The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1891
Page 4
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and DEMURE of MS, OHIO AGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, OOIKO \VK8T 1 passenger No. Mo. No. No. No. 3 passenger 9 freight 13 way freight No. 2 passenger.. No. 4 passenger.. No, 10 way freight .No. 14 freight, . o -.02 a m . 4 :37 p m 7 :ir> a m it -.45 a m . 8 :17 p m .10 :2» am . 9 :30 p in .12 slfi :i in . 2 :30 p in .10 :!i5 p in Chicago & Northwestern B'y. . ' UOING NORTH AND WK8T. Freight accommodation » jpjj » ™ Chicago Mall and Express -i :»5 P «> b OOING SOUTH AMI) KA8T. . Freight accommodation ? '-» P "' Chicago Mail and Kxprcss 12 :JO p in Chicago passenger Caches Dos Molnesnt 7 p. m., Chicago (i :r,o a. m.,and Kt City 9 -30 a. in. Tickets for sale to all points in tne •Jnlteil States und Canada. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY. B. J. DANSON. W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT I,A.\V, Algona, Iowa. Ofllce Over Comstock's. GEO. E. CLARKE" A TTORNEY. Oflice over the First National Bank, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA, March 11.1891. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Wait for Chaplain Lozier. Mrs. J. K. Fill is still quite poorly. Money Barrel concert Friday night. Mrs. Putsch has been quite ill with the prevailing malady. Jule Frank came back from his eastern tour Saturday night. Miss Mary Smith is home from Minneapolis for a short stay. B. F. REED, A TTOKNEY- AT-I-AW, Algona, Iowa, lice in the Ualbraitli block, Of- JAS. BARR, M. D., pUYSICIAN and SURGEON^ L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SUlUiEON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. W.F.. JI.MOBSE. .T. M. THIDB. MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. _ G. T. WEST, M. D., P BYSICIAN SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, Oflice in the Republican buililing. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions tilled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets AUiona.Iowa. E. E. Sayers.D. V. M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon 13^-Offlce west of the Thorington House, Algona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his barn ready for llic sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. ES'T.&.'TIE For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. IOWA. A. D.CLARKE & CO. ABSTRACTS. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona loAva. F. E. FOSTER, IB ^ IK IB IE IE31 Opposite Court House-. .Vlgona, Iowa. ig^Work iirst class in every particular. Dr. Gariield was laid up for a few days last week with La Grippe. Gvant Benschoter started for Ohio on a visit last Saturday evening. Read Townsend & Langdon's advertisement this week. Don't forget it.- A reader of the REPUBLICAN wants to know what the tax is on a bicycle. The funeral of C. B. Ilutchins' little boy took place on Saterday afternoon. W. J. Wade, of Iowa City, has been assisting J. W. Sullivan with his cases. There is a fair young daughter at M. F. Randall's • and another at Austin Webster's. Capt. Cooke has a Light llambler bicycle on the road. He is agent for the wheel. Bessie Hist was awarded the medal at the Demorest Medal contest last Friday night. Subscriptions taken at the REPUBLICAN odice for any newspaper or magazine published. Our Farm Department is alone worth many times the subscription price of the REPUBLICAN. W. C. Danson has been one of the numerous victims of the influenza and conlied to the house for a few day. Cady & Hallock of Burt will have a message regularly to the readers of the RKPUIILICAN hereafter — in our ad' columns. The weather doctor prophesies a year of terribla storms earthquakes and other calamities commencing with May iirst. School election passed of quietly Monday. There was considerable rustling on the side but no one talked very loud. "A man can get along without advertising" says the Sioux City Journal. "So can aAvagon without grease, but it runs hard." The air was full of the beautiful all day Sunday and comparatvcly few people had the hardihood to venture forth to church. Mrs. D. D. Townsend, who has been visiting during the winter in Greenfield, Indiana, returned to Algona last Thursday morning. Rev. Wolfe was in the railway collision which took place Monday at Portland, Cerro Gordo county. Fortunately no one was hurt. Subscribe for the Home Market Bulletin, only 2-5 cents a year if you subscribe through the REPUHLICAN. Send it to your neighbor. Bert Barr came down from the north part of the county, where lie is teaching school, last Thursday to attend-the inspection of Co. F. C. A. Tellier was forced to take lay off from his school in Wesley town ship last week. He owes his tempora ry vacation to la grippe. Dr. and Mrs. Shore sailed for New York City last Saturday. They will be in Algona for a few days visit about the 20th or 25th of March. El Dalton has purchased a safety bicycle and now distributes the mail on his wheel, his efficiency as assistant postmaster being greatly increased. The financial statement of the First National Bank appears in this issue. Dr. Morse has the lumber hauled for the erection of a barn at the rear of his office. License to marry was issued yesterday to James Whalen and NovellaCary- The Woman's Baptist mission circle will meet at the residence of Mrs. J. M. Pride on next Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. A few of Miss Belle Peak's friends to the number of about 20 gave her a very pleasant surprise last Friday evening, it being the occasion of her birthday. Jake Olwan of German township, was arrested yesterday for assaulting another man with a club last Friday. We were unable to learn the name of the other party. The Loyalist Society of the Baptist Church will give a Zoological Social at M.-C. Bailey's Thursday evening of this week. Both old and young are cordially invited. Get your visiting cards printed at the ial in question Avas a plea for honest Republicanism and was devoted to hauling mugwumps of the Upper Des Moines kind over the coals. That such sentiments should he advertised abroad as coming from our mugwump co-tem is a little bit amusing to us. It was learned by telegram this morning that the house and barn of William Doering, Avho lives two and one-half miles Avest of Burt, were consumed by fire last night. Five horses perished in the barn. Everything was lost including all farm machinery. Mr. Doering was away at the time being married. We are not acquainted with any further particulars in regard to the fire. The Independence Bulletin-Journal urges as one reason for the late consolidation of the Bulletin and Journal that there is not room in Buchanan county for two papers of the same school of politics. We have repeatedly pointed out the wisdom of a consolidation of the U. D. M. and Courier for the reason that AA'hatis true of Buchanan county is more than true of Kos- RKVUKLICAN office. We have recently received a new supply of type and are prepared to do the linest quality of job work of all kinds. Our columns of county correspondence keep pulling up all the time. We have set our stakes to get out the best all around local newspaper published in northern Iowa. D. D. ToAvnsend lias just received a fine young COAV and calf of the Red Polled breed. It is a gift from his father who is one of the leading stock raisers in Tama county, loAva. Clattde Salisbury departed Saturday for Ames, where he enters a veterinary barn for a term of nine months, after which he intends taking the veterinary course in the Agricultural college. There will be services at the Episcopal church next Sunday, morning and evening. In the morning the pastor will preach on "Living by Principles." In the evening on "The Gospel Foiin- tain. We Avere favored with a call this morning from Mr. G. II. Runyon, traveling collector for the Dubuque Telegraph. He is out in the interests of the iieAV state directory soon to be published by the Telegraph. J. J. Wilson and C, L. Lund started a solid train load of cattle for Chicago Saturday evening. That is one of the many Avays to ship corn to Chicago and get rid of an article Avhieh is so expensive to keep around the farm. R. J. Hunt has rented has farm northeast of toAvn to P. F. llowell a cattle lealer of Ilumboldt,, who Avill take possosion this week. -Mr. HoAvell Avill operate the farm and AVC understand Avill engage in the stock business. The well case has been continued until the 'next term of court on motion of Mr. Stephens himself. We understand that Mr. Stephens expects to sink the Avell deeper in the meantime. This undoubtedly means a settlement satisfactory to the city in the end-. Those Avho have read The Hoosier Schoolmaster Avill be interested in seeing and hearing Chaplain Lozier when lie comes. The Chaplain is the original Bud Means of that story. It was from him that the author of The IIoos- ior Schoolmaster took his character of Bud Means. We have been reproducing lately some of the tariff pictures published in the NCAV York Press. The press i doing a good work for the Republicai party and the American policy of pro tection. The tariff pictures contains lots of argument put up in a comprehensive and convincing form. suth. Kossuth county is not large enough to support tAvo papers of the same shade of politics. Give us more room and less Democratic newspapers. Company F. was publicly inspected by Col. Boutin last Friday night. The inspection took place in the court house hall and the toAvnspeople turned out in full force to witness the inspection. Capt. Cooke put the boys through the setting up exercises according to the revised tactics, and followed with a drill in the company movements anil a portion of the manual of arms, after which the inspection took place by the Colonel. As far as we can ascertain, the Colonel was very well pleased with the boys on the whole and Company F will probably stand as high or higher in the regiment than last year. The article on the first page of this issue, under the caption, "A False Attend the Farmers' institute next week—Wednesday and Thursday, It looks like an amicable settlement of the well matter would be made yet. Grandma Heckart, who was reported to be quite ill last week, is very much better. We have good reason to believe that there is soon to be another wedding at Whittemore. The neAV administration will assume control of the reins of our city government next \veek. Congressman Dolliver is expected home from Washington during the latter part of the week. The regular meeting of W. C. T. U. AA'ill be held at the Reading Room Friday afternoon, March 13th, at 8 o'clock. We made a mistake in Mrs. Cleary's ad last week. She lives in the southwest instead of the southeast part of town. Mr. Richard McGee, of Livermore, a former student at the Normal school, is spending a feAV day in town visiting with friends. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000, Incorporated under geni'ral laws of Iowa. Harry Walkley is home from Colfax If your neighbor over the Avay is a little bit shaky on the tariff question, Statement," is published at the request of the secretary of the State Business Men's Association. We give it space in the REPUBLICAN, there being a possibility that it might serve in helping to correct any false impressions which may have gone out as a result of the Duquque special, \vhich appeared in the Iowa State Register. As an institution in Avliicli both farmers and business men are interests*!, AVB are glad! to let the State Business Men's Association speak for itself- and give it a chaoace to appear in its-toe light. J. I). Starks, Avho has been living in town during the past year, has arrived! at the conclusion since tshe Boies corn discussion, that farming pays, and has has decided to move back> on his farm south of Irvingtion. He declares his intention of planting same corn this ear inasmuch as "it is the most prolit- •vble of all the cereals," and says that le has in times past found corn raising o proiitjable that he ha* frequently ented land in addition to his own 'arm, liked a man to do the Avork, paid x crop rent of one third, raised corn and made money. Mr. Starks paid up for the Ilisi'ur.LiCAN a year in advance. Saturday night was not a bad night and yet less than a half dozen people turned out for the union temperance meeting which Avas to have been held at the M. E. church. The meeting Avas called for the "purpose of selecting del egates to the meeting of the- State Temperance Alliance, Avliicli is now in session at Des Moines. These is a large class of chronic grumblers ready to declare that "prohibition is a failure and does not prohibit," Avho ave extremely diffident and disinterested: when it conies to taking a hand wi enforcing the Uuv. Algona has no representation at the Alliance meeijiiig HOAV in session at Des Moines. A secontl meeting of thw- wheelmen Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections inaile promptly and agenerr.l banking business transacted. 1'assage tickets to or from tile old countries sold at lowest rates. W.U. INC HAM, President. J.H. JONES. Vice President. LEWIS H, SMITH, Cashier, Dinjctiors—\V. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, .1. B. Jones, T. ClmschiHes, Lewis H. Smith, J. AV. Wads worth. P.arnet Devine. $1,000 Can be made in (j months telling Tuiiisoii's Atlases, Charts ami Wall Maps. Particulars free. Address ; H. C TONISON, Chicago, Ills. Teacher's Reports AT 11EPU15LICAN OFFICE. COFFKE SiFTiNCis—From the best grades of Coffee. This is a new deal and is a mixture of Java and Mocha. A bargain at 25c. per pound. PICKLES—Stafford's best, small, by the qt. or gal. Also Stafford's fancy mixed, per bottle 25c. KEUOSENE OIL—12}£c. @ loc. per gallon. Gasolene 15c. CKANBEHKIES—Bell and Cherry 13J£cts. per quart. COVE OYSTEHK, per cau, 25c. SATOLIQ, per cake, lOc. Cady & Hallock. Springs, where lie has been all winter. Alter attending to some business here he-purposes to return to the springs. Mr. G. J. Stnithersof West Bend is one of our new subscribers. Our farm department is telling, to say nothing about the other features of the paper. We have just received the beautiful seed catalogue of Jos. Bancroft, Cedar Falls, Iowa. A copy will be sent free to any address. Iowa seed for Iowa land. The Money Barrel concert will take place at the Congregational church Friday night. Everybody is interested by this time in knowing the nature oi the concert. Mr. and Mrs. J. 13. Winkelleft, Monday evening, for Independence, Iowa to attend the funeral of Jas. Farris, ai uncle of Mrs. Winkel, who died at (if years of age. James AVhalen and Novella were married yesterday morning atth residence of the brides' brother, Frank Carey, in west Algona. Squire Thomp son officiating. Mrs. Thomas liiley, of Livermore has been spending some time in Algon visiting her sister, Mrs. F. L. Parisl and other relatives. She returned th first of the week. There is none too lively an intere for the enforcement of prouibitio among the people of Algona, as e\ J.1LI.IC UlU OJ-IC-Hi-J V»* u»*vy *.«-.- - A ; i ^ send him the Home Market Bulletin or wan held at the REPUKLHJAN office economist. Either of Monday night and a constitution for deuced by the turn outattheunio temperance meeting Saturday nigh The church should have been crowde the American ese excellent protection journals can je secured through the RKIMJUUAN at duced rates. Do a little practical ork in the interests of the American olicy of protection. Prof. HoAvard Gemmill, oil Emmets- urg, Judge Carr and Judge Cook act- d as judges at the Demurest medal ontest last Friday night. The folloAV- ig is a list of the young people who ontested: Bessie R-ist, Birdie Ruther- 'ord, AlpheusChapin, Bertha Hancock, truest Wheelock, Charles Kruchuk, jieorge Hamilton and Tina Wallace. The medal was awarded to Bessie Hist, All of the speakers did themselves great credit. If the editor of the Algona Courier gets excited on the bicycle question again and talks about "shooting the bicycle," he Avill have the L. A. W- on us track—not the law exactly, but the League of American Wheelmen. The citizens have a right to object if the the bicycle club Avas adapted. The club Avill bear the title of "Algona Cyc- lers." Any cyclist over 14 years of age Avill be eligible to membership, but no one not a member of the- League of American wheelman Avill be .entitled to the privilege of either voting or holding office in the club. The constitution, committee Avas continued for another Aveek and Avill report on the by laws next Monday night. The club is to be organized next Monday evening and officers elected and it is hoped that every wheelman in town Avill try and be present at the meeting which Avill be- held at the REFUULICAN office. Chas. Gray Camp, Sons of Veterans, have been so fortunate as to secure- Chaplain Lozier for a date at this place sometime during th& last Aveek of this month. The Chaplain is so Avell known in G. A. R. circles that the simple announcement of his, coming ought to be sufficient to bring every old soldier in town out to hear him. The Chaplain's entertainment Avill partake more of the nature of a monologue than a lecture, consisting of scattering reminesceiices riding on the sidewalk becomes a nuisance, and it will be one of the objects of the bicycle club just organized to ___________ ^ prevent its members from making their I ot tjie wai>) i miaor() us and pathetic rec- use of the sidewalk for riding purposes itationS) i u - s own inimitable stories and objectionable to the general public. Longs. He ^.tltf ;H»tlr6r'oF r "Bie'oiu The editor of the Home Market Bui- letiu made a mistake in quoting our editorials in the March issue »)f the Bulletin, and credited the article ^ tue Algoua Upper Dea Moines, inst^ a( j O f will be the feature of the entertain- to the Algona REPUBLICAN. Th^ f un - ment. Admission 15, 25 and 35 cents; ny thing about it all is that the eQy^r- ' for tUe benefit of Chas. Gray Camp "My Father's Flag and Mine," "The Man of Galilee," "The Veteran's Last Song," "Your Mother's Apron String, etc." His songs The teachers are interested in the question of text-book uniformity. M has an article in the teachers' department this week. The Epworth League will give a Zoological sociable at the residence of Gardner Cowles tomorrow evening. Everybody is invited. Friend Warren, of the Upper Des Moines, still carries a cane in his perambulations, in memory of the Italian aind his bear of Jast summer. John Field has made a trade with' an Illinois party by which he becomes the owner of a four-year-old Jack. The animal is expected here Saturday, Several deaths from trichina occurred in Ida county last week. Care should always be exercised in using pork to see that it is thoroughly cooked. The Farmer's institute will convene' on the 18th and 19th of this month. Iff the weather is reasonably pleasant a large attendance upon the part of the farmers will be expected. The meeting of the directors of the Kossuth County Agricultural Society which was to have been held last Tuesday, will take place on the 17th at 1 o'clock p. EQ. in S. S. Session's office. Extensive preparations are being made by a number of the ladies of Algona for am ''Evening with Long- 'ellow," at which time a rare literary and musical tseat is promised. Date ind full program will be announced soon. Aiden Benedict, who formerly taught school in Algesia, and who is well remembered by the citi/ens of the town, will be here March 18th in his spectacular play, Fabio Homani. Everyone will want to heas him. The opening of the spring term of the Northern Iowa Normal School, March 81st is announced in this issue of. the Riai'UHLicAX. Prof i McCollum t^lls us that the prospect is very good for a large attendance. The sensation in court Saturday and Monday was the Ralph Johnson case from Bancroft. Mi\ Johnson claimed that his father-in-law and other members of his wife's family had alienated $1,000 worth of his wife's affections,. properly belonging, to himself, and brought suit against the old gentlemaru for 'that amount. The jury brought ins a verdict in favor oft the defendant. The Knights of Pythias lodge of this place has been invited to institute th-a new lodge at Bancroft next Friday light. The boys were only too glad to vccept the invitation and will go up on the four o'clock train -next Friday evea,- ng,. taking the goat, and all necessary paraphrenulia along with them. The new lodge at Bancroft will start out with twenty-seven, members, mostly young men and there is no reason why it should not prosper and become the most popular lodgs in town. Doc Daley arrested a party yestesday afternoon by the name of Eniest Laoni er, who is wanted in Fairuault county Minnesota, for stealing a stereoptacon The fellow inquired at the post office for his mail, when Doc was promptly notified and sooa. had his man. Sheriff \ Donovan, of Fairbault county was immediately telegraphed, and catae down on the seven o'clock freight irom the north. The 1'%11'ow stole the stereopti- can early in the winter and went into the "magic lantern" business, giving shows at t'ae school houses around through the country, but finding this very unprofitable, he quit the business several weeks ago and hired out to C. E. Walkev, proving a very efficient hand. Hot left Mr. Walker several days ago and engaged to work for Jos. Mathers during the summer. 'When arrested yesterday he gave his name as St. John. Mr. Mathers will have to look for another hired hand. Smith, of Ramsay township learned a" lesSSfli at the court house yesterday afternoon whicV will Cost him not far from $500. He was indicted by the grand jury last fall for strik- ever for the assault. Wagner, who is scarcely more than a boy, was feed* ing a threshing machine at the time and Smith, who was pitching bundles on the table, imagined that Wagner was pushing the bundles off onto the ground, which in reality was not the case. Without a word of warning he struck the boy over the head with his pitch fork, breaking the handle like a pipe stern. The young man was rendered insensible, and was laid up for several weeks as a result of the blow. He now gets $<500 damages, and in addition to the damages, Mr. Smith is taxed with a line of $75 and all the costs of the case. ' ! Court is still in session Avith a number of casses yet to be heard. The well case, contrary to expectation, has been continued xintil the next term of court. The suit of Dingley & Moffatt vs Mattern, resulted in favor of the-defendant. Geo. E. Clarke appeared foir Dingley & Moffatt and J. W. Sullivan assisted by Mr. Wade, of Iowa City r for Mattern. The case of Ralph Johnson of Bancroft, vs his father-in-law, K. Elman, occupied the court Saturday and Monday. Johnson sued for $1,000 damages fo» the alienation of his wife's affections. Geo. Clarke was attorney for plaintiff and W. B. Quarton for defendant. TPie plaintiff got no damages and had topay the costs. The State of Iowa vs M. B. Smith was settled yesterday, and the township of LuVerne ct al, vs- the Independent school district of Corwith is being heard to-day. Corwith appropriated some eight sections of Kossuth county land for the purpose of enlarging the borders of the Corwith Independent school district—hence the trouble. Clarke is attorney for the plaintiff in this case and Bradford for the defendant. Harvey Ingham was very conspicuous on the street corneas all day Monday while the polls weve open. Harvey spends a very large par,tof his time on the street corners, but he was unusually conspicuous last Monday. The secret of it all was, Harvey was not pleased with the fact that Gardner Cowles was .running for school director and he was ; conducting a campaign- against Mr. Cowles after his usual method of going to Avar. We are unable ta explain why Mr. Cowles' election; came so near to being unanimous unless it' was due to the fact that the editor-of the U. D. M. and one or tAvo other, men who are put up according to the same plans and specifications upon whick he is constructed, were engaged in. thowing mud, with no other excuse for the action than the fact th'ut an opportunity was offered by the fact of Gardner's candidocy, to wage a little petty personal warfare for the statisfaction of 3ome ancient grudge.. With: so many good men in the field it was not-to be expected that any one of them would have any great preponderance of votes, but the other gentlemen Avere unfortunate in not having the benefit of Harvey's opposition. Mr. Cowles received within eighteen of as many votes as Mr. Reed, Avho was running- to till the vacancy, and who had no- opposition. He received four-fifths of all the votes cast. It is seldom that so good an opportunity is afforded fw sizing a man up. A Cough .Syrup That Can ISo Kelie<l Upon. Beggs 1 Cherry ©ough Syrup gives wonderful satisfaction wherever it is tried. It allays irritation of the throat and bronchial tubes, makes expectoration easy, and elieves all soreaess of the lungs and chest. Every bottle is warranted to give atisfaction. Price 25c, 50c, and $1 per lottle. The largo bottles are cheapest. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 10 23 Sheet/, issues regular Co'a guarantee to cure all ailmenSs with Kidd's Germ Erud. New spring goods at Galbraith's. DeWitt's Little Early Risers never gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic constipation, dyspepsia. Sold by Dr. Sheets. Hudson & Shadle. Fine cabinets, family groups, babj pictures. Work alway first class. A beautiful skin.bright eyes,sweet breath good appe-tite, vigorous body, pure blooc and good health result from the use of D( Witt's S&rsaparilla. Sold by Dr. Bheetz The ing a young man. by the name of Tiee Wagner over the head with a pitch fork. Smith bad no pjovocatiQjj what- Algona Wipan Begins to look like a place © business. From the amom'n of Machinery that is arrivini daily, one is led to womde when it can be used. Bn Jones he pays the freight t any station in the county, £ that farmers in any part ( the county can have the f u benefit of the very low prici .at which goods are sold. It admitted that the Algol Wigwam is the most extensr implement bouse in the nor west. ^«.

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