Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 19, 1911 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1911
Page 16
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) JUIJE 19, 1911 ! 3) MONDAY EVENING B0YS' EXTRA": PANTS Bogs' Trousers Our BoysV- Knickerbocker .'Pants are made with the greatest caret -They: are" strong, where other kinds are strong;; - but strong - particularly where others are weak..1 ; Every Pair . Guaranteed Tweed Nickers.., Corduroy t Nickers.. Our Money-Back Policy Protects You From'Any Risk. CENSUS BUREAlk WAS WIDE OPEfJ up 81-00 up i WASHINGTON STREET CORNER TENTH Wholesale Gambling Discovered Under Very Nose of High Officials. . A Big Task To furnish a quarter of a million consumers with the two greatest lighting, heating and power factors of today gas and electricity is no small task. It takes much 'capital, a large0 plant, hundreds of trai$ed"""e'm-ployes, constant care and supervision on the part of experts. This company has always endeavored" to give to the cities)f Alameda county a service equal to the best obtainable anywhere. . We believe we have been successful, and trust that the public whom we serve, will cooperate with us in, making this service even more perfect. If at anytime you have cause for complaint, don't hesitate to inform us. Oakland Gas, Light & Heat Co. 1L THIRTEENTH AND CLAY. OAKLAND OXFORD AND ALLSTON WAY, BERKELEY 1336 PARK STREET. ALAMF.DA o many Lucky days in June via Santa Fo Back East Excursions Chicago $72.50 New York . ...I108.B0 Kansas City ... 60.00 Boston . ...... 110.60 Denver . . 65.00 Toronto . ...... a 5.70 -and many other points. " r SAXiE -DATES. Juno 1. 2, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, 14. 15, 16, 17. 23, 24, 28, 29. - 30. - : '. , July 1, 2. 84, 5, '6,-19,:20. 26.:27, 28. " August 14, 16, 16, 17, 21, 22, 2828, 29, 30. September. 1, 2,v3.t4, 6, 7. To destinations marked tickets will also be sold on October 12, 13 and 14. Good 'for return until October '81, .1911. You can stop over at Grand Canyon on your way. ... ; . - - . ..... - I want to tell you about these excursions. ' .. , . . -- go Santa Fe AH the Way J. J. WARXER, Gen. Agt. T. A. IUGDOX, Pass. Agt. ' 1112 Broadway. - ; Phones Oakland 425 A-4425. i I "W. POTTER," Agent Depot, 40th and San Pablo. Phones ; Piedmont 1033 A-1933. LDEN WEST .HOTEL'; Eighth arid Franklin Sts. Tribune Building Phones: Oakland 8S62. Home A-2S6L V Centrally located and only one block to all street and steam v - - ' - . cars. Elevator and Telephone Service.''; ' , U SPECIAL" RATES TG PERMANENT GUESTS i All rooms sunny, Hot and cold water. LLNTISErTK 2tf per cent CTrsoount oa : first ordr. Our Specialty? - . ' LADIES' WAiSTS antf ORES&ES ROUGH DrtY, 1 DOZ. PIECES..... 35o 3 DOZ. PIECES $1.00 PANAMA-PACIFIC LAUNDRY CO-. 1734 Filbert. Oak. 2SS2. A23S2. Sets of teeth... $5 Gold crown. $4 Bridge work. ..$5 Fillings. ..-50c. up Examinations Free. Painless Methods. NATIONAL. DENTAL. CO. 1107 Broadway, Oakland. Open eT"nine ontil 8, Sundays lt to 1. WASHINGTON, ' June 19. Gambling for high stakes, . some of it t a no-limlt poker game and. some f i . i . . . y r " ruuieue, wua a mgn omciai as backer, has been going- on" for soWve time In the census bureau bulldfa here at the capital under the eyes ibst Uncle Sam. and Secretary tNagd ftf me aepartment or " commerce ajjd labor has dismissed the ringleader ana penalized the other participants oy aemocions ana suspensions without pay. , . . s Dr. Roland P. " Faulkner, acting, Si- recior oi me census Bureau, with ref j erence to the gambling that has been I going on. Issued the t ollowingj official oLaLCiuciiLiuxL niFni n t "The census authorities have rr'ftWt ly been Investigating rumors that a oumii, group oi meniaa ror Bome-nm-e made Jt a practice to play poker and other gambling games in the census uuicau. wxien cnargea wnn trie accusation, the men concerned made' a clean breast of It. ! RUfGIiEADEB DIS3HSSED. i .'? "Upon recommendation of the actj x director the department of commej ; B and labor dismissed the ringleader i i penalized the other participants, by motions and suspensions without pa ' The acting director was unwilling give for publication the names of th concerned. . . i f Big losses, coming to employes V S could 111 afford them, was respfcnsi le for the expose. Word that a big ga, je wis going on naa Deen common gosp throughout the census bureau. anf 4t was even said that one-or two wom had taken a hand in It and had fbfct some money, but this assertion is ofJl- ciaiiy denied. While the enumerating sheets from the big cities were being counted nam who should have Keen engaged in this work were playing poker or "buckiirg the tiger." , . . At nights, under pretext of having o do overtime work, half a dozen of "the poker players would enter the building and over a desk where Important public business was" transacted in the day time they played their game for high stakes under a shaded lamp. 1 One employe, who lest tZO, -his whole week's salary, 'at one sitting fed later, upon returning ror "revenge" lost a borrowed $20, went to the authorities of the bureau with his- complaint. This led to an investigation. A score of other men were. found to have lost their money in a. like manner. Then came the dismissal of 'ttie ringleader and the suspension of .the others without pay. and the demotion of still others. The charges made were of cheating. So far as the officials could learn the poker game, the roulette, the deajfng-of "cold decks" and even the craps game were all conducted according to gambling rules. 'NIGHT IN EN GtlSH -MUSIC , !: ' HALL'. -FEATURE XT- -BELL' ii , JT7J"i's Wti.WOIIii.-r-W'.iaiiiT-iiririr.--.ifriTl-Wrm r);iriii--ifnfi-i;i- vff-L. v. 5.1 ; jnu.li mij ii .inn i ii .n "I. w 1 1 i ,5 I 3s-Jr-j Afc? -WSf " '.'.'aCV. --oo-x , J t LZ 9 MA .i WEALTHY OUftHTET III DURMCE' VILE MiV and MrsJ A. Warren Jr. ' : and Friend Run Afoul : " the Law; VA Night in An English Music Hall'" big Jeature of bill at the - Bell Theater this week j Kred Karno's London Pantomime , niece of "Sunny' Jim" Sherman, vice- Company at the Bell this week In "A Kight In An English Music Hall" Is one of the most remarkable produc tions ever made In vaudeville. It - Is literally a play within a play, for the stage Is set as the stage and sauditor-lum of a theater and for the entertainment of 'those In the boxes a complete music hall program - Is brought off. : It is the richest kind of comedy, for between the pseudo ? audience In the boxes and the performers on the make-believe stage there Is kept up a hot fire of persiflage and pointed comment that Is at all times laugh-compelling to a degree. Twenty English artists make up the - company. It Is the most expressive pantomime and so clear is it to even the dullest comprehension that spoken words could not obtain to mar the- effect. Sadie Sherman comes in exceeding ly clever cosmopolitan characterizations which have brought her to the fame she has In the vaudeville world. Miss Sherman Is a delightful little comedienne and is possessed of a. personality decidedly f etchlng.1 Unusual Interest lies in the fact that she Is not only a Daughter of the Revolution, but also a daughter of the Civil War, for she is a relative of the famous warrior Sherman, who marched .from Atlanta to the sea and Is &. grand- preBident ,of the United States. She Is the especial pet and protege of the veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic and wherever she goes the old-time flghtihg- men assure her the warmest of "welcomes. . Jack Goldie brings to th bill one of the sweetest tenor voices In vaudeville and a pronounced gift for humor. Also he is a pianist of no small ability. As a matter of fact he Is a single-handed "rathskeller act" of class and' considerable ' distinction. Goldie's personality, is a large item in his list of assets he ,has a way of "getting it over,? in a manner of speaking which would get him by even did his act lack much of Its very excellent quality. Lohse and Stirling offer as pleasing an aerial performance f em one ' would go far to see. They are youngsters, but threy are sensational chaps in their business and evidently do not let considerations of fear and personal danger stand between them and their reputation. Their work is wholly away from conveirtlonaLJines. - Henry B. Toomer and Nan Hewins are no small feature in their rural, comedy jplaylet, "It Happened in Ixnelyvlue,v In which the former Is cast as-Jlmmy Black, an actor, while Miss Hewins Is the Irrepressible chambermaid in the country hostelry. The humor o the skit Is realistic and is charming for Its originality and cleverness, h p SAN ;FRAKCISCO June 19.--aTr. and Mrs. Charles Ai Warren. Jr.. together with 'Mr. J and ; Mrs.v Charles Baker." their companions In a slumming patty," an wealthy society peo-ipleof San Francisco, were arrested at 1 o'clock yesterday- morning after a trip through Chinatown and: the Barbary Coast, and were compelled to remain for nearly an. hour in prison. 'At the time of their arrest the four had Just entered the resort at 742 Commercial street. Unless they r are inmates, . women are' uut tulowed to visit this particular house, and Police men'Welch and May, who took them Into- custody, first informed . them of this fact and ordered them to leave. Acordlner to Welch... Warren : refused tx obey the 'order, "declaring "himself to 'be the broiher-in'-law of Assistant District Attorney Cotton and ; to be rciose m with Flckert and Mayor , McCarthy," and threatened to have both policemen discharged from the de partment. A - .. During the itlme they were locked up. Warren made several" vain efforts to communicate with District Attorney Flckert and other officials. They were finally released on 920 ball each. Warren depositing a $1000 ring to insure their appearance . In the police court this morning. - ' ' . - . . ! Warren is a wealthy clubman, and his wife was Miss Claudine Cotton, daughter ,of Mrs. Aylett R, Cotton of zti Jiay sireei, ana a sisxer oi Ayieit R.- Cotton, assistant district attorney. Baker Is "the son of a-commission merchant. 1! , ' . t- There-: was no appearance, on the part of the several defendants arrested In Judge Sullivan's court this morning and on motion of the prose-' cutlng attorney the case was continued until June 26. GROUNDED STEAMER IS.' ABANDONED ON LEDGE " Iyou want T ; a fresh, crisp f. , clean ?oda A (Vr j backer- I UU T.n Yow '((z rsSJu I Grocer Jv? ' i : MM A HALIFAX. N. S., Jane 19. The British Bteamer , Ben Farn has been abandoned on Half Moon Iedge, twelve miles from Barrlngton head. She went aground Saturday and was making Water rapid. Jy, so that Captain Leonhart did not consider' it safe to remain aboard her longer. She will be a total loss. The Ben Farn was carrying coal to St. John, N. B.. and got off her course In. the fog. Tn cases of rheumatism relief from pam makes sleep and rest . possible. This may be obtained by applying Chamber-Iain's Liniment. For sale by1, Osgood Bros, drug stores.: CONTINUE PROBING REDDING FAILURE . - -4 , C. Wendling Is Found Aff Search; to Serve as Witness. ' . . i r TfTTTTTAjn T,, in T . Into the failure of the Bank of Shfa, which has already resulted In the'i- n-dlctment of C. C. Bush. Jr., Its 'dep d president, was continued today by. 1 de Shasta county grand Jury with the Ailing of C. Wendling, president of the, 51-, ifornla Pine Box and Lumber Company, San . Francisco,, who : has been-, found- and served with a subpoena, J after a: search 1 mat extended over two weeks. . J E. Terry, lumber man of Sacramento and Redding, who was allowed $205,-000 . In overdrafts : by the bank In less than a year, will also be among the witnesses summoned before: the grand Jury. Wendling is looked upon as a' witness of stellar Importance In the Investigation because he was the trffstee through whom Terry' s lumber was to be '-. sold, the money to be turned over to the Bank of Shasta County after Wendling hatf obtained, 20,000 that was due him. . Terry's books are. to be laid before -the grand jury, which Is determined to find out whether Terry really had had -In haid the amount of lumber; he claimed was In stock when, his overdrafts "reached i the amount of 9205,000. , 1, .- : W -i The charge on which former President Bush was Mndlctel- was that he willfully made, a false statement In regard, to. -the condition of the bank. . '.; The misrepresentation urged , against him wag that J 9 0,000 borrowed from he Anglo-California Bank was accounted for as a certificate of deposit tp secure a loan. . ; ' .. i ..'. 'y ,',J . District Attorney7 Chenoweth refused to discuss the 'reports 'thai two of-'the additional lndlc.tments found by thf grand jury on Saturday were returned against former State Superintendent ' of 'Banks Anderson.. , r - ' ; . i 4 . LAW TO GOVERN ' U. S. SHIPBUILDING Application of 'Eight-Hour Restriction to Be Tested In New Contracts; ' WASHINGTON, June 1 The ap plication of the eight-hour labor , law to vessels constructed In private ship yards will be reflected in bid3 td be 'opened at the navy department to morrow.- The proposals will be for two fleet colliers, under the eight-hour law,1 and two other fleet, colliers and two I sea-going tugs without the' labor limitation. ; , v" , The attorney general v has decided that the Intent of Congress was to apply the eight-hour -law to the "silus" of the ships. The general " understanding is that the government will raise no question with the ship-builders If only the work performed at the place where the keel is ' laid . Is done under . the eight-hour law.' j This permits. all work at other rfarts ot the yards tol be performed on the usual basis." - r '-" "v : All. four mammoth colliers will cost not to exceed Jl, 000,000 each and the tugs $215,000. The colliers will have a trial speed of 14 knots an hour and a carrying capacity of 12,500 tons 'TRUST BUSTING' WOMAN IS VICTIM OF ; SLASHER; ;MAN ARRES1 ,0 MARINETTE. Wis.. June 13. The(,y or jurs. josepn jvxariow. zt years oiojti-yas found -yesterday In the yard of the 1- r- fleld" school. .' Her throat was cuf ind there were clashes on her face and b)ids. -- Later, " Charles - . Bauer, a. widow 88 years old, called at the undertaking E jpms to see' the body and. it Is said, adn 'tted that he -had been .with the womai f the night before. He was placed under a test. A search was made of -his rooms ant the police say blood was found on the T'o thing he is alleged to have worn last Kht. Bauer, it is said, admitted he had a iSals-understandlng wi(h the woman. . . ji LOSS OF ARCHERY PRIZF : - DRIVES MAN TO SUICIDE - t" CHICAGO, June 19. Chagrin' at losing the - archery champlonshtii;of Kane county is thought by friencfTto have caused John IClndblade ofSa-tavia to tako his life. There waa deep wound In his head., but whether this caused his death or whether!e drowned In the shallow creek 111 not be -known until th -i-c-f ; coroner's jury which will sit toJay : i, - v . -i t . ' J naa ucc-.i iciuiucu. ne was s years old and in his youth was an enthusiastic archerist and had won prizes in various parts of the country. - j COSTS $845,184 -r' Uncle Sam Forced to Foot Tall . Bill to RoutCom-. - v bines: . WASHINGTON, June 19. "TYust busting" . cost the .government . $845,-184 In disbursments f to special - as sistants, to ' the'v attorney-general and he district attorneys between March 5, .1909, and May ; 31, , 1911, . accord ing to a report which the department of ' Justice - has ... transmitted to : Chairman Beall .of the House -committee on expenditures In that department. The largest individual disbursement was to Henry L. Stimson, at present secretary of war,- who received $83,-$20 for his services in the sugar fraud prosecution. Others who -received large special fees were Frank B.. Kellogg; $48,917. In the Union . Pacific and Standard Oil cases; J. C. Mc-Reynolds, $35,516, in anti-trust cases, especially the tobacco case; C. - A. Severance; Kellogg's partner, $28,237, In anti-trust cases; Winifred T. Deni-son. $25,025, In the sugar fraud cases. :!"". WINS FIGHT FOR UIFE. .-" It was a long and. bloody battle for life that was waged by James B. Mershon of NewarlciN. J.. el which- he writes: "I had lost" much blood from lung hemorrhage,-' and was ' very wealth- aad run down.-i.: For eight months I was unable to work. Death seemed, close on my, heels, when I began, three, weeks ao, to use Ir. Kind's Sew Discovery. . But It has helped, rue greatly. It la oing all that you claim. For weak, sore lungs, obstinate coughs, stubborn colds, hoarseness, la grippe, asthma, hay fever or any throat or Jung trouble It's supreme. 50c And tl. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by Cssood Bros.-. - . - TWO, TOO MANY FOR PETER SHARP Oakland Woman Quarrels With 'Second Wife of Long Lost Husbands ! PITTSBTTBQ. Kan., June 19. The two wives of Peter C. Sharp have Quarreled and , each" is contending that she alone' Is the legal, wife and demanding that the otherga away. . :' .. . Sharp. lost his first wife, Anna Catha rine, forty years ago., . She' was visiting In Chicago then," and when the great fire burned the city he Went there to search for her, but could not find her. ' (She searched for a time and then? moved to Oakland, CaL - A There she .continued - her search and ' after forty years' she found him through the pension otflce. - v--. -Sharp. 'had another and younger wife, Xiouisa, whom he married nine, years ago. 'At first It seemed that the .two wives would be, good comrades? but they soon quarreled. The storm broke a few days ago, when Anna Catharine consulted lawyers and they told her that she, -was the' lawful wife of .Sharp. . T .. r- "Anna Catharine hasn't the same disposition she had when X married her fifty years ago,' ''said Sharp, today. "She had a sweet disposition then now she ? is a crank.: . She Is trying to - boss - Louisa, aroundl . I've seen a lawyer and he tells me that my first wife Is not' my wife at an But I r want 'em to - get along together." But it. they can't agree I'll have to build -Anna -Catharine a house and let her live by herself." w : t . ' 'j. -' j-v 'V - COL. W.' 1. FIFE DIES -: AS RESULT OF STROKE IX)3 ANGELES. June 19-Colonel W, J. Fife, who served with distinction with the volunteer, forces in the Philippines In the Spanish-American war. died" here yesterday, aged ,B3. as the -result Qj an apoplectic' ' stroke ' syfTered at his. residence Saturday. Colonel .Fife was- a' native of Michigan, -but came with his . family to Washington while ' young ' and after - at tend in k -the California military academy in Oakland was one .of .the organizers of the "Washington militia. ! He is survived by a widow, a, daughter, Mrs. A.' F, Chl-d ester of Tacoma, Wash, and two -sons, Norman F. and. Charles R.Plfe, both of San Francisco. ' ' " S. P- Makes Excursion Rates Ffom All Points5 On Their Line. r EJxcUrsion rates - will be made to San Francisco and return for the National Educational Association' on June 1st, '10th, .20th. 30th. July 2d to 8th Inclusive: final fVeturn limit September 15th, and for the International Sunday School Convention at same - point ' sale . dates June 15th, 16th, 3.7th, 18th; final. return July 81st. Ask our agents for rates and further information. , The great Pony Voting Contest closes July 1st The two end seals . and wraDoer froaa a package of Abetta, Biscuits count as 102 Votes , Order a pckc from r Clrocw TODAY. foa'B like tUm, v., avow. . : . AMERICAN ; BISCUIT CO. ft.15 Rarfenr Si JL F. - - -1 -1 ii- if"" "1 milM-ll H.HMIIO. Seven Poiiiea EXPLODING BOTTLE MAY t C0T. AUTflOR HIS SIGHT MONTREAU June .19.--Dr.' Andrew McPhall, the author : and essayist, .was severely fnjtfred, at his home here by .the ; explosion of a bottle of aereated water. Flying glass entered both eyes. He was ' taken to a .hospital, where an -operation was performed. ' The physicians hope t4. save . his sight. - ORIENTAL RUG OPPORTUNITY. ; Preparatory to Mr. MihrarrV depart-; 1 tire on his annual collecting trip we .will off er our entire stock ' . . ' m : AT A-SACRIFICE- (7 ' . Until July. 1st.. .-Every Rug in the store is substan- tTally.' reduced in price; to ; induce ; in- . "- tending buyers to purchase theirRtigsj now and from us. 1 - MIHRAN & GO. -flEstabHshed 1878 3 26 SUTTERSTREET 1 SAN! FRANCISCO. L(dw : trammer MAIL CARRIER 13RIVEN:-' ; ;; INSANE ;BY HARQSHIPS , ' OROVU,LJ3. Cal., June 19. Driven in sane, according jto the testimony of his wife, by-the suffering : he , endured while carrying the - mails through the ' heavy snows of the winter between Chapparal and Inskip. Joseph. F. - Seybold of Stirling City. Butte county, has been taken by a deputy sherlfr to the Napa asylum. Mrs. Seybold said her husband had frequently made threats of suicide and once did not return from a visit to a mine he owned for several days. ' -. ; . - ' $515,000 IN 'WAR CHEST' OF SUFFRAGETTES IX5NDON, June 19. Flva ypars spro the ufrragettes started to raise a campaign fund of 1500,000. Airs. Frederics Fethick Lawrence announces that the war ches now amounts to $315,000. Plans have been arranged for; obtaining a total .of . Jl,-2a0,0w0. ... n' Mattes ..... ...... t, . , . JUNE TO OCTOBER Seashore Mountains Lakes f 1 ',' --. - ; . ' . :k - . -r - , . . , - . .- - , . ,f , Tahoe, Del Monte, Yosemite, Monterey, Santa Cruz Byrori, Pas -Robles, Shasta Springs,; Lake County Resorts and many others. x -, - .- .- ' : - j. ; '" . ' , " - ' . .' - ,. - . . '- .-.-V ' ' ' .''- . - ' ' 1 ' ' - " (" - - " -l - i . ' t JVrite or call for information and our outing literature. ; w" - ' " - - -! - '.t . "THE CAMPERS' PARADISE" " .' yOSEMITE' VALLEY BIG TREES" , " ".WHERE COOL SEA BREEZES BLOWT .' . TTCHrrr OFFICES Proadway and Thirteentli Ftreof. OaHand; Oaklan 1 Fixtecnth Str-et Depot; OakLxuil EffTentli and llro-U.vay lcj,3t; Oa- . Xizst and liroa Juay IepoU ; 1 -1 '1

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