Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 8, 1906 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1906
Page 9
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'T'WB SfflES IfiUUDQE GASKET FOR - SEftTTLE NORTHERN BAND CARRIES AWAY VICTORY BY . CLOSE SCORES. I Work With the Stick It Respon-v sibk for the Oaks' i Defeat It was not the Oaks' turn yesterday. Consistent bitting by ' the Seattle team gained (or them both games at Idora Park- The way the Northerners hammered Cafes ' right at Che start off f the afternoon contest was a sin and a shame. Three Juicy swats, one a doubts by Householder, scored as many runs and took the heart out of the Oakland pitcher. ! He got back his courage In the third when Francke slapped out a three-smoker and scored on Smith's sacrifice. It was a walk in the elgth. Strelb's hit siiemd an error by Hackett enabling; Householder -to score, that put him , In In the same Inning Smith got a Ufa on a fielder's choice and scored on Van LHaltren'sthree-baffzer to deen center. Terry MoJCunt did a pretty fielding JetunKJn the seventh,; spearing a hot one rroraHaJeys bat amd forcing Dev-lareaux at) second. v - In the rnornlns? the Oaks arai-Tiered three rani before the 81 washes were fairly, awake. But the snap didn't last. The latter team smote Graham hip and "tnign. corrailng- thirteen hits and rink. lng the bell five times. Scores: 1 MOHNINO GAMaV ? SEATTLE. AH. "R. BR HFL VCi. A VL Mciuni, s. . . . . i I Van Buren, of,. 4 1 s 1 I 0 0 0 0 0 1 o. t 0 0 IS 0 X 2 Blankenahlp, CI Householder, rt, 1 4 0 CrrtM.lf. -4 BtrAibt lb. 4 MotC Sb. ... kM jlMcKune, sa ... 1 Garvin, p. ...... . Totals . ..4 ,5 14 2 27 17 OAKLAND. AB. R. BH. Sa PO. A. E. 0 0 Smith, rf. S 1116 Van Haltren, cf. 4 0 1 I 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 6 0 0 0 Ua o -Heltmuller, If. Hackett. lb. . iDerereaux, lb. 'Haley. 2b. ... 1 1 0 2 0 2 ffYancka. sa Braham, p. e Totals .... ..84 4 t 2 27 11 2 RUNS AND HITS BY INNINGS. Brattle .....) 0 0 0 1 0 2 1 1 S l Base hits ..1 2 0 1 2 2 2 2 212 Oakland 3 01 0009004 Base bits ..1 0 I 0 0 2 1 1 0 I Summary! Three-base hit Mott Two-feaee hits Van Haltren, Heltmuller. Kane, Garvin. . Sacrifice hits Van. Haltren, Blankenahlp, Van Buren. First base on ailed balls Graham I. Garvin 4. Struak aut Gmham 2, Garvin 4, Hit by pitcher Hackett. Double plays Van Haltren to Francka, Francks to Haley to Hackett, van Haltren to Haley. . Time of game ; fwo hours. Umpire Mahaffey. - AFTERNOON GAMI. SEATTLE. : . " AB. R. BH. Sa PO. A. E. Cane, 2b. .' '4 10.11 4 2 0 Van Buren. cf.. I ' 1 Blankenshlp, c. 6 0 , IHouaeholder, rt. 2 CroU. If. 4 fitrelb. lb. ..... 4 Mott. tb. 4 SvfcKane, ss. .... 4 iVlckera, p t . Totals .... Smith, rf. . . faa Haltren, of. 4 niae, e leltmuller, If. Hackett. lb. . evereaux. IS. iey, 2b. ...... 4 tncks, as. ... 4 Itss, i p. S I Jtale 24 2 7 1 27 11 6 "BUNS AND HITS BT INNINGS. Jeattle 2 00000010 4 Base hits ..2 02100111 Dakland .. ..0 010 0 0 0 1 02 Base hits ..0 01010 1. 22 7 - Summary: Three-base hits Francks, ' Van Haltren. Two-base hits House hold -. me. Strain, Haley. First base on called )ans Off Vlckers L off Catea 2. Struok fcut Br Vlckers (, by Catea . Passed fall Bliss. Time of game 1:45. Umpire -Mahattey. acme bicycle club Holds i RACE ; " j.- The young Acme Bicycle Club had its first raoe meet yesterday at the Alameda grade. ; There wera eight starters la the five-mile raoe, and It was a does ated sacltlng ooateet Little Herbert Albera wen out In great style. Luther Mitchell came up strong for second prise, and Forrest Brown took ,tiHrd prise. , . The boys have now a 'challenge In band tf or a relay raoe from the Golden City "Wheelmen, Ban Franolsco, for a cup. They are training hard for the event and J. Eckhardt, an old-time rider, la giving hem Instruction. . They all have ' shown great Improve pvmt and hope to defeat the O. C W. and brtng the cup to this: side of the bay. - ii 1 .it , Dr. T. D. Hall Specialist for Men .' n years In Oakland. V.j';-- consultation tree, lluseum of. Anat-omy ' Opea dally free to men. ; ' Quickly and permanently- cures all private dlseaaes of mea. . Gonorrhoea, Oleat, Strleture, Byphlllls. Boras. BweUlng,- Unnatural Discharges. Varicocele, te quickly ears d Vl'v M.,.B!dwV. (Ptalr), nest 1 vaKiana, cai. Cures'' ruaranteed. Hours. 10 to It. 2 te & and ' -f . MH, ,v. M Ul, .. ,-J. 0:0 0 00 1 0 8 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 10 0 0 0 0 1:0 1 0 a 0 2 0 4 4 0 ! 4-421 1 ' .87 4 i-t$tT 7 0. OAKLAND. ia R. bh.8b.Ipo. A. E. 1 1 0 0 o 0 0 0 10 2 10 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 10 111 4 0 10 012 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 2 0 1. 1 1 0 4 0 1 0 1.0 8 1 0 DECLARE ;RAGE WAS The Aftermath of the Exciting Field Meet Held on the Berkeley Cinder Path "by the ; Bay Counties'; League Saturday hat the Prospects Are for the ' T Academic Athletic League Contests. - ';j . ' , r W'mm-.WI!'nm,W?'V W0.giiTMg-ljsesjpgtjijw !: A- -.:;(f' aw.vs; ittasaaaaaaJiaaaa.ea..aMMMa. - , A.-. xfay 1 I GEORGE GRUBB, BV TOM VE1TCH.. The fifteenth semi-annual field day of the Bay Counties Athletic League last Saturday was highly satisfactory in every way. The day was perfect for track work, most of the races ended In close finishes, the meet was run off quickly, and the attendance was large. , It was an Ideal meet. Between three and four thousand people watched the struggle for first place between Lick and Oakland, which was not decided unUl the last event, the relay, was ended. Lick took the lead In the first lap of this event and held it to the finish, Oakland High losing her chance of winning by bad touch-work In the fifth lap. - RECORDS MASHED. Three records were broken during the day by small margins. Bell, of Lick, broke the shot-put record of 47 feet 1 Inch held by Blackmort of Berkeley High, by an Inch. Vail of Oakland High added one inch to the pole vault record held by himself, the new record standing at 10 feet 5 inches. Later he cleared 11 feet 2 Inches. Lick clipped oner and two-fifths seconds off the relay record formerly held by Oakland High, the new mark being 8 minutes, 24 seconds. Some excitement was aroused by the announcement that Munro of Berkeley High had done the two-mile in 4 minutes, 42 seconds, 'breaking the SURPRISE FORM FOLLOWERS WERE SURE HE WOULD FINISH FIRSf. Gossip of Turf and Paddock Eresh from Scene of Its Happening. ' -f LEE DEMIRE. . The defeat of Walter Jennings's Proper in the $10,000 Brighton cup, a weight for age race at two miles and a quarter at Brighton Beach Saturday, proved one of the biggest turf surprises in' many years. William Shield's three-year-old Holscher, & cheap selling plater who graduated .from the maiden class only the other day, was quoted at II to 1 andwas backed onl for a few small wagers. On form; it looked like a lay-down, for Proper, who was victorious la the cup preliminary last TuesQay, accordingly t to 5 on him was grabbed up by the California contln-ent. ; - . Ed Corrlgan's good mare, Elma Du-four, who was backed to win even at cap, which was the feature event at Churchill Downs Saturday, -was challenged in the stretch by DoUnda, who just ! managed to get tha verdict. : - :. .... ..- The merry-go-around which held the boards at Spokane for the past two weeks came to a close Satarday: The Farewell Handicap at a mile was taken by Florence Fouso, who snatched the victory from Christine A. the 8 to S favorite. . j. ::. i ' ;-e : j .;!, x ", The racing scene has shifted from Brighton ' Beach r- to; Belmont ; Park, where the thoroughbreds will hold forth for the next two weeks, s - ";,.! ."I- V - f v'f ' Speaking to a party of friends in the Brighton Beach clubhouse tha other day, President Thomas Williams of the New California ; Jockey, announced that he would race) a stable of five or ten mares in the East next year. "I have ten two-year-olds in training at Emeryville now and.lt Is from this collection I will make my selection for New York campaign' of lOOT." "But," he said, "I will not bet on them, I never Intend - to - bet on another horse: wouldn't wager a dollar if I knew post tlvely that one of mine would win by fifty lengths." r It is said when Ir. Gardner defeated Halifax at Brighton Beaqh ' the other day It cost E. R. Thomas and Sidney Paget $10,000. i : x i . ; . ': .: ' ;. e ; j- ty: '. Dishabille's ongageWents at Belmont Park are in the Bronx. Municipal, v eswneww ana iroranam Handicaps renca P. Moran and Phillip McQaryj who were caught in the act of tapping tbe Windsor race wire near Walkers-viUe, Canada,. August 9got off -wlta PROPER'S DEFEI1T PROVED BIG S REFU I n "... it GEORGE HARROLD, Who waa entered in the shot put'and high jump from B. H. S. see coast record. If this had been true It would have been the fastest two miles run In America in the last twelve years. However, It was learned after the race that through" a mistake In the counting of laps the run was one lap short. Munro finished remarkably strong, and had the race been regular, would undoubtedly have beaten his own record of 10 minutes, 22 seconds. The coast record In this event is held at present by Connelly of the Olympic Club, whose time is 8 minutes, 51 sec- NEGRO OUT OF KAUFFriANN'S CIRCLE Al Kauffman was to leave Philadelphia for San Francisco this morning. Billy Delaney Is bringing him out, he says, in the hODe of ehdlnir th tlk rfjt of the heavies with a real match. The Kauffman-Johnson match la all off'aaid Delaney last night, "because Kauff man's father will not let him fight a negro. AJ Is only 20, so what pater saysgoes. Kauffman is criticised for his action in the Burns contest and I was Wetty sore myself when he drew out. But I have learned since that It was sickness and that Kauffman could not be expectedOo continue his training in the condition he was in. A few days later he wiredxme that he would go on, but I refusedX "Kauffman will fight ansSpf ''em. The clubs out here want hlmand the heavies will have to fight him sometime, and Just as well make it pbw. There are only a few top-notchersyand every time there is a fight thera is one less, so It will be down to Kauff- s uuw preuy soon, wnetfter be is taken I on now or not. But I think he can et wimouc mucn trouoie. '"""""f'V" light lnes at their trial in Windsor iV other Hobinson was fllned 1100 and the other 'three ISO each. . e George J. Long says Sir Huon is all right again. e ' ' TJ Picket will winter at Billy Lakeland s; place at Brighton Beach. .. e a. , . TWO SPORTS ' Aifff Sf " daxn of Lofus Eater. nd Brook .Farm a few days ago. The cause was catarrhal fever. J f?0T A- toV expects great things of Computer as a three-yew-old and will make extensive engagements tor him next year. T,W!!m EnK'trome. who remained oa the coast after the San Francisco earth-td Tat t0 SeatUe for the meet-filV'now" dcrws' 1JL booking at Loula- Trainer Ollle Johnson is preparing EdI-cure for the racesand not BUly Bhort. , iappa and Elota. the property of Jimmy Coffey, took first premium - at the aaiem fair. .' - ' i J e :'':-t'." .f ";?:-v Judge Toman has returned from Noma. The Judge is looking for a fe wusaful performers to compalgn this winter, , l:. . J- Aprominent business- man of Portlani has bought? Gorgalette from Dr. ; Fltx-geraloV for $1800. Trainer Tom O'Herns has charge of the mare., , I -Z'i -.--i,.--. e'y i. ?;-'' V'S-'f.i i:;.v,'s".:?. v Trainer Timmons who has been suffering- from a severe attack of rheumatism, for some time, is getting along slowly. The old trainer, can be seen every mominjr clocking the horses aa tnev flash Kv tv, h,n. .... , - the note dtralner was taken . with the mwuj u was una ui mo oest Cjonaltlon-ers of thoroughbreds in the United States. ,. . , - ' . . ; . ,, BIUt Madden (Dealer), who dishes out raranmeaw M-rrrnsco" Zand's but things have changeoetaoi aotf oinnnn ' , . - O . V .ui VlUUIllj I . . , . , '.' V u resort in Emeryville, says this burg hasf JaK Holtman decide not to officiate at been a lonesome town all of last waob. lthe southern track. . fcuM uuig una been a lonesome town all of -last week- Jn I uvvnea up again since Tobe Ramaev arriwrt trm t.?U I rdw I WtnniW tVtonm:.A i" ZHll: - Newmarket,- and the Cambrldgs- thither wining JockTy. taQen to September 14. O'Connor hid tv, to Sentemhor 14 ' - -w .vr.u. IflM Won flftv.Kn ran, ,tu) AAn . " ntn. 1TA -,.r ty,. -ZZZZ r-Sl- .v. .J-;;??un.-1" six wm tT h-r rft "JSK ix winner to b!s credit, while Korb, tho lightweight Sider of George-Walker's SE RECORD TO MONRO: ' 'niiitniinu 1 1 t MUNRO, Berkeley High School tad, who was thought to have broken the interacrTolaatio record in the . two mile run, but who was not given' the honor. e mmmmm onds. ' , GRUBB DID WELL. ' George Grubbof Oakland High, won both of the hurdle events handily, fin-fishing strong' and in good time. In the 220 yard event he came within one fifth of a second of record. In the 880 yard dash, Free of Oakland was boxed on the far stretch and lost his chance for a record, although ACCIDENT MAY STOP AUTO RACE ; NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Whether or not there would be any further automobile races in this country for the Vander-bllt cup was an absorbing question of. discussion among the motor car enthusiasts fiunday. The majority expressed keen regret that there should be talk of abandoning this great sporting event, and the hope was expressed that some suggos'icn be made toward safely policing the toad so that a race might take place next year. Jefferson Demont Thompson, of the racing board of the American Automobile Association, said that no ' race would be held unless the road was policed by troops, as is done in France, hnless a private course waa construct-A -. Ml . ... Vf u. ; -oar. -Liiompsou saia. .. "Noxoie thinks of abandoning tho only big automobile race that we have in America, bat if another is to bo held here, it will have tobe conducted with absolute' assurances of protection for the course or a satisfactory private course must be secured over vhich the officials will have complete control. We had from 700 to 800 flagmen and deputies distributed all over the course but the ' crowd simply overwhehned them. ..... y; v'V.li N--, NEEO MILITARY. . tlon, and . by that I mean the' use of governmnt troops, not the: militia, it - looks as though, automobile road racing was a thing of the past In America. The only other alternative will be the building of a private course and this solution of the difficulty' is now being seriously considered. I. thank God, concluded Mr. Thompson, "that 100 persons were' not killed instead of one,, and two injured." ' George Heath; the cup winner of 1904 and second, man last year, was sitting with Mr. Thompson, and he stated that neither he, nor, so far as he knew, any of the other foreign drivers would ever care to come to America again to race under such conditions as prevailed on Saturday. ,v ' v - " . stable, -was third with ; thirty-six winners. Johnny Reiff went over ' from France and rode five winners, while Beau- champ was credited with one. -.-. .;. I Starter Author' McKnight is talked of as the nmhRhlK itarlrr int .hn.u The next two great races to be run In EEngland are the Cesarwitch, October "?0!rl5b There tT' "ttZZ. '"mS??m .i'Z.l00 eariy netting, at. - wuirram. Featherbed catjcradie teem to be equal favor- tlC?ridgeShlre3 the bettlnJ: at ; 13 to iL x-nuce vvuiiam aim v ng cuarieS lead ! '. 1 1 mm ONE LAP SHORT t I M I I U t M M t M t M M harolli Mcdonald, One of the Oakland High School winners. 4 yard dash, coming within a fifth of a he left his field in the finish and won handily. McCaulay, of Alameda, won the 440 second .of the record; H has been running several years and is now at his best. 'i The mile run was won In good time by Hartwell ofiakland. His time of 4 minutes, 47 25 seconds; Is within t seconds of the record. He Is only a freshman suif should hold the record AO NEW OUT OF LEAGUE, HE SAYS SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 8. James P. Agnew, business manager of the- Seattle baseball club, will draw out 'of the organization, next year. If Rusa wants to stay Agnew will offer objection, but whoever handles tho earn next year will have to rustle for, himself a new; baseball ground and will have to patch up local differences. Vrhls may mean that David Edward Dugdale may appear or it may mean that the Pacific Coajt-,' League will have to finance the Seattle end of the baseball circuit. It makes no difference - to Agnew and his' closest friends which solution is offered. He is through. There has been a popular supposition that Agnew had a guaranteed salary, but he claims that he has been dependent upon the gate receipts for his money. j; Counting in tho sale of three players Charles Hall, Johnny Kaue and Clifford Blankenshlp the Seattle 'team will show a little surplus, but ' this money will not be enough , to pay the cost of-, erecting v new grand stands and J bleachers and - leasing i new grounds. As soon as Agnew found out thia .fact he quit. The street railroad company today prepared to tear down the; old grounds, but (refused to save the lumber unless the former management took down the -boards themselves. Agnew refused to . participate. He suggested that a tide land Site be taken to reinstate the game. ' i . The railbirds, who congregate in the early morning at Emeryville to watch the workouts, are on the increase. ' a a i At the recent Lexington Fair, August Belmont offered as a premium for the iuwi. ih 01 vnn, a season to RockSand. t was won by James R. Keene's bay colt, y. Ben Brush Roseearlanrt. The talent and the pikers got "their get-away when J. V. Kerby captured the Saturday " fc Hlena MonUno! k ' t CARRIERS WANTED B0 carrier Joys Immediately; for new and divided routes. Apply to Superintendent of Routes. TRIBUNE. - Dr. Thiele The GERIliN SPECIALIST. : Lsts of San Fran Cisco, has opened ' .V. : aflleaa aa' - -- .472 Eighth Sfc, Oakland - All rivat and ohronlo di Ma set off both aaxaa aueoaaafuily traatad mn4 aura fiuarantetd. The pries of that $100JX clock displayed In our Thirteenth-street show window will be reduced $1.00 each day, commencing Oct. 1.. - i -- P. c. fulcz a CO. : , .v, . . I --.- vv-. . V- ...-it: . v . 1. 1 NA'S - :V I 4 ; . - J' , :: Imxmmnnmwmnm ii.-mmnr-.m , I , o U III M lit t M i M I I tV " i v v j? I If "y : CHAUNCEY ELDRJDGE, , Berkeley High 8ehool'a track cap-1 tain. ' -v ' f MUMMtt In this event before he Quits; The 50 yard dash waa won by Head of Lowell in slow time, while the 100 yard event went to Golcher of Lick In 10 2-5 secixid. - The field events, with the exception of pole vault and shot-put were far & . . Ital . Deiow recora. i ne nammer recora is 15? feet, held by Moullen of ' Lick, while Bell of the same school was able to accomplish only 126 feet Saturday.' . The broad jump was twofeet below the record, while Brent . of i Lowell In the high jump only came within ? inches of the record of 5 feet, 11 Inches, held by Hall of O. H. S. - .' ' - - , FIGURER WRONG. Although. Oakland scored 4 2 points, the exact number counted on to win the day, she did not obtain first place. Lick showed up stronger than was expected, while Berkeley High was a.dis-appolntment. The outcome of the next field day, the. A. A. L. is problematical. Neither Oakland nor Lick have strong teams, and the laurels may be taken by some inland school. None of the times yesterday were fast enough to positively insure places in the large meet, where up country "phenons" are an ordinary occurrence. However, if Leber of Oakland Is back in tha sprlns by that time his school should be tho favorite, SEALS FIRST POOR TWIRLING AND ERRORS LOSE FIRST FOR FISHER. Opportune Hitting Gives Second Victory to Wil son. FRESNO, Oct. a. San Francisco won both games from Fresno yesterday. Poor work In the box, combined with very costly errors.- lost the first game for Fresno. EM Blank, a seven-foot busher from Lemoore, was on the slab for Fresno in the first three innings of the second game. The Seals touched him up for three hits in the third, which netted two runs. Scores: FIRST GAME. ban nunrcisoo. ( AB. R. BH. SB. PO. A. . Spancer, c. f ......... 0.1 0 S 0 Wheeler, aa. 4 1 ' 1 14 Mohler, 2b t 1 1 0 4 Irwin, tb v. 6 ' 1 10 1 0 0 Wlllama. 1 f 6 14 1 I 1 Walthour, r. f 4 SO- 0 0 0 Fair, lb t I S O ? 0 0 Wllaon, C. ,.. 4 1 t 0 Vvelch, p. 2i ... 4 011 0 ' 9 0 Browne p. .c,,u,.. 0 0 0.0'- . 0 Tcitala....UM....,40 10 is a ft 1 ' , FRESNO. - - AB. R. BH. BB. PO. A. E. Caaey, tb t 1 0 0 - I t 0 Doyle, e. t 4 1.'- t ' t o 1 Woltera. r. t. t 1 - t 0 t 10 McSAaghtitt, 1. t..L 4 0 0 ' 0 1 0 ' 0 E&san. Sb . $ 1 , t 0 t 1 0 Delmaa, as. SI t " 0 4 1 t Cartwrisht. lb .... 4 1 t 0 ' T t - 0 Hog-an, o. .. 6 0 t 0 I 4 1 Pltxerald, p. 4 - 0 - 1 0 0 - 1 1 Daahwood 1 0 . 0 0 0 0 Tta 0 "l 14 ' 0 tt 1 1 ; Dash wood batted (or ntscerald In the ninth. . RUNS AND HITS ,BT INNINOS. ' . . - i t I4i T; Ban rranc4aco .. ...... .0 I I t 111 I 414 Baae htta t 1 10 4-44 Freano ..................0,0 0 0 1 0 011 I Base hits .............11 Milll 414 StTMMART. Sacrifiee hit Mohler. Two-baee hit Wheeler. Welch. ; Wuson, Hogaa. . Three-bate - bite Mohler. Cartwrtsht. Home - run Walthour. Flrat baae on ball Off Welch . off Brown t, off Fitzgerald 4. Struck out By Welch a br u.uwb ,oj iama a. , juen on Dasea Baa Francisco a. Fresno !..-. Double play Wbeelrr to Mohler to Fair. Paaaed ball Hogan. Hit DR. JORDAN -Of the Tortfan Museum of Anatomy I I -1HW M'AfJ.I6TER ST., : I ' j c,i Fillmore. San Francisco I weaknesses , or any con-ifS n bracted diseases positively J i l V eur4 T th oldest specialist P 1 1 on the coast Estab, 40 yra, .1 R ' DR- JORDAN La. Ji ' Diseases of Men. Consultation free and strictly private.' Treatment personally - or by letter. -'A i positive cure in every-case undertaken, - Write for book, phltesephy of Mir. rlage, mailed frea (A valuable book for men.) t DR. JORDAN A CO, I MeAHlater' fit., San Frenele?. FIGHTERS MEH COIN 01 THEIR.; CHANGES RELIANCE v CLUB BOUTJJ TOMORROW NIGHT ATTRACT ATTENTION. .7 Brown and Evans Have $50 Eacl) .' Bet. and Will nnr-ir SIMY i More Apiece, Tomorrow night the Reliance . cluTt will hold its regular boxing night for 1 me montn of October. It has a card i that has all the ear marks of 4eir a - one of the best that has ever ' ben presented to the Oakland ' fana Th demand for seats has been larca and thera iarfll - ha & lim tt.ni.a. k -, hand when the gong sends tho. first ym.is ui acrsppers to mef mars. (. The club has gone tb considerable . expense in arranging the big doublf mam event, but it hag been rewarded for its efforts by the Interest takes the boxing fans in the bouts, - V - joe Mucneu, who will meet "Iron Man" Charlie Dunn in ith umi min event . haa traln4 harA fn kli w.. , . uw. . V. 1MB VVU. ' lng fight, and wishes' to announce that ' c hum viuui, iniuca u seems to have HtUe doubt about doing, he wishes to meet Toang Choynski at the clubs' next show. v i Dunn has his eva Btit nn rtinTioVl also . and as he feela onnallw mm J winning the coming fight he want a at. me conqueror ,oi .'fHenfy Harry Baker.s the manui of nnmt tays he is anxious to make a tide bet that his protege will beat Mitchell and displayed considerable satisfaction when he was informed that h. am et all the money he wanted oa Mt cneu me mgnt or the fight. sg Jack Evana -who tr. n,m.t r Brown In the second main svept, : sprang a surprlso yesterday by wagering $60 witb Brown's manager, Thomp son on his chances with the Reliance " boy. Evans said that he had ISO mors ' that he wouia ilk who was present, said that he woul4 uwguieu iu accomonouaxo nun 11 71a -would wait until Monday night. This Evahs agreed to do and it now lookt . at If Brown and Evans Would be bat -tling-for a $100 side bt in their re turn match. - ; The remainder of tha card conslttt , of bouts between Jack Turner va. KlI Josephs T. Calder vt. Otto Horn; Jim Griff en vs. Harry Sheridan and M. Brent vs. 1. jdhnson. by pitcher Wllaon. Time of game 1 hours It nlnutea. Umpire Derrick. 7 SECOND QAM S. SAN FRANCISCO. - AB. R. BH. BB. spencer, e.g......... t 1 -l 0 Wheeler,, aa. 1 I I 0 Mohler, Zb ........... t I 1 0 ' Irwin, Sb ............. 1 1 1 1 WHUama, L f........ 0 11 Walthour, r. f 1 10 0 Fair, lb t 0 1 0 pie e, t 1 0 0 Brown, p. ........... t 0 0 0 PO. A. .St 4 .. t 1 I 1 6 t t Totals.. ........... ,n - I . ( I is .'it - FRESNO. AB. R. BHf SB. pa A. Casey. R ....... t 1 10 1 1 Doyla, e. f.... 11 f 0 WclUra, t. ,0 0 0 Mclaughlin. 1. f..... t 1 0 0 Ragan, tb t ' 1 1 0 belmaa, aa. it 0 Cartwnght.' lb ...... t o 0 0 Hogan, c 10 0 0 Blank, p. 0 0 0 Hoag, p. i a 0 g 1 Totals..... .a ttt IS "I' RUNS BT INNINGS. ' liiiirt San Francisco .......... ......0 t t t0 s H. s :........,t 1 tt tt 6UMMART. Home run Del ma. First baae oa bauac ot iana 6. on! Haas t Struck ".nc'?eo- Freano 4. Double Dlavw Mogan. WUd pitch Blank. Hoi? Hit by pitcher-Williams. Time of ganSi hour 15 minutes. Umpire-Derrick. P - " . - Piedmont Bsths. , FiF2t2!l'rar,d'5 &nA Huifflam baths. -Finest service on the coast; experlencVi attendants: also swimming tank for ld&Lan.d gentlemen. Take Piedmont oa to Twenty-fourth street. " r HUGH S. ALDRICIJ 4-u-' Regular Komlnee: ; ; Union Labor Party. , , '. Independence League FOR JUSTICE OF TH1 PEACE (Police Judge.) - - f : CITY OF OAKLAND. . WhyDon't YooMe Honey? During the past few months there has been a number of chance to make money in the stock market, and there are going to be just as many oppor tunities in the near future. -' I look , for . a slight reaction In son? t ' of the active stocks, but eventually this., market is going to sell" a great deal higher. . ' For the past three weeks X have had one of the best mining- authorities in Nevada making a tour of Inspection' and,- Investigation through Manhattan, Tonopahf Goldfleld, Bullfrog and othv er mining sections. His reports will soon be coming la nd ' then I will have s something interesting , for you. ; Have you 'ever noticed, how little te average broker knows about the- stock 1 he is dealing in? Ha simply takes your money regardless of eonseauences. Just - mate a mue commission, a Will ,y client to make money. . I- have "called- your attention to a stock which -advanced from 85. to cents in which I am. sure will go way above a dollar, and possibly above tu i dollars by January 1. This mine is t',-ready in T0 ore. and the stock Is 1U ble'to be withdrawn from the market e t any time. - If yon want to share in t'. profits with us you bad better get 1 right away. I also mention a stock selling at IS cents that will soon go- to. 2d or 4 3. This is the last tlma I can call your attention to, this for lam positive tht this stock will be 28 cents a share ar i perhaps 80, before October 15. I c 1 heartily recommend this stock as Icing a good safe investment. A. J.;L'002B, Stock Ere!:: : ROOMS and 33, EACOfy BLOC! OAKLAND. CALIF. )

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