The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1891
Page 4
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and of mm, CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, GOIWO W*»T. No. 1 passenger ...................... e-.oaam No. 8 paisenger ...................... 4 :37 p m No. oil-eight . ........................ , 7 , !l A am No. iswayfrelght ................ 1 } : . 4 ,? am No. 6 freight .......................... 8:17 p m OOIWO BABT. No. 2 passenger ...................... 10:29 am No. 4 passenger ................... 0:30pm No 10 way freight ................... 14:16* m No. Hfrefgut ......................... 2:30 pro No. Sfrelght ....................... . .10:85 pm Chicago & Northwestern Il'y. GOING NOBTH AND WKBT. Freight accommodation .............. o :55 a m Chicago Mall and Express ........... 4 :05 p m GOING SOUTH AN1> EAST. Freight accommodation ............. 7 :35 p m Chicago Mail and Express ............ 12 :20 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Moines at 7 p.m., Chicago 6:50 a. m., and Kansas City 9 :3fl a. m. Tickets for sale to all points In the United States and Canada, PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, B. J. DANSON. W. C. HANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Ofilce Over Oomstock's. B. F. REED, A TTORNEY- AT-LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office in the Galbraith block, ALGOKA IOWA, April 22,1891, LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES, JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON, ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. w. E. n. MOUSE. j, M. PRIDE. MORSE & PRIDE. ALCONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., P B Y81CIAN and SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, Office in the Republican building. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions niled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets Algona.Iowa. E. E. Sayers, D. V, M., Yeterinary Physician s Surgeon B?~Offlce west of the Thorington House, Algonajowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his barn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. For Information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. ABSTRACTS. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona Iowa. F. E. FOSTER, IB .A. IK IB IE IB! Opposite Court House, Algona, Iowa. first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa, Seeding progresses. Notice our county tbis week. correspondence Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W.U. INGHAM, President. J. B. JONES, Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Directiors—W. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith J B. Jones.!. Cbrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. Wi Wadsworth. Baruet Devine. ANDREW SEASTREAM, Carpenter ^ Builder "Work done by contract or by day. See him Before letting your work. Shop on east State street, opposite McNail's blacksmith shop, Algona, Iowa. 26-32 TO BE SUEE ! WE HAVE ON HAND Warranty Dsed blanks P aVoo Quit Claim Deed blanks '.'.'. l 00 Lease blanks i m Beal Hi rate Mortgage blanks '..'.'.'.'. i oo Chattel Mortgage blanks 60c @ 1 oo Satisfaction of Mortgage blanks T i oo Original Notice blanks 50c ® l oo Teacher's Contract blanks 1 oo Teacher's Report blanks l oo Teacher's Term Report Cards i oo Land Contract blanks l 00 Contract for Building School House blanks i oo Motive of Trial blanks so Probate of Will blanks 60 Ta* Bale Notice blanks &o Petition blanks l oo A few District Township blanks 25 @ 50 Order* on District Treasurer, In books, each 75 *th blanks for Sub-Director 60 eceipt Book*, each 15 d iu books) each 60 nude to order. We alio do all * ting. THE BBfUBLIOAN, Aljpot, Iowa. Now is the time to buy a supply of Kerosene oil. Miss Nellie M Little of St Paul is visiting in Algona. Mrs. J. O. Heavers is up from Knoxville for a short visit. Charles Grim of Clear Lake the shoot- ist was in town Monday. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Fill last Monday morning—a girl. 11. J. Hunt has been confined to his bed for the past few days. Rev. Faulstech of Whittemore was at the Rutherford Monday. Bro. Smith, of the Goldfleld Chronicle, spent Sunday in Algona. E. F. Clarke and I. J. Bruer were down from Bancroft Monday. Attorney Quarton was in Bancroft last week and tried a bay case. The bicycle people are talking about electing a new Council next year. G. W. Pangburn the Elmore real estate man was in Algona Monday. Elmer Slagle goes to Dubuque tonight to pass another examination. Frank Slagle came home from Cornell on the early train this morning. Try tbe REPUBLICAN for everything you stand in need of in the job line. Bro. P. S. Junkin of the Orange City Herald visited in Algona over Sunday. Attorney Sullivan was called home Friday by the serious illness of a sister, Misses May Palmer and Gwennie Doxsee returned to Rolfe last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hallock returned from their visit to St Paiil last Saturday. Prof. Barslou of Britt was a pleasant caller at the REPUBLICAN office last Saturday. B. A. Myers came in from Chicago yesterday morning for a stay of two or three days. Licensed to marry— John Butler and Nona O'Brien, Joel Johnson and Nellie De Foe. Mr. Me Dermott is having bis residence grounds graded up, much to their improvement. Miles Boals who was called borne by tbe death of his father returned to Sioux City Monday. Mrs. E. W. Langdon, of Albany, Oregon, with her daughter Grace, is visiting at II. S. Langdon's. Rev. Black preached at Clear Lake Sunday, while Rev. Luce supplied the Elder's place at Williams. Prof. Carter came back from Charles city last Saturday and is at work again in the foundry, to remain indefinitely. Mrs. W. J. Boals was called to Pennsylvania by telegram last Friday on account of the serious illness of a sister. Mr. Callanan of Des Moines with Banker Richmond of Bancroft was a caller at the REPUBLICAN office Saturday. B. K. Stacy is now located at LaCrosse Wisconsin. He is at present traveling salesman for a Grocery bouse. Carpenters have been at work the past few days in putting down a new floor in the office at the Rutherford house. First Sergeant Edens was elected Second Lietenant at the special meeting of Company F held last Thursday evening. Mary Gaffney who lives Southeast of town had her shoulder dislocated last Thursday. Dr. Pride put the bones in place again. Emmetsburg has organized a driving and trotting association. The first meeting will be held in July and purses of $1,000 will be offered. The big pigeon shooting tournament will be beld here the 5 and 6 of May not the 21st and 22nd as reported in last week's REPUBLICAN. Only about two inches of rain fell in Kossuth County during the month of march according to the last Monthly Review of the Iowa Weather and Crop Service. The Juvenile Mission Band will give a candy pull at Mrs. John Grove's Thursday evening. All under fifteen five cents, over fifteen ten cents. All are invited. A Mr. Beddoe of Sioux City has taken, O. L. Harper's place in Nic- oulins gallery. Mr. Harper is putting the physiognomies of the people of Bancroft on paper. Mrs. Chas Wilkins left for Eagle Grove Monday noon, where she goes to keep house for a brother who has recently lost his wife, leaving him \vith two small children. Some of our neighboring cities are already talking about a Fourth of July celebration. Let us hear the eagle scream in the good old fashioned way at Algona this pear. Any young man who reads the REPUBLICAN and aspires to go to West Point as a cadet will find notice of an examination for appointment to a cadetship in another column. Ambrose Call advertises in this issue of the REIIUBLICAN that he will take in stock to pasture during tbe coming summer. If you are interested you will find the ad. in another column. TheM. E. Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Gardner Cowles Thursday afternoon. A business meeting at four for election of officers. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Supper and social at six o'clock. Alonson Sweet, the last of the twelve men who founded Chicago, has just died. It hardly seems possible when we think of it that the history of the eity 9f Chicago has been crowded into the lifetime of a single man. Austin Creed id out on the streets again. He has been very ill with pneumonia. Charles Slagle and wife of Sutherland Iowa are visiting their parents and friends in Algona. Austin Creed has secured n situation with the American Express Company as railway express man and is for appointment to a run. The Courier is very resigned about the Chicago election, and declares it is glad of it on the whole. Served the Democrats right. We feel that way too. ' Dr. Shore was in town for a short visit the first of the week. He has located permanently in Des Moines. Mrs. Shore will go to Des Moines in a few days. From the Cedar Rapids Republican we learn that Bert Langdon has been ordered to report for duty at Marion Iowa where he will be located during the summer. We publish this week a number of ordinances, passed at a recent meeting of the council. It will be noticed that the boundaries of the wards have been slightly readjusted. J. G. Smith, S. S. Sessions, Henry Durant and several others, went to Eagle Grove Monday night on the freight to attend the pigeon shoot which was held there yesterday. J. W. Bartlet has been promoted by the New England Loan and Trust company and will shortly remove to Kansas City. He has sold his property in this city to Mrs. McCall. Algona will lose a good citizen. At a meeting of the driving park association last week officers were elected as follows: President, D. A. Haggard; vice-president, C. D. Creed; secretary, F. M. Taylor; treasurer, C. D. Pettibone; marshal, Harvey Ingham. August Madetzke of Elmore was in town yestei'day'to renew his subscription to the REPUBLICAN. He reports that seeding is progressing finely in Northern Kossuth and that it will be nearly finished by the close of the week. Sioux City's elevated railroad is at last completed and the trains are running. Sioux city doesen't need an elevated railroad particularly but it is a characteristic of that town to put on metropolitan airs. There is nothing slow about Sioux City. A lineal descendant of Daniel Boone was arrested at Ottumwa the other day for drawing his dead father's pension. The father had been dead for over a year and the son continued to draw the old man's pension, the death having never been reported. Sunday next. April 26th is the seventy second anniversary of the establishment of the first lodge of Odd-Fellows in this country. The members of the Algona lodge have accepted an invitation from Rev. Bowen to attend morning service at St Thomas's Church. Special attention is called this week to the large advertisement of Patterson Bros. Every body must burn oil and now is the time to buy,for it never was cheaper. The regular 18 cent kerosene oil is reduced to 9i cents. Visit their store and you will 'not be sorry for it. The last weather crop Bulletin reports that the prospect for a big fruit crop this year was never better. Abou t 80 per cent of the seeding of sma.ll grain is completed and early sown grain is sprouting. Grass is starting well and pastures will be in a condition for grazing within ten days. On Wednesday last, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lochtu, in St Paul, occurred the marriage of their daughter Leonie to Geo. Sewell. The bride is well known in the north part of the county, where the family once resided. The groom is a rising young carpenter of St Paul. W. M. Parsons of Des Moines assistant state Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. has been called by the Christian associations of the State University to give two thirds of his time to association work for the University. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons removed to Iowa City last week; So we learn from one of the Des Moines papers. The second section of the Lu Verne Van Voast vs Lovell case came off before Esquire Taylor Monday. The Van Voasts got their goods away from the hotel on a writ of replevin, leaving Lovell about $40 in the hole on their board bill.Loyell's suit was to get a lieu on the goods in satisfaction of their indebtedness to him. The Court decided in favor of the Van Voasts. It pays to advertise. Frank W Walzer of Sterling Illinois advertised in the REPUBLICAN recently, some land which he had for sale in Kossuth County. lie writes us that the first insertion in the REPUBLICAN brought him 13 inquiries and that he had sold the land to very good advantage. Advertise in the REPULICAN. The Odd Fellows of this district will hold their regular annual celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the order at Emmetsburg next Tuesday. B. F. Reed has been appointed to make the response to the address of welcome, for the visiting Odd Fellows, and Gardner Cowles has been selected to respond to the toast assigned to the Algona lodge. The various churches in town closed their doors last Sunday evening and a union meeting was held at the Congregational church, the services being conducted by Rev. Smeade the evan- gilst. He is very successful in the evangelistic work and it is hoped that the Christian people of the town will help the meetings along with their presence and co-operation. The council sat last Friday evening as a board of health. Mayor Sheetz was elected president of the board and Dr. McCoy health officer for the coming year. The board declared the manure piles on lots 5 and 6 block 24 to be a nuisance and they were ordered to be removed. An old manure pile is a first rate incubator for disease germs and adds nothing to the picturesque appearance of the town. Inasmuch as Wm. Nolan has almost entirely recovered from the hay hook encounter, County Attorney Joslyn, in order to secure the release of young Bowman, who has been confined in tbe county jail for over a week in default I of bond, withdrew tbe information Ql> iginally tiled, and filed information of assault and battery. This brought the case within the jurisdiction of a justice court, and Bowman was brought before Esquire Taylor Saturday evening, He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $40 and costs, amounting in all to $61.20, which was promptly paid and the boy was released. Elmer Slagle returned last Wednes. day night from Dubuque where he went to pass his first examination in the mail service. lie received the highest marking —08 8-10 per cent.— of anyone examined in his class during the past year. This places him first on the list for promotion. lie is a deserving young man and will prove himself worthy of all the promotion Uucle Sam can give him. W. F. Carter had a spirited runaway yesterday but no damage was done, lie had allowed the team to stand for a few moments in front of his residence on east State street while he went into the house on an errand. When he came back the horses had gone. They ran up State street and would have stopped at the store had the crowd on the street not made so much noise. The team was caught in front of the Thorington. Read the article on the first page of this issue by Judge Struble copied from a recent issue of the Cedar Rapids Republican. He gives his opinion as a Republican upon the question of the hour—prohibition, and the best policy for the Republican party to pursue with reference to that question in the coming campaign. The article is lengthy but we reprint it in full as it gives an exceedingly clear statement of the situation and the duty of the Republican party of Iowa. Estherville has a new paper, the Farmers' Alliance, published by Wood Bros. Vol. I No. I came to our table this morning. The paper makes a good start by quoting the excellent article which appeared recently in the Homestead on the subject of The Two Alliances. In its introductory the Farmer's Alliance declares its intention to represent neither of the two great farmers parties but rather to lavor farmers movements in general "towards alliance or organization." Perhaps the worst timeof the year for moving is in the spring. At least Arthur Bigelow has found it anything but a picnic. Early in March he left Nebraska with two loads of goods, accompanied by his wife and sister, en route for Kossuth county. Some parts of the journey were made by doubling up the teams and hauling one load a few miles ahead and then going back after the other. Sunday the party reached Calhoun county when the two ladies took the train for Algona, arriving Tuesday. Mr. Biglew will wait for the roads to dry before coming further. An unsavory matter from LuVerne was brought into Squire Taylor's court last Thursday. E. L. Lovell, proprietor of the Revere house and the son of our county supervisor, was arraigned for preliminary examination upon the charge of assault with intent to commit rape. A Mrs. Van Voast one of the waiter girls in the hotel was the complainant. After weighing all the evidence he could get at, the squire decided that sufficient evidence had not been produced to warrant him in holding Mr. Lovell to the grand jury. He was accordingly discharged. We would like to know why Lu Verne can't have the preliminary examination in all such cases as that conducted before a home justice. Emmetsburg is putting in her best licks to get another railway. If our sister town knows when she is well off she will put in her best licks to keep the railroad away. Too many rail roads will kill a small town dead as a mackeral. Until a city reaches the dignity of a great commercial center, too many railroads are a bad thing for it. If the Winona and Southwestern goes through Emmetsburg it will serve to paralyze instead of stimulate the business interests of the little city. A new railroad means new towns that will steal the business away from Emmetsburg. There is no use denying the fact that the town always depends very largely upon the country around it, and the more towns the less country there will be to divide between them. Plenty of railroads are a good thing for the Country in general but a poor thing for the towns. This has been the experience of other cities and it will be the experience of Emmetsburg. Nothing does a druggist so much good as to have a medicine that ho can guarantee every bottle to give satisfaction. Beggs' Family Medicines are fully guaranteed, so you cannot fail to get satisfaction when you call for them. At Dingley's Go to the garden seed. Cash Store for new, bright THE COUNTY NEWS. . To OoiuiRflroNDRNTs ;— All correspondence tot the UftPUBMcAN should reach this office hot later than Tuesday evening. Please hear this In mind. All communications to the RRPUDMOAX— Including news letters-must bo Signed by the author to Insure publication. De Witt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic constipation, dyspepsia. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Peter Slagle will sell you a good horse collar, Look over bis stock. Sheetz issues regular Co's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erud. PASTURE NOTICE. My pasture will be ready to receive cows May 5th. The price as usual will be one dollar per month in the pasture adjoining town, and seventy five cents across the river in advance. I will not be responsible for damages to stock from any cause or in consequence of their getting out. Any stock found in the pastures not arranged for, will be taken up as "estrays", Dogs, guns and teams are forbidden within the enclosures. AMBROSE A CALL. April, 21St. 1891. 39tf Very popular, very small, very good. DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the pfil for constipation, billiousness, sick headache. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. LOST. Somewhere between St. John's blacksmith shop and the Northwestern depot, a gold keystone watch charm. Finder will be rewarded. W. E. H. MOUSE. Special Correspondence. ELMORE, April 20.— Ed Dolliver has just completed a house, barn and granary on section 26-100-28. The Elmore mill company has just started a flour exchange in Bancroft. The company has a large and increasing business. Two brothers-in-law of Peter Rowley, from Wisconsin arrived in Elmore last Saturday night and will locate some place in northern Kossuth. Mr. A. Tottinham, of Osage, has started a librae ranch on section 17-9927 and will erect a house and barn. Mr. Tottinham is a father-in-law of M. V. Nichols. Attorney G. W. Pangburn went to Algona on business last Monday. FENTON. Special Correspondence. FENTON, April 20.— The farmer's are improving this good weather seeding. Miss Elna Tibbets commences her school in No 4 to day. Herman Krouse is on the sick list, Dr. Pride is in attendance. Art is still passing the cigars around. 'D. A. Buel was in Fenton on business the first of last week. Harb Moore of Swan Lake was visiting friends here last week. T. M. Clark has rented his farm and will have an auction next week. Our creamry did not start last Tuesday as we expected but starts to day. UNION, Special Correspondence. UNION TWP., April 20.— Lawrence Wolcott of Bancroft is clerking for W. II. Bailey this season. Miss May Peek who has been visiting in the families of her sisters, Mrs. Frank Shrouf and Mrs. Amps Finch expects to leave for her home in Jessup this week. Miss Minnie Shadle of Algona begins the summer term of school in the Joe Thompson district Monday. G. L. Carroll had a 4 ton hay scale put up on his farm last week. It is the Victor put up by Fairbank Morse & Co. Mr. II. Schenck may be credited with finding the first spring flower in the woods last Saturday. His hard work seems over and he is now enjoying the fruits of his hard labor and taking life somewhat easier than in the days long past. Grandpa and Grandma Bailey are now nicely domiciled in the home of their son Herbert Bailey where they expect to spend the rest of their days in peace and quiet. IJTJBT. Special Correspondence, BUHT, April 21.— Wm Elvidge, the bloody butcher, moved into his new house last Thursday. Stephen Nicholson is contemplating the erection of a residence. M. L. Mayhew is having the stone wall laid for the large addition to his hotel. The addition is on the west and is to be built up to the sidewalk on the north, the same height as the other part. When completed the hotel will be much improved and will be sufficient in size to accommodate the increasing patronage. II. B. Hallock was absent from the store Thursday nursing a sore throat. Bennie Mayhew took his place and tied up groceries in his usual handy manner. Geo. E Marble was in Des Moines a day or tAVo last week. V. S. Ellis of the Bancroft Register was doing our town Saturday in the way of soliciting for the preminm list. Mr. Matthews, a brother-in-law of T. Butterfield, is visiting Mr. Butter- lield and family of Buft'alo Forks. Miss Rose Paine is to teach the Shanor school this summer, so we understand. A little girl of standard weight has come to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hodgson to gladden the hearts of its inmates. Rev. Faus was greeted Sunday morning with a large congregation. The roads are drying out considerable and when the day is fine our church is sure to be well filled. J. D. Davidson visited his son again at Ames last week. Mr. and Mrs. Whitney were down to the hub Monday. O. P. McDonald was in Algona Monday. Mrs. S. J. O'Neil is contemplating a visit under the parental roof in the course of a few weeks. Mrs. Stephen Nicholson is about to pay a visit to her parents at Waverly, Iowa. • A. Hough was on our streets Monday evening. Wm. Elvidge has been adding improvements to the interior of his meat market. He now has things very convenient for the handling of meat. Our sidewalk is now completed from the north side of Main street to the church. We now want a walk from the south side of Main street. iness to be very good and says he is going to stay in Bancroft. His work is first class, equal to almost anything you can find in the city. Dr. West of Algona Was in Banctoft Saturday on a "professional" errand, Joseph Russel has his new house just south of theM.-E. Church enclosed and will soon be living therein. Mr. Furstenburg is building quite a large house on his lot across the street opposite the Catholic Church. Jacob Bruer of Paulina Illinois arrived at this place on Saturday for a short visit with his brothers R. N. and I. J. Bruer. Rev. Richey who was called to Des Moines by the illness of his wife returned last week and reports his wife improving: he will move his family here as soon as possible. Misses Clara and Mystie Grover of Portland have been visiting with friends of this place for the past week. They returned home on Sunday. Miss Kennedy resumed her place in the school room on Monday as the fifth teacher. Dr. Morse of Algoua was called to visit T. M. Ostrander who has been quite sick for the past few days. Mr. Ruby has his new house enclosed on his lot in the south part of town. Mr. J. Gallion's little child was taken quite sick on Saturday evening but is improving at present. Rev. L. A. Cummings and II. N. Renfrew and wife attended the conventon at Renwick last week. Surveyors have been sticking the stakes for the new brick bank on the corner of main street and the workmen will soon commence operations. A union Temperance meeting was held at the Baptist Church on Sunday evening with considerable interest and the house could not seat the people. Mr. Ward from the Southern part of the state, Brother of Rev. Ward is going to breaking north-east of town. The Dernorest Medal Contest took place at the M. E. Church on Friday evening with a good audience in 'attendance, the Medal was won by Annie Barslou. Preparations are being made for a second contest, to be held as soon as the contestants can be procured. WHITTEMORE. Special Correspondence. WHITTEMOKE, April 21.—There was a wedding at the Catholic church this morning. We have not yet learned the names of the contracting parties. Quite a large audience greeted Prof. Cornwall last Thursday evening. His address was listened to with much attention. Rev. Carroll preached here last evening to a large and appreciative audience. He was on his way to Spencer, Iowa. Invitations are out announcing the marriage of. John Butler and Miss Nona O'Brien, tomorrow, April 22nd. Artie Carlisle and Misses May and Bertha Hotelling all commenced their spring terms of school Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Thrasher have gone into the country to attend a wedding, at which Mr. T officiates, this evening. Weddings are numerous these day about here. We have heard of others which were to come off soon, but like the REPUBLICAN editor, we must not tell yet. Mrs. Ridgway is visiting at Pomeroy and not at Ramsay as the printer made us say last week. We hear of some families who are obliged to leave town because of the scarcity of dwelling houses. Considerable building is going on but not near enough to supply the demand. At West Bend, on Wednesday evening April 15th, Charles Wright and Miss Addie Career were married. Charley had built a nice home where they will go immediately to housekeeping. Dr. Tuttle, of Wesley, made his friends here a pleasant visit the fore part of the week. We are informed by the building committee that work will begin at once on the new Baptist church of Whitte- rnore. Rev. Call will preach here next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Sabbath school as usual at 11 o'clock. Miss Zora Newman returned last Friday from Des Moines, where she has been attending the Highland Park Normal college for a term. She speaks very highly of that institution. Her sister Minnie, whose illness we mentioned last week, is much better and will soon be able to be out again we hope. If food sours on the stomach digestion is defective. DeWitt's Little Early Risers will remedy this. The famous little pills that never gripe and never disappoint. For sale by Dr. Sheetz. Oil 6e. to 8>£c. cheaper than it has been at tue CASH STORE. Rubbers, rubbers, rubberj NOTICE. I was not able to make definite announcement Sunday night for next Sabbath a. m., but am now able to state that, though I expect to be absent, there will be Presbyterian services next Sunday at the usual hour. DANIEL WILLIAMS. S. \> {. Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup has gained its great popularity simply on its true merit. It is equally as good in a case of deep seated cough as in a freshly taken cold, as it relieves the cough at once, so that the lungs and bronchial tubes are not irritated by continual coughing, thereby relieving them of all soreness. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 34-87 BANCHOFT. Special Correspondence. BANCUOST, April 18.—Prof. Barslou of Britt left his school for a run home on business last Friday. Mrs. Barlou and the baby are well. Prof. Cornwall of Aberdeen Dakota spoke in the Methodist Church last Wednesday evening on the subject of prohibition. He is a very pleasing speaker and has a convincing way of presenting his arguments, lie raised about $20.00 by private subscription for the temperance work- Mi.-. Q. L, Harper our new photo- Igraplier report* his prospects Cor bu#- Do you need a horse collar ? F. Stough has the stock to choose from. Purifies the blood, increases the circu- lation.expels poisonous humors and builds up the system. What more do you want a medicine to perform? DeWitt's Sarsaparilla is reliable. Sold by Sheetz. Anything in the harness line at prices that will suit you. P. L. SLAOI/B. BradUeld's Female Regulator. Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write The Bradfield Reg. Co. Atlanta, Qa., for particulars. Sold by F. W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. 87-31 Ladies! In low and high cut shoes we can suit you.—F. S. Stough. It is quite the fashion now to take De Witt's Little Early Risers for liver, stomach and bowel disorders. They are small pills but mighty good ones. At Sheet*.'. WANTED—600 live pigeons before May 4th. J. G. SMITH. S. S. SESSIONS. Constipation, blood-poison, fever! Doctor's bills and funeral expenses cost about two hundred dollars; DeWitfs Little Early Risers cost a quarter. Take your choice. Sold by Dr. Sheet?. The Great Tank Lines ere: ~

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