The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1891
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VOL. ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1891. No. 33. BVJS11Y WKDNK8DAV STARR * HALLOCK, Proprietors. JOS. W. HAYS. Editor. luu- ••» - •• - - - -• - ...-^ ... . . ._ ^ Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance 91.60 One copy, six months, in advance 75 One copy, three months, In advance 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing la unsurpassed in this county. Steam power. W~Advertlslng rates made known on application. This paper is the official paper of Kos- stith county and the city of Algona, Suppose James G Blainelshould die? It is said that the Cobden club will not have its regular annual dinner this year. If the Free Traders are already too sick Ho eat, how will they feel in 1892? Iowa's clay subsoil is worth thousands of dollars to the state in a little dry spell like the present. Iowa never had a complete crop failure, on account of that same clay subsoil. You count on Iowa. If prohibition does not prohibit to a certain extent —if the law is a complete failure and more liquor is sold in the state of Iowa than previous to the enactment of prohibition, what on earth are the saloon keepers and their friends kicking about? , During the last 25 years $400,000,000 have been sent from this country to England for tin plate. Think of it $400,000, 000 in 25 years for the single item' of tin plate. The success of the tin plate industry in America means the keeping of all that money at home, the employment of american labor and—in the end—cheaper tin plate. failure. The Southern alliance ia a political institution and ia in the field for the apoila of politics. When the farmers' movement in Iowa is turned into a war tor offices and political advancement, it will soon dlo the death of all class institutions organized for political purposes. This ia the well grounded prediction of the Homestead, and the farmers will do well to heed it. The farmers have a right to their rights, but they have no right to go any further. The acobin movement of the Southern Alliance will work out the timely ruin of that organization. There is nothing half way about the new editor of the State Leader. Ho ia not only opposed to prohibition, but be is opposed to high license, low license or any kind of license as well. He is in favor of giving the saloon full swing and thinks he has discovered the "basic principles" of democracy. If it is one of the "basic principles" of democracy to allow every man to pursue his own course irrespective of the rights ef othera the Ottumwa convention should draft a platform favorable to the abolishment of our penitentiaries and courts of justice and get back to the ideal democratic days when every man was his own king and disposed of all who were in his power according to his own barbaric fancy. Such a state of society would evidently be in accord with the Leader's idea of what is meant by the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Carry the Leaders argument out its logical conclusion. Make every man his own. master in all things, tear down every bulwark that civilization has erected around society and the home and youwill have a state of society fashioned after what the Leader conceives to be the "basic principles of Democracy." In a letter to the Cedar Eapids Republican Lieut. Gov. Poyneer positively refuses to be a candidate before the Republican convention for the nomination for Governor. Mr. Poyneer is in ill health and would be unable to make the canvass of the state. The possible candidates are dropping out one by one and the probabilities are all centering on two or three names. The Des Moines Kews comments as follows upon an editorial in the last issue of the REPUBLICAN. The REPUBICAN evidently understands the party peril of going into a campaign with a platform that pleases nobody. The republicans cannot win .the, license vote by any means; and they cannot get the benefit of the moral enthusiasm of prohibition unless they stand by it courageously and enthusiastically. Prohibition is an element of strength to a party in Iowa that will sincerely champion it. The republicans should evoke the moral power of the people on their side. If they do that they will certainly carry the state. The Humboldt Independent has made the supposed discovery that the REPUB iiOAN and Council Bluffs Nonpareil are not agreed upon the prohibition question. The Independent thinks it has run onto something pointing toward the downfall of the Republican party in Iowa and is elated. It is true that the Republican press of the state are less unanimous in an unqualified opposition to the rum power, than the democratic organs are in their championship of the saloon. We will give a prize for the name of a single Democratic newspaper that is in favor of prohibition. They are all in favor of free whiskey from the Leader down to the Humboldt Independent. Repub lican papers may differ as to what should constitute the leading issue of the campaign,.but the Republicans of Iowa will stand together on the Cedar Rapfas plat form. The parties who are clamoring for the repeal of prohibition upon the ground that the law has failed to prove entirely effective in stamping out the saloon should remember that the fault where- over it may exist, lies not in the law it self. The law may bo paralyzed and effi&sculated by an unfriendly -executive bat the people are responsible for that if they fail to remedy the evil at the polls. Prohibition may not have been enforced in many localities where the temperance sentiment is sufficiently strong to guarantee complete enforcement of the law but tffcere men have been Jacking to shoulder the responsibility of closing the saloons. Prohibition has been enforced in many localities and can be enforced throughout the state if temperance people stand together and say so. We publish an ar tide in another column giving the history of the enforcement movement in Marshall county. The article suggests a state of aSairs that might be in every county in Iowa, It is the people of Jotfa who have been a failure and not tb,e prohibitory The Iowa Homestead is waging war upon the southern al to fasten the i^& the IfABSLOU FOB SHERIFF. The Bancroft Register suggests P. M. Barslou, of that place, as republican candidate for sheriff but does not know whether he would accept the nomination. Should Mr. Barslou become a candidate he would doubtless have a strong following, as he is a good man and a staunch republican, while as regards locality the choice would be an extra good one. He would be likely to get support as a man who could be elected, and one who, if elected, would ' do credit to ; his party' while in'office.'' Mr. Barslou is a man of ability and force of character, and his republicanism is of the positive type which the party will do well to recognize in its nominatibns. There is nobody in the county whom the REPUBLICAN would moie gladly support as a candidate on the ticket than P. M. Barslou, of Bancroft; THE STOOL PIGEON GAME. Sioux City Journal: Why are these organs so interested Ui the Des Moines meeting? Because it is expected that a third ticket, as proposed, will draw its strength from the Republican party and not impair the strength of the Democratic party. The result is to be practically the same as if the supporters of that ticket voted directly for the nominees of the Ottumwa convention. These Democratic promoters of the side-show convention therefore seek to inflame the minds of famers against the Republican party. They seek to promote attendance upon the Des Moines meeting. They insist that opposition of republicans to the democratic scheme is opposi tion to the., farmers; and they crowd themselves into declaration that the republican party has long been hostile to the agricultural welfare of the state. It is difficult to write patiently of all this clap-trap, littleness and bosh. Why not take up the record of the re publican party in this state and therein trace its hostility to the farmers? To undertake to do that would be an insult to the intelligence of the tanners, for the farmers have dominated in the councils of Iowa republicanism during the whole life of the republican party in this state. The record of Iowa farmers ia politics is written in the statutes of the state undei republican administration. What notable legislation of the past dozen years is not primarily the work of the agricultural and industrial classes? What convention of the party within that time that the agricultural and industrial classes have not absolutely dominated? If the republican party has been all these years an agency against the interests of these classes, agaiost polices of their approv al, then the charge goes with the decla ration that these classes have been all the ttime ignorant of their interests and in capable of identifying the policies ap proving themselves to their judgment. What this »U amounts to is simply this: That the democratic press affirms the failure of the farmers hitherto in state politics, and effusively welcome them to the embrace and custody of the demo cratic party—the party ^to which the farmers have b«en opposed^ tae party which bag opposed every notable movement in tae state to which hftye given their suppwt. is posed to the democratic party. They are opposed to the democratic party whether it appears in its own suit or in the cloak of an alleged convention of farmers. Be- Jause unscrupulous organs may assert ;hat opposition to the democratic party is opposition to the farmers, does not make it so. Thh republicans are oppos- id to democratic policies; opposed to handing over the state to the democratic machine. This opposition is supposed to extend to republicans who are farmers. The Journal hopes the republican party a party of principle and not of prejudice. It hopes that it has other capital than appeal to the littleness of human nature—that it does not need to depend upon its energy in peddling slander over back fences. The broad question in Iowa is whether the people of this state prefer the repub lican party or the democratic party— whether they prefer the record and traditions of the republican party or those of the democratic party; whether they prefer to trust the republican party or the democratic party; whether they are now most in sympathy with the republican party or the democratic party. That is the question to be submitled in the November election. All attempts to cloud the issue are de- :eptive—fraudulent. Family Garland and Charter Oak Cook Stoves. In Gasoline Stoves I have the Jewell and Schneider & Trenkamps new process Gasoline stoves repaired and cleaned. Elgin and Chicago Milk Cans, Heath & ffliliegan's PRESS OPINIONS 0 V THE ISSUE The Truo IHSUO well Stated. Muscatine Journal: Tho democratic party, so anxious to .make an issue on the subject of prohibition, per se, should be met squarely on the ground it has deliber- taken— that of nullification of state authority. It is not nullification of a prohibitory law, simply, but of the authority of the states in any law which it may see fit to enact. That is the real, live issue between the parties in Iowa to-day. The democratic party, as usual, is on the wrong side— the side of rebellion and anarchy—and should have its Appomattox this fall. •ohlbitloii In the majority. • Keokuk Gate City: A man who wants prohibition is apt to be j.ust as set on his side and in his view as the saloon democrats are in theirs. And there are more people in Iowa opposed to the saloons than tiiere are in favor of them, while the great part that vote against them stop there and do not think themselves called upon to-enfdrce the law for they are not magistrates or officials. The Issues. Carroll Herald: As to issues, they will be state and national. Protective tariff judiciously administered, coinage of American silver will be indorsed by the party. The local issue will be the liquor traffic. In a sense the party here is between the devil and the deep sea. But it must meet the issue, and no doubt will do it by some tolerant plank like that in last years' platform. There must, however, be no vagueness as to the attit ude taken. The issue must be squarely met. Evasion will result in certain de feat. FLAX SEED. I have some flax seed for sale at $1.20 per bushel. Seed is clean. 38-84 FEED KOEPKE. Nothing does a druggist so much good as to have a medicine that ho can guar antee every bottle to give satisfaction Beggs' Family Medicines are fully gaar •anteed, so you cannot fail to get satisfac tion when you call for them. At Dingley'i F. S, Stough keeps a full line of collars, sweat pads, harness, saddles, trunks anc valises. If you need anything made o leather call on Stough. DeWitt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic constipation, dyspep sia. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. P 10 Thoroughbred Short Horn bulls at public sale at Algona, May 80th, on one years time without interest. 33-34 . CUNNINGHAM & JONES. A beautiful skin,bright eyes.sweet breath, good appetite, vigorous body, pure bloor and good health result from the use of De Witt's Barsaparilla. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Vurmera, Take Notice. Now is a good time to buy a 100 K> bag of Fine Granulated Sugar for $5. This is the cheapest kind of sugar for the consumer. Buy at the CASH ~ Begg'fl German Salve is one of the best skin and pile ointments that has ever been put up. No family should be without it. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 84 87 If you wear a shoe EE or narrower in width, call on F. S. Stough. Very popular, very small, very good. DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the pill for constipation, billiousness, sick headache Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Potatoes! Potatoes! SOotg. Farmers, we have a few bushels of small potatoes we will sell for 5Qc per bushel. m " Koch's Lymph is good in its place but no remedy has been put on the mar and bad such marvelous sales i» go abort I have been handling Stoves and hardware and during this time I have found no stoves that give as universal satisfaction as the PAINTS; Tinware repairing promptly attended to. | III p I B 9 For further information please call at J. W . 11001118011 S ONLY 10 DAYS MORE! Special Clothing At JOHN GOEDERS, Jr. Store Don't miss the opportunity, as they are going at the rate of 5 to 10 suits a day. We also received another dray load of special drives in Dry G-oods, Overalls, etc., which we will sell cheap ten days only. Yours truly. We are to receive a shipment of Ladies AND Childrens n The Lot will be sold at 25 cts. Each. We never saw them, but the manufacturer writes me they are a good lot and are worth double what he asked for them. You will want one For Decoration Day, Which will soon be here. Now come in the last of this week and get one. You know the Rep. we have on these goods, and you can depend on it we are going to maintain it. In a few days we will have A Big Drive in FINE MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. We wi,Jl place them on sale about the 25th. Every Garment will be a Bargain and fully 25 per cent less than they are worth. Umbrellas, Fans; Silk Gloves, Laces, Windsor Ties, Silk Mitts, Hosiery, By far tlie best line in the city. Q&ll soon. Yours for bargains, Jas. Taylpj" ( THROUGH SEYEN STATES, Commencing March 2flth, the Northern Pacine will resume its double daily passenger train service between St. Paul and Minneapolis on the east, and Helena, Butte. Spokane 1< alls, Tacoma. Seattle, Portland on the west. West bound trains will leave St. Paul at 9 a. m. and 4:15 p. in., respectively, carrvinc com- piete service of Pullman First Class and Tourist Sleeping Cavs, First and Second Class Day Coaches. Free Colonist Sleepei* and Elegant Dining Cars. The morning train out ot St. Paul [No. 3] will carry First Class Vestibuled Sleeper from Chicago, leaving that point at 5:30 p. m. daily over the O. M. & St. P. By.. reaching the Pacific coast, via the line through Train No. 1, leaving St. Paul at 4 :15 p. m. will cawy. both Pullman First Class and Pullman Tourist Sleeping Oars from Chicago via the Wisconsin Central Line, leaving the latter point at lo :45 p. m. daily, running via Helena to Spokane Falls, Tacoma vncl Portland. Passengers from the east leaving St. Louis in the forenoon and Chicago in the afternoon.will. make close connections with the morning train out of St, Paul the following day; leaving Chicago at night, connection will be made with train No. 1 out of St. Paul the next afternoon, with two transcontinental passen«er trains running daily between eastern and western terminals, the Northern Pacific Bailroad-the Yellowstone Park Route—offers the best possible service to the tourist, business man or settler. The equipment of this line is unsurpassed, in point of beauty and convenience, while the service is first class, It is the short and direct line to Montana and all North Pacific Coast points, and passes through the grandest, most productive and richest sections of seven states, viz; Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. District Passenger Agents at the Northern Pacific Kailroad will take pleasure in supplying information, rates, maps, time tables, etc., 01- application can be made to CHAS. S.FKE, G. P. aubT, A.. St. Paul, Minn. Write to above address lor tlie latest and best map yet published ot Alaska—just out. F. L PARISH. CPKOIAL ATTENTION will be given to ail O kinds of repairing, including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Puinqs and Clothes Wringers. Ani also prepared to put in Furnaces and do plumbing and Uas Pipe fitting; Iron and fill, roofing. Prompt attention will be «ive» to all kinds ol work in my iine. Soutii ot court 110US6* F. L, PARISH. WANTED! AN AOTITB, getio man to an office. Must have from $800 to $500 O&sli, Sutery $9Qp©in business,

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