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Brownville, Nebraska
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NO. 4. I I ifhras FURNAS, eo-d Street, tet. llaia. aa.4 i Lake's Uixk.) X.

T. UroTTOville. X. T. i A.

A. ESADFOHT), 'V 4 iinr.T1 M. MCi.EXXAX, BRADFORD, McLEXNAN McGARY, aTTnimiiivQ at raw ill iUUttiilu ill JJUU if pail advance, $20 at the thJ of Ec-ntLs, r.iO i 12 AND SOLICITORS IN CHANCERY. BroAvnville and Nebraska City, NEBRASKA TERRITORY. BEING permanently located in the Territory, we will privc omt entire tirae and attention to the I nraoticp in all its branches.

Jlat- 12. ni'TO vill If at rcr trt in Uiiwtion. Collections of Debts, Sales and tU cash acciii ernes the crdcr, of" Estate, Selections of Lands, Lca- I irxsiea 10 oir rcinr.cincni, uiii receive prompt ana faithful attention. Original )fldrn. Written for the "Ncoraska Advertiser.

EY E03IE IX TEE C02TTEY. IT TOM TUKXIF. f-e 12 "n5 ics.y' enc i.Ttic-n, -h "-tiv-r three tit ii ti. C-Aiii U.i one year, 4.00 C.KO 10 0' lll.Dtt fr n.ivnn-c.'i 5.03 i DAKTICULAn attention paid to the 'Z T'' 1 and of Ileal Estate oa coxnaui.tfca in Town be auued to ui IIEIEEEXCE3. S.

F. Nd.Tasta Citj, Klehari lirotrn. UroTrcvUlc, Iiwblitzcll i lion. James ('rair, St. Joff-h, Hon.

James 51. Ht. Louis, Shej-lev, Messrs. Trow, iL-Creary A Co. Messrs.

S. G. Hubbard i Cinfinnati 0. II, n. J.

M. Ljvo, Kcukuk. Iowa, vl-nl June 7, 1S56. JA21ES 31. CHAPEL, ileal Estate Agent 1 AXD of Promvillc.

Drownvillc, r. T. Sur. I'asiaess Cards of rc lines ou" i wt.i en' lcd nrtr.e year, jifir i the luanuscript, or i it- .2 the rcrtios. i-n theeopy for a reei- I -u i i nrrnrzEscE, A.

K' Tiii'ze, Omnha City, S. Ti A. Chajivl, A. J. Benedict, Ercwnville, X.

T. EroTnvir.e, June ith, '57. 51-1 f'r or tra otice to Prc-Erapto AW Tn-1 Vfr.r:va' sicnt pcr- a JrcrtirT rrii' hi? pnfincd 1 a lvcrtiscments t'-ret-'i. bo nniu cxtrr. tf I j.

1 vertis jlii a Ail A-l '-n tjo ir.ile exclusively will be LOOK AND FAITCY "at i i JUD rilli 1 liVAJ: is -AN- Mil G. S. I10RBACII CO. ATTORNEYS AT LAW REAL ESTATE BROKERS. OMAHA CITY, X.

T. -TTILL giro attention to preparinr all tU n'vessorv for and rendering anv assistance whi'-h maybe mpnired by 1're-cmptcrs in proving up their Tre-emplion rights at theU. S. Land OSk-e. 4o-6m CD 11.

PEERY, M. PHYSICIAN, SURGEON And ELDORADO, X. T. lESrECTFULLY tenders Lis profjjsional ser- rices to the of Nemaha countv amlad- joininz counties, both in Nebraska and Missouri. Jf-ii'r Uth.

5l-tim a. J. pym-ETox. wu. x.

eyess. POPPLETOX DTTORNEYS AT LAW. Ant General Land Ajrent Oil All NEBRASKA. I Ilavir- aileJ the Advertipcr Carl and J-b Types of the latest styK's, li.ks of all lV.Tcr. Iinvcb pes, we arc f.w prepared Work of every de- nption ina, tTte ensunas' by any other Xlit sited Sut-s.

Lnd v7zitzji1s 33 ought and Sold. LAND ENTERED ON TIME. i Jtry of Lands for Settlers, and til others desiiing choice b'v-ati-ns. Land Claims. Tovn Lr and all kinds cf Eeal Es- tate, bv.ught aud sold and investments made for dis- Yon may talk the pleasure of thrcadinj The stricts of the populous town, Where th bustle and of business Is heard in in jnotonous round Where th spinning of and the clashing Of cab-doe rs are constan tly heard, And the the- girt ter of fahica Hales all and your talkicg's absurd.

Yoa may talk of the charcis of the Ocean, Where the finney herds fearlessly piny; Where tLc waves with a quivering motion, Bear jur ship to bright lands far away; Where the sea and grandly unitins, Fcrni level horizons of blue, Where is fit to delight in, And you're talking capriciously too. Yen ma tell of the joys of eojouraing In distant and tropic il lands: And laugh at the thonghta of returning To clasp beating hearts and warm hands; Yen blissfully speak of the rapture Of scaling volcanoes down South, And give us a wonderful chapter On thebehhing old Crater's wile leu taay tell of all these and speak truly The feelings that burn in your breast, For each cne has pleasures, which duly Considered must 6nit I im the best; As for me, I am none cf your gentry, That dote on the city and halL For I lave uiy own ''Home in the Country," For bettor, far dearer than all. give me a home in the Country! Where the little birds warble and sing; Where primroses, blue violets, and daisies, In careless luxuriance spring: meadows, Where the rippling brook winds through green On its way to the cataract's fall: Where is blending of sunbeams and shadows, And I love theax far dearer than all. Tis delight fills the heart to o'erflowicg, When rambling thes-a fair Eccnos among, Tls in Nature's own beauteous showing, That we learn the fitst lessons of song. The eye-: and the mind drink in pleasures, The heart bounds so lightly and free, Tiiat romance kUI steal into each measure; a "Iloiis ix the yr Weft Charleston, 0.

(Driginal. Written for the "Nebraska Advertiser." LEAVES 72021 KY IOWA ICG EOOa sufTerable nirs which characterize thai niagiiificcmt class of mushroom nobili ty. Most of theisf buve become suddenly wealthy by the the of real-estate. But the "next chop" are those that live on what they ewe -debt is to disgrace, so that you keep' up appearances if you don't get imsted some here you are posivivcly green, so that if you have not the substance, you lins might ice at any moment. There is always a link that connects every-tiling in nature.

The last rays of the sun mark in relief on the board fence, the shadow of "old Spot" with the horns as crooked as her own; a big dog with a curl in his appendage, and in this sullra light, objects look like spectres among the Rroken mountains. Look at the bow of promise, let down mud Lave tbc EhadoTf of a fortune. from a ere vise in that mountain cloud But this is bad talk for In this conntry, cares will infest the sanctuary of the spirit, if you try to rise on devotion's warm fcrrid glow, the muck-rake will look more important than the croicn. Monday Sth: Every hour, emigrant wagons moving on, with their calves, chickens, and babies, expecting to find homes and fortunes in the glorious; West. Speculators and poets better try that hifalutin on awhile -guess they would find the prose the bare reality of existence in this Arcadia.

Precious set of rascals, I wish they were banished here for the space of one year and six months, their imaginations would succonib to the. goneness about their "shinies'." with all the fertility of soil I hope that somebody will raise enough to keep people from starration Sour worth 17 per barrel, corn $3 per bushel, and taicrs can net be bought at any price. They have figured princi- ticipants, and the annoyance of their Aunt. Suddenly the noise ceased, thcr eve-ning sport was discontinued, and Hap. "woke the hills'" with his merry voice, as he stepped cut into the open air.

After serenading the green pines in the front yard after the most approved style, he entered the sitting-room, where the absence of all light, except the faint glimmering of the glowing fully flung aside, and a reckless xeT begun, regardless of it is we see multitudes of the rising generation casting off the fear of God and while licentiousness and fraud, distrust and ruin abcun'L to these mnrmerini seed sowers about here; (I have just heard that a widower a romantic cast. Ilap. was fond cf with eleven children sent me that cher-1 romance, and to make the charm more Way to Get a Seat. A feicwjets ago an old gentleman and his la-Jjr were coming down from Iowa City to Davenport when the cars were crowded. A young gent, remained steadfast, aiul let the old gentleman stand.

This.di embers in the grates, gave things quite not suit our old friend, so he conclutl- ished bouquet Pedc amore. Written for the Nebraska Advertiser. EI33IHG. TEE CTSTOrES." LY T02I 'IIow oft tu3 sight of mean? to do il! deeds, Makes ill deeds done." Saiej)enre. I once had a cousin that is, ifcry-tico periods of time don't render void that venerable title of relationship and he was, what is generally termed, "a wild one." Tlagucy good-looking complete there sat Emma in the great arm chair, apparently unconscious of all around.

It might be Aline, he wasn't certain which, but it mattered not, for they were both sweet a 5 he determined cn pilfering lie stole slvly behind her, layed his left arm softly around her (lily white?) ncck 'And then, then I never shall forget The startling echo, as their warm lips met. riah! kah! 'z, ejaculated Dodina cd to get a scat some way, and quick as thought turned to the rounjr man on the seat beside his wife, and said, "Will you be so kind as to watch that woman while I get a scat in thfr car? She has This startled the young cent. He could not bear tlitr idea of taking charge of a fifty old woman; so the old gentleman got a seat, and his wife never was known to have a fit afterwards. Ravnncri Democrat. tuc leilow was, and witnai a great as bounded from her mistress's lap favorite among the modern '-Rachels" into the intruder's face, while Aunt who, by tuc by, would, that region, lc herself, by applvintr her finder with a coaxing, permit the same token of affection to be exercised with regard to themselves, as their iilustri- nails vigorously upon the opposite check, made no inconsiderable accompaniment.

Had a train of electrified Fhilosophy says that shutting tho eves makes the sense cf hearing nore acute. A wag suggests tha this accounts fcr the many closcl eyes which are seen in our churches every imlay. ous, ancestral, fair one did, when she i at that moment, struck him, met Jacob at the well. Besides, he had "wealth cf gold in pally in the county newspaper, and only store," provided a certain uncle, who there, for four months. owned a deal of property, didn't die This morning early a company of some day, forgetting to will it to his Mormons passed through on their nephew.

He was proud of these journey to Salt Lake. "Women (not futurities, prouder of his good looks, heel. Then with a couple oi gging hand and proudest of nis popularity, and epithets, vented upon the defu very delicate to be sure) dra carts like beasts, one tumbled down in this last he managed with an over Hap. could not have been more astounded; but suddenly recovering himself he fiung pussy violently upon the floor, where, placing his foot upon her jugular vein, she surrendered all her nine lives at ence, the victim of an irritated boot- of angry funct form A friend of ours says that he has been without money so leng, that hi head aches "ready to when he tries to recollect how a silver dollar looks. He says the notion that "we live in a world of is a.

rcat fallacy. A young lady recently remarked, with much simplicity, that she could net understand what her brother William saw in the girls, that ic liked them so and that, for her. part, she would not give the company of one young man for for that of twenty drills. of poor Dcdina, and the blood oozing this black mud which caused a slight abundance of "sang froir to keep 0ut of the scratches upon his face, he Piscoveked America? The halt the procession, little children constantly on the increase, trudged along in their queer foreign! Apart from number 42, who is now drcss looking as determined as their writing 'sins cerer.ionic' a detached mothers to sec the Eldorado. portion of his biographp, he had seve- Thc wind is rising.

We shall be ral lair cousins hailing iron the neigh-; am Aline, who had been watching the blessed with those disagreeable and boring cky, who came in no. 1. These 5p0rt frCm the outside window, almost diololical blasts from Eolus, (I paid Hap. -Hazard (that's j-- Slightly appeased by the revenge believe that is the classic name of the what called our 42d friend, Hap. ie indicted upon poor pussy, Hap.

broke" for the open air to cool down Chinese ill ere long probably claim the excitement. As he stepped upon that America belongs to by the portico, he was greeted 'with wild f. covery, for "James -r, llanleA-, interpreter, Chinese peals ox girlih laughter from Emma Tuolumne county. Cal avers that there is no doubt that the Celestials discovered America 1400 years ago! This puts Columbus, the Welsh the Northmen, and all the other modem fellows entirely into the shade. Ho EY NETTY FENWOOP.

'articular attention rill be grv-jn to orders from a h-an -e in having them protnptlvattenld to. i de i rjiru'vor. an extensive ex tant Dealers" tkarr.tu receive a share tiie patronage. Sunday, June, llh: It has been too I muddy to attend church besides I did not rise till 0 o'clock. A.

11. Isn't it a J. HART SON 1 era AMI i- ft i i ti Wtb in the eiTlienr, of hi, rk. an! 11 Si ii lUJ II plcaSUTC tO SUOOZC a Way like aporpOlSC. when your rwndmother, yourself, and every body else is all tho time telling BUSINESS CARDS.

ilvNvii.i.i-:. A. S. E0LLADAY, LI. D.

SURGEON, PHYSICIAN EEOWNYILLE, N. a share of pir patrouaie. in thevariou5 his profestioii, from the citiscus of Urwu- ani Orcpou, llolt Coauty, lUisonri. Keepeonstanlly on hand all description 61" Harness, Saddles, Ac. N.

H. Everyartileinonrshipismannfacturi'd by warranted to pivc satisfaction. W. P. LOiVls1, ill iuiU'Jiji fit Lii'.

which arc nearly identical with a number of Indian words of some of tho California tribes. 1 TT i-r 1 UUUI 11 CHOI Jill'J OUdUl. I place,) again blowing little innocent being Harry "for short a visit every recovered his good spirits and joined a cf Chine se words cabbage and radish plants out of their winter, and the "times they had were the laughter. Tncv kindly assisted garden beds, and knocking tho pegs in no wr.yto be compared to "sugar hjra in cleansing his bloody face, ad-down from everything that has a. weak and 'lasses." They mado a perfect vLed -him to make sure cf his game spinal column.

Poor 2Ir3. Brown, who "Bable" of tho house from cellar to hereafter. aDd finally gave him, out of is lately fromscw Hampshire, and my garrctt, and were a general terror to iys sake, a regular good cousin kiss next door neighbor, has retired to her sanctimonious papas, and uenmre apiece, and retired fur the night, hen cooj) because she is so'afraid that mammas; not to make mention of su-, leaving Aunt P. to fold, with many ycu "lo get Such was my ex her rickety house will fall from its perstitiens, prim, old maids, and petite, tears and her white poeket-hand- perlence this morning. The rain has been very agreeable', for we have had cold, dry weather all the spring.

ut these coaxing showers have given life to the springing blade, the wild flowers, W. HQ3LITZELL DRY GOODS. GROCERIES, con ware, I la rd war Stovca, COUNTRY PRODUCE. PKOWyvILLE, X. T.

MISS MARY TURNER. IMS 7f rra8 cs Fixit Street, belweea HcLn Water, I1ROWXYILLE, X. T. Bonnet asJ In'mmitys always on hand. C.

V7. YZHEELElT, nTTi-Tisnrn Tin TiTfH nnn i Hi? ri 1 1 1 1 i ii tot at.fxt. of Ur.wn- RICHARDSON T. i siiaUs. and all kinds oi vegetables.

Is this the month of roses? Ihe wild variety are tardy this year, and those b. k. k. n. imDL.

33. R. PEGHAIil i "5 AM) GEXERAL LAXDA GEXTS, COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA. F. DINGS ff, IVfAttiHe JJcflcn in xlantifacturera of all kiuds of Erashcs- 30 North r.Iain Street, ST.

LGUIS, ilo. Stairs,) k. e. c. c.

KtiiBorca E. F. TOOHEE. ttnuni i HARD1HQ, KlMBOUfiH C0 ilLAT tbe Old Homestead. of tired of doing nothin, annoyed with the old carpet chairs, and furniture.

I must look out on lnatcf awhile to drive off the The vision from my chair takes in a soap barrel, an old shoe, then black mud, across the street a building half framed, next a long row of smoke houses, politely termed foundations (built of -recnlowa lum- purring, pussy-cats. ber, you understand). Good soul She has taken a bed, with her Bible and; kerchief around the corrrs of her be- TLe other day an old latlv rasbed into the garden in search of her daughter, on being told thattheyoung lady had gone there with a TLc to the i 3iT- JAMES GIBSON. BLACKSMITH Sead between ad XebrsLa, G. W.

UURN. DEFUTY CQUHTY SURVEYOR. XilMAlIA CITY, N. T. YT "ILL atUnd promptly to all buniaess in hi pro- ffjioa hcn eaik-i on: such as Claims.

Uric; out Town Lets, Drafiias Citv llat tc. name Iicncsota, river applied Hap. had, likewise a couple oi loved, and lay it away among "musk, in tWQ Dotah words "MinLC," water, aiden aunts, dwelling in distant vil- i attar of roses, and fine liucn" ia the aud "Sota," whitish like the soil. Hymn book, to give comfort and con- hgc; either one or the other of which top drawer of the scrutoin. solation; think if she builds a house generally passed the winter, or the The next morning, dressed in deep she wift draft it after John Bcnyan's holiday part of it, with their brother- mourning, and accompanied by instructions.

Away noes my bonnet in-law and sister, band-boxes, in cue of which was down Spring street; chasing the shreds i Aunt Parmclia was spending tue carcfudy placed the last mortal re-. mnv yvie 0fJinr at him "most i i aT -Tii. 1 ,1 nno- -re addnin the ot paper and envelopes lor a quarter Holidays question, together t.iu; i iuuvi Awuma, i.ngfc ocnizmy over her specks, "leure them Lert of the stranr, who inhabitcth oi a miie, tnat lie about tiie pest omcc. nap. cousins Irom tnc city, Ar.aa uu mtu iuv Ui3 iui iia uu-js iu: uoujc, books.

The knoll ol hazel brush is completely and Aline, and her own white-spotted-, ner own nome, 10 return never more i i-- feUooued with them, presenting the with-black pussycat, Dodina, at the to tuc Hazard harm, during Hap. i most ludicrous appearance Hazard mrm, theousins perfect romps, "naral life." 1'" whaYa There is the School bell; now is the Unp. ditto, and Aunt 'Melia the pnmcstj "Great t.t.s ILip. joy, tnough foot time to lodge a few ideas in those of the prim. since, he is ircnucntly styled, "the, Sah, Use only just takia' un little curley heads which arc "bobbing round" the window, Tucsdau Vtli: Received a bunuet this morninj: of wild honeysuckles, not excepted, As the fellow' "Mother Willi ni; pinks and violets, and what is to senti- said, "he stole 'cm whenever he got a ramzTK wr.s in tue tcr i 1 ciir liort time "Hi cc 11 mental, from an unknown source.

chanced, and returned 'em whenever i joli5 i roFL-mceo Tht as a beautiful tbought of We'll see. Mother is darning stock- i demanded;" thus clearing up the theft. attcnd1nia place of worship whereit is ttc girl, while walling, -with in-s bv the window; wonder if she! Aunt 'Melia despised such conduct: believed'tiTor is taught, and as it in icr futllcr on a starr7 absorbed ITS. CAPS STRAW f' 8CClln rr 49 Ciia strtct. tt.

dive and Tire, -rcst sky that heaven ever sent from hose of the prim. since, ire is lrcnucntiy styiea, Sah, Use only just takia' un away, bing Xow Har. had a natural perchant I chap what kissed the trronj customer? Taking them away, you scoundrel, for H-aot uzly, old but I Hunt O. Jf is stealing? i Be keerfal, mas'r, how you que, I ni ob Eoralr iu. not excepted, As the fellow "Mother uN-ot Billing gaUe." ST.

LOUIS. JIO. IPrrinUn Srt iV -thpro is always a lo niJiiuicturing our Enon Itats. "LIVEK BEXXrT. JAXFj T.

riSKK, WJI. E. C.AKKIT. OLIVER BENNETT ilanufctureri and Ikaler? in BOOTS AND SHOES. NO.

87 II AIX STREET, Mais axb Locust.) ST. LOUIS. MO. WAI. OSBORN.

CLOCKS, WATCHES, -ftlT, I-Uted, Cutlery, SiKns, Ac, Ac. City, T. ni Reat'xg dne on slwrt- ad ALL WOUC WASaAXTLU. spot of beauty, always little "forget AXTORtMPV AT" 1 call our hearts to gratitude and praise. Land A-em ar.d Notary TuUic, for thoSC lMc ficck tbc Arclter, Uicltartlsoa cct nty, Ji.

T. i WOof of everT-day life. My Gootlness! Fifteen feet circum- ference at the base and fourteen at the top of the cone. "What it?" Why, that hoop coming down street, and the artistic wriggling, the graceful flapping cf the dry goods, marks her as one of the wild-cat aristocracy. This town cf wild cat is a wonderful city! Oar "Squhc" intends to buy out New I JACOB SAFI'OUI), Attorney and Counter jit Law.

GENERAL IXSECASCE AND LAND AGENT. And Notary Public. Nebraska City, Neliniu Territory. "T7iLL stteal pre-mptly to Uuewi entnuted to hi care, in N-braka Tcrritiry and Western Iowa. SeptembTr 12, 1Sj6.

rlnl-ly SPRIG AT AN BROWN, RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT AGENTS. And General Commission 3Iercb.aats. No. 4.0, Public CINCINNATI, OHIO. flntvprs; nml swPJitliPflrts? "pvfrpmp sliamtul and voives a most important nrmciMe.

it is Vi uviu- 7 t. 'worthy of a nassin- notice. asKcd of wuat she was thinking, rc- Itere is no tening will do for us. smirhamusedtobe drank weak tea, fed on moonlight and: premises. wherever it is seen gives large nroinLe rnQpdPvr and when be proposed to me, I Aunt V.

was knitting in the sitting of future good. Where i. the young I A poor fellow, having got his skull waur a icw years -outrageous, rdied: "I was thinkiu- if -Up tu' les, Augustus boil over with lury, wnensheneard any a liar, prcvaleut princiide with -ei'lc cf heaven is so gbrlous, what- "smacking going on about the of tllC lu.eieLt lut must the right side be?" i I v. on "tins and dawn.v man who seeks tae counsel ct an ex- iractnreci, was told br tie Joctor that i i v-r. i penenced father, or defers to the him it would break the slender thread of life cn the 4aha Jy side Oi.

tr uiiu uuiu vice of a judicious Happy. of his existence yesterday I saw him, three and wondering if sue was ever ia3tanccs cemmou. vie, he iceigJis Uco hundred so foolish as Hap. and his cousins, who and expanding yet Ai'nt it too bad? were romping in the kitchen. Having perienced father, or defers to the ad- i the brain was visible on which he rc- in.

I marked: "Do write to lather, for always declared I had none." I never will believe what they say any finally come to the conciusi more. But Ma says "tlicy never die never was, no, never, she la Mrs. Partington says Aio hashctic- York scon, for rents are higher in the only in novels." To it. in Knowledge Gently. on that she i Plato observed, that the minds of little i edthat whether flour was dear or awny her children were like bottles with invariably had to i)a-7 the same -I narrow mouths: if you attempt to nil jmoapy 1-jr a hah djilarj worth.

S. W. COZZENS, Attorney and Connst-llor at Law, AND General Iiid Agent OMAHA CITY. N. T.

Gov. Iuard, Ouii'ja II. i Ncl raska City same kind of buildings, provisions higher, and there is more ewapping of lack knives and watches than in all the rest of the United States. The Snob, that numerous family, flourish here in tremendous hop3 and yellow vests as hey do at Niagara or the Springs." The talk of the "first and second strata" of "not meeting with mixed multitude" and all of the un- 4 Question Bop- icalTriend, Dodina, and seated herself. UJ 1 I 1 WrTPi md little rpiptvof- TI ved again, in her great arm-chair to enjoy, amid are e-Hv it, wagon the sonorous purring of her favorite, Those who would make young trrC- sion to buy the "Prairie per," so I shall not be decei There comes the old yalle hope I shall have letters and papers 1 the pleasures cf a reverie.

clock children prodigies, act as wisely as "from America" to cheer my lonely had chimed nine some minutes previ-they would pour a pail of water into exile. The cfteniccn is dying glori-j ouyau3 "pap- mamma" had re- ously. The sun going dawn cn a tired to their chamber. The "song of throne of burnished gold, while tho pleasure and tae -burst of revelry i 1 11L-1 xTVT i il 1 il 1 norta cloudy caverns, ueep ona oiact biia uu in iuc if a mouthed, yawn where genii and gob- kitchin, much tc the delight cf the si in tae sooner entered upon the theatre cf life the par- thai: r.mence arc A Connecticut schoolmaster asked a lad from Newport many Gods are there:" The boy, after scratching his head some time, replied: know how many you've got in Connecticut, but wo Izsc none in.

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