The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1891
Page 5
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THE COUNTY NEWS. :— All correspondence for the RRPDBUOAN should reach this ofllce not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this in mind. All communications to tlio HnPtntttOAK— Including news letters— must bo signed by the author to Insure publication. litTEWALO KOBK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOHK, Feb. 21.— About 25 young people surprised Elwin Davison "Wednesday evening by giving a party. A pleasant time was enjoyed and about 12 o'clock the party broke up. Mr. I3a- vison starts Monday to attend Ames college. A necktie social is in hand at Henry Bartlett's for Friday evening, Feb. 27. The "girls' society" will have pop corn and candy to sell, to raise money towards buying an organ for the new church. All are cordially invited. There is talk of establishing a separator somewhere near the corner of Mr. Butterlield,s. DEDICATION AT JIUFFALO FOHK. The Doan Memorial M. E. church •will be dedicated Sunday, March 8th. The dedicatory sermon will be delivered by Elder Black or Ilev. Luce, who, •with other members will be present. A cordial invitation is extended to all friends of the cause. Ample entertainment provided for all from a distance. Service at 11 a. in. HOT1UE. The Buffalo Fork co-operative creamery company will meet at the Davison school house, Saturday, Feb. 28th, at 1 p. m. sharp, to transact important business. Everyone is interested. All come out. E. B. EDDY, Pres. OKKMAN. Special Correspondence. N Twv., Feb. 21.—Why is it that the smiles on John Eippentrop's face are as numerous as the rows in his corn field? Because a bouncing girl arrived at his place last Sunday evening. George Johnson and Ubbe Dreesman started for Whittemore last Wednesday for a visit. Owing to bad weather last Thursday evening the Pankulc spelling school was postponed for one week. The sleighing is good out our way and most of our farmer friends are improving the time by shelling their corn and hauling it to Bancroft. Prices are good and farmers recogni/.e the fact. AVIIITJTKMORK TOWNSHIP. , Special Correspondence. WIUTTESIOUK Twr. Feb. 17.—Mr. Albert Belurke, of Spirit Lake, has been home on a short visit. Miss Eosy Streit is quite sick this week. We hope she will soon be better. A very pleasant time was enjoyed by old and young at Mr. Moltz's last evening. Mr. Valentine Miller went to Algona on business. Saturday. Andrew Miller has gone to Warren county on a short visit with relatives and friends. Christian Bell returned from his trip to Illinois Friday evening. His two daughters have now come home to stay. Herman Schulte who has been here visiting his sister, Mrs. Miller, return• ed home last week. Another restaurant is to be opened here soon with Will Cortey as proprietor. It will no do\ibt be well patronized. Mr, Frotnback, a well respected citizen living about 2-J- miles west of town, died last Saturday. His remains were taken to Algona Monday for burial. Deceased leaves a wife and several grown up children. Miss Lettie Thomas, of Wesley, spent the Sabbath here and witnessed the marriage of her friend, Miss Maud Thompson. Hotelling has a very sick horse. We had a gentle shower accompanied by thunder and lightning, early this morning. What does this mean? Shall we look for an early spring? WKSLEY. Special Correspondence. Oats $ .37 Corn shelled. .$ .38 Eggs 14 Butter 16 Cattle... .$3 (it, 4.50 Hogs 3.20 Wheat 80. Barley 52 Flax 1.05 Timothy 1.00 Hay, baled, choice 5.50 WESLEY, Feb. 24.—A new member is added to the Brisbois family, a son, born Sunday the 22nd. Weight 18* Ibs. Born, in the Iluber family, last Saturday, a girl, over which the parents are much delighted. Gray Bros, shipped two cars of choice steers, of their own feeding, to Chicago Monday night. Nels Bentsou, our town cobbler, has Dually secured a farm of his own, having mado a deal for the II. Turner farm. Mr. Turner takes Bentson's town property and the balance in cash. The farm brought $1440. We noticed last week a car load of immigrant goods unloaded here. The parties moved onto the Colvin farm. They brought some very fine horses. C. I. Emmons sold his farm of 80 acres 2 miles north of town for $1600, and has purchased the Guy Butts half block, west of the M. E. church. The tariff question is up for debate at the Kernan school house next Monday evening. Ilev. McBride is holding revival services. the Alliance is, Jiesolved, that corn can be raised for less than eight dollars an acre. The discussion in this case will probably settle the controversy forever. Some of the women of the Alliance propose a basket dinner for March 7th. Wliy not all turn out. The women of the township would like a chance to get acquainted as well as the men. .$ .80 Butter 18 Hogs 3.00 Barley 5ft Wheat 78. I-OTtS ORK15K. Special Correspondence. LOTTS CREEK TAVP., Feb. 24.—Miss Nora O'Brien visited in Algona Saturday. Misses Libbie and Mollie Butler returned home from Algona Saturday. Pluma Hall from Algona, spent a few days with her mother last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bixby visited at Burt Saturday and Sunday. James Butler went to Emmetsburg Friday. There "were about 35 people at Mrs. Hall's party Friday evening. All seemed to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Daley, Monday, Feb. Kith, a son. The young lad weighs seven pounds. S. Scott and A. II. Bixby were in Algona Monday. Will Freeman is on the sick list. While repairing his ho vise a timber fell and struck his head. HKBKON. Special Correspondence. , Fe.b 24.—Hebron is having some rain. Wm. Brown was home Sunday last. The Free Baptists are holding meetings in Elmore this week. Mr. Howe is buying cattle this winter AVHITTICMORK. Special Correspondence. WIHTTEMOKE, Feb. 24.—The Catholic mission being held here this week is •well attended. There is a largesoci- ety of these people in and about Whittemore, and they have a very neat and attractive church at this place. Our town is growing rapidly of late. If you don't believe it come over and see the new buildings springing up in all directions, and yet there are several more to follow. II. Dailey has purchased the Voight residence and taken possession. Mr. V, has moved into the country and will try farming for awhile. Hotelling sold a span of colts one day last week to a gentleman living 9 miles north of Whittemore. Herbert A. Wolf, of Sanboru, has been here trying to make arrangements to publish a paper at this place. It is not known what his decision will be in regard to the matter. H. Goetsch has been setting up the cigars, with a very smiling face, of late. He says it is a boy and a fine one. Slaba is building a line residence in the east part of town. The indications are that wo can soon count new residences by the score. Another wedding occurred here last Sunday evening, and this time it is DocColmau and Miss Maud Thompson, both of Wbittemore. As the storm prevented Eev. Thrasher from reaching here at the appointed hour, Justice II. P. Hatch was called iu to perform the ceremony. The happy couple start this evening fox Illinois, where the groom's parents reside. They will visit a few days there and return to Whittemore to settle down. Both parties have many warm friends in this vicinity, who wish them unbounded joy and happiness all along life's journey. KUllT. Special Correspondence. BUIIT, Feb. 24.—The quarterly meeting at Burt charge will be held in Burt on the 9th of March. Quarterly conference Saturday at 2 p. m. Preaching in the evening at 7:30 followed by the sacrament. Elder Black will be present. Revival meetings are still in progress with quite a good interest. The attendance has been very good. This week Kev. Ward is assisting the pastor Eev. Fans. Mr. Kerr moves into Mr. Ferris' new house next Monday. They will be near neighbors to the parsonage. Mr. Shaffer, the blacksmith, is building quite an addition to his shop. The creamery is doing quite a large business. We believe there is no creamery in the" state that is doing a better paying business. The hay business has been very lively the past two weeks. The storm of last Sunday afternoon was the severest of the season. Get your horses shod if you want to use them on this ice. To save your apple trees from rabbits, put tar paper around the trunk of the tree next to the ground. SENECA NEWS. Special Reporter. SENECA, Feb. 16.—I notice in your issue of last week that someone called the co-operative creameries of the county a "creamery craze." Well if it is a craze, Seneca has got it and got it bad. They are all sticking to it like brick dust to bar soap. The lumber is all hauled, stone all on the spot and about 60 tons of ice cut and piled up. Now if this business is only a craze you would think that getting out that ice would have cooled them off a little but it didn't. We suppose if some one had come from a distance, with, headquarters at town, and put in all these different creameries, it would be called a business enterprise. But when a few old fogy farmers go in to hire a man to make their butter by machinery, and swear that their wives are going to town as often as twice next summer and have a new sunbonnet too, of course it's a craze; it can't last long. The Alliance of Seneca is still alive. They have been taking a subscription for Dakota sufferers. The next Question to be discussed at HANCBOFT. Special Correspondence Oftta $ .36 Com Eggs 12 Cattle... 1.50 (7* 4.00 Flax ". 1.00 Hay 8.25 BANCKOFT, Feb. 23.—Mrs. Eobert- son, of LuVerne, is here visiting lieu daughter Mrs. B. F. Grose. She expects to stay until sometime in April. Mr. Drake has his new house nearly., completed in the south part of town, just east of the track, and will soon be living therein. The Bancroft school will give an ear tertainment at the school house hall an Friday evening of March the (5th. The proceeds of which will go to buy an organ for the school. The quarantine has been raised andi Dr. Taylors are again at their aesir deuce. Mrs. 11.1. Brayton has been quite sick the past week, with lung difficulty. Dr. Cutler is having the foundation for his new house laid and as the Dr. has one of the finest locations in our city we expect he will build a house ,to correspond. We understand that J. O. Hatch has purchased an interest in the machinery business of A. Furstenberg and will return to this place to live. Geo. Hethershaw, of Des Moines, is visiting his uncle's family, Mat .Hethershaw, west of town. J. G. Graham has purchased the livery barn owned by Jim Perkins, of Burt, and expects his brother, J. II. Graham, to attend to his business at that place. Mrs. Joshua Campbell is quite sick at present. About 47 young people met at B. D. Sterlings' on Wednesday evening of last week for a surprise on James Patterson, and a surprise it was. The company had a very pleasant time, and after presenting him with a handsome photograph album as a token of re- memberance, refreshments were served, and the party spent the evening in various plays of amusement. James departed for his new home at Thornton, Cerro Gordo county, on Monday. Geo. Ilolloway is quite sick this morning. Geo. Hannah is trying to get a lay off from school with the-la grippe. J. W. Sullivan was up from Algona last week to attend • the suit of Geo. Smith and Tom Welch. Mrs. Altie Campbell has been in town for a few days visiting with her mother, Mrs. Brayton. Bert Goddard and wife spent Sunday and Monday of last week with friends in Algona. Mr. Fells' boy is yet quite low but is gaining slowly. Mr. Cork, of Burt, is attending his work at the depot yet. Joseph Eussle is having the rock hauled for his new black smith shop, which he expects to erect this spring. This is pretty good proof that Joseph has been making, and intends to make some money. W. E. Jordan and wife, B. F. Wickwire and wife attended the birthday party of E. O. Roberts on Sunday. There were 40 friends and relatives present and enjoyed a very pleasant time. Mr. Roberts was 70 years of age and thinks he can out run, jump or down any of his sons yet. Mr. Warren, west of this place, is very sick but is thought to be some better at present. Eagle Grove Gazette: There is some talk of organizing a knights of Pythins Lodge at Bancroft. The Buffalo Fork people are talking quite strongly of building a creamery at that place. There is also talk of a store being started if the creamery is a success. A surprise party was given Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, who live six miles south east of Bancroft, on Saturday evening Fed. 21, it being Mr. Fowler's 40th birthday. About 35 friends and relatives were present. Mr. Fowler was presented with a number of .handsome and valuable presents. Oysters and cake were served as refreshments and all enjoyed a splendid time. Mrs. Van De Boe went to Algona on Monday to spend a few days with friends at that place. Mrs. O. E. Bliss returned on Saturday from a five weeks' visit in Humboldt county. Miss Myrtle Galion is quite sick with a bad cold, which seems to be all the go at present. Mr. Huett, who has been occupying the rooms over 11. M. Richmond's sample room, has traded his farm in Dakota to Jos. Hartshorn for his house and lot west of the track. Mr. Huett expects to take possession of his new home the first of March. »-, quorum to transact our necessary business. There are now about 80 members in good standing, and the prospects are that we will number 90 before the end of this quarter. We are 'sftfe in.aaying that less than one-tenth of'this.Mimber are entitled to a vote. And yet there are fathers at home today wJw» cry out, "Why do not the GbOdl Templars of Bancroft drive the [saloons, and billiard halls from our jtown'r 1 Or why don't they arrest these drunkards that are roving the streets andJitoSHlting the people?" Why don't (these fathers instead of staying at EVENING AT THE: FARM. jhome and acting as an army of cowards Isay,. "From this hour, God helping us, ;we will buckle on the whole armor of jGod, and in His name and with His 'power, we will take a stand alongside jof the mothers and the children of our land and with our ballots, which exe- Icute the will of the people, we will ; buvy this home and soul destroying business beyond the hope of a resurrection." When they have done that 'they will have done their duty. TEMPLAK. Bancroft, Feb. 23,1891, Farmers* Alliance. Pate twilight rtee* and with hurried p*c» Fast follows where the red «m kissed th« MUdf I With misty touch conceals hiftlatt warm traeA, And blows her softening dkfck for«ath o'er U»« land The dpowny bird note dies upaa the breeze; Sty .flowrcjts lock their faces from the itar: The shadow fall* no longer (ram the trees WhiT« Kport tired lambkin utiltii, or noberewe. Tin- r>:iniyarJ clamor oMsen, kino are fed: Tlio-Hoil flecked field horse munches in hit Mail; Thi: wnteh d<jf* turns him to his straw Utted «hed, Nor ilevMttrough sle«p to faintest danger c&H. Within the farm house porch, in dreamy mood, The rlajr worn toiler takes hit well earned reat, Whilu' huddling youngsters - -watch with round cyca shrewd Tr>' catch the dustman In hi* evening quest. If, Is the hour fur silent spirit bandit To'speed with white winged prayer— now perfect grown, AS day's kiug, Labor, folds his w«ary hand*, Nor yet has beckoned Slumber to liis throne. —Josephine PuettSpoonts id New Orleans Times- _ GEKM EBAD1CATOB - I „. s all dtaease*, because It kills tb a i micfoWesiAnA aH ftntmalcutae (In th« mimwi system), Th*»lr inhaled, water drank., vfiffets- blestitnd frnit eaten. are teemlne with these to* thotflttked ey^ftnpcreeptl We llttFeworm s.knownv. by OHrt abov# namew, eaustng catarrh, a nnaumi^ tlonj.djsQetWLBWlsftt'8 disease, cancerj ,tumoa f v *nd>all so*fl»Hed fncurable diseases. (Nevet*known to fivfl to cwre consumption, cato wrn.kfa*- noy. troubleih syptitite.) Retailed in $2,9 3 85size* sentianywll«De <MI rect, of pWcc, or C.O .D. It d«r> steed. Tlifr A». Pill & M ed. Oo, royali :y firoBW«, Spwioer, Olay Oo. la. Sold wholesale I ,tiA retail' In Algona by Dr. 81ieetz, druggJst. zo-9-yr To aM for tbe People, Do youi want a good, square m«3al? go you, want good, roMable inauranee-? Bo you want to re»t a farm or grafift There will be a meeting at the Fox school house, in Portland township, next Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a Farmers' Alliance. All interested in the Alliance movement are requested to be present. E. B. EDDY. She WHH Completely Cured. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Brad 1 field's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. HELLUMS, Water Valley, Mim Write the Bradfield Reg. Co.. Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheetz and F. W. Dlngley. 21,25 ANNUAL MEETING. Regular Annual Meeting of rhe Directors of the Kossuth Couuty Agricultural Society will be held on Tuesday,. March 3d, all p. m., at the office of the- secre tary. S. S. SESSIONS,. Sec. lieggs" German Salvo. The increased demand for Beggs' Ger man Salve not only proves that it has merit, but also makes it almost a universal household remedy. When you wish a good reliable ointment call for Beggs' German salve, and you will not be disappointed. Sold and warranted by 10-23 F. W. Dingley. AUCTION! AUCTION. Having sold my farm, I will sell at public sale, Tuesday, March 3d, at 10 a. m., at farm on sw'4 Sec. 11-96-28, a half mile north of Pat Kane's, 40 head of cat- fle, consisting of cows, (some fresh) heifers, steers and calves, 30 shoats, 4 work horses, 4 colts, mower, breaker, harness, wagon, hayrack, and other farm iraple ments, stoves and other articless too numerous to mention. Free lunch at noon. TBKMS—Seven month's time will be given on approved security, no interest if paid when. due. If not paid when due 8 per cent, will be collected. Five per cent, off for cash. M. L. CLARKE. D. A. Haggard, Auct. DeWitt's Little Early Risers; only pill for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, None so good. Sold by Sheetz. She Caaght a: Moose. Sunday evening a gentleman and bis •wife) who live on a street : pretty near. fche. tunnel, attended evening service at the Fourth church and took -seats in the gallery. The service - was. . about half aver when they were annoyed by a continued tittering and. scuffling back of them, and looking around they saw several girls standing upon the seats, while jvntimber more were moving uneasily^ about as if trying to -avoid some danger. Just then the word "rats," uttered in a: stage whisper, partially solved the trouble, and the man turned toward , his wife. His wife is mortally afraid of rats and mice, and the mention of. the word "rats" set her <to thinking. Presently the people in the gallery began to leave, but the scuffling continued until the lady whispered to her hnsband that they, too, had'i better go. So they arose and left, and the lady, breathed freer when she reached the street. When they arrived at Some they were laughing at the inuident, when, the- lady screamed and jumping into a. chaii grasped something in the . folds, ef hei dress. "It's the mouse," she sajdl to hei husband as she, clung to her garment. She was right, too, but it waa dead, probably from (the clutch she gave in hei excitement.r^Hartford Gqnrsnjb. . Do you want to trao* »r sell y our farm, i»p other pteporty? j Do you want to tmy a farm or unim- prove*land on long time with 'but littl& £n no'oaeh payment? •1 Do. yon want to make a loam on yo-ut Jbrm- a-t tae lowest current rate of inter- tost and favorable terms? Do yo* want anything in a 'legitimate ttne of banking? , Totf any and all erf the above, ploaae 'aonsulit B. M. Richmond at. the mereial Hotel and Farmers' and Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. F. L PARISH. Tin S PECIAL ATTKMTJON will be grwwto aft kinds of repairing. Including Tinware, Oos- olnie btoves, Guns. PwnQs and Clotbe^-Svring- ers. Am also prepared 1.0 put In Furnaces an«S do plumbing and Uas Pipe fitting. Iron.and Tin rooting. Prompt-attention willte,given t* all kinds ot work in my line. South.^or court house. F. L. PAJRISH* DOOMED TO DEIHl Under, prevailing conditions. Kwny hogs are doomed to death by disease, msraly because the owners fail to take in easing, to- preserve their health. Dr. Joseoh Haas' New spring goods at Galbraitu's. The -'Mother's Friend." Not only shortens labor and lessens pain attending it, but greatly diminishes the danger to life of both mother and child if used a few months before con finement. Write to The Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further par ticulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheetz and F. W. Dingley. 21-25 Organs. L. Lessing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf Cditor Vferner. on the Slot Machine. Charles ,2>ndley Warner, while moralizing upon, a well known, tendency of modern times in Harpert, has something to- say regarding, the possible future-development of some recent familiar-inventions. "Perhaps," says he, "we Biay expect a further development of tlte 'slot' machine. By dropping a cent in the slot one can get his weight, his, age, a piece of chewing gum, a bit of caady or a shock that will energize his nervous system,. Why not get from a similar machine a *good business education,' or an 'interpretation' of Browning, or a, new language, or a knowledge oi English literature? But even this would be crude. "We have hopes of something from electricity. There ought to be somewhere a reservoir of knowledge, connecting by wires with every house, and a professional switch tender, who, upon the pressure of a button in any house, conld turn on the intellectual stream desired. There must be discovered in time a method by which not only information, but intellectual life, can bo infused into the system by an electric current. It would save a world of trouble and expense." . I WILL INSURE HOGS WHEN FED MY REMEDY. > WRITE FOR TERMS Oft MERCANTILE AG Will arrest disease, preveat disease, ex-worms, stop tbe cough, increase the flesh and hasten maturity. J'RIOKS--S2.;)0. SI.S5-. and 50c. per package. 25 pound cans 812,50. 'ITie largest packages are tiie cheapest. For sale- by J. F. LACY & SON, ALGONA, - IOWA. _ "Hogology," a pamphlet on swine, will be mailed to any address on receipt of a two- cent stamp, 8-26 Jos. Haas, V. S. Indianapolis, Ind. Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough and consumption cure. A remedy for asthma and that feverish condition which accompanies a severe cold.—Dr. Sheetz. ISulls for Sale. The undersigned has a few fine thoroughbred yearling bulls for sale. Call and examine the stock and get prices. GKAYBllOS., 19-22 Wesley Iowa. A Iteliable CougH Syrup. We have been fortunate enough to secure the agency for Begga' Cherry Cough Syrup. It is a trustworthy medicine, and we guarantee every bottle sold to give entire satisfaction. We would be pleased to have our customers give it a tri al. Sold by F. W. Dingley. 10-23 Teachers' Department. ^-Communications for this Department are earnestly solicited fron> the teachers. FALL IN LINE. To the Bancroft Correspondent: Tbe I.O. G. T. lodge of this place is prospering nicely under tlie management of J. B. Streater. When our lodge first started iu February, 1890, it was almost impossible to call together from time to time members enough to form Mr. W. l?'s analysis of my sentence needs no comment from me, the sentence being compared to Jerusalem's stony hills adds a value that I had too much modesty to presume for it. Transposition is an old dodge to evade any knotty problem, aud it is a sure sign of sore pressure. The part of "God never made his work for man to mend" that needs correction from Mr. W. B's analysis and the prepositional phrase for man to mend; the object of the preposition /OTIS wan to mend, not man in the diagram I place man upon a support above the base line high enough to allow to mend, (its modifier) to being also above the baseline of the phrase. Those who use R. & K's. grammar I refer to page 81, C. B. PAUL. Correct and give analysis of the following: "You look different to what I supposed." S- M. If you start 20 ® north of the equator and travel south 89 ° east around the earth, what will be your latitude when you get around. Long Prayers. An Irish priest at Aminergan told the following story of his bishop: His lordship and a chaplain came to see the Passion play. They would fain have had a room each, but this was not possible. They knelt down separately to say their prayers by their little cots, and presently it crossed the mind of the chaplain that it would not be well to make his orisons shorter than the bishop's, and he glanced over his shoulder to see if his lordship was about to make an end. The bishop, presumably anxious not to scandalize his chaplain by the shortness of his prayers, also glanced over his shoulder and waited. The process waa repeated several timoB. Both supplicants were very "red, and in time both fell asleep. They were found in the morning on their knees still and sleeping.—Pall Mall Gazette. Quite a Traveler for a Turtle. W. E. Hellenbrand, of Oldtown, came into possession of a turtle lately at Pushaw, which bore upon it the evidence of having reached years of discretion and of having been—for a turtle— quite a traveler. It was marked "J. W. Sewall, 1871," and Mr. Sewall remembers that when camping in his boyhood on Pushaw lake he found the turtle near the outlet and cut his name upon its shell. The animal was found a short time ago in the "Thorofare," near Orson island, some sixteen miles from ita former place of capture, showing that it had traveled on the average about a mile each year. Mr. Hellenbrand's son Walter marked it and released it for further adventure.—Bangor (Me.) Commercial. W. L. DOUGLAS Aid other speclal- ties for Gentlemen, Ladles, etc., are war, ., ranted, and so stamped on bottom. Address DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. Sold by F. S. Stough, Agent. Teacher's Reports AT REPUBLICAN OFFICE. The Oldest Place In America. "Do you know the oldest place in all America?' said Gen. John B. Henderson, of St. Louis, to a circle of friends. "I dont mean the oldest town in the country or on the continent, but the Ian), first found on the western hemisphere. No? Well, I thought not. It is Mount Marcy, in the Adirondack mountains. Agasaiz and other geologists have fig 1 * ured out that Mount Marcy was the point of land that made its appearance first above the water when the western hemisphere was evolved. "—Chicago Herald. True Ebtppiueae. Mrs. Muggers—I see ft prominent society belle is dead. If these ever was a perfectly bttasful existence on earth she enjoyed it while she lived. Ms Mugger*—Because she was a eo- Mrs. Muggers—No; because slit was tqmtjMbojr Jlpgg and never NEVER A FAILURE. The Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be had on the crop plan, or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay for a farm from the proceeds of one crop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal and railway facilities, and all the chances of a new country In the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet fully occupied. In the tush to the far •west, however, tbia rich valley has been overlooked. It has room for a million more people. Write to F. J. WHITNEY, for particulars. Publication

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