The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1891
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VOL. XX. ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18,1891. No- 24, JPUBI/rSHKD EVEIIY WKDNKSDASf STARR & HALLOCK, Proprietors. JOS. W. HAYS. Editor, Terms of Subscription. One copy, one yeav. in advance 81.60 One copy, six months, In advance 76 One copy, three months, In advance 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the RBPHBI/ICAN Office for Book and Jpb Printing is unsurpassed in this county. Steam power. ^^Advertising rates made known on application. This paper is the ofllcial paper of Kossuth county and the city of Algona, We believe in paying the American laboring man living wages. Lower prices for the necessaries of life do not always go with lower wages. It cost a pile of money to elect General Palmer to the United States Senate. The F. Wf. 33. A. foolishness in Illinois hascost the farmers of that state something and gained them nothing. If the Republican party is responsible for the impoverished condition of the corn raisers of Iowa, as Qov. Boies would have the people understand, where will the governor locate the responsibility for the prosperous condition of the corn crackers of good old Democratic Georgia? The state .Democratic platform said last fall: "We are in favor of commercial reciprocity." Lately the Democratic papers have called reciprocity a "moonshine scheme," "Elaine's idiotcy," "the reciprocity humbug," etc. The Sioux City Journal thinks that it -will be interesting to note what the Democratic platform this year will say, Sioux City ought to dress itself in sack cloth, put Missouri river mud on its head and swear at Mayor Palmer, by way of expressing the shame and indignation it ought to feel, for the present condition of "wide openness" over there. The law and order league lately found courage to renew its work of closing the saloons, whereupon Mayor Palmer promptly in formed the saloon men that the license ordinance would no longer be enforced and that the police would interfere no further to close'the saloons either at night or on Sundays. The license ordinance should never have been passed, It is a disgrace to Sioux City that the administration of the city government is not in sympathy with the enforcement of the law. Snoufferism in Cedar Rapids and Palmerism in Sioux City are suggestive of what the whole state would be under democratic rule. not misplaced. That the salvation of prohibition must be in the defeat of the democracy next fall was brought out with particular emphasis by the temperance alliance last week. President Harvey in his address to the alliance was emphatic in denouncing the present administration as hostile to the cause. Referring to Gov. Boies' possible reelection next fall as bearing upon the temperance question Mr. Harvey said: But I want to suggest that no plan for enforcement is complete that does not contemplate the defeat of Governor Boies for re-election. Hostile to prohibition, and desiring to aid in its failure and repeal, he uses his executive power to the utmost it that behalf. He pardons saloon-keepers quicker and easier than the courts can convict. Some months the number of convictions in the courts and pardons at the capitol balanced pretty evenly. His present celerity warrants the suspicion that another year's experience will enable him to keep ahead of the courts and relieve them entirely of the trouble of convicting his friends! It is certain that violations of the law are increased and emboldend by a knowledge of the fact that they have a friend in the executive chair. In many towns in Iowa to-day., doubtless, men are keeping nuisances, who bat for this fact, would be in some legitimate business. Effective enforcement is impossible over the determined opposition of the executive. But, you may say, proceed by injunction. True, he can not cancel decree or dissolve the injunction, but how can you enforce the injunction if he prevents punishment for its violation by pardon? He practically nullifies the law. If temperance men do their duty a better man will be there at the expiration of the present term. This is a matter of the greatest importance. We must make sure work of it. Let us have no division of prohibition votes, but all unite to elect a man who will execute rather than defeat the law. This is a cue for the true friends of temperance in Iowa. President Harvey might have added further that Gov. Boies represents the sentiment of his party on the temperance question and that any plan looking toward the defeat of the democratic .party at the polls next fall looks directly towards the interests of temperance and prohibition. are a little less than for the corresponding weight and quality of imported plates. Verily, these are terrible times for free trade calamity editors.—American Economist. WHAT IT COSTS TO LIVE IN NOB WAY. It is a very significant fact that so large a proportion of the more intelligent •class, of our foreign born citizens are good Republicans and staunch advocates of the "American policy." No one acquainted with the social conditions in Europe and America and possessing sufficient intelligence to appreciate the cause for the difference of conditions, could very well be anything else but a good Republican. It is a favorite argument of the Democratic organ, when working its plea for cheapness, that while wages are much lower in the old country than in America, it costs the foreign la- bo*er correspondingly less to live. Mr. O. L. Foss, of Algona, is one of our Am ericanized Scandinavians who believes in the American policy of protection and votes the Republican ticket with great regularity. We are indebted to Mr. Foss for the following market quotations taken, from the Verdens Gong, a paper published at Christiana. The laboring man over there is paid about one-third as much for his labor as the American la boring man and this is what he was paying for a few of the every day necessaries of life upon the day when the copy of the Verderes Gong quoted from was published: Cheapest meat quot- Beefsteak .... 20c@22c ed per pound.. .. 120 Butter 300 Veal and pork... .. He Eggs per doz soc The inference is that the bank account of the laboring man over there does not grow very rapidly. THE NEW ORLEANS TRAGEDY. The tragedy at New Orleans Saturday has stirred the entire civilized world. The spectacle of.''reputable "law abiding" citizens overriding the law in the in the interests of outraged justice is almost unparalleled in history.. The mob which assembled around the statue of Henry Clay in answer to a call made openly in the daily papers and signed by several of the most prominent men in the city was not composed of the rabble of New Orleans but of the most respectable and influential people in the city. It is only to be inferred that the sympathies of every official in the city of New Orleans was with the mob. The attempted defense of the prisoners at the jail was little more than a farce. Had the officials been particularly anxious for the safety of the prisoners they might easily have been removed to a place of safety. There is very little question but what the twelve Italians met justice at the hands of the mob, yet the fact of their guilt'and the miscarriage of justice by way of the courts was very little excuse for such an offense upon the part of the people of New Orleans, against the majesty of the law. The entire trouble is directly due to the assassination of Chief of Police Hennessy last October at the hands of the Mafia a murderous society of Italians, that does its work in the dark with the horse pistol and the stiletto. How far mob law is justifiable when justice has entirely failed through the processes of the law, is a matter of some dispute. What ever the provocation might have been it seems to us that the action of the citizens of New Orleans is to be regretted and condemned. THE STATE TEMPERANCE ALLIANCE ONGOVERNOR BOIES. Tbe State Temperance Alliance met in DOS Moines last week, and the prohibition question was canvassed from a nonpartisan stand point. The alliance is a strictly non-partisan, organization, its aim is the complete enforcement of prohibition independent of any and all political parties. This being the complexion of the alliance, its views as to the situation of prohibition in Iowa ought to be regarded with more than ordinary interest by the true friends of temperance throughout the state. That the question of prohibition in this state is a question of no email political significance, has pome to be well understood and universally adWilted: The saloon hangs its every fcope »p«|j democratic success next faU, aj$ ' in the democratic porty in SOME MOKE TIN PLATE MYTHS MATERIALIZED. The American Economist has received from a manufacturer of tinware, whoso place of business is within u pistol shot of this office, samples of various kinds of tin cans, tin boxes and the like, in all about a dozen pieces, made from tin plates manufactured at Demmler, Pa. This gentleman uses thousands of boxes of plates every year, and asserts positively that the American product is fully equal in quality and in many respects superior to the imported article. It is softer and tougher than the Welsh plate, and works, therefore, more easily and more satisfactorily. He went on to say that one of his workmen, who is a staunch Democrat, and had all along predicted a failure for our attempts to make tin plates, when set to work on a sheet of domestic plate, candidly acknowledged that he was wrong, and joined bis employer in testifying to the superiority of the domestic product. Another firm of tin plate dealers in New York City, H. B. PeMilt & Co., nave given publication to a statement to the effect that they have received about 1QO boxes of American made roofing tin, made by P. H. Laufman & Co., Apollo, Pa- The quality, they assert, Is gener- ; excellent, and, some of tfcs THE APPROPRIATIONS. Philadelphia Press: The country may be expected to hear a great deal from Democratic newspapers in the % next few months about the extravagance of the Fifty-first Congress. Formidable tables are already in circulation showing a startling increase in the aggregate of the appropriations. But the people are not so easily deceived about these matters. It is true that the old cheese-paring policy by which the growth and development of the country was retarded did not rule in the Fifty-first Congress. But the country may well, be thankful for the fact. Wherever there has been an increase in the appropriations it has been for ajust purpose or to redeem the honor of the Nation. The largest item in the increase is for pensions. Do the patriotic people of the Nation object to a tax for the care of the old veterans who saved the Union? The men who raise this outcry against the pension policy of the Republican party are the men who sought to destroy the Nation. Their treason made this expenditure necessary, and the Republican party will not flinch in its duty to the veterans now because of the outcry against increased appropriations. The next largest item in the increase is another expenditure made necessary by the treason of the men who lead in the denunciation of this measure. The direct tax was levied iu 1801 to defray the expenses of the war then impending. Some of the States paid the money and some did not. Either the balance due should be collected, or the amounts collected should be refunded. As the Government does not need the money, in the interest of justice it is to be refunded. Democrats and Republicans alike voted for this measure, and it was honest legislation. Another large item grows out of the increase in the appropriation for the new navy. A number of new vessels were authorized early in the Cleveland administration, but there was a long delay in letting, the contracts. Under a more efficient management of the department those vessels are now nearly all competed, and those authorized under the present administration are also well advanced. This makes necessary a much, larger appropriation to meet the contracts. But that is to be set down to the credit of an efficient administration of the department. The shameful neglect of the Democrats in Congress to provide the country with any means of defense in case of war is well known. The country*was without fortifications, and without guns to man them or means of manufacturing the guns. This neglect has been in part remedied by a Republican Congress, but it increased the appropriations. For a hundred years Congress has neglected to pay the just claims growing out of the destruction or capture of American vessels by the French because of the neglect to observe a treaty made with France. These claims were referred by a Democratic Congress to the court.s and judgments were obtained. An appropriation has been made to pay those judgements, notwithstanding the refusial of the Democrats when in power to make the appropriation. Through agreement with the Indians many millions of acres of land are to be opened to settlement. It required an appropriation of several millions of dollars to carry out those treaties. But it was money well expended. The Nation has been growing rapidly. While a Democratic Congress refused to provide for the increased business in the courts and in other ways, a Republican Congress has had the courage to provide for these just requirements and to pay the honest debts of the Nation. The appropriations have been increased in consequence; not. to the extent the Democrats try to make out, but they have been increased. Do the people object to such honesty and legislation? The Press does not believe that it will meet otherwise than with public approval. other financial losses imposed too much of a load for Mr. Blethen to carry. Fpwlerville, Mich., was annihilated by fire Sunday night. Loss, $100,000. A cablegram from Rome yesterday, announced the death of Prince Napoleon. England and France have agreed to settle their Newfoundland dispute by arbitration. One hundred Dervishes were killed by the explosion of the Arsenal at Omdur- man Egypt Monday. • Three vessels of the U. S. navy went ashore Monday along the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Two of them are past saying. The landlord of the St. Charles hotel at Mason City jumped the town Monday night leaving a large number of creditors behind. A Fort Dodge man has patented a wheel with spring spokes. The inven tion it is said can be applied to anything from a dog cart to a bicycle. The Personal Rights party of Chicago, have nominated Carter Harrison for mayor. Mayor Cregier was nominated for re-election by the Democrats. Text book uniformity was defeated in Henry county by over two hundred majority. The result is attributed to the prevailing ignorance on the subject. Parkerson, one of the leaders of the mob in New Orleans last Saturday, has received a note from the Mafia warning him that they have sworn to kill him. The delegates sent to this country by Parnell for the purpose of raising funds for the Nationalist movement, arrived at New York on the Etruria Sunday morning. Italy is sorry that she didn't send one of her iron clads to the mouth of the Mississippi, to straighten the kinks out of the United States and defend the rights of the Matia. A dispatch from Santiago, Chili, Monday reports that- the sea-port town of Pisagua had been bombarded by the revolutionary fleet. The city laid in ruins and about 2,000 lives lost. A band of Indians of the Musquaki tripe, from the Tama reservation, are giving entertainments throughout the stnte, presenting the ghost dance. There are several squaws and papooses with them. Burt Redenbaugh of Pilot Mound was fatally injured while participating in a charivari last week. He was discharging a heavily loaded shot gun when the weapon burst, driving a splinter from the stock into his neck. Eleven of the Italians have been implicated in the murder of Policeman Hennessy at New Orleans last fall, were disposed of by a vigilance committee on Saturday. , A packed jury had just acquitted the men of the crime and the mob rose up in the cause of outraged justice. The report circulated by reciprocity kickers to the effect that the Brazilian government would not carry out the recent recipocity agreement with the United States, is discredited by the action of the authorities at Rio Janeiro in issuing instructions to the officials throughout the country relative to the free admission of merchandise from the United States. Galbraith's New Spring Goods HAVE ARRIVED. FOR BARGAINS GO TO G. L. Galbraith a BUT ABE WITH A And better bargains than ever. Everything in the Hardware line. Come and see us. NEWS BBIEFS. The cases of trichinosis at Ida Grove are reported to be improving. Frank I. Frayne, the well known actor, died in Chicago Monday night. The Tennessee State Insane Asylum burned last week, eleven lives were lost. John McQuiddy, grand instructor of the I. O. 0. F. of the state of Indiana died Monday. Europe was visited by another severe snow storm last week—one of the most destructive iu history. Arrangements have been completed for holding a grand musical festival at Fort Dodge during the first week of May. Willard Young has been, found guilty at Ft. Dodge of burglarizing the Farmers Mercantile association store a,t CaUender. Tbe Minneapolis Tribun^ h^g cfcapgefl 1%e Wg &§ $ ;? *•£$'.< 1; Ordinance No. 8. An ordinance providing for the compensation of ofllcers. Be it ordained by the City Council of the city of Algona, Iowa : SEC. I. That the compensation of the ofll- cers ol' the city, herein mentioned, shall be as follows, and said salaries and compensations may be paid monthly on piestmtatiou of claim : MAYOU. Sice. v. Tho Mayor shall receive as compensation a salary of lit ty dollars per year, and in addition for all cases tried before him for violation of tiie city ordinances the same fees as are or may be allowed by law to Justices of the peace for the trial of criminal cases ; but in no case shall such fees be paid by the city. CITY MARSHAL. SKC. 3. The City Marshal shall receive, including all fees for wljich the city would be li able, a sum not exceeding forty dollars per month, aud in addition thereto, such fees as are allowed to constables for similar services, but in no case shall such fees be paid by the city. CITY CLEUK. SKC. 4. The City Clerk shall receive a salary of lit ty dollars per year, aud in addition thereto such fees as are allowed by law or ordinance. CITY TREASURER. SEC, 5. The City Treasurer shall receive a salary of forty dollars per year, as a full compensation for his services. CITY SOLICITOR. SEC. «. The City Solicitor shall receive a salary of fifty dollars per year, and such other compensation as the council shall deem proper. for his services; aud he shall also receive all uis necessary costs, expenses aud disbursements expended iu attending to bis official business; which costs, expenses and disbursements shall be audited by the city council, ana after a, full report of said Solicitor, as to the amount claimed and on what account he is entitled to the same. STREET COMMISIONEM. SBC. 7. The Street Commissioner shall receive the sum oi two dollars per day while actually employed under the direction of the committee of streets aud alleys. COUNCIUtlKN. SEC. 8. KacU Councilman shall receive one dollar for every regular aud special meeting at Which he shall have been iu attendance, as shown by the record ; provided, however, that such compensation shall not exceed toe sum of twenty-live dollars to any one member, for one year's service. The Cash Store Price Current. Buy where your Dollar goes the farthest. 1 dozen clothes pins for $ 01 One package 5 cent yeast for 08 One package soda (strictly pure) 05 One package Dixon stove polish 05 One box axle greose 00 One box Lewis lye 10 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. We are agents for ROCK SALT for stock. 33 bars good laundry soap (1 box).. 90 20 Ibs. choice butter crackers (1 box) 1 00 20 Ibs. Crystal rice (try it) 1 00 13 Ibs. California dried grapes 1 00 12 Ibs. choice raisins 1 OQ A good lantern for only 85 Townsend & Langdon, Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutchins, Vice-President. J, C. Blackford, Cashier. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Of Algena, Iowa. I^-CAPITAI* $50,000,00. Money always on hand to loan »t reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first-class security, Directors—Ambrose A, Call, D. H. Hutcliins, jr. C. Bladcford, Wm. K. ITereugon. O. B. Hutchins, Philip Dorweiler, A. D. Clarice. »•*«?«., M. Z. GROVE. .JOHN GROVE Tita compensation of Police Officers duty shall be such as shall be fixed SEC. o. on patrol duty sh T from time to time by resolution ol the city council. and SBC, 10, nances . tbis LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE Best of Horses and Carriages, West ol Thorlugtou House. M. Z. QRQVE, MANAGER. IT WILL PAY YOU - — TO CALL AT-— " YOUA " E ' N WinMeBro'8. NEED OF Stoves or Hardware, FARM LOANS. We can now make loans oa Improved l#uds from ive the borrower the privilege o? due. This Is Iowa, taken. This plan o duce »ls morfeage a , and up second mortgage or a Jo»» will enable TgST toowow,i ->! • >tis ijr pas and we the laterest on UwT at on<99 on perfect title. Call 09 or i

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