standing crops against jie time to make yourself SKIH»B» iSs CI<ABKB. Go to Crowels JScooomy store, croft, to see the beet Une of shoes get lowest prices, * - aod, Have you seen Go to Graham's. the »ew Peering? Go to Barslou's for tb,e famous crack- era, $ 1 per- box. i Don't go without shoes when you can get » good comfortable fit; and a serviceable article at a yeaso Wiekwke, ' " prise of B. P. * \> • AOTIVE, energetic man to manage an Must tove from $300 to '$500 Oaslx. Salary $90 per month and interest in the business, Only those g business need J. I. Case Threshers/ Wm. Deering and Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a full line of Bock Island Plow Co. goods,Baoine Buggies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, Sterling, and LaBelle Wagons, Eclipse, Garter and Devolution Wind Mills. Did You Notice The pile of brick near Bancroft's center? Now the next time you go there ,just step into the > nl| first store directly east of the Mck pile and see what a eboigf 'i line of goods the "ECONOMY" people will show yawing & at such astonishingly low prices, . , . Box 401»Bt Louis,Mo. 88-85 G. w, mm, I CLARKE, SdC. Iowa tew are ju?t * , about, a&d if you will buy five to t§&, those is»pojtei8--?Q»_«ii»^v^_fl*f8i jwet ae cbeap *n4 hjjty^tj ^- •! ...-it'SPvi

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