Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 21, 1907 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1907
Page 3
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SATURDAY EVENING, OAKLAND TJUBUNE. SEPTEMBER 21, 1807. S3b i 1 PUBLISHED TODAY' A SPLENDID NEW ROMANCE of the WEST BY RANDALL PARRISn Aulktr ef " BOB HAMPTON OF PLACER." etc. A STIRRING TALE of tha . mining camps of the Rockies. Beth Norvetl Is brave and charming heroine, and Winston aa ideal hero. It is altogether tht best book Randall Parrlth has done. With Manning frontispiece In color by N. C. WYKTH. Large limo, St S A. C. McCLURG ft CO., Publishers Get It of Your Bookseller SUING FOR DIVORCE, SHE PLEADS POVERTY The divorce suit of tfn. Ena Palmes against Jacob Palmes, In which mc)i party has rtird a virulent comjla.lnt. wan given bearing In Jiids-e Wtitt'i court yesterdav afternoon. Mra. Halrnes stated that aha Was almost destitute and unable to aarn her own living, owing: to the lose of one eye. When asked by tha cross-examination to mention iom of her customers. Mra Palmes tainted out a woman among the Spectators, saying: "Pre sewed for her. She own we 7 50 rt Jude-e Waste ordered the husband to pav Mra ita'mea 120 per month pending the trial of the ritse. 1 1 THE ARCADE MILLINERY AND FURNISHING GOODS STORE MILLNERV DEPARTMENT A . I.i RIVk conelgnment of latert ne Is In FALL HATS. This II pay you to ik them over liennet are less than the la a much smaller margin of prom. ADIES AND CHILDREN Munlln and Intde I'nderw HANDKKRCHlKr-H and Just arrived. rJeauttf-.il a sleeves. Special lino of N sort ew musnn aim aateen. SPECIAL LINE ECRU LAC E . trimmed. Agent for "Royal Worcester an NEW IDEA PATTERNS FO d Bon H. LEIGHTON, - Proprietor 107 8AN PABLO AVE. ONE DOOR NORTH OF FIFTEENTH ST. Phone Oakland 3087. TMALE Every customer will K9t 41k Street. "wrS f V . Hours Week dsys, t a. m. te p. m. Sundays. a. m. to 1 p. n Post Graduate Dentists 109S BROADWAY, OAKLAND. Borland and Lemon Wall Paper Imported and Domestic Good a Urge variety, elegant designs, new. eat coloring. Phoae Oakland lltl 0 Thirteenth SL aW a aoarc of mother should m tsnger incioent to tha ordeal males EwTrl f?r m!ternit7 ho-' "bich is dreaded a. woman's-EJtmi t? I ym atPm1". bB danger is aroideii Wh UKS rp,mcdJr re longer de$pondent or gloomy i nerYousne$$, nausea and other dUtre$$inB conditions ars jyercome, tha gjstem is mads ready for tha coming event, and tha eriou. accident so common to the critical , lour are obyiated by the use of Mother'. nnArvoJ rrienoV "It is worth its weight in gold,M !M f Of"f? ays mny who hart used it. i.oo pet lrfiiHeiL jvtll gVottla at drug stores. Book containing KiaaDw lmormation cl interest to all women, will rTW ff tent to any address free upon spplication to IrD 1' CHILDREN OF NILE FROLIC MD FEbSTIN REDWOODS High Jinks, Low Jinks, Speeches and Banquets Features of Two Days9 Outing in Mountains. Today and tomorrow are "bit days" for the Kile dub of Oakland; and every member obeying the call of Benjamin F. woolner. the dictator general to conn- rll In tha royal redwood a. has left for Brookdale. a station In the Santa Cnn mountains, some four miles from Ben IiOmond and ten mile from the city ef Pacta Crus, to participate In the association's outing. -AmkV a great cry of haves, waring of hats and handkerchiefs, the train chartered for the occasion left this city this morning at 1:40 o'clock. A Jolly crowd of 160 strong took full poasesalon of the care and all out for a "Jolly good time." Caret and anxiety were left behind In Oakland to linger and languish on the shore of the River Lethe end the sons of Nile, the last descendants of the Egyptian dynaaty. had ahowered upon them by the pracloua favor of Ra. Isle. Oalrla. Hop-Reset and Hop-Meht all protection of the children of Rameaea, a plautltude of mirth and gaiety, holiday spirit and feeling of brotherly lore. SECOND LOT TO LEAVE. Thoee who were unable to take the early train. Joined the band of bankers who left this afternoon In a private car on the 2:10 o'clock train. Ppon their arrival at Brookdale the banquet bell will Kum:r,on ail the members to tha feast that has been carefully prepared by Manuger Hoscoe I Mo-anna. Something like eleven courses will be nerved. After all have rendered nom-aa-e to Hackus, with toast "to all that's good and great." It Is esttected that Woolner, high prfeat of the temple of islrls. will call upon ej-Ckrvemor Pardee, Mayor Mott, I N. rJIUter. O. B. Snook and other worthy denlz- of the Nile to loosen their tongues of eloquence under the giant lought of the majestio re1wooda. and tell all why "a little follv now and then, la relished by the wisest men " HIGH JINKs. The maater of ceremonies will then invite all to the high Jinks. Woolner hs written a special dramatic composition for the occasion, entitled: "Khafra," or The Secret of the, Sphinx." The theme of play l Egyptian and deals with all the BTTTfXINO. NOrtnT AVD Trr. Kiirop.n and Nw York creations our Specialty, and It will certainly oeiore purrnaaing elsewhere, our ex-rgnr estatillshments. so we sell goods at HJI, t,ur TUB BENEFIT. S FURNISHING DEPT.-EverytMng In ear; hosiery. uiave8. Rrr.p.o.Ns. Nt)TIOXS. Our nw Fall Walats have men t to select from. Iing and short Tork Skirt Co.'i Petticoats In silks. WAISTS. IS SO TO IJ.M. beautifully Ton Corsets. R OCTOBER NOW ON SALE. PRIVATE ROOMS. PAUL get 5 postal cards. TIME SHOWS No defects or premature wear In the work dne here. 'Hie passing of the ears will still find It sound and In good working order. DENTISTRY Hns been reduced to a science and our patients are treated sclent tfleally. There Is no experimental work done. Everything Is perfect. Inflamed g'ums treated. Txtose and diseased tet!i cured and preserved for years of usefulness. PRICES Artificial teeth (full set) Gold crowns. 2! -karat Pivot teeth Gold filltrg (guaranteed)..-.. .. tsoo . $-3.00 ...$3.00 ... 11.00 .....60c Silver fillings BVsry metis rfsslsni great dread of tht pita sad danger attendant upon the mast critical rtmrinA - - Br9 svsa ot ner ute. Becominjt Inv -It ... t . rr H it. a wr mm uw v w w mystlo divinations of the sphinx. The musio Is by W. J. McCoy. Following Is the cast of tha drama: King M Frank K. Mott First Priest C. W. Dodge Second Priest C. R. Smith Old Priest W. R. Hume Sage of Tbeblaa ,.H. C. Capwell Sage of Coptoa .........Carl Jones Spirit of the Sphlng ....Harold K. York Musical director, W. J. McCoy; vocal director H. I. Perry. Chorus IL L. Perry. H. P. Carlton, Ben Heath, Clarence Engvick, T. C. Warren, E. A. Pierre. John de P. Teller. A. A. Macurda, Oeorge Hall, Herman VockeL Stage manager. Charles. J. Heeeemen; costumes by Mme. Jahn; scenery by Mlaa Grace Wlshaar; electrical effects. Prank A. I -each Jr.. and Oeorge Babcock. LOW JINKS FOLLOW. Immediately following the high Jinks, will be the midnight supper. Low Jinks will wind up the evening's fun and frolic. The music win be under the charge of J. E. McClellan. Sunday morning win be taken with many quaint and curious Egyptian games. In the afternoon at o'clock the merry-maker will be homeward bound. MEMBERS ON TRIP. The following named have gone on the trip: F. A. Allardt, Cart E. Anderson. William August E. 8. Arthur, Oeorge W. Austin. R. B. Ayers. Oeonre Babcock. H. R. Bancroft, I. M. Partlett. C C Beetle. Earl 8. Beetle. H B. Beldon. F. N. Belger. P. C. Black. E. R. Blote. Edward Bonemort. Oeorge O. tiomeman. E. J. Boyea John A. Breed -love, Samuel Brack, A. H. Breed. R- N. Burgess, Earl Burpee, John P. u swell. H. a CapweU. Pr.H P. Carlton. WnilsnB H. Cohlek. IB. P. Cook. E. J. Cotton. Cbarles E. Cotton Clarence Crowefl. Dr. D. D. Crowley, A B. C'ary. F. B. Dallam, C A. Danly, Charles F. Delury. C. N. pickey. Tr. C. W. Dodge. J. C. Downey. A L. Duby. Dr. C. A Pukes, Charles F. Punsmoor. K. R. Eltassen. Clarence Engvlrh, Thomas Ernlgh Jr. L S UN DA Y SER Following are the church services in OSkland for Sunday; EPISCOPAL. Trinity Church. Telegraph avenne and Twenty-ninth streets. Rev. Clifton Macon, rector. Services, 7:30 a. m.. Holy Communion; 10 a. m.. Sunday School; ilia. ra.. Morning prav and sermon, sub ject, "Thou Art Peter." 7:45 p. m.. evening prayer and sermon. "Sons of God." The rector will preach at both eervlces. Holy Innocents' Mission. Shattuik avenue and Flfty-aecond street. Rev. Nelsort Saunders, vicar. 3 p. m , Sunday school; 4 p. m.. evening prayer and sermon. BAPTIST. Tenth Avenue Baptist H. T Board-man, pastor. Pulpit tuples for Sund.iv. September "1 Morning. The Public Conscience and Religious I'rrresjf;" evening. "The Call of Christ to Middle Life '" The Re-. C. W. Brlnstad will preach at 11 a. m. and the Rev. C. T. Jones at 7 SO p m. at the Calvary Baptist Church, on West street near Twelfth street METHODIST. Methodist Episcopal Sotith- Thlrtv-fourth and Elm streets, one blovk east of Telegraph avenue. The Ilev. 3. V. Horn, pastor. Surxl.iy school at 10 a. in., 1rchlng at 11 a. m. by the pastor, sun-vt. "The Magic Leap of an Orphan ll-l otn Poverty to a yuecn's Throne." and at 7:Su p. m. bv the Hev. J. M. Newdell of the Anti-Saloon I.ariie: tiworth league at 6:3') p. m Strangers espe.-lnll lnvlTvd r Hay Avenue Methoillst Episcopal, corner Hny avenue anil Bond atr-et. Mdrose -The newlv appointed pastor. th' Rev. .1 I. ljunran. will preach at 11 o'clock. Mil.lcci. "What a Christian Hliould Know.'' First Corinthians. II:- The Hev. I'uncan .m transferred frwu Kentucky to tlie California conference by Hlshop eeiev ai ine recent session at rTicin; firov. The Eighth avenue Church. Methodist Episcopal. Klclith avenue and East Seventeenth streets, Ion I.. Loughbourow. minister. 11 a. m. morning worship, sermon on "The I'.entle Inheritance from "Yum Klpptir.' " 7 30 p. m.. evening service, "Moral Communism." CONGREGATIONAL. mitrlm Conitrratlonal Raymond C. Bro.. pastor. 11 a. m.. "The 1'pper Ito.im:" . so n. in., an Important mls- ' piotinrv satliering. in which Miss Mnhel l Ellis. frim Iowa. I to le cimmissione.l an a misslonnrv to China. Addresses hy the Hev. li. M. Tenney. Mrs. Wagner of San Jose and the pastor. First Congregational. Twelfth and Clav street--The Hev t'harles R. Brown, pastor. 11 a. m . "The Dlvln HallnB:e:' 7:3w p. m. "The Createst Sin of the Nineteenth Century." Fourth "ongT gatlonal Rev. Frederick H. la r. luistor. Morning. 'Chrlstlan-Itv's Siv-ial .liiy:" evenlng.i "A Noble Sisterhood." Service for the King's Daughters. Market Street Congregational Chiin:h, coiner M irket and Eighteenth streets Ilev Orlfllth Orlffltlis. pastor. Sunday service at 11 a. in. Subject, "Victory Through Christ " BAPTIST. First Baptist Thomas J. Vosburgh. I pastor. !! a m. "Th Church of Christ." 7 Hit u. in., me Third Commandment: Sacredncss ot Siecch," third In Series on "Tin I ilocue ' l-Trst Free Hn.tist -Twentv-flrst street, between Sen Pablo nnd Brush. Services Sunday. September 22; preaching morning and evening bv the pastor. Kev. W. R. Iteud. -.Melrose lUptist Corner Fortr-seventh and Bond street. Walter E. Tanner, pastor: residence. 147" High street. Sundav is Rallv Iay. Sundav school at :45 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.L suhlect. "The Heal IKue:" B. T. P. at .S0 p. m. Open air meeting on Fourteenth street and Metros station at 7:t p m An adilress by the pastor: "What Will Make Melrose a Ie.lrable Plice in Which to Mve7" Preaching at 7:50; subject. "Before and After " PRESBYTERIAN. "Irace Presbyterian Slaty-aecond street, bet ween Urnvf and Ijovee streets W. H Iitson. UU.. pa'tor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:45 n. m : Sundav school at 9:45 a. m.; Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.j A ednesday. 7;45 o. ni . lecture on "Vrnm Heirut to lsmascus:" ranrnint suk'ject. "Sorrow of Hope;" evening sub-jet. -The Prodigal Son." Mrs. Fernando llalverson will sing at the nvimlng service and Mrs. John Merrill will sing at the evening sen ice. First Presbyterian Fourteenth ami Franklin. Rev. K. E. Baker. U.l . pastor. Morning-. ' The Race Problem; Stud- in hlack. evening. "CallfornU Chrlsltan-Ify. ( ongregatlonal slngiiif. t cntennul Presbyterian Twenty-fourth fnu' nJ J-at Seventeenth street. Public services and sermon by the pastor J,-.1' ;mm. and ";SU r. m.; aubVcts. What Think Tou of Chrlatf' ami "A Ca.ifomla Conscitnce." Christian Endeavor at S p. m Brooklyn Presbyterian Church. East Fifteenth street and Twelfth avenue; Rev. H. K. Sanborn, pastor. 11 a. m.. "Man's Extremity is Gods- Opportunity." 7: J p. m . "Pilate's Question, the Crisis of a Soul."the first of a series of Sunday evening talks on great questions concerning life, btre and hereafter. Tnlon street Presbyterian Church. Services it 11 a. m. and T:Sti p. an. Sabbath school at f:4S a. m. Chrlstlaa Endeavor at 4I. Preaching by Rer. Dr. Russell A. atcKlnler, ef Boise, Idaho, atoralcf Ir-ILyon'o PatRFCCT Tgo.!i Powder Cleanses, preserves and beautifies the teeth, and Purifies the breath A superior dentifrice -for people of refinement Established U 1866 by W. B. FawcetL Dr. H. M. Fine. Roy Folger. O. F. Foreythe, EViH Frttsch, P. J. Fry. EL H. Oeary, Joe GhlradellL A. K. Glbbs. A. R. Ban. T. If. Hathaway, p. J. Hayseldon, Charles W. Healy, R. B. Heath, C J. Heeeeman. C. I Hog-ue. Lloyd 8. Hughea, W. R, Hums). Dr. T. 8. Hum. Dr. P. at. Has. D. N. Jamee, J. B. Jotra. O. Q. Jones, Carl Jonea. O. Arthur Kelly, Hngb VT. Kimball.. R. B. Kitchener, Frank C Klnsey, Dr. Carl Krone. Dr. IL J. Larky. F. J. Lea, Abe P. Leach. James II. L'Honanedler. A- A. Mseurda, K. Q. Manuel, J. R. Martin. Oeorge H. Mason. J., M. McClnre, D. H. McLaughlin. Dr. J. F. Mclntah. J. J. Medros, Oeorge 8. Meredith, John A. Miller. IL A. Mills. R. H. Morris. Frank K. Mott. J. II. Korrla. Cal M. Orr Goortre C. Pardee. It C. Parkinson, Isaac Parsons, B. H. PendeUon. E. A. Pierre. H. 8. Phinips. Carl P. Plant, H. W. PuJclfer. H. L. Perry. James O. Quinn. Clarence M. Reed. N. TJ. Reed. Sidney Richardson. H. D. Rowe, Byron Rutley. F. N. Schelgner. Charles L. Smith. C. A. Smith, O. E- Snook. Dr. J. M. Stalder. Edwin Stearns. P. Sloan, Harry Stevena. I. R. Taflman. Dr. 8. N. Lalleferro, R. W. Taylor. E. Thurston. F. M. Umphred. Herman VocheL W. A. , Wann. W. P. Walker, P. J Walker. T. C. Warren, J. .T Warner. Carl Welner. 8.' W. Wataon. Ross West. E W. Whitman. B. A. Wilbrand. II. Q. Wll-llama, B. F. Woolner. R. B. B. Tork. H. E. Tork. subject. "Immortality." Evening subject. "Looking fnto Jesus." CHRISTIAN. First Christian - Thirteenth and Jefferson streets. Rev. Thomas A. Hover, pastor. 1'rof. Carl Snwvell. rholr director. Morning. "TrSff Sources of the Spiritual N'lle" an inottlrv Into the origin of the redemptive forces of life and history 2 evenmg. "Mlntakes We All Make, or a Bunch if Evejjrday Blunders." '. LUTHERAN. First EngtEMf" Uitheran Sixteenth and Grove streets. Ilev. Oscar II. Uruver. pastor. Morning. 'The Forgiveness of Sins." evening. "The U.fpe of power." St. Paiil'.s Ex'angelir-al Lutheran Thlrtv-Jsecony and Linden streets. S. B. Husteed. 7ir . astor. iasttir. Sunday school aflft a. m.: service. X 11 a. m. Zion's tiermen Evangelical Lutheran, corner of Twelfth and Myrtle streets. J. II. Thelss, pastor. Service with rem-mtinlon at -0 a m . subject. "The Tnlty of Faith." Evening. 7 30. "Abraham's (irest Sacrifice " UNITARIAN. PTrst rnltaalan--Corner Fourteenth and Castro Rev. William lv SimonJs. min-lstr. Service nd sermon at 11 a. m. : subject. "The Noble HWorv of I nluirl-anism In America;" Sunday school with sermon talk to the children by the minister at 10 a. m. No evening service. .SCIENTIST. First Church of ChrlsL - Scientists Franklin and Seventeenth streets. Service Sunday at II a. m. and p. m ; subject. "Reality." Wednesday service at k p. m. Second Cburch of Christ. Scientist No t2 East i-'ifieenth s'reet Services at 11 a m.; subject. "Reality." Wednesday meeting at S p. m. Watchers' M etlng Rev. I P Oemor of Elmhurst will preach at Watchers' Meeting. No. Broadway (upstairs.. , Sundav at .1 p. m. Bible Students -MUlenlAl Uawn HlDie Students meet every Sunday at J:45 p. m. In (small! Lorlng Hall. ."S1 Eleventh street. nar Clav. All welcome. No col lection. Adventlsf Tent In Broadwav. near Fifteenth. Tonight: "When Will the Jews Rciurn to Jerusalem?" Sunday night: "tiod s Eternal Olory; What Will it Be Like?" Special musical programa at bth these clotting services Reorganised Church of Jewus Christ of Latter-day Saints Magnolia and Sixteenth streets. J. M. Terrv. pastor. Sun- div school at 10 a. m.: preaching at 11 a. i m. bv J. M. Terry; "Duties of Christians evening sermon liv C. A I'arkln. Baraca Brotherhood Sundav momlna at Twenty-third avenue Baptist church, sublect. "Abraham:" leader. Rev. E. S. Stucker." COLVILLE LECTURE. W. J. Colvllle lectures In Hamilton (up-pert hall. Thirteenth and Jefferson streets, at S p. ra. on "Freedom and Necessity;" 7:3q p. m.. "Feast of Tabor-naclesi the Spiritual Mission of JAy." i Special music bv choir. Theoswphtcai lecture corner Thirteenth and Jefferson streets. Sundav, September 22. a 3 p. in. Speaker. Mr. Par-win A. Allen: subject. "The Influence of Environment. ' j SARAH W ATKINS LECTURE. ! Sarah J. Watklna. metaphy-lan. holds service and lecture In Pythian Hall. ADOIBON Arrow 4 SIZC COLkAR Made of Clupero Shrunk Fabrics lie eaefcs t lor SSe torrr. eo ee., tis J'J . V V1 " ' i'"',.rtt ,or asBa. with ! wblca I hs ks a,cte4 (arevee omr tesrs! n l ar 'Srre kST (l'S soi ritf (has a fif ar r-medr ha.a svar triej. 1 Sha.l rrta:oif recommend thrta o my fnsada 'aa ! aetsg ail taty are rtprsan4." ' I nuiara, aigia, Ul. BM,af Sterlieg Eemedy Co., C hicage or K.T. est nrrjALSiiLEjEa i::uj:a coxes ill m f?C Best For yJ Tha Dowels XS CANOV CATrlajmc jay .Pieassst. Palstaete. pBsenl Tasss Sand. De One. ?iVf i.c,,S ' irlp. tts. t. Ue. rir sole la balk. Tus taiiln &bit ii.iri.M4 CCC. UIUIM4 W Itrt H MI feMf Iwi. S BOOKS WANTED i ! -! Government Will Call on W. G. i Rockefeller to Give Up More Records. 7TEW TORK. Sept tl. The adjournment until Monday of the hearing here tn the government's suit to dissolve the Standard Oil Company will give the gov ermnent's expert accountants another day In which to obtal nfigures from the books containing the records of the Standard OU Company In the period from lilt to 1191. These flguree will probably lead to an interesting line of questioning nest week by Frank B. Kellogg, the government's chief counsel. It is likely that when the hearing la resumed Wesley H- Tllford. treasurer of the Standard company, wilt again take the stand. John O. Hilburn. ot counsel for the corporation, wishes to question him upon several points whfch have been touched upon by KeJ- W. Q. ROCISJEFELLER. William O. Rockefener, It Is understood, win then be called to the stand. and be asked by Kellogg to produce sev eral books relating to th assistant treasurer's office. W. E. Bemls, one of the leading men In the expert department here of the Standard company, is wanted by the government as a witness, but Kellogg learned from Tilford that Bemls Is In the Far Eaat and will not return for ten months. i ' BURGLARS CARRY OFP I SUPPLY OF SALOON (Speclsl to THE ALBUNE.) i BAN FRANCISCO. Sept. tl Martin Lula, bartender In the saloon at tht northwest corner of Mission and East streets, reported to Policeman Keys and Morton that some ttme between 1 an J S o'clock this mom lug the basement of the saloon had been broken Into and quantity of goods taken. Detective Sergeants Conlin and Mackey are work ing on the case. VICES Twelfth and Alice streets, at 11 a. m.: subject "Striving for Spiritual Gifts." All welcome. ; SALVATION ARMY. Colonel French will conduct Salvation meetings Sunday at 11 a. m. and I and p. m. Major Willis will assist him. The services will be at SU Ninth street, the Salvation Army cathedral. UNITED BRETHREN. TTnlted Brethren Church, corner Thirty-fourth and Adeline streets Rev. M. R. lrury. P. P-. pastor. Sunday School at 45 a. m., Mrs. Irene Bell, superintend ent. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Mrs Maggie Coburn. organist; Harry Parks, choir director. Morning sermon by Rev. T. J. Bander. Sublect, "Christ's Right Hand on the 8ew of Pat-mos " T. P. S. C. E. :45 p. m. Midweek meeting. Wednesday. 7:S0 p. m. SPIRITUALIST. Mrs. Mollis Phelps will speak In the First Spiritualist Church on Athens avenue. Sundny at 7:45 p. m Subject: "The Way, the Truth, and the Life." Lyceum. fin -p m I yj1 v c-.; 'Szty if U 1 1 TyrfTWTTHP W) Tl? W The City of Opportunity Take a map of California study It note Monterey's geographical location see what a short distance It Is from Monterey to the San Joaquin, Pant a Clara and Salinas Valleys, where millions of dollars' worth of crops are raised each year. giod logical reasons (1) Because the to the coast at (2) Because Monterey ia the only town on the Bay of Monterey that haa deep wa ; , tor, where the ships of the world can dock. " , Already railroads are planning to hare great terminals at Monterey, where wharves are to he built Already factories are planning to erect plants where every facility Is assured, aa rail and water are to-; meet here. Monterey la going to be the largest city between San Francisco and Is Angeles. . All these Improvements mean Increased population; and more people mean more homea. The logical place for these homes Is I . DEL MONTE HEIGHTS : . , The Town of Residences 1 Del Monte Heights has the climate, the location anJ the attractions which make It the most favore-i place for residences. It's only ten minutes' walk from the famous Hotel del Monte. The attractions that made Hot! Del Monte are at the very door of every home at Del Monte Heights. Street work now being done; parks being planned; shade treea to be planted along sidewalks; sewer and water pipes to be laid. Lake del Ray Is soon to be made a great pleasure place. Now's the time to buy at Del Monte Heights, while prices are the very lowest. Lots from tM to S09 on easy terms. Invest now soon double your money. Get our booklet that tells more. Inquire at either of our office regarding Sunday excursions Including free lunch at Hotel del1 Monte ani fine tally-ho ride. PHELPS-LEWIS CO. Oakland Office. 361 12th St M. A Baldwin Manager R, "T to OruNd, 7 1 7 JESSE MOORE WHEY Von nay ba one who needs to get the first bottle Do it. You'll ba thankful for the suggestion. OH SALE AT ALL MRS. MARCOVICH GETS MONTHLY ALLOWANCE Testerday afternoon Jennie M. Mar-covlch appeared In the Superior Court, petitioning for an allowance from the estate: of her husband. John J. Mar-eovich. until the decedent's will may be probated and her portion declared. Marcovlch was the proprietor of the Has Kitchen, on Thirteenth street, where he was shot some time ago by Monterey is the natural shipping point distance Is short, and the producte can a minimum cost. GENERAL AGENTS Main Office, Sutter i-i' ill. 7..r 1. I HOME It Is an Essential Ft finds its way to the family table where it is more highly appreciated than any other drink. FIRST CLA33 PLACED a discharged waiter. The property, which consists of his share In the restaurant and some small real estate holdings. 1 appraised at It 0,000. Mrs. Marcovlch desired to draw SS50 a month for living etpenses, but finally aarred to accept ISO a1 month, on the advice of her daughter. 1 Miss May L4eber. represented la court by Attorney Oeorge Reed Ceurarrt'e Manhattan Cocktails Are the talk of the town. For mixed drinks ro to the Oallndo Hotel bar. for all these products, and for twot bo quickly transported French Bank Building. 110 Street. San Francisco - 1, 2x. -

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