Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on December 24, 1861 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1861
Page 2
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3 A l j T G O H 1C- A N D C O U R I E R . ^S^sSSSSKS^i JM» YMDC MOPIlKTOm. aid aft, Hil .W.; a.4 JMd i.^ rTwJno 1 oalUaatamnesia whtab to oatefc th» shot ol D I E D : tia." J Christmas Levee. T H » C 1 M O O I . A 1'igu *· Christmas New Tear' niiSOF^^ ___ Can be Remembered by Pnsentl of I" U H ** M R iST |Y] A ^ ? USEFUL ARTICLES! 0TM S TO £- OP L H Gold, Silver Plated Goods IS JFOfr r^nn/cr..TM,, . ""WHS No. 12 CENTRAL STREET, AND PDBCHASE A Parlor Set, Chamber Set, Sofa, Lounge, Card, Centre or Extension; W All 0«»c ol Alio our T»ble 1UCH D«JlJ Xa* otBorttond. ·MblfeitMd 1M4 -- Weekly 1MB. r. . y , ,,,, pmTjdKl nla U """""' _«f .'_ hMl " "*«'"* P"* 1 *Hitherto wifwr England nor France hai «oe- PRESENTS AND FOR THE Giria r3rii.t A LAXGE VARIETY- OF Bedstead, Spring Bed, Sinkv Wash Stand, Cane and Wood 1 Seat Dining and Rocking Chairs, Childrena' Chairs, Looting Glasses, "Wort Boxes, land many other articles in the | F U R N I T U R E ij, at leu prices than ever before offered in t rkeU i C. C. PRESCOTT; GUVS 0s A CALL « . . TPMPZI *''- T Christmas Coming! will not 4 able to resswt MKowsfully (bm«.r moos iron'fabrics, j Tie Wanrior can be used a a ran afauut smaller craft; a mas. of iron. .to Alien that he has had bat lit-Ji aid from his '" "" ****** "' 608 ' "'" «"» °» «ptentabed asktstanta | and thejpablieaticn reewned tn an extra dated GTAb^tsUfncke. of »ow fen here ye.- 2 * h i n « - « » · « · / » J 'hit ,tbe orderly and ·ww.rmn, n.Hh.Brttpwd.eiriiin.e.Mhe weu ^ h ^ ln « P 0 """ ° f "* community de- · TM " noanoe he outrage. mn d ·,:*. wilt kirn in the oalivnant persecution which ke had to »-CAlL AND SHE, at Stone's. d««M W °- 1 K^CHAHOI BtOOK. Wagon and Harnesses, Christmas anid New Years'"Gifts i Watches', Jewelry, Silver W«re. Fao-v G T " ' Sled., *e., 4c., which we cSer at Uie Lcw^'.''""' :Pric«=. at 2TO. 8 M A I L -o j. . We hare jnet received from N 6 to which we would call the attentl?n*i'j -S'," ^' Notwithstanding War, · WB *gMMi awuirr cimn; a mui or ifon* ----TM»- · ' ! Q ·harp, putted, weigh o ff 9000 tons. aaf2ma*ru.r ^ M»*M to the Wove.! *l If«Mr Jbulud .nff., T H i * ' at ,h. ra te if .i^u .a. a, hoar, would ,,* A. organist, in Bos tM «if £££%£ .±'« -t^T" 7Tll, * *"' ^ jS£ i ' t - f - 1 *' ta «"--~ °- ^-r-W^.G. HoweverTM, ^ ^ S±^. ^^1- --i.,t,, ^^^z,r-- ^jr£--s^.-st r-nrri^ts^ri BANGOE , _,., -^. , ppetl ltt b^f rf the Vailat auteB ^.^ ^.^ to ^ ptia !nn ^ y^ ^ ^*. R. S. PRESCQTT, Auctionf. T £±Z^^*. In Paa«* or 'W IT. on land or aca, Onrnac.tb« saris of the trao, Bricbt smblera of Colombia's itlorj t ·JnaU fall to ponlnc yoara the atcry, Honr, stout of iMMirt, and sCrons: of hand. Th0 patriot, cd our natlvv land Bon it, tb» na-icn'a hope and life. Oittwntod fleldi 'mid fearful strife, StUlonl *tUl thronjch tha sulphurous aloud 'It broketatriaunph. Treason's shroudj! 1 ' knv ^IO M naji ins Tollo4ring. ·Some few weeli agg we announced that im- niediatelj; on the of the intelljgeno« of ih. *.,,!..,. »r u aty,,, ED)| HMOn te |b) . the Hunter and Breekin lj» iaptor. of Weam. SkTelJ7ndTMli.IIonirtta Soulhern! ilalel. M Iron The progress cf i ; KUi«* D8MTO «:or «.. Base.,,TM, Z^ In h~ ^ " S " i '"- -- TM *·- -·«- ijn.ftrW* the 8t. AhnKew Bm»,wiok*r ,,*"'"° n '" h °".^"''· ^pme^ or m iti- late. ,er. largelyon ; t he American side, sn| for o. lt h. IX ha, the WloWing. *"* "" '"""'«' " " ""' " "" M ° ' fM ° n " «"«^«-«t n. in«rted ii im -»£ snd .h^ecTM^ U« Cri n»n ar, 7 . « lam n, o, a recruiting oB« ., c,,^ n* The CTM-«,oa b«, not an articl. applied bj no, pret.nded tha, .. T Bri,,at »ldiers taw ,n- Oovernmeqt-j-st works gratuilooily for listed Ibrre tbe arm; and for tbe oonntrj. and is the friend 8ls()t , ,, . ; .tales jt as ^ aioguUr (aet that not more than one third of the sixteen Ihoomid soljierj enlisted in Uame hare had the measlee. It makes the state lie lit npon the lulhorit; of a medical gentleman who i: firoiliar with the bets in the caase of tbe B A Z A A R I One of the Largest and Best Assortments F A N C Y GOODS, and proceed in the Ctnard Steamer to Europe We leant from-the, II ililai Eipress I hit Mr. T M Bcs1on,a»ao*iialion is aa authorised braneb fc^» 1 ^ J 5*h' !ri ' Fdl " le " "f 1 " *!" Ml "« a - ".'··Sanitar/Coatnisrion.iaDd i t seek, to ob- sooompanted by aaolter v*ntl«.m«n ·.»! tnn^ . *. It aware'of the fact of;Mr. lireckinri.Iee being here, and thi Attornej^ General of Boston sect a notice to ttw Captain of 'tbe Canada, '-=--- LADIES' BOY'S SLEDS, «TJEI VV JiJXj3EtT, ----AND Ten Thousand Other Articles I ON THDRSDAY neit. Deoeiaber 26th. at 10 o'eioek A. M.. in Weht Market Eqnare^ I Sorrel COLT, 5 jears old, weighs about 9UO pounds; ' i! 1 WAGON, considerably worn; 1 new SLEIGH. City mate, good style and finish; ; . 1 seeond hand SLEIGH; ^ SJeigh KOBEtf. Bells andiBitting Earness; ' 1 PLATED HARNESS, nearly new, co 5 t *4(l,00. Banker, !ecemtpr \A. 1^61. ' ' ; ) riONTINKNTAL MONTHLY, for January, *,,, r! v r* 081 "'! by i rj. BUGBEE * CO. -- *^*- j - i t t v , VjO rPHE Stockholders of this Corpora- - J. notiled that the Annual J l e V t n V : ~ "'' '""'· of officers, ind the: transact^TM" r ; f-'«.'.c, nese that may legally c-tne ben^."-? ' '"'" ' -'· held at the Prehle ifoose at p ,, ? " ''^' -' · -' DAT, the first ,ia of January n.'i: a-'V ^ £ i ^S A. M. \1 fp fcT-T --.'l," -'·- '- ^-' il _Janzor,pKS.a,_l561 "iLjv.Sil. C. ers ^ Merchantsliank T HE Stoekholderj of tij-- p»r,i- - fiedVmeet at thtirilank.c t° r.*''" : U'- :; DAT, toe fourth oav af Ja-oafv .","',-' ~ " A T L K P. M. to £11 the Taca DC ?'oT e M.",:: .V ,f J.'^' Per order: '· ill T. STICK\'hv' ( ' « " . " " l.«i · 01 ^ ;s; ". (.a, ^f ,H ter d ^ al Oo^oratioi Stockbolders_(jf ti;i4 i:.ji.... sr .r a-e their Annual MeetiiVr ·'·""'";. e L " ! i:i ; c^W^- Prices socki. jam, and other available msterUls -- ', , . "" ' ·-- --TM "· ·"" Mnc.h^l.eengir^.batnwr.i. needed, and ^'taT ," "*"* '"^ ** '** · " StAte W ih« se»t oJ Whr. :f 4 t Chid Skip* of Uar. jc baa es ·JOB VJtr~ : n 1 war with England, not only qnietlj'repli In mperted .ng sail Tetsels by swift war steamers L - l : - M atiU mer» formidable olaa. of ,roll or steel »l.o,uted;.hat a siSjl.r "notice'was «r.ed o» b »" done. We uaderstsnd (hat the i . dad d, lps ,« of resting all bat the, l|eaT- the captain ol the CahaJa her,-; but that B0 no- «"«l art a!rmd, »o,i n , f o r .nw an J con, The,l , itst kinds ol shot, md of being propelled at the «« »as taken cf it'aW Kir. Brecliinridge ,, binea *ffi,rt. The work shonU oJT 1 *,^ .jri , * hi»l^«t»^^^1 ui .-·-! - ...J : now on board the stMmerif4i Nnt. i n r . , *!«»·»»«« noi ce left to a effect of ew. lut all shoul.i fee] an interest] in it loty tb be performed on! the Mlhoritj of the T " ****"** M3t. We learn from Capt , but do not Touob br it» ''"»'« of this city, who reta hued (njnc on S*t . .,,,,,.,,,,. , ,,'e thsy mention, in con urdsj, that ibe ne* pr*peJler"3a»on"f ^.rmer inecsion with this Statement, that f , r aweek put |. ,.« H n, T h_. i r\^ . L T l^rmer two gontiemen wioifnameB. biwinew snd lesli ' . j. 7" " ""* !J - h " **" nation teemed ti h*!ihrnrMlMl ;·% ^--*^ 1 P at Jl t eomptete preparation A.raemce as aIOT Europe ... both Knglandiand i.! 1 *" Halite Mdtning|l Journal copied the franc* ban been providing thent-rlvea to some axtawt during the .past two years--and the oc- oarrsooeof the p-eseat war baa c^mfjelled our «WB fOTernment, as a matter 'fit precaution,, (!o tavm it. attenttcB in the fame line. England '"" *--·*·"=*» wmwc UBUHP. ousineaa snd ttesli- nation teemed ti belihrooded in mystery. Late THE B A N G O R B A Z A A R , 1 Union Block, Main-St., Bangor. W. K. FOSTER. Boston Clear Pork AT AUCTION. Itensisnn's." will tie retailed at ArCflON fur a.few days, )H the A'! inintstrator. AISO,--TIIE norsEnnLD FURNITCBE. Baojor, Dec. in, 1561.--Iw ' Jirectoj3 will'be h« oay, January 6lh. i OROXO, Dec. i? Is To Arms--To Arms! 100 MEN WAJSTED FOB F"r particular! enquire of Ca; »r . , · ·' ·--- = o f t h e Mutual Larhife Insurance Come 1 A MEETING -of t h . M e r r h a - v Mu--' v" ; /V Ins. Co. will he l,e'o:.- f . - " ; '- ."· - · . M pany, in Banzjr. on the thV,i ,' . V f t ''.'*- - =;next,at thrtc" o'clock'P M";'r'tj"-'^ -' ^; 1 ^' i: -"tees, and Jhc tranfacr3ui:"oiVnch '1 ~r~'l.''','.. - '- ' r ~'~ may come before them, i J/B. F"iiT£p" C,-'- u Uec. 13. 1 Sti 1 ; ' ' T '' ^ ' - - . ' A DIVIDEND cfsli pericent| : " -he M riavigation comjiativ'ha ; . ee'-dec -' .able on demand after tentti :n.='t. "a:"-re 'vV-':." . Tlle ato " " «t« »" kin * »« "d at Toledo, and larJ.W . of prcTmons of p, awaiting trdnaportatiou, cir. laden will] pork, be-1 t on the track ,;tbc com] . - , _, 10^ o'clock A. ftf , at store of i. No. G bioad stre« clotea eon- Jo tils, listen Cl e , r Bort--a choice article J. B. FOSTER, Auctioneer. Dec -14 SUBSCRIPTIONS rTc-'k.V"-"-"-.. ~ ~ ^ - er's.Atlantic. tf t r.e-., FL-t"r-.- : ' K-"-r." erin,cki.-r, ArtliurV. .!liainber's| J c u ' C a ' ' "-r" · beiog uo«b]e to st^.re their 1 contents warehouses, where IP.2-J5 barrels of freight hate been nccumulsrecl within two weeks. ·as now nineteen of this class of shlra, fe* of ^1°? ^f^ 1 ttMA -- ; j--j « . - - »-·- .^±^!rrir^^ r«.-f. B^. . S h e c a r r i e s i o n h e r a ^ ±V^'^r ^ iM ' P^"-^"- J. JdTi. ! " VI r : · "°"°'«r l: "'T"«'theS«i, W rn cin.n,.»ioa m . If ,,. be, ., B au,en id, aad t h e m BS of I them cannot be pm! in they managed TO preti-rre their i ncM pretlT ef- Lon,*l»rf lition for wsr nnder a jearfrom It's time.' iMMllj until the bdur off their departure." * . United States.jwe have no douttV' sill aoon ! ^ e «' Te "f« »»J for wnat it is worth, bat we 'I* 0 lpoDlldl anal with Enafcnd !in this .nn ,.f it.,.1 _». .don't btlieve ill Wt ttink Hnm.r .«,) n--i ol T r *"· ·P«ed wodition fo ·ThaUnitedoiaies.|we nare no dout.r. sill aooa I "^ ft 111= l f e ·"'T Tor imat it is worth, bat we , " ~ --°* vtlc j'^wmru be equal with Engfcnd |in' this arm of r., T .! «r- i don « bt!i «« ·«[ Wfc timk Bunl.r and Bretk JTMT' *"' " d "* '" Ufc * fro " 3 * (1 40 ° We have nvw three jron pl.qeJ frigate. * nrid ** WM * ·"* j""^ [ il.?_"!**.'" a ^ edilion - ^ap^ai» Flower. TM= Df.the Boston Pke'snd Palm, oontaiu ibe /o! "d owing nmarkabjb apo»uneemetat from its edi- business. '«y ^i-or.JinesBed^thf' i ; ; A PiirAUTUtT Wfoao. Haling become sin- Tke Washington ftar sajs that a su 1 ^0^.^ w, v U«.E ufn mm; fruj] p .wafer contract and for! advanced. Mr. an Boatftit ^f)P ^AWr*.! 1 «r. V I I r"' ~"TM- "#'^'J^'"«» JJrirUiBDiiiJijij Tf«« ierirrrottX,::!:^.:; ?-«*-. *-^.^ ba, beTM^^. and i, » Ukefrll.^r^± " d ' l!1 te h " len * 1 T* of 'ta'Ctalf -i-h ,, U.- tle.deiaj u possible. There ij alrtmor that Qen b-^.^nntendia.tneco^ri^.reu^' ^l* 0 ?'^ *'" * "" to 6" ! P "^ «· en.ngaad alteration of I he various parti, s'nd bag made rery quielf deapaich in the It has all been ·ceafeplE.hed in two wet ka- SSOOO. tySob Suaan, of BlaehUl, troai PhiladelphU with eoal, went ash»re on Race Point. Cape Cod, « L JiMEl I I . I.HI . Sutijaj oigbl. got off. 'deck 1 } to the government. The'grvat iron N«w York can be 1 iuished in a sh^rt time and A pi,,.. ,,_: y ,, tt.a^nj, report f thUa,, D, r , rlni e n t ^ e^jb^iat^ 0^^^^ oommencU..^! cjn truodoa o : twenty a-ditonal lrin M l"at I haie'kdv'ccwed in mr writing are iron plated ships I | ||l dangerous an! abhortnt to the higher i n B i » h l - WhUe on. thb sbl.ject some details of the ,ite Ih'L^Tf p * !icj! r ftr r^-P'*-«' '«««»« and^th^th, Eng U 81 steei-oUd ship, ^'^/.Ta^tttieriea^ ·ill be of intereit We find that the Warrior .»"»! «fl snimnnca |herf tl»t t .tall retire from and the Black Prince are tbe only s.hips of rreal *? y . FTJi-'Pi'^ !i° .'bl political mam^ement Bosloa. lost jibbooB. njt o ueec i«. d .^i , u u j Satth ^ fa t" ^ -aT- 'tt^iS-^r--srs-fE ;? r r- l " k in -^-W-r^t s^K^itata * ~ n p t « m o f t h e W » r r o r w l t a n s . e r f o r U h . «h.t I h.,e attain,! .'clearer aad mTr.".,,,, l °" 1 ' ^ Se * unin . ^ P-' inlj Portland for 'eNnioed to make. ifTM, .dnrinii DM is of all thousand tons burdrn; she! has »»d|Christian vita of'th duties of the freeman "P 51 "- ' cooperate with him " ! r^ftSiS;*:tJst:s ·SSSasSSS ·£Z*°st=±±*r- .-^r-r- - a^y war ve**! m ,he world, and her si« aid d.l, annoonoed. The' attide, L^l w"i « i-bag«*. arri,«i .1 S.w power are nnsurpa^d. Su«h is the account "'"i* O «re mine; f the» I will retract h,,u, c abiodoned lh,ir res»l in a leak, "" Eig ish P ,pers. Her armament «n- """.?' «"«'·*« wbo indicaW Iheir reepec- diuon l ,,th lo. of Z ' ^ T . - - '·«»ntingsbjth«initiJt. l ,audbr tbe marki °' uo "-: 11 " 11 '" »' »la., boo*, eta., and t, i, aad §, r, ilon, responsible for Iheir "" -ut of proiiswoa and wMer. 'when Ihe. dtt/utSlEf^erTM 1 " 1 ^'' "* ~ TM* kal " ·»"·*-* Sboal JLigbtVe^ . u in on^ elegant volume, lur ^aie i A T the Store formerlvofcup-'ec '-r C"a-k i L The above £or.c= are ^;';. sold at a tkir price. dec5 3w Bargains! many nf which are very One. acd appropriate f:i Christmas ; New Tear's Present*; B Y orde. !he newwarj eipendi jtrc .being about ^^^, in yesterdaij^ Ntw VcirklTril une, »t. of this gentleman's aoninalinn as BriiidieT ij^ General: **aobse.t. f "Tbe ocminalion wsj nnanimoJ-lr confirmed Maine n i, ,h 00g h,i ate .aTTM,** -""STfTrf' t "-''»tb. JWi Ji i,±3? °"- "«°"- S u i aoo wut not ke laf that Ilisbould n, tojperateunt.l'General Une | Jbould signify his atcepianoe. Tbe Sans^ · Sch Major Deering. fr,m feinjror for «K lal * lol « n'e*» -n|Mo E day It is said tbiat -- \ A i tf L * De h " M ot'-h' majority it U^, ,^! ICr h,il°d!^;" J J bat -i: .'**' «"'"»liptoptk inistration wit pe» - THIRTY MORE MEN, f f the Oorrraor and Commander-ln. · t i t h*j recruited in the the Regiment, if the Reeulor Army, rommandinf Til* line Re-tmeot rformerlj- under Tol. Minhall ow deceased.) reqoiru thirty Uoj, from i, re- eiunofihe PeuottKi! 1 oK.ake it a Crack Regiment. n ^ f '^'°' ^ e!: TM". of en'.Wing w i l l EnJ here a i(«d opixmiiaiir. T.'.eir pa.v ,,|| t» $n per MJ nlh »pd r ,2°* B.iuntj 01 i ;u, to b. pild at the cj« of the war. wh.-n will enable thea U start a famT Pa r and sufei-Hnoe rron Jale ol .alirtment Apply immediately at - ;-JJ""^ Taielin z Baas, Embroidered, P.*tet Companion£ W.,rt l!,,se a . Reticule... Perfumery, Combs. KrusheV Belt Ci»p.. t*w,o s Birds, rme I r o r y V V r o n S i Bia.ekl. and p, 3f , rh ici Tea Sets and Toy Fii-- ures, U e n n i n e (ierman 4'nlr.frno Ti Di! , 17 u i-T 3 Soaps--Babbitt's 3ni S-. =r, T«»J Coffees, injars. Br ,.x=. Fluid, Ker. Oil. Spioei.Cra^kcr- Pilot Bread. R»ee. Ha ^^ Z^* EH^S--^Se^rSf 'S^^^-«-^ lf » ^^ l !I.*. l":!/« n i h C "«e«' and Bodiee+i the Uei_ oTa ^rmau-H-riJeds^re^ Trimm'^Jd.?! 6°cSi . Laces, White Gooda. f.\.NUARVrpETERSQX ^ C e i V r L - V i' i-ro-izE i C'j. First Class Thread Store ! F. M E I N E C K E ' S , j 56 Main Street. dec!7 * ----.^^Mm. OUKU is me account firen by E lg jah p ipere. flir armament »n- ·Jal. of eight gun. on hr npf«r d, ck, TIJ. I wo lOO-ponnaen, four 40j-pbuncer, anJ twofiS- r£±sr4*x*J£iS« annoonoed. The articles signed w i t h an ln bd » l *. ·rtini at New BedWrJ tn the ~'lu f *" sn f tl « r ««l«»l« Wth tbe iofcrmition w* I**!'"TM f'T: f t *«"' 1 -»1 "tract h.-u. C abandoned Ih 9 ir ,~1 U a I»V ",, h " e i ftJ= Interesting TO- 1 - Piano and Ork T an Tuning M R - J O K J f f D COKLEr ; .r/tlie ?.-r i-' inU [remain a it*-sreek f ^r v : - ; j-- ^e ' Toning and Repa-rin j P.aED- O'-iL-T^t.-"'-- ' ; " *c- ta^Order? left at /j «·;:, -: .-e N- - k; -' duske« ? _Bn,l-e. ^Bowrnan-.- B.,.;^ decki xtw D IARIES. !^6^--:n creat Tar:*cv t r ' i -- - ^retail. by : n. fcCuBES i .'.'. decta pounder Armstrong guns--and thirty six oii her maiii deck, ten of which aralOJ-pounaer. . a«d the reuainder 68-pounders, With her.itcel JAJCU RIMMTH ' ?*%**·* R * a "' m - II » e.piled that tbe ffll Ka»4imA.r.* i ' ^ t _ _ . l *1. . r .. s v^t' ra - wiihh "r i)D " Mi ^^^^ ^.n shUetghs nm, thou^nd .on,, drLw, report of the ChieFliineer of tb, irmy Gen l^ T V B "| OB - «* «" Co«,'tuti.n br 8b,p twwty-n, fee, O f ,,,,,; , nd ,..,, ^^ B|,4i,, mad i i»l,,7se.nlarT of War ,k^. t^ "L"^ .*°** ll « ^ ta *'*7 *. ^ 3f"t-*st ^Tis .^5^;s,t.rsrrS SKr^SSSS SJ^ar"'r^*i-^-?r^'--^'.'is^aa£S.«iE!^H^3 The Administration ijil] co-operate with Oen^ Lane fully and heartily] He will h.rr K,oh an army and wen a command uhedeiirea to haraj No annonaeemeut could be mor* graiifying , o tbe country. It i, ,h« beihrting of the end of this war -- H'aaifne'oi Rtf. Dw «tb RA ' NK GODFREr ' RocrniHaEOffioer BOOK 3 ! BOOKS^r War is upon us, and Businesa la Dull' PEOPLE MUST READ, A few «· «n And that th. r mar do n « moderj. , IffM , '" ^ 'S will iei( nij ttock of »"TM«. , _ MIS CELL A NEONS BOOKS V^3 3^arL±S, JI25 t, rs/wrcrml »«.«· P,« 1J ier,^ K , 1 , *"* **"*" " b "elbeen whnlejaled fpr$l,23in Soston! Received per. Last Boat, handsome Figured THIBETS .rnti and Blt;k. lor ' ._:,., · F"-«r, »au ane 11 cwseiTloiBily tow sail dgt«n which mount threr *'"" ^t, r m T ,,,..,,,., wh,h ? , W h.r JJJ. r ^n 3 'a cireu^lleTM Jfc^ ^ ,.- ^^ f - - . . - " '' """y fi TM "»l«-ekce4d, t ,. by srWral mils., in on, their way SoulhTM--.«W^ t. tbe na^rnajtor nf (I,. I . r_-.:£ : mpatieal 10 be SPZCIAL jNOTICaBS NOTICE. «/^^^^J!a!Si l -.s-si!-«-.«*-. ''wfc!blT?k* , -'" " J "" tlaie '"·"·Hj "«°y instance, wiredirown up hartU, in the r """""" M "» «HWn in Bath, pablished ·*»»«dfl.. Channel tteet. The* fonr sbipsca^y »« of the en.mj(, tbeV « paW iuJmlta.! "*·»* «--.*·,««· tta fclta.*, ,,,,,. Wt-«. them one hundred aad twenty-,* bf lUl can be mad. ptfecf in a ^1^,71.7^ "^ f^"^^ "" «P'"TM wa, mad, b, U»h«T,« Armstrong guns. . ail e f pen« of Sjai.Opd. ' ' ^ *»pi»«. 8«««er. an tb. 26ib So«.ber. In, _ l r-- + ---·--- , 8alnl « r "»·"·* »w»P"ith tbe *ip and board Hrrtw or Qia, Scorr It will be ^ b, ed her. Oapt. Brown »r,t«,: · i -i -|~ wa wrini^u U«l llllie takpqwna-.present.,!,: the Valiant and the Hector These ship, are f.r ad«r,c.d In cen 1 will bereacy for sea in May nit. is about 400 tonamire than . nd nearly 30(Kt leas tLau tb Tbej are 280 feet long, 66 bro,d. 1M ' "" ~ '^ b y B0 means a hundsoie " C to the slem and * .K: Haaonic; Notice. · Th« Omoeri of sf Aioaaws' Lam ^VV^tw Itutalled i^Rl Itf BVKh i \n r_ VCp-- B ^. KB 'iJ^ r - ,^s:slgs^^ . East Side Book Store I.ll»plac*tero»to«Ll] All.taf.r.rst^cm.ry aod School liooha for sale low. flee 33,1861. FOB SALE, -ALSO- fta, worth a good deal more. STICKNEY ivt. ir. i*[. LINCOLN HOFSK. LINCOLN, M4INE. The mb^criWr Wouii re. ; pi-;'".'_.." .afi.rm hi;u!dfr:edc5anc tr.r pu , general],;-, that he: isairtin rr_r.e t-Tuf.tiie'Linc'iIn hou-'e. an" i- -: . ---_---- "J,/ic." T h a n k f u l ;..,r r.. i; : :',r r; hopes by strict personal attenrion to r r.u-: t-- : Tit a contfnuaace -jf the liberal ?hart of t*:^^ e_he has h'itberto receired. td Carriages to let ace for ; a"e H (i COi;UR- iilDCom. Dec. !7, IfrjI. \ cecI9 Smj ALO5ZO BARTLETT 2 fi»lo« StrML cStrtet. SALTPETRE! LESS pure Saltpetre, for sale br dec.9 'B F. BRADBURY. 100 Dollars Bounty! T, j. stewart TTAVK inet rpc/otriWl n f t i i l it-^jtl- . CANDIES! I AND H O L I D A Y T O Y S f Eight front Ne* York! h»« tna threatened I»e Butoter, lying .iwiihin a In, Tw d. ,f tiaa. (tamed tbe old henf h3 ' W· P°}"el at nu. and about t» !retttn t. this country, ^capeT ^twani cf' _ wbkh will *·* ordertd to the ca - totodrrow. The « 'hat Ija, his enetoy. tbat mj rttip wa. . tW~" J S ut '"110 neif lOrl itae» w4 aaiious that he should f nie » t*» Uinftderatle diate. of AaMrieia * ^v i . --Hr^a-r-a-X -a^^ir^^^ ^^^drto^tstsrw?* U.b,,,tUu, bi.pfr.rt inflnenc, ahip wL ctarterrf b, ^"^^.1 £" -J i ? rfB ? i r TM* "" Y «« ^«««t. ! ·=W=r.T.r-^ Ma?«4s*S«£ *-^S?r ^- tf ' ^^ (T.B1«) "* *" HOLIDAY GIFTS] A EEJJr S^LT°! : r ,?_?°*?. KTM.ri i- «^ »( -- 7 -uu,u* mt ^WUJLB. oreT«ry de- ^^^V^i^V^^fe; . _..,,, . Dw.a III i% . - meat. C.( Frank. S *'leter« Very Best Chance to Eolist! T 1 -- 1. BriiBKKiCO. cf / L HOLIDAY GIFTS. XV Uoua or Bumdard ATED * r -"* K;!: 6old £a a. arbiter I i^S^^eatsea^ -- ....._,, ,,, uwpial,. 1| JMtaS H» Fortns« jaannx aW.*»J ? ' 4fl ""L''' lbe '| b »''"tb aid- Kib«lelnbi. 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Burnett';: celebrated Flavuria^ Es-.rac^ ^ j- pQiamer ; «av.ory. Thyme. Sweet ilzrjorsm. Yti«: · oRpers, Mustard, "pure .Creaa Tariaj " VT^i -e- ftarfe. Door Mats, fcc-.4c.. at d * oi * 53-Wes^ Market Square. . HsrlSuisTtouR~ W E are now receiving ST. LOClSaad oier v pastry FLOCR. fur family use. from new wb;^: "ALSO, SUPER A N D . E ' X T R X FLOUR. For eale low for cash, at wholesa' c 'bv ; " WALTEK BRCWN 4 Si.'V [t Oct-ij. 1S61--3m. : , Ei-hin-e?:-eet ~1 " till be jj»id each toldier wben: dit A B f A K R A H . Recmitinr Officer re at A K P THASi ii Hai? Brewing smith Block. i dec23 OrO.|.%.X«--OOA.X.. ^-J-Uj].. kaa-, *Jnum^ft»,i^tt Hard-Ware, Cutlery, G O O D T H I N G S ; I C K I* E D L O B 'S T E B ; ireah Toru»to*s, j SflTlll* O . l T M f ' Choir Chuw, -_ Ind i* Carm, Whit* Pppp-r. Salad Oil, AfarwebiDo, Whtt« Wice VUrew, Fr*iwh: Noop..»it Cp«n, fffuch Mu»l*rd, Kxtn PIekl««; ine %ppl«- RfcuijberTi^wT, «d Milk, OxiaU Boop. Ailanoda »a£ *"%* Wore««ter?hlre and 8oyer Seaee, Fraah CarranU * Llanuoni, tinsra Jellv, FlaTotinr Kitraots ^Matd, Wifo and Widow: at j | i , · ALO-SZO BAHTLETT.v ;^ , ·_ ±?i rl jL_!" ' ; "L_ 1 For Sale or R^nt, The Fiik House, at the top a: !.:: H.::. on Ohio street. AppI^ to decie'lw Jc^HN E. GOPFREr_ ^flTBW BOOKS--Cecil Dranifi, hv the l»t« Ma :r J.1 Winthrop, Eaiter Ljintor tbe L ar.'iWacgii- Ur-af AUOS2O BA'RTLKTT-S. i povll j -; i3a- ; .-.^ Elcok , TEACHER or ksE Kano Porte, Organ, Singing, H ARMO.VY, 4e . desire* tc. bcqnaltt his fr:e=c- and tbe public in tbe «jt7 and r r:=::y ..' **nrc.r, Itkat he has resumed hl*«:cna:a-.\-^s- ttotuaiatnre. ana bnpei hv c;r-ent a"«ct.-r. I-' UieulvaDeemenl .f 1,... j.oji'l-. U' :ve t!.o t.ihe.'t »« toali who mar ia.vr~ him with U^.r ' two lf!;!D! P" »eek. J :f ·:· · paid in a«I,aice. (·"·'···· - Granite Bloek. eoroer ..' Harlow and ·* ·"·"·' ""si ika al|ip, bat rT -o.p»rk.wMBOwVuTM 1 S 1 tV J*ll«d. b oUuted ti da ans* ·!^-*r»*F£3£ TM ·UadDrMalkc. Kaaatnrai Encamp, DafaM ad bra Itatla I I ___ __ PURE COAL OIL KB BDKNUIli FLCLD t r ti. 1*1 ,,- ,,.; » B. r B U t ' a r slii; oontir and propr tc tbr G-.^ th«t S , »av S*..^ *rguinj£ t 1 tk* lea t g'oes »r» i nectirn r £llot oae 1 C. . K. ~ »'.£ 1 c oeed" e ' atten i V- 1 T t f . ] ! lahed Uit »ilhon d tker won Veek. Capt ! Th* e ..HRCHIVF-s

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