The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1891
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN STAtttt A. It AfXOcft, PnblUher*. At.GONA. IOWA l was liis vic- Epitome of the Week. INTERESTING NEWS COMPILATION. DOMESTIC. AT Tloboken. N. ,]., Ango.lo Oahoth Killed his moUio.r-in-law, <] •wounded his father-in-law, then shot dead by the sons of tiins. A YOUNO couple who registered at the Grand Union hotel in New York as P. liehrand and wife were found dead in their room, locked in each other's arms, baying 1 committed suicide by inhaling .gas through rubber tubes. DUUINO a quarrel at Bakcrtown, P a ., Herman Nelson shot and killed John Van Coy and fatally wounded Walter "Woodward. UUTJINO a quarrel at Oldtown, Md., John Lutman shot and killed one man, fatally wounded another and then shot and killed himself. EMPLOYHS of the Kentxicky Union railroad and mountaineers whom the road owed for timber destroyed 25 miles of the track. SECRETATIY GIBSON, of the whisky trust, was indicted by tlio United State's grand jury in Chicago for conspiracy. THE Wisconsin (State baseball league, consisting of Green Hay, Marinette, Oconto, Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, has been organized. SEVKRAT. villages on the lower St. Lawrence river have been Hooded by high water and great loss and inconvenience caused. A SI.IOIIT shock of earthquake was felt at. St. George, U. T. BY a premature explosion of giant powder at Norristown, Pa., two Italian "workmen were killed. IT was reported that gold had been lound along Sage creek in Pieback county, S. I). Six acres of land over the Black Diamond mine at Lu/.erne, Pa.,sunk in upon the workings and many buildings were ruined. IN a runaway accident at, Merlin- ville, O., William Bolles and his two small children were killed. JOHN JOYCK, of Spring Valloy, Minn., tried to cross a bridge ahead of a train on a bet lie was caught and mangled to death, TEN persons at the home of E. B. Amsden in Shelbyvillc, Ind., were made deathly sick by eating canned peaches. HEAVY rains have fallen throughout Nebraska and small grain was up and growing finely. GEN. B. F. BUTLER was ejected from the United States district court room in Boston by order of Judge Carpenter, who declared the famous lawyer a disorderly person. A FAMILY of five persons named Baldwin died in awful agony in Baxter comity, Ark., and upon examination the remains of a larffe centipede were pot out of which mur- was took steel found in frhc coffee they hacli drank. SlALvKK.v Hill, near Richmond, Va. the scene of one of the famous battles of the late war, has been sold to William H. Hale of New York. TIIAIN wreckers threw a passenger train on the Alabama & Great Southern from the track near Springvillc, Fla. and the engineer and lireman were killed. NINE thousand dollars were found in the bustle of a deceased maid at Greensburg, Pa. SWINDLERS fleeced the president of the Nephi (U. T.) national bank out of $0.000 by the gold brick scheme. ^ L. PICJGET, manager of jianlcer Sullivan's ranch in Undid county, Tex., has fled to Canada with Jf!}u,ui)0 of his employer's money. KORK.BX T. ALMY & Co ,' extensive clothiers at Boston, failed for $110,UuO. EOISERT TONE drowned himself m the Hudson river at New York because lie was to poor to buy cigarettes. THE Burlington fast train struck and killed two men, evidently tramps, near St. Joseph, Mo. WILLIAM MIISCOE, the colored dcrer of Poliwman Scatin in («;>;> hanged at Cluu-lol.lesvilli:, Va. GKNEKAL resumption of work plac.o at the Kdgur Thomson works in Brail doc It, Pa., giving employment tO '3,000 lUi-n. JOHN C. CAIIOON, the young naturalist of Taunton, Mass. Ml from a cliif into the sea at, Planccnliu, Newfoundland, ii,nd was lolled. A GifNiutAi. lockout of the stone masons was iiiaiicura.l.«d at Pittsburgh aud Allegheny l>y the Master association. TIIK New Orleans grand jury has summoned 270 witnesses to testily in rcgiird to the Malia lynching. Fuu the first time in twenty-three years license to retail intoxicating liquors in Washington county, 1'a , has boon granted. TIIK Fanners' and merchants' bank of ClarlcsvillR, Tenn., which failed recently, ha.s resumed business. FOR the nine, months ended March H1, 1891, the immigration into the United States was S10,a:->7, against 254,40^ for the same period last year. TriK exports of merchandise for the twelve months ended March 31 were valued at $.S7ii,010,r,77 and the imports at $8.'i5,(5;;i,«o. Exports of gold were $30.8C'.U;S7 and of silver &}3,037,981. The excess of exports over imports of gold and silver was StH,:i73.S::". The statement shows a balance of trade in favor of the United .States of »:>3,- 7fiO,000. THK livery stable of J. R Cook & Son at St. Paul, Minn., was burned, and sixty horses perished in the flames.' MAX IIuxciKH. a German, fatally shot his former sweetheart. Martha Maraw- sky, and himself at Newark, N. J. AT Koine, N Y., lire destroyed the Wiggins. Dickinson. Pritclnml and Wilson, blocks LOS..S. .$100,000. U. J'. TijojirsoN A Co.. of Winchester. the largest tobacco buyers iu Kentucky, failed for $?ot>,UUU. AN epidemic at Pclla. la., caused by (pojJtauiiuuted wells, has resulted in live deaths. DURING attempted evictions of strikers at Uniontown, Pa., a pitched battle was fought between the deputy sheriffs and the Hungarians. One girl was killed and many of both parties were wounded. TUK National league baseball season opened on the 22d. THE annual statistical report of the American Iron & Steel association shows that in 1.8'JO the United States produced the greatest amount of iron and steel ever manufactured by any country. FIVK, laborers nt T.litrlington, la., died from drinking water contaminated by sewage. DAVIS &. CiiKswEt.T/s big machine house, brass and type foundry at Denver, Col., was destroyed by lire, causing a loss of SI no,000. UNITKU STATES TnEAsuKKuNKiucivEn has selected J. K. Baker, of Coving-ton, Ind., for his private secretary. JULIA Torn, 6 ycvirs old and motherless, died in Cleveland, O., from starvation. N. GREOO *t RONS, cotton factors and wholesale grocers at Shrcveport, La,, have failed for .$•»!,000. JosKi'H MULJIATTON, the famous story-tcllor and drummer, will not have to end his days in a madhouse. The physicians in Chicago have decided he is not insane. GOVERNMENT officials captured and destroyed six stills, together with 100 gallons of whisky and 10,500 gallons of wines in Letcher, Leslie and Laurel counties in Kentucky. AN unsuccessful attempt was made near Galcsburg, III., to wreck a passenger train on the Burlington road. MAKTIN L. FEKKICK, a prominent railway man at Wolcott, Ind., shot and fatally wounded Jeff Bmmcll, another prominent citizen, and then put a, bullet through his own heart. No cause was assigned for the tragedy. THE steamer Bertha, which arrived at San Francisco from Alaska, brought the news of the loss of the Wells exploring party. SIXTEEN mules and six cars were burnc-d in the Galveston (Tex.) streetcar stables. TIIK bill for weekly payment of wages has been signed by Gov. Fifer, of Illinois. KNOUOII is known of the census returns for 1890 from the manufacturing industries of the United States to es- .ablish the fact that Philadelphia leads all the cities of the country in the value of their annual product. THE state Farmers' Alliance of New York in session at Ilorncllsville adopted a resolution taxing mortgages on al estate and declared against the third-party movement. _ WHILE making evictions at Loi.sen- ring. in the Pennsylvania coke regions, the shot-in.' shot a woman in the thigh and a man in the mouth, and was himself wounded in the ankle. The fam- lies finally were put out of their houses by the assistance of the, militia. GKOIJGK GHAISKU, a Cinneinnatidrunk- ard, killed his wife and committed suicide. Four little children were left or- ahans. N artesian well, believed to be the greatest in the world, has been sunk on a farm near Huron, S. D. Its flow was estimated at 10,000 gallons per minute. AMONG the passengers landed at the barge oilico at New York from the steamer Wisconsin were eighty Mormons in charge of two ciders en route for Utah. WALKER LOWE, a farmer living in Spencer county, Ind., was dragged from his bed by white caps and given sixty- live lashes on the bare back. THE total increase in the tobacco crop of the United States since the tenth census is, in round numbers, 'JO,000,000 pounds. WILLIAM GROSS, a farmer living in Perry county, Ark., committed suicide by hanging himself, having first hanged his wife. THE Wisconsin world's fair commissioners have resigned because of the small appropriation ($05,000) made by the state legislature for an exhibit. Ex-Gov. EVANS, of Colorado, has presented the university of Denver with $100,000 for its further endowment. DICK LiDTHa.L, a Connor member of the Jesse James gang of robbers, has been arrested at Richmond, Mo., for tho murder of Wood Kite, a cousin of .Icsse James, in 188*2. JOHN CAI.AIIAN fell into a sewer in Now York and was washed ruvny. The body war, not recovered. W. l<\ PIKHO.VXKT. a Chicago hoard of trade man, killed himself at McCoy's hol.<;l. Despondency at the loss of his fortune was supposed to have, furnished the motive. CHIEF JUSTICE GUEEN, of Oklahoma, has decided that women are eligible to any public office in that territory. Ma HUSTON, the treasurer ;of th« United States, sovrircd his connection with that office and left Washington. PHILIP L. MORN, president of the Washburn & T\locn Manufacturing Com* pany, died in his home at Worcester, Mass, aged G7 years. Miss GAIHIIKLLK GKEELEY, daughter of the late Horace Greeley, was married at Pleasantvillc, N. 'Y., to Kev. Frank SI. Clcndennin, an Episcopal clergyman. FOREIGN. GEN. BOOTH has issued an appeal in behalf of the salvation army and his work. The general says that he is short $100,000 in his current expenses. MIU.VGLIA, an Italian who made 81,500 in five years iu America, was robbed of tho entire sum two hours after having set foot again on his nativo soil. IT was reported in official circles that Germany was about to cede all tho west A frican district south of the Congo to England. A GLASGOW woman has left Salvationist Booth $350,000. THE natives of Portuguese Guinea have revolted, and in a battle with a garrison they killed over 400. CECIL, son of ex-Mayor Stafford, of Leicester, accidentally shot his brother, and, overcome with remorse, killed himself. FIUE destroyed 15,800,000 pounds of sugar cane belonging to the Laberinto estate near Cifucntas, Cuba. THE Spanish cabinet has brought for- [ ward a bill to prohibit labor on Sunday, j NEWS from Simla says the English i have killed 100 ?norc Manipuris. One ' Briton was killed and four wounded. B. <fc A. HOMAIWEE, Parsee bankers and merchants of Bombay, have failed with liabilities of nearly $2,500,000. Z. T. SWEENEY, United States consul general at Constantinople, has tendered Ills resignation. THE Russian government has issued a decree expelling all Jews from Moscow. A ambassador sent to the king of Gambia, in west Africa, to tell him he must behave better, has been ! sent home with portions of his cheeks : and thighs cut off. . | BAT.ON FAVA, the Italian minister to the United States, has reached Rome. F. W. OXENHAM and S. Campbell, of the McLeandcr rowing club, were . drowned at Hamilton, Out., while out ! in a training boat. i A OAKDKNEB named Damm, living in ! Albrechtshain, Germany, murdered his j wife and four children with a hatchet! and then hanged himself. j THE bark Col. Whitmore is a total! losss at Waina.ka Hilo, Sandwich Islands, with 000 tons of sugar. A msi'ATCir from Rome says that Baron Fava in his report to the Marquis di Rudini on the New Orleans lynching expressed tho belief that there was no way out of the situation, as the federal government had no power to give Italy the satisfaction demanded. By the explosion of 205 pounds of powder a few miles from the city of Rome, Italy, seven people were killed and over 200 injured. Buildings in the vicinity were demolished and many structures in the city, including the Vatican, were shaken. IT appears by the Cuban census, which has just been taken, that there are now nearly 50,000 Chinese men in Cuba and only eighty-four Chinese women. JttNAfir LINO'S memoirs were published iu London. They show that she had a strong antipathy to stage life. THE REPUBLICAN L6AGU& tteftnluMonft Adopted at Itg National Con* ventlon In C'lnotiiAfttl^fti*. ClaMMon, of town, Clioaen President. CINCINNATI, April 28.—-At Wedties* aaya's session of the National Repub* lican league couventioit, Hon. John S. Clarkson, of Iowa, was elected presil dont: Mr. Humphrey, the present incumbent, secretary, and ex-Gov, Loutisber- ry, of Connecticut, treasurer. The choice of a place for the next meeting was left ivith the executive committee. A letter of regret at his inability to bo present was read from President Harrison, in which he said, among 1 other things: "I regret that I shall bo unable either to attend tho convention or to glvo by letter any extended counsel. TUo conventions of the republican party and the legislation of the last cpngrc&i hnvo, however, very dourly de- flnod and very courageously presented the Issues upon which tho next contest must bo waged. To those conventions' declarations I gave tho assent of a deep conviction, and to the important legislation of the last congress my earnest support. Ir the people of tho United States will now Rive the world to understand that tho protection and enlargement of our domestic industries, tho extension or our foreign trade by reciprocal arrangements not, inconsistent with n protective policy, and tho revival of our merchant marine by tho methods that all other nations use is our settled policy, wo will speedily, I am sure, realize a marvelous development and a renewed prosperity." The chair called for the report of the committee on resolutions. The resolutions deplore the death of Gen. Sherman and Secretary Winclom: indorse j the wise and statesmanlike adinin- I istration of President Harrison, indorse Speaker Reed and the republicans of the last house, declare for protection and favor reciprocity; oppose any attempt to debase the .coin of the j country, but demand such an increase of the currency as can be made with due regard to the best interests of the country: declare that soldiers and sailors who served the country shall not be forgotten by the republican party; recommend legislation prohibiting the immigration of paupers and criminals and persons so alien from us in ideas and habits of thought that they cannot be assimilated in the body politic; affirm the right of every citizen of this country, no matter who he may be, to cast one ballot and have it fairly counted, and declare the purpose of the republican league to be the dissemination of republican prinoi- ples. A^ delegate rather hotly protested against.what he claimed to be diserim- j ination against foreign-born citizens iu the clause pertaining to immigration. He was ably seconded by a delegate from Wisconsin, who called attention to the fact that on such a plea as the one involved in this case the democrats had been able to carry AVisconsin and reverse the former republican majority of 25,000 in that state. Gen. Fairchild, of Wisconsin, indorsed the statement and implored the convention to listen to the warning. The chairman of the committee on resolutions suggested that the objectionable words: "Persons so alien from us in ideas and habits of thought that they cannot be assimilated in the body politic," bo stricken out. Mr. Campbell, of New York, objected on the ground i that the republican party should suffer i defeat, if necessary, for what it be- I lieves to be right. The motion to strike i out the objectionable words was carried J on a division. The rest of the, resolu- lution was agreed to and the .resolutions as reported were adopted. SHOT A WOMAN. ad- PflRSONAL AND POLITICAL. THE Minnesota Legislature has jonrncd sine die. M. IT. KOI;P, member of congress- elect, died at hi* home in Grand Rapids, Mich,, from apoplexy, aged *•> .years. MHS. MAIIV K. Gouau, widow of the famous temperance lecturer, died at lioylston, Mass., aged 71 years. GKN. Gmito.Ns, commandcrof the military division of the Pacific, has been placed on the retired list. JAMES EVKI.KTH, a clerk in the office of chief of engineers in Washington, died at the age of 83. He had been in the service of the engineer department more than sixty-two years. HAMUEI, M. PKTTINGII.L, the pioneer advertising agent of New York and Boston, died at his home in Brooklyn. REV. HKNHV DAIU.ING, D. D., president of Hamilton college at Clinton, N. Y., died of bronchitis. CYIUJS VV. Hor.MKS, aged 00 years, died in Monson, Mass, lie was president of the Monson national bank and was believed to be the oldest bank president of the United States. EI.KCTIOXS were held for municipal officers in tl»« various cities of Illinois. The license question was the issue in many places, uud twenty-four voted for it aud twenty against. Tin: fourth annual convention of the National republican league, composed of delegates from the republican clubs of the country, met iu Cincinnati. THE national convention of republican league clubs at Cincinnati, O., Unshed its business and adjourned. John S. ClurUsou, of Iowa, was elected president. LATER NEWS. IN the United States the business failures during the seven days ended on the 34th numbered 205, against 251 the preceding week and 218 for the corresponding week last year. SEVERE and continuous rainstorms in Peru inundated many villages and carsed a great loss of property. THE center of population of the United States has been located about 13 miles east of Columbus, Ind., and a monument 30 feet in height will be erected there May 10. IN attempting to cross a track in front of an approaching train near Washington, la., John Graham and his 6-year-old son were instantly killed. FIELD MAUSHAL COUNT VON MOI.TKE, of Germany, died suddenly in Berlin at suddenly the age of 90 years. A FUKifiiiT train on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie collided with a work train at Rock Point, Pa., and two laborers were instantly killed and three fatally hurt. ^SOI.DIKHS broke open the jail at Walla Walla, Wash., and shot to death A. J. Hunt, who shot Private Miller. AT Archie, Mo., E.P.Soper, a butcher, killed his wife and two children and then took his own life. No cause was known for the crime. FOUK girls, Nellie and Mary King, Ethel and Mabel Allen, were drowned at St. Johns, N. B., by the upsetting of a boat. UEV. GEORGE C. LOIUMEK has resigned the pastorate of Immauuel Baptist church in Chicago to accept a call to Tremont temple in Boston. FJJANK OI,SON and Charles Holmes were fatally crushed at Omaha, Neb., by the caving in of a sewer trench. EXTENSIVE deposits of quartz carrying from 8 to 7 per cent, of nickel have been discovered in the Harney City district of the Black hills. T\VEI;VE Manipuris villages were destroyed by the British-Indian troops and hundreds of persons were killed. It was thought that the rebels were completely cowed. THE Ohio republican convention has been fixed for June 10 at Columbus. WAITK S. M.AKTIN (colored) was hanged at Columbus, S. C., for the murder of Alice McLeod, Bill Miles (colored) was executed at Pickeus, S. C., for the murder of Jake Gritt'en, Edmund liolliday (colored) was hanged at Manning, S. C., for the murder of John W. Dubose, John Wilson and Melvin John.- son were executed at Baton Rouge, La., aud J ames Croney was hanged at Lexington, Va., for the murder oi Charles Oliver. ; ; Coke-Strikers Attack a Body of Men En- ffiiffod In Evicting Them from Tholr Homos-Tlie Women Fight Like Tigers —Olio of Their Number Killed. UNIONTOWN, Pa., April 28.— Thre a have been turned to violence and violence has again caused death in the coke regions, with the result that Company G has been called to the scene of the tragedy and all is in a ferment. The county officers went to the Adelaide Wednesday morning, where they made two evictions after a great deal of trouble and opposition. They were then overpowered by the strikers and driven away. Reinforced by Sheriff McCormick and a large force the deputies returned. A pitched battle took place between the sheriff's posse and about 800 Hungarian men and women, in which a Hungarian girl was killed and others injured, among whom are several deputies. The battle occurred about 8 o'clock in the afternoon while the members of Company C were -lunching at the boiler house. The deputies were trying to keep the "Huns" from carrying- back the household goods which had been tin own out of the houses in the forenoon. A big, strong "Hun" was fighting with the deputies when Sheriff McCormick started to assist them. The "Hun" saw him coining and tried to shoot. The girl, who killed, was a lover of the big " and was fighting for him with the ferocity of a young lioness. The deputies say the pistol went off in the hands of the "Hun" and killed his sweetheart. Sheriff McCormick was shot through the thumb by the bullet that killed the girl. It was learned that in the fight between the sheriff's deputies and the mob two women were fatally shot, one of whom died in a few minutes and the other cannot live. was A KbME f of broken down baeh<slbi«8 hfts been founded in St. Louis. THE aiscoteXy of nickel tteai? the village of Plebva, In Ontario, has created thuch excitement. AtfotHKtt Bellamy colony la to be Started near Beaver City in tto Matt's Land. It is expected to mtmber five hundred. POISONED grain has been scattered iu 6ho courthouse yard at Sioux City, ahd it is expected that the English sparrows will eat it and die. A ruNEliAr, procession got stuck in the mud at St. Joseph, Mo., the other day, and everybody had to get out and walk excepting the corpse. THE city council of Santa Barbara, Cal., has ordered every eucalyptus tree that stands within one hundred feet of a water main to be cut down, L. K. TANNOOK, of Pratt Mines, Ala., jumped into a well sixty feet deep. There was not enough water in it to drown him, and he was taken out alive but badly bruised. A SOIIOOLHOUSE in which Susan B. Anthony taught for three years, up in Canajoharie, in central New York, has been advertised for sale at auction. It was built in 1849. A CHATTANOOGA dentist lost a valuable diamond ring the other day, in a curious manner. He was examining the back teeth of a patient, when the ring 1 slipped down tho latter's throat. The ring has not yet been recovered. BEBLIN doctors have come to an understanding that hereafter their coachmen shall wear white hats, so that a doctor's carriage may be always immediately distinguished and the public enabled to summon medical aid on the streets in urgent cases. A CRAZY spectator in court at Woonsocket, E. L, a few days ago seized some copies of the general statutes and smashed glass panels in Judge Ballou's bookcase and "window lights to the extent of thirty-five dollars before he could be seized and locked up. SHERIFF HAYNES, of Dearborn county, Ind., was awakened by a pull on the doorbell of the jail at Lawrenceburg the other morning, and upon responding to,the summons found one of the prisoners on the outside who had voluntarily returned. Investigation showed that all the prisoners had escaped during- the night. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the tasto, and act® gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the Only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action aud truly beneficial m its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who* may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Du not accept any aiiliatUuJ-n • . * * substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. . LOUISVILLE. KY. HEW YORK. tt.Y. i NOTES FOR THE WOMEN. IN Lapland dress fashions have not changed for one thousand years. QUEEN ELIZABETH started the style of wearing silk stockings and Marie Antoinette instituted the custom of wearing feathers in the hair. MME. HENEI GREVILIJS, who has seen more of this country than most French women, says the American woman makes too many acquaintances and too few friends. NOBODY wears veils adorned with beauty spots now unless the clots of court-plaster are arranged with a clever eye to detail and effect—in other words, every girl is her own veil maker, and she places the small black disk in such a place as will call attention to her most beautiful feature. A WEDDING costume worn by a London bride had a rich white silk royale train, bordered with white ostrich feathers, and opened over a beautiful white velvet skirt richly embroidered with pearls. One-half of the bodice front was of white silk; the other of velvet draped with crepe de Chine. The tulle veil was held in place by three diamond stars. So Popular Has Hood's Sarsaparilla become at this season that it is now generally admitted to be The Standard Spring- Medicine and Blood Purifier. The Peculiar benefit you need S3 much, you will find in 's Sarsaparilla Those who have not A Throat used Boschee's Gerand Lung man s y ru P for some severe and chronic Specialty. trottble of the Throat and Luugs can hardly appreciate what a truly wonderful medicine it is. The delicious sensations of healing, easing, clearing, strength-gathering and recovering are unknown joys. For German Syrup ye do not ask easy cases. Sugar and water rnay smooth a throat or stop a tickling—for a while. This is as far as the ordinary cough medicine goes. Boschee's German Syrup is a discovery, a great Throat and I,ung Specialty. Where for years there have been sensitiveness,,, pain, coughing, spitting, hemorrhage, voice failure, weakness, slipping down hill, where doctors and medicine and advice have been swallowed and followed to the gulf of despair, where there is the sickening conviction that all is over and the end is inevitable, there we place German Syrup. It cures. You are a live man yet if you take it. ® A Graveyard for a Lawn is not desirable, but how can you prevent dogs burying bones in yoiu yard unless you use a " HARTMAN'"' STEEL PICKET FENCE which BEAUTIFIES WITHOUT CONCEALING. Want S3.000.000 IMuuvges. TKENTON, N. J,, April 23.—A declaration was filed Wednesday in the United States circuit court in a $8,000,000 suit for damages in a breach of contract brought by Mr. Jewett against Robert tiarrett, Henry Prick and Mr. Latrobe. The suit is an outcome of a transaction in London. in Agetl Now Yorker Shoots His Siat'St- Jn-Law ana Her Husband. WEST STOCKKUIDGK, Mass., April 38.— A terrible tragedy took place Wednesday morning 7 jjiilea from here, just over the New York line. Henry Parkerson, of Chatham, N. Y., 71 years old, shot his dead wife's sister, Mrs. Christiana Seibel, and her husband, Peter Seibel, killing the latter, and then shot himself. Peter Seibel is fiJ^years old and his wife 58. Mrs. Seibel says the trouble is jealousy Parkertioa wanted she should ejopa with, b«». The murderer wilj, dta feu|i Seibel will recover. ^^ STAND ALONE AS BILE UOVEES. They dispel poisonous bile from the system, thereby curing bilious attacks, constipation, neod- acho, Malaria, dysentery, wid all aers. stomach and liver disor Two sixes, one prioo. BILE BEAMS, 20 in each bottle, One a doge. Biut BBANS SMALL, 40 In each bottle, 3 to 4 a dose. Sugar Coated. Pleasant as candy, Bold by Druggists. 99 cents per bottle. * co., 2S5 & 257 Greenwich Street, New Yorfc City. 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