The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1891
Page 3
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IOWA STATE tfBWS, BRIDEGROOM. \Vclmtei A SOLID Marriage of A. t,. I>anlo1«, the County Fat Man* A 403-pound bridegroom wan the Center of attraction of a remarkable wedding In Webster township. The happy tnun was A. \,. TJaniels, better known as "the WcbMim' County fat man." The bride was Mrs. Mary Ding- mnn, daughter of a prosperous farmer. Mr. Daniels is generally acknowledged to be the fattest man in the state, ills exact weight is 403pounds, and as he is father^short in stature he does not lack many inches of bcinjy as broad as he is long. - Several years n.go the big fellow traveled as a f n-afc; in a circus. Of late he has refused all such bids for fame, and has settled down to the prosaic Jjfe of a farmer. A BIG ESTATE. New York Property Worth (8^00,000,000 About to He Divided. The estate of the late Robert Edwards is soon to be divided among the heirs. This estate /.Emprises sixty-live acres m the city of New York valued at §300,000,000. Two of the heirs, Thomas Edwards and Mrs. Ann McDonald, are residents of Independence and expect to receive about 88,«00,000 apiece. The •property was leased for a term of ninety-nine years, the lease has just expired and the occupants have made an offer for a compromise, but the offer was not consid ered at all adequate to its value. JACK FROST'S WORK. __^_ *-™» 1'rult ami VofletAMo Crops ,,f the country Madiy in "Blue BUc- . ST. PU-T ATi«« TWn, ~ A •"'«>»•« May r.--A that boxes finest, poke A. Sensation at Defiance. A sensation was created at Defiance by the arrest of acomelyyoung- woman in male attire who is charged with burglarizing a store at Panama and appropriating' the garb she wore. It was said she had been waiting some days at 1 anaina for the appearance of a lover, but he came not and she resorted to this means to search for him. When arrested she was trudging- thvoug-h the mud with her pants in her boots in trtie masculine style. Killed Himself. John Reeves, the well-known baseball player and last year's umpire in the illmois-Iowa league, stepped behind the counter of the Baker house at Ottnmwa, where he was employed as solicitor, and blew out his brains with a revolver. Domestic; infelicity was the cause. Three hours after his death a letter came from his wife, saying that the breach had been healed and she would live with him again. The Alliance Booming. The Farmers' Alliance movement in the vicinity of Fort Dodge is booming. Organizers ara at work all over the Tenth congressional district. Over 300 local alliances have been organized since January 1. A new branch has been organized in Lehigh and preparations are being made for establishing a large one with headquarters in Fort Dodge. L. E. Hurlbut has been appointed org-anizer. Shot Down by an Ofllcor. ^ Rufus Belong- went into a drug store m Des Moines and ordered a pint of alcohol, which he refused to pay for. Officer Cook took him into custody. On the way to the station the prisoner broke away, paying no attention to commands to halt. The officer fired' at him, the second shot taking effect near the heart, and death ensued in a few minutes. Rescued from an Insane Mother. Mrs. Jacob Anderson, of Mason City became violently insane, and, talcing her two little children by the hand, pro- cseeded toward the cemetery, where she intended to bury them alive as sacrifices. Some women banded tog-ether and wrested the children from their mother. PoHHflitl Conventions. The democratic state central committee met in Des Moines and decided to hold the next state convention in OtJ tumwa June 24. The leaders of the Farmers' Alliance party have issued a call for a state convention to be hold in Des Moines June 3. £ ~V' News in Council Bluffs odd fellows hare decided not to build their proposed tern . plo until next year. Jack Beeves, the well-known ball player, committed suicide at Ottv.mwa, by shooting himself through thu head because of domestic infelicity. David McConnell, a farmer livi.Qg- at Drakesville, was swindled out o? §200 by a conlidep.ce man. Two barns owned by Frank Kowey and W. G. Moore were burned <o the ground at Fort Dodge. A horse* In the Howey barn was cremated. Tin total loss was $2,000. Rock Rapids young ladies hav* v oined the bicycle brigade. The What Cheer coal fields are to be sold July 81 by order of the courts to discharge an indebtedness of 8107,014.37. The annual regatta of the Iowa Amateur Rowing association will be held at Spirit Lake July 14 and 15. Chancy Fowler fell from a train near California junction and was fatally crushed. Th e fourth convention of Iowa deaf mutes will be held at the institute in Council Bluffs June 15 and will be in session three days. Six Jo Wft Cities have electric street railways. They are Des Moines, Keo- i t ' t «* )ubu< l ue > Davenport, Ottumwa a»d Siou* City. Burlington will soon bav<j her system in operation. Robert Nelson, who was killed near ICnoxville, had an accident policy of fel,i-00. but none of his relatives were known. It was said he had a sister in Chicago. The colored bajber, McCracken, whose admission to tfce Methodist church of Ml, Pleasant was denied last winter has been sustained by Bishop Joy, who ordered tb. B church to admit McCracken. , Capt. D. F. Dorimce, a welWsnpwn Steamboat owner u«4 fiap.iain, pf the «teamer Irene D., was afiaajjkted at „ iof the ' wawwww* »* fce fes4 4 ***'-£F*^ of apprehension is felt as to the results of the sharp frost of Tuesday n'ght on the growing crops. Reports, are coming very slowly from northwestern points, so slowly that tho cle- vator men here report it is a favorable omen. Had any damage been wrought the fact would have been hastily announced. The greatest fear was felt for the park region of Minnesota, stretching from Nt. Cloud to the Red river valley, but reports from Detroit and Park Kapuls say the growing wheat never looked better. Grand Forks, Cosset ton, Jamestown and Devil's Lake report no damage to wheat, and the belief is general an escape- has been made in the wheat country included in the frost line. I. he blade was not sufficiently advanced to be harmed, and will be benefited rather than otherwise. Through southern Minnesota and South Dakota the frost was too light to injure anything but flax, winch must be replanted in several localities. The greatest danger to the wheat crop at present is from drought. I he steady winds of the past few days have carried off the moisture and dried out the upper soil, where the wheat has yet but light root. Another week- without rain will cause considerable anxiety, but rain within that time will place the crop in security for the present, with every prospect of an extraordinary yield. MILWAUKEE, May 7.—Reports from the state regarding the heavy frosts are meager, but all agree that general ; damage was done only to garden truck I Iruits were not sufficiently advanced to be affected, and there is no other crop in the state at this season which could be injured. CENTKAIJA, 111., May 7.-A heavy frost occurred in this region Tuesday night, nipping berry blooms and early vegetables, but it is too early to correctly estimate the damage. The quantity of berries is reduced about a third. Damage to peaches and other fruits is unknown. MOMTICBI.M), 111., May 7.-There was a blighting frost in Piatt county and throughout central Illinois, killing truit at a fearful rate and greatly injuring the gardens. Ice froze one-inch inch thick in places. The peach crop is greatly injured. WINCHESTER, 111., May 7.-A heavy frost here Tuesday night. Grapes are badly injured, potatoes cut nearly to the ground and early beans destroyed The prospect for a good wheat crop in Scott county was never better than at present. The weather has been good for farm work, and many farmers are nearly done planting corn. The average will be 10 per cent, more than last year. COI.UMUUH, O.. May 7.—No serious results to fruit prospects in the immediate vicinity of Columbus are reported. A Lima (O.) dispatch says it is thought early fruits are greatly damaged, 0 if not killed. At Washington Court House Tuesday night ice an eighth of an inch thick was formed. A prominent fruit grower says that the early cherries are all killed and that peaches, pears, apples and other fruits are bein«- greatly damaged, and one or two more frosts like that of last night will settle the fruit crop throughout that part of Ohio at least. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May -7. —An exceedingly low temperature prevailed Tuesday night. The strawberry crop is practically ruined and cherries, grapes and peaches suffered considerably, but the crops will not be a total failure. The extreme dryness of the season only saved the cro\ s from complete blight. Neither wheat, oats nor corn has been planted long enough to be affected, except that the cold weath erprevents it from sprouting. Jnd., May 7.—A frost « Tdfk s *»oc»»», ««Bla« At MeVicker's Theater, Chicago. All | £ eftns » * ! 9 &****»*• ot ail New - « s ? 8 i» wil l commence a limited etigage- ft™* fe 1 , 1 ^ /"?%*** i8 r& id ln thB V" e Joans district of Indiana. Three hundred great i and fifty thousand people attended the per' Take- the Monftn Ront« formance durir, Street Theater ng i , N — f wu i'*-w i* wuv/klvtViVl WIJO 2'*-'** its run at the Fourteenth few York. A nor whoso log was repaired in New York by grafting some skin from a doc, complains now that liis skin barks easily.- Boston Commercifil Bulletin. FIVE cents paved on soap; flvo dollnrslost on rotted clothes. la thai cconamut There is not 5 conts difference between the coat of a par 01 the poorest soap tnadoaudthe best. which is as all know, Dobbins' Electric. B «m I J, 15RB 1s , on £. bu9lnos « Industry that has Bomo snap to it even in dull times-thc Whip manufacturer.—Lowell Courier n^"«,V"Ti"i Fu .9« Couct "S, Bonr, THHOAT, etc.. should try "Brawn's BivnchM Troche*." a simple but sure remedy. So/rf onZtf iw Price 35 cts. tEN you ffet close enough to n frotf to mm with a stick that's the sign of MY friend, look hero 1 you know how weak PnWn 0 ™ 0 ? 8 yo £M Wlfe .!?« and .V° u know that Carter s Iron Pills will relievo her. Now Why not bo fair about it and buy her a box? IT Js n curious fact that when one is vs^tsssssssass^f- -T-- -" diamonds aro like kisses. The oftener they aro stolon the more are tho owners pleased.-Jewelers' Journal. IN the Middle of the Niglit.-A "tot" is a seyonty-flve pound brat that you have to tote.- Galveston News. EXPLOSIONS of Coughing are stopped bv H-iue's Honey of Horehound and Tar. Alice's loothache Drops Cure in one minute. A DETECTIVE'S allies should bo all-eves—n iwyer's are reputed to bo nil lies.—Boston who can write "a good , v, , chnnco in We witf the youth who can hold one.— Washington Post. IT is no longer necessary to take blue pills to rouse tho liver to action. Carter's Mttlo l.iverPillsaremuchbot.ter,Doii ! tforgetthis have their regular customers; but they also depend greatly upon the buy slanders at n sale.— N. O. Picayune. -- . - + - . IT is a very stupid boy that doesn't know ftis Jines when the trout season arrives.— Du Bois (Pa.) Courier. THE cat is a mevvt animal, but she has a voice like a fire alarm. -Binghnmtoa Re• - • - CORN in the field is shocked, and when it s made into whisky it is shocking.— Bin<r- aamton Republican. IT is a woman's nature to pet something. If she has nothing to pet she is apt to be in a pet herself.— Bomerville Journal. J\ T o Opium in Piso's cure for consumption Cures where other remedies fail. 35o. . fell in this vicinity Tuesday night. The A heavy burden —all the ills and ailments that only female flesh is heir to. It rests with you whether you carry it or lay it down. You can cure tho disorders and derangements that prey upon your eex, with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It's a legitimate medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced physician, and Adapted to -woman's delicate organization. , For all organic displacements and weaknesses, accompanied by weak time. In some particular localities it was heavier than others. The fruit trees will be the main sufferers, and of these peaches especially. The buds have been nipped and it is thought the crop will be greatly curtailed. The frost was not of sufficient weight to totally destroy the fruit. Farmers report that such vegetables as beans, tomatoes and potatoes have been greatly injured. FHANKFOKT, Ivy., May 7.—The gardens were seriously injured Tuesday night by the frost. Peaches and grapes were also damaged. There was some damage to wheat and corn. Ice was very cwamon in many places. The full extent of the damage cannot be estimated as yet, but it is serious. DKS MOIXKS, la., May 7. — Frosts have been prevalent in' Iowa for several nights, but Tuesday night the freeze was hardest and ice formed in many localities. Farmers in from the country say that the chief injury has been done to small fruit of the earlier varieties, such as cherries and plums. In southern Iowa, where vegetation is further advanced, considerable injury has been inflicted on the apple crop. The growing grain has not been affected. LEWES. Del., May 7.-The frost of Tuesday night in this vicinity was very severe on fruits and vegetables, Early Strawberries are probably killed. Apples, pears, cherries and plums are sup- posed'to be badly damaged and the few peaches'still remaining are doubtless injured. Early potatoes, beans and some other vegetables are janch cut. St. l.nuis to Have Auother Uriajfe. ST. Louis, May 7—An important deal has just been closed, wfcicft guarantees to St; Louis the building of u third bridge across the Mississippi river. Toe new bridge will be built at a point about miles south of the Eads bridge. The franchise, which is perpetual, was rgraatea twenty years ago and -has lately been purchased by a syndicate represented by Mr. Joan B. 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