The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1891
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jvbL. xx. ALQ-ONA, WHS COTOTTlf, lOWAi WEDNESDAY, TONE 3, 1891. No. 86, WltlWieftD A JT fc HALLdfcK* Proprietors, JOS. W, HAYS, Editor. Terms Of Subscription* . ne copy, one year, in advance $1.50 mecopyysix Months,in advance.......... 75 One cof>& three months, In advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped ri All arrearages are paid. >OK AND JOB PRINTING. 16 equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for jok and Job Printing Is unsurpassed in this lotinty. Steam power. ^"Advertising rates made known on application. . This paper Is the ofllolal paper of Kos- stith'county and th6 city o£ Algona, . STATE Jhe thlrty'stxth annual State coriventlon.oi 3' Republicans of Iowa will; be Held at Cedar ttiids, oil Wednesday, July l, 1801, .at .11 slock a. in., for the " purpose of placing In tnlnation candidates tor the following state Ices :• .. • . / / • .-•-'• •:•,:, }overnor. jieutenant governor, fudge of the supreme court. Juperintendant of public instruction. ,; ..lallway commissioners. •„••'•,; , "And for the transaction of such other biisl- less as may properly «ome before the convert-. |16ii. -The ratio of - : representation will be one (delegate for each .county and one additional [delegate for each 200'v6tes or fraction Of 100 or IbVer cast for VV.M. MoFarland for secretary ptstate In 1800. number of -delegates IsiiOSS. (Kossutli county will bo entitled to 7 lelegates.) >lt Is advised and earnestly requested that iwnship and wiu>d committees be elected and H'ganized at the caucuses held to elect dele- [fttes to the cpunfcy convention , and- that the jounty central c.ommlttee be selected -and or-? luized at the county convention held toap-l lnt delegates to the state convention, audf Sat these committees as organized be reported! kithout delay to the undersigned. ..'. fBy order of the republican central committee. i * 'EuoAB E. MACK, Chairman. ' 15. D. CHASSBI/L, Secretary. >es Molnes, May. o, 1801. The Courier wastes much space to' die- prove a rumor that the Kansas Farmers' Alliance recently passed resolutions eoti- domning pension legislation, printing, an affidavit in connection therewith emphatically denying the allegation and denouncing the allegatoi-. Now, if it could get an affidavit to prove that when Cleveland was in the White House h6 did not Veto pension bills by the hundred; that he did not use abusive and offensive language in his pension vetoes to express his Venomous feeling's-toward the Union veterans; that the Courier did not take up the cudgel for Cleveland, when the veterans put in a Wold in self-defence; that Cleveland did not make a speech in Buffalo a few days'ago, in which he •.denouncedthe pension legislation of the last congress as exti'avagent and wasteful, and that' the democratic press of the country is not taking up his utterances in that speech as the key note of the fall campaign—if it could and would print a few affidavits of that tenor, it would be doing a good turn for an institution that needs defenders more than does the Kansas farmers' Alliance. ,By the way, would the Courier object to telling us at what fish pond the democratic candidate for the presidency celebrated Memorial day, this year?" . fe RILEV & YOUNG'S ; CpnMMtion SLAT and WIRE FEME. it;i8: a fence for open countries,.'-for It cannot be blOAVn down. It Is the fence for low lands, for'lt cannot be washed away. It destroys no ground whatever, and If beauty be considered an advantage, it is the neatest and handsomest farm fence in the world. In short, it'comblhes the pood quail tics ot nH fences in an .eminent degree, and hs soon as Introduced will become the popular fence of tiro country.- It is, beautiful and durable. It is strong and will Increase the price of your farm far more than any other fence. It will last much longer than any other ferice.. It is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sunshine, has no superior as a fence. It is stronger than any uther fence and will tlinv any stock no matter how preachy. It is plainly visible and Is not dangerous to stock like barb -wire. The best horse fence In the world. It will protect all crops from a half grown chicken to n wild ox. It is the most uniform, wud by comparison of cost much the cheapest. Kept for wile in all parts of Kossutli County. Made by Klley &.Young, Algoua, lowa. SQHiething that Will Pay To look at, Just read what follows and then reflect: McOOBMIOE Harvesting Mach. Co., Establ'd 18SL J. I. CASE Threshing Machine Co. - 1843. A. A. COOPER, Iota's Pioneer "Wagon MaJ&er, 1840 P. P|MAST ft CO., Cultivators, Seeders, etc. 1843. JAMES SELLY & CO., Corn Planters, etc. D. S. MORGAN & CO., Clipper Mowers HEARST; DUNN & co., Planters, etc. COUNTY CONVENTION. *»The Republican County Convention of Kos- ith county, will be held at Court House hall. _ . Algona Iowa, on Friday June 19, 1801, at one 'o'clock p. m., at which time there will be selected seven (7) delegates to attend the State convention which will be held at OedaivRapids; •; Iowa, on July 1, 1891. Also the- comity central •committee will be organized, by selecting a 'chairman and one member from each votlnir precinct audnvard. Each voting precinct will ibe entitled to> one delegate at large, and oue •delegate fpr.each twency-five votes, or major ' fraction theueof, that was case for \Vm, Jfl. McFarland for Secretary of State, at the lastgen- .'eral election. JCach ward and township will be , entitled to the following number of delegates, * as follows to- wit : ". Com'. No. votes. No. dels'. Algona 1st ward " 3rd •" " 4th •'• Burt, Buttalo, Oresco, Fen ton, German, Greenwood, * Garfleld, Hebron, ,,Harrison, Irvlhgtoh, Lotts Creek - LnVerne, • Portland, ,"Plura Creek, , Prairie, , JRlverdale, Bamsay, . Seneca, |swea, rman, 8. S. Sessions O. M.Doxsee F.-Dbrmoy E. H. Clarke Johnliorr llobt. Lane Joellaylbr U J. li. Blunt V (i. Stelsel W. W. Wilson C. G.,Wright 'Win. Goodrich S3 49 76 73 24 50 25 25 87 .13 10 16 3 4. 4 3 2 2 5 2 2 2 4 2 4 beugston C. B. Hutchlns 71- .las. Archer ili* I. P. Harrison 03 ,J. H. Grover 59 » K. M. Gardner 50 3 J. liongbottom 4 l A. Fisher 37 2 II. JVIerrilield r.2 » VV.AV.Alcorn 32 2 '.). A. Erickson 41 3 Henry Ourren 23 2 ,,-.. M. schenck 52 3 psley, W. H. Colby 92 5 "hltteraore, -N. Cotton , 05 4 -• Total No. of delegates 31. -jb. wai<d and township are requested . one of their number to be a member of .the nty central committee and alsoone for each .-district to be a township committee of Ich the weniber of the county central com- iittee from that township shall be chairman, " report the same at our county convention. '• 0. 0. CHUBB, Ouairinau, The REPUBLICAN believes in aggressive journalism, in wcrking a new-departure now 1 and then in the direction of some permanent improvement, in fgiving its readers^all the time a better news paper, and its advertisers, a better advertising medium—in short it believes in getting to tjbeiront, and staying there.! V Recognizing the claims of its farmer readersTthe REPUBLICAN has, within the past year, at considerable expense, added a farm department to the attractions of its columns. Last week we introduced a Bancroft department, and this week we have done the same thing for Burt. These departments are to be permanent features of the REPUBLICAN, and rost us i a sacrifice of considerables pace, besidesan actual outlay of no small amount of money. If an increased advertising pat- ronage^apd agrowingsubscriptionlistmean any-thing, however, we are convinced that it pays a newspaper in the end, to be "progressive." The appreciation shown for ..the: Wilson Farm Department "by our farmer readers, is a matter of no little encouragement. A glance at our advertising' columns, will convince any one, that our latest departure is appreciated and endorsed in a substantial manner by the business men of'Burt and Bancroft. . Don't Forget •THE Bargain Store! J. E. Seattle, WMTTEMORE, IOWA. DALY MANF'G CO., Disc Pulverizers, JOHN DEER & GO- Plows, etc. J.B.f JONES, - - - - 1860. 1834. 1860. 1865. 1854. 1870. F. L PARISH, A^ter looking over the foregoing list of Manufacturers and Dealers, all of whom are represented by the man who pays the freight, you cannot fail to appreciate the advantages you canlreap by buying your implements of the Oldest Implement House in northern Iowa. I represent the best goods made in each department. B=1?~I am agent for J. A. Hamilton's Hard Wood Lumber and Wood, a full stock of which is constantly on hand. S PECIAL ATTENTION will be given to ail kinds of repairing, including Tinware. Gasoline Stoves, Guns, pumqs iiwlf Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared to put in Furnaces and- do plumbing and Gas Pipe flttim;.. Iron and Tin roofing. Prompt attention will be given to all kinds ol vyork in my line. South o£ court house. ... ... F. L. PARISH. No farmer or stockman can afford to be without Haller's Barb Wire Liniment. Animals supposed to be permanently injured and useless, have been made valuable by its timely use. We are so well pleased with its results that, we heartily recommend it' to our customers. For Saleby$Pr. L. A. Sheets. ; ANNOUNCEMENT..;. . . CLAY Co. IA,, Juno 3rd, 1891. . N •. Please announce that at equest of friends in several counties of the i47tl> district, I am a candidate for State Senat- pi'j subject to the decision of the republican primaries. FKANK W. CALKINS. . 'The card of Frank W. • Calkins, »of Buthven, appears at the head of this column, announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Sear tor. Mr. Calkins is a good Republican, 'and is spoken of very highly, by th-e press of his neighborhood. i "Don't let any one be too sure that^ lowa republicans will indorse prohibition"' ljisyear. The number of anti-prohibi*, fton republicans is gonetantly growing"' eaya the SiouK City Times, one of the few Republican papers that are, a, -little " The Tames forgot to chronicle that the number of pro prohibi- Republicans is also ,. growing. be,'toosur« that th* RepublJcftn pftrty,wiU cast away the child that it has Ifostered, uutil after the Ceb'ar Rapids. p^yention, friund Times: Very popular, very small, very good. De Witt's Little Early Risers, the pill for constipation, billiousness,-eick headache. Sold by Dr. Sheetz: Hixlf Rates to Cedar Rapids. For the annual tournament of the Iowa State Firemen's .«• Association ! at; Cedar Rapids, June, 6th to 12th, the Chicago & North-Western Railway Co. will sell'ex- cursion tickets to Ced^r Rapids andI return at half rates—one .fare -for the round trip. For full information regarding dates of sale, limits of ticket, etc., apply to agents C. & N.-W. R'y. ' 84 85 "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and greasy my face is getting." Say dp you know this is all caused by a disordered liver, and thatyour skin can be changed from dork greasy yellow to a transparent white by the use of Beggs' Bipod Purifier ane Blood Maker? Every 'bottle guar* auteed by F. W. Dingley. , The C. M. & St. Paul Railway will sell, June 15th to September loth inclusive, special form of tickets to -Clear Lake, Iowa. Rate for the round <trip will, be .$1.95. It is quite the fashion now to take 'De Witt's Little Early Risers for liver, stomach and bowel disorders. They are small pills but mighty good ones. 'At Sheetz'. For the Democratic State Convention to be held at Ottumwa, Iowa, June 34th, excursion tickets will Resold June 82nd to 34th inclusive, at one lowest short line far-e for the round trip.^C. $.'$ St.'P. R'y. NEWHOME TOD P'B ,GUbM EHAD1CATO R — Positively JCLcures all diseases, because it kills the germs; microbes, and all animalculue (in the human system). The air inhaled, water drank, vegeta-- b'les and.fruit eaten, are teeming with these to the naked eye imperceptible llttleworms.known by the above names, causing catarrtoVconsump- tion, diabetes, Bright's disease, caneers.tumors. and all so-c.ailed. incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption,catarrli.lcid- ney troubles, syphilis.). Betailed in $2,S3 §5 sizes sent anywhere on re'ct, of price; or O.O.D. if desired. The Am. Pill & Med. Co, royalty prop's, Spencer, Clay Co. fa.. Sold wholesale,and retail in Algona by Dr. Sheetz, druggist. 20-9-yr AND •IWOODWOHl? . Mr. Haller a noted Pharmacist of 25 years experience, also a member of the Nebraska State Board of Pharmacy, compounded that perfect cure for Coughs and Colds, Haller's Sure Cure .Cough Syrup. We warrant every bottle. For Sale by E>r. L. A. Sheetz. VHICAOO. 28 UNION SOUARE. N.X '" eoSTON.MASS.\CTLANTA.OA. -FO R SAJLE BY ' UOUIS LESSINC, ALGONA, As you walk upon the streets how many people you meet that are troubled with boils.pimples, and eruptions on the skin;, experience has shown us that no remedy on the market will remove them so quick" ]j»and improve the complexion as Haller's Sarsaparilla and Burdock compound. It will cure Nervous Debility, Erysipelas, Billiousness, Female Weakness, Scrofula, Syphilis and all kindred diseases, .For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheets. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. I.ADIES toy Dr. LeDuc's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established — Europe 1839 : England 1850; Canada 1878 : United States 1887. $2 or three 'boxes for $5. Positively remove all iimlSHULAKiTiES or money refunded. THE AMERICAN PILL CO.. royalty -proprietors, Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale agents. H. Boswithft Sou, Milwaukee; Kobi. Stevenson & Co. Chicago. Betailed by Dr. L, A, Sheetz, Algona. 19-40-yr party is being christen.ed every , and everv time it is a "tWrd" The 'the and every time jr « flftb nor a fourth, ii' always right, top, that made its little ftrsd He few. votes for the being in' door nail whea Third pajr^ die yoMOg, es are just Giants! Little Giants! Little Giants! are the pills that do the work successful!, effectually and permanently. We warrant every bottle to give " faction. Sold by F. W. Pingley, For tb« A. 0. y. P, S. C, B. <will be sold at fare one way for the r,ousd trip. 8eJUng July 8th ,to llth iaejiugi Return, coupons will be made good 01 po trftios leaving Minaeapplis July 1! to 15th inclusive-"-C- M, feSt. P, H'jr. ?jiat Iowa waalrts! i , little more ; of her more l Ivger H 7 - T ->^pp jp—r, ^ - ,- -i - c r ;, jSp fltft of prosperity |9f •« is to push more . ! good appettte, yjgorows feo^y. pare Wowi And gQoa ; i$«ltb result from the use of De > Is your, falling put of $|gj;8' Hdr B ojisflJ* Spld by two Early Bis?? cfcoice. , §»«0J ,. fe^er.! Doc- l THROUGH SEVEN STATE Commencing March 20th, the Northern Pa- olflc will nesume^its double daily passenger train service between St. Paul and Minneapolis on the east, and Helena, Butte. spokaue Falls, Tucoma, Seattle, Portland on the west. West bound trains wiU, leave St. Paul at 9 a. m, and 4:15 p. m t ,-resp,ectiyely, carrying eom- piete service of PnllmjKU First Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars, First and Second Class Day Coaches. Free Colonist Sleeper and Elegant Dining Cars. The morning tram out of St. Paul [No. 3] will carry First Class Vestibuled Sleeper from Chicago, leaving that point at 6 ;30 p. m. daily over the C. M, & 8t, P, By., reaching the PuclQc coast, via the line through Butte. Train No. i, leaving St. Paul at 4 ;18 p. m. will carry botli Pullman First Class and Pullman Tourist Sleeping Oars from Chicago via the Wisconsin Central JUne, leaving the latter point at 10:45 p. i». dAUy, running via Helena to Spokane Falls, Tacoma vnd Portland; Passengers from the east leaving St. I^oujs jit le joimoou and Chicago in the afteruoon.will '" " mrning train , leaving Ohi„ „. ...„.., . be marie >vith _.n No. 1 out oX yt^Paul the next afteraoou. Witli two transcontinental passenger trains running daily between eastern and western terminals, the NortUem P»clHc Bailroad-the Yellowstone Parfc Route-^glEej-s the best pos- We can suit you because we carry the goods and sell reasonable. Harness, trunks and valises. F. S,Stough. THE GRANGE STORE. W. L. DOUGLAS 3 SHOE -*• service is first c.\m> /l| Js,line to Montana aud aljl points, and passes UmwgU-' 5ro4uetive and rjeftest secti vl¥ j Wisconsin,-vUinseeat |4pnt«na, Idaho. Oregon a»< .Plsti'ict Passenger Acer PiwjaoBaiiroad m" "- 1 * - ttfeBWfflo".^- *.,St.Pl to abov< ,« short and direct forth Faeitio Coast ta grandest, most ins ot seven states, , North Dakota, / Washington. Of the Northern iure in supplying ,» tables, etc., or IJH&s. 3, PJCB, Ct. ot the latest and «Ka-J«st <> u t- Goods, Carpels, ' ' , Lace Curtains, Groceries, Crockery etc, etc, Free Delivery, A. «»«! FIRST NATIONAL BANK. «V) f»ft Jjissd to loa» »t my Old stftjwl opposite Court House .. \*3- J M' ',*• |, W«a, R. *r*rgiWQi», r . cr -=^ Pliiiyi ?'if „,, w T ^_J« ft?^ Ice Cream, to| the restaurant line always on hand. Buy your ; W, A. LADENDORF. 4, >»i SROVg v

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