Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 27, 1907 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1907
Page 13
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nuuAY- nv:::nno. ULCHMnnPv 17, 1C37. Our Annual Discount Sale starts' tomorrow morning at eight a; m. We are determined to cloce out our entire Fall Stock by-fjivinc Liberal Discounts in every, department. This is not a sale of old shop,' worn goods, but a hoiy. fide clearance sale of all new and seasonable merchandise. - ; , 'A c"f"1 () 10.00 Men's Suits or Overcoats $12.50 Men's Suits or Overcoats $15.00 Men's Suits or Overcoats $17.50 Men's Suits or Overcoats $20.00 Men's Suits or Overcoats $25.00 Men's Suits or Overcoats V I r IM M I NOV DISCOUNT OFF NOW $ 7.59 DISCOUNT OFF - NOV 9.35 t . v - 11.25 13.10 15.(1!) 18.75 DISCOUNT OFF - DISCOUNT OFF - NOW DISCOUNT OFF - NOW DISCOUNT OFF - NOW Every man's suit and overcoat in our entire stock is included in this sale. We are also giving special discpunts in all other departments which insures you of a big saving on all your purchases. All odds and ends will be sold at half-price. M Washington Street corner Tenth ST illi' $1000.00 reward will be given any person who can prove that any article in our store has been re-marked for this sale. Yours honestly, MONEY-BACK SMITH. 5 y IS LEFT IN POOL Mystery Clothes Murder of Refined Looking Woman in New Jersey Town. I W T Miss Mary Dempsey, Leading Native Daughter, Near Death in Sutter Creek. NEW fOHK, Ieo. 17. Along th refuse-strewn shor of the Passaic rlv.r near Harrison, N. J., yesterday, the nude body of a nandotae-looking woman was found almost roiripteteiy auhrnergeil Iti pool of stagnant water. Who she wa. a hat aha n. how and In what manner th. woman met her death, are problems With which the police ar. grappling. Alt rlrcj n.t.nre ronslilreil. however. -' th.r. It "i .11 a sy-tklng similarity le-tweea this murder and the liotoriuua Jen-nim It4.-'ile- raw In Iitron a ilosii year, ago V.at the Ifcrrlnon polli e were" Inclined to ibe theory that the woman had been tit united, maltreated hy several' m.a and thru thrown f ue downward Into th. pool to ne. No mark of tolom-e miffii lent to have J raufled ,l?ntn wtr found on 'the body, and until County physirlan t'wnvcrne performs an nut iy tins caue of death will not bo known. SUSPECTS IN JAIL. Moanwniie iio men who were living; In a boathou about five hundred .inl from the ;not where the body wan found, have ben J.ti'ed us snsft. tlimmii It t admitted that there In absolutely no ivldem-e ith which to connect them with the nitre. Th. unfortunate Th-ttin of this Christ-ma. lay raaredy for It Is declared hy th. TiedtfaJ experts that she was dead only Iwttve, hour, when found win 3S yearn of age, with dark auburn hair and attractive features, and there are sufficient indirattons that she Was not a woman of tow tyr. Not the sort of a woman, far instance, who would frequent by choir the neighborhood in which her .bad body was digrovered rwr associate with the typ. of men who have been arrest d In the rase. Th. mont Important clew obtained was furnished tonight by f'.ter Coogan. a watchman employed by the. Marine En-Kin. Company, who recognised the body a. that of a woman whom h. had seen 'crossing he Meadows Iq company with a man early in th. day. loiter h. iw the man alone. He then carried a bundle In hi. arm.. Th. man was short and tout A nark on th. neck Indicated that strangulation was the manner f death. Scratches on the. lea-) and trunk and piece, of cinder forced Into the flesh showed that the body bad been dragged along a cinder path which skirts tha pond- Alma; this path the police picked tip a whit, silk waist slashed up the- back, a skirt and a pair of silk garters. 8 AS FRANCISCO. Dec. JT. Miss Mary fempey of thia city, for the paat five ARM V ENGINEERS TO VISIT COAST California Projects Will be Inspected and Report Made to Government. WA8IHNOTOV Dec. !7. The, board of consltiting of Colonels Lock wood an J years grand treasurer of th. Native lach and the .-r.i.r i h . r, Daughters of the (iolden West and one J"ve Was.iingDm January for tne of II.. boat k..... n .. ilf ,,- .Pacific cojist to inepect the projects about or the best known women or the Htate. is j which the wa department lrea fur-dying slowly at the iiora of her life-long ther In fornix il.rjl. The board will go to friend. MIsH Ijiura J. Fralrea. In Sutter ,eJl',"dro- w,,,rm r9 MH-ndlturea are Creek. "$lis Iempsey slipped and fell j Monterey will then be visited at th. from a r. Ii last Monday morning, sas- jffMUest of Congressmnn NVedham and . . . ,h profxwed breakwater project will be taining a fra'-tnr. of tha spin, and In-j gone Into again, in view of the favorable ternai luiiii !. f'liynlclans have been irerort made bythe local engineer. The trivin. ..ntiri...iv in ..... ,.. i, I arl will then visit 8tockton and 811 c - striting untlrtngl to aate her life, butjralrnto to look Into the plana for deep-the Imn.-pn are that the angel of death jening tha channel of the Clan Joaquin eh..rtly will claim the nohl woman. ; f "r' aV.uVnea'Vtralts10 ,wt " Ml Dempsey has long been in ill' Th-e project, have been strongly rec-health. and -..in weeks Ro site accepted "'"""'led. The board will not take Into , ... . , . consideration any t da lasuea. like drain- the Invltatl-.n of .Mi-. Frakea. grand eo- ,age or Irrigation, but will conalder the retary of the Native iHuightars. to spend . I'oJo ta from tiie standpoint of naviga-tha winter wilh her at her Sutter Creek 1 7he"!ocl engineer will be notified of nome sn iempscy was progressing eaci aaie or toe arrival of t;ie board at EIDSNOLD SOCIETY PLANS BIO FESTIVAL Th. Eisnold society will celebrate their traditional Norwegian Christmas festival Including th. heavily-laden ChrlstmM-trcfl "and family banquet tomorrow 4aing at KUnkner .Hall. MM. 6un Pablo avenue. Th. committee In charge. 3. Kringlen. J. Conrad. F. Carlson andl O. Toensith. hav. eompleti ar-nng.men:. In .ecurlng a first-clas. or-gbeftra. Besides T.Jtrtc. songs and speech., will la heard, fotlcwed by a danc. An .n-syabl ;lm. Is anticipated. Takes make good COFFEE two things to tr ti couee: i) good coffee; (2) the know-how Tour grocer returns mur rncney Jf yoa 4an t SchiUii'g s J!ct; . ay him. favorably till the accident last monday. FALLS FRIT PORCH. MIsk Detnp.-ey arose early In the morning and stepped out on the porch fronting her'rot.m A heavy frost th. night before fofioed an Icy surface on the boards and ill it liempeey slipped and fell to th. grogpd. a distance of 2S feet, F..r more than an hour ah. lay on th. fion-n eartl' In an unconscious condition. Failing to find Miss Dempsey In her room. Mis Frakes mad. a hurried soarch. discovering her unfortunate friend where she Hal fallen. Miss Itempsey ha. been Identified with th. work of the Native Daughters for many yeasa- Ph. Is a charter member of Minerva Parlor, No. I, of this city and hi been a familiar flgur. at the annual gatherings of the order for years. Mis. fiempsey Is beloved by all who know ber for her kind and genial manner, and I. regarded as one of the most efficient officers that th. far-famed order ever trusted with an Important post. i points and It Is eipected that ," niirirwi i.ivii in me pru- ect and that arguments to the board on the ground will be made. varolii the pii MARRIED EIGHT DAYS; WANTS HUSBAND JAILED ai tne request 01 Mrs. Ma. Me well, who says she was married only sight days ago, Mtrlct Attorney Brown has Issued a warrant for th. arrest of Jer-lat N.W.U. :i.r husband, because of hit rallure to support her. Mrs. Newell aaid that her hurband was a railroad man, earning a good salary. EXPERT DECLARES TS C Napa County Grand Jury. Reports Hints at Graft in Road Construction. NAPA. Dec. I The grand Jury of Napa county for lo7 completed Its labors yesterday and submitted a report on the offices and general affairs of the county. In this report' Espert E. 3. Drnssel says that the assessment book, of t.ie county arc In bad shape, having been poorly kept and a.towing. discrepancies in computation, and total.. Drus-el also says that the books and records of the former superintendent of schools. Miss Ames, mow mistake In figures and totals. The records of tha county clerk, treasurer an sheriff wer. found to be In good condition. 'Tha jury urged that more attention be given to the construction and care of roads In the county, and said that a large part of t:ie gravel used the past year was worthless, it I. also said t'nat the law which requires the county physician to visit tha county bonpital three times each week should be carefully observed, and urged that the Illegal sal. of liquor near de veteran.' horn, should be vigorously prosecuted. . , Stops Itching Instantly. Cures piles, csetna. salt rheum, tetter. Itch, hives, 'terps. scabies Down's OlnUnenL At srr drna store. for men who toil Levi Strauss & Cos Overalb th. most dependable ( sasa la th world at ru-e4 sstscte to. kind tkat wear lor work. DEMOCRATS SECURE DENVER HEADQUARTERS DENAER. Col., Dec Sy.-eTh. headquarters of tb. Democratic National Convention " ill be at th. Brown Palac. Hotel, which has registered a request from Chtlrman Tom Taggart of th. committee, through Secretary Mills of th. convmtl m league of Denv.r. to, reserve fifty additional rooms, beside those already reserved. As soen as those reservations .re mad., th. other hotels will begin to make reservations for th. convention. REFUSE TO DISMISS ; NON-UNION WORKERS BUTTE. Mont., Dec. tT. Th.ro will b. no settle-nenfof th trouble between th. Rocky Miantaln bell Telephone Company and th. unions of Butte. If that settlement carries with It an agreement that the company Is to dismiss th. non-union men and wotren bow In Us employ. It Is stated th. company I. willing to reinstate all of th. unloa employes who went on ttrika. , , 0 n J EXPECT LIVELY TILT AT COUNCIL MEETING ALAMEDA. Dec. n. Th. "Council meets tonight In committee session. The meeting will be the first regular committee s Vn since Mayor T lr vetoed th bill for the purchase of th. Dunn and Taylor tracts; and as It ia customary to tiiMruwi the veto at th commit tt. meetii.c-s there may be a lively t-l tie tweea some of tha numbers ABSOLUTE SECURITY. Genuine Carter's Little Liver Pills. Must Bear Signature of oa Fao-Sisall. Wrapper Tag? aaaan aa a. totakaas rei B!rz:xc4 rci iiussscitta FCl TCS7I3 LIYI3. rci ccsniPATi:a -rcitiutwsci. ft" I arerr Tetretal)r CARTERS ) CttPe ieir Mr AOACHE. WATCH rOR Cullignn's Honey ueurmg unlloon Bant up January t at a. m. m WATCH CONTRACTED DISORDERS If la an undeniable fact that ssven out of ten of th case, of "weak- ness" com. from .om. neglects or badly treated ess of oonorrohea. Unless THE BEST TREATMENT Is fllv.n a. soon as tne trouble Is 01.-covw.d, that chronic condition known a. gi.t Is e.rtaln to onsuo. This means WASTE, vfoHowed by LOST MANHOOD, and then n.n. of the orest vital functions ac ever quit satisfactorily; perform.. f yeu coma to u. wo will treat you in a way that will promptly cur th troubl. and restore you to full manly strength and vigor, Dont Be f.Ifeied By CH EHP CURE "Ba:ts,' IF you Sr. gUTTarlnq from any PRIVATE DISEASE, and you wish to got WELL, you must AVOID MUSEUM DOCTORS OR ELEL. TRICITY FAKERS as you would AVOID certain death. ITAIvF fVOTIPF WE positively guarantee to euro Acut or Chroni oonorrnooa. Qieet and wa will wait foe our fee. and Oiecharoes In SEVEN DAYS. TH ESE AILM ENTS are th tumbling blocks of the profession and men aro troa td for years without success. Wo mak cur, in so days, which tn. avcraq physicians rcraq physicians consider imnooaiblo. Our staff Is ompo.d of AmtHei'i moat distinguished university specialists, sen ono of whom Is an honor to th profession and community. W. do not dM.lv. men or trill with human lif. All consultations and advice hi absolutely free of cHaro and i strictly prtvst and confidential. OUR FEES ou A bT l TVNT O CU P.V VOUTh'aTF IPEfTAWE WaI IN WE POSITIVELY CUARANTEE TOCUHt EVERY CASE WEilEHIAKE MID YOU PHY VJHEii cunzn ' WE CURE JW"t,r, tfr!" SS. .peeenstorrbea. kid-f rf WiVi-t ay. bladder, dribbling urine or peoitatts trouble, aceta Or chronic ghonarrrta. .yphilis oe contracted blood diseases, gleet, stricture varicocele, hydrocele, swelling rupture, ulcers, sres, skin diseases or any Other troubl. some long (Undlng. deeo-satd dW.waso. - m r Writ If you cannot calk Our system of hoea treatment Is stwayg CER TAIN and most successful. AH correspondence saerodly conffdentisl. Eaamlnation and Advice Absolutely Fre of CHargo and Strictly Prlvata. HOURS: S A. Mta P. M. tUNDAYS. S A. M. to S P. M. tiiz u;:ited enycicLins enj sur.::o:is 51723rd Si. "" ie . I , . 4 1 f) f-n Fr'rr!'?o OfHt 713 Vn V A - Km) Fillings $1 Gold Crowns $5 (Th. regular 110.00 kind J PAINLE8 EX PACTION OF TEETH MY SPECIALTY. If you want good listing dentistry, tho kind you ran depend on. glvo m. a call. All work guaranteed. DR. W. N. WATKINS, Tho Painless D.ntlst, 101 Washington St.. Oppo.it Hale' a All BRANDS Or TH BEST WHISKIES TboE.F. THAYER CO. 007 Bmoattwmy, Omktmnd DR. lOM WAI lOHQ Sit Clay Oaklead. Cat. Pear Sir: Aft svt. rsiere. trass a ImM vaoacap foe ) i. " I at vltbmif betng bl J say rvltrf. , ,4 rlfla mmmii m t i a s aad o sesalt aras tkat t sisUSy pe4 lif sfter low ki trt-Snt. taerefurs nnm-y as s ssii'fnl phi 1'ln la tb Iminnl f SerToo hroSarM rnm ky reyeatMl comI; ry stacctely years. CUSS. W litithJlS. Commercial Printing at THE TRIBUNE'S job office. Eighth tnd Franklin streets. WE AH MEN PR. tlat-L't BBIXYiarftATOII stop U Ipiss ta It boars. To. nil feel a ImproveaMmt tmm the trt Km. V ami tvaS'trnr I ear tr(inrtit tt raal. tyly I IVB ftl lKEI rwrj for Sny CSM cannot ear. Tats srrt reai' r t Kultri. ShrmnVr Uifan. rur... Imp") vary. Vartrarat. Irraiaiw-j Strtrtan. Klduvra. Lost aab.al. lraiaa In the Irtu ana il wtht frrrlbi at- . In( egn-ts of vrmrs of youth or etceaa; f 1 p. r buttl; tares Bvtllp S5. Uuusntnd to ear rarable raw. Try It. Ana Ilka mttir. t t er artrea IUII S MRDICAL l.STHH, k . hrcailaay. Oakland, (al. Offir kuura. t a. St.-to p. . BuiKias. t t. a. It I f. a GUARANTEED CURE. War suffer when r.iirf at hand? Trv DR. LEM (Hi- . NESE TEA and HEPj specialist ? Prsna t street, cor. EUhtn, Oskln,4, Cal. Chronic dleii. Stomach. Catarrh, hrrvous. Bkln. Rheun-atiam, kiln.. Asthma, Weakness, iti, Liver, remale ComrlaluL Alarrecoua eure be sue herns through blood circulation. T-tlmonlala on Bio from best r.ltuna. w p"',iaa f :. t . . : I f V. 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