Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 19, 1911 · Page 44
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 44

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 19, 1911
Page 44
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE MARCH 19, 1911. f; Fair Uoaftoir EAST OF LOWER Several Recent Sales of Realty on Fourth, Second and Madison Streets. r iiiiiii mm ii Miriii m mmmmm m mm LJz. ', : : " ' ' ' 1 i . - . i- . . j. t SBJ , - wm BEIL5 Fine Weather Booms Hew Construction; Permits for Over ; j650,000. j-.i.rtry a summary cf the rending rT-mt ar-nlled-for at the BoaM V-f Public Works for t!:9 veric-.endtag' -"Wartnesdny March 15: No. of Per mi ra..Amounta. I lW -dvrem-s-s r 1 -Vsjorj" rwellir.fs - r-atorv dwell!:. . - - - - ...... T '.. 1 2 story flat? . stores.. 2 3- FTory tr.ck etor. o-u --t-storr 1't.room apurtrapnt Wt... 1 4- -;torV t7 rocia biisi tnm house. 1 5- J-tory brick ro. boose sou -stores ------ Workshop, an sneda ,--? Alterations. di.r.w-ri!. ami repairs. -1 7d Total K.EPOBT BY WAiii 3310 l.Sft 2 .MS 435 2S.S14 r'.rst irsrd - - ------ F-conJ wsrl ... "i''.rd irarl V .trrta word fill ward ------ . xth ward - -.TeDl ward - 11 2S .70 I650.0S1 Total biiii.IlB Irrmit5 ppi'a fw h I'ublic ttcrk!" unrigs 4lav. Mnrcli Caj -Co., alteration. C46-S Mrs B. u. J-Htorji 3-roora cot tg. north Brc.'k'I.Ue avenue ft Trest of High P;1st "lo Olwr .veon;. 2 fe south of a. coax east of Tele- Vr.'T r-fonrih l CVf o side rjrty-Hcowl street, COOeet est of: Xel- firm j Wok i '...., ..ml oonti) boui". sonthtvest corner! N iith a.ifl Frs-iklin streets; 5W.(X0. - b j. yoiiair. 2-story 8-r.3r.ro , flats, Tor'tivrci- ,. r;.P X-Mith and Chestnut utosets; SS-iuO. h Z, Ycung-. 2-torr S-rooni flats, west frtde 1 Ueitzat street, 01 twt nor: a. of Tonth Btreet; b"' Z Yotar o.Bt-ory S-rronv.fl its, n-th r559 T-mrt itroet. 35 feet west or ClMwttmt-treet; 'EB Hot. 1-otoe-y 6-room- tnnralor. ooth Cottase szn-K. ffrtast of Garfield it S. Va.-i-hc, 1-etory 7-roora dwnirig. north side :i'i:dsn street, 40 feet west of l-orksley; S-o. uin TirfK-- 1-story catnse, l-;ia 5Trith aienue: $r. J. Paalitr-9. 1-st-TT 2-ronm dwpntnfr, porth Saa-Pab- 1 1 avenue: w ' . . . Frnk Cha-i, a'tatiT)ii3, TveBster rtrefft, ". A. Thompsm. alterations, northwest corner Tv.-t-lftli an.l 'eraita street?; S'.'.U... A. Xiornnsoi, r.?teratio:is. northwest comer T'.ce'rth Kri Piirsila afreets: $tXHX V. r. Haxpor. 1-srx-y garage, nirth-west- car-r.er'llnclson and P.od a-veiuie: $1CH. jt Hiyriies. tory 4-rooni dwelllntr nPt side' NaOey 'owoiie. ft north of Harmoa street: Melro-; Sli) j- p Herder. 1-'TT srate, northwest corcer i re'et ff"'f sonri of r:fth street: Panama Tea, Co., altrr.itlor.s, C2 E!ffhth reet; .T0. FraaVm LocVa, 1-st ry 5-room cottage, aonth -i-ie FiLty-third Ftre-n. 376 feet east .of Sn i'.'Mo aven-ipe; iilhJ. G. W. FLiok. 1-et.ory gara?, 41C5 Est -SIx-f mh ftrfet. riirar; $100. " ,7ohu Autrost, l-tory fl-rorro 1wel.ms, eart s . nilrty-onTth sreiiu. f south of K-.Mt Feverrteerrrti irrresr-, PrnitT!: .ft.VXK. i. Gostafjon. 1-Btwry C-roufu diyelJIrxt. wet s' r. Ejvd ji-eane, ICi feet uttli of Fcrr'-st; - t0. " , . C J. Pfran. li-cTirj--rcora hidgalow, east i, ': M' a?irae, feet norta or iiuasoa s' ' et : S'-.T.n0. ' "i. 'W. Kianc-T. repe'rs. 479 Snth .street; $10. '""liansiret Hrdo, j-iwury 5-room Imasalow. rr .'-b s'.de TUkt:--tlnrcl street. 2; feet west f West street: $"U. ?Irs. L. X. Miaiii", B-room dwell- i;.i--7 aortit aide East aVeaty-fi street, 97 feet v,.-t of Fuurtonrli aveijiie: S2'00. Ir5. P.. V. Dit.Vi8. 2 -story 3-roonj 4-otta?e. wet s'de lilirxia street, 3-7 feet north of Uar-mei, 3"n:!f-v-r--i.': T-l 0. Ed I-armer. i3.y-s-(irr fVrocTi. (TwoITlnir, north i-le sir.t:- r-ond tftrert. S.; feet north of liillecas;- Molley Kar.Vt; 3-story nrlitlon, 1731 Ser-:dh stre'; ; i'iX ' V.TS. D. Gors iLtht'j, n"f eTatlons, E11S Elm- W'.U V":i:F' 1'AIttVftie: Sl. j, Ilcerfheoa, all.: 232 Fifth street: Rlrerr: F, S. Ko"rrs, alferpfi.rs. -north slflis Ffaw-li.irne. 3'-i.- I-i't ea?t f Jor.i-s aveime, KUn-lui'-'t; ?l-si. H. C. Capwoi! Co., l e'nrr br!'1 f5r tjii'ld-V. er-t 4. 'lav. btTron FoiirffeDtlt and Fifteenth str.ts; .-iV.i.JHi. I - C. G, v, itr.frv. i--try 4-rtv.m rortsee, wesc ,.!e Vhv;..r -7 f-..it north tf lt!rt- cU'ktll street: !f !. " C. K. ousuki, j:r.,-ratl3n$, ill Tejmph ar- Emn-.i K-33 -s?. aiicratio: te i' .i Kt:-- - - : i OIL-or. r . : -lie-ist 1.1 Eest Fotir-r.-r For.rtoath 1 Pje-trv X.eciia:-j e Fo.-tv - i I sf ry - rrrftrn i!elllnj?- rjortli .-t, 2. ft tt vet. f Mar- r.d r. K't.e J-a ;.- 4 rcn:u cottage, smith -3 feet east of .v-iH-la "I -"t-oef. A iKJil ;e r. r. 11. .To;--, 1-itr; .! riftji--. ft side s: . y-fonrth' ivtjci, - 77') f-et sou:u cf lias: : V .:rte-a".h stst. rarW.-rrg; ii. Joy, l-t-tor- 4-T-rfni eotraije, eat sfle si .-y-f- rth r-et'fc". '-' feet ootU cf East rtoe-.fi s: pef. a"irlinr-; '. J-. Elielby, 1'i-sa'ry 7 r..o:n (ieii!nc? n-et 4- r I r'-vf.-a a- fr.;i- I'.'i f -et i:o-:j i-.t llu.i-, . j , , '.. W; rt, J2.-r-o:-y '.rv-ni fl-"i' i:i;r. rorth-t r o a- n-.-i ; eve- in-", ruir vae: s ::j u. , TJamii, 1 - s- 'i rmm r:tne. po.th Kid.? V nr( :-tl: a k 07 feet etisi of Vicksl-ur-,;, l-Y-'ihtle; ;i'i;5. Xxs, F. To-.-nsor'f. 7-str.-ry r.-room bnr;-Iow. : o -th s' .le j:a.t T'-ttocty-seTenth street. 212 Jrt w-st o V'a:c1'o place- sjs-jo. 0. A. Hae-tir-pi"?. alteratluns, 1433 East i---er.;U s net; $14L'. tclt. Trimlatt. 1, Ktr-ry 4-room AwcUiDf and i tj weit tSSe IJe-;o aveniio. 220- feet south of .i wolnie n,.,-;T,e; yoe. , Tcr.ovan Bro.. 1 sr-.ry 6-roem ottae. efh (t . Air'etraz aeni; , ;:" feet east of Tele-(;- ;h live : : : 2'S-.i. T. iriiaj'i', 1-strry worksbor. sonfh j ' 'JHTfntv t,!;:is alreet, 20i fee wrst of' ve street : Ji'. j -'.. . i.niTsari. 2-story 3 -room garage, 732 ! i . y-i'onrtn street; 2o. ' -t t.i. B.:il;::j;K- Cv., 1 -story 5-rTra dweii'nsr. -. ;!e Hudson stitet. 73 feat west ct ; trr avert';'; 42c. I 'Kin J9en. 2-story T-room dmllicr. f"-i ia Honkfns street, T'"K) feet east cf ' -:ee!;'h s-ent;: f2(Oft. . i'r. . Fjriaio. l'-story 7-rocrm dweTllnp. v-t File Julrwur are-me. 140 feet sottti .f V. tt-:t No. f . Vrnirpslo; 23oo. , r. W. loties, alfti- ;o:ts, 4340 Fear-man ar- l .r. Allrn'1-.le; .v. C-ura. r.-rairs, TT.rt Sixth street : $130. T. L. Biir.tott. i -ory f. -r.-na d-reliln, a-nita I;'- Taft nve;yie. 2V feet west of ttroadway; Ardrsod. 1 srr e, ro im bungalow, east si- t- ns street, lt f.--t west of Iw ; f ': Sl-.'7r. M. tuid 11. 'Wi'liaritoa, 3 sf rr 4 roora flweli-itir -r. t 'r M 'si'.ty-se-"r'4 avrtnt, 4u feet ji-'-'t -frinu-oth. ritchl'uri-; i-'. Harrirg-too, alterations, 1277 T-ef.h f tr . ; : J:is. App'edora, roof repairs, east U!e Wi-sMn-:-te-i .- ref. ir.o feet north of Seventh: r.v. L. 3tbornot, 1-sio-y 1-4 dwelHog, soutU side Jift.er.ti, No, ..y. rear: S.'.o. IZ..'3 Kin, altfratifiii, 2."I2 Woolsey street; tve;:t; J.'i.1'. Is-.bellt Bomttdry. 1-sto-T 4 room dwell in sad '..r west f;.!e .., f-aio, 1 feet north cf ytM-'ord arejrao: fl4f'. New -Method laundry, addition. northeast t-rrner TUirtj--i:xiU tad SUgoolU itreeu; tl-"0. - P. Z. Hall, alterations. 2 ICS Oreeawood t-enie; 7". F. J. Mazzaro, . 1-sttorj- B-roota dwenint,. west 7 " " a-S--fcV, , Wv.Bk "',4- ' .OTrfif'H"Vl' ' iv t pecs Col. Jacic Hays' Tract to Become Part of Washington Park Playgrounds. AI-A-MESa, March IS. Realty dealers report a busy -week n-Ith many paJes. The saTe of Feveral dn-e!Hng3 In Oak Park tract 13 reported this week. Dwellings are being; erected In the Bowers traot, which Is one of the -largest In the city and 1s located In the 'West End. JACK HAYS TRACT. The purchase of the Hays property on Contra! avenue adjoining- "Washington ! r.ark will iro on the bailor, to be voted , . . -.. 0 . v.- mtHniil election April 10. The city council has socured an option on tha tract for $30,-D00i If the voters' cant their ballots in favor of the purchase of the property the F!te will bo used as an addition to Yrashington park, uid will be used for a baseball diamond, a track field and gymnasium. The site Is one of the prettiest in rhe city and faces on the south shore. Maty of the taxpayers have expressed themselves in favor of its purchase. A borwl issue will be called If a majority of votes are cast to buy the land. Ituildinir Inspector John Davies reports a brisk outlook for the coming' summer. Ke said yesterday-; "I have many inquiries from outside residents asking for the prices of looal realty, and demands aj- comlrjf? fast into the different roaJty offices in the city. At the regular meeting of the Alameda Eeaity Exchange last week a big IncreaflO In business was reported. Alameda Is one of the prettiest cities- around the bay. and its future Is k Xe CI "tt, red. The business of the city has . . - . -ened considerably of late. Ma have assni enlivened considerably a larsre call for apartments from out of town residents." BUILDING PERMITS. I The following bulls im? permits have been Issued this week by tBuildins Inspector John Eavles: Owner, Henry Michaels Addition to 1637 Central avrnrre; cost, 35CL Owner, Mrs. E. T. Hosford One-story, flve-rrom dwelllns at 1188 F.egent street; ccst, $190. Owner, James Orele-HGarfLe. 1223 Faru street: cost. $125. Owner, F. Gowanlocfc One-tory, four-room' dwejllng at 1560 Lincoln arenue; oo-t. 51400. Owner, J. Sf. IundhoTm One-story, five-room dwelling: at 916 Pacdflo avenue; co-t. 12000. Owner, S. Hastings Addition to E02 Haitrht avenue: cost, floO. oiithern PaciSo Company Concrete switching tower, 2713 Harrison avenue; cost. S1700. ' Owrer, A. Burns One-story, five-room dweKlncr ftt 2"18 Santa Clara avenue; cost," Sir-OO- i QPENIMG BH FOOTHILL TRACT Realty Syndicate Preparing to Open Piedmont Manor ana I Fremont Tracts. The Kealty Syndicate Is about "to p!ace nron the market a tract of moderately priced property located In Korth Fruit-vale in the vicinity of the Fremont High School, between I-else avenue and th Mills College ; car 'lines. It will be called the Fremont tract and will be subdivided into 85 foot lota placed on the market at $15 per front foot up, and will Include all treet work. sriaer-raD-s, sewers and water mains. There win be a building restriction of $1000 upon each lots and permission will be granted to buyers to erect temporary structure on tha back half of their lots. in speaking of the Syndicate" plans, V. iVT. Morehouse, manager of the sales department, stated that it Is the inten-tii.ii to gai this property on the market wit'.iln the next sixty days If the weather per-r.i: H. "There has been a steady demand In our office for moderately priced properties," said Mr. Morehouse, "and the Frenjont traot property is Intended to meet this demand." Mr. Morehouse states that February was one of the best' months the Realty Syndicate has bad for a long time. traders wil soon be at work On Pied mont Manor, a new tract In Piedmont, viiich will be placed for sale some time in the month of June. I i 'tis Fifty-second 'er.tKorf b. $750. seenoe, 235 feet strata Jtcx Watt, aJterattona. 1370 Sixteenth street ; $H2. T. K. 'Woodman. 2 -story S room flata, north slda AtilnKton avenue, CO feet west of Oenoa street; $30 Joha C. Fredariokson. 4-story CTToora apartment, east Bide Alice, street, 650 feet south of Nineteenth; 119.500. Ja. Oog-arao, alterations, 701 Filbert street; $iso. H. B. AyTaa, 8-story 165-room apartment hotel, northwest corner Oak anl Fourteenth streets; $HW.(iO0. Ja. 0. Taylor, reshrnfUnf, 1T10 TTebster street; $'0. O. Villiaana, 1-atnry 4-reon flweltlna-- noeTh tdg Mathw street. feet east of -Yleg; 3frj, Jh 1K.' ! j PAHK ADDITIONS 7.S11 j i cno fii nnirnn fUll nLnfilLUn yvo czjt s&Q 01 Hfl 14TH IMPH Big Apartment Hotel Viil Be Erected by Dr. R. B. Ayres Costing Over $100,000. TIIH TRIErN'H presets today n illustration showirnr the etremt south ern exposure of a magnificent apartment hotel to be bu'lt on the northwest cor- ner of Oak and Fourteenth streets. The plans call for fifty-one housekeeping apartments ana twenty cafe-service apartments. The main court entrance Is' formed by a terrace garden of three levels with a large lily pond and raised 'terrace over looking1 the same. One enters the building through an Ornate Caen stone vesti'oule Into a larsre lounge room which, with the offtoe anl elevator approaches will be designed 1 the French renaissance style. All liv ing rooms placed In the best positions for sun and view with Individual porches , . . . , connected by French doors. A large cafe ar.J bi'.'.Iard room Mil! he placed In the basement with direct -entrance from the court as wTl as from the corridors. The basement will a!so contain etore rooms, Janitor and engineer apartments, pressure system for fire and water service, beatinp; plant, laundry and steam clothes driers, tradesmen's entrance, etc. The building will have twenty-eight open porches and balconies arid a recess lorjrla opening- from the main corridor on each floor. The roof p.irJen will contain a larfre Boclaj hall with dumb waiter service from the kitchen of the cafe, also a pergola designed In the Spanish style overlooking- the Inks on.l Piedmont hill?. The seventy-one apartments are ar- range1 in four, three, two and one-room apartments, most of them containing a ' . . . . v, i well arranged nressirur room with full , , . . ,1 . . ., length mirrors in wardrobe doors. The wail finish Is desltrped to meet the most expctir.g taste. The best apartments will be In six different styles end furnished to sr.lt prospective tenants. The building is designed for Dr. R. B. Ayers by Architect Charles "W". McCall, and is to cost $102, 0CK), .exclusive of furnishing. BIG BHK II PERMIT LIST During the rast week four big building permits were applied -for at the board of puhllo works, representing: an aggregate value of $305,000. The more important In the list is the four-story class A emporium to be erected on the east side of Clay street' with frontages on Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, the deep basement jtt for which is now being excavated. This buiidng Is scheduled In the records of the board to cost $400,000. R. B. Ayres applied for a permit for a four-story, lHo-room apartment hotel to be erected on the northwest corner of j Oak and Fourteenth streets, to cost $100,000. John G. Frederlckson put In an er plication for a permit to erect a four-story sixty-seven room apartment houe on the east side of Alice street, f,0 feet south of Nineteenth street to cost $19,500. The Lewis Erothers application for a permit to erect the three-story brick building- for stores and rooming house on the southwest corner of Franklin and Xlnth streets, tho contract for which Is now being carried out by Percy J. Walker a.nd the concrete basement walla for which are in course of construction. The cost of this building is -set at $i-0,000. T Mr 111 M m ef ii,n.a h h ij-i: -3 rri u&-''vr. is . it v m i-i-i f ; 'iritJn? m -m i;-v:'ii-w t-.'-i i ---- CZoi: tCi : : : Masonic Hall to be erevrriM at finlrien late to cost SIG OOOl I n. -4." BIICiLL FflH' GOLDEN CITE Three-Story Structure to Be Erected at Fifty-Fifth and San Pablo Avenue. The Bay Th-w Masonic; Hall Association, an orjrani-i'lr.n corrmt.sed entirely r-f memliers rf Pay Vlw fxriijo JCo. 4?1, j r' i and A. M.. cf G'Men (Sate, lias rieen formed for the Tmrnose of erei-tin? a Masonic hall on the northwest corner of itlty-flfth Rtroot and San Psblo avenue, on a lot 45x94. which will be entirely covered bv the three-story b".ild-irxr which it has decided to erect. Flans for the structure have boon prepared. The external design will be of the Spanish Kenaissanca style of architecture, the walls, excepting that on the i north property line (which will tie a ro'i)rhl,rii'k firewa'.n, will be metal latbMan.l cement piastered and the roof wif be tiled. Vhe ground floor will contain two ro:nonious stores, in trie upper stones (thrN will be a loclKe 'room 42x44 feet en.braciiitr two stories In its rreierht. Thlf lodxe-room will accommodate from lol to 200 porsns. Theremainder of the two upper stories will be stiKiivi.le-1 so as to contain a lir-rary, reception 1 all. In abolition to the customarv lodirr) ante-rooms. The banquet hall will be "J" shaped, the main part bei:i 23x43 feet, and the "I" extension 15xlt feet. . It will seat about 1 persons. The bunjintr will cost, outside of the fiiiTiiahlng, approximately $16,000. Construction will '( started within the next six months.. Tie site-Is tituated in the verv center of the VodJen (Jatd shopping district. Bay View I.o.ltje .o. 401. F. and A- M-. for wnose use the Masonic hall is to be specially erected. Is onlv two and one-hfilf years nil, but H now has a. membership of nr., only a few of whom are affiliated nu-r.-ibeis. The Pay View Mnsonlo Hail Association officers consist of the following: J. H. IJ. Mii'ker-ie, pr-s-ider.t: James IT. itoj-er, vice-president; H. .C. Baker, sec-ret'irv. lircctors 1 V. Potter. O. II. Baker. T. It. TiMey. C. H. Whitten, li. Brittingham. There are E'sns of an Important movement in the commission trade on the South -'.le tiiroii;!i the deeding by Judge W. T. Harris and wife of five lors in block 12 of the lOUeri-berger map on March 1, to the Western Trading Company, a San Francisco commission house, located at !1J isnnsoraa Btreet. One of the lots is at .he s-outhwest corner of Madison and ?ecoud streets. Laving a frontags of 2o feet un Madison and TT. feet -on teoud s-rei-t;. two other lots iie loj fuet west of Madison, fronting on the south fcida ef eSecord Mtrex-t, and the remaining two lie on tho west iJe cf Madison street 50 fc-t Koutn of Second street. The terms of tiitt transfers' are reserved, but it Is subject to a mortgage of J 45'JO- The purpose of the Western Trading Company In making the purchase has not yet been revealed, but the 'presumption is reasonable that the property has been bought for comrner- cm I uses and its final employment eh a Uiy- riutiut; utrl-iUL. 11 s tun ' eiuein i located to the Oakland lock Company's wharves and lb:!? mldwav between ti: tracks of the Southern Pacific and the Western Pacific Companies. About two years ateo nine Italian firms dealing in garden truck located on the north side of .Second street, east eif Harrison, and at that, time - it looked as if a. rival Johiing aud commission market to the Kleventh street commission market, between Webster and Harrison streets, had been established. Sine:e then, however, ail save one firm have Gloved elsewhere. One remains and Is doing a thriving hus'.ncsi. for tho locality, is 1 Meu for that class of business, and the "Western Trading- Company has apparently clipcoverett that fact, hence its purchase of the property on Madison and Second St reef INVESTMENT 111 QIMTH Slim I (IT? UUU I II UiUL LU iU Dtirlnir the past three or four woek thre hnsi been quite a noticeable movement In realty in the southeast corner of the Stxth ward, namely, in the territory llng south of Seventh street and east of Broadway, several transfers of realty having taken p'ace In that quarter during that perlol. Three transfers of property have occurred on the south side of Fourth street, cna 25x100, 7". feet- west of Franklin, another 2,'xlOO, 75 feet east of Harrison street, the latter bringing $6000 and establishing a frontage vnluo of $240 per foot, and a deed was recorded this week front Kiel KviivH to Walter Morgan of the W. Morgan Co., a San Francisco heating and ventilating firm, of a lot 60x100 12C feet west of Webster street, the terms being private. 2ND AXD JIADISON Tit A X S FTC KS. Deed were also recorded durlnfr tho week from Judge W. T. Harris and wife to the Webster Trading company, a Pan Francisco commission firm, conveying: title to five lots located at and near the southwest corner of Madison and Second street on private terms. On this property are several shacks of no value save for firewood. The property transferred is subject to a first mortgage of $3000 and a second mortgage of $1300. On the same day a deed was recorded from W. T. Harris and wife to the Western Trading company conveying title to a lot 37.6x120 on th,e south side of "Thirty-fifth 100 feet east of Market, subject to n mortgage cf $1500. It is niite evident from these two transactions that the San rFan-eisoo commission oompnnj' has secured sites for wrtrehouKH or distributing: depots, for the Madison end Second street lots are conveniently located to tho Oakland Dock company's wharves and to tho tracks of tho Southern Pacific on First street, and those of the Western Pacific on Third, while the Thirty-fifth street lot is eji favorably located to the Santa Fe riailrond company's freight tracks. Tha lot bought bv Walter Morgan on the south sid of Fourth street near Webster is also to be utilized for warehouse purposes, probably by the W. Morrran Co. On. the fsouJheast corner of Fourth and Webster the Scott's Kxpress is building lartre strbies and wagon sheds on a lot 105x100 to house Its live and rolling stock. SlfiXIITCAN'CF: OF THFJ CHAXOE. These recent transfers of realty and changes of its uses in this section of t.uB city indicate that it Is rapicllv passing Into the ttfces for which it is naturally fitted and that its peculiar adaptability for warehousing- ami for distributing depots has been finailv discovered by those engaged In such lines of business. REALTY SUES MMll . una ill McTfenry ft Kaiser report sales made i ir ir.e nrst two weeks of March as follows; , Ixit 25x75 on the cast side of Webster i street, between Seventh and Eighth, from luniiue uumcy to Jonn Smith, at $."00 per front foot. Home corner Oakland avenue and Boni-ta, Ijavid McKay to George Warner. $7000. I-ot In Alta Piedmont. Xeedham to Smithson, purchaser to build at jonce. $2300. ' r l ake Shore avenue, lot from Charles ChriFtianeen to William H. McIonald $2500. Home, Blair ayenue. Piedmont, Cora M. Lewis to William li. Staltfeld, $0000. Three acres Foothill boulevard, F. J. Wry-idward conit.any to Foreste Icuel f2:,oo. Two and one-half acres, F. J. Woodward company to Panoramic way (George i-.ee), $1000. Tlirce acres on Foothill boulevard to WHllam Walters, $2'J00. Lot for William Chamberlain to W. M. Ellsworth In Central Oakland tract, $1200. . Uilman to William Converse, Lake Slinre avenue lot, $:'60O. I't on Wif-kson: a venue fretrn'Eva Tork-er .) AV'ilharn Converse, $2j"0; to build at j n co. Lot on Wickson avenue from John Smith to C. 10. Rleser, $2o00. John Smith to C. K. Rieser, Montecello avenue, Piedmont,1 $1750. Jfihn Smith to Rebecca Weill, lot on corner Walker avenue and Wickson avenue. $26f,0. " Ix)t on corner Wickron avenue and Warfield, from Mrs. Brown to Lillian Friedman, $2650. House from William Converse to Mc-Kenzie. L.Ike Shore avenue, $7o00. Leit fr.m John Smith to J. T. Francis. Wickson avenue, $"."iO0. DPU hul i rj mmmni - glu mi uu r ad. . C- nam v i Mi III IJLJ iT rZJm oOTo ft in rrzn:; f h""i jr" ". ! W JriijM j . & . Jm-JXmSMiirJiil ssssatassx ' ." ' I'liiil'ii" TiTT iim' tf J (j , , , a - - - fin - L'rf , i---- -jj 1 y- l Front elevation of the A. D. Wilson block to be erected on the south side of Fourteenth street adjoining First Methodist Church property to cost S50.C00. Murdock 8c Smith, architects. - Percy J. Walker, contractor. Leased to Busey & Mihan. L ESTSTE TiHCTUS Gleanings From the Records cf Oifice of County Recorder During Week The f.llr.wlnjt pleanlnps from the records of I the County Keenrflrr sliove the trend or ac'.nuy in realte traalns. a siietion or rtcuj -lis nnt the Talne of money l..neJ on real estate during the we-lc enriinj Thursday: TRAJiSTEBS. W. T. Itarris an.1 wife ro Wester Trafltng Company, l.rt !!7 il20 on south slda of llilrty-ffh street, lf0 feet .east of Market street; consideration nominal. etioi no O. Marlelnnon to R. R. " orts, lot l(M'tx30" on the northwest side e.f Tenth avenue. 170 f-et sont Invest of I'.ast Twenty eighth street; consideration nominal. Plorenoe ('. Kurrell to California Piilldlni Cornpanr, lot 50ill3 on the west slle of Webster street, f.i.'Ht feet south of Merrlmac piece; coritlerntlon notuinsl. Grace W. I'.urrel! fn Cnllfortila Btiil'llnc Conipar.r, lot 20ilfl.l.'7.J. on the west sloe of Vebster street, 118..V) feet south cf Merri-Disc place: 1fo. lot on the north side of Park ereniio. OS.O feet west of Halieck street, Em-ersTille; consideration n'smlnsl. W T Harris and wife to Western Trading Comptiny. lots 12. 13, 15. 17 and IS, In block 12. or Kellersnerger s mttp oi uh:iiju, ".n,i'.-eration roniKjal. Sorah I. and Fred P. Cowen tn Ilattle E. Ccwea. undivliied one half interest in lot SI. Hi 1d0 on tne wet si b) of Grove street. 411 feet north cf Nineteenth s'net; consideration nominal. Mllos Mltroc Oopleei-le to Pw1ht B. Huntley, lot iiiuxltOO at the Intersection of 'lent irrnt with the southwestern line of F.ast Txventy-eia-hth street; cousideraflon nonulnnl. Maud, May and Roland Mnnro to John Vool-ler. lot iioxlSO on the east side of Telegraph avenue. 11.1. IS fet south of Chinning way; consideration nominal. Mary Hurke to JJzsJe T. Arer. lot 2Hi0.m on the eyst side of Wood street. oVl.Ti feet south of Atlantic street; consideration nominal. . K. F. Card and wife to Maria K. and Ce-rge MeCrs, lots p. 17, 21. 27 and SO in Luke Sliore Park Heights; co:iuiderat ion nominal. ii. S. Kergan and wife and Marie R and Cfynin Mitlf-i to tl. y. I'ard and vffe, lots in, '.'o. 2b. ;;i and ,12 in Lake Sh.rt Park lie'sl'ts t'S' t; c -jiis;,. rail.n romlnal. II. B. Kergan and wife tu Mail K. McCrea. lots (1. 8. 6. 21 and 22 In .ake Shore Park lleltrhts tract; consideration nomlral. Marie E. and George McCrea To Florence P. Avnn. lot 22 in lake Shore l'ark Heights tract; consideration noi-.lnal. J:iiur KIsMok to (.'. C. Ttrlden and T. L Hebir, lot no. on the north side of T'nl versity av-nue. feet vrt e-f hlxth afr.et, lierkeley; coT.vlderi t Ion nofnitiat Genrfco Ilut'oti tiiiion to Fri-derlck R. rente, bit Wjisi .m the ens! aids of Collere arenue, p'.' f.-r ii.M-i h ..f Kerl.y street. l;rkeey; cm-slderiif t.ti nominal. I i.derti-k It'. i'eaVe and wife to Oeoriee T. Clow, lot 'SmiHO on the east side of ( ..llejie a venue, Jfin feet north of lierby street, Horke ley; consideration notnlnnl. rfzatjeth A. Stanford to F.niHe Cohen and wife, lot 111.r".3.1 on the south slle ef Kim Arnod Bvciiue at its Intersection with the eat mboundory line of Elmwood Or'-hard traot, lierkeiey; cnn.1denition jioniinal. Jane I'. Stack to I., tinlipn-e, and wife, lot 'jil.W on the west able of Tenth street, 12.1 fe-t north .f (irajson street, Herkeley; con-i-ler.-il i, u nominal. i. el!:o Wlnaiis I.ubbo'k to Isnl.elle nuteher. lot 1.1"4o on the southwest crner of Santa t'l.'ira avenue and (iratid tieet,A lameda; con- siiJeia; ion, n"lllfllMl. Mary J. Humphreys to Ge..ri;o If. Derrick. lot otmleO ou the norih aide of Smleetifh street. ,11 feet east , of Jeffis"u: r-ouob-ration, nominal; bur subjeH t. $l,O(.'0 mortsiiKS. Georp II. Perrlek and wife to Oeoree V. Howe!!, nudlvlded oi.e-half interest in lot bOilK) on the coithHlde of sixteenth street, SO feet east of Jelferson; consideration, noinltisl; but subject to $t").ui tnorlenue. (ieorpe V. Acntln ami wife to Paniel Wll-llfitus. lot on the south i-ldo of Ma'her street, lU'.s f. ef fi-oru A'i.-w stre,-. beinu t -rthoi of lot 1 In blo.-k I. IlijManil 'iv,rii.e tract; -on-t.i!-i at ion mi uah J. A. X(arhaU ai.d 'f. fo W. H. Nblids, lit 3S 4iU( ., i the south so!.- t.f Haste street. 4 feet from the west line of I'.ouUit. b street, lleikeley; eorsbb-rat io:i, iiomiiiMl. J -eph T. Ilitit-h atid wife and William F. Voary and wife to Oscar llmlton. lot 2.1il01 oti ti-.e northeast corner of Twenty fourth and f.lh-dun Elf'-H; cofslderai ton, no'tiluiil. (isesr Ib-dson and wife to A'lgua'a A. Clow, lot 2". x-101 on tt,e northeast corner of Twenty l.fll.IU .;.! llirrillj C'.(ol'l"l ' 1"U, JJ' 111' inal. C. C. Younff and wife to Elmer I. Rowell and wife. Irf 10. block 7. Shaw met. and blocks 4. 6. 7. s ami 9. rte-keley: consideration, notnlnal. Msrv Tliotnan to Klizab-th 1!. Olsen, lot .12i.li on the ea-'t side of Grant street. 2.'!H S feet rorfh of Itwigl.t way, be-leley; consideration, non.lnal. William F. Neirr and wife to Ktliel C. fiwan. lot .'t'J.Ovlon on the north able of Forty-third street, 2"d.S east rf Meat street; subject to deed of trust of 21'iO; Consiilcratlori, notnlnal. Zebb Knott ard wife to Arthur A. Swan ami -wife, lot BT.'.tluO on tint south aids of Korty-alrrh street 240 feet csst of l.lnden consideration, nominal. A. A. Hwati and wife fo Nelatro Uenderson, same property; same eoos'deratton. AGREEMENTS TO BELL. ETnily T.ulalia and George Waiden ffunes to Ilertiert I'.eckwlth and wife, lot a2.t!xllfl on th northwest fide of Mreteenth uveuue. it;7.fl feet northeast of Twenty. fourth street, for ?2"io, J.'. n A. Bischoff and wife to Mrs. Mary E. Puroiiao .Murrae. let 4ut1i r. on iho west aide i f M'-ji.llao aTeiiue, 37 feet south of Bay View svenue, for f toco. Helle K. Harrow with Roy C. Gunn, lot 81x100 on the northwest side ef Manila sseuae l.'.a 7 feet southwest from tha southwest corner ol iladsaa itrawtjanl Mantis enocXoj200, BIG REALTY DEAL IS! COLLEGE If I Another Worth Berkeley Tract to Be Subdivided; Elks to Build a Hall. BKRICELEV, March 1?. Two Import anf transactions of the week in r!erkiy realty were the salo of a tract BdJoiriliT Thousand Oaks. In North Berkeley, bv Frank J. Woodward to a syndicate of Pcrke-ley dealers, arid the transfer to the Perkeley F.!ks" lodge of a site for the or-' dor's proposed new building on Allston way near Mtlvla street. The consideration In the Woodward sale was $100.-000, but no figure Is named In connection with the other deal. It Is unelerstood that W. K. Woolsey, who Is a member of the Klks' lodge, made an offer most advantageous to the.FTlks. The tract which Woodward disponed of Is to be called Perkeley park and Is to be subdivided at once Into lots 50x120 fef. The land lies between Cerrito park and a tract disposed of by Woodward on the north two weeks fi toK Kngineers have already begun laying out the tract. This is the second tract that Woodward I.9ts4 disposed of In the same locality within Sk" fortnight. The sita sold to the Elks will be on the southwest corner of AMMon way and Henry "street when the latter Is extended. The poatoffice site adjoining; was sold to the government for $.10,000. The proposed $100,000 Klks' building: nd the federal structure will be located midway lielweon Siiattuck avenue bthI the city hall and high school building, and almost opposite the park which the city proposes to purchase In front of tho cltv hall. Tlie prospect of a civic crnter In Brtrtc-eley j one that pleases the real estate men, who se widespread advantage ln btu-h municipal improvements. Another step In the completion of the now $S,OJ0"0 suburban and ferry service) which the 'Southern l"a ltio is Installing in P.orkeley was the le-ttlna; of the contract Wednesday for a terminal station of classic design t Norihbrae, In North jb rltelty, to bo elected at a cost of $10,- The station will be loe-sted near the eit. le and will serve as a station for .1 ho rifi.le.ts st Northbrae, Thousand Oaks and Craijinoiit tracts. The site is st "Tho Alameda" acd Solano svciiiie. The time liti.1t for the construction of the station lias been sit at June 10. Two months later It Is expected that the road will lie rieaiitig completion. August II. I suit and Francis K. tstbrti with Jautes Petiniston and wife, lot 40xlm on the nortbslde of S.xty fimf ir et, 12) feet east of Lbaiinlng w sy, for ..(iW.i. K0HT0A0F.8. pwlsrht B. Ilntitley and wife to Osklsnd Hunk of r'svim;.. lot H-.'Ox.H.'U) at tie Inlers-ci ion of Tcotti avenue wit'l tb' southwest lino of l.Hi-t Tw l-llt f iietitti alrert; !.'. Mlt). Arnold V.. Needbnm sod wife fo Frank M. Wilson, et 2 feel if lot 7, all lo.a H to 11 inclusive and lot l:i block 8, lot I! block let 14 block 2o, lots fj to 11 Ini-lusUe, ! iri feet of lot 6, at Icf lota HI. 14 and 11 block 21, ail of lota 1 to 11 Ini-lustre si d Iota 14, i i. 2s and Ho block 22, map Matthews tract, Jler k'-l.-y ; 118.600. BEI.ZA6F9. Hl!erntg Parings and Jxan Boeiefy to Piedmont lfc elopnient Cotnpsny, sll of block K. lots 2 to H liii lu.il e and 1.1 In block F and lots 1, 2 and U In bbx-k 1, piedmont park trsrt; $21.i Kitl. hiinii of Christ "f Oakland, fo Americas Missionary Sl"lr. lot 14"xl07. on the .outti. .est ci.rner of errand and Webater street; $l't,- cs III. cieorge H. Perrlek and Georue W. Howell to Henry F. Friiiolc. lot fHnnsi. on the iimi-iIi side of Sixteenth street, fy fe. t east of J. f . feron: $1J.ota. lortiiel Wliliama and wife to Llewellyn Ilugh.s, lot on the sotilh side of Matm-i street, 1,14. HH feet from View street, h-lns; is.rtloii of lot . block I. In Highland Tirst truct; $s.CK). for fle years at H per rent. William J. Schmidt to Oakland Ilat.dk ft riar. Insi, lot on the soufheaaf corner of f-STetiili sod IlDndwsy. 125 feet front on semfi si-la of Ke-enrh and .In feet on east side of llroad-way. Oakland: also Jots J to 11 Inclusire a'ol 2. to In.-loslre Iri block do of tract n ot the H. L. T. I. Association. Ilerkeley ; fSitiKn. Piedmont Pevelopnient i otnprnr to Flora It .Ma. T.eruiof . larire number of I, is 1 lo.i. tract, i2S.x,o for two years at rt per cut n-t. isr c ut ii. t. i. Mu-:;( Klaiid Vl",4 . .....uu. .s'-i urn ana wire to John I poriiou or lots 2o, 2, sd 27 lu Os ii-uuesicsa Aasewiailou tract: 11 -7.'i tr. year at 7 per rent res. RELEASES Oak. and Rank of Kavtni; to Clittrch of oc?"".'"' WTrt 'w t of 19 '" H of l .t A In Bon l.-var Terrace tract; 7uai n VV. I"" nl Tltist Company to J. r-TO ,lj ue' ,ot 3 ia tij c,rjM tr",,,i Ulbertilas Savings ami Tan cefy te Kate "ya. lot 200x27'ixlOOi;(,iTltku1:i.1, on tbs ' ulh aid of haniiiiiir way, ,o feet wett of lejearrsi.u averne. Kcrkeley; J2,(.tt. Mart ha E. Alexander t Ferr.er.arook rel-optati.t Ci.tnpanr tract, containing 121 acrea ln . nd U. Peralta rsncho; $10 000 Tbe III hernia Bsrtngs and In Hocictr of Ban Frsnelscfl to Tledmont . PeTeloptnent Com. panr. a.l of bloc. K and' certain lois io blocj., , r sad Una Weslanoot' Farkr tratt -l6,0on, ,'5s A

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