The News from Frederick, Maryland on April 2, 1965 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1965
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Paw 18 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday, April 2. 1965 Names Taken From County V 7 oter Rolls Removed from the registration hies, failure to vote in five years 1965. District Hauver (10), Precinct One: Clarence Barnhart, Harry C. Biser, Eldred M. Book, Charles C. Bopst, Clarence L. Brown, Edith B. Brown, Alma A. Campbell, Lester J. Davis, Ethel M. Evans, Marie V. Fahnestock, Robert A. Fahnestock, Rhoda K. Ferguson, Robert D. Herzog, Jennie C. Karpinski, Paul Willis Kipe. Raymond H. Kipe, Robert 0. Miller. Betty H. Nesselroad, Danzell E. Nesselroad, Nancy L. Pryor, Wade C. Pryor, Ida T. Scanlon. Anna R. Smith, Hazel F. Smith, Richard W. Smith, Edna M. Stavis, John S. Stavis. District Hauver (10), Precinct Two: Ralph H. Buhrman, Sadie E. Buhrmsn, Merrill P. Covalt, Sadie M. DeLawter, Edna R. Green, Richard E. Harne, Robert J. Hauver, Lloyd M. Lewis, | Gerald-D. Toms. ! District Petersville (12), Pre-j circt One: I Freda P. Beacht, Joyce E. Boyer, Charles D. Brown, Clarence R. Ebberts, Mary A. Eb- '· berts, Carol Fae Gross. John I A. Hope Jr., Lillie V. Hope, Barbara Lee Jung, John W. Jung Jr., Richard R. Kinna, Alonza E. Snoots, Hilda B Snoots, John B. Snoots, Elsie A. Stonesifer, Glen A. Stonesifer, Lucy E. Titus, Town B. Titus, William G. Washington, Margaret S. Washington, A. L. Wenner, Mildred A. Young. District Petersville, (12), Precinct Two: Mehrl E. Ahalt, George .A. Brown, Erma White Carey, Eva V. Carey, G. L. Deener, Nona 0. Deener, V. Blanche Fletcher, James H. Giles, Jennie A. Gittings, Gary M. Hicks, Daniel A. Keefer, Charles F. Lerch, Camille E. Magalis, Esther, Moore, George W. Moore, Lynn T. Moore, Ada P. Sapp, Betty E. Sapp, Janney Frank Sapp, Salvators Sicura, Elsie R. Thompson, Dorothy E. Wright. Removed from the registration files, failure to vote in five years 1965. District Emmitsburg,' (5), precinct One: George H. Ashbaugh Jr., George H. Ashbaugh, Helen B. Ashbaugh, Charles E. Baker, John D. L. Beegle, Curtis R. Buchef, Edna G. Bucher, Hester S. Burton, Philomena E. Casaregola, Helen N. Slay pool, Paul W. Claypool, Charles E. Craig, Joseph H. Elliot, Cleon E. Elliott. John T. Garner, Robert H. Gillelan, Robert M. Gillelan, Elinor Y. Hays, James T. Hays Jr., Mildred V. Keilholtz, James J. Kelly, J. Francis Kreitz, Mearl David McGlaughlin, Edna F. Maxell, Anna Mary Montgomery, Michael O'Toole, Catherine E. Ott, Charles R. Sanders, George H. Sanders, Howard C. Sanders, Robert H. Springer, Walter I. Sheeley, Vincent D. Topper, John James Trainor, Stanley E. Turner, James T. Twomey, Janet G. Waters, Emma L. Wills, Edith M. Winegardner, Ethel L. Wood, Economy Tractor Sales CUB CADET--MARK 26 RIDING LAWN MOWER REMINGTON CHAIN SAW CALL OLIE DUVALL CL 2-2862 Equipment Supplies Office Furniture Inventory Pads Bookkeeping Systems Desks Victor Adding Machine Chairs Ledger Sheets Post Binders Filing Cabinets Card Cabinets Royal Portable Office Typewriters STORM and SHIPLEY "THE BUSY CORNER" 2nd Market Sts. MO 3-5222 Richard A. Yeomans, Carrie C. i Corcoran, Raymond L. Deviney, Robert J. Devlin, Alta Reed S. Eckenrode, Mary G. Eckerrode. Elvae Marie Eiker, Joseph J. Fanti, Robert S. Fitez. Harry J. Flynn, James M. Forker, J. Ledlie Gloninger, William D. Greco, Lewis E. Hahn, William H. Hart, Peter V. Herhenreader, Christopher M. Heulitt, Paul D. Jenkins, Grace M. Joly, Ralph j P. Joly, M. Lucille Keepers, | Florence M. Kreitz. Kenneth P. ! Lacy, David C. Lament, John J. Lipinski, Anna J. Little, Edith E. Long, J o h n A. Long, Mary Teresa McCabe, Thomas Edward McCann, John T. Me-! Govern, John J. MeGovern, John F. Maxsween, Clothilda J. May, Joseph V. Messer, Gerald S. Miller, Mary R. Miller, Paul F. Oehler, John P. O'Hehir Jr., Brian R. O'Neill, Raymond J. Orloski, William Joseph Parks, Anna B. Plumer, Clair A. Redding, Oscar A. Rodriguez,Stanley F. Rother, Edward George Sacco, Brian E. Sarsfield, William L. Sheridan, William Q. Simms Jr., John F. Smith, Es-j ther H. Stouter, Paul J. Button, Martin A. Tait, John T. Trapold, Joseph B. Termonti, Lawrence P. Urban, Cora F. Valentine, Zaeharhs. District Emmitsburg, (5),Precinct 2-2A: Elizabeth L. Baine, Margaret H. Bell, Charlotte M. Bellinger, Frederick B. Bower, Gladys Lorraine Briggs, Marion R. Brunei, Phillip E. Dion, Francis J. Dodd, Regina M. Doerr, Euphemia Tyson Elliott, Jane E. Garner, Marie F. Gelwicks, Anne M. Graham, Margaret M. Haggerty, Alice M. Hays, Samuel Robert Hays, Thomas C. Hays, Mildred P. Hefferman, Marie C. Kane, Lewis J. Kelly, Mary E. Kelly, Rose M. Kelly, Ann M. Kennedy, Clyde V. Knipple, Jessie E. Knipple, Agnes D. McElroy, Ethel M. McGehee, Regina L. McLaughlin, Ann M. Martin, Anna M. Myers, Charles F. Ohler, Fern R. Ohler, Mary C. Powers, Mary M. Ross, Euphemia T. Rotering, Charmaine A. Sanders, Mary Jane Scott, Glenn B. Springer, Mary A. Sullivan, Florence E. Thorn, Geneviene M. Walsh, Dorothy M. Waters. Terre E. Webb, Shirley M. Wilhide, Charles R. Williams, Mabert S. Williams. District Emmitsburg, (5),Precinct Three: Richard L. Altenbaugh, James G. Burke, Joseph F. Cipriana, John J. Conway, Francis P. Harry D. Walker. Mishael F. j Milton M. Poole, A'ice V. S»~ Wasilisky, John A. Weir Jr., Stanley R. Witkowski. Removed from the registration files, failure to vote in five years 1965. District Woodsboro, (ID.Pre- cinct One: Jacob Aicvater, Dorothy May Biddinger, Carrie R. Bellinger, William R. Bellinger, Cora I. Bostian, Michael J. Callari Jr., Katie L. Crum, Emma J. Eves, Virginia L. Eyler, Clarence E. Fogle, Harry C. Gibson, Simon J. Grim, James R.. Hahn, Georgia I. Harbaugh, Frank R. Lambert, Marlin L. LeGore, Violet B. LeGore, Laura M. Mills, Fred N. Naugle, Charlotte Emma Reed, Daisy S. Sickle, Effie M. Strine, Wilson Lamar Troxel Carl W. White, Charles Donald Young. District Mt. Pleasant, (13): Harold LeRoy Boone, Elwood Walden Bowens, Arlene J. Fox, Herbert H. Fox, Arthur N. Fulk, Gladys 0. Garner, Roy S. Garver, Bernice M. 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Furniture will be held for future delivery! TERMS FOR EVERYONE Open Til 9 WILLIAM S. HOOD 919 East St., Frederick, Md. mers. District Myersville (16): Blanche M. Baker, Lloyd Bear, Franklin L. Brown. Mildred G. Brown, Austin E. Cartee, Effie J. Dean, Charles E. DeGrange, Darrell Williams Ford, Leroy C. Forrest, Raymond E. Gaver, Maude E. Gladhill, Melvin 0. Gladhill, R. Glenn Grossniekel, Esther Ai. Edwin L. Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Everett R. Johnsor Austin W. Kaetzei, Vernon W Knight, John R. Langdon, Johi J. Marsh, Paul R,. Marsh, Mar garet A. Miller, Lester L. Poole. Earl C. Ropp, Gerlie M. Ropp, Charles W. Rowe, Harvey D. Schroyer, Nora E. Shepley. George H. Sigler, Dawn T. Stickler, Robert L. Strickler, ECONOMY OIL 24-HR. COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE MO 3-3151 Mauitowoc Ice Machines Plus Complete Lines GIL KREPPS--PAUL COCKRELL TERMITES work like BUZZ SAWS! 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Scientific slow-speed tilling action. 3 hp Roticul model also available. Good Dealer We're proud to stand behind the line we sell: America's No. 1 line of power lawn and garden equipment! Let us he.lp you gain and maintain peak performance --come in today! 4 hp SUPERMATIC ROTICUL* KINSEVS 1 Mile South Of Frederick On Buckeystown Rd. (Rt. 15) Phone 6634261 'lanche'S. Summer, Edith B. ·olfe. District Johnsville, (17): Upton S. Conners, Roland H. · · · · · · v P'ttinger, Albert B. Potts, Ruth C. Potts, Aruda E. Smith, Stella B. Smith, Theodore R. Stambaugh, Evelyn B., Storey, Howard H. Tregoning, Leon D. Wetzel. HAS NO PLANS Harry A. Rosenfeld, developer . ..eucncK Shopping Cen- .r. said last night that he had ;iven out no information that .he Rosenfeld Realty firm had a complete set of plans for a post office. Rosenfeld said there were no complete plans for a post office at the shopping center and that no one in his office had the authority to make such a state-' ment during his absence in Florida. -- FAST -FILM DEVELOPING CAMERA REPAIRING E. RAY WACHTER PHOTO CENTER 27 S. Market St MO 2-4553 DAILEY'S FUNERAL HOME SUCCESSOR TO C E. CLINE * AND SON FUNERAL ',* DIRECTORS ' Phone 662-5966 AMBULANCE SERVICE HEY KIDS!! BRING MOM... $10.00 VALUE || x |4 ' BUST VIGNETTE PORTRAIT FOR ONLY Barberree Studio Satisfaction Guaranteed NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 35* for Packing and Handling Bring All Children AGES: 6 Wks. to 10 Yrs. $1.00 Extra for Full Figure Selection of Pose* LAST TWO DAYS FRIDAY--SATURDAY April 2nd, 3rd Photo Hours: 10 A. M.-8 P. M. Daily LUNCH 1 P. M.-2 P. M. SATURDAY 10 A.M. - 3 P.M. SCOTTY'S CONFECTIONERY, TOY AND HOBBY STORE Corner Market and 3rd Street The Directors of LOYOLA FEDERAL Declare QUARTERLY DIVIDEND at the continued increased rate Open your savings account at Loyola Federal on or before the 10th of the month and earn liberal dividends for the entire month. FREDERICK OFFICE 236 North Market Street OPEN TONIGHT 6 to 830 Loyola Federal SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 1S79 MAIN OFFICE: Chute at PNftton Baltimore, Maryland

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