The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1891
Page 3
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THEIR VIEWS. TARIFF CAUSES A SPLIT. to the KttngBS City CohgrM* TKelt tdean ot the Catties a«d Remedy for the Depression In Agrlettlt- nre. KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 16.—The fttll representation to the Western States Commercial congress was pres- Rnt when President Francis called the second day's session to order. The sxtbject tinder discxtsslon was general Imsiness and agricultural depression, its causes and remedy. 1'. P. Elder, ex-speaker of the Kansas house of reprcsen tativcs, attracted much attention from the peculiar stand which he took during the session of that body. His idea was that much of the trouble was caused by the booming 1 of cities and towns of the west on bonds and then creating a debt which- was now bearing hard on the people. Continuing he said: "In addition to this the (armors were depressed by the high-flown idea of tho wives and daughter!) who spent the money for finery and thus depleted the husband's pocket and made iv depression which the bad crops only made greater. Tho prime nnd grout cuuso lies in tlio combination of capitalists and monopolistic rings which together grind tho farmers. The board of trade and bucket shops create such a llctltlous market by the action ot unscrupulous men that tho farmers stand no show. This grind extends all along the line to the railroads, which assist In tho grinding process and play Into tho hands of tho trusts, which now control every thing. The bund of this gigantic evil Is now laid on everything until the people are the victims of tho anaconda and are helpless In Us grasp. This Is going on nnd on, depressing tho prices of everything, until at last the farmer, of all men, Is not only tho most numerous class, but he Is also tho most miserable." A mention of reciprocity elicited much applause. Mr. Elder said; however, that the farmer sees but little in it to bring relief to his depressed condition. He spoke of the indorsement given by the merchants and said if ho would help the farmer he would get a Te Deuin of praise, and added: "Reciprocity is a good thing, but give us enough or it to go around to all classes. Tho farmers demand such a volume of money in all tmsinass that they can have some of their own •without borrowing from the oast." U. S. Hall, president of the Missouri State Farmers' Alliance, was the next speaker. The greatest cause of the present depression, he said, was partisan politics. The last national campaign was fought on the line of a great economical question. Yet the great agricultural state of Texas gave a majority of 185,000 for one. side of the question and the great agricultural state of Kansas gave a majority of 83,000 on the other side. Other causes of depression were: A high protective tariff, a decreased volume of money and the raising of freight and passenger- rates to pay dividends on watered stock. The remedies were a low tariff, an increase in the volume of currency and the regulation of the railroads so that they could pay dividends only on the actual capital invested. At the afternoon session letters of regret were read from Edward T. Atkinson, of Boston, and Senator William Stewart, of Nevada. Senator Stewart says he is in full sympathy with the western states commercial congress and realizes the necessity for united action of the west and the south to resist the absorbing avarice of the gold contractionists of the commercial centers of Europe and the United States. An oligarchy of gold monometallists either owned or controlled by the bonds they held every dollar of gold coin in existence. He advocated that the people break the corner by the restoration of silver to its proper place as money. The roll of states was called for the introduction of resolutions, which were referred to the committee on resolutions as follows: Ey Louisiana—For the improvement of the Mississippi river; also a resolution on immigration. The latter resolution suggested that only those foreign immigrants who desired to become naturalized and who would make good citizens should be permitted to enter the country. The introduction of this resolution was greeted with great applause and much cheering. A resolution of a similar character was offered by the state of California. The resolution asked congress and the various states to enact laws providing that membership in the Mafia organization shall be a felony and that each member shall be held in the law to be an accessory before the fact of each of the crimes of the organization. This resolution was also enthusiastically received by the congress. Hon. W. J. Bryan, of Nebraska, introduced a resolution declaring that no advantage was to be gained by the people from the system of reciprocity as at present prepared, "but we regard as essential to our welfare freer commercial intercourse with those nations which buy the products of our farms; that coal, iron ore, wool, salt, lumber, binding twine and cotton ties should be placed upon the free list; that the tariff on the necessaries of life should be greatly reduced and that the luxuries should be made to bear the heaviest burdens." lion. C. F. Crisp, of Georgia, a guest of the congress, was invited to deliver an address. He chose for hiu subject "Taxation," and held the attention of the congress for over an hour. His remarks were devoted principally to . criticism of the protective tariff. JSx-CJovernor Gear, of IOWR, also responded to an invitation to address the congress. He chose for his subjec "Markets for Western Products." He favored more complete railway facilities, the improvement of waterways and the extension of the reciprocity treaties, Mn. Minnesota Delegate* to the Western States CongreBS Withdraw tteoauuft the Resolution* Adopted Don't Siilt Them— Text of the 1'lnttortn. KANSAS CITY, Mo,, April 18.— The allowing is a> synopsis of the majority report of the committee on resolutions presented at Thursday's session of the Commercial Congress : It favora the adoption by congress of a law authorizing freo, unlimited coinage of silver, and the issuance of a sufficient amount of legal tender notes to bo redeemable, in both pold and silver, to restore tho equilibrium between money and all other products; declares the congress to be unalterably opposed to the protective tariff principle; favors a tariff for revenue only and urges congress to enact laws to place the tariff upon a purely revenue basis at as early a date as practicable; declares that the interstate commerce of tho country should bo controlled by the general government, and that the interstate commerce commission should be strengthened by appropriate legislation; favors especially tho improvement of the Mississippi river and its affluents; indorses the action of tho congress in malting an appropriation for the construction of the Hennepin canal and recommends that congress mako ample appropriation to complete the work ; commends tho proposed canal connecting tho Tennessee -and Mississippi rivers; Indorses the action ot congress In making ITEMS FOR AMERICANS. DETHOIT, Mich., claims to have fourteen thousand cases of la grippe. IT costs the Americans about $1,000,000 a year to plug their teeth. NBW YORK pays her aldermen $2,000 a year salary. Buffalo pays hers $1,000 a year salary. Brooklyn pays hers nothing. OKAND RAPIDS leads the world in its percentage of divorces to marriages. This year the ratio was one tc five and last year one to six. Sir. JOHN A. MACDONALD thinks that the title "Americans" should be reserved for Canadians. He calis the people of the United States "Yankees." IT is estimated that in American cities the people have only about one-fifth as much free playground as have the people in the cities of the effete monarchies of Europe. THE value of the exports of beef, hog and dairy products from the United States during February was $11,321,105, an increase of $309,745 over the corresponding month of last year. 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" freckled faces to a BILIOUSNESS, dizziness, nausea, headache, are relieved by small doses of Carter's Little Liver Fills. THE dude's mission is to sap the foundations of society.—Boston Courier. BnoNcniTis is cured by frequent small doses of Piso's Cure lor Consumption. Ilulford April 16.— Mrs. Mary F. EWfwd, wife of E. W. Halford, pri vate secretary to the president, died a 7:40 a. JR. l^ys. Halford had been in poo* iu3pi)$i |QJ> several years, having had a l?FQR$li»l affection. She spegta greater j^|p| $h,e last t ATO winters in Florida. Arrangements for the fuuera have not been: conjpleted, but the re mains wiU p^JpMy be taken to ludi anapolijs for T®$$jj$$ Mrs. Balford §ge and about 43 year* youngest strong • " was the W. Arm married Galvcaton; favors tho construction of a ship canal connecting the northern lakes with the Atlantic ocean. Tho report further favors the construction of tlie Nicaragua canal as a matter of vital consequence to tho United States and especially to the Pacific coast and declares that there are important commercial and political reasons why this iuterocean highway should exist as American work under American control. The report further invites tho serious attention of the state legislatures to the problem of making such reforms in methods of taxation as will remedy tho injustice of unequal taxation and' as will place a just share of the burden of tho taxation upon tho accumulated wealth of the country; favors a an- lonal bankrupt law; recommends that tho legislatures of the states enact reform laws to prevent tho misuse of concentrated capital through "trusts" and "combines;" favors the amendment ot immigration laws so that only immigrants who both desire and are fit for American citizenship should be permitted to land upon our shores; recommends the speedy extinguishment of tho I Indian titles in Oklahoma, Indian Territory and j other states and territories and the opening i of surplus land's to settlement under the prt£ | visions of the homestead law; favorb tho j prohibition ot the ownership of lands by non- ; resident aliens; recommends that all unearned j railway grants be restored to the public domain for homesteads; that the general govern- | ment should cede its arid lands to the various j states; indorses the action of the department of i agriculture for what it has done toward'the j reclamation of the semi-arid region and urges | congress to continue this work and extend it; favors tho enactment of laws to prevent dealings in futures; recommends the admission of the territories of Arizona and New Mexico; recommends the igld observance of the fish and game laws if various states and the adoption of means or their effeptual nforcement; commends he honorable secretary of agriculture or his persistence, energy and untir- ng efforts in his foreign policy to remove obstructions to our meat trade, create amity between the trade of this and other nations which will end in better prices and arger sales and a brighter future for tho cattle industry. In conclusion the report hails with delight the spirit of fraternity that is displayed by tho delegates now in attendance upon tho first western commercial congress, and also the manifest determination that old aaimonisitios ,00 long engendered between the sections shall be forever displaced by the more important work of securing the complete establishment of "equal rights" to all and special privileges to none. The minority report opposes a tariff for revenue only and indorses protection; declares in favor of a fair trial of ihe present law, with reciprocity, and in favor of a non-partison tariff commission. The report favors the pei-- rnanent organization of the western commercial congress. Gen. "Warner, of Ohio, submitted the following: as a substitute for the tariff resolutions of both reports: We favor neither free trade nor the exclusion of trade, but favor a tariff for revenue limited to the actual needs of the government economically administered, but so levied as to cover differences in the industrial condition between this and other countries, but not to create and foster monopolies." President Francis, after a long debate, ruled the resolution out of order. Mr. Gridley, of Minnesota, then offered a substitute for the minority report, similar to that of Mr. Warner's, and it was adopted. The debate on the resolutions was begun once more and the discussion again assumed a violent form, and filially D. S. Croser, E. M. Johnson and W. A. Barnes, representing the. business union of St. Paul, withdrew from the convention. The minority report representing republican views was voted down viva voce. The consideration of the majority report was then proceeded with. The debate again became intensely partisan and heated. Finally a vote was taken by a call of states on the adoption of the majority favoring free silver and lower duties, and it was adopted, 6(5 to 55, all the state delegations being divided • upon the question. Mr. Smalley, of Minnesota, rose to a question of personal privilege. He said the congress had degenerated into a democratic powwow, and as a nonpartisan candidate he desired to resign as chairman of the committee on resolutions. Mr. Smalley explained his course and withdrew from the congress. Dr. Bryan, of Nebraska, offered a resolution urging congress to pass a law making all legal money legal tender, notwithstanding any contract which may be made calling for the discharge of obligations by the payment of gold. The resolution was adopted. Other resolutions were adopted indorsing the world's fair, indorsing the Torrey bankruptcy bill and making the congress a permanent organization to meet biennially. 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