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Richmond Planet from Richmond, Virginia · Page 1

Richmond, Virginia
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Saturday, August 1, 1896
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?Ibe ?nlv /Hbcoium t-SS fox HU Hbvcvtt8Ct3 Bcsitino Colorcb peoples' TTrabc. Circulation <$uarantcc*t\ Special ?uotationt* THpon Xarse a^crtisxmcftte*. Colored /lian Sbonlb "fcave tTbfs 3ournal In t>te Ibome. tiertns in Hovance: $1.50 ?pcr "Dear. Sent to an? part of "Unite** states .**nb 'lanaba. VOL. XII. NO. Xi. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, SATURDAY. AUGUST 1. 1896. PRICE. 5 CENTS. Is It True? KY 1KNN1K O. lUU'Ol.ASS. When ye>u hear rn smsl word Like thea frost ve iud biting through. Stop anel think ot whet JOOrim heard Then ask thia queasiest : ls it true'.' If tb.e evil tongue shall still*' All remorse, and cry, '*Thef*j say Ask witn scorn, if 'tis n trifle Thus to steal a miine away'.' Stand upon your highest, honor, bet tin- truth fall with the dew, But when **vil slander whispers. Kindly question: ls it true? Qnostinn and eiemand ? not answer Merely--but th*, prool without a Haw, Think ol sister, wife, or brother, Then apply this righteous law. Evil hearts, like poison mashes, Breed miasma in the air. To their cruel words don't listen ; You have loved onee, so beware! There are those who strike in dark? ness Blows which pierce the pure heart through; < )h ' ?top t lie voice of cruel -dander By demanding: Is it true'.'?K\ MAN AND BARREL. A Vivid Description of the Tragedy. Till-: STRUGGLE TO COMPLY WITH A DYING REQUEST, Dr. Matthews' Position. UNIVEHSF1 } StTRGhONtS] WERE HUMANE The Tender Relationship Recognized, MOUE ABODT THE BARREL AND THE ARREST. A Sad Story. That the secretary of the Anatomi? cal Board, Dr William 1' Matthews fully intended thal the weeping widoa r_f SoloSD(Ml durable should not hare the body of her own husband after he had complied with the laws demand** was foreahadoWesd bf hi* trentmenl ol Funeral Director William S Selden. He approached the gentlemen who saul to have authority in such matters and nil were favorable except the oilicial referred to. Funeral Director Hoyne Iwhite) of Farmville, performed the duty a-.sigu ed him .nd the arrival of the remains at the Byrd St. Station duly noted. The action of l>r. i'aulusA. Irving, the treatsiirer of the University College of Medicine vi as kimi, considerate and humane Mr Whitehead, the efficient clerk was as accommodating as il was possi? ble for a gentleman to he. Dr. Hunter McGuire, the distinguish? ed president won go den words of praise from the ministers to whose re? quest he so readily acceded But let us consider the t roubles en? countered. The Anatomical Board had not complied with the law. lt failed to have an agent at Farmville to take charge of the remains, and it had not guaranteed the expei THK SIIKKIKK's R.gPOv Sheriff T. H. Dickerson's indignant response to tlie demand that he be? come an agent for the board by declar? ing that if it did not have some one at the gallows to receive tlie remains and no other demand was made for it, he would bury it in Potter's Field was as earnest aud as emphatic as he in? tended it should be. But the body was shipped to Rich? mond by express to the CDiversity e ollege oi Medicine and that institu? tion had control of it. When President McGuire ordered the transfer of the remains to other hands it par-sed there absolutely. The Anatomic**! Board could deal w ith the sheriff and willi the medical college, but its right to exercise jurisdiction over the ministers and ourselves was another question. After having secured possession of the body, the easiest way was to secure the consent of the parties claiming an interest and this we prt>ceeded to do WOULn NOT WAIT But before th is could be consummat? ed, Dr. Wm P. Matthews insisted up? on having the remains removed lo the Medical College of Virginia, across which doors might well tte inscribed so far as corpses are concerned : " Who enters here leaves hope t*ehind." lt was to prevent, just whet occurred that we expended time, money and patience in an effort to secure the* peaceful possession of the body ol Marable When it became apparent, that hil evident intention was to have the bo? ds for dissecting purpose*, regard les* of the feelings of the w ide>w and child? ren who had no part or parcel iu tht crime committeel, it was evident thai a legal light wa* unavoidable and Uia the aid of the courts would have to be invoktd in construing the require ments under this law . mo; E Alllll'T TUB ARREST. Dr. Matthews had us arrested, Mr W. S. Selden experienced similiai treatment. A search warrant waa se? cured and the body removed, not U the Police Station or the City Morgue where it should have gone, but to thi Medical College of Virginia where i should not have gone until the ques tion of ownership had been decided b the Police Justice Moreover, the disturbing of there mains by removing them from th coffin, was a plain violation of law Thus it will be seen that the mos high-handed proceedings marked ever stage of the drama in the effort to se cure possession of a healy which unde the laws of (Jeni anel man belemged t< the man himself and next to his owi relatives. ?*-**; Our intention was to make Dr. Met thews produce io the court the thiii| alleged to have been stolen, namely the body of Marable. When the case was called on tb Monday following, it was speedily dis missed, afr. Se Iel en never appeareel he was in North Carolina with thi corpse. Mr. H. F. Jonathan wa surety fe?r him, while Mr. Wilban l*aae Johnson acted in that capacit? or us. The cases were speedily dismissed, never lieing called on the d?K*ket et nil. Great was the disgust end indigna? tion of several prominent white gen? tlemen when they learned of the ac? tion of Hr. Matthews. We derra, ed the expense as per ugreemetit with the University Col? lage of Medicine contracted in the removal of Marable from Farmville to Richmond. This includes the cost of telegrams etc.. and amounted to $16. THK ministers' mission. Rev .lames H. Holmes, Rev. W. F. Graham and myself had spent all day Saturday in a .vain effort to adjust matters satisfactorially. On the perren of the college on 12th and Clay streets they waited for hours, while the silent form of Marable rest? ed in a wagon, which had been hastily hired for the purpose. The smell drawing which we show herewith represents Kev. James II. Holmes after his return in company with others from the Dispatch office. at which place we had secured an or? der from Hr. Matthews for the deliv? ery of the body. It was addressed to Chris. Raker. We were a little behind in reaching the cedlege, having gone to send a telephone message to the Haily Times When we reached there we did not go around but leaped over the iron fence. It was e scene long to be re? membered. The tall, stately pillars loomed up in the front of the gloomy college. To the* left, descending the steps for the purpose could be seen Rev. Holmes, trying to arouse Chris Raker and force him to comply with the order which he [Holmes] held in his hand. iib was TIREn. The Elder had gotten tired too and there was a determined ring in his voice which told that he did not want any trilling It was nearly one o'clock. as dark as possible ami as dreary as any one there could wish it to be. At the top of the steps could l>e seen Revs W. F. Qrahasn, Vf. R ewillina. ri J ll !*-:?.. ...I... I. ...I .-..:.....i *w -, a. . ... .,?,. , .. .... ..??. J...,., -, ?,,* party. Now, if there is any man on earth afraid of the living and at home willi the dead it is Chis Raker. He is said to have been a body-snatcher at one lime and colored folks couldn't get in to a grave at the colored cemetary be? fore Brother Baker would have them in a bag on the way to this same med? ical co'lege. si:vi:ka i * lose cai.i.s. He was arrested several times, and at last, came "within an inch" of go Rev. J. H. Holmes calling 1 body of Marable. Revs. Gral seen viewing the situation. ing "over the hill." His remarkable acquittals aroused the ire of the color? ed population and he believed threats would be realized. He has kept close ever since. ISow, when you realize that a num? ber of the colored brethren were on the outside of that college at a time, past midnight, and Chris Baker wee snugly coiled up in his bed with thc air fanning his peaceful brow, you can realize that he did not contemplate coming out. But, the crowd insisted and we set? tled the matter by declaring that wt would not waste a moment in endeav? oring to get out of that room a mar who -would not even carefully read tht note addressed to him. He looked ai though he was afraid of it. SENDING FOR THE DOCTOR. We suggested that a carriage be senl for Dr. Matthews in Manchester, ane that Rev. Holmes and Rev. (.ullina ge and bring him to the college building. His presence would act, if a nott would not. Now , within the confines of his roon Brother Baker began to think. ID had bearii the emler and listened to the retreating footsteps. He knew tha that cre>wd would not leave withou the body. We were sitting on the front stepi talking over the situatiem with Funer ul Director Selden, when a call wai made for Mitchell. We went aroune to the front e?f the building. A lanten was handed us. We saw a movinj tigure, and a voice from the steps call ed us that way We raised the lan tern. There seated before us was tin mun we had been seeking It wai Chris Baker. CALLED FOB THB OBDBR. He called for Dr. Matthews' orde mid said he would produce the body Ac read it to him, and a moment late the outer door of the college wa thrown open anel we were in the rea entrance to that structure. The ar rival of Funeral Director Selden satis tied Baker, and the two mtered. We present a rough drawing as Wei as we can recollect it, of the sight tha greeted us when,after an hour's wort Mr. Selden beckoned us to enter. Th body was protruding from the barre eyes tilled with salt mouth open, tor gue slightly protruding, arms extend ed, while the salt mixed with bloo which had been wasted lay on th rtoor. A GHASTLY SIGHT. The empty benches loomed up a shown in the picture,while Chris Bah er danced around there as unconcerr ed as tnough he was in a brick-yare What cared he? The sight of the hoi rid-looking corpse or "stiff" as he cal ed it enthused him. The issuing of the gas from tl mouth and nostrils of the decease afforded him amusement. "One moi pull, Selden, come on!" Kach toe hold of an erm they pulled es me would, tugging for dear life. "Can get it out to-night! can't get it out te night! Come in the morninj* ! Si what time you'll be here and it'll I all right. Pull any more, burst tl knee-pans off." Kev. W. F. (Jrahai ind Rev. W. R. Cullins were admitte hy us. The sickening stench wes lei ribla. Reverend Graham was soo overcome, anti wanted to get out W did not blame him. Rev. (Jullins pei no attention to that but cle>sely ii specteel the corpse then laying as shown in the picture. SET THE KtRKEL ITRIOHT. The barrel was set upright. Mara ble's arms were gotten down in it. Baker gathered up the salt tm the floor in his hands and thaw it upon the nak? ed figure. When we left it Marable's heed wes still above the head of the barrel as shown in the picture end Chris Baker threw himself upon ie. to further force it baik into the recepta? cle. In front of us, so near that we could touch it with our foot wes the box. I his contained the coffin in which Marable only ?, few hours before bad been resting. By it. was the coffin lid and the box top. Marable's clothes were no where in sight. His arms and legs had been punctured. lt was a ghastly sight, the like of which we hope never to see again. HAD TO HREAK IT IN PIECES. The next morning, the barrel bed to be broken in pieces in order to remove the remains. Mr. Selden said it had been put in the worst possble condi? tion, it is presumed, in order that the railroad authoritiei would not receive it. All day Sunday it was worked upon. When we next saw was stark end stiff, yet. naked lying upon a board in Mr -ashlan's establishment, while two of his workmen labor* d to get it in condition. lt had been washed and looked quite different from whet we had seen it at 2 o'clock that morning. We could dHtinguifh the features of Solomon Marable al least He was fi? nally gotten into the coffin again, placed in a zinc-lined box and was reatly fe>r shipment to Ne>rth Carolina. So ended another chap! er in this cel? ebrated case. Humanity had triumph? ed. Science had given away in the face ot the* plainer demands of reeton and the dictates of commonsense. The pledge made at the gallows was ful? filled at the grave. JOHN MITCHELL, JR. >";-*it v.o.'U, svc sha!! pr; sent out readers with th" portraits of Judge .1. M. Crute. Commonwealth's Attorney Watkins and Sheriff T. H Dickerson W. K Neblett, commonwealth's at? torney of I.iinenhurg County is report? ed ill. He figured in the cases of thia celebrated case. For a pleasant tripgo with the Kben ezer Sutiday-schon! to Mount Pleasant Tuesday. August 4th. Adults, MP; children 25*. upon Chris Baker to give np the iain, Gull ins and Brice, may be A PEOULIAK ACCIDENT. Broke Mr Stokes' Arm. Mr. Charles P. Stokes of this city, had his arm broken while on hia way to a Henrico stock-farm Tuesday, 2Uth instant. Ile got on one of the Chestnut Hill cars at the comer of Broad and Sev? enth streets for the purpose of going out to take a look at the horses, and whan the car had gotten beyond the took a tiding, in order to al? low a car going in the opposite direc? tion to pass it. Mr. Stokes says he j I wes Bitting in the forward end of the car, leaning on his elbow, which prob? ably protruded two inches out of the window. Before the approaching car had cleared the siding the car upon which he was riding pulled out, and the reer end of the other car struck his elbow with terrific force, breaking his erm just above the elbow and in? flicting very painful and serious inju? ry. Mr. Stokes wai brought to the city and taken in a carriage to his home No. 930 west Franklin street, whert I the injureel member was set, and re i ceived such medical attention as wai neceseery. FOUHDDEAD. A Sudden Taking Off. Mr. J. I). Seabright, white, who foi some time past had conducted the euc tion house ut First and Broad streets was found dead in his room Sunday 26th instant, about noon, il being late ascertained that apoplexy wes thi oe nor of bis sudden end. Mr. Seabngiit, who was an unmar ried man, resided with Mr. E. H Acree, No. 216 north Nineteenth St. and it was the latter gentleman w hu after calling outside his loeiger'sdoo several times, entered the room an< found Mr. Seabright lying on the floo face downward. He had evident! fallen dead just as he was about to re tire, as he had disrobed himself. Th bed, however, had not been occupied. The Coroner, upon examining th body, premouneed that death had bee caused by appeiplexy. The decease had suffered from indigestion, bu those at the house said that Sat.irdaj he did not complain any more tha usual. He had spoken of having headache during the day. lt is sui posed he came in shout 11 o'clock >i night, though noone heard him whe he entered. A neighbor nextdooi however, noticed a light burning i Mr. Seabright's room about that tinit Another Chance Go with the Klete Club on thei ('rand Moonlight excursion to Dutc (iep, Monday, August loth, 1896. Boat leaves 8pm promptly, goo music and dancing. No impropt characters allowed. Adults, 50 cen ti Children 25 centa. Committee?Taptain A. Foster, W K. Hallace, William Ferguson an llamiltor Carter. 8-l-2t. Do not delay the collector when h calls pay him. SCENE IN THE DISSECTING ROOM. The person rolling np his sleeves represents Chris Baker; the other Funeral Director W. S. Selden, and the man partly in the barrel is Solonmn Marable. In the rear are the empty benches usually occupied by students when thedissecting of a bod}* is taking place. The Medical College of Virginia, corner of College and Marshall Sts., Richmond, Va., is the place. National Federation of '"olored Women- I [Special Correspondence to the Planet) VVvMiiNuroM. 1). C. July -Otb, 18SK5. The city ol Wasnington has truly j been the city of ? 'oiiventions during' the past nionih The great Christian Kndeavor meeting brought together thousands of earnest men and WOtnea from all parts of the country anel an enthusiastic and inspiring convention was the result. But lo us aa a race, the most signifi? cant and important gathering*., were the two nut ional conventions held im? mediately after that of the Endeavor. On the Hih, 15th, 16th, the National I,eaene t)f t olored Women was in ses? sion while on the-Otb, '-Mst. 22nd the *? at ional Federal ion of Afro-American Women was convened. Theta two great bodies of Afrei ft mortons" Women retirement eel the strength of our womanhood. With Mrs. John F. Cooke pi es.ding over the former and Mrs HooWer T. Washing? ton over the latter, and with women Irom every section of the country, strong for right, home and (" Waa very plain that these two bodies must be no small factor in the solution of whatever race problems we may have. Space will not allow us to give a de? tailed description of the sessions of the National Federation of Alro American Women to which we were correspondent, but with more than eighty local leagues reporting and over sixty delegates present, the sessions were full of business of vital import? ance to race progress and of interest to the public. The great l.Hh Street baptist (burch of which liev. Vt ll. Brooks is pastor, was crowded at each session with frienels of both races Among the speakers were Mesdames Fannie Jackson Cot-pin, F E. ff har? per. Ida Wells Barnett, T, ll. byles. Victoria Karie, Victoria Matthews. B. K Bruce, Rosetta Cn -son, J St. Pierre Butti n anel Miss Alice Ruth Moore. We were proud to see 'Baby far? nell," son of Mrs. lela Wells Barnett of Chicago, HI. The most unique figure * as Mother, or General Tubman?' the Hoi the Race"?now eighty years edd and who knew more of the plans of John Brown than any one else Meither Tubman came all tte way from Au? burn, N. Y., tel be present at this con? vention. We also had the pleasure of hearing little Margaret Tate, the wonderful child elocutionist from Michigan and among sweet singers none received greater appreciation than Preif. Loud in of the famous F"isk Jubilee Singers. The question of greatest importance to both organizations was that of Union. From all over the country prayers and petitions that these two National Bodies, one in aim and object, should be one in name and sympathy. A committee of seven from each conven? tion was given full peiwer to effect union, elect officers and prepare a con stitution. These two committees had upon them the most important end respon? sible work of the conventions and not? withstanding the many difficulties un? der which they labored, union was ef? fected and the two organizations blend ed into the National Association of Colored Women. Richmond was well represented by Mrs. Bose D. Bowser and Mrs. W. A. Hunton. Mrs. Bowser and Mrs. Hun? ton had the honor of serving on the Committee which effected union. Mrs. Bowser was also chairman of the Committee on Rules, while Mrs. Bunton was a member of the commit? tee on Courtesies and was also Frater? nal delegate to the National League, where she presented a peper, "The young manhood of the Race." The report of the Richmond League read by Mrs. Bowser, was enthusiasti? cally received and favorably comment? ed upon by the press. Wt; were very proud of Mrs. Booker T. Washington as president of the Federation She deserves great praise for her noble efforts. We admired her for the anxiety and earnestness she had in the work, although she was not really well enough lo have attend? ed the meetings, as she had been con? fined te> her bed for seven weeks ; but with the help of (b d and he*r perse? verance she attended every session. Miss Carter of New bedford, Mms, neeels special mention as she was se? cretary of the < onvention. She acted her part nobly. We will also mention Mrs. Rosetta Lawson eif w ashmgtnn, I>. C , who wa.* an important facteir in the Convention, She is always ready and willing to lesa* a helping hand. As ceirrespondent. we were accordeel the privilege of fraternal eleiegate anej enjoyed the large hospitality of the citizens of Washington. lt is probable that the two great bo dies now united and forming erne pow erful national organization will mee in Neshville, Tennessee, during the Centenniel next year. J i i.i*. A Holmes. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT To Rev W W Laadrum, D. 1). - Whereas, Providence has culled "rom this to another pert of his vine? yard our much beloved friend and brother, Kev. Vf. W. Lendrum, I). I)., anel Whereas, we realises the great value he is to o ir city and State, and wish? ing to express our appreciation of his services and our sorrow at his depart? ure. Therefore be it Resolved first. That in the depart? ure of Or Lendrum, we lose e friend and an adviser whoso place will not be easily lilied. Hisgreaat interest in ell that Lerida to uplift mankind and es? pecially the Colored Race; his great sympathy for them in their struggle to rise ; his wise counsel and material aid so freely given, and above all his great Christian piety which causes him to speak boldly against wrong, regardless Ot the consequences, have won for him tbe hearts of all. While he will be greatly missed by all, yet none aili feel his absence more keenly than the Colored Y.M.C A.; for in its darkest hours of financial dis? tress, when it seem likely to be dashed to pieces. His aid and advice shone forth like some bright star, guiding it to success Never has a request for help, that he could give been refused In Ins ministry, we see a noble ef fort to follow the example eif the Great Teacher, "who went about doing good." Let it be further Resolved St*cond: That his labors in our behalf will never be' forgotten, and that our earnest prayers shall ever as? cend to (.od that he will shower upon him, wherever he may go, the choicest blessings of heaven, that he may con? tinue to do a great work in the s.rvice of the Lord, and Anally receive erich reward from the hand of the Master he so faithfully served. Third: That this community sin? cerely regrets the lo98 of such a faith? ful, active and zealous e hristian work? er ; the Young Men's Christian Asso? ciation, a true friend in time of need, Fourth: That we recognize in Dr. bandrum a scholar, philanthropist. gentle christian and friend. In every work that has had in its object the ad? vancement of the Afro-American Race, he has shone bis influence. Fifth: That we extend to Dr. Lan elrum our prayers for his success in the new field to which God has called him; and commend him tothe hearts of the people of that State. Sixth: That we hope that his influ? ence for the welfare and success of the Afro-American Race may be continued in his new field. Seventh: That we commend him to our Race in Georgia and the South at large as a friend, a lover of mankind, and one, who for his many eloquent ao j peals in our behalf, will be bing re memberedin our hearts. Eighth and lastly : We bid him God speed, and that these resolutions ui on our minutes, printed in our daily nnd weekly papers, and a copy sent to our beloved Dr. bandrum William H. Isham, Thomas H. Wyatt, W. P. Bcrbell, V. L. Hawkins, Neilson Williams, Jr., J. Thomas Hewin, Committee. R. T. Hill, President; S. C. Burrell, Secretary. Do You Know Them ? I desire to know the whereabouts of my mother, Caroline Clatom. The last place I remember at which she lived at 8eje3 N. Second Street. Any in? formation will be thankfully received, by Estella Williams, 16 Montgomery Street Patterson, N. J. After the Tong-hs. The Sunday School pie-nics have l>een infested with toughs, satchel men and gentlemen of the bones The question has been whether the schools should run their pic-nics or nott The crisis wes brought about on the First Baptist Church Sunday School when the lawless horde took possession of the trains and grounds Whiskey and beer-selling, crap-shoot? ing and drunkenness were the ordei of the day. The committee were disgusted and the internal Revenue people wete no titted. They sent a deputy last Tues day and he arrested one of the mei and he was promptly tined $25. Spec iel attention will be directed agains another branch of the rowdies on nex Tuesday. The Sunday School peopl say they pay for the trains and tal element keeps away many people, am they have got to ge? The llano ve authorities are arouseei, the Interim Revenue people are active, and Hoi John Grut eh field says that he will tak care of iii use in his part of the viio yard. Then lat ali future excursion appoint committees of safety, who will prosecute any who boards their trains without a ticket or gamble or use ob ?cene language or sell whiskey or beer. Prosecute the young toughs as wall as the older ones and the little Sunday School children, and the mothers will not lie afraid to patronize their own picnics, because the strong arm of tbe law will protect them. FULTON NOTES. The Y. M. C. A. meeting opened at its regular on last Sabbath evening. Mr. William Sewell presided over the axercises, and Mrs. H. C. Robinson at the organ. Deacon R. J. Bass reed from the 31st Psalm. Miss Bessie Harris, the music director, favored the young men with one* of ber excel? lent solos Mr. Sewell introduced Rev. Daniel James, pastor of the Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church, who delivered a very instructive address as usual. The Elder dealt very severe with sin. He brought tlie mistakes of the young men out clearly before them. Hon. J. M. Smith made a short but masterly speech. The services at both churches were good all day, tbe occasion being ral? ly day at the Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church. The choir rendered choice music, which was very harmonious and blending. We hope that many young ?nen and women who have lately embarked into the cause of Christ will join the choir and help the cause in this way. Miss Gertrude Brown called on Mrs. Julia Beverly this week. Mrs. Lucy Jane Fowlkei of Not toway County, Va , is in the city the guest of her sister, Maria Fleming. We were very sorry to hear of the death of Mary Jones in Philadelphia, a former resident of Richmond. The family has our sympathy. The sick list has not increased any since last writing. Last Sunday morning Brother Mon* roe of the Fifth Street Baptist Church preached a very fine sermon at tbe Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church and the two sermons by the pastor were so sublime that they demanded applause. Grand Worthy Secretary W. M. T. Forrester was in this section this week visiting the Mt. Erin Lodge G. U. O. of O. F.. No 1828. The sisters of the Mt. Calvary Bap? tist Church have been holding a festi? val in their church for the last two weeks and have been very successful. The festival is still going on. Go out and help the sisters They are work? ing for their church. Mrs Clara Tyler is sick at her resi? dence, State St. First Union Baptist Church of Gooch land Oounty, Va Cardwell. Va... July 27, 1896. To a generous ami sympathetic pub. lie: Whereas our church and all of its furniture were entirely destroyed by fire on the 26th of last May, hence we will have a grand rally on the 4th Sun? day of August and appeal to our mem? bers and friends everywhere to come and help us to rebuild. Rev. Z D. Lewis, B. D., a noted divine of Rich monel will preach on the occasion. Get off at Jude's, James River Division C. A 0. R R. A. W. Clarke. Church Clerk Religious Grove Meeting. The Third Street Baptist will hold an open air meeting in the west end near Hartshorn College in Mr Owens Grove. This beautiful grove with its excellent spring of water can be easily reallied from all parts of Richmond and Manchester as both the electric and traction street car lines run close; by. Meeting will begin the first Lord'i day in August and continue three Sabbaths ORDER or BERVICE8. The following pastors will preach First I cord's day at ll am Brother W A. Brown ; at 3 p m Elder W. E. Nash of 3rd Street Baptist' hurch, subject ''True Christianity." and at 8 p m ii the church, Elder Richard Wells Second Lord's day at liam Elde G. C Coleman, of 22nd Street Bapt is Church. Manchester; at 3 p m preach ing by Elder Nelson Brown ; at 8 p r in the church, Elder G. E. Johnson i Riverview, text?"And his hair bega to grow again." Third Lord's day at liam Elder / I Binga, Jr, I) D, of 1st Baptist Chore of Manchester; at 3 p rn Elder A. I I homes of Sharon baptist Church ; i " 8 p m in the church, Elder E. D. San uels. Remember services at night will I held in the church on 3rd Street, tl eloor from Duval. All are cordial invited to these services. Plea bring lo* to help the church. W. E. Nash, past MAGNO'S MESSAGE. JAOrSOM WARD BREVITIES .unday at the Churches?Rey. Graham Conducts Funeral and Baotismal Ser? vices -The Wife's Advertisement Discussed?Siftings from the Ward. Last Sunday was indeed a fine day .nd many could be seen from the early morn wending their way to the various places of worship. Thus the chu rubes were well attended At the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev. Wells, its honored pastor fed his Sock with veiy wholesome food from God's word. Rev. lt. O. Johnson held his place at the Moore St. Church on last Sunday, declaring that Christ is our High Priest. On last Sunday morning Rev. Gra? ham was called upon to preach the fu? neral of a Mr Lewis who had made no profession, fitting him for the other world. The elder preached a masterly sermon, showing the deploreible condi? tion of those who go unprepared Af? ter the funeral, he conducted baptis? mal services. The Sunday School Union will con? vene with the Moore St. Sunday School on next Sunday evening. Death is still traversing this section, cutting on the right and on the left Miss Mary Prince of Petersburg is in the city, stopping with Miss Drucilla Marks, where we learned a surprise waa tendered her on last Tuesday night. Quite a number of our boya and girls argued on last Sunday concerning that advertisement for a wife which ap? peared in this psper last week. Many were there opinions pro and con. Well girls, here's a chance Don't you know that she ate four Saucers on him at one time last Sun? day? Yes girls, we know you love it but you shouldn't do Ifs. Nearly ail of our old maids and old bachelors left town last Thursday and those that remained could probably be counted. We made a loan with Mt Pleasant Yes, we saw some of those fellows hacking it down on ?he electric cars last Thursday morning. Right you are. you have a balance of $2 30. A descon in one of our churches while speaking on the financial comb. tion of the church said- Bret',ren anel sisters, it has been a few of us that has stood for the expenses of the church, Solomon Marable as lie app< peated efforts had been made b had to be left nntil the next mc but it must now "reverbrate" and all must do something. Well, the girls still believe in giving their fellows the G. B., some without provocation. Well boys, stand it like men. Some girls are fickle minded, and the least persuasion throws them into a state of despondency. A great many young coup'es are seen nightly strolling the suburbs of Jackson Ward. The beats me*, their men when they attempted to beat the Fifth St. Sunday School Excursion on last Tuesday and they were left in Richmond. The girls are leaving the city very fast, leaving their fellows to mourn (?) their departure. It is regretful to know that some of our girls possess that qualification which gave to Annies and Sapphire their notoriety in the whole ot chris? tendom But it's a fact. Girls, we don't think it become you to carry those beer pitchers through the streets, even though you drink it Pic-nics and excursions are now in progress, and our boys and girls are making the most of them. We are sorry that the New Marriage Law in Washington will be an obstacle to many a young couple this month We learn that the population of Na? vy Hill is still increasing. Some of our girls fall off every time they get readv to weigh. Such was the case with three young ladies a few weeks ago. Maono Uno. How Much Money Do You Want? i One share of stock makes you a men ber of the Virginia Employment Asso elation. The requirements are onlj five cents per week per share. Personi taking ten shares or more are entitle* to an advance of one dollar on ead share held by them. This Associatioi being duly incorporated under thi laws of the State of Virginia, ampi; protects each and every one eif it members. It only requires five pe cent on the dollar eif the amount ad vanced by members weekly. No inte est or bonus is charged. Employmen furnished members of the Associator Persons are entitled to apply for ad vances immediately on becomin members. Principal office, No. 221 W. Broa Street, Richmond, Va. Office ope from 8:30 A. M., to 8 P. M ., Saturdaj 10 P.M. Agents wanted. For further particulars, write l John Clinton, Jr., General Manage Richmond, Va. Ash?Marshall?The marriage Miss Emma K. Marshall (daughter the late B. H. and D. B.Marshall this city) to Mr Steven A. Ash of A deiver. Mass., will take place* at the I BaptistChurch, Monelay evening a o'clock. Friends and acquaintanc I are cordially invited. PERSON AL8 AND BRIEFS. -\iss Beulah Brooks called on us -Mr. Alexander Ash of Andover, Mass., called on us. -Mrs. Eliza C Edwards i_ visiting Cartersville, Va. Did you borrow this paper? Fifty cents will secure it for four months. -Mrs. Bettie Graves left last week for Philadelphia. She will return in two weeks. -Rev. J. L. Barksdale of Danville and Rev. Q. C. Coleman of Manches? ter called on us. -Rev. W . H. White will have bap? tizing at his church next Sunday at 11:30 p. m. -Rev. B. F. Fox of Salem. Va., and Rev. A. Chisholm of Bedford City, Va , in company with Prof. G. W. Hayes called on us. -Mrs. Kizzie Mcclelland of HIT West Grace street, has left the city to spend the summer in Narragansett Springs. -Miss Julia E. Robinson, who has been quite sick for a long while is much improved and again able to be out. -Mrs.J.F. Lewis, 920 North 6th Street left Richmond July 27th for Middlesex County. She will return Home September 1, 1896. -Go with the Second Baptist Sun? day School to West Point. Tuesday, August llth and spend a day at the sea shore. -Rev J. M. Young, tbe brilliant young superintenelent of Missions in this state will locate in tins city. He callen! on us last week. -Mrs Isabelle Washington and little Edward A.. Jr., left tbe city on Monday morning last, to spend a while with b*r mother, Mrs. Sarah Brown at Williamsburg, Va. -The 1st Baptist Church, of New? port News, raised fl.111.88 on the 3rd Sunday in this month. It haa only KO members. Rev. W. H. Dixon, pastor. -Wa return thanks to the ladies of Jackson Ward and vicinity far the invitation received to attend a High Tea. given at Mrs. Williams, 101H St. John St., Friday, at 8:30 o'clock. -Mrs. W. H. Kellum, of Philadel? phia, Pa., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. EL, Henderson, of 1819 Wise street, Lynchburg. She is look? ing well. We welcome her to our city of hills. _ared in the barrel, after re o pull him out of it aud he mi in g. -Rev. K. C. Kemp has been call? ed to the pastorate of Shiloh Baptist Church of Richmond. He has served this church before and on his resign? ing the charge, he received by a vote of the church a written expression of their high appreciation for him for the pastoral work done in their midst. LEWIS--Departed this life at 10 min utes to three o'clock P. M., on Thurs? day evening, July 23rd '96, Elijah E. Lewis in the forty-first year of his age. His funeral took place on Sunday morning, July 26,'98at the5th St. Bapt. Church Ile was a member of Henrico Lodge, No. 1894, G. U. O. of O. F., and of St. James Tabernacle, No. 31, G. U. 0. of G F. The funeral was impres? sive as the deceased was greatly ad? mired by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, two sisters, threes broth? ers and a father to mourn their loss. MY ORE AM OF LOVE IS O'-B. I try to smile when my heart ache* with pain, When the mem'ry of the past comes ur. lief ore me like a dream ; For my darling husband, that I love 1 shall never see again, A place is vacant in my home that nev er can be filled. Mrs. L. V. Lewis. RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE At a special call meeting of St. Jamei Tabernacle, No. 31 of the Grand Unitec Order of Galilean Fishermen held oi the evening of July 24th inst. Tbe following resolutions were offer e>d by T. H. Perry and adopted by thi Tabernacle: Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God, the Supreme Ruler of the Uni verse to remove from our midst ou esteemed brother and co-laborer, Eli jab E. Lewis ; and Whereas, the intimate relstionshi] existing between us anel having per formed his duty as installation otlice and all either duties assigned him witl faithfulness, we deem it -xpedien tbat we should place upon record ou high esteem for him. Therefore be i Resolved, That while we do regre our loss, we humbly bow to the will c our heavenly Father, and say to th family and friends that they have ou sympathy Our Father loves us, He i just; and earth has ne> sorrow thi heaven cannot heal. Resolved, That in the death of Eli ja E Lewis, Saint James Tabernacle hi sustained a loss, which cannot be r paired, as he was faithful and energe ic even to the end. Resolved, That these resolutions I published in the Richmond Planet ai of I that a copy lie sent to the widow of our beloved one. n- "Peace ti*' to his ashes." of 1st t3 ?The Old boys will leave ies J Washington, August 9th. Get rea and go with them. PAID THE CLAIMS. THE GRAND CHANCEL LOR AT NORFOLK. $300 the Amount. AN IMPOSING PARADE. Progress of tbe Work. THE FYTHIAN8 ENTHDaiASTIO. Norfolk, Va., July 29. 1896. Grand Chancellor John Mitchell, Jr. arrived here at 7 p. m. to-day via C. dc O. Route. He waa met at the wharf by Deputy Grand Chancellor William Harris, who had a carriage waiting. The purpose of the visit waa to pay two claims of $150 00 each. The Sir Knight, met at Williams' Hall and marched to the ferriage to meet the lodges from Portsmouth. Excelsior Band, Captain Mack Good? rich, leader headed the line. National Division, No. 6 looked magnificent aa under the command of Captain Miles W. Dixon, it moved with military regularity to the sound of martial mu? sic. Rescue Lodge. No. 4, Jonathan Lodge, No. 20, Friendship Lodge, No. 3 and Pythias Lodge, No. 21 joined In tbe parade. The exercises took place at the Bank Street Baptist Church. Addresses were delivered by Deputy Grand Chan? cellor George A. Melvin and Deputy Grand Chancellor William Harris. At the conclusion of their remarks Grand Chancellor John Mitchell. Jr., spoke on the remarkable progress of thc *Tcr_;, G_h>.rWd thu-o j??-___nt to work for tha upbuilding of the order and the establishment of Courts of Ca? lanthe throughout the Grand Juris? diction. Miss Georgianna Floyd, sister to Sir James Clarence Floyd, of Portsmouth, Va., came forward and one hundred and fifty dollars were counted out to her. Mrs. Mary Keiiey, sister to Sir Thomas Wright, of Portsmouth came forward and one hundred and fifty dollars were paid her. The meeting then adjourn**!. The order is in a most prosperous condition here. NoaroLX, Va., July 29,189-. This is to certify that I have this __ib day of July, 1898, received the sum (IL50.00* one hundred and fifty dollars from John Mitchel!, Jr., Grand Chancellor in payment of the endow? ment due on account of the death of my brother, Thomas Wright, who waa a ni em ber of Friendship Lodge, No. 8, Knights of Pythias, N. A., 8. A., E. A. ** A. Signed : Mks. Kciley. Norfolk, Va., July 20, 1898. This is to certify that I have receiv? ed from Grand Chancellor John Mitch? ell, Jr., the sum of ($lt*SO.O0) one hun? dred and fifty dollars in payment of the endowment of my brother, James Clarence Floyd, who waa a member of Jonathan Lodge, No. 10, of Ports? mouth, Va , Knights of Pythias. N. A., S. A., EC. B.B A. Signed : Georgianna Flotd. Corner Stone Laid. The corner stone of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Charles City County near Lanexa, was laid Thursday, the nth ult., by Prince de Leon Lodge. No. 2527, G. U. G. of Odd Fellows, of Newport News. Caspar Rowlett, C. H. Green, Robert Stewart, C. W. Sav? age, W. C. Black, Vf. H. Robinson, M. Morris. Junius Allen, R. W. ''arter, J. W. Williams, W. H. Bannister, and Jesse Anderson participated. Y.M.C.A. Our General Secretary preaches at Swans boro?Master Clifton Oabell Speaks to the Boys?Director M. B. Jones leads the Men's Meet? ing* Our general secretary occupied the pulpit of the Swansboro Baptist Church last Sunday at ll A. M., text, Acts 20:28 "Wherefore I take you to record this day that I am pure from the blood of all men." Rev. Frayser is doing good work for the Lord. Master Clifton Oabell addressed the boys last Sunday, subject: "My trip to Washington." The boys who failed to hear him missed a treat. He will speak again aeon. The men's meeting on last Sunday was led by Director M. B. Jones, lt was extremely interesting. The mu? sic was well rendered. Brother Jones was the right man in the right place. Do not forget that Rev. R. O. John? son will explain the Sunday School Lesson today 6 P. M. Meeting in the jail Sunday ll A, M. Boys' meeting Sunday 4 P. M. Brother Sidney Stanton will lead the men's meeting Sunday 5:30 P. M., at True Reformers' Hall. Special music. Free. Girls meet Saturday 8 P. M. Ladies Auxiliary meets Mouday 5 P. M. All members are requested to be present. 20th St. Baptist Church Tbe revival at 20th Street Baptist Church is progressing nicely. They will baptize foot of 17th street Sunday, August 2, at 12 M. Rev. Fox the re? vivalist will be present. Rev. A. B. Smith, the pastor, will administer the ordinance. Notice. Rev. A. S. Thomas of Sharon Baptist Church will preach an annual sermon to the officers and members of United Order of Vanguards of Freedom and Temperance of the several Divisions >?*? in this city the first Sunday in August -81 at Sixth Mount Zion Church at 3 pm. e DRAWING TAUGHT, bel _ n A New method. Learn how to enlarge , your own photos, or any other picture in one lesson ; any one can learn. Only ; fifty cents. Address Z. T. Sanurioub, ror| 10QW. Jackson St., **S 1 Richmond, Va. 118-8-u

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