Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 5, 1908 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1908
Page 13
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T . - ." -s s :ction? - r - ; "5 I v t ' - 'e v , ' - V - ' I - i vol. l::viii o .. ia . , tLi r- - e'r"ese f r " " 1 " o -7 J7 o . nn ::.-. r . ' . ' n- 1 rill ii' yUU t'KzjL)inL . ii.. -L, J ii' ' aL; -J ii -V j d 11' il KJS il U lJ). L)i1L ; BELIEVE PAIR ' EOBBED . ' , MANY POSTOFFIG.'' - : ; ; i ; ! ; . : , i o : . . v t mill I UIIU IL 0 CEflilJ E HILL BE NED Viiite's Slayer Eager for Opening' of .. Second Trial. WIFE IS (OaflDEIIT OF IliS ACQUlTTAL ' Denies fctrangeiiient Between Her and Husband. ! , (BY WILLIAM HOSTER) NKW VOrtK. J. in. 4 - - ltep"ndi:i to a note s.-nt l i Harry K. Tl i .b lay r-uiisiiitg so-ne of his vif on the v of his seco-id trial. Airs. J..-flvrt NesLtt , Tt aw br iiid i tint lc her h ust. tad's mes- .. . ..n . . . i 1 . .. 1 . 1 .. 4 . . . j r.H- 11111 ' I "lumrn. r 1:1 wr i i Litter ari'i a wplconi ? -nm-iiiii tl.jl I taik w ith her. ' " " "Sir. Tl.pn 4 f.-elln'r iff' H!." !n 1.1 Mn. Th i. "ari'l ' ..k f.rw.ird i onfl-d nt'y o tri.il ii"l f-k " Slie. too. j r";i-i.- ki.i1 -MiTt r f'tr th 11 p-r-tSiitir f ruitun on ih Thaw-AVhiip. tr.i tf 1- In tii crim;t::i; .iurt Mon-d-iV- ; ""I FhAl! reiilx at n hn ir to ten mst Hi" Hitn si. m I or ! anvtii'.nK el THOMAS S. SHIELL The Plucky Barbery Who Shot and Killed Boyle, Slayer of Boliceman Fenton. the i. Uir .Tui l on Page 18.1 ; 1','iLL COiiTlilOE GALHDUn TOL'L F03S HEB.1 WEEKS I'rank A. I.mrh. Jr. director f the niintu In Washington.. I. i. 'n- -f the wlttirssex of tht jrraft i.-i-.m-iiiI n. has bfn no'it'ieil offirially th-it his iri-.pn-e In Ain Fraud -n I not im p. r;i t m until Hlut ths- fir.-t w- k In V brruiry. This mi'flti thit the ptaft r':-i-u-tf.iri d.ifs ri'it intend t ;ul lh case Baint I'iitr'ik t"alii.u;:i. rsjilfiit of th I'nucii Kailr.afls fr tri:il fr fnv-prsil f k? yet. In ith-r u'rU1 that v hen if i r jtlU'tl this (k Itr will be continued arr.iin. ' f.:0.'iQ f,:ilS.'ll!GHLEWE j to:i!Oiit o:j lister?; tci? ". II. IliBh. of the In'rriational P uiKinn torurnli'n of ri-siu'iscn. Ii jiiiinnnlwl h his if-. . Ivkvpc tonight fii an Kai'rn trip A fn-ir f: uv .ir-t r.injti'd n-w they. will le absin! fr.un Ink! tt,. I fur ;b..iit n mnth. Th.- Intention of Mr. a.i.i Mrs. High Id t!r.t tii make a op in N- : Vrk tint! to Journey to l'h?lad'-piii: and H.'iohlnviiin The nrl nt th trin u ill ...-. ...... v ... ... iioiju, .N. Stcr lx 5, Vcrn Ly Fenton, Also Wcrn fcy L!rc!:rcd Pc!;cen::n, George II. Crown i One of the 'most peculiar feature surroumlin the killinp; of Policeman James J. Fenton by F. Hoyle was' the fact that Fenton ivore star Xo. 40. the same number that was worn by Policeman George JI. I'rown. who was' shot to death by a thug while on-duty near the Providence Hospital on the night of December 17. l!04. Brown's murderer escaped and is still at large. Feiton was aware that he was the same number in the force that llrown had been before him. but he was nt superstitious about the c incidence. The fact that he wore tie same numbered star as that worn by a brother officer who was murdered before he was a regular patrolman apparently had no significance for Fenton. i.!a:i j.'j.:s rtnicii i . i i i I . 1 . 4 a OE 3reuio: IS Stolen StcHips FcL.!.I Satcbl Drc;:,:;j Ly DROPPED IN HIS TRACKS BY' QlIIQl nillu'G OF HEROIC DAROER V TRUSTEE'S SALE. The undersigned rommittee, represort-li'K all creditors. rffr-.f f-ir sale. l trie h.Khest n I let t lddeis. rlgiit rntvn1 to r lect any and a!l bids, tne Mix 1; -f randies ,mtl fi-tures ai; ertain't-.g ila-'.'-to. form.rly the property of lea Ka-I:-h Inn. lo.ated at :8 Till st(rt ., v etm-k of ran lira and fittmes ,) tain ,ln thereto. aio re-tau int and !',x t . faini.!y tiie property .t l.ea l!rg l a. an.I'locatetl at 13th street: ; !so it Jck of (-andiFs nnd fixture uppr-rtaln-ir R thereto, forrrerlv the rropertv rf J.--a's t::'g'i!i Inn. and I x-air.l at t.e torner cf ISth street and Trirpiaph avenue. An Inventory of tne stock and natures may le seen at the 1 ean Law and foMeetion t'o.. rooms , S,,J-S?t lia.-on 1 'uil.iine. Oakland, fal. The stores ' lr open for Inspection on Mondav. Janu-aiy Cth. 1'i'S. l-eta-een the hours id 1 O cck k and 4 o'rlock p. m. ! The saie will take plao on Tuesday. Jr.t:ry Tth. r . at the hour of 11 e ili'k a. rn.. at the o?I!ce of t'-.e laa Ijw and tvilettlon i'o.. liacom ituilding. I'smaiKl H if. siiKnwnna KRAVK WILSON. P. KOiiN. e II. J. WIMIAM3. H. W. KIN NET. Sl'JIMF.lEll -DASHED Pwms FmiEH, oil nociiS; in DEATH f AUCTION SALE. I)r Tuesday. J tmisrv Mih, a iiie oVi. k. at oii'r J :!t."ini. ci.riirr K:th;!i nr.'l l i. We wlii S--II some tf I h t-..st I idt'ful futrtture th.it hss -r I. n ftre.i at Hi .Ho fii lion: furniture an J l.ous. i:oi I K.nHi.t that any one wouM le truil to have t;i their hi'ms Th' sv uo.!s !. a Kijie to W. N. Ki.!-;i ar l Arrr.t u-r. a hu ll hae l-e---i -ut t o ir runs in !, i.--t-il of to the J . ht bid !,t - f ir ca!i, m:!t f t t i lor f utr!!"ie, b-j-ro..fn fm- re. t ir lve tn i-.e an-l rnat..-.iii . 1 t t-s ;.;! i i hi-ure. rh.i a t j.ets. ' 1 1 1 1 . ri 1 f I . ! if j f t arn : , 4 T-,r"'; - t. Cer!x!ey Thc!ciccl Sttrfent I!:s f!:rrc,v b(z;z h Cccli Wclcrs, Off S:nta Cruz S!::rc. HFUKKI.l.V. Jan. 4. Roy Campbell, la studenr at the Pacific. Theo-ios!. il Semin.ir. had a . narrow escape from ;,th yetterJay at Pan'.a Tut ; t) h i'.i caupht liy a monitor lre-.kr vetcrdii v, and vrej nth-ihitiit pk-k. The tide was rumaa; I ije!i. : t .using the saves to wah over th r k. atmr.f vil ! h famj-fct-II w.'F auitM and threateiej ui dah him io lU-ath un the rinks over vvhi. !i the water sec-tlu-J. 1'jwplnll i & I'OMerful tulinnirr an! ft-uxht hard for his iifr. H-ai THEN ENDS LIFE : : IN SELECT MOTEL icry Surrounds Hie Suicide of Stenographer. Colored Citizens Plan 0enel7 for Fentdn's Family West Oakland. "Jan. 4. 1908.. Editor TrilHt'NE The very sad and sudden death t-hraye officer Jas. Fenton. as the result of a fatal bullet from a-pistol In the hands of hla slayer, brought grief j to the colored cltlins and laisir.ffs men of West Oakland. He was a strict and dutiful patrolman. who In the pursuit of Ma duty, admin- i . i ... . . sierra ii sunoui respci or coior or kind. Th.j colored people of this section, especially those In business." p-preclate trt Its greatest extent, what impartiality on the part hT an officer means, and tnlter James Kenton was' Impartial and fair, Dies in Receiving Hospital fat A S:r.:'i Ti: . His Victim Posses AvayI! An.;y Pcrs in His Pcdxt. When rol'reman James Joseph Fenton W shot to death whiie on duty at Seventh ami Fine stieets yesterday afternoon by a limn Identifier! as F. S. Hoyle. who in turn was fatally mounded by Thomas S. Slilell. a barber of 1 7S0 Seventh street, he was cut short In the act of making the most Important rapture In his career as a patrolman. The man who killed him Is believed to be a daring postoffue thief. The o!ie base this bojof n ihe Uf t that a satchel he carried just t.etjre tl. outing two bullets with fatal t"l Into the Innly of Fenton rnntairf. alxmt ITiOO worth of potae afamps ,if various denominations. It wan .-urmit-att fruni an envelope tnixej In with the stamps that they id been stolen front the Campbell Station post-office, seven mites from Ban Jose, the scene of the Pun ham murders. DOUBLE TRAGEDY DEVELOPS HERO. The double tr.?dy yesterday afternoon was attended by many dramatic Incidents, and developed a hero In the person of Shlell, who. by reason of a cool head an I st.-ady nerve under trln circumstances, had llred with sure aim a bullet Into the bark of the fleelmt murderer of the policeman, after he had fled a distance of little more than fifty feet from the scene f his crime. l-nt nlht fhleil wis completely unnerved, but he tefuses to laok Limn his act as anything out of tiie ordinary, and Is In clined to find fault with himself for not having so.nei jsmie to Kentin's assistance and possibly ssvej him from the fate wlji'-it overtook Mm. MEETS MAN, WHO weapon wMch - a i WAS TO KILL HIM. It was abai.t 2 o'- lo k yesterday afternoon that Kenton. Who has beeo detallei in West Oakland for many months past, saw two men at Seventh and I'irie streets acilntt In s;iplcious manner. Kenton followed Ihe men. one of whom was lioyle, to a point directly in front of the barber h jShlMI la emrlojetl. The a small hand clip, and as . - l. . I U.I.I Before the brave' ihn.h .,., . i 1 .. ..;!.. men rrriwi Colored 1 n'"" ... It frota tl.e siiriit or t'i pop. -em in. r en- cold. Prof. Christian of the West Oakland Skating: Rink, had stig-irested an entertainmerrt for the benefit of the ofticer'a bereaved widow nd cartridge In the polnte, at Ms breast. With a strenjetn horn of rer: fihll finally w rr-nr !r,l t.e wea.it ft the hauls of the. muruerer, who C i tarted to run. hat proeee,i,, at t epeed about fifty feet, when "3l;le;l stf -j ; ! cij!y to he edua of tl sidewalk, t i careful aim at the ne-ln man and C a .. IloJJe fell In his tracks, the bullet 1 tv-Ing ploiushed Its way Into Ms I ':, thi-ouich the kidneys, and then aim t throuijti the IkmIj, rurtiiriiiB Import -rl ofitans. He was hurrle.l to tl.e K.f. . , -liiK Hospital, but ilicii in' alxxit l a f i hour. lie adli.itte-l just, (.(.mm 1 j t Into unconsciousness that he li t .i the policeman to prevent arremt, FENTON BREATIIE3 HIS LAST. r Fenton was at onca csrrle t I -i t West Oakland I'hainiacv, n,t f vt . t stieet, but he uljd b-fore a i - , - i coiili i summoned, or bt-fore l!e m 1 1 . , i of his wife, who was at once ... s , the shooting of her hu-Lanl. When Jtoyle was taken to i l:e, !v" ; Hospital H was I'vii al uurt t.'.ai i could not live. He whs rh. ! j tioned by detrrtltcs ar. I bxipilal n't - ants, hut fuither tl.au a 1 1 . : 1 1 r 1 his true name was lie unl ti it ha l srtot Kenton lurjiim of fer i t t . i -test and a trim In State's prison fir l j theft of the stamps, he u as urn' . t plve a 'onnectej aii.iur.t of the ti.; ! or of himself. Ha w k e-i- I fast :- " beinjr laced on the t-peratu a t ' t the hospitU, and il was ni-l i-- ! i death had saved Mm from ar sAeri: i i; tljliw fcr his nim"?. POLICE SEARCH FOI1 v BOYLE'S COMPANION. Within Bva niluutrs r: -r t s f sh'KJlina; every ava!'. u- ' I ll'tman and detective in the l v. - j search of Hoyle's mnpnnl -n. A I and towns In the prut a v- at notified of the tragedy and It 1 ; that tne fugitive will be In rust In the t.est twenty-four hours. I ; ;t ' ' succeeded In making his .. a ! did was dje t' the fa. t tht t e tlon of th''Se who had hern f. ! , was attracted by the shiHitlrg if 1 . t ! 4 ton asked them whst It cantalned. They were analiie to pive a ratis'actory reply orphaned chl4ren rh! benefit has al-'r"' r-1 "u ,,an1 on f and tl.e aut.se.Uent kiHmg of n ready been agreed unon and in the ntari" "!1 timt.Jte was under arrest, fugitive is ties, rlhed as .u future we hope to show that the colored j3"1 !l 'T,r t!pl f'1'1'"1 for M ''' about 27 years people of th section are deeply In roir.pc nion. This man. nowevr. took to ( and wore a lo of see. ng dirk Sll;-c pve; . t torsib'e :hat their daughter should have got. to a ro.it to m-et a man. That s!i. t:ad gone there t-j meet a man. that the ma:i had disat pointed her. and that S'ie. in remorse fjr her betrayal Uf her par'-n.s' cor. S b-nce. iiaJ g me from tne hotel nrxl morning as she c!.d. secured t.e poison and ended her misery, they SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 4-Twenly-yrsr-oi l K.Jifi i. ie !'4son. daughter of I a: e:-s u l.iiinbie : r intstances. com-tnlttrd su" -hie ln: morning at the fesh-cinb.e Majestic Ilottl by draining th contents o." a. two-oune Untie each of carboilc a. 1 ! a ad and chloj-oform ' lial-nifiiL Tb a..t was committed almost la Cse i ie.-ii:r of her own father, whom i i.t:er'v ten:, as di ail of her friert,l. s-.e had su.nmone.l l.v ti-piions to meet i A man Living the name of MrHenry. lie:- at toe luKel a;U convey her home, j the h te! s"'l " ie claim, rar.g ut- for the .St.e had been .at the ltotl ail Right, hav- gtrl shortly t iter srse arrived on Friday. i.i arrlvl tuer ri FrMay at f jur ; What tnnit ind d iring the conversation, o'cliKk. i-.i.ii.r.'a iu.il!) f.r llrl" and' they do n-t krnw. Alts. A. V. 1 low land. Lcs Angele. ' The girl w. the dauenter of Mr. and Wh'. tn- jwurg :ri, , en.j i eJ as a Mis. K laard la n of v Han .1 s ave- ste.i v -ap'ie.-. s'louid have seiected tiie M:e. and wast one of a arc: y c.f six. paj- l i n-Oc? Wlw if.at she d: I ta ac-ror.pbs.i ier Ue.-I is nst kt.awo. Wio sympathy with the sorrowing widw jand Infant 'children of the Umrtl ofricer, by tendering tliem a deserved testimonial, which we hope will be substantial. I LINK DENNIS. GRAND AUCTION a. m.. at the his heels down Seventh street. Fenton railed to onlookers to capture him and gace attention to the r.ien be had In rus-t'-ly. ' . PRISONER SHOOTS HIS CAPTOR. Bef-j-e Finicsi was aware that he was I the nsaa t f r horn she eigne! wiieij : e f g ii" i t .'- recta. Ss ev,aa :y a msfery. shoals.. His hand was crushed, or..-t ea. 'i and .ill ttr.-tmoi.sly denied aay re- r. -jirer prKn ana nig lege tacly Iac-:c-nt r -:n i.t ;;.e girl era ted. He f'r;a!!y rui cee '.-.J j-i saifi- tnil T saf-tv gcnpt the atror ir ci:r rent, anl was helivd ti t!:e !-.;re 1-v ::l Ti.e h at e AL! . AT MC r'1 sla:e wi (Co i'.i.i'ied in Pi 4 IS HT. wi i i w i:x;-ri-rc- I 0"!j' ex: rr " t s- s . S'.r i- r I . 1 J-..: . ' ' ; i 1 : In;;' Monday, iiiunrv S. 11 g-and Un-rcK.m reidenc?. b.:9 Nineteei.ih street, near i elctraph avenue. o. iHif-'.t.- I,i a-.nr n 1 1 mi l,ts r.rloner w as im.., ;it r.an'. "oS snix:; v: ! - couches, oil paintings, engraiings. Im-! Ing on. B-.xle suddenly pullet a pttol out ported rues, lace curtains, gtard htof l is h'p fsxket and shut Fenton In the y'ZJX'';,; ' Ti" eieg-nt lion and bras tMtead. hair ' trt.m the. el'wvk, and t!ng of the buUet. te,is. -e.jJ:rr, dhsner st. giand st-eljand as he sw iintr around toward Ms e -range, gaa rare-, refrigerator and very j ,aiiint. be3 was shot a seend time, tl.e lilt- iu.e of eir.er hnuseho I re4 jii's. I Ij,;,ea. attend tl-.i -- r:v t..ry auction U-1' hu let tatlmc away a part of Ms for harp-inns. I Every arti:- must and ! tar and entering tire leiy Just above Wi.! i - s i!, ra'n or sr lr(. if catsleue t r ir, ! a tt a S'.'l, r MKl.'KI, AutlonHr9. c.).-e. 4 ; !,. ;., hsfi s'reet; prute Oak- l.t i t;.-. Hol e A ir.. i:ail::oad auction cale 3 bit ' f I"-, -.-r-i I .- .,- . , r i r . i r 7 - I t- .rii' 1. t 1 a. a t j - . ! -. r r v-.. t fr -. ! i : t.'.a teatt. I'cnton f.-'d forward with Ms urms on hi tin., -f- s tifij! ! ts. ar.J both the ds- ! perate!.- wound--1 'Ij tun anl L,ll sack In !.Hi I i tie si !ew ai'a. " , II..!-. fi-lr.B l is lit M 1 :.! I. w !.i- ; J l.:C!;t t'. we-.f.n. VT19 t''i t! a I jI b .. --t ir.f- t:.e t . ; w 1 n S; '-'l r.' i t t!.e s. re. ! r t t ' f -. . ' r ' , fi I I ' - r - : - .- i n f -. , ! , ' - soft bla k bat. It Is siip:t I t fugitive's name mlgr.t be I man, tecause of papers luu . i 1 i possession of Boyle. ( FENTON'S SLAYEIl WAS A EOLDIEII. : Fet Iji's s'ayer was f I - 1 ' ord-r l r transport iti'.ri fr i t termaster s r.'-ar.t of ti.e '; ! army In tan Francis. f r at i tarti-ntfi. ThU trans; ..t : ' i out. In tl.e name of F. i . s!prte.. yesterday ni'-rr 'I aiso a reieipt In Ms i' - ' - Istered letter sent I r O- ! -ta F. II. N i f F i tn'- i lrul!-l the f .;.' ',e i. f nn r-s li- t to ! i piohahle that I f .'. . ia tiartie of th ...ueuw.n s t-.i an i ! t .. ri 1 i- 1 - r t i i,- e : t I t s t fit . n t i-s. tine I i:.tu jis ' ' SI- "ANT. i . t -" : 1 t !ncr;, w r.. le.i l i-cn i.: i i fl f. S s-f :?ar wl;! t . t. t--: sr ! : i H , . ..- r t - r f " : t I.r ... : I r ia j i ;- z I ,1

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