Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 28, 1911 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1911
Page 8
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-4-TU TTY i m 7 ii a r?ia n r ; . ! i juuuu a ( lull' J L L (c; u ; in h li . . ii I B V. PROF. F. BUNKER TO ADDRESS PASTORS "Religious Education in Public Schools" Will Be Discussed at Church Meeting. The first choral service at the First Presbyterian Church, Fourteenth and Frinklin streets, under the direction of Fercy L. Dow and William B. King as organist, will be held tomorrow evening at 7:30. The choir consists of fifty voices and they will give the following musical numbers: Organ Prelude, Grand Piece Dialogue .Gigout Choir, "Thine, O Lord, is the Greatness". . McFarlane - Chorus. ' Choir, '"Rejoice, O Judah and Hallelujah, Amen" (Judas Maccabeus)" ....... .". Handel Baritone and Chojs. . Choir,- "Hark, Hark, My Soul". .Chadwlck Contralto Solo, Soprano Obligato and Chorus. Solo, "The Valley of Shadows" Barri Baritone. Choir, "Oh! for the Wings of a Dove" Mendelssohn Soprano and Chorus. Offertory (Violin Solo) "Sarabande" Sulzer James Hamilton Todd, Jr. Contralto Solo, "The Day Is Ended" ..... Bartlett Violin Obligato by Mr. Todd. Choir, "Crossin the Bar" Houseley - Chorus. Trio, "On Thee Each Living Soul Awaits" (Creation) Hayden Soprano, Tenor, Baritone. Chorus, "O Come Before His Presence" .'. Martin Tenor Solo and Chorus. Organ Recital, "Allegretto Pastorale"' William B. King. (Grand Chorus in the style of Handel) V Guilmant CHURCH FEDERATION. The Oakland Church Federation will hold its January meeting next Monday night,' January 30, at the First' Methodist Episcopal Church,, corner of Fourteenth and Clay streets, at 8 o'clock. Professor Frank E. Bunker, . superintendent of City Schools of - Berkeley, will give an address on "Religious Education In the Public Schools." He will state a j.lan which he has recently proposed to the churches of Berkeley to meet this need, and which plan the churches of Berkeley are now considering. Other important matters will also be discussed. The meeting will be open to the public. SUNDAY -SCHOOL PROGRESS. One of the most interesting classes in the Sunday-school of the Plymouth Congregational Church is the primary department, which is in charge of Miss Marion Stemm, principal and director of the Fruitvale kindergarten. There are fifty children in her cnarge, who are becoming enlightened on the meaning of religion and its tenets. The kindergarten class is well attended and the lessons imparted by Miss Stemm are a source or pleasure to the young people. CONGREGATIONAL. First Congregation'al Church, Twelfth and Clay streets. Sermon, 11 a. m., by Dr. Charles Luther Kloss, "The Modern Mystic:" .7:30 p. m., "An Irresistible Invitation." Plymouth Congregational Church. Piedmont avenue, near Moss avenue. Albert W. Palmer, minister. 11 a. m., "A World Made New;" 7:45 p. m., "Tolstoy who had the courage of his convictions." (Fourth sermon In series on "Representative Christians.") Wednesday evening . at 8 o'clock, discussion, "Moral and Spiritual Values in the Book of Judges." - .. Fourth Congregational Church, corner of Grove and Thirty-sixth streets. Rev. Frederick H. Maar, pastor. Morning, "Christ and Prayer;" evening, praise fervice and sermon. Subject: "The One Thing." Sunday school at 12:15 p. m. Ladies' Aid Society meets Tuesdays at 2 o'clock r. m. Pilgrim Congregational Church, Eighth avenue and East Fifteenth street. . W. Elsworth Lawson, pastor. Morning subjects- "The Undisciplined Temper;" evening subject, "Jacob at Bethel.'-' ; Fruitvale Congregational Church. Fruitvale avenue and East Sixteenth street. Rev. Burton M. Palmer, ptwair. 11 a. m., "Taking An Inventory After Seven Years in the Fruitvale Pastorate;" 7:30 p. m.. "The Psalm of the Watchmen's Greeting." Market street Congregational Church. Griffith Griffith?, pastor. Morning subject, "A Dreamer .and Interpreter of Dreams." m METHODIST EPISCOPAL. First Methodist Episcopal Church. Fourteenth and Clay streets. George , W. White, pastor; William C. Poole, assistant pastor. The pastor will preach at both services. 11 a. m., Religious Crises;" 7:30 p. m., "The Savin Message." Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Market and Thirty-fourth streets. W. M. Pickard, pasto. The evangelistic services will be continued over Sundav. Evangelist Stevens will speak. Eighth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Eighth avenue and 'East Seventeenth street. Leon L. Loofbourow, minister. 11 a. m., "I'nconseious Influences;" 7:30 p. m.. "Overthrowing the Walls;" 12:30 p. in., Sunday school, Mr. C. C. Lombard, superintendent; 6:30 p. m., Epworth League, Mr. J. A. Berger, president. Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church, Thirteenth and Market streets. Anthony E. Lind, pastor. Morning service at 11 o'clock: evening service at 7:30; Epworth League meeting at Seamen's Rest at .4:30 "p. rn.. Gospel meetings will be 1H during the week, beginning Wednesday evening. ,Rev. Scarvie' of the Norwegian Danish Church will preach. Melrose Methodist Episcopal Church. Fifty-fourth and Wentworth avenues! Robertson Burley, pastor. Morning subject: "The Secret of Christian - Efficiency;- evening subject. "Christ and the Woman of Samaria;" Sunday school, 9:45 . m,; Epworth League. 7 p. m. First Methodist, Episcopal Church. ""mo, j. nirry-iourtn ana tlm streets. i. - , . : 'J ,-: : - .::: . i . . , ' j?K f ' t ' ' r, , -t 5. ; . . ' f U i jp y ' ; . i . "' . -A, s . ' :: : -x MISS MARION STEMM, superintendent and teacher in the ) Kindergarten 'Department of the Plymouth Congregational 'Church Sunday School. Arrowsmith, Photo. Rev. - Norman Burley, pastor. Two studies in vital religion. 11 a, m., "Pruning the Branches;" 7:30 p. m., "The Unfruitful Branch and. Its Fate;" fully organized Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. ; Junior League at 3 p. m,; Senior Epworth League at 6:15 p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. Shattuck Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Shattuck avenue and Sixty-third street, Oakland, W. W. Case, D. D., pastor. Morning sermon bv Rev. F. W. Llloyd. pastor of Fruitvale Methodist ' Episcopal Church. . Evening sermon by the pastor. Epworth League at b:4o p. in. Norwegian-Danish E. Church, Twentieth street, between San Pablo ftnd Telegraph avenues. Frank A. Scarvie, pastor. Morning subject, "Four Views of Christ's Atoning Work;" evening subject,: "The Second Coming;" Young People's devotional meeting, Sunday, 7 p. rn. ; mid-week services, Bible study, Wednesday,; 8 p. m. ; Ladies' Aid Society's social,; Thursday, 8 p. rn. t J ; ST. MARY'S. At the 11 a. m. High Mass at St. Mary's Church, Seventh and Jefferson streets, the Oakland Conservatory of Mu sic Choir under the direction of Professor Adolf Gregory will sing Alphonse Carey's; "Missa Brevis." teoloists of the Mass will be: Miss Gena I. Wilkie soprano; Miss Marie Spuller, alto; Louis L. Spuller, tenor; John - Feiberling. tass. During the offertory the choir will sing Gounod's "Ave Verum." The organ preludes, inteludes and postludes will be by Rink. Rev. Father Dempsey will preach the sermon. Mrs. Adolf Gregory will preside at the organ. At 7:45 o'clock there will ibe Vespers followed by Benedict of the Blessed Sacrament, during which the choir will sing "O Salutaris," by Handel, and ! Tantum Ergo," by Gregory. Rev. Father McGrattan will preach the sermon. I PRESBYTERIAN. I First Presbyterian Church, corner of Fourteenth and" Franklin streets. Rev. Frank L. Goodsoeed. D. D., pastor; W. A. Horn, assistant. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Subject: "Hidden Dtsciple-Ehip;" evening service will be a musical program by the large chorus choir at 7:30 o'clock; Eible school at 9:45 a. m.; Chinese school at 6:15 p. m.; Y. P. S. C. E. 'meeting at 6:15 p. m.; .preparatory service for the Holy Communion on Wednesday, at 7:45 p. m. Led by the pastor. Miss Ruth E. Waterman will sing. Brooklyn Presbyterian Church, Twelfth avenue and East Fifteenth streets. Rev. H. K. Sanborne, pastor. Morning subject: "Christ's Double Challenge:" evening subject. "The Two Doors." February 12 to 1S, Brooklyn Church will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary with a Jubilee week. .Centennial Presbyterian Church, corner Twentv-fourth sun! Talcott avenues. East Oakland. Rev. Herbert E. Hays, pastor. Services at 11 a. in. and 7: SO p. fn. Morning subject: "Christ's Mission;" evening subject. "Christian Work and Moral Reinforcement." Sunday school at P:4o; Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.;i prayer meeting, Wednesday at 7:45 p. m. Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. Forty-ninth street, two blocks east of Tele-gmr-h avenue. Rev. Alfred E. Street, pastor. Morning subject: "To Obey Is Better Than to Sacrifice;" evening sub ject, "Religion, Money and t ood in tne Kingdom of God. Bible school. 3:4 a. m.;i Junior Society. 3 p. m-: Christian Endeavor. 6:30 p. m.; teacher training. Tuesday. 8 p. m. ; preparatory service on Wednesday at 7:45 p. in. Communion will be observed on Sunday. February 5, at the morning service. Miss J. GedaJ-ius t will speak upon mission, work on Sunday, February 5, at the evening service. Vnion Street Presbyterian Church. Union i street, near Tenth. Ellsworth L. Rich, pastor. 9:45 a, m., Sunday school and Bible classes; 11 a. m., morning worship. Subject: "God's Righteous Kingdom"; 6:15 p. m., Y. P. S: C. E. ; 7:30 p. m.. subiect "A Prophet's Province" ; I Junior Christian Endeavor. Monday. 3:30 p. m.; Wednesday evening, prayer meeting. A systematic and comprehensive study of the Bible will be given at the Wednesday evening service. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN. United Presbyterian Church. Eighteenth and Castro streets. corner J. G. one Hock east of Tel-g-raph avenue. "Dick, pastor. Sabbath services. 11a. I YOU WflMT ft PROVEN REMEDY 1 to correct a bad stomacri to restore the appetite to relieve constipation and keep you strong and healthy. Then, by all means, get a bottle of. ,Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It has a proven record, extending over a period of 57 years, in cases of Poor Appetite, Headache, Belching, Indigestion. Costive-ness, Colds, Grippe and Malaria and you will find it just the medicine you need. Its results are quick: and certain. Try it today. . m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning theme: "Jesus' Triumph Over Evil"; .evening, "The Holy Spirit;" Sabbath school, 12:15 P. m. ; Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m. ; prayer meeting, Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. BAPTIST. Calvary Baptist Church. West street, near Twelfth. Rev. J. Pruden, pastor. 9:4o a. m., Bible school; 11 a. m., sermon: "Church Growth;" 6:30 p. m., Young People's meeting; 7:30 p. m., sermon: "The Cup of Salvation;" 7:45 p. m., Wednesday, mid-week prayer meeting; 2:30 p. m.. Thursday, Ladies' Circle. Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, corner Tenth avenue and East Fourteenth street. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Orvllle Coats, at 11 a, m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subject: "The Upper Anchorage;" evening subject;; "God's Method With Bankrupts;" Sunday school at 12:30 p. m. ; Baptist Young People's Union at 6:15 p. m. ; mid-week service, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. The Twenty-third Avenue Baptist Church, Twenty-third avenue and Seventeenth street. Clarence E. - Maxfleld, pastor. Morning topic: "Ye Ought." In the evening an old-fashioned revival meeting will be held. Special solos and a large chorus choir. The- Elmhurst Baptist Church, Red-men's Hall, Elmhurst. 11 a. m., sermon. Subject: "The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven;" 7:45 p. m., sermon. Subject: "The One God." Melrose Baptist Church. Francis M. Archer, pastor. Morning subject: "Certain Wealth;" evening subject: "A Safe Position." Claremont Baptist Church, Alcatraz avenue, near College avenue. Rev. G. A. Martel!, formerly of Holyoke, Mass., will preach tomorrow morning. tjubject: "God's Word;" evening subject: "Seeking and Finding." First Baptist Church, corner of Telegraph avenue and Jones street; Rev. C. H. Hobart will preach both morning and evening. Morning subject, "The Meaning of Life"; evening subject. "Cheerful Religion." UNITARIAN. First Unitarian Church, corner Fourteenth and Castro streets. William Dav Simom's. minister. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:4; p. m. Morning: "The Message of Tolstoy to Russia and the World." Evening: "On the Firing Line .of Progress .Vow." Lecture preceded by an introductory address upon "The Painting, Ingersoll at the Gates of the Inferno." Sunday school at 10 a. m. CHRISTIAN! First Christian Church, Grand avenue and Webster streets, one block east of the Key Route Inn. Rev. Thomas A. Boyer, pastor. Special revival services load by the pastor, assisted by John B rower, the ' evangelist sinirer and chorus lender from Los Angeles, which have beL-n held during the past week will continue every evening this week, with the exception of Saturday evening. The rub-jects for the week are as follows: Sunday morning, "The Indefatigable Greeks;" evening, "Paradise Lost. and Regained;" Monday, "Heaven and Hell, What are They, Where are Thev, and How to Get There;" Tuesday, ""Which Way Will You Take;" Wednesday, "Examinations in the School of Christ;" Thursday, "Hope for the Imprisoned;" Friday. "Marred Lives Made Over." Mr, Brower conducts a half hour's song service, beginning at 7:30. o'clock each evening, consisting of special chorus and soios. Fruitvale Christian Church, Fruitvale avenue and East Twenty-third street. R. L. McHatton, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. rn.; Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.; Christian Endeavor. 6:30 p. m. EPISCOPAL. Trinity Episcopal Church. Telegraph and Twenty-ninth streets. Rev. Clifton Macon, rector. Rev. F. Augustus Martyr, curate: Holy Communion. 7:30 a. m.; Sunday school. 10 a. m. ; morning prayer and sermon. 11 a. m.; evening prayer and sermon, 7:45 p. m. Holy Innocents Chapel, Shattuck, between Fifty -fourth and Fifty-fifth streets. Kev. r . Augustus Martyr, vicar. Sunday school, 10 a. m.; morning prayer and sermon. 11 o'clock; evening prayer and sermon, 7:30 o'clock. St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Twelfth and Magnolia streets. Priest in charge, Rev. James Hulme. morning prayer. 11 a. rr..: Te Deum. Stephens in C; Jubilate. Barnby in E.; Offertory. "God gha'.l Wipe Away All Tears" (Field.) Even song. 7:30 p. m.; Mag. and Xi-r.c Dinimittis, Simper in. C; Offertory. "God Shall Wipe Away All Tears" (Field.) Chapel of the Good Samaritan. Oak and Ninth streets. Rev. R. Franklin Hart, vicar. 7:30 a. m.. Holy Communion; 11 sv m.. morning prayer with sermon.; 2:30 p. m., Sunday-school; 7:30 p. m., evensong with address. St. Paul's Church. Grand avenue, near Webster street. Rev. Alexander Allen, rector. Rev. R Franklin Hart, curate; ? a. m., - Holy Communion; 9:45 a. m, Sunday school; 11 a. m.. morning prayer with sermon; 5 p. m., vespers with address. .. St. John's, Church. Eighth and Grove streets; Rev. Edgar F. Gee. rector Services Sunday, Holy Communion, 7:45 &. m. ; Sunday-school. 9:30; nxattins and catechizing, 10 o'clock; choral euchac Short Sermons for Busy Readers Tolstoy The Modern Apostle jot Humanity Tolstoy la one of those men of genius who seem to transcend the ordinary limits of time and environment. His. whole life was a protest against the two most prominent feature of Russian life, the barbaric luxury of the nobles and the ablect poverty of the peasants. He was already one of the foremost men of letters In Russia when the llbera.-tlon of the serf a caused him to retire to hla estates to teach and pre- part them for freedom. He wrote text books and taught them himself and aa far as possible entered into their lives. He found that theee poor peasants had more to teach him than he had to teach them. They were patient,- wise, chaste 'and contented. He attributed these qualities to their wholesome life of toil In the open air. 'This strange experience led him to the study of the New Testament and to his becoming finally a most sincere and radical follower of Jesus Christ. Since the days of SL Francis of Assist there has hardly been any one who 1 interrupted the teachings of Christ so literally and so sincerelj. He thus describes his own conversion: "I came, to believe in Christ's teaching, and my life suddenly became changed; I ceased desiring what I had wished before, and began to 'desire what I had not wished before. "What . formerly seemed good to me, appeared bad. and what had seemed j, p g. Bruih. bad, appeared good' AT VARIANCE WITH ALL. Thus when a little past fifty years of age, he found himself heart and soul committed to ideas that put him at variance with his class; with his government and with his family. He scouted the idea that a man could be a Christian and not seek to apply the teachings of Christ to every day conditions. He considered the whole fabric of Russian life hopelessly un-Christian. He taught that wealth itself in any form was little better than a crime; and he taught that every man should work with his hands for his daily bread. So in his study there were the implements with which he worked in the fields and. the cobler's outfit for the making of shoes. He always dressed exactly as a Russian peasant. He would sit at his dinner table in the plain, rude clothes of the peasant wb.lle at the other end of the table sat his wife dressed like a woman of rank that she was. HIS WORKS CONDEMNED. The government condemned and destroyed more than twenty different works that Tolstoy had published. Three weeks before hl3 death the last thing that he penned, a plea for the peasants, was condemned by the government. In recent years the government had arrested and exiled several of his literary assistants, men who had no reputation and wnose only fault was their relation to himself. This preyed upon his mind continually. "Why he left home at last is not definitely known; but probably it was due to the increased hostility of his gov ernment and possibly to further friction in his own family; partly too he wanted to Just get away and die in peace and was on his way to one of the colonies of his followers who were trying to put into actual practice his peculiar teachings. He was unsparing in his words denouncing the government. He called the "Censorship" an "immoral and irrational Institution." Again he called it "one of the most ignorant, venal, stupid and despotic in stitutions in Russia.' WIDE RANGE OF GEXTCS. His book entitled "What Is Art," shows the wide range and sweep f his genius. He read nearly every thing that was ever printed on the .nhoM v,. famlHarfiAil himself with all forms of art and nhilosonhies Klof art. But his treatment of the subject is characteristic; he $ooks at the question as he looked at every other subject. In Its relationto the good and the welfare of mankind, not of the few but of the many and of the all. So he denounced the government subsidy of the opera and ballet dance. He yisited the theaters and has left a description of things behind the stage that nearly makes the paper burn. Then he goes on to say that the poor peasant is taxed until often he must sell his only cow in order to pay enormous salaries to the actors in thes immoral and demoralizing shows. Such are some of his views. Intense, thoroughly honest and always unselfish. As 13 well known he took the old Quaker view of war and believed that the words of Christ, "Resist not evil," should be taken literally. NOT EAST TO CLASSIFY. i It is not easy to classify Tolstoy. In some respects he suggests very strongly Ruskin who was first a man of letters and then a reformer who also came to believe that wealth was wrong and that every man should work with hla own hands and share In the common lot of his fellows. His genius was much more virile than that of Ruskin. jYet both stand today as the greatest prose writers of the age in their respective countries and both are ranked as "cranks" by the hard headed men of sense who teach that they should get who can and they should hold that have the might. In some respects Tolstoy should be compared with such men as Luther and Calvin. He did not live to see his views triumphant as they did; but he was for his own country an apostle of a new order whose aim wa3 the comfort and happiness of the common people. He will stand in the imagination of the Russian peasant as little less than a deml-god. The Russian Church excommunicated him; but he will be canonized in the inner sanctuary of the peasant heart of Russia. TOO BUSY TO HEKD. The great world Is perhaps too busy to heed the voice of this remarkable man; it is not the voice of power or of wealth, or of commerce, nor yet of learning; but It is the still small voice of God nevertheless and hearts all over the world have listened and been comforted. At the national convention of laboring men held in St. Louis last fall, the whole va?t assembly rose to their feet and stood silent for several moments, at the mention of the name of Tolstoy. It was a remarkable tribute to the man; and it was not a tribute to his teachings, many of which are antagonistic to Unionism;' but 'it wis a tribute to his intense, his entirely Christ-like humanism. Tolstoy will stand as the great modern apostle of humanity; the great prophet of Christianity as distinguished from church-anity. He breathed the lowly, loving, unselfish and yet mighty spirit of the Son of Man whose law is declared to be this, "Bear ye one another's burdens." Rev. Dr. F. of Alameda. S. Brush Is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church n OVER 100 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS in our store must be sold at once to matte room for new stoclc. EILGEPTIOHALLV .1017 VALUGG and easy terms.' If you are contemplating the purchase of a Piano it will pay you to investigate our present low prices. v., 1221 BROADWAY STREET, Opposite Liberty Theater. J Golden West LHo tel. v Eighth and Franklin Streets Tribune Building . Cratrany !ocl4 and only on blaek t mik ntf s4 t Elevator and Telephoa arvlo. Special Rates to Permanent AH ream runny. ' Hatha. Hot an eM watar. Phones: Oalaland Home AtKl. NOTICE OF REMOVAL Gill's Floral Depot and The E. Gill Nursery Co. 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Evening subiect: Who Is Mv Savior;" Sunday school. 9-45 a. nr: Young People's Society Class. 12j m .: Christian bUdeavor, b:ju p. m. Special music at these services. LUTHERAN. Our Savior's Danish Lutheran Church. East Fifteenth street and Second avenue, if. N. Andreasen. pastor. .Sunday-school. 10 a. m.: morning service at 11 o'clock: even song. 8 p. m. : Thursday. Ladies' Society, 2 p. m. and Young Feo-ples Society, 8 p. m. Zion's German Lutheran Church, corner Twelfth and Myrtle streets. J. H Theiss. pastor. Morning subject, ""Jesus Stilline the Tempest." 10:45 a. rn.:-evening subject. "Evidences of Faith," 7:30 p. m. ; Sunday school. 9:15 a. m. St. Paul's English Lutheran Church, Thirty-second and Linden streets. S. B. HuBtuedt, pastor. Sunday school, 10 a. m.; service. 11 a. m. No evening service, MISSIONARY ALLIANCE. Christian ajid Missionary Alliance, 6S1 Twenty-first street. J. E. Jaderquist. pastnr. Sunda v-nrhnnl. 1rt . m.: preach ing at 11 a. m. and 7:20 p. m.: Young Peoples' meeting, 6:30 p. m.; Bible Classen, Tuesday and Friday, 8 p. m. BISHOP KEATOR TO PREACt. The Right Rev. Frederick tV. Keator, bishop of Otrmpia. who has been in at. tendance at the convention of the Episcopal Church in San Francisco and the consecration of Bishop Sanford, during the past week, will be the preacher at the morning service in St. John's Church. Eighth and Grove streets. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seventeenth and Franklin streets. Sunday services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m., subject, "Love." Sunday school at 9. -30 a. m. Reading room in the church edifice from 10 a m. to 5 p. m. : Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at 8 o'clock. Second Church of Christ, Scientist. Frledberg Hall, Forty-second street and Telegraph avenue. Sunday services . at 31a. m.. subject, "Love." . Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at 8 o'clock. Readin room at 89 Bacon building, open daily 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. and -7 to 8 p. m., excepting Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Fruitvale Masonic Tomple, East Fourteenth street and Thirty-seventh avenue. Sunday Rervicfs at 11 a. m. , subject, "Love." Sunday school at :1:.?0 a. m.; Wef?isdv ptlrooiial mtlrfp at 8 n. Only One "BROMO QUININE," Cut U Laxative Bromo Quinine rrL jC i One Day. Cnpln 2 Days ls JZyTZr. Cores Cold ia One I m. Free reading room at 3222 East Fourteenth street, open from 2 to 4:30 p. m., also Saturday front 7 to tf p. m. Fourth Church of Christ. Scientist, Washington Hall. SUth avenue ami Eaut Twelftii Ftrect. Sunday services at 11 a. m., subject. "Love." Sunday school, 9:30 a. nr.: Wednesday evening, testimonial meeting at 8 o clock. Christian Science Society of Elmhurst. Regular services in I. O. ). F. Hall. Eaxt Fourteenth street and Orchard avenue. Sunday. 11 a. m.. subject, "Love.' Sun-lay school at 9:30 a. m. ; testimonial meeting, Wedne-lav. at 8 p. rn. Free reading room open daily except Sunday from 2 to 4:30 p. m.. at East Fourteenth and Michigan streets. VESPER SERVICES. The regular vesper service of the Young Women's Christian Association. 11B7 Castro street, will be held tomorrow evening look. C F. 1-hiker. leader. 'The subject will be "Cathedrals." The Athens male quartet will sing. MISCELLANEOUS. International Bible Students' Association Class. No services In Oakland next Sunday because of local can vent Ion in San Francisco, including a public lecture by W. H. Huudy, V. I. M.. of New York, on 'Where Are the Iead?" ir tlolden Cate Commandery Hall, Sutter street, tomorrow at 2:3') p. m. The. test medium, John Slater, assisted bv the pastor, Mrs. li. Cowell, will lecture and give messages at 7:4.' p. m., in Woodmen Hall, &21 Twelfth street. Theosophlcal lecture In Hamilton Hall Thirteenth andwJeffcrson streets, at S p.- m. tiy Mrs. fciara Wharton of Berkeley. Subject. "nolncarnallon nrvl How- We Remember Our Past Lives." First Temple of Spiritualism. In Rico Institute. Mrs. Florence Heck man. p.is--tor. The birthday anniversary of Thomas Paine and iiobert Ingersoll will be celebrated. First Spiritual Churcn of Oakland, 819 AtVisna n venue near San Pablo avenue. Sunday. 8 p. m., lecture and messages by J. Preston, C. W. Shaw and Mrs. JT N. Parsons. Tuesday, 2 p. m.. Test Circle; Wednesday. 8 p. rru. experience test, meeting. Second Spiritual Church. T. . B. Hail. 214 San Pablo avenue, near Sixteenth street. All day service will be held tomorrow from 2 p. m. until 10 p. m. lecture and mcsacros by mediums at 8:30 p. m. The sermon f.f Ordination will be conducted by the Kev. lr. tr. K. Cutting, 'pastor of the First Spiritual Church of San Francisco upon Mrs. Mil lie Oilman. It will b? followed by a literary and musical program. Spiritualists Jlarmotilal Church, Woodman Hall, 521 Twelfth street. Sunday Conference, 10:30 a. m. 2:30 p. m, prophecies and .messages by Addle K. McMillen and others. Musical J.ro. gram ; by Eva' Garcia and rlorence Mc-jClurev - The Spiritual Aid Boclety will meet at Lorln Hall, Eleventh street, tomorrow evening, at 7:45 p. m. Mrs. Arnaml v Smith,, Mrs. T. Loewen and others will give messages. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE FOR PULLMAN BERTHS CHICAGO. Jan. 28. Tra velers denlroin of securing Pullman accommodations soon will have either to mako full prepayment of their Pullman fare at the time the reservation Is made or to wait until the time of the trjaln departure are! take their chances of Heciirlng sia-, if a plan being considered by tin- Western railroad is put Into effect. At a meeting Just held bv the heads of the j.aneen-ger traftlc departments f the lament lines in the West, the matter was Klvetj consideration, and definite action upon i was postponed only because the now Pullman rates are t go Into effect February 1, and the passenger tra file official decided to defer final consideration until after the new tariffs have ti.lssued. i . r- defect IfcuUefl! AT FOUNTAINS. HOTCLS, OR CLSCWHERC Get the Original nd Genuine JO RUCK'S III ALT ED YJILLi The FooiTD rink for All Ages RICH MUX, MALT CHAIN EITEACT. Ill POWDE Not in anyNFiIiIk Trust KT Insist on "IIORLICK'S" Take a package bom SAVKS TWO MVJtH. "Neither my slater nor myself might be living today, if It had not been for 1 ioc-tor Kir g's New I ilm-nvi-rv," writer A. IJ. Mfoiiald of fu vet te ville, N. '., It. F. I. No. H. fur we both tc.d frluht-ful couch that no other rcmedv could help. Wo we:e told mv Klxter had consumption. ' Siie was very' weak and had night sweats, but your wotueful medicine completely cured us both. It's the best I'cvcr1 used or heard of. For sofe lur.gs, coi.gh; colds, hemorrhage. It i'pe, flfcttina. hay fever, croup, whoop. ng coi.go l brnnrhlel t roubles It's su preme. Trial bottle free. 00c and II. Guaranteed by Ofgood Urns. 6aTn7matk.o MILITIA. SAN MATEO. Jan. 2H. E. A. Forbes, Adjutant -I I'-neral, N. (. C, has authorized Colo? el. Sltarkey, commanding ti e t'oaft Artillery oip, to orfflnlx tie Tenth Corr.panv, etatloned at Han .iteo. The riiht of drill assigned to this company is Friday. An armory in this city is provided for. THE MOST DKLICATE INVALID can - readily digest "3 C" DHY WHOLE MILK. It contains nil the fats, sugar, salts and albuminoids ol fresh milk. Sold by all grocers. FOG BARS MAN IN RACE WITH DEATH NEW -TORK. Jan. 2t Thro uit h th fog that held 'John M. Swltzer a prltot er On board til KfcmOMl In t'rltn l.VI,..1r1c! Vllhelrn and 'checked his ra from Europe t the tildn of bin dvlt ( father In St. I,uis ther, was wafted a wlreloes rnexsauM yesterday apprising Mm of his father's death Ui-t night. A t f held In readiness to convey him to Jeri'etr t'lty and a rpecial train mvaltiim I I t.i there to ruh l,)ni to St. I.m!) w-r. dlf-tl.!!ed upon ti e te. f If t of the ite u i-e, H HUH MAX KrHl.r-:i:. the celebrated maker of artificial eves, will visit Oakland February 12, 13 and 14. making headquarters at Chliin-lieittta Optical Company.

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