The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1891
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VOL. XX. ALGONA REPUBLIC AN AL&ONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, KWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1891. No. 32, PUBLISHED EVERY WKDNKSDAX- STARR * HALLOCK, Proprietors. JOS. W. HAYS. Editor. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance One copy, six months, in advance 75 One cony, three months, in advance 40 "/•' Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the BBPITBMOAN Office for -£?.?£ and o'l ob Prlnt tiK is unsurpassed In this county, steam power. ^"Advertising rates made known on application. This paper is the official paper of Kos- sutli county and the city of Algona, The Marquis Di. Eudini is laid up for repairs and Lord Salisbury is now having his innings with Mr. Blaine. Democrats will soon bo drinking their favorite beverages from American tin cups made of American tin, and manufactured in American factories by American working men. At a meeting of the Republican State Central Committee which was held in Des Moines last Wednesday it was decided to hold the Republican Convention in Cedar Rapids, July 1st. It is a good location. Cedar Rapids is a good town and will outdo herself to entertain the convention. giving prohibition its due recognition this year, is a bid for a third party movement, and prejudicial to Republican interests. No one asks that prohibition shall be made the "sole issue" of the campaign. Protection and Reciprocity cannot be ignored. No one asks that they should be, but when it comes to a state platform and a state issue is before the people, the REPCTBLCAN is as firmly opposedto tho mugwumpery that is asking fora compromise with the saloon element, upon the prohibition question, as it was to mugwumpery that went back on th6 the Mc- Kinley bill when a little Republican back bone was needed. Any attempt to relegate prohibitio n to the rear this year will be a knife in the neck of the Republican party. We dare not go back upon our old grounds of hostility to the saloon. Give us no ambiguous platform. This movement for a platform upon which any one can stand should be immediately frowned down by the sturdier portion of the Republican party. We are opposed to any form of crawfishing or compromise with the saloon. "The Devil must be very uncomfortable these days" says an exchange. "So many ministers are denying that he has ahome." If there is no place of future punishment he is probably out of a job too, andif he will apply to the Democratic * * »/ state central committee, chance to stump the saloon next fall. he may get a state for the have found space this week to publish the. greater part of Mr. Dolliver's New York Speech. It is one of his best. Mr. Dolliver has already won national reputation as an orator and he is constantly sought after in. the capjtals>of the country, upon great public occasions. No other man of his age in the country has received one half of the recognition that has been accorded to^Mr. Dolliver. j.- : During the last fiscal- year foreigners -Sold in the United States, $58,000,000 worth of farm products, taking into account $16,000,000 worth of wool which we imported. Not a single article that our farmers do not produce at home, and not a single article in the entire list that the McKinley bill does not give protection. The farmer had better think twice before he votes for the party that tried to defeat the passage of that bill. PROHIBITION THE COMING ISSUE. An attempt is being made by several prominent Republican papers in the state, to side track the question of prohibition as a prominent issue ia the campaign next fall. This is a misfortune to the Republican party of Iowa. If th$ weak kneed elpment acquires a sufficient following, it means the defeat of the Repub- Jican party and the re-election of Goy. Boies by an overwhelming majority. Prohibition is bound to be one of the loading issues of the campaign—if not the leading issue. This may be regretted but it cannot be helped, unless the current of influences which has been bringing tlie question to the fr.ont for the past two years can be suddenly reversed and made to flow in the opposite direction. All talk-about naming the issues of the cam„ paign at this late date is foolish and impolitic. The issues were named long ago by the Democratic party: Republicans cnn do nothing more than to accept the situation and bravely face the emergency. To do anything else would be suicidal. The first Democratic governor in thirty five years, Gov. Boies, was elected upon an anti-prohibition platform. He will be renominated in June and his party will ' offer battle again upon the same issue. The Republican party must. meet that issue bravely and fairly or be defeated, and no backing water at this time by Republicans cftft make it otherwise. Some would ratfeer see the campaign fought out on the broader national issues, but state issues roust come first in a state campaign, and "prohibition or no prohibition" will be the leading issue this year, protection and. reciprocity will come after. If the Cedar Rftpld,s convention repudiates prohibition, forgetstbeSO,000 majority that voted for the constitutional amendment, refuses to take a decided stand for the law, that a Republican legislature placed upon the statute books; if tlie Republican party of Jowa, gets away from the position that it has occupied for the pjist ten years and does not review its allegiance to prohibition, Iowa -will be Democratic indefinitely. There is an element in. Iowa politics that calls for a strong temperance j, plank in the Republican platform. 4ny i to j*t in such a plank will fleW an,d giy$ WS THE SQUEAMISH DEMOCRACY. If the democracy spent one third of the time m helping to enforce prohibition that it spends m trying to prove that the law is a failure; prohibition would be a most astonishing success.—Algona RE- The Democratic party cannot afford to go into any blackmailing scheme like that even though it may have been legalized by a very small Republican majority — Humboldt Independent. You don't say so Brother Adams? But tell us, since when did the Democratic party become so extremely conscientious about entering into such "blackmailing schemes?" s^hen did the old party of slavery, states rights, secession, free trade and other unamerican ideas, experience a change of heart and become so "dod gasted" particular about what it was doing? Oh yes, the history of the Democracy reads like a Sunday school book. The good old Democratic party does'nt know anything about Tammany Hall or the regular annual fourth of November murders and shot-gun raids down in Dixie. The conscientious Democratic party didn't lie about the McKinley bill a little bit. They didn't send any tin peddlers around through the country just previous to the last election offering the people tin cups and other tin furniture at outrageous prices and telling them that it was "all on account of the McKinley bill." The Democracy of Ohio didn't gerrymander McKinley's district last fall, and the Iowa Democratic State Central committee never hired a boy to steal Chairman Mack's correspondence. The man who guaranteed immunity to the gambling hells of Chicago for two full years—Mayor Cregier, wasn't a democrat. Mayor Palmer, the man who during his short administration, thoroughly leavened Sioux City with the cussedness of Cov- iugton, isn't a Democrat. Mayor Snouffer of Cedar Rapids, and the bribed Mayor of Burington, are neither of them Democrats. The "great nullifier" of law, Gov. Boies, who pardons saloon keepers as fast as the courts can convict them, isn't a Democrat—at least he didn't used to be until ho wanted a chance to slander the farmers of Iowa and had to get out of the Republican party in order to do it. The Democratic party of the United States never went into a conspiracy with English capital to throttle American enterprise and paralyze the industrial interests of this country. It did not transpire recently that Grover Cleveland was illegally elected president of the United States by the voting of 5,000 inmates of a public institution on Long Island. Congressman Hayes, of Iowa, the man who tried to defeat the anti-lottery bill, the Wilson bill, etc., isn't a Democratic congressman. The Cedar Rapids Gazette isn't a Democratic paper, neither is the Algona Courier. The Upper Des Moines is not a Democratic ally only about two thirds of the time. The people who did the stinking work in this county last fall had no Democratic symptoms. In fact, it seems to us when we look over its record, that the Democratic party ' with all its allies attaches and camp followers was specially designed by providence to prepare this sinful planet for the coming of the millenium. "I do not remember having read a, doc ument so fall of humiliation to tfce good citizens of this country." The Jury in tho case oi p urdy the American Express agent at Albia, who was arrested upon tho chorge of embezzel- ing the company's tunds, faiied to agree after being out all night. A train load, of men enroute to flght the forest fires in Potter County, Pa. was •wrecked in tho burning forest and an unknown number of men were burned to death, amongthem superintendent Badger of the Sinnemahoning Valley road. Gov. Boyd of Nebraska was ousted from his seat as governor of the state by the Supreme Court, upon the grounds that he was not a naturalized citizen of the United States. Ex Gov. Thayer has been reinstated until a special election can be held to fill the vacancy. The United states man of war Charleston,, has been sent in pursuit of the Chilian surgaet vessel Etata. The Etata has a start of about 500 miles but is a slow going vessel and will probally be overtaken. The Etata was arrested by a United States Marshal at Los Angeles, California, for taking on board a cargo of arms and munitions of war. A move is on foot among Roman Catholics in America to have the pope appoint bishops of the same nations as the emigrants who annually leave Europe for the United States. The complaint is that the Irish bishops of this country habitually appoint Irish, priests, regardless of the people among whom they are sent, consequently the immigrants lose their religious faith. *¥> I SIFTINGS. They Found Him out. T1 >at tale he told of the string of fish That he caught in the Yupfd«e ThVv^ a i"i glei ' P re sent wish That i e had been there to see ; , "'s hearers suddenly grew cold And their interest seemed to tire Tim Vi anserllaa come into camp and told 1 hat the man was a "tin plate liar." —New York Press. The consummation of reciprocity with Venezuela will prove highly beneficial both to that republic and the United States. At present we import from Venezuela about $10,000,000 worth of mer- -chahdise yearly. We only send her $4 000,000 worth in return. This leaves a f $ 6 ' 000 .° 0 < ) against us e condition which reciprocity would be pretty sure to do away with. Reciprocal trade with the United States would stimulate greatly the sugar production of Venezuela, and that country has a sugar producing capacity which is enormous.—Ex. ' Boys' and Cidrens Clolhk * o We shall place on sale our Entire Stock of Clothing forlg days at prices that will interest the closest and best informed buyers-a time when every close buyer should be on hand. I 15 DAYS OF INTENSE ACTIVITY FOR US! 15 DAYS of Opportunities for U 15 T) A YS Wl ! en Everyone should come in -W -UH.LQ and see our Bargains in all tines We also have some special bargains to offer in Dress Gk>ods, White Goods, Ginghams, Prints, Shawls, Laces Embroideries, Hosiery, Gloves, Linens, Boots, Shoes. Your obedient servant, Tariff Pictures. From the New York Press. United States Treasury reports do not He. The one just issued dealing with our exports and imports shows that whereas :n March, 1890, we .sold American agri cultural implements to other nations to the value of $387,255 hrn' « 891 ' Y e sold th(?se implements abroad to the value of $621,731, This does not look as Kinley tariff wi, ch7cki og John Goeders, Jr. STATEMENT -OF- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, , „, RESODKCES. Loans and discounts ....... . o 7a ,,„, fta Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.'"* U. b. bonds to secure circulation Due from approved Keserve ........ Agents ........ ' ....... Due from dtuerNat'l Banks Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents ....... ..' 135 96 Specie ............. ;., sownn Legal tender notes ....... '.'." 450000 Hedemptloii fund with U S Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) ,:;._ D85i00 , .NEWS BRIEFS. Secretary Elaine has been quite ill dur- the past week. His illness was brought on by over-work. Sioux Citynow boasts of the largest stove works in the west, The' Tails Stove Works" started up last Saturday. The Y. M, C. A. convention at Kansas City Saturday adopted resolutions against opening the World's fair gunyays. Two masked men boarded a Santa Pe train thirty miles north of Gutnrie, I, T., Saturday and "held up" the passengers' getting about $400. Burlington is preparing for a manunoth. of July celebration. <froy«j? and Xotal. LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in.... Surplus fund ; ... 4 Undivided prolits. -SH7.498.83 I have been handling Stoves and hardware and during this time I have found no stoves that give as universal satisfaction as the Family Garland and Charter Oak Cook Stoves, Iu Gasoline Stoves I ha^e '^^^^^^ ™ ~ Elgin and Chicago Milk Cans, Heath & Tinware repairing promptly attended to. For further information please call at egan's &f£ ED rj PAINTS. J.W.Robinsons '' '' .National JBunk notes outstandiiijj'.'.'''' Individual deposits subject to check . ,«C8 448 sn Demand certili'tes of deposit »,U7 ui 77,505.8* Total • $147,49iJ.83 State of Iowa, county of Kossutli-ss. J'±% WAMS.?! "J<> above nam. BOSE A iS 5 RILEV & YOUNG'S COMBINATION SLAT AND WIRE FEHCE. It is a fence for open countries, for it cannot be blown down. «is the fence for low lands, for it cauuot be washed away. It destroys HO ground whatever, and if beauty be considered an advantage, it is the neatest and handsomest farm fence la the world. Tn short, it combines the good qualities of all fences in an emineat degree, and as spoil as intr»duced will become the popular fence of the country, it is beautiful aud durable, it is strong aud will increase the price of your farm far more thau any other fence. I ;wt)i 5wtn)tteb longer than any other fence. It is a great addition, occupies less ground, expluoM less sunshine, has no superior as a feuce. ft is stronger thau any other fence aud wW turn any stock no matter how breacby. ^M^Wyjrolble and is ' «ce in the W.QJriii. ff will protect aH aha^gtQliFjftblekeJi to a wild Q*. "it GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LABIES try Dr. LeDuc's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established - Kurdne < issa- f »K and 1850 ; Oanadu 1878 ; United States 1887'. ?E2U hree boxes for * 5 - Positively remove a ift or » 0 ««y refunded. THB PILL CO., rovalty pr at j Stevenson & Co. Chicago. A, Sheets. Algona. . kee: Kobt. Retailed by DI"L 19-lo-yr THROUGH SEVEN STATES, DOUGLAS IQr with * * "* Dl> *?"* * ue u e« afternoon, YeUowstQue jparfc wuto^oflew ->».«»« &s

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