Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 1, 1906 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Monday, October 1, 1906
Page 3
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G A KI AND THIBU1ID .i - rvn.reoiiir inu 11. J. BID IS USUI! OF SHEHS - . .. : . - mm n n rirfrm - i f J!. ! l!'. I! V S phi I H iIW LAULUUiyL UU1 f . , . . UULLU iTEIM i mm of ihigi: TREES ilstii; i i m Wishes to Dissolve Alleged Com cf Can Bernardino Want aw ta Protect Forest From Husband's Sudden Return After More Than 100 Nebraskans Com Letters. Written to Deceased Per Replies to Statements by French 14 Dead and as : Many I.Iissir. Year's Absence .Causes , - k V Wife's Death. " prising "Home Folks' Dele-. gation to be His Guests. . sons Revealed the Clever ! Plahs. bination of Terminal Rail- ' j ' on Church and State ; " Encyclical. , , From Terrible Disaster Hear I way Association. , : 1 Timber Cutters. - , New Orleans. " f - vot n mm 10 E i A. - I) E ZP.NARDINO, Oct 1. The peo-; V"an Bernardino, through the Board ff TTK'.o, have appealed, to President I ue-J It to save the big forests of thla c uavJ from destruction at the hands of t . mhfc cutters. A resolution f has been BJnted and forwarded to the President B.,mg him to incorporate la his next mfMsage to Congress recommendation of a law to conserve the forests. IT is. urged ta.t the Government should exercise the right of eminent domain and acquire all private and corporate holdings of land that are now being denuded of ,tlmber. Nothing; short of Government ownership, ays the language of the petition, . will Werr to stop the timber cutting. It Is p'nntea out inai xne oeiirucuun ui timber has already seriously affected the rainfall, and consequently the water supply of the region.- The uselessness of Government expenditures for forest propagation while wholesale destruction of timber lands is going on by private parties' la alluded to. ' :r s CIOTZ OFF TO EUROPE 1 San Francisco Mayor is Granted at Two Months' Leave of - . Absence.- . :t " SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 1, Mayor Eu-1 rone E. Schmits ef t for the East today preparatory to taking his departure for i: u rope. He was granted a two months' 1 l. ave of absence by the Board of Super-' visors and during his trip the admlnlstra-ion of the city will be. under the dlrec-ion of James Gallagher, chairman of the nance committee of the Board of Superiors. v-1 Ti ' j. , ' Ik ARE INJURED IN . COLLISION IN KANSAS WICHITA, Kan., Oct 1. Six passen-ers were injured in "the yards at King-itrr, Kan., at 11 o'clock today by a head-i collision between an eastbound freight d a westbound passenger, on the Mls-; Pacific railroad. The freight was )tnir a siding when the passenger train unasa a snarp curve ana ran into it Police Chfef . Asks ' Victims - to Notify Department Without ' Chief of Police Wilson and Mayor Mott -resident of the Board ot Police and Fire ommlsaioners, have made the request at those who are. held up ; or whose mes are burglarised, notify the police . once and not delay the matter, as has en done In the past' Chief Wilson tna lnstanoes where the police were not tided of the crime that had been oom- uted until twenty-four hours- after- Numerous crimes have been committed the past few weeks and. in order to re with the situation and capture the mlnat. Chief Wilson states that the ilo bo are victims ot the daring igs and -burglars must: notify the po- at once. . i . Tayor Mott and Chief Wilson had a niference 8aturday about " the reign of ime In this city and discussed! the nter patrolling of the outside districts ' the clti with the additional policemen it are soon to be appointed. .;: 't .the conference. Mayor Mott said: talked the situation over and, in to do ail In our power to ly protect the city. What we want the co-operation of the people -of y. When a crime is committed the department should be notified lm-It they should wait several before reporting it the criminals chance . to escape, and it is al-npooslble to capture them. Take, mce, the O. O. Newball hold-up n)Hlay night. Newhall was held 0:80 o'clock Wednesday night bnt tter was not reported to the'po-til Thursday morning, and then ice are expected to locate, the , The Hatch robbery of Friday as committed at s.45 o'clock, but early 11 o'clock before It was re- nd In the meantime the robber i -i opportunity to make his es- lr th ceorile do not renort the V u. police cannot locate the crlm-. .. anl every minute the people heal- m making the report they give -the .tr i ft tbt much more tune to es e. ana they make the work of the po- . Just so much, more difficult IVC NEVER RETURNS; v UZ AGII3 FOR DIVORCE :e voluntarily left me more than Bar ao end has not oome back " is the reason gtven by Atwel T7etb la the dlTorce suit he filed i raorr.ln through his attorney r.ard C i Clark, against his wife tin I-Taud Webb, "The couple were -led July 23. 1I0S, - ;.';; ' ; ttlhship'goes I ::;. h TO MATANZAS '.VAN A, Oct l.-rThe batUeahlp Ken- left 1 : ivana at 1 o'clock this after- fr I-'Atanaaa, having on board mrr Luwxma of Matansas, Matan- rr)v; i'-n s.i Q-iiet ard the sailing of ..erst -i. -y is d ae to the crowded con-1 r-f t; it iHrbor here, the American r; i i. .::!( o give commercial t t 'r f-.i and usual anchorage fa- ,0 ! 'AIT , : .: :l::cted T0vDffice Oct. 1. The Demo- ri.iUee'-met today at a and elected Wll--f rii?alrt chairman r. "Ar. CVmncr? 1.1 f r the nomination " " - t' . meftir.T to-'.f t.he ttate ' y Lli-arst j lCl p p Q -j "p . SEATTLE!- Oct Excessive Joy killed Mrs. Marian Hariey of "Wiser Lake, this State. , . Hariey. her husband, after several years' absence in the mines ot Alaska, returned home unexpectedly. At the ! . l ..rlvfil t- Harlov -was in the banj,,rWr which one of. the children rusnea witn, me giaa news vi the return or the nusnana ana xainec. Th wnmtn uttered an exclamation of I Joy and started to leave the barn to ! greet her husband, when sne reu aeaa of heart disease. , ' . 7 . '." ' 1 1 1 1 ; STOCKTON SUICIDE IS SON OF GEORGIAN ' BTfinrmw rtc ' 1 A mam' who' shot himself dead on the street Friday night v,n. kun u,niAit m 1 (i. Carmlchael Jr. of Jackson, Ga,. where Lis father, a man ol weaua, resiues. t v . HYDROPHOBIA i Five-Year-Old ; Boy Receives . . ! V- I Fatal JMte JtTom a wiaa ; Dog. I NEW YORK. Oct 1-Raymond Blll- lngly, 6 years bid, died of hydrophobia. at the general hospital, in Greenwich,- Conn last night 1 having been bitten j by a dog on August 9 .The boy. was taken lck In" the morning and, died is i an ine agonies .oi mi.ieuure,.iu.-I tnn a brother Was bitten by the same dog at the same time and: a close watch is being kept or him. MRS. WM. ASTOR'S HEALTH IMPROVED NEW YORK, Oct 1. Mrs. William Astor returned Sunday to her home, 852 'Fifth avenue, from her villa at Newport where she - has been seriously IB for two months. At Mrs. Astor s home last niaht her secretary stated that Mrs. As. tor was greatly Improved and that there was every reason to nope mat sne wouia soon be restorea to neann. , a. i Mrs. w A Mnl sm tn Be on the Road to Recoverv.' The best of reports come from Provi dence hospital concerning the condition of Judge and Mrs. Henry A. Melvln, who have been at the' hospital since the se rious automobile accident in this city a few nights ago. 'They are both resting easily. Judge Melvln is getting-well fast nil Mra. Melvln.' who was the more se riously Injured of- the two, is getting along as well as .can he expectea. . Senator O. R. ' Lukens, who, since the accident has been ar tne noma or carle ton .Wall, corner- Lafayette and' Santa Clara avenue, Alameda, , was . removed Saturday evening to Fabiola hospital in this city. It was tearnea upon inquiring at the hospital today that the Senator also is getting along nicely and -is resting more easily today than heretofore. His condition promises best results. - CHANGES HANDS Sold to M. V.r Sparks for $60,- . v 000 Erroneous. Report as - " to'Orpheum. s v Hamilton Halt . the well-known building at the ' southeast corner ot Thirteenth and Jefferson streets, which has been occupied by the - Christian Church, and used also for public lec tures, eta, was sold today and the deed recorded, -'.u ' .- 1? Christopher Maher, owner , ot the property, has transferred his possession to M. V. Sparks, who declares he has ught the property to hold as an in- vestment The consideration : was $C0,00O. , ; j . ' i The property fronts 100 feet on Thir teenth street by 105 feet on Jefferson street and is considered one ; of the most desirable pieces of property In the "vicinity.1 1 The deal was consum matde through the Laymance Real Es tate company. i ERROR A3 TO ORPHEUM. A contract had also been entered into by the Orpheum Theater Company for the purchase or eight teet of ground extending from Thirteenth street to Twelfth, directly adjoining the Harall-ton Hall property, on which is to be erected the proposed vaudeville theater promised this city by that amusement company. : The deal Is now being concluded and plans drawn for the new building by . the Laymance Company, representatives of which declare that the report that the Orpheum Company had -bought the Hamilton v Hall site Is erroneous. . : -'-.''' -,,-, The land purchased by the theatrical people Is that on which' the Raymond Hotel new stands and is SO feet wide by 200 feet devp. .- r It is expected that work will be begun on the proposed improvements within a few days. The Laymance Company has also sold the Lakeside iiats. twelve rrart-ments at the southwest comer of Thirteenth iiJ Jackson streets, for W, F. Rimes' to n A. stent. -xi i tiiase . .. . , . - CHILD 0 ES OF INJURED H1LT0ULL 4 - LINCOLN, Neb, Oct 1. William J. Bryan, who returned to his home near this city yesterday, will entertain at his residence, tonight more than one hundred - Nebraskans . 'who comprised "Home Folks" delegation that met him in New, York, when he returned from St Joseph, Mo. He will speak in Nebraska Thursday, Friday - and Satur day, and next week he wilt go to Kan sas for a speaking tour. -' ' WEATHER BUREAU ON GULF STORM Washington. Oct L-The weather bureau says: ; Khe remnant of the gulf storm or oast weea is cenirai iuu morn ing over the ; northeast portion of the Gulf of Mexico. It has not developed as yet sufficient enenrv to cause more tnan fresh winds and rain In the gaAf and south Atlantic States. BEEN FLOATED i o United States Annv Transport - " - Now Proceedine ' to Honolulu. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 1. The Mer chants' Exchange . has received a cable message from Honolulu saying that the United States ' army transport Sheridan has been floated and Is . 'proceeding to that port - ,: . " ;; ' The Sheridan has been beached on her way here to prevent her from sink ing. ,rThe transport now lis In a worse position than before. ; . i STREET BEGGAR SENT UP FOR THIRTY DAYS A sentence of thirty days In the city prison was imposed on William Tuley, found guilty of vagrancy by Acting Police Judge Quinnthis morning. Tuley,- it is said, has been begging on the public streets and making himself a general nuisance to the citizens of Oakland. ".' ( Mrs. Hancock Says That the Neighbors Are Taking Her h ' Property. ALAMEDA, Oct. 1. Mrs. H. Han cock has reported to the police that the numerous members ot the Morgan family, away, piece by piece, a stable which she residing on Fountain street are carrying owns opposite the Morgan residence.- The I building withstood the earthquake with out Injury, but the Morgan children are roving- more destructive than either an earcnquaae . or a lire. According 10 tne story of Mrs. Hancock, the barn has been i slowly disappearing . for the last two weeks and will soon be a thing of the past should the, ravages of the young Morgans keep up.". The shakes from the roof have gone, and. it Is feared that an attack may be made on the flooring and bracing - Mrs. Hancock-: has . asked - for the aid of the police in keeping the build lng Intact TROLLY ROAD IVaUejo Move Believed to be in - Interests of the Western r . pacific . - " VALLEJO, Oct '1. News cornes from Vacavtlle that Melville Dozler, who has been engaged as the head of a large party of surveyors for the last two months in laying out a route for a railroad between. Valle jo and Sacramento by the way of the Amerl can canyon, Cordelia, Vacavllle, El mlra and Dixon, will apply --on tomor rowjevMitng before the Board of City Trustees of vacavllle for a franchise for an electric road In that town that will tap all of the leading fruit pack- ing houses. - - This- road is presumed to be a feeder for the Western Pacific on the plan, of the uew electric lines In the Sacra men to Valley. It will run In a straight line from-the water-front in this, city to the eastern ooraer or this county. Dozler has spent much money In sur veying the route of the road is most feasible. - r HANDLED 73ABY - - LIKE VETERAN - The-spectacle , of Deputy District At torney; Everett Brown holding- a baby In his arms was seen In Judge T. W. Harris court this morning during the trial of 11 -year-old Robert Lorber, who was charged with grand larceny. "When it came time for Mrs. Lorber, the boy; mother, to testify that "her son was incorrigible she rose with an infant in her grasp and lookedk appeallngly afr Brown, who blushed a deep red but gallantly took the child and held it while Xteputy County Clerk Jim Glover swore the witness. Brown has had lit- tie experience in handling babies, but ha performed the act this morning like a veteran. Young Lorder - pleaded guilty to stealing a bicycle from O. W. Wiles about September 2 and was com mltted to the Golden Gate Orphanage at Lytton Springs, ilia fatlir Is tailor at Coleld. - - i HER STABLE ISO PHILADELPHIA. Oct 1. An alleged swindle was nipped In the bud here Sunday by the arrest of William Trimble, formerly of San Francisco. According to : the postal authorities, many letters have been received in Eng land addressed, to' men who died leav ing fortunes, y These letters Invariably stated that a friend of the person addressed had found a gold mine of rare value, and recalling the favors the writer had received at the hands of the person addressed, he desired , to share his fortune with . his old friend and benefactor. -. , One of the letters brought to this country from England William & Moore. representing tne estate of Ttaomaa Hide. Moore 'was . shown samples of ore and agreed to-' Invest Later he became suspicious and notified the postal authorL ties. " A message In . Moore's name was forwarded to the alleged swindler, who assumed me name 01 Jii. a. sandys, making an appointment to meet htm In this city. Trimble, who is said to be Band vs. arrived here Sunday, when postal in spectors too: mm into custody. SURGEONS Of! TO Hospital Corps Leave New York and Others En Route From . ' . San Francisco. WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. The second battalion of engineers left here today to go aboard the Sumner at. New i. TTork. Two complete field . hospital outfits will go to Cuba, sailing on the first' transport leaving Newport . News. , Another company of the hospital corps is on Its way from San; Francisco to Newport News. Each of the seven regiments ordered to Cuba will have a regimental hospital and a full quota, or medical oracers. ROOM AT LIBERTY . : THEATER ROBBED The property room in the Te Liberty Theater was entered Saturday night by a thief or thieves and C. M. Blair, an employe of the playhouse, was made a victim of the purloiner. Two rings, a heart-shaped pin and a bulldog revolver were Btolen and the police have been asked to locate the property. . .' ' J 1 --,, Members of the Sophomore Class . Want- HLa Reinstated. WASHINGTON, Oct 1. The Interstate Commerce Commission has - reached . a most important conclusion with respect to the railway rate law. which It has em bodied in a general order made public, to day. .. r- It holds that where a State rate forms a part of an interstate rate, the State rate should be filed with the commission. This is an entirely new feature in con nection wun- tne operation or the Interstate- Commerce Commission. " i The further announcement was mmln by the commission it ' intends, wherever possiDie, 10 consirue tne taw in advance without waiting for any particular com. filaint to be made upon which : to base ts decision. In this way it is expected that a large number of complaints will be anticipated and the work of the com mission . correspondingly lessened. OF A ROBBER Thug Operating Near Fruitvale Stops a Couple in a , Buggy. (Continued from Page One.) turned It over to the thug, who after searching Miss RohL left the astonish ed pair with an admonition that' they "be Quiet , J - ' ROBBED IN -BUGGY.' - Nothing daunted and : without fear that the couple hek had Just robbed would give the alarm, and have him arrested, the robbeif. then . proceeded slowly up the road and met Miss Mar tin ell 1 and Rat to coming towards Oak land In a buggy. He again issued the order "Hold up your hands and keep, quiet," backing his command with the revolver he held. The young coeple in the carriage did as they were told and Ratto tendered the thug $7. The robber seemed sat isfled with this and- then told Ratto to drive along and say nothing. : HAVE YOU , MET HIMT The hold-up man is described as be ing about five ' ,-feet nine Inches in height with dark hair and eyes. It is thought that he Is the. same man who robbed several houses in this city during the past week. 1- OAKLAND WOMAN DIES - AFTER LONG ILLNESS After an Illness of some duration Mrs. Susie .Long, wife of J. H. Long, died Saturday at her home, 531 Thirty second street In this city. She la survived by her fcusbani ani seven M IKES RULING ON RATE LAW FOUR I - : . .. ' h 4 .''. ' ST. LOXna,Oct:i The hearing of the Qovernmeni's suit to dissolve the alleged combination - ot the Terminal Railway Association began today before Special CommissidnerR. E. Rom? bauer. The suit Is based on- the Gov antl-trus-t law is being violated by the alleged monopoly-of carriers nd rail road Interests among St; Louis ray -AMERICAN WINS OCEAN RACE FROM TARIFF YOKOHAMA,' ct 1. The ocean race against - the new- and . heavily; Increased customs tariff which went Into effect at midnight, September f 30, Was easily won by the American, from San Francisco, September 1. for this port and the Den- blghshlre, from Mlddlesboroughw;Eniriand, July 14. but the Sequolabroke down at Singapore and Is belated. The heaviest advances - In duties are chiefly on wines, liquors, watches and metal manufactures. Margaret Smith - Comes Back and is Again in Jail for . , - ' 100 Days.7 " One .hundred days' more . of her life sentence on the installment plan will have to be served by Margaret: Smith, who has been in .the limelight of publicity times without number, as Police Jadge Samuels sent her to the city prison " once 'more this morning on charges of drunkenness and ; vulgar- language. J . Margaret t Is not reconciled to her fate, but desires to-end all by taking her life in the city Jail. For the twenty-second time Margaret has made an- unsuccessful ' attempt to shuffle off the mortal coil. Again she has been foiled by the watchful prison keepers. The woman generally takes the bed clothes land tries to strangle herself. Margaret' promised; to leave ; town and never return about a week ago. Oakland's enticing .-climate and environments . were too much for the woman, however, and she came back. She was soon at her old trick looking on the wine "too long and again sne landed in Jan. Hence the . se vere sentence Imposed by Judge Samuels, : . v - -.' -. ?,"; Fruitvale Citizens File Petition - for Annexation. With City CounciL This afternoon' a petition was filed with the City Council ' asking that Fruitvfcle be consolidated with this city. - lihe petition contains the names of 20 per cent of the voters who cast their ' ballots at the last election. Members f the Chamber or commerce and the' Merchants' Exchange have Interested themselves In the proposed consolidation. -. . . If the Council . passes favorably on the application a day will be set for the election, at which the voters of Oakland and Fruitvale will decide whether they favor, the proposition. It will require a majority- of the votes" of Prultval6 and a majority of the votes of Oakland to pass the proposition.-, v . . ,:- - .' vi: .... American - Minister . . Demands .: That Cavalry Be Sent After ; " Soldier. " r TANGIER. Morocco. ' ; Oct " 1. Through the connivance of Kald Bella, a soldier, who assaulted the son - of Thami Slaoa. n.' Mnnmiiti der the protection of the United States, was aiiowea to escape ana the American Minister, Mr. Gummere, has lodged an energetic . Ttrhtasf:' demaniis, . n only the dispatch of a troop of cavalry to capiure ine nam , Dut a ' large indemnity - and the - mmishment rr tvi guilty persons. . 'H M. E. CHURCH : ! " : " ' FOR EIGHT HOURS CHICAGO, Oct L The . Bock River conference . of .- the Methodist Episcopal church, in session here today, approved the action of the Methodist Book Concern in granting an eight-hour day to the printers.. The book concern submitted a report embodying-its action and saying that It badC'never opposed the principle of an eight -hour day, but conditions, had been such heretofore as to make its introduction Impossible. After November 1 an etght-hour day will be inaugurated in all deDartments of the business and the book concern win draw from the United Typothetae of America. BOY CHAUFFEUR. - -RUNS DOWN MAN BERKELEY, Oct -1. While crossing Shattuck avenue at Center street at noon today, Harold E. Tracy 'was knocked down and badly bruUed by an automobile, which is believed to belong to the California Powder Works. Tracy is the son of Mrs. L. S. Tracy, who owns the California Hotel. lie says' that the chauffeur was a lad of twelve years, and threatens to bring suit against . the "California Powder WorTcs unless-his doctor tills rrj pa 13 tr Cxt corr :cr;:: - - ARE READY . TO 110AUD 1ST CAPTURE KiRELIA . . ROME, Oct 1. Statements made yesterday by the French premier, M. Bar- rlen. and Interior Minister . Clemenceau on the subject -of the church' and State! separation law in France have much Im pressed the Vatican. The Pope said that ihe attacks of the French ministers are not I Justified.' as he- .has always i been "Inspired by love for 'France and could never have been, affected by German or other foreign Influences." He added that he drafted his encyclical according to the rights or tbe church ana me sentiments of the French clergy, as proved by their unanimous adhesion to it. FLAMES DESTRpY A I $50,000 MICHIGAN HOTEL i . . MOUNT CLEMENS; Mich., Oct 1. Fire early today destroyed the Avery ho-; tel.- The loss is ! $50,000. The annex. containing the first bathhouse built here, was saved. ;. UP PHY5IC1 Sticks Gun in Dr. Woolley's Face and Takes . All His ; ''. Money. 1 While on his way home about 12:45 o'clock yesterday morning. Dr. Woolley, who resides at Fifty-fourth street -and San Pablo avenue, was held up by a thug ax Fifty-third street and San Pablo ave nue, and relieved of $4, all the change he had with him. The robber came out of the shadow of the- trees that line the street at that point and approached Dr. Woolley,. sticking- a gun in the medical man's face. Dr. Woolley turned over- his money and the holdup man made his es cape. .The ponce were notified at once. but no trace of the robber could be found. OLD PRISON WARDEN DIES IN IOWA - CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Oct 1. Will iam A. Hunter, warden of the State prison at Animosa, died last night aged 70 years. He came Into national promi nence because of his advocacy of prison reforms. ? Will Not, Receive United States Ambassador Tomorrow But i on Friday. . 4. CONSTANTINOPLE, 7 Oct lAmbas- sador Leishman's audience with the Sul tan, which was to haVe taken -place Oc tober t, after a number 'of postpone ments,, has again been' postponed. The ambassador . has been informed , that In view of; the fact of the Sultan's birthday being celebrated October I, and ia always succeeded . by a religious festival. his reception must be. pat off until Oc tober v 5, - The - audience, ' however. Is a jperftV-formallty and in no- wise affects the - relations between the embassy and the government whichr'are normal and friendly. ' ' : vUc - . -, Iohg; Tongues are. Wagging Be cause of Vallejo's Executive's Absence i VALLEJO. Oct 1 . .With plained absence of Mayor J I. MmUnn. who has been away for a week and. who prumisea xo return iai evening, . out failed to do so, has come the circulation of many rumors. - It is charged- by his enemies that he is not an American - citizen. Madlgan was elected mayor of "Vallejo last April over ' James Boney, - the Be-publlcan incumbent by a small majority aiier a not campaign. jaaaigan immedl: ately started an Investigation of the nur. chase 'of $67,500 worth of pipe for the extension of the municipal water system; It was claimed that the pipe was ngnr in weigni any f poor in quality. Madigan threatened to sue the company. but the Board of City Trustees would not vote a. cent fpr that, purpose.! claiming that uaaigan was playing to tne gallery. Fro mthe - evidence- that 'is - now cir culating about town, it appears that the George i. 'lay company,., tne pipe contractors, whom Madigan has been denouncing so bitterly, has investigated Madiaan's life back A the time . when he was born. and also of his ? family, ; who live In New. Tork and .Ontario, Canada. ' The pipe investigation and other po litical matters have stirred up two bitter factions, in vallejo, and those whom Madigan has assailed promise to go the limit with him. . . SIMPSON CASE IS POSTPONED "When the ease of State Senator M. W. Simpson, who is accused of break ing his bromisetto wed Miss Isabelle Davis, was called in Judge Harris court - this morning," Attorney Lin Church moved for ji postponement on the grovnd3 that his time was other-wise occupied, and accordingly the court granted his reqi-a-.Tt the cc-.fs r'- THUG HOLDS SULTAN AGAIN PACKERS . CHANGES DATE LOOKING FOR FREE SHO 1AY0R 1DIGAN ;- lr.3r ever umil CetoV:r J, JTCW f ORLEANS. Ost 1. PouKeea dead and as many more missing Is the result of last Thursday's hurricane la the vicinity : of New Orleans. Twelve ; persons - were '- drowned 4- in . .Mississippi ; sound, two were killed in interior town .1 of Southern Mississippi and more than & dosen fishermen are reported missing la the' delta region of the Mississippi nvsr south of this city. - ? This summary is based on reports front - almost every town or settlement In or , about the regions named, such as could , be communicated 'with -by telegraph of? by boat . or horse. New. Orleans is at .1 - without sufficient telegraphic communl-' cation and eastern mails are three ' r four days overdue. . ..:' It . , . ... , -, -. , . A ON BUSINESS TRIP. H. Gv Holablrd, representing the Lot Angeles real estate firm of W. "W. Garland & Cox, la in the city on a businers trip. The movement real estate here is evidently attracting tne attention ci" Loa Angeles Investors. . ; . i a ; ARE KEPT BUSY Taft in Constant Communication . With President Concerning . Cuban Situation. WASHINGTON, " Oct 1. Secrelary- Taft. Is in constant communication witl;,- President Boosevelt concerning the Cuban I situation;, but; has not seen fit -to com municate with 'the war department officials ' since- ' Saturday. Officials and clerks at i the war department worked practically all last night - WAR OEFiGIALS 1 R-yj; ..... '' .'.'1 " -:.;"X:"''"- : SOMETHING FOR THE ff ! - CLEARING HOUSE 'Oakland, Cat, Sept 29, 13 C 8. EMttor TRIBUNE: Dean Sir In the i weekly list ot hank, clearings' of- the principal f cities or the united Btaitea : there is no mention ot Oakland's I clearings. It" Is a wonder that the Oak land Clearing House does not see that " . they are not overlooked. It is things. I like this that help make a city known -' I all over the country. "Tours truly, ' mmm m T 1 ' 1 V.A; .'.r&. ".--- ARE el 10 SESS1! National Association is to.: Take Up Very Important - ' i Questions. i a-..'Ji CHICAGO, Oct L The National As sociation of Meat Packers was' formed in Chicago today, coincident -with the bringing Into effect of the Government's meat inspection law.- The members of t the; new : association are. scattered through the. United States, but the list does not yet contain prominent local packers, . I General Michael Ryan,- president " of - f the; Cincinnati Abbattoir Company, was . chosen , president ;' fit was." an- . nounced that the. assoctlon was or ganized to. secure co-operation arhons I the meat packers ia lawfully furthering: ana, protecting tneir interests. ........ - S: ' IFOR EVERYBODY Hon. George Pierce " Makes th3 1 .Campaign a Pleasant Affair. 'IS'iSlii.; The , Pierce Central ' Club - win hn!. meeting tonight In Forresters' halt Ev. erybody is; invited and -everybody wi3 have a rood time.. Jiirtca nnr side j, and make ; things lively. George Pierce, candidate for Auditor, will b there to see his friends-. Hera Is the pro- gram: - - " Bolo. ....... ; .......... , . W. B. TVagfjotten Selection. Fox Mandolin and Ouitar CiuT Buck and wins: dannina-. fr r.ni.f. Solo .........v.... .....Charles Lenrn1 Boxing- exhibition ,it,....,s ....... Membp nf tv, Pali. ' - w kw -VLT Solo Charles Hart Dramatic selection (Dr. Jekyll and Mi s " Hyde) t....Mr. Browa Indoor bicycle facing. Memhari of (TrnVlanfl Wk.Wn. Coon shouting .' Lee' Gilbert i ' selections ....Elks Quartet : Blackened glo va contest. Members of the Reilance C1ib Solo .Jimmy , ilcViy Pie eating match...... .........Members of the Reliance Clu'i Boxing exhibition .....Members of the "W. O. A. C. Tahitlan war dar.ee. - ................ .Memhprit of t!i tfolo... ............... Frank H. Oa'its Buck and wing dancing..... ....... ..Members Of the Reliance Ci j-'j Selection ..Elks' Qnart- t Auld Lang Syne"....;...;........ ....Members of the. Pierce Central Ciuj 1 ARRESTED FOR -LARCENY. Fred. G; Earth was arrPRted tod.iv r -i charge of petty larceny preferred in-" J. '; . Clark. It is 'claimed, that Earth, f' : some legal papers frora.Former Qepr" i v-tnsn ' Caminetti, .-while . he -was cor-i 1 " irom San-Francisco on a loc- t; -.--. Clark was with Camlne-M at ti-.i V- r-, .-,- came - to the police c lo and 6r v . j i the warrant for BartY.s (".Ti-su- FALLON'S TRIAL. .The trial of Frark r !!"!. " cn.-i-il cf a-T.::tir l,-y- . -1" .0 I'l- t':3 citv Apr.; J' r. li. C'- en il ' to.. sy. a F--- t t- r ' i. t - wan; i ., . t Lt i fc '..wv.i I...J i is r :rl.

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