The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1891
Page 5
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, Call for Temperance Convention. A mass meeting, of the friends of pro- '.hibition in Kossuth county will be held in Algona, at court house hall, Tntifts- DAY, JUNE 4,1891, at one o'clock, for , the purpose of organising the county for effective resistance to the effort which is being made to reinstate and ; again legalize the open saloon in Iowa. We invite the attendance of pastors • of churches, Good Templars, members • of the W. C. T. U. and prohibitionists generally throughout the county. The approaching crisis demands at -our hands early and thorough prepara- ; tion, as the enemies of the law are vigilant and unscrupulous. All opposed ;to the return of the saloon, and in favor of maintaining and enforcing our prohibitory law, irrespective of party, .are earnestly invited to attend and participate in the meeting, thereby showing that their sympathies and influence are on the side of the home. MYKON SCIIENCK, W. B. BOSSINGHAM, . S. S. POTTEH, CHESTER EICKAHD, M. DKL. PARSONS, Ei/MsMcWHOUTEK B. E. JEANSON, <-G. E. BOYLE, J. DKGrKAW, . N. L. COTTON, J. T. FELLING, E. F. BACON, J. ATKINSON, II. G. McBuiDE. J. S. GALLAGHER, FRED ANDERSON, -GEO. W.EDDY, C. E. OLESON, H.C.IIOLLENIIECK Z. C. ANDRUSS, A. II. HoTKLLiNo J. E. BEATTIE, . J.E.PHKUPS, M.D. C. B. PAUL, I. P. HARRISON, GEO. E. STONE, J. B. CARR, II. P. HATCH, S. BOOTH, C. C. SAMSON, O. M. THRASHER, M. TAYLOR, W. M. COLBY, OUED Ronrasox, W. A. GODFREY, P. II. EIGHTY, • O. B. KLINE, L. A. CUMMINS, B. M. RICHMOND, G. W. SMITH, • GEO. S. ANGUS, •C. T. GIBUS, II. PALMER, *G. B. WHITNEY, . J. B. CORK, H. B. HALLOCK, D. D. DODGE, N. C. TAYLOR, M. F. BANDALL, •C. M. DOXSEE, H. B. BUTLER, WM. WHITKIELD, W. E. DAVIDSON, D. H.'IIUTCIIINS, EUGENE TELLIER, P. C. BAILEY, -Jos. W. HAYS, W. C. DANSON, JOHN GRUUH, J. C. RAYMOND, H. FORD, A. G. WARD, H. N. RENFREW, J. II. FAUS, LEW TOOTHMAN, ERNEST BACON, W. M. COOK, GEO. E. MABLE, S. NICHOLSON, J. N. EASTERLY. C. A. HOTELLING, J. C. BLACKFORD, S. A. THOMPSON, D. A. BUELL, JAS. BARR, F. M. SMITH, L. K. GARFIELD, L. M. B. SMITH, M. STARR, C. B. IIUTCIIINS, W. A. BLACK, T. II. CONNER. await the action of the Grand Jury in October when he will probably travel over the road to Anatnosa. 3?he young man says it is not his first offense; He seems to be a depraved kind of a youth with a natural penchant for stealing and tells with the utmost nonchalance howhe waited around town for an opportunity to steal the wheel. He has been working during the spring on a farm somewhere north of town. LATER—The grand jury was reim- paneled yesterday and found an indictment against the boy. He pleaded guilty to the charge as found in the indictment and was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. The way of the bicycle thief is hard. H O * 4 . OLD SETTLERS' MEETING. A basket dinner will be one of the attractions at the Old Settlers' meeting which will be held at the court house in Algona June 10, 1891. Let everybody be ready to do the part assigned to him on the following program, and there can be no doubt but that the meeting will be an interesting one: I'KOOUAM. Meeting at tlie court house at 10 :30 A. M. Music. Committee on music. K. M. Taylor, Mrs. J, E. Stacy, Mrs. Mods Chapln, Miss Emma %Hhlten. Renewing old acquaintanceship and visiting. Basket dinner at 12 M. AKTKKNOON. Music at 11*. M. Opening address A. A. Call. Iowa Boys In Bine Horace Scheuck. Music. Paper—Realities of the Vast and Possibilities of, the Future Mrs. U. Cowles. Tills will be followed by live minute speeches from George Call, Harvey Ingham, A. L. Seely, Mrs. H. F. Watson, K. rf. Weaver. J. E. Blackford, Joe Grose, Mrs. Eugene Clark, Adam Fisher, Henry Pattersou, M. De L. Parsons, John Reed, Tom Robinson, Emma Heckart, Jerome Stacy, Mrs, Crose, Dr. Sheetz, Nathan Pine, David King, S. Reed, David Sample, Win. Ormiston, Mrs. Dr. Garfleld, B. J. Hunt. Mrs. 0. A. Iiittham. Birch Malson, J. B, Jones. August Zahlten, A. D, Clark, C. C. Chubb, Mrs. Coleman Chubo, James Henderson, O. Minkler, John Heckart, Moris C'liaiiln, Joe. Thompson, Mrs. Altwegg, Mrs. John Winkle, Mrs. Dr. Hudson. Music. By order of Committee. BKUTHA CAKEY, Sec. THE COUNTY NEWS. To CORRESPONDENTS :—AH correspondence for the HEPUIILIOAN should reach tnis office not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear tills in mind. All communications to the RnPtmtiOAN— Including new* letters—must bo signed by the author to Insure publication. Something that Will Pay DIED BY HIS OWN HAND. Mrs. E. N. Weaver arrived home from Nebraska last Wednesday being .accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. D. L. Newton and two children. She was called to Orchard, Nebraska, the 3d of May by a telegram annoucing the death, by suicide, of. her son-in-law Dwight Newton. No particulars were given in the telegram. Mrs. Weaver, •since her return, hands us a copy of Public Opinion, a paper published at . Nelighj Nebraska, from which we glean the following particulars: About four o'clock on Saturday Mr. Newton left the depot and walked down the track to the end of a grain warehouse. Here^he stretched himself on the ground, placed a revolver against his right temple and fired, the ball lodging in his brain. The shot attracted the attention of P. A. Elder and Jason Bester, who went to the spot and found him as above described in an unconscious condition—the revolver still in his hand. lie died in about an hour. The reason for the • rash act was given in a note which lie left and which reads as follows: Whiskey is the cause of this act. May God's blessing always be with my babies and wife, and may the good shepherd watch over them and care for them, and provide for them. Oh, the - curse! Howl have fought it night and day! but no use; God's will be done. DWIGHT NEWTON. Of the character of the deceased the newspaper says "he was highly respected by all who knew him. All Orchard will mourn the loss of their gentlemanly agent. Some of his acquaintances and business men cried over him like a child, showing the feeling they had for the departed. • — t-*4O**4 SCHOOL LAND SALE. The. Decorating' Committc. The following ladies have been selected to canvass their wards for flowers for use on Memorial Day, and they are requested to meet at the Congregational church parlors early on Saturday morning to arrange bouquets etc. First Ward—Mrs. John Reed, Mrs. E, Tellier, Mrs. C. Inirham, Mrs.Bowyer. Second Ward-Mrs. Sheetz, Mrs. A. W. Patterson, Mrs. M. Starr, Mrs. A. Phillips. Third Ward-Mrs. M. Stephens, Airs, J. Wallace, Mrs, Parr, Mrs. P. L. Slagle. Fourth Ward--Mrs. Lwitry. Mrs. F. M. Taylor, Mrs. Geo. L. Galuraith. Mrs. P. C. Bailey. At large—Mrs. Geo. E. Clark. Mrs. N. Setchell, Mrs. H. C. McCoy, Mrs. .John Galbraith, Mrs. Levant Podge, Miss 0. T. Docld. We hope that all will assist in the good work of thus honoring the nation's dead by "covering them over with beautiful flowers." H. C. McCoY, Com. on flowers. To The W. R. C. And S. ofV. The Women's Kelief Corps and the Sons of Veterans are requested by the Grand Army Post to meet with them at the G. A. 11. hall Saturday morning at 10 a. m. to march from there in a body to the church, where the morning's program as published last week will be carried out. All are requested to co*me promptly that there may be no delay in starting for the church. Medal Contest Program. Following is the program for the medal contest to be held in the Congregational church Friday evening, the 29th: Music Male Quartette No, 1 The Martyred Mother No. 2 Young America's War Cry No. a Reinforcement No. 4 Personal Responsibility Music. No. 5 .A voice from the Poor House JSo. G The Cry of To-Day No. 7 Two Fires No. 8 Not Dead, Nor Dying Music. Beggs' Little Giant Pills are the best pill pa the market for constipation, indigestion and all derangements of the liver and bowels. Each package contains nearly one-oalf more than the ordinary pill packages, but sells at the same price. Directions with each package. For sale by F. W. Dingley. 24-87 The school lands sold well last Wednesday. The bidding was very lively and not a single foot of ground sold for less than its appraised value. Below is a record of the sale. Name of Buyer. Description. 6. W. Banna, N JE. J, Bellman, NW. G.JV. Hftnna, S W. jQhnKlenk.BE. Q. Oowies, A B. do N AY, 0. L. Lund, S. W. do 8. B. J. J. Kelly. N B. W, 0. Jpanson, N W J, 3. Kelly, 8 W. A. D. Clarke, 8 K. E L. Jobusou, N W. RMBlcnuiouUNE A. D. Clarke, 8 W. O.Bergstrliu,S'/,se. O CO 16 1C 1U 16 1C 10 16 10 10 10 16 16 10 10 10 10 di a a 97 97 97 88 98 98 98 99 99 99 99 98 99 99 99 <u bo 27 27 27 27 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 29 30 30 30 3 p. 3 M 'ss rt 1 $0 00 800 8 00 9 00 800 8 00 1000 7 50 8 00 8 00 G 00 7 00 9 00 7 00 0 00 6 00 V 1 fcQ '33 92 $7 00 12 50 1025 14 50 9 00 9 00 10 00 800 1000 10 25 7 00 8 75 10 25 8 25 6 25 8 25 Look at infants' first shoes in our win dow; all colors.—F. S. Stough, BtR*. Special Correspondence, BUKT, May 26.—There was a large crowd at the ice cream social at Mrs.J. D. McDonald's. Win. Stockwell has the stone wall laid for an addition to his house. James Andrews, G. Keek and E. Hulbert, are each building themselves a new barn on their farms. This week Saturday evening Presiding Elder Black will preach a memorial sermon at this place. Let all turn out and greet llev. Black with a full house. There will be no services at the church next Sunday morning. The quarterly meeting services will be held at Fenton. On Wednesnay evening of this week the Presbyterian Society will give an ice cream social at the Mayhew House. Alf. Nafus is going to build a new house and barn both. Alf is a rustler. Nicholson & Buell are having stone hauled, preparatory to building an addition to the back of their store. The masons are at work laying the foundation for Mr, Nicholson's resi- derce. Mr. and Mrs. Whitney are now keeping house in rooms above his hardware store. Geo. Platt was up from Algona, Friday. A milk route to our creamery from Bices' neighborhood has* recently been started. It is getting to be understood that we have the best creamery in the county. Sunday, June 21, is the day set for the dedication of the Buffalo Fork Church. Our boys had a game of base ball Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Cady, of Malcom, Iowa, is visiting in the family of her son, A. C.. Cady, of this place. The new addition to the Mayhew House, is nearly ready for the plasterers. G. B. Whitney is enjoying a visit his father, from Fayette, Iowa. Memorial sermon at the church Saturday evening by Presiding Elder Black. The people of Portland township and vicinity, are going to celebrate the coming Fourth in the Jay Grover neighborhood, after a fashion that says they don't do things by the halves, and all the people in Kossuth County are invited. Fourth of July celebrations in that neighborhood in the past have been a decided success, and the celebration this year will not be an exception. Mart. Ferris has sold his fast horse to M. L. Mayhew. Mr. Mayhew is constantly adding to his livery. Our meat market has changed hands. Mr. Elvidge has sold to his brother Henry the whole outfit, but will remain in town until after harvest. Mrs. W. M. Hallock was visiting in our city Monday. Will Gates is at work in the meat market, The first cream from the east Burt creamery was brought in on Friday of last week. Mr. Colim, who runs the separator, reports everything in good running order. Dr. Me Cormack paid Algona a visit, Monday. Jud Healy, living southwest of Burt, had the misfortune to lose his barn Tuesday noon, by fire, with 2 horses and grain and farm machinery. The origin of the fire is not known at this writing. Mr. Healy and family were uot at home at the time. The loss is considerable but we understand he had some insurance. Ed liist was on our streets Tuesday evening. Forest Stough, F. W. Dingley, Dr. To look at. Just read what follows and then reflect: McCORMICK Harvesting Mach. Co., Establ'd 1831. J. I. CASE Threshing Machine Co. - 1842. A. A. COOPER, Iowa's Pioneer Wagon Mafcer, 1840 P. P. MAST & CO., Cultivators, Seeders, etc. 1843. JAMES SELLY & CO., Corn Planters, etc. D. S. MORGAN & CO., Clipper Mowers HEARST, DUNN & CO., Planters, etc. DALY MANF'G CO., Disc Pulverizers, JOHN DEER & CO., Plows, etc. J. R. JONES, 1850. 1834. 1860. 1865. 1854. 1870. After looking over the foregoing list of Manufacturers and Dealers, all of -whom are represented by the man who pays the freight, you cannot fail to appreciate the advantages you can reap by buying your implements of the Oldest Implement House in northern Iowa. I represent the best goods made in each department. ipTI am agent for J. A. Hamilton's Hard Wood Lumber and Wood, a full stock of which is constantly on hand. her a very pleasant surprise in the shape of a beautiful oil painting with easel. All present expressed themselves as having spent a very pleasant evening. C. G. Wright, and sister Hose came from West Bend Saturday evening and attended the Social party. Mr. J. II. Thornton passed through Whittemore envoute to Emmetsburg last Saturday, Mrs. Thornton's many friends in this vicinity will regret to to learn that since an attack of the "grippe" last winter' she has been in very poor health her family and friends are feeling quite anxious in regard to her. The Song Circle under the leadership of C. B. Paul is growing in interest as well as in numbers. The class meets twice a week and cordially invite all singers, or all who would become singers tp'join them. They will give a concert soon the proceeds to apply toward the purchase of an organ for the new Baptist church. J. E. Beattie has added a stock of dress goods, muslins etc to his already full stock of groceries, boots and shoes all of which he declares will be sold cheaper than the cheapest. This is one place where you may get 20ib granulated sugar for one dollar we know of and* presume there : are others who give the same. Mrs. Bert Williams will soon return to Pomeroy, to remain there until their home is completed, she has already made many friends who will be pleased to see her back here again. Mr. Williams purchased lots of Mr. Fairburn, and will commence the erection of a good sized residence at once. New residences are being built by Messrs Bidgway, Yale, Slaba, Creighton, Williams, Creiger, Shepka, Kock and others, this spring. Who will say that Whittemore is not improving. I We hope to have one on the 4th of July, and we ought to coin- * mence working right away to have a good one, but we propose to celebrate every day by selling the best Boots, Shoes, Harness and Saddles to be had any where for the money. Call and see. F c** c** B i . S.Stough. Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup'has gained its great popularity simply on its true metit. It is equally as good in a case of deep seated cough as in a freshly taken cold, as it relieves the cough at once, so that the lungs and bronchial tubes are not irritated by continual coughing, thereby relieving them of all soreuess. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 34-87 Bee our fine line of neckware and fancy shirts for men and boy's. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. last Nothing does a druggist so much good as to have a medicine that he can guarantee every bottle to give satisfaction. Beggs' Family Medicines are fully guaranteed, so you cannot fail to get satisfaction when you call for them. At Piogley's If you wear a shoe EE or narrower in width, call ou F. S. Stough. The TUie£in Limbo. Sheriff Stephens got on track of the iellow that stole Guy Tuttle's bicycle • And overhauled him near Buthven last Friday. His name is I4nden H. Phoenix, and he is only about 18 years Old. His parents live at Immetsburg The boy was brought before juire Thompson Satw<% morning preliminary DeWitt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic constipation, dyspepsia. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. A Flying Trip Around the World, by Elizabeth Bisland, is announced for publication, May 26th, by Harper & Bros. Miss Bisland s journey, it will be remembered, was one of the quickest on record, outdoing, by some four days, the famous performance of Jules Verne's hero. Her story of the experiences which were crowded within that brief period, no less than the marvellous feat itself, is but another illustration of the familiar saying that truth is more wonderful than fiction. A beautiful skin, bright eyes, sweet breatb. etij aataHHiUatti Morse and Bert Edmunds, were visitors Tuesday evening. They made the trip on their bicycles. WHITTKMORE. Special Correspondence. WinTTEiioius, May 26. — Mr. and Mrs Munch returned from Coif ax Springs last Friday where Mr. M. has been stopping for his health, but we are sorry to say that after; a stay of about two weeks he returns feeling no improvement. He is a constant sufferer, unable to eat or sleep but very little consequently gradually growing weaker every day. Mrs. Yale after a sojourn of several weeks duration with parents and friends in Dakota has returned to Whittemore. The family are now boarding at Mr. Farley's awaiting the completion of their fine new residence. Mrs. Farley and daughter May, returned last Friday from Wisconsin where Mrs. F. was called to attend the funeral of a brother who died very suddenly. The cry in this vicinity is for less frost and more rain. How much a good refreshing rain would improve our gardens. A party of young people gathered at the residence of A. H. Hotelling last Saturday evening in response to invitations sent out by Misses May and Hotelling, JJy some means the tEDYAKD. Special Correspondence. LKDYAIID, May 26.—We grow. Two meager showers of rain week. Cold and dry at present writing. Five car-loads of stock unloaded here last week. Mr. Wickwire, from Bancroft, and Jim Wood, from Goldfield, visited our town last Wednesday. Mr. Wood will open a butcher shop here soon, we understand. Nothing is too good for Ledyard people, not even fresh beef steak and bologna sausage. Judge Cook and J. R. Jones, of Algona, were in town Thursday. They think favorably of the steam-plow eu- terprise. Grant Finch's family arrived on the north-bound passenger Thursday evening. Mr. Stearns, of Mason City, was among the strange faces seen here on Thursday last. A gentleman dropped into the Ledyard store the other evening and an- nouced himself as the last station agent at this place. May he not long continue to be the last. Frank Green, who has been busy putting down wells at Blue Earth City, reached home Friday evening. He is now engaged in putting down a tubular well for Ben Bendall. Jean Stiles, of Blue Earth City, visited Ledyard and steam-plow Saturday. James Washerton, a successful joung farmer east of town, was buying'build- ing material for a new barn a few days ago. He yeports crops to be looking well i» bis vicinity. > The ir4 larking proprietors of the are deserving «f mueb credit for their untiring energy in trying to push the enterprise to a successful issue. A few more days of such work and we predict that the utility of. the machine will be demonstrated beyond the matter of a doubt. Jno. Witmer has been making some improvements on Mr. Leslie's dwelling house the past few days. Mr.Kesler, of Tarna county, was in this neighborhood canvassing for nursery stock on Monday. He was also concluding a bargain with real estate agents Clark &. Skinner for a quarter section of land lying a few miles west of here in section six. The school-house carpenter has the building well under way. As soon as this is completed he will commence the building of another on Mr. Arnold's farm north of town. teaching at Houghton, Wisconsin, arrived home last Wednesday. Miss Nellie Taylor spent Sunday under the paternal roof. '" ; .. , •'" •••.-,;' M. Stephens was seen on ourStreets '\ the fore part of last week. ; . ;>' •./.- •' Mrs. Tubbs and daughter visited in' ' Fenton last Sunday. ' .. : ; ; W. D. Moulton lost a.'valuable'horse- last week. " : •"-.. . We are sorry to hear that O. C. Tib-, bets and Miss Tibbets are no betteiv , ';' Rev. A. G. Ward, of Bancroft, was a, caller in Fenton to-day^ Supervisors Peters arid Q'Rourke were on our streets to-day. UNION. Special Correspondence. UNION T WP., May 25.— Herman Dau is nursing a very sore hand. Mrs. Wilson, living on the Rapley place, has been very sick, but is some better. Libbie Hofius has come to spend the summer with her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Hofius. Tom, Dalton, who moved to Algona tins-spring, brought his family out to enjoy the "country air" and visit friends. The measles are still raging although in a mild form. Chester Bailey is the last victim. Miss Minnie Shadle is progressing finely with her school. She has twenty- two scholars enrolled, the largest school in this vicinity. Farmers are doing odd jobs in the time intervening between corn planting and corn plowing. Cut worms are doing sad damage to gardens, \ and some complain of corn. /•"••• LucyHaswell will spend th,eweek with friends at Burt and.yicip,%. . Salisbury boys have pqld "ithfiir f arm of eighty acres, to D. Hutchins, receiving $20 per acre. Frank Shrouf e has been doing some good work on the road east from Mr. Tjaden's. Other road supervisors should get to work. The roads are in a bad condition. Fred Patterson is teaching a very successful term of school intheFrink district. Mrs. Monroe and son, of Louisiana, S :yived in this vicinity Saturday. She a sister of Levi Hartwell. JJUFFAI.P JFOBK, Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOIIK, May 26.—Mrs Bart- lettdied very suddenly last Friday night. The funeral was held in our new church, and notwithstanding the rain her numerous friends more than tilled it. Elwin Davison is home from Ames and is slowly improving. Dr. Howe, of Ramsey, will preach here next Sunday. The creamery started to-day, making quite an excitement in our midst. Mr. Wolfe is finishing up the church, and our teacher, C. Stockwell, is painting it. We expect to have it in "apple pie" order for dedication, which will come off the 21st of June. IBVINGTON. Special Correspondence. IUVINGTON, May 26.—The recent rains make our farmers look more cheerful, and a good crop is anticipated. L. J. Clarke, of Eagle Grove, formerly agent at this place, is visiting friends and relatives here this week. Mrs. Edgar. Bush left for her home* at Wickes, Montana, Monday. O. J. Olson is buying grain at the siding south of this place this O. L. Smith licks postage stamps ing his absence. Ask Smith if the transfer business is profitable, and how he w&es it. The Presbyterian services still «?»•» tinue at this place. Elder Keeley isa fluent talker and all will do weUt<^ hear him. The meetings are well afc: tended, but us yet there are no converts, but better results are, for during the remainder of the ings. • • Special Correspondence. FBNTON, May 25,— Wm. Warner, WUQ Lms been visiting at O. E. Tibbetts* Begg'8 German Salve is one of &« 1 skin and pile ointments AM . hw

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