The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 3
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IN WATERY_GRAVES. ! itafftlla at th« Ulnftstcr tii Gibraltar tiny— »y the Sinking of the Stnnmglilp Utopia Koarly 800 live* Have Been tout— Heartrending Scenes. QitiKALTAR, March 18.—The British iteamship Utopia from Italian ports bound for New York with 700 Italian Immigrants on board collided Tuesday with the British ironclad Rodney, anchored in Gibraltar bay, and stink (Won afterward off Ragged Staff. A Bouthwcst gale was blowing at the time of the collision. The Utopia sunk within a few minutes. Uoats were immediately lowered from the British ironclad and also from the Swedish man-of-war Freya. GiBnAt/rAR, March 19.—The official report of the number of persons on board the lost Anchor line steamer Utopia shows that when she left Naples the steamship had 880 souls on board, including passengers and crew. Of this number only 311 were saved. Thus 689 of her passengers and crew are either drowned or missing. The Prcya picked up 43, the Rodney 89, the Anson 33, the ImmortaKte a, the Curlew 21, the Camperdours 46, the Amber 6. Ten have died since their rescue, and oth- crt who are suffering are berthed in the naval and colonial hospitals and the sailors' home. A sailor from the Rodney leaped into the water in the height of the gale and rescued a drowning woman. The people were in the rig- ping- of the Utopia till 11 Tuesday night. The bravery displayed by the seamen of the fleet was unexampled. The coast line is still strewn with corpses. Not until now has it been possible to give an account of the cause of the catastrophe. Early Tuesday evening the Utopia was seen steaming into the bay in the direction of the anchorage. When abreast the ironclad Anson the Utopia staggered as though unable to make headway against the terrible current. Suddenly the strong 1 gale, combined with the current, swept the ill-fated vessel across the bows of the Anson, and in a moment its hull was pierced and cut by the ram of the ironclad. The Utopia after pulling clear of the ironclad drifted about before the wind and sea, The rapid inrush of water through the rent in its side caused it to settle down in five minutes from the time of the first crash. The sea was so heavy that the boats of the rescuers could not with safety approach the wreck, so they were compelled to lie to lee ward, where .ted up the people as they were •»_ltU' rom the deck. JiV/ scene after the collision has M' l/^l.y never before been equaled in .} History of marine disasters. On one tw > v/ was tlle s ^ n ^ in S passenger steam- V .' V Y crowded with about 700 iinmi- '. - S?nts, who filled the air with wild <ap- fils for help and shrieks of terror they saw death awaiting them r^n the dark, angry waters oi ! the bay ,.•"' of Gibraltar. Overhead the clouds rushed furiously, driven along by the strong southwest gale, which had been one of the causes of the calamity. Right and left of the sinking vessel were the two monster battle-ships, the Rodney and the Auaoa, uugc specimens of Britain's most powerful fighting ships, pouring the light;of their powerful electric re- flectorf. upon the disabled steamship, lighting up the agony of her passengers and sho wing clearly the terrible position ,', in which they were placed. Here and V> there were the warships' small boats, : S^, manned by sturdy blue-jackets, who thn/strained every nerve as they bent sa (' to their oars in that heavy THE MAFIA. Bea, while striving gallantly to be first to reach the drowning 1 passengers of the Utopia. Peterson, a Swedish quartermaster. Bays that while on board the Utopia after the collision he was surrounded by a terrible mass of human beings, fighting their way desperately and savagely, regardless of sex or age, towards the boats. Men, women and children tumbled and climbed over each other in that horrible fight for a chance of escape from drowning. One poor woman, who was resciied by Anson's ! net blue jackets, went raving mad when | she was convinced that her children j were drowned. There were similarly distressing incidents by the score, the most awful of all occurring when the Utopia, with a final desperate lurch, Bank with its human freight clinging about it and drew hundreds of living persons down with it. Many of those who had sprung into the sea as they saw that the steamship could not float many moments longer, were then also drawn down in the whirlpool caused by the Utopia's disappearance. Some came to the surface again for a few moments before sinking finally in their watery tombs. Others, more lucky, were able to cling to pieces of wreckage, floating spars, oars, gratings, hatchways, boats, life belts, etg^, and thus kept them- elves abc^v water .until rescued by the war|h,ujfcV'Doats. But, as usual in such case$; the weaker succumbed more readily. Shrieking, praying women Bunk to rise no more, with their terrified offsprings clasped to their breasts. Children clung to their parents so desperately as to in many cases cause the death of both, where both might have escaped had bet* ter judgment been used. Husbands and wives sunk while grasping each other in frantic efforts to keep each other afloat, and many a good ewinjuaer went down with some horrified, fear-maddened person clinging to him with the tenacity of tbe desperation of death. BANK FAILURE IN TOPEKA. What the Organization 1«, and of What It In Composed— tts Power in Sicily, and Its Influence In This Country. The "Mafla," says the Chicago Inter Ocean, is a Sicilian organization, and in that country is an aggregation of all the criminal classes on the island. It Corresponds with the Camorra of Naples. The name "Mafia" has its origin in "La Mafia," a comedy of prison life written in 1800 by a Sicilian dramatist, Signor Riszoti. The name itself is meaningless, a sort of prison slang ussd in the Sicilian prisons expressive of a covenant made between warders and prisoners whereby the prisoners were to keep order and levy blackmail on the weaker inmates, the jailers sharing in the profits. To the Sicilians manliness mid bravery recognize no law to atone for wrongs done them by their neighbors. To appeal to the law for protection would be dishonorable, and the strongest naturally rule the weaker ones. Whoever can provide for his own protection and the protection of his property, he is "mafioso." The Sicilian belief is that might makes right, and if a man has been done a wrong his own hand will protect him. It may take years to be avenged, and treachery and cowardice may be the weapons employed, but if he finally rivenges himself it will be looked upon by the Mafia as honorable and just. If the injured Sicilian be not strong enough to resent the injuries received he must suffer in silence and bide his time. This hatred of an appeal to the law and the resort to self-vengeance is innate in every Sicilian. It follows, then, that in Sicily, where no law but strength is recognized, it- is necessary for the proprietors of the great estates to hire protectors for their persons arid possessions. This is done by bodies of ex-brigands, the Mafia, who have such great influence that it is absolutely" necessary for a landed proprietor to court their friendship. He is then secure. Hut if .he is not friendly to the Mafia he cannot venture out of his house without great danger of being shot. There is that of the outlaws, whose chiefs arc the clients of some great land-owner; these clients of the land-owner are in turn the patrons of other lesser powers in the robber world, and so on. In this, way all the vast unions of persons, of every profession and grade of life, are intimately united, from the member of parliament and lawyer in the capital to the professional bandit or petty thief of the interior. Every man that tills the land, and is not a day laborer, iirust, in one way or another, be carried by the tide into the vortex of these associations, whose great object is to promote their mutual interest, irrespective of the laws of justice or public order. The poor man is left alone unless he happens to thwart the interests of the malefactors, in which case he is summarily disposed of. All this makes the Mafia very powerful and they are respected Ijy the people accordingly. In the interior of the island a brigand riding up to a farm or villa has everything at his disposal, and should the authorities enter the house the proprietor suddenly loses all knowledge of the whereabouts of the brigand, his guest. Even if the carabineers should capture him the chances are that he would be dealt with very leniently, as they, themselves, or a large portion of them, are ex- bandits and they are in sympathy with their old friends. The Mafia made great pretense of befriending the poor, and say they are opposed only to the rich people. In fact, i they occasionally dower some poor girl ! or enrich some unjustly treated peas| ant to keep up such prestig'e. i Therefore it is not only fear which aids the Mafia and gives it the great moral authority it wields. It is the custom of taking the law into one's own hands and making it dishonorable to do otherwise. A nobleman of the interior who is wronged by another, whether he be noble or bandit, does appeal to the Jaw; he would be laughed at in his district, and entirely abandoned by the only efficient protectors he has. But he appeals to the Mafia, and repels force with force. There are parts of Sicily where whole communes are under the protection of this potent association. In this country there are probably no organized Mafia societies, but the Malla spirit is retained by the Sicilians, and any crime committed in this spirit, either to right a wrong or to seek revenge, is acquiesced in by nearly all the other Italians. There seems to be a tacit understanding between them, and on any such subject they are as silent as the grave. They are by nature an uncommunicative people, but on occasions where the Mafia spirit manifests itself they are me 're qviet than ever. Thus it has always been impossible to trace the Mafia members whenever judicial investigations have been instituted. New Orleans contains more Sicilians than any other place in this country; hence more Mafia crimes are heard of there than elsewhere. New York has the second greatest number and Chicago comes third. The Italian x-esidents of this city deny the existence of any such society as the Mafia, saying it is the creation of the newspapers. They say the last remnants of the Mafia system disappeared under the regime of Baron Nicotera, minister of home af fairs, in 1874. November 13 last the Inter Ocean published interviews with a number of well-known Italian citizens, who were greatly incensed at the Mafia reports Fine Playing Card*. Bend ten (10) cents in stamps or coin to John Sebastian, Qen'l Tkt. and 'Puss. As't CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RT., Chicago, III., for a pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards that ever "How old Is iheHcflskin fh'V asks acrr- respondcnt. Old as the American revelation. 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