The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1891
Page 5
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THE COUNTY NEWS. To ConnRsr ON DENTS :— All correspondence tot the BRPUHMOAN should reach this ofllce not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this in mind. All communications to the HrcrumjiCAN— Sncludlng news letters— must bo signed by the author to Insure publication. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOHK, Api-il 10.— The Ladies Mite Society met at Mrs. Eddy's Thursday but on account of its being a rainy day and the bridges not being safe there were but very few out. The Buffalo Fork creamery will commence operations the 20th of. this month. /The bad weather makes seeding lute only a little grain being in. 11UUT. Special Correspondence, BUUT, April 14.—The Teachers' Association held ut Burt, April 7th, was opened by Supt. Bertha Carey, making a few remarks, followed by singing. Miss Abbie Goodwin presented an interesting paper on "Objects of Keci- tation." An interesting discussion followed, participated in by Mrs. Hall and Misses Salisbury and Angus. The discussion was close by Supt. Carey reading an article from the afternoon chapel talks at Grinnel. The dinner liour having arrived, further discussion was postponed until afternoon. Meeting opened at 1:16 p. m. with a song by members of the association, followed by a duet by Messrs Blanchard and Nicholson, (citizens of Burt.) Miss Salisbury read an excellent paper on "The Books I Have Read in the Past and what I have Gained by them." The Burt Glee Club favored us with a song. A. A. Grose led a lively discussion on "Legitimate Means of Obtaining Attention," followed by Miss McNeal and others. It was discussed under too parts. 1st, how to gain attention of parents; 2nd, how to gain attention of pupil. County Uniformity was discussed by citizens as well as teachers. It was resolved "that the teachers write articles for the different county papers, for and against county tvniformity for the purpose of bringing the subject before the people." Supt. Bertha Carey gave a very instructive lesson in the "Synthetic" method of teaching reading, after which the association adjourned feeling it had been a success. Will Hough commenced buying hogs at this place last week and hereafter we will have two hog buyers. And now just wait till we have two grain elevators. Isaac Cork arrived in our midst last week, and his family is to follow soon. He will occupy J. B. Cork's farm northwest of town. John Bay of Algona was on our •streets Saturday. There was a Fort Dodge man here last week looking up a location for a drug store. We are unable to say whether or not he will return. There is a good opening here for one. , A. W. MoiTatt and A. D. Clarke were seen on our streets Tuesday evening. • Old Mr. Detrick, northwest of town, died last Tuesday. , Mrs. Ben Winkle spent Wednesday last with Mrs. A. C. Cady and Mrs. Hallock of this place. Dr. Morse came up last Wednesday to see Grandma McDonald of section eight. Our town school commenced Monday with Miss Nellie Salisbury in charge. Miss Abbie Goodwin commenced her school Monday. She now rides a pony and will board at home. The Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church will meet witli Mrs. A. C. Cady and Mrs. II. B. Hallock Tuesday afternoon, April 21. The Ladies' Aid Society will hold a business meeting the same afternoon at the close of the missionary meeting. A full attendance is requested, as business of importance is to come before the meeting. Some of the enterprising citizens of our burg have commenced the construction of our sidewalks. The walk to the church is now nearly completed. Miss Ida Cliapin was a visitor to Algona Saturday. The annual meeting of the Presbyterian church was held at the church Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning three were added to the church. T. B. Whitney is having the rooms above his hardware store plastered and fitted up in good shape for living rooms. The masons commenced work this . morning. Win. Shaeffer visited Bancroft Monday evening. BANCKOFT. Special Correspondence. BANCROFT, April 14.—T. M. Otrand- er w.ent to Algona on Monday. Mr. Coal \viio has been occupying the Richmond sample room, moved onto liis farm on Monday. He has erected quite a house. Dr. Busby, of Bloomington, 111., arrived at this place last week to take the place of Dr. Taylor, who left on Monday. MissSkully, of Seneca, is boarding in town and going to school. She is also giving music lessons. Stephen Douglas, of Des Moines arrived at this place last week to assist Mr. Anderson in his drug store. Mi 1 . Douglas is a registered pharmacist. Nels Eriekson of Algona, who has been working for Frank Diugley, is now in A. J. Berryman's drug store. Clara Mathews closed her school in Seneca on Friday. She will attend the Bancroft school tills term. School opened on Monday with 150 schollars enrolled. That looks as if there would be some need of another teacher before long. A union temperance meeting will be held at the Baptist church on Sunday April 19. All are cordially invited to attend. Edith Jordan returned to college at Mt. Vernon, Monday. The first Demorest Medal Contest 'will be held at the M. E. church Friday evening, April 17. Ten contestants with selections from some of the best authors, will strive for the medal offered by W. Jennings Demorest. Music will be interspersed to complete the entertainment. Don't miss it. Admission only 10 cents. WMITTHMOBK. Special Correspondence. KMOKK, April 14.—Hurrah for McKinley and cheap sugar! Nineteen pounds of granulated sugar for $1 at Whittemore. This is the result of the new tariff law which benefits the laboring man and the farmer. Who will say aught against the McKinley bill now? Mrs. Yale is absent visiting her old home and friends at Mellette, S. D. Messrs. Ridgway and Boyle have formed a copartnership in the banking, insurance and real estate business. II. Munch and daughter Lettie started last Sunday evening for an extended visit with relatives and friends in Illinois. We are sorry to state that Mr. Munch is yet in very poor health. A first-class harness maker or shoe maker can find a good location in Whittemore. Let us not forget to go and hear the lecture Thursday evening. This lecturer is sent out by the State Temperance Alliance and comes very highly recommended. About next week Tuesday we may listen for marriage bells in this vicinity, and this week Wednesday bend your ear southward toward the city of West Bend. We wish all these young people great joy and happiness. II. Dailey has his new barn nearly completed. Mrs. Ridgway and child have gone to Ramsay to be absent several weeks. Rev. Call preached in the school house last Sunday morning. He now lives at Rodman and will endeavor to preach regularly hereafter every alternate Sabbatli morning at 10 o'clock. Teachers' association met here last Wednesday according to appointment. Superintendent Carey, Mr. Sifert of Wesley and Mr. Platt of LuVerne were among the visitors. A very interesting and instructive meeting was held, although it was quite noticeable that nearly all the teachers who had been appointed to assist on the programme made themselves conspicuous by their absence. Miss Minnie Newman returned from Highland Park normal college last Thursday quite ill with a very sore throat and symptoms resembling those of diphtheria. She is at present slowly improving. We are reminded that spring is approaching. Robins are Hying in the air and, only a few days since, a "plug hat brigade" was seen parading the streets of Whittemore. The poor robins flew unusually high that day, and as they have not since been seen, fears are entertained that they were so badly frightened that they may not return again this year. Oh, boys! very creditable corps of city officers, two of whom are prohibitionists. So you see that even Spokane is slowly creaping up out of the slums. The Great Northern railroad is expected to build into the city this season. This with fifteen miles of electric street railway that is projected, will give the city the appearance of thrift, tit least for a year to come. The tide of immigration is already setting in quite strong. The N. P. R. R. Co. alone report that they land about 50 persons daily in Spokane. All of course do not remain here, but settle in the country tributary to this city. They put on another daily passenger train the last of the month, to accommodate the increasing traffic. Spokane is now adopting a course that she should have adopted long ago. And that is holding out great inducements to manufacturing industries. Two have already been secured this spring, and eastern capitalists and manufacturers in many lines, are now here and have been in the city this spring investigating the many openings for various articles that can be easily manufactured here. It has been a source of great gratification to me this winter, to have had an opportunity to stand up as a champion for prohibition in Iowa. The editor of the Review of this city seemed determined to misrepresent the general tendency of the effect of prohibition in that state, and I took it upon myself to try and expose through a series of letters, many of his false statements, and erroneous impressions. I am also gratified at finding a very strong and earnest element of workers in the temperance cause in this city, and in the surrounding country. But the elimination of the saloon, as a factor in the civilization of this country, especially in the large cities of the state is a consummation scarcely to beexpect- ed, at least in the near future. I expected to have written of other mattters, but business claims my time and so I will have to defer it till a more eonveniant season. J. M. COMSTOCK. Something that Will Pay To look at. Just read what follows and then reflect: McCORMIOK Harvesting Mach. Co., Establ'd 1831. J.I. CASE Threshing Machine Co. - 1843. A. A. COOPER, Iowa's Pioneer Wagon Matter, 1840. P. P. MAST & CO., Gultivators, Seeders, etc. 1843. JAMES SELLY & CO., Corn Planters, etc. D. S. MORGAN & CO., Clipper Mowers HEARST, DUNN & CO., Planters, etc. DALY MANF'G CO., Disc Pulverizers, JOHN DEER & CO., Plows, etc. J.R.JONES, 1850. 1834. I860. 1865, 1854. 1870. After looking over the foregoing list of Manufacturers and Dealers, all of whom are represented by the man who pays the freight, you cannot fail to appreciate the advantages you can reap by buying your implements of the Oldest Implement House in northern Iowa. I represent the best goods made in each department. DGYOOWANTIT? A telegram from Sheffield England dated April 13th, states that the employes of the Wostenholm cutlery works have struck, on account of a reduction of 5 per cent, in their wages, due to a loss of trade because of "the new American tariff." They can't get their goods in here in competition with the home made article and pay the duty without reducing the wages of their employes. Who pays the tariff? BO YOU WANT A BICYCLE? Victors are the best. They lead the World. If you want a medium grade wheel, buy a Gredenda. All ball bearing —Victor cushion tires to both wheels. Jos. W. HAYES, Agt. The forth-coming number of Harper's Weekly will contain, among other attractive features, a full-page portrait of General Miles,illustrations of the new buildings for the Columbian exposition in Jackson Park, Chicago, and a series of reproductions of some of the most noteworthy pictures in the Academy of Design. Do you need a horse collar ? F. S. Stough has the stock to choose from. Nothing does a druggist so much good as to have a medicine that he can guarantee every bottle to give satisfaction. Beggs' Family Medicines are fully guaranteed, so you cannot fail to get satisfaction when you call for them. At Dingley's A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON! CATALOGUE FOR 1891. 21 )bs. of choice CASH STOIIE. sugar for $1.00 at the A LETTER FROM SPOKANE. SPOKANE,-'Wash:, March 29,1891. Editor Republican: So much time has elapsed since my last communication that I may need an introduction to many of my Mends. But they say that, "the evil that men do, lives after them." So perhaps on that score I may be still cherished in the hearts of some of my countrymen. I \vas surprised upon taking up this morning's paper to see that Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa were again being visited by a severe snow storm. The snow disappeared from the valley of Spokane nearly two weeks ago and since, the weather has been very fine. The snow still lingers upon the mountains around us and is a novel sight when one is living in the sunshine with the thermometer at 50 to GO degrees. The frost is all out of the ground and the early spring blossoms are seen upon every hand. The farmers are preparing to seed, and owing to the fall of snow and rain, are in high expection of another big crop. If this has been a fair sample of the Washington winters, one can find but little to complain of. While on one or two mornings the thermometer was 10 degrees below zero,it did not seem at all cold as it was still, and a thin summer over coat was all the extra clothing that one needed. The great building boom of last year will not be repeated in 1891. The principle building will be residences. There are a large number already contracted, aud some are well under way at the present time. March 24th was really a red letter day for this city. It was a municipal election, for the election of a complete set of officers, adoption of a new charter, and for dropping the "Falls" from the name of the city. It is now simply ," with a new charter ana a Purifies the blood, increases the circulation,expels poisonous humors and builds up the system. What.more do you want a medicine to perform? DeWitt's Sarsaparilla is reliable. Sold by Sheetz. Ladies ! In low and high cut shoes we can suit you.—F. S. Stough. * If food sours on the stomach digestion is defective. DeWitt's Little Early Risers will remedy this. The famous little pills that never gripe and never disappoint. For sale by Dr. Sheet/.. arrangements Avitli Uie Northwestern Publishing Company, of Chicago, by wliicli we can furnish to c.vcry subscriber of the REPITISLIC-AM a, copy ol ! the LIFE OF GEN. SHERMAN at a, low llgujT.. The book contains COO pages, is liiu'.ly illustrated, substantially bound in cloth, and will be given to subscribers of the REPUBLICAN for $1, or a year's subscription to the REPUBLICAN and the Life of Sherman for $2.50. Sample copy of the book may be seen at REPUIILICAN office. Orders taken for future delivery. The regular price of this book is $2. This offer is for new as well as old subscribers. Walter A.. Wood Mowers and Single Apron Binding Harvesters, the "Big Injun," Little Yankee, and J. I. Case Triumph Sulky Plows. . Also a full line of Rock Island-Plows, Cultivators, Harrows, etc, A nice variety of Corn Planters and Seeders. Headquarters for The Most Advanced line of Agricultural Implements, Wagons and Carriages, Wind Mills and Pumps. Give us a call, look over our goods We can also do you the finest job of Repairs and Plow work. A. M. & G-, M. Johnson. Warehouses and Shops, west of court house, AJijona. FARM LOANS. We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even §100 at any thne wben interest falls due. This Is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable, the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time iincl save the Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address, H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. WANTEB-COO 4th. livo pigeons before May J. G. SMITH. S. S. SESSIONS. Sugar away down ut the CASH STOKE. 21 Ibs. for $1.00 $1,000 Address : Cau be made in 6 months selling Tunison's A.tlim- os, Charts and Wall Maps. Particulars free. H. C TONISOH, Chicago, His, GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIES try Dr. LeDuc's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established — Europe 1830 : England 1850 ; Canada 1878 ; United States 1887. $2 or three boxes for §5. Positively remove all IHREUULAHITIES or money refunded. THE AMEUIOAN PILL CO., royalty proprietors, Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale agents. H. Boswith & Son, Milwaukee ; Itobt. Stevenson & Oo. Chicago. Retailed by Dr. L. A, Sheetz, Algoua. 19-40-yr Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism and most diseases originate from impure blood. Cleanse it, improve it, purify it with De Witt's Sarsaparilla and health is restored, strength regained. Sold by Sheetz. Organ*. L. Lcssing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf Begg's German Salve is one of the best skin and pile ointments that has ever been put up. No family should be without it. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 24 37 Constipation, blood-poison, fever! Doctor's bills and funeral expenses cost about two hundred dollars; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cost a quarter. Take your choice. Sold by Dr. Sheet/. It is quite the fashion now to take De Witt's Little Early Risers for liver, stomach and bowel disorders. They are small pills but mighty good ones. At Sheet/'. HAKGAINS AT T1IK CASH STOKE). 12 Ibs. choice raisins for f 1.00. 13 " " driedgrapes 1.00. 14 " " good rice 1.00. 20 " of crystal race 1.00. Note Heads and Envelopes. GET THEM AT REPUBLICAN OFFICE. Good quality at $3 per Thousand. W. L. DOUGLAS F. S. Stough, Agent. THROUGH SEVEN STATES, Commencing March aotli, the Northern Pa- ciflc will resume its double daily passenger train service between St. Paul and Minneapolis on the east, and Helena, Butte, spokane Falls, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland on the west. West bound trains will leave St. Paul at 9 a. in. and 4 :15 p. m., respectively, carrying complete service of Pullman First Class iuid Tourist Sleeping Cars, First and Second Class Day Coaches, Free Colonist Sleeper and Elegant Dining Cars. The morning train out ot St. Paul [No. 3] will carry First Class Vestibuled Sleeper from Chicago, leaving that point at 5:30 p. in. daily over the C. M. &8t. P. Ry., reaching the Pacific coast, via tue line through Butte. Train No. 1, leaving St. Paul at 4:15 p. in. will carry both Pullman First Class and Pullman Tourist Sleeping Oars from Chicago via the 'Wisconsin Central Line, leaving the latter point at 10 :15 p. m. dally, running via Helena to Spokane Falls, Tacoma niul Portland. Passengers from the east leaving St. Louis in the forenoon and Chicago iu the afternoon,will make close connections with the morning train out of St, Paul the followfng day ; leaving Chicago at niglit, connection will be made with train No. 1 out of St. Paul the next afternoon. With two transcontinental passenger trains running daily between eastern and western terminals, the Northern Pacific Ballroad—the Yellowstone Park Route—offers the best possible service to the tourist, business man or settler. The equipment of this line is unsurpassed in point of beauty aud convenience, while the service is ilrst class, It is the short and direct line to Montana and all North Pacific Coast points, and passes through the grandest, most productive and richest sections of seven states, viz: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota Montana, Idaho. Oregon aud Washington. District Passenger Agents of the Northern Pacific Railroad will take pleasure in supplying information, rates, maps, timetables, etc.,01 application can be made to CHAS. S. FKB, G P. aub T. A.. St. Paul, Minn. Write to above address lor tue latest am best map yet published of Alaska—just out. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Suit. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at lepublican office. DeWitt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist ather than force. Best little pill for sick leadache, chronic constipation, dyspep- ia. Sold by Dr. Sheet/. Very popular, very small, very go< DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the pul i constipation, billiousness, sick headache Sold by Dr. Sheet/. UOUI8 LE88INO, AUQONA. To ALL INTERESTED—I will be through the country on my old beat in a shor time, castrating colts. L. T. We have a fine line of bulk and package garden seeds. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. Sheetz issues regular Go's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erad. A big Hue of Store. dried fruits at the Cash Who Sells Cheaper? Not the store that blows all the time about sugar. Watch every corner, can 27c. Regular price 30c, PEACHES—Yellow Tree, best goods, per TUE BEST line of Canned Goods in town, HEADQUAUTERS for Lemons, Oranges, Bananas, Dates, Figs, etc. REMEMBEU—Fancy Patent FJeur 10c per sack less than you can get it elsewhere in the county. We also handle Graham and corn meal. OUB, STOCK is constantly increasing, our sales are constantly increasing, ana ia m lines we know no competition- Cady & Hallock, Leading Grocers, Bwt, lo^f.

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