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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE OCTOBER 27, 1903. (i3 r3 I 1 ill Z3 JL UUUL-i LZ3 IMPROVEMENT; SHOWN BY NEW STRUCTURES Nearly Six Hundred Rooms Added to the Sheltering Capacity of Oakland This Week STILL ANOTHER HOTEL DESIGNED MODERN BUSINESS BLOCK GOING UP ON CLAY STREET 4 1. 1 Building and Loan Associations to Merge and Operate; in Model Structure. TO ACCOMMODATE Nfewi RESIDENTS SATURDAY EVENINO, "3 'HI 111 11 MM mmiiiiiiit 1 4 --k 4 street, 20 feet north of Alcatras avenue; $1200. The latest improvement contemplat- i ed for Clay street is an eight-story business structure, which will be as ornate as any' In this city.

In fact, the work of construction has already practically been commenced and will be rushed forward as rapidly, as pos thus be able to carry on a two-fold business with the expense of but a single corporation. The cost of the structure will $60,000. Workmen are at the present time clearing the property preparatory to -digging the foundation of the new structure. The officers-, of the corporations -v v. -n'r-w i TL HTr radE jcfcr? vi 1 r- r-iiM I Fl sjs)MllsjsseMWslMlU3HMIssNB I The oumbr of permit Issued this WMk by the Board fPublio Works for repair to old structures and the construction of new toulldlngs'was 111 and the cost of the proposed Improvements will bo This la not so great as was that of last week, but It Is of a satisfactory character when ths condition of the labof world Is takep Into There Is noNdoubt that tha increase In the wares of killed workmen which was demanded after the settlement of the lockout of the mill men has had a deterrent effect on some people who had contemplated new struct urea The decision of the mill-owners to Increase the price of thing which they' send, out of their mills has addejl to tha feeling of uneasiness- of those who had Intended making Improvements of a permanent character.

(-, EVENTUAL ADJUSTMENT which are behind this enterprise are as follows: Alameda Building and Loan. Association C. C. Volberg, pres Ident; EL.C. Hicks, vice-president; P.

Hoag, secretary; H. L. Cruger, as slstant secretary; Daniel Myer, treas urer; J. B. BJchardson, -attorney.

The directors are Tyrrel, Henry Danker; Hoag, Henry Mohns, D. Muller; H. C. Hacke. Dr.

W. O. Smith, C. "Volberg and Frederick H. Clark.

Horn Security Loan Society W. Klnsey, -president Volberg, vlce-presldentji Charles P. Hoag, secretary; J. -Richardson, attorney; Daniel Myer; -treasurer; directors, S. Burpee.

CJ C. Volberg, C. W. Klnsey, Muller, J. Tyrrel, M.

W. Upton, Frederick H. Clark and 22. Palmer. At the next meeting, which will held early -next week, a design for tha -new structure will be decided upoa -'-and there Is no doubt that the building which built In accordance with Its requirements will be an orna mert, not only; to.

that section of Oak land, but also to the, business struct tures of this city. Hotel Avalon Which Is Beinc Constructed by Dr; T. Stratton on Telegraph Beautiful Hostelry of California flarble and Australian Wood in the Course of Construction at Present Telegraph Avenue. of very light floor Joists, girders on The above Illustration Is of a three- story structure to be known as the Hotel Avalon, which' Is now In course of construction east side bf Telegraph avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets. It represents the enterprise of Dr.

R. F. Stratton, the well-known physician of this city, who will be, the owner. The building will contain four stores on the ground floor. The second tfnd thjrd floors wjlll contain fifty rooms and twelve0 baths.

Each room will be provided with a cipset and hot and cold water. The structure Is eo arranged that the rooms Will all bungalow, north "line of Thirtieth. street. 800 feet west of Telegraph ave nue: $3500. William A.

Johnson, one-story five room cottage, north line Fifty-sixth it street, 35 feet of Market street; $2100." W. Aaronhalt, one-story i four- room cottage, north line of Arlingtoa-. avenue 564 feet weet of Adeline C. one-story five-room cot tage, north line Merchant street, "200 feet west of Grove street; $2000. -'s uscar Olsen, one-story six-room HEALTHY CONDITION OF OAKLAND'S RETAIL TRADE cottage, west line of Howe street, 830 -A feetiHorth of John street; $2000." sible.

The plans have-not as yet been finally adopted, the choice has narrowed down to one of two designs, both of which have been drawn on the same lines and area as supplied by the ground space. LOAN HEADQUARTERS. The building will be the joint home of the Alameda Building and Loan Association and of the Home Security Loan Society, It will be constructed at the Jlbrth west corner of Clay and Sixteenth streets and will have a frontage on both of those thorough fares. It will be what Is technically. known as Class steel frame and stone The ground floor will be devoted to and the upper stories will be utilized for apartment purposes.

These wiU be reached with an electric elevator. There -will be one store on Clay street, and another on Sixteenth street. The room at the corner of those streets will be reserved for the joint occupancy of the asso- clatlons mentioned as a banking room. It Is likely that these two organ' izatlons, which are of a kindred char acter, will be merged into one, and son street, 62 feet north of Second street; $1800. Fites one-story five room cottage, west, line Shattuck" avenue, 51 feet south of Fifty-sixth; $2000.

M. N. Gerald, reshlngllng, 360 East Sixteenth street; $50. H. Eliason, reshlngllng, 752 Sixteenth street; $160.

D. S. Richardson, one-story -two-room cottage, north line Thirty-first street, 170 feet west of vSummlt $400. Wm. G.

Barrett, alterations and repairs, 505 Vernon street; $500. O. E. Rush, addition, 478 Moss avenue; $75. Cavasso, 16 story barn, east line Adeline street, 179 feet south of Seventh street; $450.

John J. Fosen, alterations, 1002 Twenty-eighth street; $170. Eva Howard, repairs, 460 Fifth street; $35. J. 1 Lincoln Derrick; addition, 865 Union street; Chas.

Granholt, -story two-room barn, north -line Stanford avenue, 450 feet east of San Pablo avenue; $150. Mary F. Cruz, alterations and repairs, Hollis street; $300. C. H.

Carson, repairs, 817 Brush street; $25. Lem Sam, alterations, 254 Second street; $100. Sato Toshimltou, two-story barn, south line Twenty-sixth street, 4 120 feet west of Broadway; $400. A. Bayley, addition, 1317 Castro street; $400.

S. H. Johnson, one-story five-room cottage, east line Linden street, 30 feet north of Thirtieth; $1500. W. T.

Hurley, alterations and repairs, 145. Chestnut street; $300. C. W. Lambert, one-story shed, south line of Flrty-fourth street, 150 feet west of Shattuck avenue; $35.

Episcopal Church Advent, repairs, southeast corner East Sixteenth street and Twelfth avenue; $65. Mrs. J. E. Nichols, repairs, north east corner East Twenty-third street and Ninth -avenue; $100.

J. one-story shed, 966 Fifty-fourth street (rear) $100. E. G. Bus well, one-story corrugated iron warehouse, south line of East Eleventh street, 60 feet east of Eleventh avenue; $500.

H. V. BlasdeL two-story seven-room dwelling, east line of Summit street, 50 feet south of Orchard; $3980: JP. Cicero, one-story four-room? cottage, 1414 East Eleventh street; $400. J.

B. one-story seven-room H. G. Henningsen, one-story, room cottage, north line Spring 400 feet east of Piedmont -avenue; $1000. i Herchants Keep Chas.

F. B. Roeth, -l -story six- room dwelling, 1D7 Eleth avenue; $650. S. Shlmojo, alterations, 810 Second street; $100.

Cbaa. Elen, one-story bake shop. north line of Twenty-sixth street. 120 feet west of Grove street; $250. i Jas.

Wood, one-story three-room cot- tage. south line of Warder 200 feet east of Park $400. George T. Trowbridge, two one- story four-room cottages, 280 feet and 256 feet of Alcatrax- avenue; $1200 each. Mrs.

M. Buchenery, portable house, west line Montgomery streets 100 feet north of Howard; $200. A. Johnson, one-story five-room cot tags, south line street, feet east of Genoa street; $1900, Wm. Bonnet, two-story ten-room store and flat, west line of Telegraph avenue, 100 feet north of Thirty-eighth street; $4000 A.

Johnson, one-story five-room cottage, south line of Fifty-fourth street, feet east of Genoa; $1900. I A. Johnson, one-story five-room cottage, south line of Genoa street, 105 feet east of Fifty-fourth; $1900. Jas. F.

Ford, one-story three-room cottage, east line James street, 125 feet south of Hudson; $900. Jack Schrlner, one-story three-room cottage, north line Fifty-ninth feet west of San. Pablo avenue; $1000. TK T. Curtis, reshlngllng.

126 Ninth street; $250. W. E. Frost, one-story four-room bungalow, north line of East Twenty-fourth street, 120 feet east of Thirteenth avenue; $200. T.

S. Hardy, alterations, south Ime Twenty-ninth street, 150 feet east of Broadway; $30. S. Splolua, alterations, 4S6 San Pablo avenue; $150. EL S.

Bennlng, two-story eight room store and, flat, southwest corner Thirty-seventh and' Grove streets; $2800. A. S. Comstock, two-story eight-room dwelling, south line Aileen street, 155 feet east of Dover; $2000. Mrs.

Ai. raui, alterations and re pairs, south line of Twenty-second street, 100 feet east of Telegraph ave nue; $300. George Van Haltren, two-story nine room flats, south line of Merrlmao street. 850 feet west of Telegraph avenue; $3525. R.

Readell, one-story five-room cottage, north line of Fifty-fourth street, 200 feet east of Park; $1200. J. J. Scbmltt, two-story seven-room dwelling, southwest corner of Fifty- first and Cherry streets; $1500.. Ah Llm, alterations, 855 Webster street; $50.

R. Cuthbert, one-story four-room cottage, east line Vallejo street, 12Q feet south of Sixty-first; $1000. F. Pedersen, one-story five-room cot tage, east line of Hersog street, 85 feet south of Sixty-third $1800.. C.

E. Lambing, one-story two-room shack, east line of Lewis street, 177J feet north of Hopkins (rear) $200., John Collins, one-story shed, south line of Fifty-seventh street, 840 feet west of Grove street; $50 F. Peters, alterations, 185 Helen street; $175. T. Landregan, ne- story shed, south line Stanford 80 feet west of Adeline street; $85.

A. Copeland, one-story shed, 618 East Seventeenth street (rear); $50. O. F. Short, two-story ten-room flat northwest corner Fifth and Pine streets; $3285.

B. Cook, two-story -eleven-room dwelling, southeast corner Bayo Vista and Walaworth avenues; $5900. ura, W. j. firaay, one-story nve- room cottage, south line Polrler street.

400 feet east of Dover; $2800. W. 8. Gray, two-story eleven-room flats, west line Chestnut street, 160 feet north "of Twenty-eighth street; $1900. R.

P. M. Greeley, alterations, north VA HEALTHFUL. 1 Markets arid Supply Patrons With Latest Novelties P. Lanse, two-story forty-one room rooming house, "north line Seventh street, 125 feet west of Webster; C.

Helm, alterations, 661 Sixth street; $70. Jacob addition to barn. south Jifte East -Fourteenth street, 109 feet east of Sixteenth avenue (rear); $160. This was to haveebeen expected and, for a few weeks, perhaps, there will bo but slight change In the situation. Eventually there will be an adjustment "of the difficulties between the employer nil the employe, and the march of Improvement of Oakland will be re sitmed.

gratifying feature of the showing jji wmk is ma xact xnai xno nscei-y for more homes Is made apparent to people with money and that, as a confluence, forty-five places of abode have been provided for. Some of those places are apartment and rooming houses, containing many rooms. One of those rooming places will contain 41, another 45, and a third as many as 111 apartments. The total number of rooms which will be supplied In this manner will be 637Vj This will give shelter to a large number of people, and aid to a degree in relieving the congested condition in the matter of homes for the constantly Increasing population of this city. ELEMENTS PROGRESS.

Besides tha homes, other elements of development hay been satisfactorily provided In the way of stores, factories, bakeries and warehouses. It Is significant that some of the firms from Ban Francisco which were-driven here by the disaster on the other side, of the bay are, at this late day, constructing warehouses and enlarging the fac tories which they were compelled to erect here after loss on the San Fran Cisco side. This speaka volumes be cause It shows that, after having had experience of six months In the con duct of their business In this city they have concluded to remain here. IMPROVEMENTS IN DETAIL. The new buildings and other lm (provements as shown by the permits Issued by the Board of Public Works as compiled for THE TRIBUNE by Walter Fawcett Jt that board, are as viViows: Vf BenerettL one-story four-room cottage, east line of Center street, 75 feet north of Tenth street; $1200.

Quong Chong, alterations, 854 "Web ster 'street; $200. John Maisano, one-ltory barber shop, southwest corner East Twenty-first street and Twenty-first avenue; $200. George Robins, one-story shed, 622 Seventeenth street (rear); $95. Mrs. A.

Santo, alterations and addl- tlons. 808 street; $200. S. Walters, new store front, $28 Broadway; $400. C.

Namany, wagon shed, west line of Shattuck avenue, 60 feet north of Al catras avenue; $200. XL B. Anderson, one-story three-room cottage, west line Oakland avenue, 80 feet south of Moss avenue; $998. V- Frank J. Wilson, alterations and repairs, 1064 Franklin street; $200.

J. 8. Meyers, alterations, west line Harrison street, BO feet north of Seventh; twoo. F. XX one-story shed, 1444 Ninth avenue (In rear); $80.

Thomas Fltxpatrtck, alterations and repairs, 815 Filbert street; $150. George Tv one-story four-room cottage, west line of Essex IS) JU um 95 600 of of J. W. Bird, alterations 429 Pour -teenth street; $50. EC A PITU LAT1 ON." 7 Permits Valu Four-story frame 'lodging (WILBER WALKER, In Overland The retail trade of.

Oakland is, at fhe present time, in a very healthy condi tion. I When -the retail merchants were com pelled to rely on Pacific coast Jobbers for tnelr supplies. It was very difficult, in fact, almost impossible, to keep up the ssortment needed to do a soccestnui iuslness. At present many of. the leading retail houses keep Eastern buyers busy most of the time, and novelties, as well as standard goods, are put upon the Oakland market at the earliest possible moment after their production.

In dry. goods, clothing, shoes, furnishing goods, carpets, furniture, hardware, crockery and many other lines. Oakland may well oe proud of the stocks shown to prospective purchasers. vr At the present time, more than a quar ter of a million people purchase a portion or all of their supplies In Oakland and it is no small task to cater to toe wants of such a large number of buyers. RETAILERS EQUAL, TO But the retail I merchants of our city are equal to the task, even when the population of our section has been almost or quite doubled during the last three montns.

scores of purchasers) of Ban Francisco have supplied their iieeds In Oakland since the San Francisco fire, and we believe have been well saUsfled under tho circumstances. The retail merchants of Oakland rely on quality and price to eeu their roods, and do not take kindly to 1 trading stamps, coupons, fake premiums and other devices used in some localities to make the people believe they are getting something for For many years the trading stamp erase be external and have abundance of light, sun and air. 4 )4 The stairs and halls will be spacious and conveniently located. A hot water system will be Installed to heat the building. The first-story, front and entrance hall will be finished in marble, with bronze trimming.

The doors and work of the store fronts be of Australian bean wood. The upper floors will be supported ty trussed girders, braced and bolted to the posts, making the building perfectly rigid. These specially designed trussed girders make possible the use Buyers in Eastern has beeiy conspicuous by its absence. Agreements among the different lines of merchants have kept the city free xrom this objectionable parasite. BELIEVE IN ADVERTISING.

The retail merchants of Oakland be lieve in advertising of a legitimate nature, and are generous patrons of tne local press other genuine methods of making known to the public stock prices and qualities. A perusal of the local papers will show that our merohants believe In the Judicious -use of printer's Ink. The retail merchants have also been able by mutual agreement to rid the city of program advertising, which is advertising In name only, without any benefit perceptible to the advertiser. Most of the retail merchants are members of the local organization, the Merchants' Exchange, and are thus kept in touch with each other. In this way the local conditions are kept In view and much needless competition, is avoided.

This is the day of organization, and any person who thinks he can be In a class by himself will soon find out his mistake. COMMERCIAL CENTER. Oakland as a commercial center has a bright outlook. Its manufacturing Industries are increasing by leaps and bounds. Its third transcontinental railroad Is earing completion.

As -a center of a large and constantly increasing population, ts retail trade must constantly increase. 1 If the people of the eastern shore of Ban Francisco bay will give local support' to their merchants, there will be no doubt of the development of the retail trade or uauana. cottage, north line of Twenty-first street, 25 feet east of Curtis; $1850. H. S.

Munsen, one-story four-room cottage, north line of East Fifteenth street, 150 feet east of Twenty-second avenue; $1600. M. Levey, two-story, fourteen-room stores and flats, 1206 Seventh street; $3000. French American Bank, Addition 615 Broadway; $125. Lee On, alterations, 262 Second street; $80.

Kg. Nom, 671 Harrison street: $50. Belden Building 'and Investment Co, Guaranteed Liquor Cure We would not under any- circumstances endorse a -remedy for the cure of tho drink habit until we had absolutely satisfied ourselves-that it did an it claimed. Orrine is the only cure for the drink habit that we know of, and the only one that we ever knew of that had enough merit to be sold under a positive guarantee- to refund the money if it does not cure. It -has stood the test of years of Use and we know of many whom it has cured of the drink The guarantee given with each package thoroughly protects the Or-rine is in two forms: No.

1 for secret use and No. 2 for those who wished to cured. $1 a box. JTil orders fi pi. Orr.r.

D. C. forming handsome beam ceilings In the stores, Blmllar to the ceiling in the Forum cafe." designed by the same architect. The upper floors have been leased for a term of years to William Harfst, formerly 'proprietor of Hotel Merrltt, In this city. The contract for the construction of this hotel has been let: to Robert Knox and the work has already been commenced.

The cost will be $33,000. The building was designed by Architect Fred Soderberg, Union Savings Bank buttdmg. -ft? PRETTY Electrolier System of Street Lighting In Favor With Merchants. 'ALAMEDA, Oct. 27.

Buildings Which were tied up by recent strikes when it was Impossible to secure material are now advancing toward completion since the settlement of the strike. In every section of the city buildings are springing up and despite the high price for material. Possibly the most Interesting news of the realty market of the week Is a plan being advocated by the improvement clubs and the realty -dealers. Heretofore no account has been kept on the buildings under construction in, this city. Other cities have an ordinance making it necessary to secure a permit describing the building, the cost of construction and the location of the same before the contractor Is allowed to commence work.

The only method used in Alameda has been, to give a permit for the plumbing to be done in the house. BUILDING PERMIT ORDINANCE. The agitation now to adopt an ordinance similar to that in force in' Oakland on the subject. This would malte it possible to keep a record of all buildings hereafter to be constructed in the city. The matter is to be brought to the attention of the trustees and at the solicitation of the contractors and real estate men will, 7 no doubt, be adopted.

The plan of the merchants along i-anc street to illuminate the. main business street with electroliers, like those provided for in Oakland, lg meet ing with the Hearty commendation of tho residents. The plan of lighting wouia incraae eignt lamps to one block The lights would extend from Lincoln to Enolnal avenue. Meetings are to be held during the coming week and on Friday night a committee is to wait on the city trustees and request their support in the movemenL Twenty merchants have to time signified their intention of installing the artistic lamps. one-story four-room cottage, north line Athens street, 166 feet East of Market, $1950.

Woman's Exchange, alterations, 534 Fourteenth street; $100. Surbridge, alterations, porth-west corner Eleventh and Clay streets, Jackson-Furniture Company, one-story warehouse, south line Thirty-first street, '150 feet west of First street; $2fJO0. TL Abrahamson, alterations, 867869 Twelfth street; $100. Red Cross Drug alterations, 460 Seventh street; Mrs. A.

M. Markham, one-story four-room snack, 750 Twenty-third street (rear); y-. Mrs. J. Poulsen, alterations, 148 Hannah street; $300.

Bekln's Van and Storage Co, addition, southeast: corner Twenty-fourth and Market streets; $150. 4i J. IL Valerga, one-story three-room south line Thirty-eighth street, 129 feet east of Grove (rear); $125. Thos. E.

E. Holt, one-story five-room cottage, north line Sixty-seventh street, 105 feet west of JIabel; $3:0. 11 IPS house Stores and lodgings Stores and Bats Warehouses Flats, two-story. two-story Dwellings, two-story 4,009 4,009 14,800 3,300. 22,519 44,620 2.145 Dwellings, one-story ..83 Sheds, stables, workshops, etc Repairs, alterations and v- additions 46 Totals i .112 $128,261 REPORT BY WARD8.

Permits ..34 Second .20 L. 7 Fifth r.20 Value $50,595 31.550 345 "16,200 9,975 1 12.508 line Fifty-eighth street, 800 feet east of Park; i'XS. Mrs. M. Schneider, reshlngllng roof, 668 Fifth street; 158.

Edw. M. Walsh, alterations, 98 Monte Vista avenue; $350. F. T.

Malley, two-story eleven-room flats, west line Grove street, 30 feet north of Thirtieth; 30M. F. T. Malley, two-stcry eleven-room flats, west line Grove street, .60 feet north of Thirtieth; $3000. I G.

Meyer, four-story forty-flve-room rooming house, north line Twelfth street, 10 feet east of Grove street; $12.000. F. T. Malley, two-story eleven-room flats, northwest' corner Grove and Thirtieth "streets; $4000. Ong Leon, alterations, 264 Second street; $20.

J. A. Clanciarulo, two-story thlrteen-room stores and rooming bouse, 259 Twelfth street; $3500. i Grace Bullard (trust) two-story eleven-room flats, south line of Sixty-second street, 100 feet west of Racine street; $3800. i Fong Hlng, alterations, 3S7 Eighth street; H.

fvs Seventh 14 .112 Excursion to Ukiah On( Sunday, Oct. 28. Only $2.00 for the round trip. Each ticket sold insures a seat. Tickets now on sale at' Tiburon Ferry, San Francisco.

tt Ca xian When To" Drink Beer. When you can get It free from all possessing a perfect Ca- vor and proeerly aged. 1 BUFFALO BOHEMIAN LAGER-BEER possesses all these qualities and Is superior to: any beer In the market. We deliver anywhere In the city same day as ordered, Try it today, Delicious; satisfying. "HArtSSn ISAHLEEl Vholcsomo Ponder PURE AND Alameda County Agents.

c. z. ti v..

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