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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MONDAY OAKLAND-TRIBUNE. JtTRE 21, 1C07. Dill Squires Is- SAVtmMK Barney Oldfield -Mill Race Here Pitcher Flynn lit Great Form V. a. SAN ti.

Pitcher Flynn of the Oakland State. League team was in great form here today and he held San Jose down to a few hlta, and as a result of his pitching- Oakland won by a scare of S. In the fifth inning 'Oakland solved Arrelanes' delivery for two singles, and a double and scored two runs. Again In the eighth they -tallied on two hits and a sacrifice. The score; San Jose AB.

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but for moment, the Aua-trsllatt tnought that" Cute' wai ding him yesterday: when Hanlon said. alot of -women the ringside to see you, and Burns go. Squire threw up his hands' la holy horroy; "You float -mean to teft me that women go' to prise fights here, da your exclaimed But. "Sure, said Eddie," who could scarce ly refrain from laughing. "Donf the girls ever see -the fun in Australia?" "No.

air, they dont said BUI. "and I for one strenuously object to women attending prize ftghta VIf I thought it wouia do any good; I'd request the management to bar them. Think of a fellow dancing about a ring almost nude, with a lot of ladies looking at Theyd think the girls were pret ty bold back home if thev. tried" to do a' thing like that-Squires however, does-not -under stand our here. He was horrified the other; day in Santa Cruz when a woman asked him to fer a picture.

"Not that, said Bin. "but she desired flghtinar cos tume, if you please. My word, such boldness, and Squirest actually. blushed. The Australian, thorougbljr enjoyed P.

his trip to the seaside and while he did but -little work yesterday, (he. never does on the Sabbath), he went at his tasks with renewed vigor today. As this Is the last week of work. Bill will put In his best licks during the next six days. Betting on this fight is a little slow to open.

Not that there isnt plenty of coin already, on hand to bet on both Bill and Burns, but as usual, the admirers, of each are waiting for a point the better of the odds. At Corbett's Ellis-street resort, there are commissions waiting to -be placed on Squires at odds of 10 to 8, also a bunch of Barns money to be laid- at the same price- Corbett recently re ceived a wire from K. J. McCormick, the Seattle sportsman, to bet $1,000 on Squires, This money, Corbett can cover at evens, but has wired north to ascertain If the price is satisfactory. When the odds are finally established, the Burns-Squires affair to be one of the biggest betting events In the history of the fight game on the Coast.

A world of money will also be wagered on the preliminary in which the two popular local lightweights, Frankie Edwards and Johnny Murphy, are to box ten rounds, but It Is also hard to predict which of the pair will have the call of the betting public. Frank Carrillo of Bakersfield is cne of the many who will pin his faith to the Irish boy. "I have seen Murphy in four or five bouts." said Frank this morning, I will bet 81,000 even that he wins from In, his bout with Charlie Rellly last Friday night, Murphy plainly showed that he will be at his best over a distance of ground. While Reilly managed t6 draw with him, he eouldn't have lasted another round with the hard-hitting little Murphy. Johnny has never gone further than four rounds, and In this respect Edwards bas an advantage over him as he fought ten rounds at Stockton, winning from Jim Bradley.

Baffling Nelson mmm Off lahes a Battling Nelson took a day off from the routine of training grind yester day. The battler figures that the warm sunshine of Larkspur where he is train ing for his fight wkh Jlmmyv; Brit: scheduled to take place the night of July at the Auditorium rink will tear the weight off him too quickly, so the Itege-wurch lad contented himself yesterday with an automobile trip far up into the mountains of the northern part of the, county. when he trained for his last contest with Britt was compelled to leave Larkspur and finish his training on this side of the bay on account of the hot weathei. The Dane does not seem to relish working under the warm rays of the sun. Britt.

on the other hand, entertained the largest delegation of sports that has visited him' at Shannon's since he be gan training for the big battle. Those who made tne trip across tne Day eater to see Britt in action were not disap pointed. Jimmy and Joe Thomas furnished the sports with six exciting ounds. At times tne two ngnters went into spasms of slam-bang slugging that brought forth rounds ot applause the spectators, it can De easily seen Dy Brltt's boxing bouts that the California intends to put up a different quality of milling than he did in his last hat- tie with tne Dane. Me is nuting witn more oreelslon than usual and is careful not to waste many punches.

'I intend to make every wallop I hit Nelson tell this time," said Jimmy. "The last time we met I stood toe to toe with him and slugged. Had I used a little better judgment am certain would have knocked Nelson out or beaten him up so badly he never would have been heard of again. I know Just how far I have to go to neat. air.

jNeison tms time. I have studied his style In all of Its phases and. if eannot beat him now 1 will never put a glove on my band again. Lack of condition will not be urged by me as an excuse If I fail to win. I know, and my who have been watching-me work know, that I am even in better snap ngnt now tnan i was when I met Nelson at Col ma.

I trained too many times that year to be at my beat." .1 Dr. Ben Apple examined Brut alter his workout yesterday and pronounced Jlramv to be tne best possible Dftwl- cal shape. an hour and a half of violent i exercise Dr. Apple found Britt' heart' almost normal. Dr.

Apple id: "At this stage Britt is perfect phvsi. cally and with the fight still a consider able numner or aays away mere is no danger of i Jimmy becoming stale. He perspires rreeiy ana yei-ne is omy xnree pounds and a fraction over the required weight of 133 pounds, it nnd in a arood condltlon- alasbtna combat be tween perfectly conditioned athletes mar Here's the latest Bug Suggestion Rayden T. Cote; a dear mute pitcher of Dallas, Texas, has Just completed a plan for umpiring plays Che bases that will make him 4 public benefactor If carried Cale wants to equip the bases with whistles, so that a run ners arrival on the bag -will lie announced -at once. He also proposes to place a pneumatic whistle An the uniforms, so I hat when a player Is tag ged the whistle will sound.

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Manager. Week Beginning Monday, June. 24, '07 First Class -Vaudeville Illustrated Songs, Motion Pictures. Performance terminating with a laughable vuiuvay la 1 wo acis enuitea "Married By Mistake" In which 10'pople will be in the cast. performances Afternoons and Evenings.

One Matinee Dally artd Two Night Shows. 1 EMPIRE THEATER Tenth st. East of Phone Oakland 33(1. vi Week commencing June 24th Al Hallett Musical Comedy Company IN "MULDOON'8 CHRISTENING." iaieat eastern vauaevine acts, headed by 1 firooa tt yeaaer. new mourn pictures and illustrated songs.

Matinees dally. Two shows every ctght. PfTBELL THEATER Proa ram for Week ef June 17 iFtaturing the world's most famous com- euy acrobatic cyclists, the BAKER TROUPE Five in In number Five- ttenroeae ana lassie Maivey, com edr sketch. Henry W. Webber Sk Co.

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i CONTINUOUS VAUDEVILLE I and Mevina Picture. JCTary 'Afternoon and Evening to to 1 1 p. m. i BHI Changed lCvrT Monday 1 i POPDUIR PRICES 1 i Monday and Tuesday Saturday and Sunday FREEMAN'S PARK, 0th and San Pablo Every Tuesday at 1:30 m. Kvery WE TREAT WITH EQUAL CONTRACTED DISORDERS, SUCCESS "WEAKNESS!" LOST MANHOOD; VARICOCELE, HYDROCELE, RUPTURE AND Keeney, lb a Sears, lb Smith, rf 0.

0 0 1 0 0 0 '1 5 1 0 0 2 2 13 0 1 0- 2 0 0 1 1 0 Arellanes, ..4 Krause. cf ..2 Rim berg, If Frlene, 3b-lf Kentc Rellly, 3b 2 ....4 ,...3 ...1 Totals 6 27 Oakland l' Westerberg, VVuteen, lb Walthom, rf Russell. 2b AB. R. BH.

PO. A. E. ..4, 1-13 0 0 ...3 0 2- 1 0 1 0 0 2 i 9 0 3 0 ...4 ...4 2 2 2 .4 Zamlock, If Ellis, 4 Adney, 3b Flynn, .........3 Totals C3 3 8 27 RUNS AND HfTS BY INNINGS. 123457 8 9 San Jose ..0 ..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 05 Bftse hits Oakland .0 08 0 B4 nits 0 0 Two-base hits Russell.

Arelianes, WaS- thom. Sacrifice hits Zamlock, Rettly. Stolen bases Strieb, Redford. First base on errors San Jose 2, Oakland 1. Firtt base on called balls Off Arellanes 1.

off Flynn Double play Flynn to Ellis to Wulzen. Struck out By. Arellanes 13, by Flynn 5. Passed ball Ells. Hit by pitched ball Sears.

Umpire Parker. Time of game 2 hrs. it Cordovas Wallop The Stockton Nine SACRAMENTO. June 24. Sacramento defeated the Stockton team here yesterday, by the score of 7 to 3 in a game that was full of wrangling.

When the players were not toasting Umpire Knel to a finish the stands were and the earns was one Ion continuous wrangle. Henderson, who Is usually a good pitch er. was not up to nis sranaara yesieraay and the Cordovas hit him almost at will. The Cordovas put the game 'n ice In the opening inning when scored four runs on two hits, a. bunt, two tree passes, another bingle and a wua neave.

Alter mat mere was very inue interest In the game. The score: STOCKTON. AB. R. BH.

SB. PO. A. E. McHale, cf 5 Morelna.

If 3 0 2 0 0.0 0 0 10 0 10 0 0 0 1 0 0 Campbell. 2b ...4 Moskiman, 2b-p 4 Henderson, 2b-p 4 0 0 0 4 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 3 0 1 0 2 0 2 0 6 10 Hackett, rady, lb 4 orrlson, rf ...4 0 0 0 0 0 0 Joyce, 3b 4 Hamilton, ss 1 2 0 2 2 0 0 114 0 0 Totals 86 3 11 1 24 7 a CORDOVA. AB. R. BH.

SB. PO. A. E. Dovle.

cf 6 1 2 0 2 1 verson. ss 4 i 1 iJnright, lb 3 2 2 1 12 1 Graham, 2 1 0 0 9 0 Shinn, 3b 8 1 1 10 0 Strub, 2b 5 0 2 0 3 6. Boynton, rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 8 0 1 1 0 rown, 3 0 1 Totals ...35 7 3 27 16 RUNS AND HIT8 BY INNINGS. 123 4 58789 Stockton 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 23 Base hits 1 110 10 2 1 411 Cordova. ...4 I000200 7 Base hits 3 2 0 1 0 1 3 1 11 Base hits Off Henderson 10.

off Moski man 1. Three-base hit Hackett. Two-base hitr-Enrlght. Sacrifice hit En- rlght. 2.

First base on errors Cordova, tirst Dane on canea Dans jti rtenaer- mn, 8. Left op bases Stockton, Cordova, 12. Stru5k out By Henderson. bv Brown .7. nil oy pticner iverson, Hackett.

Double 'plays Moskiman to Brady. Passed balls Hackett. Time cf game 1 Hour. So minutes. Umpire.

Knell. 1 1 Amateur Notes. Country teams desirous of obtaining a good Sunday attraction by competing with a crack aggregation of amateur ball play ers would do well to, write the manager of the Athletics, the reorganized speedy Folger team, who haveSbeen taking the measure of some fast clubs, including series of three games with the Fort Bak a er team, who need no introduction, to the baseball world of thlsviclnlty. Clubs fully uniformed and witling to cover reasonable expenses, with open dates, write at once to J. A.

Folger A Co. The Sunset Lumber Company won7 a well-played game from the Oleanders of East Oakland on Sunday by a score of to 4. The Oleanders played a good ame and both their catcher and pitcher Id tine work. The lumber company team seemed to be a bit too strong for them, as did jthe Brooklyns. The Sunset Lumber Company would like to hear from any teams around the bay.

Address all Challenges 10 narry uonsiaDie, 2it Sixteenth street, Oakland. The Toung Sacred Hearts defeated, the Union team Saturday afternoon by a scors ot 17 to Jhe loung Sacred Hearts ve won six games straight. The Young Hearts would lik'j game from any team whose average is twelve. The line-up is as follows: Gustle Perata. Itcher: Bernard Walsh, catcher: Anthony anella.

first base: Charles Ferra, second base; Mark Scania, shortstop; Mike rriftW, IUI1U rm ttnr? wWMm .,4,. field; Louis Molanair, center field; Andrew Panella, 'left field. Address an challenges to Mark; seaman, 647 Thtrty-ntnth street. The Fruitvale nine defeated the Liver- more in a fast and exciting gams' In Livermore by a score of S-2. The feature of the came was the home run of Smith scoring one man.

The Fruitvale nine will meet the Pleasanton team at Pleasanton next Sunday. June 30. A good game is: expected. VICTORIOUS. It was a lively game of ball played at the Twenty-third avenue Athletic park Sunday morning at 'o'clock when Che big Lings of Alameda went down to defeat at the hands of the Valentines of Kast OaJtlana, A large crowd turned out to rot fer the kids.

The game was even ut 0 to 0 until the last of the sec ond, when the' Valentines) commenced to score. The game was a close one and some fine claying was done by the kids. Garcia. Ditcher for the Valentines, struck eut men. -A special leature or tne game was a tnree-oagger oy wooirrum whlctt Drournu in tnree runs; aura nice little triple play by Garcia te Sousa at 3d.

Sousa to Brown at 1st and Brown to Kneel at Id. Following the une-up and game oy innings: Valentines: Ferrera. cf Livermore. ss; Woolfram. 'ct lb: Jordan rf: 8oua.

2b Thomas, If; Basel, set Oarcla ttlrhlnl. lb: A. Johnson. If Moblad, 2b Lee, If Gay, lb; T. Jobaaoo.

i 't SCORE BT INNINGS. 2 4 5 II It Valentines IJnrtr'a .91 9 1 1 0 9-14 ve 4 1 112 The Valentines would like to hear from other teams averaging 19 years. Address A. D. Valentine, nil Second avenue.

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Open PHONE OAKLAND 7M1. in the Northwest, where he is showing tn nuttve of that 'sart of the country 1 machmeong3 win tu" he at the end of hext week to prepare for the Emeryville meet and will bring with him three of the fastest Tacing cars ever built. Among them will be him famous Peerless Green Dragon with which he made, of the worid's records-h now holds. But Oldfield will not be the- only ak a4Ia DVatmatai VrTrvt Vied 1 been in communication with. a.

number of clever drivers of late, and it his plans for a big sweepstake event with a purse of 15000 as the attraction materialize, the greatest race eyer driven in this country will be the He expects to secure the ser vices of such men as Bruno Siebel, the Dangerous Dutchman; Paul Satori. the intrepid Italian, and Maurice Ber- nin, the Flying Frenchman. Should any of these men fail to put fn an ap pearance-he will offer purses of $2500 for match races between those who do show up and Wizard Oldfield. The latter ia, so confident that he can defeat any, man in the world that he is Willing to bet $2500 on himself against any driver of prominence who happens into this section of the world. FEftTJRES.

While theseraces between professionals world-wide reputations will be wonderfully interesting, it will be the many other features of the daily pn grams that will catch the crowd. Races will be arranged for the dealers who will enter stock cars of varying horse-power, and scores of them have voiced their determination to participate. Events for profession-al chauffeurs and amateur drivers will be sandwiched in between freak and novelty events. It is the intention of the management to foster the amateur end the sport and with this in view Manager Coffroth has arranged for valuable plate to be offered as prises at Tim Flood Brainy Man of the Game Tim Flood, the ex-Brooklyn player, who now Covere second base Joe Kelleyfs Torohto Kastern League team, is a brainy' player. Two seasons ago he worked a clever trick, that resulted in a put out that saved a game for the Los Angeles club, with which Flood was then playing.

Flood was playing second and there was a runner on first and Los Angeles was one run in the lead When the batter cracked a hot grounder straight at "Tim." So swift and sudden did the ball come that It shot straight through. his leg3 rolling out tocenter Without blinking an eyelash' Flood went f' rough the motions of throwing the second to force out a runner ihe short stop covering the bae pretended to catch Jthe ball, and the base runner, completely fooled started to walk to the benqjh. Before the yells of his team-matea could warn the base center fielder had recovered, the ball and quickly threw to Flood at second' base and retired the runner. A 1 He Fired tn Stick. "I have fired walking-stick Tve carried over 40, years, on account, of a sore that resisted every kind of treat ment, until I tried Bucklen Arnica Salve; that has healed the sore and made me a happy man," writes John Garrett, of North Mills, N.

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J. ANTONTTCCIO. of 815 Washinston SU Oakland, testifies ta gtowtos terms of the wonderful powers of this Doctor, who cured him and his sen. in a re-. markably short time after tour white doctors had failed.

WEAK A1E1N; Oa. HALL'S REINYK5- OBATDR stops an losses In I 24 hours. Tow win feel aa improvement from the first dose. We have so mucn eoafldaace in our treatment that weeeuld' safety efter" FiVB HUNDRED reward fer any ease we eannot cure. This aeerct remedy Xniaraes Shrunken Organ, eures misalona, ha-potency.

Varicocele. Prematureoeaa, Gleet. Stricture, Kidneys, Loet Manhood, Drains. In the Urine and all other terrible wasting effects of errors of youth or excess; (3 per oouie; tnree or.tues a Guaranteed to cure any' curable casa Try it. Acta liVe maaic, Call or address HALL'S MEDICAL INSTITUTE.

Rroadwav. Oakland. CaL Offlca hours. I a. in a p.

nx; Sundays, a. bv to i THIS WEEK "(ORTLANr VS, Admlsslpn 25c. aw fiear ClaySt Oaf isnq cu; store. 99 Ban is wo arsaae..

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