The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 2
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THE REPUBLICAN, STARll A, ttAT.T.OOR, Pnbll.hcri. ALGONA. : s . IOWA. Epitome_oTthe Week INTERESTING NEWS COMPILATION. DOMESTIC. DIRECTOR OF THK MINT LEACH saic in Washington that after July next it was probable no more silver dollars would be coined, but silver certificates printed instead. lie leading clearing-houses in the btatcs the exchanges during the previous week. As compared with the corresponding- week of 1890 the decrease amounted to 10.2. TIIK visible supply of grain in the United States on the 30th ult. was: iVneat, 23,745,309 bushels: corn 2 888 042 bushels; oats, 2,808,931 bushels. ' AT Smnpter, S. C., George Elliott flogged his wife, and his mother-in-law coming on the scene drove the blade of a hatchet into Elliott's skull THE foreman of a gang of Italian ?,I'o ,'' cash in the treasury, $094,441,330; debt less cash in the treasury, J850029.«20 Increase during A,S jH40,2;>5. Decrease since June 80, 1890 ?•')•'>, 107,Ot t. THKKK fatal cases of trichiniasis, the result of eating raw ham, were reported near Platteville, Wis. SKC-RETAUY JJLAI.VK leplied to *^~ note of Fava, the Italian minister nouneing his withdrawal from Washington by order of his government on account of dissatisfaction at Rome con- corning- the course of the United States relative to the lynching at New Orleans. Mr. Ulaine said this government was proceeding with an investigation of the New Orleans affair, and its action in the matter could not be hurried by the course indicated by Italy. J THK John McNabb bank, one of the oldest and most substantial institutions of Lufaula, Ala., has made an assign- Ei cut. A TRLKGKAM to Secretary Blaine from Fort Scott reads: "A hundred thousand tansas cowboys would like Tim Rhode Island republicans carried a sufficient number of towns at tha state election to give them the necessary 55 votes on joint ballot to elect The total vote for Burton (nationalist), 23,340, Ladd (rep. ai,89o; Larry (pro.), 1,829. The next state officers. governor was: 384; Dnv,s (dem.). GOT HEB BACK UP. general assembly stands: P Senate, 6 to be IOJTAMCKT, chief of the Colville Indians m Washington, is dead. ft e had whites* bee ° * WBrm friend 6f the GKN. AMIKUT PIKE, grand commander of the Scottish Rite of Free Ma sonry and chief of the Royal Order of Scotland for this country, died in Washington, aged 72 years. Italy Makes an Interesting Play of Her Temper. Dis- She Gets Huffy Because Undo Sam Has Not Vet Taken Action Kcf-ar.!!,^ the Orlenns Amtlr and Ko- Now calls Her Minister. DOES IT MEAN WAR? WASHINGTON, April 1.— Baron Fava, dean of the , . the Italian minister and summer in Rome, ransportation?" THE United States b by the men for saying the citi- kl rlffht to ln i. COMBTV with a ta ^ 15 minutes long was discovered by Prof E F Barnard at Lick observatory' in ' San -' ThiS made the fifteenth discovered by this observer WHITE CAPS assaulted a man named ^•£S£ £%?£?&»!* m. 1 here were six con- atVrf'T , b r clge Was s ^Ptaway • at bt Charles Mo., and five men were Ilu> y were John Coleman, Ueeks, Louis Robinson, James Spark and John Enoch. half- world. - minutes previous record ar- coin- , JAMES C. \ouxo, of Kcnosha, Wis., : : ] 22 years of age, who had been an invet- ,r-erate dgarette smoker for two years .[averaging four packages a dav, has be-' , come a raving maniac. ,| AT Mobile, Ala., the world's ':{ ^ lle walking record was broln > Henry G. Klink, Jr., the present : : l pion one-mile walker of the if Klink did the half mile in | and 55 seconds. The ; was 3 minutes 12% seconds. I NINE Apache Indians have been '.i rested at San Carlos, A. T., for i plicity in recent depredations .:. BATHER CRAFT, the missionary at • Pme Ridge agency, has written a letter .; m which he stated that unless the In- ; dians were placed under control of the ; war department there would be another uprising. .i. THE house of John Ankney near ; Sycamore, O., was blown up by clyna- , mite, and the members of his family : were more or less severely injured. y s STIUKERS attacked Trick's coke works : at Morewood, Pa., demolishing several ; coke ovens and destroying other prop- !- PHILIP SLATTEKY, a farmer livin- to spend Can you furnish - mints during: larch coined 8,220,322 pieces of money valued at 87,118,170. The total of gold com was 83,903,000 and of silver $3 107 cents baUmce beingi in n »ckels and THE second floor of W. A. Hoeveler's warehouse in Pitts burg, p a ., fell killing John Herman and injuring others. I wo MEN entered the house of Michael Strommger, an old farmer near Harrisburg, Pa., and forced him to hand over 88,000 he had drawn from the bank to pay off the mortgage on his farm. O /»E wheat acreage of Kansas is oo per cent, greater than last year, and the prospects for a crop were unusually good. J ABOUT seventy labor leaders and strikers were arrested in the Pennsylvania coke regions charged with rioting. PLAMXG-MII/L employes at New Orleans were locked out because they refused to work with non-union men IHE rapid rising of the Missouri river caused several blocks of lota at fclwood, Kan., to fall into the .stream IWKLVE patients at Dubuqiic, la have been treated with Koch's lymph and satisfactory results obtained ' A STATEMENT prepared by the tieas- ury department at Washington shows that there was a net increase FOREIGN. TUB missionary schooner Chapman was lost in the Pacific ocean on the Tahati and her crew of diplomatic corps was recalled by his government Tuesday afternoon. Baron Fava will leave for Italy in a short time. During his absence the legat'on will be in charge of the secretary of legation. Marquis Imperiali, but the latter will not have the authority of a He will have charge of cur- west coast of nineteen were drowned. A NUMBRB of hostile tribes attacked a camp of native Indian infantry in the province of Assam, killing 470 soldiers and seven British officers. AI.I, steamship lm es carrying immigrants from Germany to America have distinguished statesman, died in London He was born in 1815. THE Mexican congress convened in the City of Mexico. For the first time in the history of the republic the bud*. et showed no deficit. 014,415 month in of March, certificates. FOUKTEEN Coal of the circulation during the Mnrflv principally in silver T) mines near Ashland, 1 a., operated by the Reading company were closed for an indefinite rmv,vJ more bodies have been recovered from the steamy Utopia, wrecked in Gibraltar bay, milking the total 422 DISPATCHES from Chili report several bloody battles between the Balmaceda government and the insurgents The latter had gained control of all the northern provinces of the country., and had taken the cities of Iquique and Tarapaca after the most desperate fighting. Both towns were entirely destroyed, and thousands of women, children and defenseless men were shot clown cessful soldiery. PutxcE BISMARCK celebrated his 70th birthday at Friedrichsruhe. Thousands ot people gathered at his house and cheered him. THE North German Lloyd and the Hamburg-American steamship companies have decided to use American coal instead of English. IT was reported in London prominent Italian minister. rent routine matters only! The recall of Baron Fava puts an «nd to any further direct communication between the representative of Italy in this country and Secretary Waine. Hereafter the state department will be obliged to communicate directly with the Italian government at Rome. WASHINGTON, April 2.—Baron Fava's letter to Secretary Blaine notifying the latter of his re- call is given below. It is the official presentation of the case of the Italian government. It stands as the foundation of all the discussion to gtvo to a foreign power. in the constitution of tho state of Louisiana, undt* whoso Immediate jurisdiction tho crimes were committed, substantially the same provision la found, so that the governor of that state would be as unable to give a pledge in advance for tho result of a trial under the state law ns tho president would be were it practlca bio to try the leaders of the mob under the laws of the United States. "In Baron Fava's second point IB recognition, in principle, that an to the relatives of the victims. Ho is ns surodlyundor a grave error when he declares t± n Un , U ° cl StatoS government declhics to take this demand into consideration and I shal regret if ho has communicated' such a conclusion to your government. The United States so far from refusing, has distinctly recog- niud the principle of indemnity to those Italian subjects who may have been wronged by a via- ationof the rights secured to them under thS reuty with the United States of ^bruary 89? "I have repeatedly glTen to Baron Fava tha assurance, that, under the direction of the ^^^^n^^^f^ «™$ tragedy nt New Orleans • lnst sbould bo m ost thor- investigated. I have also in- im that in » matter ot such gravitv the (rovornment of tho United States Unduly formed him o tall . M° , a * SW ° r to any demand unt » every fact essential to correct udmen Uy correct Judgment shall have l i !n0tl throuffh Ic ff al authority? ce of the aggrieved mav bo ntii as sxassssx not nlways slr - the Spring Medicine Is so important that everybody knows its necessity and value. And there is nothing so popular and so successful for the purpose, as Hood's Sarsaparilla The force with which Secretary Blame repels the suggestion that either the federal government of the United States or the state government, of Louisiana would seek to anticipate the verdict of a jury is so admirable that probably little will be added to it m the future diplomatic correspondence. As to the second point it low. There is meaning in every phrase employed' by Secretary Blaine in his re- BAKON FAVA ply. Minister Fava, from the moment his letter of recall was presented to the secretary of state, becomes an iudi- Sl^ilTfl 0 .^ °^ ial •*"*i»* There- will be noticed that Secretary Blaine controverts the '•*"••' ----- • L -'- Italian fol- «,,„. mrt ^,,,,, r n^ rls tne insinuation of the _ government that the United States is not willing to live up to its treaty obligations by recognizing that m principle an indemnity may be due the Italian subjects. At the same time he nowhere pledges the federal government to that indemnity. The two demands on the secretary of ,. state from the American standpoint are addresses him- ,' so clearly untenable that they hardly xmperiali, "Charge ; require discussion. For the feder-il etc. His letter sets i government to "guarantee" ot the United States right i proceedings in the willingness o?^' 0 " 3 vindicatcs the j ° f Lo " isia ™ The Soap that Cleans Most OX. is legal courts of BARON FAVA'S LETTER. that a had warned Americans against the danger of touring in Italy tins year in view of the excitement and feeling caused in that tw in a refinery at Pitts- an indefinite period. A OIBL m the Texas orphans' home at torsicana was burned to death lire caused by a defective flue TIIK Waverly oil burgh Pa., was totally destroyed by nre, the loss being §115,000. TIIK Chickasaw Indians have ratified the sale of the land owned jointly by them and the Choctaws. They will re ceive over §700,000. A\ HiTKMAx & KEITH'S shoe factory at i rioters be summari -Brockton, Mass. n - ' ' n loss of 8200.000. try by the New Orleans affair Baron Fava's recall. IT was announced from Rome that the Marquis di Rudini, the Italian premier, had transmitted to the Marquis Impermli, charge d' Washino-- ton, his reply to Secretary Elaine's letter on the subject of Baron Fava's withdrawal. The reply was a concession to the position taken by Mr. Blaine. -Uie Italian government says that it does not ask that the New Orleans 'f punished without and can i had tha tcntlon to tho toolt of state would be an state rights and local which no administra- _ ever think of attempting-. An admission of the direct liability of the federal government for a money to the families of the vic- mob is equally inadmissible _ the principle is distinctly recoo-1 nized. It is important that this be nn- letter . . • 1 reserved to tlio KOV- saii,M??f nmnie ? y the rightto tlem ™a sin,.n ts . ausfaouon a » it might think since tho occurrence J such of the ! as to how the principle be applied. Secretary Elaine's should not be construed as a the federal government over to the Italian gov- ""'"" "" D)eo " couvte "• PETER EWDBJS, a Floyd county (Ind .farmer had ^,000 in the Schvart ; Jank of Louisville, Ivy., when it failed .The news of his loss caused a paralytic stroke from which he died .FOUKTEEX persons in an audience at(tending- a school exhibition in Liberty Miss., were wounded by an unknown assassin firing into the crowd j THE grand jury in New York found Jndictments agams the directors of the ONewYork, New Haven & Hartford .^railroad for causing the death of the ;Six rammen in the recent tunnel disaster in New York. n. T /\ t ,° tal nurabc r of deaths in Chicago for March was 8,249, one-third beino- ;caused by the grip. ° f THE horse Waymare, owned by S. D Puett, of Rockville, Ind., and valued at 810,000, died of heart failure kr2v K ^ Y]PKOI>r ' ES > affed 21, shot Miss §,!; TH i ' affecl 10> in Detroit town W V ^ ecause she refused to marry him, and then blew out his own brains ALL the street-car lines in Denver PvySoSnow. Un ^^""tedly l^ T f a » Antonio ' T ex., George Tezler *na A Roper were found dead in their room, having been suffocated by fumes from a burning lime kiln. Gov. MABKHAM, of noting strikers of a mob of 500 wno attacked the Morewood coke- works of Fricke & Co. at Mount Pleasant Pa., were killed by deputy sheriffs and from thirty to forty others were wounded, some of them fatally. Only a lew deputies were hurt. JOE and Dave Nicely (brothers) were executed at Somerset, Pa., for the murder of Farmer Umberger February 27 loo!/. * IT was discovered that G. W. Porter of Kansas City, Mo., high ranger of the Independent Order of Foresters, who had absconded, had four living wives IN a collision of two freight trains near _ nornellsville, N. Y., FiremJn Morris and Brakemen Moon and Conroy were killed. _ THE wife of Rev. Dr. Atkins, of Denison, lex-., grieved herself to death hoinT 6 S ° n Frank mn avfa r from MISS IIATTIE FOKD, of Lake City, Mo. was burned to death, lu!r clothing catching nre from a stove. lx a street fight at Ranger, three Mexicans were killed. ,,,.,. . ----that justice will be done in accordance with the usual forms of law IN the election at Sligo, in Ireland, admitted they the Parnellites IHOMAS C. BARING, head of the great firm of London bankers, died in Rome from the effects of a surgical operation. M. COLQUILLOT, vice governor of Con- dead" Stanlev ' s right-hand man, is been excnaca «» United Steto government will undertake to guarantee a financial reparation to foreigners which is lacking t. its ernment that the brought to justice. is lacking t own citizens. Had it not been fo guilty parties should be to Tex . ADVICKS from Monroe county W Va say that the laboring people, principal! ly tarm and timber workers, were suffering tor food. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. *« M11 , ftAt iiARiuBoy has appointed ex-Congr es .sman Carter, of Montana, to S^ d ..,!^ m : SS10nul1 ' ™« L«wis A. IN LATER NEWS, the United States the business usn failures during the seven days ended the tllB numbered 243, against 25« the preceding week and 200 for the corresponding week last year. jswnuf reCt , taX Clahlis Of New Jersey, lfrDoi.nJ4 ftn^-1 K-e /-ii_' M.. . -_ •'' and ^25, have 1 . -, — ••", •*i 1 -L, i » t j ( «..y;i.). lltlVO been paid by the treasury department Ai Bloommton Ind ton, Ind, Ward Dem- s- H stantly at at , t' 1c " t his sick thenhls own ' "°th o cause was known. in ^ 8 iU the IIolmes , Nov., have died of n- is not unlikely that th president would have recommended that congress provide a financia rf.ST i °f: ^ a ? a matter of absolute fight, but m the interest of good feel mg between the countries. to??£ f icholls himsel£ having admit ted that some of the persons lynched '•Under these circumstances the government W ^ Itallan su bjects, Italy had a real •s^z^£^*z^^^£szyzs comes inefflcadou,, has ordered me to take my spectful consideration. This is 1uS what • it was doing when the Italian government, without waiting for the action of thegrand jury in Louisiana, formulates two inadmissible demands and makes the failure of the United States to recognize these demands the basis for In obedience to the instructions which the AT the grave of his daughter at Savannah, Uu., Thomas Gadsden, a citizen, committed suicide. , and tl i? U Ir ° n & >Steel Company and the Pennsl Construction —.7 - • ****.MP v-LJUftn uction ™W° f Uniontown, Pa., made as- SRCHEl'AKY BLAINE S REPLY. To the above letter Secretary B replied as follows: a."Srif? T ia>?l?*. STATE : WASH ™OTO N , D. wh which can be construed in no other way than as an intentional affront. F that time the attitude States is changed. anything to defend or apologize "I bog to express sincere tho reirrnt. Jgnments, 81,000,000. with total liabilities of O'MALLKY, Intimated this purnose thn &™, ari ajss-sr i "-» •- The baron's ten . INCENDIARIES set fire to the i^si .^ceo'BobinHood in Monroe coun^ jV, Ind., and Hood was suffocated ;. DURINO March 5,3-4 immigrants from jtaly landed at New York, nearly fouble the number that landed in Feb- 1 THE passenger steamer City of De- foit sank in Lake Erie near Limekiln Tossing. All the passengers were „ *i. TT 0 ^ numberof business failures 1 the United States and Canada for the Bt quarter of the current year, as re- ted to Bradstreefs, was 8,401 , mst S.8S6 for the first quarter of iS'li) UUE American national bank of Kan- WCity, which failed January i<j has . ssumed business. ' BAROX FAVA, the Italian minister to &W country, has been recalled by the kalian, government. The recall ut of the New Orleans 1< fdicated open hostilities." JJURGLAus entered the jewelry store fAdolph Walter ut Jersey City N J M. secured diamonds and other jewelry tlued at $30,000. y lower rates of duty on sugar gone into effect, and the price to isumers will be considerably years old October 1 Me. jlony a commonwealth, was the first step toward of independence. season. by an Staffordshire, Eng. said that it a declaration and others a coal mine dianapolis, Ind., aged SO JOHN- M. " years. Canadiii Ark. murder of Farmer Umberger, "has be 6 come a ravins- mania n raving maniac " grew and ACDONALIJ, a cousin of the r e , ;;»:£2" : ^ «~lrtr?—"=« - - _^ .. ., Arun , del co »«ty November of Grinnttll. in rtt^,i ..iv.... . d years has boon executive department of service here for suou a stop the last at all of Italy. of facts by the government TS; STIBS A our •1. The official ./ He was ol congress from IS04 to 1SOS -Mi j .s. " member •»"'" by tho I ti d , J :?, U f! S f °r mil - «°»nd were flood"?. U ^ N " V itAY died in Milwaukee I ed. causing a loss of over 8350 000 9 ' ,„ £ A ." 1 f ITCH ' a wealthy resident of was swindled out of San re- as. CAROLINE SCHMIDT, on trial at Ua, Pa., for the murder of her sis* has been acquitted. E license of the Capital Insurance of ropefca, Kan., has been t>y the state commissioner. died at the AI.UEKT deaf by Hev. W. of 0 and ' years. Jennie Karns, it Marion, suddenly at his home in Madison. limm- / h<i mouth of March 43,707 | immigrants arrived at New York, or •*. nOMAtS liKDFOUD of couuty, lud., claims to be the living odd fellow in the S4 years old. MKS. MAUGAKET DKNTOX, wour, Ind., died She was the mother dren. is «,*£'££» ri^f^i^r declared that -Italy's right to demand and of tarn punishment of the murderers and an in Ueinn ty for the victims | 8 unquestionable^ Jt is inferred that Bwon Fava's chance of SSSH'ar^^'* 1 " 1 ^ P^pSS 1 ^^^^ Marquis Budinl has demanded. Even if the rm tlouui government haU the entire Juri B1 ll,ft^ over the alleged murders it could 3miBdiu «on From of the United It has no longer For the present there is no "next sten" on the part of the United States. The administration will simply aw-i'f f) outcome of the state courts and iiU ?J tne meantime receivp nm r «^,«_ ti^, ti TJ. i- clil - 1VB any commumca- tom±. ^ eovemme -^ay have It is assumed that the Marquis Imperiali has before this cabled to his government Mr. Elaine's reply All eyes, therefore, are now turned to Rome While there is indignation in the administration at Italy's^hasty aS t on and a deep conviction that the government at Rome is merely blnffir, b is not denied that much For two years I suffered terribly with stomach trouble, and was for all that time under treatment bv a physician. He finally, after trying everything, said stomach was about worn out, and that I would have to cease eating solid food for a time at least. I was so weak that I could not work. Finally on the recommendation of a friend who had used A your preparations A worn-out with beneficial results, I procured a bottle of August Flower, and menced using it. it seemed tc me good at once. I gained strength and flesh rapidly; my P et }te became good, and I' sufced no bad effects from w hat I ate I feel now like a new man, and consider that August Flower has eS- cured me of Dyspepsia in its torm. JAMES E. DJJDERICK Saugerties, New York. ' W. B, Utsey, St. George's, S. C. rites: I have: used vn«i- A««...„! Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites Of Lime and Soda. CONSUMPTION. foif TI j .""-"•" uneasiness is lelt. ihe danger is that Italy, h avin<F been given •"« o^/ius •, •" "" Vill e. that that , , no additional assurances her demands will be with, but being met or with a bold, almost sTnceritrbv'a ^ earaesto -* and sincerity by a course of hostility, complied the other hand defiant spirit, to ms ri^^^e^co^id^ at what this government o do or else follow up its by •- - f Tutt's P"ce, Office 38 & 41 Park Place, N. Y, 'The Best 0,1 BUNTING FLAGS ——ARE *••"•-— ^^ would itself. «>f a is be the Rudini's man of apprehension that of spirit also of of Imperiali next thing to war reputation is that peace, but there he may be a 80ILINQ WATER OR MILK. advance of a trial ana a verdict of . C008t "«« on of the UnUel it Is declared that 'in all criminal prose cations the accused shall enjoy the aad public tri»l b, American which into unex- lt is obvious that pected hostility, the position from EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA

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