The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1891
Page 7
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Copyright, 1890. .... -5e wfio wctita for an inactive liver to do ita work, exposes himself to all the diseases that come from tainted blood. Don't wait! Languor and loss of appetite warn you that giwVer ills aro close behind. Y-?u can keep them from coming; you can euro them if they've como—with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It's the only blood and liver medicine that'o guaranteed^ in every case, to benefit or cure. Your money back if it doesn't. Thus, you only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more? It cleanses the system and cures pimples, blotches, eruptions and all skin and scalp diseases. Scrofulous affections, as fever-sores, hip - joint disease, swellings and tumors yield to Jtaauperior alterative properties, WITTY, WISE AND CHEERING. The Soap 'that Cle ans Most is Len ox. No appetite, Indigestion, Flatulence, Siclt Meudache, "all ruu down," losing flesh, yow will find a man lead a crooked life long enough and he will soon be in straits. THE man who first wrote about the pleasures of giving was probably the Inventor of the charity ball. SCIENCE is making Wonderful strides nowadays. A n agricultural exchange has just discovered that if a cow's hind legs are tied together she can't kick. THE man who takes off his hat iu Vlie presence of ladies in a draughty elevator may have great politeness, ij'it he will also have a great cold in his Lead. "I DURAMEt) of you last nigh',," she said, with a lingering glance. "Did you, really?" h e inquired, eagerly. "Yes; I always dream when I eat lobster and pie at night." _ MATHEMATICIANS figure that a man sixty years old has spent three years in buttoning- his collar. How much time has been consumed by a woman of forty-five in putting her hat on straight? A-—"THERE is a most remarkable echo m a cave in Kentucky." 15—"What is there remarkable about it?" A—"If you call out: 'llcllo, Smith!' the echo says 'What Smith do you mean?' no lesa than fourteen distinct times." THE most powerful king on earth is war-king; the laziest, shir-king; a very doubtful king-, smo-king; the most common king, jo-king; the leanest one, thin-king; thirstiest one, drln-king; the slyest, win-king; and the most dangerous, tal-king. CURIOUS to Know.—A prisoner who had been convicted at least a dozen times was placed at the bar. "Your honor, I should like to have my case continued for a week; my lawyer is ill." "But you were captured with your hand in this gentleman's pocket. What can your counsel say in your defense?" '•Precisely so, your honor; that is what I am curious to know." tho remedy yon need. They tonenp tlie weak. Htomaclt tusd build uj> tlie rlugging? energies. Sufferers from aneiitul OB- ptiyaical ovorwooK will find relief front them. Nicely sugar couted. SOU> EVERYWHERE. GEORGIA AND ALABAMA. THE cotton crop of. Alabama is valued at $50,000,000; A SOLID train of scventy.five cars of lumber arrived in Savannah, Ga., recently. IT is reported that white sei-vants are rapidly replacing colored help in the towns of southwestern Georgia. WASHINGTON county, Georgia, produces annually 35,000 bales of cotton, worth about $1,500,000. This is one of the largest cotton-producing counties in the state. THERE are two counties in Georgia that have not a lawyer. They are Echols and Charlton. The returns for 1890 show further that Charlton has neither a doctor nor a dentist. THE negroes of Terrell county, Ga., are steadily increasing in prosperity and acquiring real estate, for which they have an especial liking. They own some of the best farm lands in tho iounty. GOY. JONES, of Alabama, has arranged ;vith the state commissioner of agricul- ;ure to procure for him trees from all ;hc most notable battlefields of Virginia, to be transplanted to the capitol grounds at Montgomery. IT would be a most unreasonable woman who should demand of her policeman lover tluiHie- should give up Ms club.— Boston Transcript. A HANDSOME female photographer ought to do a good business with her takine \vavs. —Texas Sittings. Col. valuable now or follows lectio i to.; the tT.roe torliSk «»tiioJSe , ! VAU.CHAN'S SEED STORE «8 State Street (Box O88), - tflIlckcK> »-KAM* THIS PAMR na, tto. ,ou mill, They FINISH IVclie where othera FAIL! Any i;i z e, 2 (ncljts to ii inubes Uiumoter. LOOMIS & HYMAN, TIFFIN, - OHSO. KTNAME THIS PAPEtt O Catalogue FREE! Tna universal fnvor oo- eoraoa TiLUNQnAsfa Pcarae BOHND Oubbajro BEEDS Icado mo to offer a P. S. GBOWH Onion, lAt fnttt Y,llou GM,, tntiutetut. To introduce It and Bhowltacapabilitieslwillpfty 8100 for tho best yield obtain- cdfroml ounce of seed which J will mail for UO cte. Cutu- 'OBuei'roo. loaao F. Tltllnehaet, '- a Plun>0 ' Pa - !V MEMORIES, with Bishop NEwT MAN'S Introduction, is a BONANZA book for Agents evory-whuro. Kniii for ti Afldi-eBs HI/NT & EATON, ^ 6U gviiri Uia«}x.unr)io. innn y° U - n ^ e tir .^? taking the lar F e °ld fashioned griping pills, try Carter's Eittlo Liver Pills and take some comfort. A man can't standeverything. OnepiU adosa Try them! THE opera singer who reaches the hteh notes must have u soar throat.— Pittsburgh Dispatch. e THE Public Awards the Palm to Halo's Honey of Horehound and Tar for coughs Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. ABMOB plates are probably the best on winch to serve hot cannon balls.— Boston Herald. WHY cannot a woman become a successful lawyer? Because she's too fond of giving her opinion without pay. —N. Y. Ledger. —---- -« •"»" doctrine of the survival of the fittest, the last man will undoubtedly be a tailor.—Rochester Talisman. To BE a success a soda water fountain must be a first class fizzle.—Binghamton Republican. THE locomotive fireman, no matter how high he rises, always has tender recollections.—Pittsburgh Post. BLOWS are not alvrays exchanged wlien L.™ strike aii acquaintance.—Pittsburgh Dispatch. The world never sits down twice on a man who has any point about him.—Milwaukee foentiuel. Do NOT purge nor weaken the bowels but netapeomfiy on the liver and bile ADerfwt liver corrector. Carter's Little Lite? Fills. BEKLIN ought to be a good topers, for it is a city always on —Boston Gazette. THE best cough medicine is Fiso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 35a DOMESTIC CONCERNS. —To prevent the odor of boiling vegetables from penetrating throughout the house, as in cooking cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, set a small saucepan filled with vinegar on the stove, keeping it sufficiently hot for its steam to arise, but do not let it boil awav.—N. Y. World. —Orange Cake: Onecupof sugar, butter the size of an egg, three eggs, one cup of Hour, two teaspoons baking powder sifted in the flour. This will mako three layers. For the filling: Take one orange and grate the rind; beat tho whites of two eggs, stir in pulverized sutfar to thicken.—Household. —Mustard for Meats: In porcelain or granite kettle, boil one pint of strong vinegar. Stir with a little cold vine- ; gar, one tablespoonf ul flour, two tablespoonfuls ground mustard, and one- fourth tablespoonful eayenne popper. Boil together, and use cold. This ia equal to the prepared mustard, at one- fourth the expense.—Ohio Farmer. —To preserve the rich fruity flavor, do not boil the prunes. Allow them to soak over night in cold water, enough to cover the prunes. Then take the prunes out and boil the water in which they have soaked; add sugar to taste and boil fifteen minutes. Then add to the prunes and set off on the range and allow them to simmer thirty minutes, then set off to cool. —German Compote: Peel and core apples, leaving them whole. Fill tip the cavities with currant jelly, placing them in a pudding dish, adding as much water as the dish will hold without touching the filling of the apples. Add half a pound of sugar and the thin peel of half a lemon. Cover tight and cook slowly until done. Remove the apples to a glass dish, boil down the sirup to a jelly, and pour it over.—Boston Budget. —A very simple and durable bedspread and shams can be made from white dotted muslin. Get the best quality, and diagonally across both the corners of the shams and the spread, using the dots as centers, outline the petals of a daisy, in yellow, or any color desired, while the plain hem is held by a row of brier stitching. ThL set is inexpensive, quickly made, very soft and fleecy on the bed, and it washes well, which is a good feature. —Potato Balls: I like this way of serving potatoes. Potatoes that have been left from dinner may be vvarmet over in this way for tea, and according to my judgment they will be more ac ceptable than at first cooking. Four large, mealy potatoes, cold; mash them in a basin with two ounces of fresh butter, a pinch of salt, a very little cayenne, a tablespoonful of milk or cream, and the beaten yolk of one egg; rub il together in a mortar for five minutes, shape mixture into balls the size of a walnut—cover them with an egg wel] beaten, and the finest sifted bread crumbs; fry them in boiling butter, lard or bacon fat—not drippings.—Prairie Farmer. , attention Is called to the, nrlvar- Msemontof the Elkhart Carriage nwl Harness Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Indiana. They are Well and favorably known all over the country, and purchasers cart confidently rely upon fair dealing in all their transactions, i hey soil to consumers at wholesale prices, and ship anywhere for examination before paying. A NKW book for practical tree planters is m? Ctullor8 od by Orange .Judd: Iho entire boolr is ably written, and gives trusty information for all who grow Jruit of HTI.V Bortpr kind. Stark Bros., nurserymen, Louisiana, Mo., will sond it free to all intcrostcd.-Oningo Judd Farmer. FinsT Broker-"What has become of that messenger boy of yours? He was slower than death." Second Broker—"Yea, that's jiist the trouble. It overtook him."—Yale Uccoru, of fl IP ^Th? "w APPLiOTKn with an affection SL IP • oafc , f rom o^'Mhood, caused by d plithoria, and have used various remedies, S over found anything equal to . BHONCIIIAT, TnocuBs.»-Rev G mpton ' Piketon ' Ky - 8old No,, unfortunately the inspector ol customs will bo of no 'use to you in looking into your husband's shady liab- 1(82 V' ns V Electric Soap was first W lt - t>ost 20 cen ' 8 ft ''«'•• lfc 5s /"•«• nmi; ?, ame V'^ redient8 an d quality now and doesn't cost ha/f. Buy it of your grocer THE MARKETS. PLOUU-Fair to Minnesota Patents ... r, 00 \ ft 4 «o ' ©640 | \ § «» R w ' . .. Ungrudea Mixed . OATS— Mixed Western. ....... RYE- Western ..... PORK-MesH, New... ', ......... LARD— Western Steam .. "" BUTTER— Western Creamery.' CHICAGO. BEEVES-ShippIng Steers.... Cows ........................ i Stackers .................... 2 Feeders ........... . ....... 3 ButOhCM' Steers . . .'.'.'.'.'.' " " s Bulls .......... " , '" '""'' 67 13 (JO 0 70 ai © $3 f)U (12 84 50 © 6 75 © 31 Y t ((ft fi S!5 @ 3 BO @ 3 25 <?A 3 no (at 4 00 <Tfl 3 00 <L» 4 70 EATING The Proper FOR STRENGTH. a good place for the Spree. THE EUCHflliT MRBIABE «ND HABHESSlFGTCfl — For 18 Years have dealt direct with cc at wholesale ijnces. suiiiny than the dealei'iproJU. —' " 10 to , . o give no ONE PRICE ONLY toua.SllO{ oad Oart— ' J&.n, TopBugffJMjS OuroatanOO/i Piiaotpus qua HARNESS ™^ v .Aro all No. 1 Oak Leather. ^^^1^ PJo tfy o. Usus Double, S3O to 840. ^ wtl , & ^- «• B, PBATT, Sec'y, EtKIJABT, (HO, FOB CATABBH.Best IUi!Ei-TiN3, Warren, Pa. HAWKEYE Works on either standin •weep of Two Acre* a jroclN to handles The it'd g»Ulo£iw, STOMP MACHINE Foods to Be Used to Attain This Object. There are two things to be considered in eating for strength, first, that the food should be very nourishing; second, that it should be easily digested. There are some articles which are very nutritious, and yet so hard to digest that it is not desirable to use them. On the other hand there are some foods, not so very rich in nutriment, and yet so easy of digestion that they may be used advantageously. It is a popular fallacy that hearty foods, so-called, are the most strengthening. People usually mean by hearty foods those which are very difficult to digest— those which literally stick by the ribs. The so-called light diet made of rice, wheat and other grains, 'ruit and milk, is really much more nu- ;ritious and much more easily digested than a bill of fare into which flesh foods enter. The lumberman says he must have pork because it sticks by the ribs. 3o it does very literally, roast pork tak- ng five and a half hours for digestion. Such food has staying- qualities in the •stomach, but not for strength. A stay- ng quality like this is something like the Indian's taking up an extra notch in his belt when he can not obtain food. In order that we shall economize our powers to the highest degree, we should take food which is really the most nourishing and the most easily digested. From this standpoint we will consider lean beef with its nutritive properties twenty-eight per cent. It takes roast beef three hours to digest; broiled, three hours; fried, four hours; corned beef, four and one-half hours. Only one- fourth nutritious material and yet requiring from three to four hours for digestion. Rice is eighty-seven per cent. nutritive material, and yet it only requires one hour for digestion—one-third the length of time required for the digestion of beef, and three times as nourishing. Hence rice is wortli nine times as much for strength as is beef. Where does the ox get his strength, the elephant, the rhiiiocerous and the gorilla? The gorilla can snap a rifle barrel like the twig of a tree. If ho kills a man, it is only done for self- protection, never for food. Yet if a hunter was exceedingly hungry, he might eat the gorilla. Some huntera profess to be very fond of monkey steak.—Dr. J. H. Kellogg. How to Lengthen Baaqueg. The home dress-maker should modernize basques of wool dresses by lengthening them in coat shape. To do this cut off the lower edge of the basque m a deep point in front, a Piuch shorter point in the back, and have still shorter Bides; turn up the edges and face with silk. Under this add coat skirts of the length desired Made of darker wool or silk pr velvet. These skirts are shaped to the hipg, lined with silk, and sewed to the lining of the bodice just below the curve of the waist. Ten or twelve inches is a good length for them. If the basque is for a very slight figure a simple plaiting ol the dress material may be added instead of the closure coat skirt, as the plaits give the effect of larger hips. A plaited laoo flounce can be added to wjk. basque* —JS«.ruor'B Ca- we- ... ,ood to Cliolce nairy li^jrs— Fresh B BOOM CORN- Hui'l ....... , . . ...... Self worlduij is 17 ' (per bu) i. flb 50 FLOUR- Spring" Patents'. Winter Patents Bakers' GRAIN—Wheat No. 2...."'.','' Corn, No. 2 Oats, No. a. . . Rye, NO. a ;.; Barley, Choice LUMBER— ' <ra an 1 10 ©11 7f> 0 w ff, (i r»5 4 (10 (;,i 4 90 4 fil) (i'T> 6 (JO 8 .'!(> If,! 3 7.-> 1 Mv,;<ts i os ?* ffiMn 04 ii fil (ft 5,'i 8f>Jv,<f7i fc8 T2 & 73 ....................... Flooring ..................... 33 03 Common Boards ......... 330(1 fencing ..................... J3 00 Lath, Dry .................. o ( ;f t Shingles ................ ." 2 uO CATTLE- Steers'....' ...... I ..'. Stockprs and Fodders ____ HOGS— Fiiir to Choice Heavy Mixed Grades .......... .' SHEEP .................. ....; ff-i no I! 'JO 4 40 fancy Good ©.52 00 (fff!4 00 ©13 50 (Tf..l6 00 &,. a TO © S! 60 (•f. 5 53 <5l I 1!) (Tfl 4 00 Oil, -I 45 ffl. 5 SO (® 4 SO (fl r> 55 <cj 4 40 <S 4 35 Your At tha coming of spring tho blood should oe purmed, as Impurities which have been accumulating for months or even years, are liable to muni- n^L' = mselves and 8er 'ou3ly affect the health Hood's Sarsnparllla Is undoubtedly tUe best blood purlfler. It expels every tatnt of impurity, drives £,"JL S< J r °M Ul< ^ 9 numora an <i eerms of disease, and goodheaul he<1Ualityand tonoessential to "»wy spring for years I have made It a practice to take from three to fl vo bottles of Hood's Sarsa- parllla, because I know It purifies the blood and thoroughly cleanses the system of all impurities." Hood's Sarsaparilla too Doses One Dollar No Cows eating slants in your front yard if you will protect and BEAUTIFY WITHOUT CONGEALING your Lawn by erecting a "HARTOAN" STEEL PICKET FENCE. "•^••MMMNMBMMBar- We sell more Lawn Fencing than all other manufacturers combined because it s the HANDSOMEST and BEST FENCE made, and CHEAPER THAN WOOD. Our "Steel Picket" Gates, Tree and -lower Guards, and Flexible Steel Wire Door Mats are unequaled. A 40-page illustrated catalogue of "HARTMAN SPECIALTIES" mailed free. Mention this paper. HARTMAN M'F'G CO., WORKS; - BEAVER FALLS, PA. BRANCHES: ;5o8 STATE STREET, CHICAGO. ; i4i6 West Eleventh St., Kansas City. fioa Chambers Street, New York. j»3 South Forsythe Street, Atlanta. jouwrtU. THIS IS THE ROLL E8TAB. "Monon" Enterprise. Tho constantly increasing travel via tho Motion Route demands additional accommo- n£i«TL wf? a —f "if ni!?ht ^ain, known as "The Electric,-' will consist of a dompart- ment Bleeping Car, a regular Sleeper, a Ladies' Ovr, with an additional Sleeper for U8 ?_ 0 'J nd janappli8 passengers. The entire outfit has been built by Pullman expressly for tin a lino, and is si mply the bent. The ad- <lif,ion of a Compartment Hleepinpr car to the equipment, fills the l»ill. Families traveling together will npprooiate this special accommodation, while those preferring the regular Sleeping Car can have their choice. This train leaves Dearborn station daily, "as well as Sundays,''at 8:35 P. M., reaches Indianapolis at 3:45 A. M. and arrives at Cincinnati ut, 7:35 A. M. Passengers in Indianapolis Blooper can occupy their berths until 7:00 A. M. CURES BRUISES, FROST-BITES, INFLAMMATIONS —AND ALL,— HURTS AND ILLS OF MHN END BEAST, A cough or cold -t is a spy which has I stealthily come inside the lines of healtft ' and is there to dli^ cover some valued able point in the fortification of the constitution which is guarding your well-being. That point discovered the spy reports it to the enemy on the outside. The enemy is the changeable winter climate. If the cold gets in, look out for an attack at the weak point. To avoid this, shoot the spy, kill the cold, using SCOTT'S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda as the weapon. It is an expert cold slayer, and fortifies the system against Consumption, Scrofula, General Debility, and all Ancsmic and Wasting Diseases (specially in Children). Especially helpful for children to prevent their taking cold Palatable as Milk. - SPECIAL.-Soott's Emulsion Is non-secret, fl«d Is prescribed by the Medical Pro. session all over the world, because Us Ingredients are scientifically combined in such i» • manner as to greatly increase thoir remedial value. CAUTION.—Scott's Emulsion is piit up in salmon-colored wrappers. Be sure and get the genuine. Prepared only by Scott & Bowne, Manufacturing Chemists, New York. Sold by all Druggists. BE UP TO THE MARK WATERPROOF COLLAR on CUFF THAT CAN BE RELIED ON to shout t«0 BEARS THIS MARK. TRADE MARK. NfiEDSNO LAUNDERING. CAN BE WIPED CLEAN IN A MOMENT. THE ONLY LINEN-LINED WATERPROOF COLLAR IN THE MARKET. A NEW FABRIC for Iadies ' wear > fuii y equal «*m .m—HM»^.. —. in appearance and wear to the best Henriettas, at half the Price. Made only in Blue and Jet Black. The genuine is rolled on black board on which is stamped the name .,3S HRNmEX'T'r.z FOR SALE BY ALL RETAILERS. THE TRADE SUPPLIED BY THE J. V. FARWELL CO., Chicago. MANUFACTURERS OF AGITATORS HO£*SH POWERS, SWINGING TREAD POWERS and SAW FRAMES, SAW MILLS and ENGINES. others ln Good Work TRACTION AND PORTABLE NGINES. Threshers and Horse Powers, Write for Illustrated Catalogue, mailed Free. M. RUM ELY CO., LA PORTE, IND. 1801. on which is wound The Braid that is known the world around. BOILING WATER OR MILK. 100 LESSONS IN -«»BUSINESS $1,00 -MA1U THIS FAVGK eterj Urn. Jou writ*. SELL MUSIC We.WIU PAY a EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA 1.2 LB. TINS ONLY. I Tsr! Sherman's •a~XMSETlUS FAPEIt.»r ? tto. rM rtt < . *V»«W*»9 Prevents Pneumonia. H™ m .™ .„, A, -~*ti e infc, tbat a r<)ad <•• Frult . an l v ^ 8 !^ 8 . Eya Pif ators CATARRH WKUIK yma sifts. twj tia» ?«•««* U^llI'l'Uvri^^j J^^^,»J? ^ ^^ ^ ^Hr j*:^,

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