Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 29, 1911 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1911
Page 5
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SEPTEMBER 2D1C1I. FRIDAY EVENING. mi- OAKLAND PHOTO THEATER ; LARGEST OF KIND .IN U. S. Sole Agents or- -7 -'Knox" and "Atchison" Tailored Hats Twelfth, and Washington Streets . Oakland New Aiitiimii Gdats idr Practical Wear " ; ;? ! o Ait Land tribinh r r fl Where the finest biscuit, . cake, Ihot r breads, crusts . or .puddings are required Royal is indispensable. V ' ' - - . -r - . - - -. .'; " - . Royal is equally valuable ;iin the; preparation of plain, substantial, every-day foods, for; all :TTie only baiting powder made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar o Alum o Lime Phosphates DEATH, NOT GOUBT, GRANTS DECREE Demise of Mrs. Petterson Ends Suit for Divorce Sum-: marily. ; Death, Instead-of a Superior Court 'ecree, has divorced Josephine and Oscar Petterson of Brooklyn Township. Several weeks ago the wife, then suffering , with cancer of the stomach, brought, suit to- ,diss61ve the marital bonds that tied her to PetterT son, on the ground of extreme cruelty. The case should have been tried yesterday by Judge , James X. Murphy of Mono county, sitting: iln. the auxiliary department of the Superior Gourt, but when it was called Attorney J. A. Sands, representing the husband, moved for a dismissal on the . ground that Mrs. Petterson was dead. He stated that her funeral occurred last Monday: ; The court entered an order accordingly. Mrs. Petterson? charged among other things that while she was bedridden for months her husband abused her shamefully, saying on one occasion, "I suppose yowiwill- He- there r aether six months before you die." alleged that - he-had repeatedly ed and cuffed her: about and nocked her down and " choked her 'with brutal disregard for her en- Y" kept a jug of whiskey and a barrel of Deer m me nouse, . uyun wuiuu . no got drunk and vicious every night, v Petterson is an employe of the Southern Pacific Company and owns a home- valued at $3600 and Other property. -.1 ERAUD LAID AT DOOR OF MODOC REALTY MAN l BAK3srftsFJtrs county investors in Modoc 'orchard lands are losers, to the extent of many - thousands of dollars, it is alleged by reason of the failure of B. F. 1 Suiter A Company, the local agents, to see that they were insured ; perfect titles to the lands. ; :--; '' Bernard F. : Sitzl " president -of the Tri-State. Land' company- -of Modoc county, who represented 'to Suiter that he had clear title to the lands, is in the Kern county Jail charged' with having obtained money -by false pretenses. The abstracts of title which Bits "furnished -to the Suiters' are declared, to be rank forgeries. The "agents say thattf they believe" Sits had a good tltle-6ji the land, 1240 acres, but. it develops .that Sits had only a quarter section ; and disposed of over 1000 acres belonging to ,J. M. Kirkpatrick. which ' adjoined his holdings. - '-Hjy t - ' ""J: BALKS AT MILKING, : TWENTY COWS DAILY STOCKTON. Sept." 29. Because she was compelled to wear overalls and men's shoes and milk 20 cows a day Mrs. Mary Harrell of Waterloo filed a complaint - for divorce from her farmer husband, Frank H. Harrell. In addition tothe- cruelty -charge, failure to provide is also alleged. Harrell is a well-to-do farmer. The couple were married in 1906 and almost since the wedding bells the wife has been forced to do work eyond her phy-tioal strength. ' , going, to IcnQw the, need It isrit practical to visit every and Am It' Is Impoirtaiifcv thatf you should "seriously consider f the care of. your 'teeth. You may be reluctant to do so, because-you:fear thepain or the jpnces are too. higt. We do not hurt. ' I :-.Y:: OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT ; - S ' : " Specialist Jn lEvery -Branch of-Dentistry 1" " , Oakland Dental Parlors 1003K Broadwdy, Cor. Tenth St. - ;,Don forget-the placethere is. no other like it ' occasions. PPINO GIVEN CITiZEHPEflS Judge Brown Sets Forth. Posi tion on Naturalization :- -. Matter. Sitting as a court of naturalization yes terdav. Superior Judge - Everett . J. Brown ruled in the case of Ensepio Pala dlno, an alien foreman in the emnloy of the Peoples . Water Company, that even though an applicant for citizenship could not read English,' but could' speak the language and had a reasonably clear Idea of the principles enunciated by tha Con stitution of the United States, he was en titled to be naturalized. The court also held In the samo case that petitioners for citizenship might be represented at bar by an attorney, but that when It came to questioning him with reference to the Constitution this should be done by the court itself. Naturalization Examiner Richardson representing the federal Government, had contended that notwithstanding the fact that the United States statutes require only that an applicant must be able to speak ' the ' English language and be at t ached to the principles of the Constitution," the court should rule that a reading-knowledge of the language was also required. BROWN'S POSITION. Judge Brown held that' inasmuch as Congress only required a speaking knowledge of the language in such cases It would not be proper for the court to Impose, additional conditions. This ruling was . based upon the congressional . act which only provides that an applicant must sign his petition In his own handwriting, and that "no alien shall hereafter be naturalized or admitted as ; a citizen of the United States who can not speak the English language." 5 A 'similar . ruling Was made about two months ago by Superior Judge Ellsworth in. the case pf , John Armlnino who was admitted to full citizenship. Attorney Carlos G. White represented Paladino, but when Judge Brown took the applicant in hand with reference to his understanding of the Constitution he was not entirely satisfied , with the showing and continued the matter untU November 27, to give Paladino more time to inform himself In the premises. FRESNO CHURCH STORM STILL WAGES MERRILY FRESNTO, Sept. 29. Added interest has been given to , the controversy raging In the First Christian church of this city over the differences between the conservative and liberal elements by the action of the pastor, the Rev. Ray O. Miller, who has just resigned, in becoming pastor of the Episcopal church at Tuolumne. City. , It was the contention" of a minority of the members , of the church here that the Rev. Mr. Miller was not acting in conformity with the tenets of the disciples and they . were strong enough to cause him to resign, though supported by a majority of the membership. .. ---, It was announced following the resignation .that the chureh government would be reorganized with . the resignation of the entire official tuis-A J of the institution, but at a meeting last nignt the various of ficials failed to resign, and it was reported that they will not do so until their term of office -ends at the beginning of the new year.; - J ', . of Dental attention? office. We can explain. Come- see . us. - , Interior view of the new Oaklai . ., , : structed : by the ID 3 The new Oakland Photo 5 theater, which is now being -constructed "if or; the Oakland Theater Company, by thew H. C -Capwell Company -on ' the . east: side of Broadway between Fifteentftil and Sixteenths streets. ;the - lease to which -was, negotiated through the. of fice of .the Frank K. Mott . Company, will ; be practically the largest movffcg picture theater in the United States, especially constructed for this class $f amusement. i-V With a seating capacity of approximately 1900, 1200 of which, will e on the . ground floor and 700 In a mezzanine, crowds , can 'be accomnOj-dated-.comfortably-.nd with ease tV der conditions- that are -i not a proached in any eoast moving p& ' ture house. ' -- i No expense '.lis s.belng.- spared - i Turner & Dahnken ,4 and . their loj manager. E. Kehrlein. to equip - house in the most complete and ej , borate . style, while the "archltectu ;', construction of the -building, whi ; i was entirely designed by Mr. C. -Dickey, the.1 well "known local arc!. ' tect, combines every known device v : ventilating and heating,;, the interif J -'ELJECTKICAIi EFTECTS. The electrical effects', and mustwl equipment are oeinr specially - ae signed for the-gew Aouse and wltjjgg. HARRISON SEES - ....... u i .- j. THINGS 0 Chicago's Mayor Takes Nocturnal Ramble and Letter to Police Follows. : CHICAGO, Sept. , 2 9. Following a midnight ramble of Mayor Carter H. Harrison through the. South .Slde "Bowery" "quarter of Chicago, an .order will go out from Chief of Police McWeeny today closing several 'obscene variety shows and ''fake" -auction salesrooms. . . . . . The mayor, following the example of the renowned Haroun Al Raschld, caliph of Bagdad, but disguised only by the dense crowd, walked alcing South State street and inspected, ca re-f ully the attractions that savor of . he levee. He was accompanied only y his brother: The inspections rest? ; d in a letter to the head of the p" 's be department. " i v "In looking" around - town - Jst night," the letter read, "I found S p-dltions pretty rotten in State1? ?it south of Van Buren. One of th' st acts of my administration I Ij ire leaving office in 1905 was to giv . yr-ders- looking to fthe cleaning- , .of the old-time levee. Today State s re'et south of Van Buren, while not s':'lle as It used to be, Is a cheap li" Ration of a midway show. " At 408 6 street they advertise the 'grizzly J J9r' dance. They have also - suggft itJve pictures of women in costume, ) fjiey have a .barker in front and...reftilar midway music. : This show has no place in a city." - Y. Must Lease Office if He Would Seek" Re-election in? ; Panama. PANAMA. Sept. 29, - ' .The "national assemblys : hostility- to -President '; Aroee-fflena and his scheme for- re-election feas evidenced itself "strikingly in a declaration : passed by ra? majority vote, insisting that the President, must resign his office six months before the .date set for - tfie elections ' if he desires .to eneo the lits as a candidate. . '::;',.!.'vv j The , declaration Issued In response Sto Arosemesa'i message t N'convenlrig ' the special session, gives - the , assembly's . interpretation of ' the .constitutional jro vision that no- citizen-, may run for Pp sl-. dent " who has : discharged the Xai Jea within -. the six months preceding ithert ay of election." .. ; - AnncmsBs .some tune ego obtained errant nf sir mnnth,' . Sn.M. jLALt. nonths . "vacation. wilrH he planed to begin .exactly six mvchsN pnor w eiectionj.nay. His - lawyers, assured him that it-would not. be necessary for: hlrh to give up his office. Jta he would comply , with the letter, of the Jaw by merely .absenting himself .on leave, i "' i WICKERSHAM STILL .V IN THE RING HE SAYS -;w. luitn. jsept. 29.--"Wll, rm still " uwruig, .- neciarea '-Attorney. Ge jeral Wlckersham ashe wa. skipping fea boy from the . lirtitm - of v. the Roc jsay; Hunting club tnd ,was reminded t'fif the steel ; . trust," through the Morgai t-Gary statement Issued - Tuesday nigbi P had boldly - defied the- government to f ftack it,- - -y-:. ?- ;----.?:.. -;i '1 "This . exercise Is. what ; keeps J' 4. In fighUng' trim," Wlckersham volu ,-, red with obvious-pride,- surveying "th' fhile the sight of his bared arms. wblcC - Jtood out like -whipcords. . - - - - M" -,s .Toes : President Taft's. speech, f Silvered in Iowa, more fully and clear 'I define the government's policy .towaT S the steel-trust and all other-big combiiv iions referred . to by you several days aVV as corporations that were being yvd . bed. than has heretofore been doner- NIGHT AROSEMENA mill ORDER TO RESIGN Photo Theater, which Is being con- L Capwell Company. a month It is expected that the house will throw open its . doors to the -pub lic as a model playhouse of; its Kind Realizing that in time there may oe a necessity for vaudeville In thfs class of theater. the lesses have pro vided a stage, which boasts ot the largest proscenium -arch: opening in Oakland, the necessary structural additions having: been made In skeleton so that in less 'than a day's notice complete stage facilities -may be made use of. WORTHY OP NOTE, It Is something worthy of note that Oakland has been selected as the place for the largest moving picture structure' in the country, fact which has already been heralded abroad, and which is causing the yes of theatrical men and p,ther investors to be turned in this ydlrecuon. The entrance to the theater. will be of a spacious, character, and, at the same time, one of the most "ornate on the Pacific coast. It williaot alone attract the attention of - the patrons of. the theater, but will .also arouse the admiration of the passerby. When the Oakland Photo Theater, Is opened to the public it is helleved it will become at once a favorite with the people and enjoy a most -lucrative patronage. FOIL TAFT PLOT Bomb Discovered Wear Where President's Parade Started. HUTCHINSON", . Kas.. Sept. 29.--What-G. ;M. Duckworth," chief of de tectives, ."believes to bo evidence that there was ; a' weli .lai d plot for. the sassinatlon- ofPresident Taft in Hutchinson last, Tuesday was discovered last night. . - - - Back o.f a small eating house, not thirty feet from the point where "the parade headed by the President, start ed, was discovered a' bomb containing a stick 9f ;dynamlte eight inches long and three ounces of nitroglycerine, jt was arranged with a .fuse more than a foot long. -. -. .... . K. C. Beck, county sheriff, received lnf orrnation a few days before the arrival, of the President that a scheme was on foot to use an . infernal machine against Taft. , As a result ' extraordinary precautions were taken. vlt is beMeved that the watchfulness of the officers thwarted the suspected plot.. s : , - BAKER WILL CONTEST . T0.RESJ ON MERITS BOSTON, Seit. 29Heirs of Mrs, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science denomination,- are not necessary parties to the friendly suit of the directors to have the , trustees convey to them real estate owned by Mrs. Eddy In. this City-and in Newton, which : In her will she- directed should " go to the church. Judge". Horton of - the Supreme Court - announced, yesterday. v . . -. Assistant Attorney General Field, . representing- the commonwealth; claimed that the -heirs" of Mrs. Eddy now living outside the state should be j Joined -- In order that a .final, decision --in the "matter might be' completed and preclude : those heirs, in case they were dissatisfied, from bringing another proceedings. Involved ; in the . case is " the validity - of - certain- provisions of the' will under "the : act -which prohibits bequests in which the income la more than $2000 annually being given' to a,ny one church. . ? - , .' ... v , The : case will be heard on- its merits at alater date. rr " ' ::T'' '.--: v i--- - .: . .RAIN BENEFITS ORANGES. . SAN-BERNARDINO,: Sept.: 2 9. The first rain of the season fell yesterday and raisin and wine grape growers may. suffer-heavy ; loss, r ,,The orange growers, .on theother hand.; are very much pleased, as the rain has -washed the i dust i t rom . te fruits and opened the pores.'-. The rainfall up to 6 o'clock last evening wast.l 8 of an Inch'., HIGH-O-ME I . . - : . . i nai s me rrooer way to rro- ; nounce Hyomei the Famous Catarrh Remedy Made from Australian Eucalyptus and Other Antiseptics J u s t vBreatheyti;; If yu-. win use a common sense methodi getting rid of catarrh is easy' Germs cause catarThyou know that, and you al3o know that iaTorder to end catarrh you must destroy--the; germs. . 4 - $ In every HTOMEl; outfit which is- sold by druggists .everywhere.there isa little bottle : of antiseptic liquid that .will .kill catarrh germs-" : v-'; .y.-.y.-x. ' Pour a few drops of this llijuid' Into the little -" hard , rubber " Inhaler, "..which comes with the, outfit, and breathe "this now antiseptic vaporized air -over the membrane of r the nose and : throat Infested with catarrh: germs. ! .It's pleasant, soothing and healing is this vaporized air and it is really the only remedy known that can reach and kill e-atarrh germs, r Complete outfit Ji-00. .It is guaranteed, not to contain .cocaine, opi um Or other habit forming drugs. Booth's J Hyomei Co Buffalo, !N. Very Special Values in ; Smart Coats,- beau-. :, tifully made in designs to , suit every taste await you iiere. "Warmth without weight" . is their distinguishing feature. ;,; , ; v Mixtures and . Cheviot r; Coats for Outdoor;W ear .For street and motoring .wear there Is a tempting showing of ,oft rough materials in plain double, :. ?face and reversible cloth. These show all the style features of ; -tfc,e season-wide revers, In contrasting or- self - colors, - sailor or -pointed, collars.deep out fs, etc. Priced 1 ' - - - , ' - ' . - $12.50, $15 to $45 Coalif6riss English Piccadilly Top- Coats, plain tailored.;5 made.:, of "mannish':' straight front and semi-fitting backs. Very chic and 1 Cf orirl serviceable. Priced . . i . -. . . - ;..?lrJU 1LL4 . ' - m ' 1 ..1.1. m . ji j.hM. ... .i.u.Vi iong coats, 01 g ana cgmijr iuuuus, u4ue vi uutu .iw uuiuj uve lars.rancy buttons, deep , cuffs, etc.. . in grays, browns, ( C1C7C nrirl mixtures and tans. Priced . . . . . . . .... . . . . . .:. . . . O XXM.K1 ; 'An offering;-of womeny:'gloires-tHiat;art-h'ahd.Jn;gIove with tne most irnportant giovc uc Women's Kid Gloyes " i ::5. K H$l;15 W0 ''X Twelve hundred jairs of Women's Pique Sewn Kid Gloves genuine Harvard ' quality;' ; one-clasp " style ; - Paris ; point - embroidery on . back. In black, white and all the new Fall ; colorings. - . ' . Tailored Stilts for Large Women A particularly complete and . 1 , tractive group of suits for" large women. , Made of the . new . rough weave materials and serges in j. navy blue, black . and . gray, ; . Correctly tailored and stylish models. Sizes 37 to 51, Priced, V': V ' ':. $25.00, $32.50 up to $45.00 - f ;!... 1 - v.. Mew PriMA : with DIFFICULT PLAY OH z 5 ? BOARDS AT STANFORD STA$TFORT UNIVERSITT. Sept. 29. That "The World and His Wlfe, to be presented before the "-Stanford public tomorrow night, .Is -the most difficult undertaking ever :ventured by ia Stanford cast is a fact beyond doubt. "The World and His Wife"- deals with a group of people high up in the - Spanish governmental service. Including a, man,.'; his . wife : and a frlepd. but JItrdlinger, the author, ; treats the trio from an altogether unusual point of view. 'Instead of bringing' some unpleasant and guilty intrigue into the play,' and building around that, he takes the same conditions and establishes the absolute' innocenGe- of the parties, and shows how even innocence can lead by scandal-loving outsiders to the, most terrible consequences. " ' --. ?t Merchant Again: at Duty Mr.. John Rosenstein.- general manager and vice-president ' of the, Kastern Out-fitting Company of this city, is again at duty at the store on Fourteenth street near Clay. -Mr. Rosenstein was the victim of an accident on. upper Broadway a- few " weeks ago, when a local street car pave the merchant a . severe- shock. His Snany friends are congratulating him upon , his splendid appearance since ' returning to duty Ihe'JNew'inrlandbag in- -- . . . .r- si jm r: Black Caracul; Plush, Vel-'. our and Rich Velvet Coats '"t Al beautiful collection In ,the smartest of the new Parisian . 5 -inch -models." in , black, beautifully lined throughout in same or contrasting color of satinr well made", and "; selling considerably less than you4 would ' expect to ; be asked . for : their spier did qualityi - Come in and see .them.v Prlcedj vrfK.ii $17.50,: $32.50 m a. iviig, uuw,.; iuc.wisc win piuuu ujr.mcsc savings. - Half Tomorrow J ,A New York manufacturer made a mistake and sent us a largfe assortment of ribbons we never ordered: ; Being a cheaper quality than we usually carry we were, going to send them back but herald, "No, sell them to your : customers at HALP PRICE." . : : : .-v f , .; ... -. The lot consists of 3-lnch, all-Bilk: Taffeta ribbon, In pink, white, light blue,.' cardinal, navy and black. Light , weigh't. Regular 10c -value." On sale Saturday at..... ' j v Sales Table, Aisle One; OC yd. iNecKwear Chic,' beautiful creatidns in new Fall neckwear were among this week's arrivals by express.- " Exquisite Ijarge Fichu Collars, made of sheer marquisette, mostly hand-embroidered and trimmed with Cluny lace; sailor, 'JSS?!:!: . . $2.7 5j $3.7 5 nd $5.50 Lovely Iew Fichus, made of fine marquisette and daintily trimmed with lace; round, square g O f)fi f n T15? and: pointed collars. Priced.... .UUIU. iJO..a ".. Handsome Embroidered Collars, in aU the new; effects and shapes hand embroidered and trimmed in real ; Irish lace and insertion. I CI 7 to ST.fSO . - Hand Embroidered Collars trimmed C "I T C .- Cl ""C A -thnCluny lace and insertion. Priced.. A . OilO.OV , A Varied Assortment of the New Styles at BARKAN G IVES $1 0,000 1 h. : TO STANFORD LIBRARY STANPOKD TJN1VERSITT, Sept. .29. Announcement was made yesterday by the board- of trustees-of Stanford University of -a $1,00 gift by Ir. A. Barkan, professor emeritus of the medical school, for VSe establishment of a special library on the ; diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. One-half: of the Income from the the fund will be used for the purchase ofil current" medical 'periodicals and publica-' tions, while the f remainder . will , be ; subscribed 'for -encyclopedic 'works, books --of reference, text" boo ksand atlasses. Also there was announced yesterday the gift of $5000 from ; Charles " O. Stanford., This fund will. be" administered separately from the funds of . the university, and will be used' for general medical library' purposes. - A- $160,000' endowment has. also been lefti to ; the V university, for the erection of, a library building In San Francisco to- be -used"-in conjunction with - Cooper Medical .College, a . branch of Stanford, by - Dr.. I. C. Lane. The library is . at present under construction. . v , ' j . KUSSIAX A5IBASSADOR CHOSEN. ; ST. PETERSBURG, Sept, 29 It Is announced officially that -M. George Bakhmetieff has been appointed .Russian ambassador at Washington. He will arrive at Washington about No-y ember X, . r ,-' -. . ., 2a 1 iff- to $55 material; 7 Cft &LJ)J .'l.'j:.' urgs coi- . 1 ii Cft pi.)rDJ- economy. ""Unquestionably -' . ..- -- -.w. - ' Women's Silk Gloves ' : Sixteen-button length'-Milanese silk; gloves ; ; a , remarkable value ; double tipped .4 fingers, above elbow length ; Paris point ' embroidery on backs ; in black arid pongee color. Regular price $1.50. 'V'-;m-.:r-;' Price t : w sare V: Varying Prices Safe! -Mil " x Here 'A woman's greatest convenience is her handbag. 5 It help s her travel and shop and carries many a .handy article besides her coin pursed"-'4; Vt;;..., - A -'..: ' " - -v--s--i.. .,' - - '" Never was the Capwell . stock of Hand- : .Cbgs - more . complete. i - All - the-' leading stj-les .In." many vkinds of leathers also the fancy bags, velvet, ta pestry and beaded, so decided an acquisition to this, season's suits and costumes. ' . b-- 1 f ? Bags of rthe newest shapes ; and' sizes, ' In ' ,.vir.i ant.ivilnrii with - nlain . and1 fancv frames, leather handles or the. graceful long : cord handles; leather 'or ;sllk,; lined .;, and containing inside purse. . ncea . ai ; easy stages-:'V , . ; ' - .'.I , -,.1'.. i and up to S 15,00 RUNAWAY VICTIM );: y g-AT POINT OF DEATH ; . SAN -RAFAEL, Sept 29. "Domini ArhanclC a saloon' keeper of thls city', is lying near death at a local sanatorium as' the - result "of having been thrown upon his head when tbe carriage in which he was riding collided ' with another rig be tween San Anaehno and? Fairfax."" " Arhanclt was returning to his home after a banquet, accom panned : by Robert Kappenmann of . Sail Rafael. . when his horse became unmanageable and plunged Into a horse and buggy coming from the opposite direction .and driven by Walter J. fclatson of this city, j All three men were thrown to the ground, but Kappenmann . and Matson escaped without serious injury.' The horses ran away and wtre - not. found until 'this morning.! Ar hancit's recovery is . considered doubtful. . NO NEED TO STOP WORK. When your doctor orders you to-stop work. It staggers you.- "1 can't" you say. you know you arr weak, run -down tnl failing in health, day fcy day, but you must work as long as --.you can etand. 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