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The St. Johnsbury Caledonian from St. Johnsbury, Vermont • Page 1

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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TIIE CALEDONIAN 8T. JOHNSbURY, VT. STOXE fc Co. Xii11Im1iois QgyicH. next door north of Court House.

Terin Onc copy per annum. lf uo: pai-i v-ithin the ycar. $1.50 of AdrertiMiiK. ror ono square iips thii sixe type) thrcc insertions, S'L AdrertisiiiK. For inscrtion.

15 ccnts a square. A i. 1 thnin rrin nilvnrTl.r liv tnc 1 to of 3 linct in lJussiness Directory, 82 r.strays, Notices to Lcgi-1 il rach in advance. i s' 119 Nassau st.t New I rki aadfi' A'tatf st. iinston, and u.

iMLES, 1 v. i Huilding, Court st. Boston, are our au- lo? 1'rintinp of all kiuds done neatly and at 4 pnces. All kinds of Papers and Cardij 1 1 ns'antly oii hand. From tho Extra of Saturday.

Third Regiment Orderod to Baltimore. Cuv. Fairbanks received a despatch from War Department on Thursday afternoon, kring the Third Vermont Regiment to re-j. forthwith to Major Gen. Banks at Baltimore.

Preparations for departure are there-: being made with the greatest activity. Tht Regiment will leave St. Johnsbury morning next, by way of Hartford and New Haven, and thence by transports. Whether the Regiment is to join the forces in occupation of Baltimore, or whether it will be detailed on its arrival there for active ser vice. is r.ot known at present.

It would siem that a Regiment so finely armed and rquipped for service as this is, ought to be st-nt into the field of active operations in Vir- jinia, and ve liope that will be its destina-tion. The men are animated with enthusiasm at the prospect of going so soon to the seat of ar, and the encainpmeut presents a lively appearance. The companics, with the cxccption of one cr two recentiy organized, arc well drilled, and all make a creditable appearance. There w.ll be a battallion drill this afternnoon at 3 c't-iuck. Fc the infonnation of the people living a the line of the Railroad, perhaps we ought t- state that the train next Wednesday will not at ar.y station except to wood and water.

Thusc therefore vrho desire to take a final k-ave of their friends in the Regiment niust (I i so before their departure from St. Johns- -it- i 11 nuenu 10 nuimsu me mnsier ron oi i tht Regiment complete in an extra, vrhich be issued Mondav afternoon. The Approaehing Conflict. The crand movement of the Federal army Virginia has commenced, and we trust the aY al mp imxter.

Among tne columns may push on until Kich- teresting features of the day, was the presen-u ehitll be occupied by our troops. The I tation of a laS 10 company B. by E. 0. Co- ot ttie J'otomac consists oi mtv-nve ti.

men, and no doubt the number will twtllf'd bj constant reinfbrcements as the nroL'iess. latest lnteiiiirence i n-wed at the time of this writing, is, that 'i" jr forces are in possesion of Fairfax Court the rebels having evacuatcd that place n. ihe approach of our troops, without oiier- any rcslstance and retreated to Manassas It is said that the plan of attack 1 Mnnassas Juncliun and the assault on all sides. Upon the of the rebels at this point, it is thought n. Scott will push on in hot pursuit, and jomed by L.en.

AlcLiellan torces. al- rcud flushed with victorv, the troois will be joined by Gen. marched around southerlv of Richmond, and i A attack on the citv be made from that dt-, We are no doubt on the eve of the most i events. The destinies of the coun- for all time mav be hangins: upon the ot this very hour. peculation is use-1 4ts.

ltie telegraphtc wires may ue aireauy ll-l 111 Vuruened with the intelligence of a splendid gained by the army of the Union at I Mar.assas Junction. Let us wait patie ar.l our trust in the God of battles! The CoUmeley. (. Fairbanks has had so much anxietv I Phelps should take the command of i.l regiment that he sent a special to Newport Xews to urge the of the colonelcv upon him. All efforts, vTt-ver, to obtain Col Phelns have been in Gm Butler has so much contidence in I'helps that he can uot be induced to v.ith him at that post, and the is that he will be proinoted to be Briga-'-General in the regular army.

We liave arned that the appointment of colonel 'as u't transpired, but it will doubtless be ft- liiy made. ilorves and AVayous (or the 2d Horses and army wagons for the 2d regiment have been procured by tbe and sent to Washington. They are a fine lot of Vermont horses, and are expected to reach Washington on Tuesd.iy next. Tuey were purciiased with the greatest dispatch. The Sreoiid Vermont Regiment.

The Setond Vermont Regiment has been to the advanced post uf the Federal uni.y, and at last uccounts was at Fairfax -'-rt House. T. UiiutoLOXKL SlI.GELIS.-lhc following i of the history of Col. Siegel are 1 an intimate friend of his l'rank Siegel, who so gallantly led the States forces airainst the Missourians ige, is about i years of age. He is of Baden, and was graduated at the -n school at Carlshruhe.

He entered arm of Baden and was advanced r.f in 1S17. Hi with the first revolution in South- 'jtrmaiiy lost him his commission. He -inted General-in-Chief in the begin the second revolution, May, lt4h, -i the forlurn hojie of the liberal party great energy and zeal. He came to r.c i iu 1S0U was professor in Dr. Du-- vcaderny, and married Mr.

Dulon's ter. He received a call toa professor-: St. Louis, where he soon became dis- by his great military talents. tf'A Richmond paper proposes to call the Southern Confederacy. The 1 -i iice responds that the name tn appropriate to that body, which has -l concei able head with the largest -'(-t-vabie tail, and is running awav as last YOL.

36-NO. 4. Tho Colonolcy. A correspondent of the Rutland Herald iment has not been tendered to Capt Truman Seymour of the Army, who, we are reminded by the correspendent aforesaid is a Vermon-1 I ter. The enquiry is a proper one, and we are glad to be able to answer it.

The correspondent of the Daily Herald is infonned that the colonelcv of the third rer-iment has been tendered to Capt Seymour, but the War Department refused to release iiim from the regular service. And he is not the only Vermonter in the armv Gov. i i Fairbanks has applied to to take command i of this regiment the best material for a first i rutc regiment vet sent from otate into eflch time additionai COIlsi(ierations, to Col. tQ taku he conimand) but without Phelps. success.

lie has urged Capt Lolburn 01 tas-' 1 tleton, another Vermonter, and a distinguish-' ed oilicer in the United States armv, to ac- cept the nosition, but with no better success. 1 1 The fact is the Governor has been constant uuremitting and persistent in his efforU to yet an army officer and a Vermonter to 4 i i i take the command of the regiment, and we are happy to be able to state that at last, through much importunity of the Governor Cant Wm. F. Smith of the Eninneer Department of the regular service will prob- ably be allowed to take command of the i third regiment. Capt.

Smith has expressed an ardent desire to take command of such an excellent body of men, and the probabili-ty now is that he will be permitted by the War Department to do so. He is expected to arrive in town to-day or to-morrow and upon his arrival assume the command, and depart with the regiment on IFednesday for Baltimore. Capt. Smith who is a Vermonter is one of the most distinguished officers for 6 United States service, and will make a com-mander to be proud of. I'lai; Presentntioii.

Wednesdav the 17th inst. was a brilliant 1 The ilag was of silk, of splendid propor-tions, surmounted byabeautiful gilt eagle, on the stati was mscnbed tlie Iollowln', motto In the ol lht; Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress." Mr. Coburn presented the ilag with the following remarks "Mu Comma.ndeh axu Solweks Actua-ted by the same principle that prompted you to enlist in the service of your country, I can-not hesitate to aiford you some evidence of uiy appreciation oi your nationality. Though born in the old Bay State, it will not detract from my humble etfort to encour-age you in the nohle dutv in which ou are t.ngaged, as sons of Vermont. izen knows no state lines in The loyal cit-his countrv's dantrrr.

and tollows none OiiUhe tederal ll ig. Mv fathtrs were loval citizens oi and mv record sha prove the sons not e- sienerate. I have a brother among vou who, ulthouirh 1 eling to him with all brotherlv af-' fections.I cheerfully give him upin defense of constitutional iiberty. Let him never dishon-1 or tlie mother that bore him. Let his motto h(.

lhat of thc KuroMeaI1 General to his sol -9 1 11 diers, it i advance, lollow me. If I fall, mili- avenge me. If I ihnch, kill me. Mu. CommaNDEU Assured of your mili- I tary uiujuesuoneii courage and loyaity, I present to you the ensign of the Republic.

knowing it will be returned without a stripe erased or a star polluted. Lniurl it in the! morning sun and bless its origin. Spread it i the hour of battle and cheer your soldiery. Let tlie sctting sun shine upon its starry folds proclaiming victory. Soldicrs, Remember you are from the land of Ethan Allen, Vermont's noblest son i that you have engraved upon that ilag-staff his memorable words to the Britisb com-1 mander atTiconderoga and if any Southern I rebel asks for your authority, when demand- ed to surrender, tell him by authority of the Great Jehovah and the Federal Congress.

i i anu iu euuuiusiuii, iu.iy uuu bpceu yuu uii and bless you with brilliant success and a safe retum home." Captain West, commanding the company, received the Hag, and folding it in his bosotn said "Mr. CoiiURX For myself and in be-half of the oilicers and soldiers of my command, allow me to retum our sincere ac-knowledgments for this beautiful flag. We will bear it on to victory or we will sleep in honorable graves bcncatb its graceful folds." N. W. Bingham was then called upon, and addressed the company for about twenty min-utes in a most able and eloquent manner.

Said he, Soldiers, citizen soldiers of Ver mont, standing as youdo in the midst of centuries, bearing in your hands the fortunes 0f future generations, surrounded by the of the sacred dead who fought and fell in defence of civil and religious Iiberty, and encouraged by the prayers and the blessings jof the loved ones for whoSe hanniness and liberties vou light, you will never forget the i sacred trust, yoa will never forsake the holy cause, you will never disgrace the memory of vour patriotic sires." His remarks were lis tened to with profoundattention, and greeted with any amount of cheers. Lieut. Bartlett then came forward and liartlett then came torwara and mati a few apiiropriate remarks, pledging the honor of the company for 1 tenance of the honor of the flag. the main- Three times three hearty cheers were given in succession for E. O.

Coburn, Capt. West, Lieutenants Bartlett and Coburn, and Mr. Bingham. The field officers were in attend-ance, and evinced a lively interest in the pro-ceedings. A rough individual, whose knowledge of classical language was not quite complste, had been sick, and on recovering was told by his doctor that he minht take a little animal fond.

"X'o. sir." saiil Iim 'T tnnV vnnr L'ruel easy enough, but hang me if I can go your hay and oata." ST. JOHNSBURY, FRIDAY, Third Vermont Regiment. Field and Staff Officers. Coloncl.

Breed N. Hyde. MajorW. W. Cociirax.

AdjutantAs P. Blunt. Qttartcr-mastcrRvMmiLD Piioctor. Suryeonl I kxuy Jaxes. AsSt Surycunl)Ait M.

Goodwin. Seryeant Major Leo Hyde. Quarter-maskr Scrtfl Joiix W. Ramsay. i Com.

SergcuntH. H. Matiiews. Hospital StcwardWx. L.

Jacksox. Principal Seymour O. C'ook, Musicians Hexuy N. Cuoss.max. ChaplainhlosEs P. RcKimental Hand. T- A(lams' (Leadur D. I. nder) Cornet.

Parkhurst Geo. Bryant Wm- Mct'tirter Cornet. Geo. Aubt'll Uryant R. T.

Barton W. H. Herrick W.B. Ripley jjurj)Urt JJayley J. 1).

Miller Vred. E. Carpenter Alto. Tenor. Baritone.

Bass. Bass. IA. J. Lawrence i A V.

Wnrthcn Whitcomb C. A. Adams Joel B. Thomas 1). A.

Rolean J. H. Brooks Side drum. Bass drum Cymbals. C.

Van Wood Comuaiir Spriimfield. Captain, W. G. lst Lieutenant, FuEUEluck" CitANE. 2d Lieutenant, II.

W. Fluyd. Ke.rue.ants. t. i Leonard Bennett 1 A Pierce II Phillips Charles Osgood Cook Corporals.

Henry Marsh Erastus Tarbell A Boynton James Murtin Jr Levi Leland Cook i John A Lyons Daniel Shaw William Pelkey, Fifer. Olin A Pettengill, Drummer. King A Chill.MHi, Wagoner. I'rivates. Harrison Adams Chas Atcheion Lerov A Ball Rolhi Ball Andrew A Bailey Harrison Brewer Samuel HlUh John Ctirmodv Wm II Chapin Henrv Coiiin James Coiiin James Htnrv Clark 11 Co(k Edniund Cushman Charles Cutler Hiram Damon Olcott Damon John Davidson Mortimer Demary Henry Deputran Jas Eliis Alden Flanders E.ra A Jenness Daniel Johnson Frank Johnson Andrew Kimball Lewis Lane Bcnj Littleiield John A Luce Oscar Maion Thomas Madigan Wm A Mdler Ha.en 15 Monroe John Manning Julius Xewton Alfred 11 Patch Geo l'erkins Seymour (i Phillips Charles Piper Geo II Randel Allen Reed Orsamus Robinson Wdson Robinson llarlan Sherwin Geo Smith Chas Smith Strong Martin A lowell Geo S)ring Daniel Veazey Arrington Waktfield Emerson Whitcomb Thomas Woods Willis Wood 6-1 Buon Fleniin'i Victor Good Peter Good Xorman Gould Francis Griswold Eben Hall Edward 1) Hatch Sewall Ilealds Myron 1) Hill Joshua Holbrook Company Coventry.

Captain, A. C. West. lst Lieutenant, Exocil H. Barteett.

2d Lieutenant, Joiix H. ColiUKX. Scryeants. Isaac Kimball Henry A Hitchcock Thaddeus Durgin Abel Chaae Oliver A Kidder Corporals. Stephen Jenkins Edward Santy l'Llisha Franklin Caleb Sabin John Thompson Eli Hines Marshall Hatch 1) Sawyer Onias Warner, Fifer.

Horace Lawrence, Drummer. Marshall Miles, Wagoner. Pricaies. Curtis Bean Semeas Bleau Henrv 0 Beaman Charles Blood Amos A Hopkins Alonzo Hunt Weslev Ingerson Lorenzo Jenkins Wm Johnston Martin Lynch Loudon Livingston Frank Lamere Peter Martin John Buzzell Wm Blake Burt Herman Butler A Cham berlin Henry Chamberlin Henry Moulton Prosper Clark Benj A Moulton ilenry 11 Coiburn Samuel Cate Reuben Cleveland Mason II Mason Irving Mason Royal Metcalf Joseph Mitchell Harvey Moore John McXiel Solon Pierson Alonzo Page Alexander Parker Myron Stilcs Sherry Merrill Shonyo l'rank Shonyo Wm Sartwell Hiram Spear Scott Henry II Scott Lewis Titus Alvah WakeHeld Albert Warner Wm Wiiley Clark Wiiley Aaron Whittier David Cobb i Altnm. f.iillirn Wm Donovan 1 Patrick Duggan rjeorge Kdwards Amos Ellsworth Farwell 'ienrV uircnua Joshua rarwell oren j'jood Monroe Farwell 1 A Gilbert Cushman Gilbert Homer Goodrich -Viken Gelo Alphonso Garvin Cliarles Garvin i Irenius Gatre Edwin Huggins 0 Company Wells River.

Captain, D. T. Coriiix. lst Lieutenant, D. C.

Havilaxd. 2d Lieutenant, Edwin M. Noyes. Scrycants. Alonzo x.rmington Curtis Crostnan II Dutton Famham Heath Corporals.

David Harrtman Henry II Hatch Henry Miller Henry Dunbar Wm 0 me Alonzo Nute Jnn Kilby Henry Brock Robert Carruth, Fifer. Franklin Belknap, Drummer. Morris Vance, Wagoner. Priuatcx. Avery Wm Hopson Johnson Albion 0 Kidder Jacob Archer Wm Ash Philetas Bliss Thomas Bishop Kellam Newell Kingsbury 0 Leach Wm 0 Lapoint U-e Albert lf Langmai Chns Meader 2d Amos Meservc Wm Xorris A Paddock i Geo A Brown I Geo Bonett Thomas Bayley Chas Baylev Bickford Chas Burbank Sol Cobleigh Caswell Wm John Carrington Leverett II Page Geo Cole Moses A Parker Parker George Peach Alonzo Place Charles Quimby Samuel Stoddard Geo Stebbins Snow Henry Stevens A Slimson David Somers Wm Tuohy Geo Tucker Wm Henry Thonipsoii Tilden Reuben Woods Williams I Wright Carter Robert li Cowan Edward Uana 1) Eastman Fred Famham Henry 11 Folsom Carlton Felch I James Greig Jacob Goodell James George Oliver Hancocl Ephraim Iloward Everett Heath 'Oliver Hever Wm Ilawes Charles Hodgdon i lliram Hanscom Company Charleston.

Captain, F. C. Hauuixotux. lst Lieutenant, D. G.

1'd Lieutenant, Bishop. fteryeants. Heber Parker Augustus Lyon Erastus Buck Daniel Webster Wm Currier Corporals. Martin Jenness Thomas Ham Richard Goodall jr Samuel A Grow Edson Hamblet Horatio Tuell Alon.o Hutchinson John Stanton Jason Wheeler, Fifer. Edwin A Grow, Drummer.

Gilbrath, Wagoner. I'rivates. Ira 11 Allen Alanson 11 Allard Albro Brown Patrick Barrett Joseph Blanchard Jeiemiah Bishop Wm Bonney Geo Brownell Richard 15 tbb Horace Brigg-s Lucius Briggs Jeromc Bishop David Campbfll jr James Co-ikma-i Iaac II Cloygh fleorge Currier Wm Corill Calkins Wiiley Dais James Doyle Wm Dwire Dwire John Fletcher NeUon Fuller Andrew Fostor Daniel Gartlan Joseph Grow Gray Wm II Gray Marccllus Il-int I lLirlow Hartwell A il Hall Thomas Howard Solomon Heaton Moses Hoyt Edson 1 ILirriman Henry Johnson Arthur Libby David Moody Joseph Moody Xixon Morse Iia Jacob Iar mvilh-Daniel Maranvilie Charles Motley Huh Mcitague A Mussej John Xcal Jason 1 Xilcs Siloam Pejons George Persons James Plunkett Pryon Horace Partlow Wm Russell Clurk Koyce Thomas Reynolds Clnrie-. Smith Johii Shanr.on Henrv Talhcrt Alfred I'avln-M 'Ses I orrance Chester II Veazey Amo li Wilson Henry Wells James Wilison (10 Company Johnson. CMj)tain A.

J. Bia.nthard. Is. Roiiekt D. Winrrr.Moi:!..

2d Lieutenant Blku J. Aisnx. 1 Wm A Pierce Geo Howard lliram Holmes Chailes Jones Whipple 'orporals. Jame? Fletcher Frank A Oimsted Joseph Holmes Abel Morrill Geo Powers French Amos White Hirain A Earle Julian A Scott. Fifer.

Henry Thomas, Drummer. Hartly Gates, Wagoner. Privatcs. Albert Bacum John Bacum Phineas Bartlett John Blanchard James II Bolton Samuel Boynton I Ephraim Brown Carlos Bugbee Edward Burnham William Burt Wm II Jones Harrison Jones Alfred U. Lathrop Vanness Lilley Carlos Lungo Abnond Marshall Waliaee A McKinstry Lorenzo 1) Miles Hor-itio Olnibtead Alpheus Parker i Lymnn Camp Albert Parker Alexander Champean Sherman Pinnev Wm Chandler Alar.son Pierce Carolus A Reed Josepii A Raud John Roe Joseiih Sairord Jonathan Sargeant Lorenzo Shaw Martin Smith John Smith Augustus Steady Irving Storev Aaron Tavlor Geo II Titt Chas Turner Leonard Warner Anthony White Elbridge Wilbur Wm Wilder Stephen Wilson Wm Woodburv Oscar G5 Joseph Chaplin 1 Oscar Clark Isaac Cowen Wm II Crowell Aaron Cutler Chas Davis Davis James Davis Judson A Dodge Wm Downey 1 George Drown David Ellis I George Gamer Joel Griilin Charles Guyer John Harrington Joseph Hill Chester Hill James Holmes Norman Hurlburt Company Ilartford.

Captain Thomas O. Seayer. lst Lieutenant Samcel E. Pixuuey. 2d Lieutenant Edward A.

Chaxdl'er. Scryeanls. Philip Thomas Xelson Whitcomb Frank Rew Jacob Perry Horace French Corporals. Henry 0 Smith Roderick Bagley Joseph A Myrick Bartholomew Welch Leander Spaulding Don Wilson Luke Fairbanks Henry Daniels Leonard Rowland, Fifer. Edgar Gallield, Drummer.

Jesse Adams, Wagoner. Privales. Horatio Abbot Wm Hurd John Butterfield Andrew Kezer Martin Breck Charles Kibbee George Kibbee Thomas Leonard Joseph Luce Azro Maxham Franklin Metcalf Henry Blanchard Wm Boynton Geo Bridtre Gco Bemis Allen Berry JULY 26, 1861. Fred Blaisdell l''rank A Boutwcll James Braunon Austin Boynton Chas Burnham Charlfs Carlin Thos Carlin Bush Carlton John Cuthburt John Cross 1 Henry Davidson Benj Derring i Levi Uenimcn Erasmus Doyle James Eldredgu John i Geo Fletcher James Gallup Francis Gallagher Moses Genrge Daniel Hadley James Hadley Alliey Hayden Edward llazen George Hall Frank Morrill Milton Morse Thomas Mcllugk Jos Norton Robert Orr Charles Page Edward lVrry Jlobt Pixley Abel Putnam Chas Rovce Wm llock Samuel Robinson John Seaver Hiram Sriamhan Delany Sharp Stillman Smith John Smalley Jones Smith John Spaulding Peter Terrill Owen Vesper James Welch Zina Walker Ricli'd WiHon WilHs Whitcomb- GC Coiajiaiir (i, St. Johnson i y.

Captain Lokexzo Ai.i.EX. lt Lieutenant John H. HiTrinxsox. Jd Lieutenant Moses F. Bkown.

Seryeants. Hartwdl Collins Alvin Joncs Wm II Hubbard Perry Deane Jas Dickennan Cororals. Carlos A Parker George Wright Michael Folev Henrv lhomnson George (iuimbv David Rattrav Jr Marshall Montgomery Lucius Morse Richard Bagley, Fifer. Robert l'arnes, Drummer. Aaron (i Ladd, Wagoner.

I'ricales. Wm Andrews Lyndon Arnold Fied'k has Allen Franklin Badger Warren Bradlev Dudh Bixby Geo Brown Henry Bruce Beniah Carpenter Hajnes Carpenter Knoch Carr Jacob Chapman Jr iv.lward Costello Hugh Crowe Chas Danforlh Davenport John Dere)C I'rederick I. 1 rown Chas IJ DuBois lora istman I Farwill Henrv Farwell )rrin l'arnsworth Gonalvo Hatch Charles Inman Albert Jtiikins Harvev Judkin.s Abial Jones Porter Mow Edward Mattocks Isaac Moore Chas MJ'arty John Mi-Donnld Leonard 15 Miles Walter 11 Morris Chas 11 Xorthrup James O'Donnell George Paine Waliac Paige Cha Rufus Porter Al ,1 i (i Romanzo (iuimbv Fr incis Kool Lawrence itan Aibt rt S. Augustus Stone Francis V. Kus-iell 1 l-'arnsworth Erastus Scott Kkliard "olgei Abijali SmclI Orrin Temp'c Josephus Voodrv Levi Wtt Ansoa Writer Wh.don John Whipple 00 John Wm Gre lev G.

rinan G'eo Harrimnn Charles Hill fnnipany II, St. Alhan-. Captain Thomas F. lst l.ieuten int F. Ci'KKY.

2d Lieutenant Romeo IL 5t rjeattt. Sidney Brighaui John 1) Bownian Abr.un Pmper Allen Sturges I'zra Sturges Benjamin Bfll Marcelln-s William; John Tunper George L'ers Kdwan! ll'Sraith Chas W'llowe Geo II oiraboon Mvron Bailcv Charles Emery, F'ifer. (Jeorge Gamsby. Drummer. John Smith, Wagoner.

(Jeo Aliard leverett Allison Benj Atwood Hiram Bailev Milo Xiba Hatchelder James A Batten Michael Bergen Tristan Blanchard Joseph Blair Leonaid Bolton Peter Bonger Don A Brigham Sidnev Bush Wm liillings Thomas Bvron Wm Chattiel'd Filield Chatterton Seth Clark Harry Dana h'oster Dana Geo Demas iJohn Dcvine Wm II Dow I Isaac Draper Wm II Emery i Michael Fay John Frisbie Roswell Franklin Evelyn (Jarvin 1 Milo Gay Peter Gillaspa Xash Hibbaid Geo II Hoyt Lman llodge William Iveiton Kussell Leazer Vernon l.ooinis Henrv Martin Michael Maloney Chas McCroy Geo Merccr Westly Mitehol llaniniond 1 Ohls John Patten Moses Page Jr Peter lvando Wm Ripley David Rollins Frank Rose lvlward Robie Henry Russell W'Scotl Thomas 1' Sawver Moses Sawver Pavid A Soarl (iirdon Smith Oscar Snow Smith Sturges Peter Toiulro Loren 1 Trow John rork Merritt A White Ro'oert Wiliiamson (Jo Hiram II Hall Company I. (iuildhall. Captain Thomas Xklsox. 1-t l.ieuteiiant Jamk i'owKUs. 2d l.ieutenant Alexander M.

lleattie. Scrycanis. Mile Stonc Cliarlos II Cartcr lloynolds A Ivennady Hdwin 15 South Corporafs. Xathatiicl Ilecd Wm Kfiidriek A Taiior Chauneey Barry Josrph II Watson Ahin I)anforth 11 Conanl Geo Soercnce. Fifcr.

Druaiiiicr. kcilding, agDner. I'ricatis. Wm 11 llurbank Fielim Uabeoek Alonzo A Mattin llunii Alurphy George Xcwhall Jerciniah IJ I'cnival Horace 11 Kieh Hiram Uowca I Hiram Hailey Xelson IJlodyctt A Hollis Coe James Cutler A Chase Wm Cainu'll Cliarles II Chauncy (' Chaplin 11 Carter Coiburn Cook 11 Coun 11 Downcr Julius Hupleesc Taylor t'lamicrs Jo.seph Fowler (j David Ilardv Cak'ii Hendrick Wni Harrison Joka Hudsou JSehuyler Uowcll Francis lloby Johu ltich William Uobbins Cliarles Strcctor Viu John ltosson auitdcrs Milo Joseph Shattiuk liryne lieelie A Slack A Slack James Shields Alfred bmalley II II Southcrland John James Joseph Taylor field will take eommand of the fortilications rjjQjL NO. rivLr' which' ii is mmmmiammimmmm military ongineers.

can be held a- Uii-hard Hiiiito in Lymaii lIu(Kon A Hutt hins i (u'o 11 Little 11 II I.andon Hcniy McMillan Lcui Mfrchant John Mcltov Solon Ci 'fiinicr David WLi'fli'r Aaron 11 Wheekr Wcoks Klam 11 Whiu-( harl- 11 Wwodiriry Danitl II "vVhipide Company K. Calais. I Captain Ki.o.v 0. IIammoxd. lt Liciit.

nant T. 1 2d Lk'iitenaiit Aminzu K. Pikui k. 0ia? II Tlioinpon Willi.uii Uowk'T athaniel Wilt.n John Kllsuoilh Chaunct-y E. Harri.i Corjiomh.

Joslma 0 Sfrvicc llarlow C.i-s 0 Pieice Haiabluti Itke II tii. fii Joseph Chas Gile I I'aschnl Usj.lcy. Fifcr. Wm I)kkc. Uniiiiiiier.

Alono WaiuitT. I'nmlty. Ausr.stus A Andrcu" (ie rue Kvllaui A (J Kelley rharles Konnady Uollin I.aruard Aura i.ifor'i Joscjih I.anndry Onisou Jusi-ph Mt.Mannis Jai lohu hi.l I'raiici Miacr llarvcv Mooiy A II Nor; lui-eiio A Pft-k Koiiiiius Kl: Ki li Kcrd :i.phanl W'u: stU Oti Snow A layion (iiles il Sabin 1) 1) Taft Alfred II I A Cha-. IS C'ru- 1. Wiuto 15 A P.atclu'lilcr Ikluiond Hailey Jfniine ISimvu IW(wu I'aul liurke A Cair'ol! FraiiKlia Carpenter Ft li Sim'on f'iilf'ird Thomas Conaell Maitiu Cri Tatrick Ii( vino Andrew llmiuii I)aid Diaiiiy Alono Dankl Mli- II Kmmoii-i l'erri A Falea Jame- Georue tioro i I.ti-.vt li (iikon Fri'tinau V.

Hodc Alli-rt .1 Hnvt I. llolm'-Almoa ilolnir-s ii. Ilill il I'atlii liau'-'' rtv Iy 'rclegraph to thc W.i-HlN(.-luN, Julv 21. The folh.wlng bulktin was ncehed in of- icia! diliitiu llle j.rouress ot the fn.m th t.k-.ranh Malion about -I iici i oaiiie iriiui iu i.e:.i milts from HuH' Run. I-'aiki ax CV-ritr Julv 21, 11 a.

tn. There is ranitl fr.mi h.avv and trv. nu-k 1 1: 10 a. i l.e itnn verv an'! aj)pan ii'iv in "ur left winir. lkAw 1 want ts in ltie c.iou ui itun ind a v.k: thtre is ven Aud 1:1.

"i p. ni. He.ivy guns are he.u agaia and disiir.c'.ly. The marer. musketry i heavy am: 2 p.

The vtry hvavy drawing r'r. Therr is t. to our lett. 2:10 n. The iirin i a iiule fcrlher ol and app.ireiiily in the thn-uion of tise Juix- tion.

iu'avv au-i n. lylit artil- lerv as neir a 1 I iiring ha 10 since. p. m. -The firiaj: cntirely ceas- ed and can only be heaid with dhacuity.

I shall tek rajdi unie anli -s tht-ie sho'iki he a renewal the a.i Iieen so ojoriou-iv louuiit for and from- all here our iroop havo at leasi i their grouml. ii. Our couricr ha not returned. ('uartefmavter Barton of the Michi-an 2d regiment paxed. says the i liieer.

mer. ai.d at sa) a gcner at i thf uii lii.c h-uJ niilc- this -idr of M.iaaMS, and that our driven nad forcti the rtbel back to Manassas. We ex-jiecl a eourier eery monieia. Cealrevilac 1 m. Gen lk well lias ord-nd the now here uu ler Col Miles advance to thf braige over huu iiini.

on the Watirlown road, driven the tikim him. feileral and M.OU! rebel troops re-Co! Mik-s now IJ or i miles he.vdirvc-l im i vi i i'oitc! enaet: tlie latc hht. Ihe rebels tnii: or.ciations near Llarkuarn rord. had v. I Fairfax C.

11.. p. m. Tav Ramlo battery was eaplured, Two of our courii rs hac but but G.v Sprag'jf splktd Jhe guns with his were unable to eoniniunic.Ue with Geu Me- Ii The Ohio troop are grcHtlv Dowell in pi i-on. One of ihe ivuriers wa- a roatl, liavini; driven the eiuitu liefuie hiai.

in tiie lieiu ot oatuo. sas ou: iro'rv have taki masked batterifs and ira. enemv to fal! back and retire. He Ust battle was on U.r of the iiatter; 1 j. ia a wiieat lield and anotlur some ditante from it itwI Another despau-h tiial the Federal t.n.nw tlie The lmsli sides i he.r.

but the roulof Ihe lebd.v compkte. 1 The itteries at Buli's Rim aie siiencvd and two or tr.iee taken. Tlie linii'ji iias ceaed v.t -inii r.d another eourier in a few at -I oVioek and will be back Julv 22. A still iater report. not otiicial.

hul from 3' "ur troops al the tnr-e of an apparenllv reiiable souree, sav the Johnson had form- 'umus undir Col ILintzelman had fudo-d ltl cHu-ftisn with Gen Beaureard at the the rebels to Manawas Ju-H tiou. tirr hr. action at Run. Our folks could I on their entrenched camp. were then 'i'1 the cars connng into Manassas shelling them.

The can oeca- inctum ihe chetrs with which the new-' sionally be heard in irom I hy cmnrwkv. were hailed. Georiietown hiuhl. The head quarteis of'j heir Miperiur miinber and position ivere the armv is t-night. the presi-! 1101 11 and otiicers in dent and ca'niuet being -privatflv with i kadai thuir mea into actioa only ubeyed SCtt itwi tiiuI nt nr iliTiticrnicll irti i V.Ull tti il I'luii "nn ttiniiiHiiijuLU 1,1 i i tlemen.

There is most iutense excltement existinir throughi.ul tb citv of WVhir-gtou bea'r their and up to thc last min-further tist- liehi of battle The nun nas eagaged in an eadeavor rumors which nrevail ivni. i ra'dy ihe mea to make a stand at Center- to confuse the truih. xv- 1 It was tbe arrival of fresh troops, rein- Wa.hint'ton. Julv i to lMe enenn in iipcrior numbers lhat turned ihe sralc of the battle.

The en- Ourtroattorl.iKH.-i:irceb:,itar.d!t.m dn.a more tQ gaimr.g a great vict.iiy. were eventuady re-l of it they had followed up their advan- puktd, and a retreat ot: WaNh-. tane ot iugton in good o.der. )in Ios was 2-VMi of kili' vunded is rr, daally deere.ising. Zouavts have re- oOOU.

1 he lortdiealions ari'und are being strongly reinfi-rci 1 by fresh troops. 1 Washii.gton. Jaly 22. Il is reported that l.ite 1 r. i i i i i.

i after tbe rebeN Iiad been fr tln-tr jstronghohl ai the Run. wk lvL.oice.l bv Gen Johnston, when tbe U-km aunv was attacked and driven in d.rJ.-r from tbe. Th rmr intiVM i it be accepted with such rapiditv I he panic was so great that the attenipt to to t.Kl. lhU wjl. ralh tbe trooj.vs at Centreville w.s ent.riiv Laige Jtiafc.ntsifals hm ijuarlers vain.

Il a iit.n sland jud been ma tai'rt- ab" idy un th n-'hlt' hav- I our troops could have been leinforced and hf. li J--ni yestorday i ir wiule the baltle was proressmg. jmucn disa.ter prevented. Gen McDowelli The Government entertains no appreheu-I was thus foiled in his well arrangsd plans. sions for the safety of the Capital.

Prepara- It is presumcd that all the provision trains belonging to tbe United States vrere saved. Somo reiHmental waons were overturned by accident or the wheels came off, and they had to be aband med. Largp droves of cattle were saved by being driven back in advance of the retreat. i It i suj'i)osed here to-day that Gen Mans- gainst any force the enemy may bring against them. Larg-' cannon and mortars are I)eing raj-idly sent over and mounted.

An oilicer just from Virginia at half past 1U oVlock reports the ground from Centre-ville to the Potomac strewed with stragglers. The troop are resuming occupation of the fortifications and entreuchments on the line of Potomac. Col Marston of tbe Xew Ilampshire regi-i ment here thi morning. He was wounded. Col Heintzelman was vvounded also, in ihe wrist.

In aiidiiion to those reported yesterday ns killed. it is Capt McCook, brother of Col Mt-Cook of Ohio and Col Wilcox are killed. The csty llus morning is in most inlense ex-; eiteinent. (Irouns are every where gathered I the late-t news. Wagons are con-.

linuaUy arriviag. bringii in the dead and wouiidt'(l. SoltUers are relating to greedy Hsteners the depiorabh' events of last night and early tliis morning. The feeling was awiuilv ditre-sing. Both telegraph and steambout communication with Alexandria is suspended to-day to the public, Xew York.

Julv 22. I Therc is thc most intene oxcitement in this citv. hmncn.M.' crowds are around the iH'wjuper tidicfs and revenge i stamped on -very counti-H-aict. 'ti; Ut'u i lVuin Rieiimoud Sunday. via Xew Orleans to-day.

The light commenced near Manassas at four oclook and became general about noon. It ctriiitiuwl nntil about seven o'clock, when i tijt leavijig us in possession of ii. Id. Sii- inian's battety of light ar-i tiiiery nk: n. w.tN a terrible battle "itti gieat siaughtt-r tn lh -ides.

LUL1V1I.LE. Julv 21. i A special destiaich to the Xahville Union from lSth. saw at the fnrht at Kt.n Uen 5nu? vmY i'1 commanded. and sed three timts in cmifu-Kin and Io-3.

The Washington urlihen ui Xew Orleans with seven gans nc.sirf batlery of fifteen guns, snd niu the htter chanue their po- -i i-' atii; lorceu mem to retirt'. Lirge quar.lities of arms were taken. (sv Mnjor Harn-fc0n and were tviaeu. a)i iJUiany anu ard thre riates were "Rounded. A Fevlrral oilicer of high rank was killed and doliars in goid was taken from LuUlsMLLE, Julv 21.

Thc nitack on the batlt-ry at Hatteras bv xh-e Watia-sh is coniirmed. It is also 5tated l2lal an WJS 0regon BosTu.v, Julv 22. paprrs of this morning have no acconr't of the la-t battle our armv was il lhal and fl'S sy th regmicnt. A de- in Xpws Roin savs that the i isJ tr.i, ia lii-' iri t'-tt Cowdea was killed. The story Gon is attackitig Gfts at Junction is not tlumghl lhat ihe ofiicial account of il siuw the is not so bad as first ii'jiorls Ttu rebel lu? in the two jiaiIt u.

be hia'er than oir own. Boston Julv 22. i'w I X. J. r- i-v ifimetit-; seat nit from i ja i corp- for our anav.

uisi-r. ii Maine 2d I'ol Cameron 1 X-t rk Sl.inntn. kiik d. 1 ir-ten of the Xew 1 1- tmp- -'rf ann. Al1 tr.Hi:i are ordereil a- hh vaMOH trom a-himrton in the vicin-- i.

"uVi shd i att.i Gen Sclienck. as well asolder field oilicers, acled admirablv. He wdled his forces and ck-a MeCielian has been summoned by the 1 from Western Vinrinia to r- i pair to Wa-hiayton to take command of tbe i lhr i i i as-v oi in-iu i-umm ri! in lh. arr.v Ir 1 AlTini ol A tM rn ii mia. The eor: de in Washington is to be aJt.

The berr. ()icer of rai.MiI and are being.

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