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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

16 FEIDAY EVENING, OAKLAND TRIBUNE 4UGUST 27, 1909. SAVE MONEY AVOID PAIN THIRD PASTOH ACCUSED Belle of Younger Set to Becoihe Bride of Honolulu Business Man Office of the Clerk of the Board! eupervlsors, Alameda Countv. Callfoml Oakland. July 26. 1909. The following described property Of the County of Alameda will be sold to tho highest responsible bidder for cash public auction, at the Court House MISS LYDIA CjIBBNS, Who Will Be Married This Evening to Gustave Schaeffer. II. Pierre Smith Photo. a A3 i xiy' h' OPERATIO! PREVENTED By Lydia E. Pinkbam'sVeg-etable Compound Chicago, 111. "I want to tfll you hat Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound did for me. 1 was so sick that two of the best doctors in Chicago en id 1 would die if I did not have an operation. I had already had two operations, and they wanted me to go through a third one. I suffered day and night from inflammation and a small tumor, and nerer thought of teeing a well day again. A friend told me how Lydia K. Pinkham's Veg etable Compound had helped her, and I tried it. and after the third bottle was eurecL" Mrs.ALvr.NA Sperling, II Langdon Street, Chicago, 111. If you are ill do not drag along at home or in your place of employment until tn operation is necessary, but build up the feminine system, and re-more tne cause of those distressing aches and pains by taking Lydia E. llnkham's Vegetable Compound, made from roots and herbs. For thirtv years it has been the stan-flard remedy for female ills, and has. positively restored the health of thou-sandsof women who hare been troubled with displacements, inflammation, ulceration, flbroid'tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, bearing-down reeling, flatulency, indigestion, dizziness, or nervous prostration. Why you fr it? Mexican Performs Unbeliev able Featse on Thin Steel Thread Rotlldcllo, the Mexican wizard of wire, will be sern In Oakland with Rtngltng Broth rs' circus on Sunday an Monday, Beptemher and 6. It seems a lhamt to call Roblldella a wtre-walkcr, In so doing It tends) to ptace him with others af that class. Whin, as a matter of fact. he In so vastly superior to any living' wire performer as to require a new man ner of describing- his specialty. This Mexican wonder runs, dances, stands on his head and turns somersaults on a slrnder steel cord. He actually falls down on the wire while imitating a belated clubman coming; home on un steady Irgs. One moment spectators are laughing at his remarkable antics and the next minute they are lost in wonder nt his skill and audacityNothing like the act was ever before seen in America. Saxon Giants The three Saxon brothers are another "nsottnn to be found among the Euro pean performers. One of the trio lls on lils bock end with his feet supports piann upon which stands twelve men, while with his hands and arms he holds the two largest men that can be found and a pair of heavy dumb-bells. Two of the brothers form the supporting struc turejof a bridge over which passes i heavy with sljt passengers, Arthur Saxon, the head of the trio, claims to be strongervthan Samson, and those who here seen the act have ceased to doubt his claim. The Schumann performing horses, the telephoning elephants, the balloon pig and the double-somersaulting automobile are other Instances of the greatness of the bill. Twenty Camel Team A twenty-camel team Is one of the features of Rlngllng Brothers' great parade this year. Thre are also teams of sebi-a. elephants, deer and llama. They are all used in culling chariots and tableau vsns. PRESS CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS FOR YEAR SAN FRAXCISCO. Aug. 2T. At the Mnhual election of the Press Club yes I WIRE mm IS WORLD'S WONDER a 1 "onaar. tne 30th day of August, 1809, at 9:45 o'clock a. One Thomas Fiver A cSTa the Sheriff of Alameda county. may ne msDected at the office of the Sheriff In the Court House of Alemeda County. California. 4 1, Seal. JOHN P. COOK. County Clerk and ex-offlcio clerk of ths Beard of Supervisors of AUmeda County. California. STOCKHOLDERS' MF.ETINQ. meetinsr of storkhoHers of the Dixon Oranhlte and Milling Co. will office. 110 Bacon Building. 11th and Wahinrton strees. Oakland. on 38th dav of August, 1S09. at 4 clock p. for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors to serve for the ensuing year end for the transact tion of iuch other business as may com before the meeting. HENRY F. STARBUCK. Secretary. Notice of Time Set for Proving Will, and Application for Letters of Administration with Will Annexed. In the Superior Court of the County of Alnmed.i. State of California. In the matter of the estate of William Smith, Notice of time set for proving- will etc Rnd application for letter of administration with will annexed. Notice ls herebv given tint a petition' for the probnte of, the will nf William Smith, deceased, and for the Issuance to Chris Wolfrum of letter of administration with the will annexed has been filed In this court, and that Monday, the 30th day of August, A. D. 1909. at- 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at the courtroom of Department No. 4 of said court, at the court nouse in tne city or uaKland, in the county of Alameda, has been set for the hearing of said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and contest the same, and show cause, if any they nave, why said petition should not be granted. Dated August lfi. 1909. JOHN P. CtjOK. Clerk. By W. W. Crane, Deputv Clerk. ALFRED A. VAN HOVENBERO. Attorney for Petitioner. 1352 Frultvale Frultvale. Cal. NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PROVING Wlll, ETC. In the Superior Court of the County of Alameda, State of California. In the matter of the estate of Mary Dohmann, deceased. or time set for proving will. etc. Notice is herebv Riven, that a rjetitiou for the probate of the will of Mary Dohmann, deceased, nnd for the Issuance to Mary Ferris of letters testamentarv thereon nas been riled In t.iis Court, and that Wednesday, the 1st dav ef September, A. D. 1909. at 10 o'clock, A. M. of said at the Courtroom of Department No. 4, of said Court, at the Court House In the City of Oakland, in said County of Alameda, has for the hearing of said petition and proving said will, when and where any person interested may Appear and contest he same. Dated, August 20, 1909. JOHN P. COOK, Clerk. By W. W. CRANE. Deputy Clerk. ABE P. LEACH, Attorney for Petitioner, Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland, Cal. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. To whom It may concerns Take notice, that J. P. Wlntler has this day sold his interest toe Villa Hotel at Haywards, and that all bills against said J. R. Wlntler must be presented for payment within ten days from date of publishing this notice. J. R. WINTLER. Aug. 23. J909. I No, 9S02. OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER OF THK CURRENCY. Washington. D. C. Aue-ust 12. 1909, presented to the undersigned. It has been made to appear that the Centra! optional Bank of Oakland," in" the City of Oakland, in the County Of Alameda and State of California, has complied with all the provisions of the statutes of tl united states, requ'rea to be compiled with before an association- shall be auth- orlaed to commence the business of bank-ing: NOW. THEREFORE, I. Lawrence O. Murray, Comptroller of the Currency, do nereDy ceruiy tnat tne. uentrai iaiionai of Oakland." 'n tne city ot Oak It- land, in the County of Alameda and State of California, is autnoriaea to commenco the business of banking as provided In Section fifty-one hundred and sixty-nine of the Revised statutes 01 tne united States. In testimony whereof, witness my hand and seal of office this twelfth day of August. 1909. (Seal) LAWRENCE O. MURKAI, Comptroller of the Currency. NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PROVINQ' WILI AND APPLICATION FOR LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION WITH WILL ANNEXED. In the Suoerior Court of the County of Alameda. State of California. In the Matter of tne Estate or FatncK Gibney, deceased. Notice or Time Bet ror roving win. and Application for Letters cf Administration with Will Annexed. Notice is hereby Klven. that a petition for the probate of the Will of Patrick Gibney, deceased, and for the Issuance to Geo. Gray of letters of Administration with the Will anncted has been filed in this Court, and that Wednesday, the 8th day of September, A- D. 1909. at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. at the court room of Department No. 4 of said Court, at the Court House in tne city or oak- land, in the. County of Alameda, has 4eun set for the hearing of said petition, when and where any person Interested may ap pear and contest same, and snow cause if any thev have why said retition should not be granted. Dated Aug. 23, 190.V JOHN P. COOK. Clerk. By W. E. ADAMS, Deputy Clerk. Geo. W. Reed and John S. De Lencey. Attorneys for Petitioner, Suite 1101-2 Union Savings Bank Oakland, Cal. TREASURY CHURCH ROW Rev.J). S. Glassford Wants! for Former Member of His Congregation, PREFERS CHARGES OF IS- MALICIOUS SLANDER Woman, Who is Alleged to Have Erred, is Cause of Trouble Rivalry for the position of pastor, parental antipathy to the woman whom son of one of the principals had married, an attempted church ejectment of he woman and tales alleged to have been told which attack the fitness morally of lie presiding pastor, are component parts a iued which has rent asunder the Bible Students' Spiritualistic Church, at 51 Eighteenth street and which yesterday resulted In an application at the district attorney's office for a warrant charging malicious slander. Rev. 8. Glassford, pastor of the above named church applied for the warrant. A. Stlt, a car builder for the Southern Pacific who at 1358 Market street, was the (han whom he wished arrested. upposenviarriage The trouble, which has already resulted In Stit leaving the Eighteenth street place of worship and, wfth disgruntled members of the spiritualistic congrega tion, forming a rival congregation at 214 San Pablo avenue, threatens to have Its aftermath In a civil suit for damages against Stlt. Church rivalry and because Rev. Glass ford refused to countenance the eject ment If an unpopular daughter-in-law from, the Eighteenth street place of worship are the principal causes which- led up to the feud. 1 Last March, Charles Hanks, an en gineer, and a step-son of Stlts was mar ried -to Llflian Fox. Stlts and his wife opposed the marriage. It is said that the woman. lived with Hanks for several days prior to the marriage. Later a church ejectment of Hank wife was attempted by the tits-after fche had left her husband In Eureka and came back to this city. Becansa Rev. Glassford Is said to have known that the young woman lived with' Hanks for a time prior to her marriage, and In the face of It, refused to permit the young woman's ejection from the church, he is said to have gained the opposition of Stlts. Rivalry for church leadership also helped to fan the ilame of dislike which sprang up between, th two principals. Charges Slander Yesterday, Rev. Glassford applied at- the District Attorney's office and sought a warrant against Stlt, charging' slander. He declared thatd Stlt had circulate stories which attacked his character. The Btlt stores were, according 4to Glaesford's declaration, that he knew Hanks and the worran had lived together without- being married, that he opposed the woman's ejectment from the 8pirt-uullstlo congregation when Stlts attempted to hava her ejected and that be cause he blocked the ejectment, Stlt had I declared him to be wprrtQding immorality and was unfit to be pastor of the con gregation. Glassford told the District Attorney that the stories relative to. his moral finess had Irjured hlra with members of the congregation. Pastor's Statement "While staying at a Sixteenth street boarding house, I learned that Hanks and the woman who later became his wife, were living together immorally," declared Glassford last night. "As soon as I found this out I took the young woman to task. She admitted that she had been doing so for several days, but declared she and Hanks were to be mar- rled the next day. I also upbraided Hanks for inducing the girl to live such a life. He also told me that he would marry the girl the following day. The couple were married aa thty promised. Later they went to Eureka. A month later the young woman left Hanks and came back to Oakland. After she came back she became a member of" the Spiritualistic Church, of which I am pastor. "Stlts, who with his wife, had always opposed the marriage of young Hanks to the woman. Immediately commenced ejectment proceedings. I believed that the woman was In need of a little spirit- lw.ln tn mob A a to- Ufa and that it was my church's business to help a person who became a cnurcn member instead of throwing them out, and when I learned that Stlts was coins' to have the young woman ejected, I opposed it. My el forts defeated Stlts' purpose. When the board of directors of the church refused to consider the ejection, Stlt made threats to 'get me' on the floor of the State Spiritualistic convention at San Jose in September. He claimed that because I knew the woman had done wrong and refused to oust her from my church, that I was immoral myself." Plovc Pnlitirc- 7 1 with the church board of directors were responsible for the flefeat of Stlts' attempted ejection. Stlts waa the organizer of the Eighteenth street church, ind is said to have dictated affairs for a long lime. Glassford lined up the directors when he heard of tne proposition to eject the woman, and when Sits in turn trfced to pull the proper strings he was, in slang parlance, "turned down." The threat "to get tho pastor on the conven tion floor la said to have been made in the hearing ef the assembled board of I directors. "It was a family quarrel and I did not like to have the whole thing threshed I out-in my church." declares Glassford "There are several things about the case l.iat are unsavory. I had no i dislike for Stits personally, but for the above1 because 1 thought the girl could bel moral with church affiliation. I opposed CURES I DISEASES STARTS to is I I LEI CREATES REIGN Of Halts Beulah Heights Women at Night With Threats "To Cut Hearts Out" INSANE, SAY RESIDENTS AND DEMAFiD POLICE' AID Children Flee In Horror From Man and Neighborhood Lives in Dread ADDllcatlon was made to the police He- panment today by Mrs. S. E. Pollard and other residents In the vicinity of Boalah Park, for the arrest of Fleming Demp ster, a pickle vendor, residing at the end of New Broadway, on the ground that he was terrorizing tne women ana ennaren or tne community by threatening to cut their hearts out and cnasing them with bottles, knives ana otner weapons, wnere by great harm might be done. or more tnan a week tne strange con duct of the pickle vendor, according to the terrified women, has been observed, each day the threats of death being made more venememiy. Police Watch Suspect A police officer was detailed to the scene to see that no harm wouldi be done by the man until a warrant could be sworn out and his sattity tested. Among the women- who have been Jthreatened, living in the neighborhood are iMrs. who notlhea the police Mrs. E. McClellan and Mrs. A. Jones The children of the latter have been re peatedly chased by Dempster, who says, according to the t.iildren, that ne will cut their nearts out. This Is the story that Mrs. Pollard told at ponce headquarters: Neighborhood Terrorized "For several weeks we have noticed the peculiar actions of Dempster, but in the last few days his actions have be come so terrifying that the entire neigh borhood is living In mortal dread that some one will be murdered before Dempster can be restrained. His actions show that his mind is disordered. He has in the lust few (lava taken un with the habit of jumping- at women when they pass along unprotected and telling them at night time he will come to their homes and cut their hearts out. He has certainly created a reign of terror among- the women and children, and as he is irresponsible. It is necessary that police protection should be afforded US." After Mrs. Pollard's call a snecial no- lice officer was sent out to look for the alleged demented man. AUTO RIDES, CAUSE OF MAINTAINANCE SUIT SAN FRANCISCO, Aug-. 27. Automobile trips of the "Joy ride" variety were responsible for the domestic trouble of Mrs. Bruce Monroe, who resides at Eddy and Devlsadero streets, and who brought. suit for separate maintenance today. She declares that she was able to put up with the escapades of her husband, who is a clerk by occupation, until one day he drove up in a machine with a young woman, whom he introduced as Miss Annie Brown. This was too much and Mrs. Monroe has determined that he shall be forced to support her and his children instead of enjoying- automobile rides with other women. WANTS DIVORCE AFTER LONG WAIT FOR SPOUSE SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27. After waiting for nine years for her husband to return to her, Mrs. Mary Crammer de ciddd to give up the vigil and sue for a divorce, and began proceedings this morn in. She asserts that her husband, Joseph Crammer, left her, saying he was going to Panama, but she later learned that he had sailed around the Horn as captain of a tramp steamer. 1,500,000 BUNCHES OF BANANAS Are imported to the Pacific coast every year. We are the pioneers in the cul ture of bananas on the west coast of Mexico. $1 per week for 100 weeks will secure an acre of growing bananas? which nets 48 per cent per year. For particulars call or write Tropical Fruit Company, 618 Phelan building, San Francisco, Cal. PIEDMONT TURKISH BATHS. Salt water swim. Twenty-fourth and Oakland avenue. CRAKES COMPOUND Tho most reliable and efjfectlTO medietas ever (discovered fer weak itomaCht, diseased kidneys, torpid livers, nervousness, ndlgestloo, and debilitated conditions of ever? kind. Wo know from the 0211740518 wa hats mads that It will give immediate relief andftrodocs ipesdy an permanent cures In every ce. We give a bona fid guarantee with every bottle; If it falls to cure any disease affecting the STOLIACII, LIVER or KIDHEYS take the empty bottle back your troggist and get your money back. Catarrh of the 8tosnaeh5 I have taksn One and one-half bottles of Drake's Palmetto for catarrh of the stomach. tSj trouble ts cured. At times I eould not sat anything without great distress; now I caa eat anything and as much as I want. I can recommend your Palmetto for stomach trouble. J. E. High, Hunter, Ark. Chronto Constipation. I think Drake's Palmetto ts the best remedy tor chronic constipation I hare ever used. Mrs. 1L O. tumble, Alexander, Texas. Kidney end Bladder Trouble. To Whom It may concern: This Is to certify that I have been suffering with kidney and bladder trouble for lire years and with the nse of one bottle of Drake's Palmetto I have been permanently cored. Prof. A. H. Williams, Birmingham, Ala. Indigestion. three years I could eat nothing but soups without having great distress. After taking several bottles of Drake's Palmetto I feel like a new woman, can now do my own housework and am well and; strong. Sirs. Bashford, SIS So. West Street, Bockrord, 111. At all druggists; two sizes, to cents and $1X8. 1 Drake Co Whealinr. W.Ya. NDDJ TERROR PAL Teeth Extracted Without Pain Acknowledged to be the easiest and best painless extractors in Oakland. Until Aug. 81 -we have decided to make our het sets of teeth for 93.00 OF TEETH. 13.00 2.00 22K GOLD CROWNS. GOLD FILLINGS SILVER FILLINGS 1.00 BRIDGEWORK 2.00 No charge for extracting when teeth are ordered. A written guarantee for 2Q years with all work. BOSTON DENTAL PARLORS 1155Vi WASHINGTON HOURS Week days. 9 to Sundays' 10 to We have 'just received a large invoice of early fall goods which we invite the public to call and inspect. We will certainly be glad to show them whether you wish to buy or not. We are making Suits and Overcoats to order, in the latest styles and at right prices. D. C.BROWN, Merchant Tailor, Til San Pablo Avenue. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Isabel W7. Mangles, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, the executor of the will of Isabel W. Mangles, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within ten (10) months after the rirst publication of this notice to the said executor at the house, No. 3017 Hillegass avenue, City of Berkeley, pounty of- Alameda, State of California, which said house the undersigned selects as his place oi business in all matters connected' with said estate Isabel W. Maiigles. deceased. Walter a. cura, Executor of the will of Isabel W. Mangles, deceased. Oaklana. July 30. 1909. W. C. Webjj, Attorney for Executor, 01-6 Crockert San Francisco. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Erank W. MacDonald, de ceased, Notice Is hereby given by the under signed, administrator of the estate of Frank W. MafeDonald. deceased, to the creditors of anffi all persons having claims aoralnRt the salds deceased, to exhibit ttiem with the necessary vouchers within foar months after first publication of this notice to tne; saia aaminisiraior, at ine office of H. Benson -and Laurence Ma- comber. 641 'Monadnock Building. rin which said office the under signed selects as his place of business in all matters connected with Bald estate of Frank W. MacDonald. deceased. M. MaCUUN ALU. Administrator of the estate of Frank w. Macuonaia, aeceasea. Dated. Oakland. August zutn. iua. TRUSTEES SALE Tn prordnnpp with the terms and un der the authority of a certain deed of trust, duly executed by Jonas a. neison and Lucile Nelson, his wife, the parties of the first part, to Clarence M. Reed and J. Fred SeuVberger, trustees, parties of the second cart, and Julius Heulberner, the nnrtv of the third ttart. dated SeDtem- her 10. 1907. and recorded in the office of the County Recorder of the county of Alameda. State of in liber 1375 of deeds, at page 4 ei ana in pursuance of a written demand made upon the undersigned by Julius Seulber-ger, the holder of said note, to secure the payment of which the aforesaid deed trust was executed, declaring that default had been made in the payment of the interest' and other sums due under said note and deed of trust, and requlr- i Ing and directing the said trustees namea in said deed of trust, to sell the real estate described therein to satisfy said Indebtedness The undersigned, as said trustees, do hereby give notice that on Wednesday, the 8th day of September, 1909, at 12 clock noon or jnat aay, ai me auction sales rooms of Realty, Bonds and Finance Company. 1172 Broadway, In the city of Oakland, county of Alameda, State of California, we will sell at pudiic auction, to the highest bidder for cash In gold coin of the United States, the piece or parcel of land situate in the city of Oakland, county of Alameda, state of California, described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point on the southern line of Athol avenue, distant thereon westerly one hundred and fifty-five and 66-100 (166.66) feet from the intersection thereof with the western line of Newton avenue, as said avenues are shown on the map hereinafter referred to: running thence westerly along said Hneof Athol avenue thirty-seven and 8-10 (37.6) feet; thence at right angles southerly one hundred (100) feet; thence at right angles easterly thirty-seven and 6-10 (87.6) feet; thence at right angles northerly one hundred (100) feet to the place 0lBelngniotIo. 6, as said lot is delineated and so designated on that certain map entitled "Subdivision of Lots Nos. 11. 12, 13 an 14 in Liber Peralta. Heights, for J. filed December 7, 1904, in Liber 20 of Maps, page 2. in the office of the County Recorder of the said county of Alameda. vt.v nHti thu nnnurtenances. Terms of sale; Cash in gold coin of the United States; ten per cent payable to the undersigned on the fall of the hammers balance on delivery of deed and if not so paid, the said ten per cent to be forfeited and the sale to bevold. The said party of the third part named AaoA nf trout, his successors, as signs, heirs and representatives, or any fhr Tierson. purchase at the said sale. Acta, of sale at purchaser's ex- Dated August 17 1909. -CLARENCE REED, Trustee. ottttj nTCRfiEB. Trustee. oIa Trtaolr A d. Attorneys for Trustees, Union Savings Bank building, Oakland, cai. In the Superior Itourt of the State of California, in and for the County of Ala- In the matter estate of Charles Nelson, deceased. 5 1 99K noTlt iil No'tice of heariiii of petition for. sale of certain shares -5 capital stock. 1 Krnia ia hAre3 eiven that James Tyson has filed atiTietltlon in the above entitled Court anissroceedlng for an order of sale of 1600 shasars of the capital stock of the Charles tympany, a corporation by the efceeutor and executrix of the will and tate of said Charles Nelson to him. tJHe teald Jamfes Tyson, under and in accoljlance with the terms of a written agrefstwnt made and entered in hT the saiSCharles Nelson and James i Tyson, the llth day of March, A. D. tne compliance by said Tyson vAttt the terms of said contract and thteA agreement between him and the and executrix for such-, sale, and that tne heat-ins- of said petition has been net for the 20th day of September, A-D. 1909. at 10 o'clock A. in-the Court Room of fr.nt i nt sffj-i Court In the County I Court House in Th4 tty of Oakland, Ala-fmeda County, CaUffhia, at which time all persons In intere.may do present ana 1. v. a a -Witness my hanSiand the seal of said Court this 12tn aayfT August, a. jj. isuu. County Clerk ancfc Cleyk of said By 'W: W. CRANE, Deputy Clerk. a nNSON. "Attorney for Petitioner, Monadnock Building. San Francisco Cau 1 ANNTJAI MEETINO. The annual meeting of the King's Dane-liters of California Horns for In curables, will be held at the "Home," 3900 Broadway, Oakland, on Friday, thn tenth of September, 1909. at 2:30 p. for the purpose of electing directors and transacting such other business as MRS. MATILDA browv s' President. urns. EVA L. CORSON, SET OF TEETH at terday William Woodhead of the 8unset Magsctne was re-elected president Other One of the most brilliant affairs of the month will be the wedding of Miss Lydia Gibbons and Gustave Schaeffer, which Is be solemnized at the First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, this evening. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Gibbons and Is one of the most attractive girls In the younger set. She had not made her formal bow to so TL WI1C3I1 Wl till 1 Jl. gagement was made ciety when the announcement of her en- Mr. Schaeffer Is from Honolulu, where he has extensive business interests. Several hundred friends have been asked for the wedding ceremony, which to be followed by an elaborate reception and supper at the Hotel Fairmont. The bridal gown Is to be an exquisite crea-uon or ncn wnue satin aaornea witn f1 lace- Mrs- J- Charles Green, a suiter ot the bride, will be the matron of honor, "-nd will be attired in a pale green gown of dlrectolre satin. The only other at- tendant will be Miss Constance Cum- mlngs, who will wear a beautiful gown In green and white, which is the chosen color scheme for the wedding. The bride is to be given away by her father. Charles Gibbons. and Georre Brown of Honolulu will be the best man. NOHn UaK 3nQ HeStOenTS Uir culate Petition to Stop Removal The following petition, which already has the signatures of a hundred people. and which Is expected to contain at least flfty mo name8' be Pntod to ln ora oi iree HDrary trustees or thjs city next Tuesday: Gentlemen: We, the undersigned citizens and taxpayers residing in the neighborhood of te north Oak land reading room, would respectfully and do hereby vigorously protest against the proposal to remove the said reading room from its present location at the corner Of; Adeline and Thirty-fourth streets, to a new location situated on the east side San Pablo avenue, between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth streets, there- by taking it out of a thickly populated district where it has been" located for nearly a Quarter of a century, and placing it in a sparsely populated district surrounded, in its immediate vicinity by vacant build- lngs, some of which have their doors and windows boarded up, and within little more than a block of the town of Emeryville to the residents of which it would be more' accessible than to the residents of Oakland, who alone are taxed to support It, and we would further represent that in its present location it Is within little more than a block-of the Clawson public school and convenient of access to the pupils thereof, and also in addition to a publlo 1 Ire engine house within a block. There are three churches located within a radius of little more than a block of it. one of them costing in the neighborhood of fifty thou- sand dollars ($50,000) all of which bring large numbers of people to the vicinity and further show large population in the neighborhood, as well as the advisability of retaining It in the vicinity of Its present location the ejection. I am contemplating further action, and before I get through Stltts wil come to me and cpologlze for attacking hmy fitness as a minister." District Attorney Donahue, after hearing Rev. Glassford's story ''yesterday, told him the hardly warranted Stlts' arrest on a slander charge and advised him to seek redress in a civil suit PROTEST MOVING OF FREE LIBRARY MISS CONSTANCE CUM-MJNGS, Bridesmaid at Gib-bons-SchaeFer Wedding. 5 Moore Clarke, photo. The ushers will Include Carl Schaeffer, Milton William GlhbonK and Charles Gibbons, the last two brothers of the bride. A brief honeymoon Journey will be en Joyed through the southern part of the State, the couple to sail on the Man churia September 8 for Honolulu, where they are to make their future home. Miss Constance Cummlngs, the handsome bridesmaid, Is to become, a bride in January, her engagement to Ensign George G. Joerns of U. S. S. Colorado, being a recent Interesting announcement. Another member of the bridal party, George Brown, i will take a bride before the new His fiancee is Miss Minna Berger of Berkeley, who was formerly a resident of Honolulu. LOST UD WAS Somnambulism of Youngster Results in Frenzied Night Hunt SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27. Shrieks which a-svoke the members of the house hold of Mrs. J. McCarron at 135 Juniper street at 2.: 30 this morning was the cause of alarming the entire neighbor' hood and bringing distress to the family, who, for six hours, believed that Merrill McCarron, a nine-year-old boy, haa ben Kidnaped, and spent the time searching high and low for him. There are nine children in the McCarron family, Merrill being the young est, wnen a cry lor neip came in tne darkness of the night, Mrs. -McCarron and the. rest of her children arose to discern the cause ef the trouble. It was immediately discovered that Merrill was imisslng, and a hurried search was made for him in the back yard, the cellar, the garret, and arrfong the homes of neighbors, as well as the streets of the community. Police Join Quest Every police station in as well as the Emergency Hospital, were warned to be on the lookout for Merrill, who, of course, was attired only in his night clothing, and a squad of officers was detailed to aid in the hunt for him. "When the hours passed and the child was not found, Mrs. McCarron became hysterical, and finally collapsed utterly, believing that some one had stolen her boy away from her. Only one room in the hofne had been left, untouched in the A lodger had slept throughout the turmoil, and It had been thought best not to disturb him. He awoke at 8:30 and for a second time there was a startled cry, but it was a man's voice this time and a moment later little Merrill came running forth, crying "Mania, mama, who put me in the wrong roomT" The lad had been walking In his sleep and had Jumped into bed with the lodg4 sleplng soundly Until the morning. I t- HABEAS CORPUS IS DENIED TO A. W. MU1R SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 27. Superior Judge Cabaniss this morning dismissed the writ of habeas corpus in the case of A. I Mult, awaiting trial on two charges of embezzlement. Muir, it will be remembered, was arrested in Denver by Detective Sergeant Freel of this city after a sensational chase in automobiles. He is charged by John E. Moulten of embezzling funds In connection with the sale of some stock. Ho applied to the wu. v. Kiiraac uu uaueas corpus, nop- LODGER'S BED of.lreri were.rhoaen as follows: George Van Smith, Call, vice-presi dent. Harry T. Qulnn, Associated Press, sec retnry. John Burrows, Call, treasurer. W. J. Weymouth. Town Talk, librarian. William J. Ahem, Pacific Shoe Re- porter; J. H. Crothers, Bulletin; Charles Toung. Chronlcl: IT. A. French, Call: 8. Fred Hogue, Evening Post; W. Naughton, Examiner, directors. ARREST INDIAN C0R STEAL HARNESS SAN FRANCISCO. Ant. 27. Frank Bonnett. a well-known California Indian, who has been In trouble with the police on one previous occasion, was taken into NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PROVIN3 V-i WILL, ETC, In the Superior Court of- thsj Conntr of Alameda. State of California. In the matter of the estatewof Henry St. Clair weeiey, aeceasea. 1 -Notice tf time set or, proving- win etc. Notice is hereby Tetltlon for the probate of the will of Henry Clair Greeley, deceased, and for the issuance to L. A. Davis of letters testamentary thereon has been filed In this Court, and that Tuesday, the 7th day Of September, A. D. 1909, at 10 o'clock A. M- of said day. at the Courtroom of Department No. 4, of said Court, at the custody at his residence. 14 Woodward avenue, bv Detectives Burke and Gal- said County ot Alameda, has been set fnr -the hearing of said petition and -proving said will, when and where any- person interested may appear and contest the lagher, yesterday, and his name placed on the small book at the city prison. six weeks he has been emploved bv William duff ut the Duboe Stables. and during that period sets of harness nave been mysteriously disappearing. When the officers raided Bonnett's room ten sets of harness were found under the --bed." Me wasTharg'-d this morning with pmnq nreeny. rat.r1 A lie-list 21. 1909. JOHN Y. t'UUK, cierK.v By W. W. CRANE, Deputy Clerk. JAMES M. OLIVER. Attorney for tloner, 4 87-9 Monadnock San Fran- -clsco, Cal. tO Eo IQI The cause of all skin diseases can be traced to some humor or acid In blood; the cuticle Is always healthy where the circulation Is free from Impurities. When the blood is Infected with acrid or unhealthy matter it cannot perform its natural work of nourishing the skin, regulating its tern perature and preserving its normal softness, pliability and healthfulness. Instead It Irritates and inflames the delicate fibres -nd tissues around the pores and glands and produces some of the many forms of skin disease. The itching and stinging so often accompanying skin affections are produced ty the deposit from the blood of the acrid humors with which it is filled. Into the sensitive membranous flesh lying Just beneath the outer covering, nd surrounding the countless nerves, pores and glands. This explains why scratching the outer skin affords no relief from the itching and burning, i 8.8.8. cures Skin Diseases of every character by purifying the blood. It oes down Into the circulation and re mores the humors or adds which are i causing the trouble, builds up the weak, acrid blood, and permanently cures NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. BIDS FOR STEEL AND CONCRETE WORK YOUNO MEN'S CHRI8TIAN ASSOCIATION. Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received up to 4 o'clock p. m. of September 6th, 1909, at the office of the Secretary of the Young" Men's Christian Association, Maple Hall, Oakland, or -at the office of the Engineers, Room 72S First National Bank Building, San Francisco, for furnishing free on board cars Oakland, the-steel frame of the Young Men's Christian Association Building In Oakland. Bids will 'also be received at the same time and places for the concrete work on the same building. In the case of the concrete bids a certified check for one thousand dollars must accompany each bid. The owners reserve tho right to reject any or all bids and to award the contract as they see flL Plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the Secretary Oakland or at the office of the engineers in San Francisco THK OAKLAND YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. F. Li STARRETT, WM. C. HAYS, Architect. qallowaia-mabjcwartV very variety oi aitin anecuon. jLocai applications can only soothe; they Ttever cure because they ao not reach tn biooa. 3. 3. S. goes right into tne circa latlon, reaches the trouble and cures it by removing the cause. Book i1 My medical advice free to all who wxito. 0. guaranteed by Ocoood I ecordine. Secre ordamageaw- T1 SSBSBSSBBlsVs1Sa l-1

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