The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1891
Page 5
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THE CITY ELECTION. A delegate convention of the Republicans of Algona was hold at the court house hall last Saturday evening, in accordance with the call published last week. C. M. Doxsee was elected chair* man of the meeting and J. W. Bnrtlett secretary. The result of the convention was the following ticket, which was elected straight, with one exception: For mayor L. A. Sheete, for treasurer C£ M. Doxsee, for solicitor S. S. Sessions, for assessor G. It. Lamson. After the Republican ticket had been arranged the Democratic blow-out was called to order in the auditor's office and D. S. Ford was nominated for treasurer, J. W. Sullivan for solicitor, and C. D. Pettibone for assessor. There being no democrat resident within the incorporation big enough to run against Dr. Sheetz no nomination for the office of mayor was made. All the Democrats voted for the Doctor and he managed to wiggle through. A better selection for Mayor could not have been made. Not only was the honor unsought, but it was feared that he would not accept the nomination. His conduct of the office will bear out the wisdom of the nomination. Below we give the election returns by wards. nt and made telling speeches. With uch consecrated men as these, and many others, working in this cause, acked by thousands of the best busi- icss men of both Europe and America, vs well as the ministers and Christian eople everywhere, this comparatively new institution is bound to be one of he greatest christianixers of the age. Imall towns all over the state, as well ,s the larger ones, are taking hold of his work and making a pleasant, lome-like place for the boys. Where t is run on business principles it is no more a question of experiment. Shall we of Algona be behind in this matter? The weather is fine in this part of he state; there has been some rain ince I came here. No snow in this ection now. Respectfully, D. D. TOWNSEND. iurlfngton, iowa, Feb. 23, igni. CANDIDATES. Mayor— L. A. Sheet/ ... Scattering City Sollcitor- S. S. Sessions ... J.W. Sullivan .. Treasurer— O.M, Doxsee— D.6. Ford Assessor— G. H, Lamson .. C. 1). Pettibone 105 79 . <tr 130 51 8C 100 38 105 30 400 107 216 270 MO 208 07 A. \V. Moffatt 57 K. J. Gilmore ;jl FOU ALDERMEN. First Ward— Second Ward- Win. Cileary 4(! S. Benjamin 41 0. Hyson 22 Tliird Ward- C. H. BlosSom 55 Fred Dormoy 24 Tom Henderson .. .. i Fourth Ward— H. A. Clock 83 F. E, Smith 51 T. H. Lantry y The election makes but one change in the city council. Mr. Cleary succeeds Mr. BIossooi in the first ward while Mr. Blossom, who has lately moved over into the third ward, succeeds Mr. Dormoy from that ward. The attitude of the council on the well matter will thus remain unchanged The election is a complete vindicatioi of the outgoing administration, ant we take the election as another evidence that public sentiment has beer all along right where we said it was—with the council. An amusing incident of the election was Mr. Pettibone's manifesto to the Democrats that /he would not figure as a candidate foi the office of assessor on a "mongrel' ticket. This announcement 'was made by means,of handbills and issued a the ninth hour, leaving the party of Thos. Jefferson and J. W. Ilinchoi without a candidate for the office o: .•assessor. State Convention Y. 11. C. A. . Editor JRcpullicun: If you will per mit me to use a few lines in your col urons, I would like to speak of an or .gauization which is.perhaps second to none., outside of the evangelical church as a civilizer and christianize!*. I refei to the Young Men's Christian Associa tion. This organization has just clos ed its 21st annual state convention ii this city. There are today in Iowa 25 earnest Christian young men who are spending all their time and energy trying to up lift the fallen and christianize non Christian young men. There are al ready completed or in process of con struetiou, live Y. M. C. A. building which will cost not less than $300,OOC when completed. There are about 2( associations in the state with a mem bership of about 13,000 young men, bu there are in the state of lowatoda; 250,000 young men, 90 per cent, o whom belong to neither church or Y M. C. A. Thousands of these ar away from fathers and mothers and ex posed to all kinds of temptations. It is the special object of this iustitu tion to make pleasant places for, and endeavor to christianize these unfortu nates. It is doing a wonderful work in this direction in this country and Eu rope, and within the last few yean many are being organized, and doing excellent work in heathen lands. To day there is scarcely a city of any im portance in this country which does not have one of these associations hence, a home where every young man is welcomed, regardless of his condit ion. It has been a great pleasure fo: me to have the privilege of attending this convention. It convened Wed nesday, February 18th and closed Sun day, Feb. 22nd. There were in attend ance over three hundred young men nearly all from abroad. It is almost a waste of time and material to say tha we were royally entertained. The citi zens took great pains to make our stay pleasant. The ladies of the churche prepared a banquet for us. Prof Towner and wife, of Northfield, Mass, made the music a special feature o the meetings and drew great crowds tc hear them. John V. Farwell, th merchant king of Chicago; state secre tary of Ohio, S. D. Gordoa; Interna tional college secretary, of New York J. R. Mott, formerly an Iowa boy, an< international railroad secretary, o Cheyenne, C. L. Gates, were all prea A Cough Syvnp That, Can lie Kollcd Upon. Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup gives wotv dtrful satisfaction wherever it is tried. It Hays irritation of the throat and hronch- al tubes, makes expectoration easy, and relieves all soreness of tho lungs and chest. Every bottle is warranted to give satisfaction. Price 25c, 50c, and $1 per >ottle. The larjte bottles are cheapest. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 10 23 Sheetz issues regular Co's guarantee . to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erud. Headache is the direct result of indiges ;ion and stomach disorders. Remedy these •y using DeWitt's Little Earlv Risers and pour headache disappears. The favorite "ittle pill everywhere. Sold by Sheetz. Organs. L. Lessing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf The "Mother's Friend." Not only shortens labor • and lessens pain attending it, but greatly diminishes the danger to life of both mother and child if used a few months before con finement. Write to The Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further par ticulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheetz and F. W. Dingley. 21-35 New spring goods at Galbraith's. DeWitt's Little Early Risers; only pil for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so good. Sola by Sheetz. Galbraith's $2.25 ladies bright dongola shoes are as good as other $3 shoes. Constipation poisons the blood; DeWitt's Little Burly Risers cure constipation. The cause removed, the disease is gone—Sheetz Those new wide Henrietta silk dress goods in all colors are very fine, at Galbraith's. THE COUNTY NEWS. Dress making and stamping done to order. Southeast part of town. 22-25 MBS. WM. CLEARY. Hudson & Shadle. Fine cabinets, family groups, pictures. Work alway first class. baby Teachers' Department. {5r*OomnHinications for this Department are earnestly solicited 1'roir the teachers. * -.-All correspond enco or the KKgtmucAN should reach this office not later than Tuesday evening. Plea«e bear •ls In mind, All communications to the HRMJHUOAN— ' deluding news letters-must bfi signed by the aiithot 1 to Insure publication. WHITTJKIWOKE. Special Correspondence. March 8.— The Catho- ic mission closed Sunday. A large attendance and interesting meetings were reported. A concert was given by a blind gentleman at the school house last evening Mr. Booth, our druggist, has put in a stock of groceries and will now sell groceries as well as drugs. Dedicatory services were held at the Lutheran church last Sunday, morning and afternoon. The pastor preached a sermon in English in the afternoon, which was much enjoyed by his hearers Ed Goetsch attended the I. O. G. T. annual district meeting at Eagle Grove Friday and Saturday. N. L. Cotton is on the sick list. W. Carlisle is erecting a large barn on his farm north of towe. Miss May Ilotelling, on account of ill health, is spending a few days at home. The Lutherans met last Sunday and bade good bye to the school house, in which they have so long held their meetings. They will hereafter worship in their own beautiful church, C. B. Paul, our school principal, is reported on the sick list. The printer made us say last week that Maud Thompson married Doc Coleman, when it should have read Doc Soloman. \V. Koetey has his restaurant on Main street in running order. Mr. and Mrs. Sporan, after a six mouths' sojourn in our town, have returned to Euthven, their former home. Mr. Farley has a new tinner. Hope "Templar," of Bancroft, will write again. LOTTS CKKEK. Special Correspondence. LOTTS CREEK Twi>., Mar. 3.— P. J. Walker was around Monday putting up the notices for the township meeting to be held in the "Walker schoolhouse. Patrons should turn out and decide the question of text book uniformity. Miss Nora O' Brien closed her school for a few days last week to attend the Catholic mission in Whittemore. W. L. Hall was seen in our vicinity buying cattle. Miss Mollie Buttler began her school Monday, in the north part of Palo Alto County. Will Oliver's baby girl is very sick with a cold. They fear she will have the lung fever. ; Sam Scott was elected school director in district No. 5. light and was buried on Sunday. lie was About &5 years old and was one of ;he early settlers of Fenton. The fam- ly has the sympathy of a large circle of friends. Jodie Petitt in moving a cake of ice Saturday slipped and fell, the ice fall- 'ng on his leg bruising it badly. J. M. JIaun moves onto his own farm n Burt this week. We are sorry to ose him from Fenton, but what is our os8 is Hurt's gain. Lewis Ilabel moves onto the Buell farm this week. A SUGGESTION. A large number of sub-directors have signed a petition for county uniformity of text-books, but we find there are not quite as many signatures as the new law requires. Those who were familliar with the work done in the country schools eight years ago, before Mr. Wilkinson—then County Superintendent—secured a uniformity of text-books, and are familliar with the work done there to-day, will not hesitate to say that one of the prime causes .of the vast improvement found there has been this same uniformity. And this might still continue were it not that the Boards in some townships are already changing because they feel that better books are made now than were made eight years ago, and that they can be bought for less money. We believe in uniformity of textbooks for Kossuth county. We believe that better results will be obtained from uniformity than from non-uniformity, and we suggest that the Boards of Directors wait another year before changing books. By that time other counties will have tested the new law, and we believe our own sub-directors will have seen the need of signing the required petition, thus giving the people a chance to express an opinion by ballot on this important subject. BERTHA CAREY, Co. Superintendent. Will some of the algebraists of this county arise and give us the solution of the following: x2 + y = n. x + y2 = 7. Find the value of x and y. Inspection will readily give us the answer. Solve according to simultaneous quadratic equations. Ye Normalites, come forth and show yourselves. TO BE SURE ! WE HAVE ON HAND Warranty Deed blanks .................... «i oo QuitOlaJm Ooed blanks ................... i oo Lease blanks .......................... i oo Real Estate Mortgage blanks ............. i oo Chattel Mortgage blanks ............. 50o@l 00 Satisfaction of Mortgage blanks ............ i oo Original Notice blanks .............. aoc ® 1 00 Teacher's Contract blanks .................. i oo Teacher's Report blanks .................... i oo Teacher's Term Report Cards .............. i oo Laud Contract blanks .......... . .......... i oo Contract for Bulldlue School House blanks i 00 Notice of Trial blanks .................... 50 Probate of Will blanks ...................... 50 Tax Bale Notice blanks ..................... 50 Petition blanks .......................... too A few District Townfblp Wanks ........ 25 ® 50 Notes (bound In books) each .............. so Other forms made to order. We also do all kinds of Job prlntlug. Address, THE REPUBLICAN, Algoaa, Iowa. BURT, Special Correspondence. BuBT,MarcU3.—The quarterly meeting will be held next Friday and Saturday. Preaching each evening. Quarterly conference Saturday at 2 p. m. Archie Foster has moved onto the Arnold farm. Hugh McDonald, who has been on the place the past year and more, returns to the old home place. Six cars of coal were sold out in one week here by one firm. BUFFALO FORK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOKK, Feb. 27.—The foundation of the new creamery was laid last Saturday. It is to be completed by the first of April. The church will be dedicated the 8th of March. Come one come all. About thirty friends of Mr. Fowler spent a very pleasant evening at his house Saturday evening, it being his birthday. He received a very nice easy chair. John McCowin's house burned. Wednesday morning. DKDICAT1ON AT BUFFALO FORK. The Doan Memorial M. E. church will be dedicated Sunday, March 8th. The dedicatory sermon will be delivered by Elder Black or Rev. Luce, who, with other ministers will be present. A cordial invitation is extended to all friends of the cause. Ample entertainment provided for all from a distance. Service at 11 a. m. OKKMAN. Special Correspondence. GEKJIAN Twr., Feb. 28.—John Rippentrop's infant child, aged five days, died last Tuesday. Funeral services will be held at the Lutheran church next Sunday. Mr. Rippentrops many friends and neighbors desire to express their sincere sympathy for the griet stricken parents. The good people of this township have at last secured a post office of their own and their mail can now be had at Fisher's store, a change much appreciated. Skating is once again in full swing. The Pankuk spelling was well attended and all report a good time. FENTON. Special Correspondence. FJBNTON, March 2.—We are glad to report that Miss Bessie Patterson is getting better. Mrs. F. L. Ranney started last night for Sun Prairie, Wis., to visit her father, Joseph Peck, who is very sick. Miss Edna Tibbetts spent a part of last week visiting to Algoaa. John Stigman died last Wednesday 11ANCKOFT. Special Correspondence. BANCKOKT, Feb. 28.—The Bancroft Public schools will give an entertainment iti the hall on Friday evening, March 6th. The following is a synopsis of the program: Song, by male quartet; ihree declamations by pupils*, oration by principal; hoop drill by a class of ?irls; i'oursets of club swinging; drama "Wide Enough for Two;" song by ladies quartet. Admission 25 and 15 cents. Procedstogo toward the fund to purchase an organ for the school. Come one, come all, and help the good work along.An organ is neededin every graded school. Every effort possible has been put forth to make the entertainment worth the price of admission. Bancroft has become an independent district. A step in the right direction. Select good men on the school board and good schools will be the result. Mr. G. W. Peters returned on Friday from quite an extended trip in the south part of the state. The Catholics have purchased an organ for the new church. The organ will be on hand in time for the Easter services. Bancroft is badly afflicted with an epidemic of the influenza which seems to have a particuar liking for the school children. From 100 to 130 scholars were kept out of school last week on account of the influenza. Mr. Rist's people, of Algona, have been visiting C. W. Goddard's family and other friends of this place. WESLKY. Special Correspondence. WESLEY, March 3.—Geo. Hill, of Hawarden, was here at the funeral of his father, also the rest of the family from other parts of the state. We noticed Joe Iloffer, of Prairie township, moving, Monday; onto his farm over in Hancock county. The billiard hall which was located south of the L. W. Ash , black-smith shop was moved across the street onto the Bacon lot last Monday. The tariff queston was well handled out at the Kernan school house last Monday evening, and it was decided that the tariff side carried. Some talk of more stores starting up in Wesley in the near future. Still there is room. Meetings are held every night at the M. E. church by Elder McBride and we hope that the people will receive much benefit therefrom. Mr. B. B. Daggett, of Mason City, is spending a few days visiting in Wesley. We notice C. E. Olson went east Tuesday, for what we don't know, but something unusual may transpire, he may bring home with him a helpmate, who knows. Gray Bros, are busy buying cattle and hogs at present. Give them a call those that want to sell. The election of Wesley Independent school district will be called next Monday to vote at annual meeting for a new director and transact other important business. Shall we make calculations for an additional teacher and more school room? There is some talk of the Farmers' Alliance buying out the F. M. Butts store. It would be a good plan for them and a help to Wesley. L. R. Hiltz who has been off on a visit to Boone for some weeks, is back again and is the same as usual. OBITUARY. Died, J. V. Hill, of Hancock county, February 28th, aged 74 years, 7 months and 21 days. Deceased was born in Ohio in 1817. In 1855 he moved from his native place to Iowa where he has since resided. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. G. McBride on Sunday at the Wesley M. E. church and the remains were laid away in the Wesley cemetery. There was a large attendance at the funeral. Seldom does a death occur in a community which comes to so many people outside the home circle with such a sense of personal bereavement as did the death of Father Hill. Many a life is pure and good and worthily well beloved in the home whose loss is scarcely felt outside, but the going out from our midst of this strong yet gentle and kind-hearted man comes as a calamity to the whole wide circle of friends and acquaintances with whom his many- sided nature had come in contact. For those who were blessed by the daily sunshine of his presence little can be said. Their sorrow is far too deep for words. But if any human help can reach the hearts bowed down with grief it must surely be the sympathy of other hearts deeply touched by the same sorrow. While Mr. Hill's home was the sacred center of his affections, yet his large and sunny nature overflowed all bounds and bawght sunshine and cheer to many a borne besides his own. And bis life was a living refutation of the idea that an ideal home is not compatible with the largest interest in social life, a keen and intelligent appreciation of the culture and progress of the world, and a practical charity thattoofc cognizance of need and suffering ev* erywhere. The frank, genial face we shall see no more, the generous hand will never again be outstretched to aid and to sotnfort, the sunny heart has passed beyond all claims of friendship and love, but who shall say that he does not still live among us? "Yes, thou shalt be missed because thy seat shall be empty." Olin CLUBBING LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: Des Molnes Hegister $200 Iowa Capital 2 oo towa Homestead 2 40 Sioux City .Journal 2 30 Keoltuk Gate City 2 so Marshalltown Times-Republican ... 2 ir> Omaha Bee 235 Chicago Journal 2 30 Chicago Inter-Ocean 225 Prairie Farmer 225 WesternKural 285 Orange .Tudd Farmer 225 Housekeeper 215 NationalTrlbune \ 2*0 American Economist \ 2 55 Scientific American A 4 05 Llpplncott's Magazliid \ 4 os Deinorest's Magazine A ...305 Harper's Weekly. " Bazar. OBKM EKADlCATOR-PoiUirelf cures All dlgea*e% because it kills the getOa. microbes, and all animalcuUe (In th« humun system). The air InKdled. water drank, vegetables and fruit eaten, are teeming with these to the naked eye imperceptible llttleworms,knoW» by the above names, causing catarrh, <Sonsump- tlon, diabetes. Hrtght's disease, Cdncers.tnmors. Hnd all so-railed incurable diseases, meter known to Ml to care consumption, eiUftrrn,kl(i- ney troubles, syphilis.) Retailed In |2.83.$6»i««« gent anywhere on rect, of prtce, or C.O.D. If *«sired. The Am. Kill & Med. Co, royalty prop*. Spencer, Clay Co.. fa. Sold wholesale and refoll In Algona by Dr. Sheetz, druggist. 20-9-yr 4 4 75 4 fi5 3 05 * 05 75 " Magazine " Young People : . Godey's Lady's Book Home Market Bulletin These rates are given for a lim... riod and will be subject to revision x i.^ time to time. This is only a partial list. Subscribe now. Mrs, Alice Shaw starts soon on her whistling tour aroiind the world. Miss Mabel Stevenson, another well known "siffleuse," as the whistling Btar is now known, has been very ill since her return from abroad, and has been obliged to cancel all her engagements. To and for the People. Do you watt* a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you wasit to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms? Do you want anything in a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult Ii. M. Richmond at the Cora' mercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. Mrs. Elizabeth E. Reed, 'whose new work on Hindoo literature has attracted attention, has been invited to give an address before the American Institute of Philosophy. Mrs. Reed is a prominent member of the Illinois Woman's Press association. Miles. Diane and Hera Cooinaus,daugh- tera of the great Josef Coomaus who died about a year ago, have inherited their father's talent for painting, and have opened a studio in New York, where they do wonderful work on kid and gauze for fane. The receipts during the past year of the northwestern branch of the Woman's Forei.i<ii Missionary society, including the balance of the year before, were $53,836; expenditures, $45,370. Nine hundred and ninety-two women registered at Cheyenne, Wyo., for the recent elections. Several women rode twenty-six miles into Chevenne to vote. F. L. PARISH. Mm aai Tin Sis;. S PKUIAL, ATTENTION will be given to all kinds o£ repairing, including Tinware. Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Pumqs and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared to put In Furnaces and do plumbing and Mas Pipe fitting. Iron an* Tin roonng. Prompt attention will be given to all kinds ol work in my line. South of. court house. F. L. PARISH. DOOMED TO DEATH! Under prevailing conditions, many hogs are doomed to death by disease, merely because the owners fall to take measures to their health. presence KOSSUTH CO. MARKETS. Market reports from every town in the county published regularly each week. Reports from Wesley and Luverne are made Tuesday evening. Keports from Whittemore, Bancroft, Burt and Algona made Wednesday morning. To Correspondents: Be careful to quote the prices actually paid the day the report is made. AtGONA. Oats $ .39 Corn $ .40 Eggs 15 Butter ...... .18 Cattle.$2.00O$4.00 Hogs 3.10 Wheat 70 @ .75 Barley 45 @ .50 Flax 1.05 Timothy 1.00 WESLEY. Oats $ .38 Corn shelled. .$ .40 Eggs 14 Butter 16 Cattle $3 @ 4.50 Hogs •••>... 3.15 Wheat 82. Barley 53 Flax 1.05 Timothy 1.00 Hay, loose 3.50 Dr. Joseph Haas' . WILL INSURE HOGS . WHEN FED MY REMEDV -WRITE FOR TERMS k- RtFERENGE=ANY BANK k OR MERCANTILE AGENCY- HogandPonltry Remedy Will arrest disease, prevent disease, ex-worms, stop the cough, increase the flesh and hasten maturity. PRIOKS-S2.50, §1.25 and 50c. per package. 25 pound cans §12,50. Tlie largest packages are the cheapest. For sale by J. F. LAOY & SON, ALGONA, - IOWA. _ '"Hogology," (i pamphlet on swine, will be mailed to any address on receipt of a two- cent stump, 8-26 •Jos. Haas, V.S. Indianapolis, Ind. WHITTEMORE. 40 Corn . .15 Oats .. Eggs... Cattle .$2,00 @ 3.00 Wheat Flax 1.05 40 Butter 18 Hogs $3.10 Barley 50@.55 Hay, loose .. $3.75 Notice for Tax Deed. To B. g. Owin and M. Richardson. You are hereby notiiled that on the 6th day of December, 1880, the Treasurer of Kossuth county. Iowa, at a tax sale held at the Court House in Algona in satd county, sold the following described real estate situated in said county to R. J. Danson for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The undivided one-seventh of the north one-half of the south west quarter of section six township 97 north of range 2T west of the 5 p. m. Towa. And that the certificate of sale thereof has been assigned to the undersigned who is the lawful owner and holder thereof. And that the right of redemptiou will expire and a deed be made by the Treasurer of said County conveying said premises to the undersigned pursuant to the statute in such cases made and provided, unless redemption frojn such sale be made within ninety days of the complete service of this notice. W. 0. W. L, DOUGLAS and other spsclal- tle» for Gentlemen, Ladles, etc., are warranted, and so stamped on bottom. Address W.L.DOUCLAH, Brockton, Mass. Sold by F. S. Stough, Agent. Teacher's Reports AT REPUBLICAN OFFICE. k A pamphlet of Information Sow T««-k.^ sri-cuis MO. QftlUS.TEX AUJQNA, NEVER A FAILURE. The Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1800. Farms can be had on the crop plan, or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay for a farm from the proceeds of one crop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal and railway facilities, and all the chances of a new country in the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet fully occupied. In the rush to the far west, however, this rich valley baa been overlooked. It has room for a million more people. . Write to ' . F. I. wmWBY, st, Part, fox particularo.

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