The St Louis Republic from St. Louis, Missouri on August 25, 1901 · Page 27
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The St Louis Republic from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 27

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1901
Page 27
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THE REPUBLIC: SUNDAY. AUGUST 25,1901. ttlllllttfttTtTTTT- - --- - aii..! ,.), a . ,., t - ll-M'i I l-l-l '' 9 ' ! !-. ,.- ... ,,,, , a ,, .... , ,., .j - - - -.. u i . . . BASEBALL NEWS AND COMMENT BATTING AVERAGES FOOTBALL CRICKET. fs. -." ! Umf KWL' ? SMTP'S. 4 - J N&? y A , VWjf " If " J KJPSfflwHMBBiK t VW. JAKE BECKLP:Y OF .CINCINNATI. .---.r.-.-j-j.-.-.-.'v".i.vrui.v".-.i-.'J"."n..--"i."i.' CINCINNATI MAY LOSE JAKE BECKLEY NEXT YEAR. Thp lo of Jake IJeckley to '.llr'Amcrlcan leauc next ear would not only be de-lnred over the National League circuit, lmt would leave a bis R3p In the already l"plettd ranks of the Red". It li roBarded r alwo't certain that the American League will place teams In PittburR and St. IavVs, find the tatement i made on gcod authority that ISeckley will captain the team In the Smoky City. It l known that Beckley can Ket a Rood lerth in the American Ivajrue, but "whether he will deert the National, with which he his been o long Identified, is Feriouslv questioned. It Is claimed that Eeckley has Ji-actlcall decided to go to one of the American I.caeuo teams, but Jake himself la noncommital on the subject. Beckley is a larf,e part of the Cincinnati team. He vies with Sam Crawford for the batting honor, and n a first baseman ranks hiRh He la a favorite all over the National Leacue circuit because of his ea"y-go!ng w a vi Ueckley delights In chaff and rarely ever loses his head, but he has a most exas-peratirg way of "Joshing" an opposing team, especially when the Reds have the upper hand. Although King "Hid" McPhes ostensibly manages the Cincinnati team from the bench. Ileckley is the life of the Iteds in the field. He Is a "hoodoo" to the Ilttburg Pirates. On more than one occasion he has materially Interfered with a Pittsburg victory, and so often has he done thin tluit it Ls a subject of general comment wherever the Iteds meet the Pirates. FAST ENGLISH CRICKETER WILL PLAY IN AMERICA. I )l FRANK HITCnELL, An old Cambridge University cricket player, who will be one of the stars of the English team which plays in America this fall. Mitchell is a free bat, securing runs all around the wicket. lie is n fair bowler and an excellent 'ielder. Mitchell is also a football player of fame, having played forward for England in the Rugby Union football game. RUPTURE CURED Quickly and Permanently REMEMBER. I hve practiced rlsht In St. Ixtuls nearly ten year ane cured over 4.000 Ht. Lnulwns NO TAT U.VTH, CURED. .to Pains So Cutting!. Unclose 2e tor Booklet ok Bnntnre. BROOKLYN SS MAKING A STRONG BID FOR PENNANT. I Ilanlonites. After I'.issing Caidinals, Still Further Increase Their Lead and Are Kjqiectcd to 'rod the I'imtes I!efm Long Eastern Trip of Western Clubs .May TpM't Some Cal- t illations Doiioian Is Looking for a Xew Twiilcr. The lat week in the baseball world was markrd bv the drop of the Cirdlnals t fot-rth plaie In the after the pennant mid the rapid strides which It.-ocklvn has been making toward the top. Two or three vve-ks ago the Hanlonitcs were llgured to end no higher than fouith. or polbly third plac. but the Hanlonitcs fatteneil their percentage at the expen-e of Phil idelphia and New York, and will give the I'ltlsuurs club a run for the money. The Pirates maintaired their high stand ing at the co-t of three game to the Dono- v. mites, and the latter are till on the backward patch. A few games In the, J-ow-ever, are expected to wrrk n ch inge all round. Pittsburg will go up against its nearest rivals for first-rlice honors. The Pirates will have to light hard to put a quletiib on Ilrooklvn. St. I.OU1S furnt-hes a good road team. The sterling work done in the long trip Kast in the earlier ptrt of the season was riS"n-r-ible for tre high stardlns or the Cardinals, and there Is no good rea-on why the trick cannot be turned again. l!rook! n and Philadelphia, however, are much stronger organizations than they were a month ago, and the going will net be easy for the locals. If the team succeed In taking Its share of the games on the present trip the chances should be good for a return to third place before the Kastern tour Is brought to an end. Followins Is the schedule for the week: St. Louis at Pittsburg Augun 23. 27 and 3. Cincinnati at St. Louis August 30 and 31. Cincinnati crawled Into sixth place last week, not bv anv extra effort on the part of the club, but becau'e of the Giants accelerating slump. The New Torkers seem to be In a bad way. Sam Strarg was relegated to the bench for a brief season and Hickman was alco taken out of the feld and tried out once In the box with poor success,. Murphy, who was seen hire with Boston, has betn turned over to the Gothamltes and given regular work at tecond base. "I have been watching the work of the men who Jumped the Ueds this J tar," savs Magnate Ilrush of Cincinnati, "and I note that none of thf m are doing as well as they did with us Iat jear. Jlnrny Harrett's bat ting for Detrolts has not been up to the pace he set last seaon. nnJ I understand that he Is not plavlng as brilliantly in the field as he did for us. Kd Scott, whom we offerej as much money as Cleveland paid him, now Is drifting about from place to place, his arm Is In bad shape from the lake breezes and no reward from the American League for deserting u. Phil Oiler has been turned adrift twice this season, and he Is drawing a smaller salary than we were paying him last jear. Italph Sevbold Is not setting the world on fire In Philadelphia. In fact, of the entire lot that Jumped the Iteds before the season opened. Hoke Ferris, with the Boston Americans, seems to be the only man who Is playing up to expectations. No doubt the destriers have regretted ere this the ill-advised step they took In Jumping Cincinnati." Manager Donovan H reported to bo on a still hunt for a left-handed pitcher. Certain It Is that the Cardinals are In need of another twlrler. Now that Wicker has gone. It would seem that thero Is room for nnother pitcher, not on the bench, but In the game. SudholT. Harper. Powell and Murphy have been doing all the work right along, so Wicker will not be much mled. Hut another pitcher who can take his turn regularly would give these slabmen a chance to rest up once In a while. No team can be expected to play winning bail behind a set of pitchers who are handicapped by sore arms and extra work. Careful figuring can hardlv place the Cardinal to clou the season ahad of second place. A week ago the chance for first-place honors, though slim, was possible, but the big gap torn In the local team's standing by Chicago and Pittsburg places the Cardinal out In th cold. Nothing less than a greased-plank stunt by Pittsburg and Ilrooklvn will give the locals a right of the bunting. Some time In the near future a meeting ef the Ilaseball Players- Protective Association Is scheduled to take place. The meeting will likely be held when the Western teams go East In September. A number of important questions are up for consideration, among them the suhjeet of contract Jumpers. Some sort of discipline will likely be dealt out by the organization to the "Jumpers'' If certain Influential members of the pilfers' union have their way. Another question, and one which Is a vital one to the plajers, Is the maintenance of good salaries. Pome measures may be taken to keep up the present high wages of the plajers. The outlook for good money Is proml-lng, ns ,i sinrp Hunt for pl.ivers will be waged between the two rival big lt-ague, and the plajers v.iil 1.6. i,y the competition. With the fighting for plavis that took place between the two org inlzitions at the beginning of the present STon, salaries were Increased, with the result that some of the clubs found tlum-elves hard prcs.,i t0 i10id their pl.ivers. It Is likely that an effort win lie win,. !. iii..ii.sil of ficials to cut down tro prertnt figures, nr.d some ort of action will be taken by the plavirs to prevent such ,i movement. The Philadelphia North American savs that Connie Alack Is nfttr some of the Mel-lar lights on the Phil idelphia Nationals. I'ltchtr Townsend Is riorted to hive received an offer of doable the silary Rogers Is now- pa lug him. To be sure. Town-end h a j oungster In the net of breaking out of his i-hell. but he gives promie cf vnlue and the Americans are willing to take a chance on the future and put up cash on the risk. IJuggleby has been dallied with along with the rest. The members of the Cincinnati tenm are a unit In declaring tint there Is ns man It the National League to-dav as fast on his feet as Hilly Fox. the Reds' second "In a straightawaj run," said Dick Harley. "Fox easily can distance any man drawing ulary In baseball to-day. Just at present this speed Is not utilized to the best advantage by him. for the reason that he has not learned to get a quick start, such as Is required In baseball. When he learns to start a steal on the motion of a pitcher nnd gets away at the crack of the bat In fielding a ball, he will be a revelation In baterunnlng rnd tleldirg. 'There is no doubt that h w III acquire ex-pertness. In both these lines, nven In the short time he has lieen with us he has Improved wonderfully In both lines of work, and he Is getting better every day. Fox was a chnrapion sprinter among the Eastern colleges before he became a professional baseball plater, and he has established quite a number of college records In his time. Despite his slight build, he has great endurance, and there. 1 MO reason why he should not develop Into a star In his position If he continues to nbsorb knowledge ns he has in the past few weeks." Cincinnati Tlmes-Star. Father Henry Chad wick. In his weekly letter to the Sporting News, tells the follow -lng story on "Willie" Kceler: "Willi- Keeler sa he has lots of letters nt him asking how to bat well. One writer said: '.Mr. William' Keeler: Dear Sir Have vou any treatise on the art of batting written bv jourelf? If so. pleaso Inform me where I can obtain such nnd the price thereof. I Inclose stamp for reply.' "On reading out to a scribe, Keeler said: I've already written that treatise, and it reads like thls-kecp otir eve clear and hit em where they ain't. That's all.- " 'To show how strcng the bids for plajers were at the leginnlng of last season when li nnr tietneen thf tWO big leagues was on. and ns Indicative of what mnv be expected If the National and American League clubs bid up the price of plavers this winter. W. L. Mcllwaln of the Pittsburg Dispatch refers to the case of Has Wagner. At the beglnnirg of the season Wagner was offered Jll.tTO for a thrce-vear contract with the American LengHe. At first lie wasjo be given part of this sum In American League stock, but, when he refused, the American Ix-ague iopl agreed to deposit the full amount In a Pittsburg bank. W ag-ner continued to refuse and stuck to tre Pirates. As jet he has no reason lo be scrrj" for his decision. George Mullln of the Fort V nyne team of the Western League Is sail to have made a dicker with the Hoston American league team for next yenr. Mullln had offers from three oth-r American league teams, but the bait thrown out bv Hoston was the most tempting. Mullln first attained prominence In the bnseball world when a pitcher on the Wabah team of the "Three-Lje league In 110. BIllnllT IIITLOOK KOll FOOrBM.L. Wnahlngton 1 nUersItr Mar Meet Craek tcrn Tram. WRITTEN TOR THE 3L'M)AT RFPUDI.IC Respite the present summer heat and ths apparent lncongrultr of mentioning such a hurly-burly, blood-stlrrlng game as football, which alwajs seems to call up Ideas of exhilarating, frosty weather and a landscape of brown rtubble and a background of autumnal tints, it la not too early to con-Rller the outlook for football In the city this season. In the East the largo college tenms nre already doing light work, nnd several local rchools will open In about two weeks and wl'l. no doubt, call out their squads the pecond week In September. The High School and St. I.ou!s University hive an advantage over the other Institution-) In PITCHER 0RTH DELIGHTS IN BLANKING OPPOSING TEAMS. Pitcher AI Orth of rhlladelp'il'i thinks his victories are not completo utiles shut-outs are recorded against a team which he opposes. Thus far this season Orth has won sixteen games and lost eight, a percentage of .6C0. The St. Louis. New York. Hoston and Cincinnati teams have suffered hut-out at Orth's hands. The Ueaneaters have been blanked thrice by this twlrler, and Cincinnati failed to score In two games when Orth was on the slab for Philadelphia. Orth got n bumping at the hands of Boston Thursdaj-, but In the four preceding games In which he pitched he had Fcored three whitewash. Roston wa blanked three times In succession b- Orth. but rot even Thur-daj- by landing on him hard. cu.iioiiMt cot if-nns cosnsn. Will nntrr Swift nrrrhnniiil In American lnterlan nt St. Lonl. Coursing men on the Western plains nre grcatlj- Interested In the running of the American Waterloo, which will be held In this city In October. They regard this stake as the greatest srejheund event of the year, and undoubtedly the meeting this fall will be one of the greatest coursing events ever held In America. Judge John Grace Is coming from San Francisco to oITlcIate in the saddle, and this alone should Insure the success of the meet. The stake will be run at Pastime Park, on a greatly Improved course, and the sport should prove very attractive. A leading Han Francisco paper, speaking of the event, says: "The American Waterloo will be held In St. Louis on October 5 and 6, and the American Derby a week later, but Judge Grace will stop for the Waterloo only, as he w 111 hav e to get back here to Judge the John Grace Cup. The Derby Is a produce stake for whelps of 1300. Still later will be held the Mississippi Futurity, which compares with the local Futurity." "Jim Sweeney will go East to hand'e the hounds belonglrg to Sam Hardy of Minneapolis. J. H. itosseter will send four hounds to make the affair of national Importance, and For Freedom Is likely to be among the number. E. M. Kellogg will also take the tflp with his string, and other local men may decide to take or send some hounds to St. Louis for the sport's sake." MR. SPRAGUE SAYS Visiting merchants wishing to seo city life must so to the DeUcatcssca Lunchroom. .IUTCHER.AX. ORTB this respect, as their men get to work early In the month, and by the time the other boj-s get out have trimmed down their summer avoirdupois and are prepared tor active practice. However, nothing but prellmlnarj work tan be deno before the first of October on account of the torrid weather. Judging from pre-season prospects delusive guides at best the coming season should produce the best pigskin sport ever before wltnes-ed in &t. Louis. The colleges and preparatory schools in the neighborhood are making big advances in athletic llres. and. an even the great unen-thulastlc St. Louis public H waking up to the pleasures of outdoor s(orf. the next venr should withers a great revival In all branches of amatiur athletics. Hut right here. In connection with football, it must lie vi Id that two things are necessary for the full succeys. of th game. First, frcm the sp.'ctator's point of view, as well as from that of tha plaje-rs. all fondil'm and "bruiser" tactics must be absolutely barred. The pernors who are the life c college sports can ii'ver be Interested In anj' game In which hrutalitj" and lighting ulaj- any part. And. ngiln. n warning, which applies onlj" too v,ell to local football, should bo rlgidlj' cbMrn-d. namelj-. professionalism. This fault has been widespread in the past and nearly tverv team in thb region has. at one time or nnother bein guiltj' of plajlng "ringers," on their elevens, merely fcr the sake of winning the present gam without a thought of the ultimate fate of the sport. rr of the unfa!rns to the other schools This policy ha dene n world of harm, nnd as lone n It i"nnt!nue there will never I that heallhv rlvalrj- wllch Is the life of the game A third point, which hns to lo not with the ethics, but with the practice of football, is that of rpecd. It aouId be Impressed on all plajers and cr.aches right at the beginning of the seaon that no slowness will bo tolerated. Everv man should get Into the til. ly right on the Jump, starting with th hall or before It. If pe-s!ble. The Idea of weight l-ejng the mot Importnrt quall-Pcatlrn for a football plnjer would be qiilcklv- put to rout If a cood. lively, snappj" team could be got together In the city. Washlnrton Frlvcrsltv athletics appear to have awakened from the- Itln Van Winkle i'"iui- uiiii ju join; cnveiopeu incui sine the alurrnl has taken an a-tlve part In their mannserrent. The unlergraduates having failed to J rodure winning tcims. tn cra.lua'es have decided to lake fJII control In the future. An alumni committee, compos d of Mrs.rr. Fchuyler. Heb'r and Chandler, In c njunctlon with Professor Wcodward. who will represent the faculty, will form a board that vlll have charge of the finanrlnl e nd of the nthletic department, nnd. in addition, control the prac:lcil affairs. The committee states that all orranlza-tloio will 1m eompod of strlctlj- amateur plajers nnd that tin re will te abroluteiy rono of the frofcslcnaIIsm that marred last j ear's record. As the football season Is .nt hand, all efforts at present are being f ut forth to get a ?coiI team In th- flId A schedule of games Is contemplate J. which. If carried out. wld give St. I.oulgirs n fineopDortunity ?, "V rcB' fcotball. The crack teams of all the leading colleges In the surrounding States will be asked to corn here, ami the game will be ltnmenelv benefited. In addition, efforts will b- made to procure a line co.-ch for the mvrtle an I manon eleven. S veral men are under consideration, some of them of wide reputations. This hould help thi team greatly to win a majority of the caitiOT scheduled A unlversltj spirit will certalnlv be created bv thts advance-, aril bv the lime the W. V Is located In Its new quarters R will have an athletic prestige wh'ch will put It in the first flight amng Western colleie". With th number of students it will have and the excellent ficiiitles for Practice, there is no reason why the university cannot equal the records made bv Chicago. Wisconsin and ethers. St. Louis "nlverltv will have its "Vi-1," of ranilldatesj on the field by the middle of September, and will try to equal Its last jear1-) record. The Jesuit Institution ras come to the front In the last few- J ears and Is now In a riass wlih the other big ..u,,.7i in imr rune, us aiumni nave been largely responsible for this. a sign which augurs well for the jucce-s of Washington s plan. The fathers will Ioe a number of their good men. Including Pennington, King. McDowell. Donahue and Johnson, but there will be enough of the old eleven remaining "..on!,.,a.'.tl"orF.n-lclc-'u' '" thf new team. woY X;': l1 :,",1;",Vonv.' hc . - r,n-ap"mK"on .'1 th" n-'-- Mart-n 1-lanej will be with the bojs again this jear to put them through their pace". In liVV-r - ' the writer last week, he said that he would certalnlv be back this with ,1'f 1 V .hna no 'ilea of " material with which he is to build up a team. He sajs that the mtcrn athletes take a n'tTti1 '" ,n."r Western brothers on ?nimU'f the number of Easterner- coach-fak). f the Indlan ana ,nc buf- nthft11 ?'" trv,- b-"InR a team of orark athletes from hl. region to the Indir n?hueVh,lc.h wl" be heM -"t" In the jear rhis -hould prove a good drawing card and will make the games a bigger success than thoso pulled off last spring. The Christian "r" h?rs Vol'CB.e ' not resume for quit" a,nWt,,"iV,,Vnn'Lno Preparations have been made thus far for the football team How-S),f,r,Jhe '?n00' nl" ""btle"s have a good f!cn r?adv to P'a" the rival W V team bv Thanksgiving time. It 1 "said that Stono IV"" poached ,he C It. C. ladi , In im wlli net have chargeof the team this jear. tlJhreFfIsbfl0",!'"K. ? th Interscholas- "fecfrrf? frotri laVt season's BoTdBi'i'-.n"'" ent outlook, the fljjht forTrst honoVsPwfli success ever since Its inception and has been the mainstay of pure at hleUcsIn recent j. ears. Since the withdrawal of St I'??!'! nher".l,yrom ,n """ocIUIon there have been enly four schools In It ini 1 his account It would seem S be a good M " "ft J5Ieos Military Academy " i"Tn with the other schools. An attempt it" this was made some time ago. hut nolning ele-tlo rnrr"Zcc,?mpI,,.'hctl- ,Tl1" "oo " not Is n rnthnTi'Jt'f Cl,J'' '"", Colonel Wees-S. rihu,,?stl? ,FP?r'"nan. nnd willing to do anything for his lads, there woald seem to 1 no objection to the plan At the High School the football team will lose quite a number of its best plajerV. but as th- Grand avenue Institution has a big lot or material to pick from, and all kinds wfh:n,,1 I?,fc,,e,l,, ,hp c,""nn Hen Gray! who probably will captain the team, shou'd have tti trouble In selecting on that will trv hartl to win the pennant again for the JhoV Ji''ere ."Ts. manv great big lads In the school, ntid thee who know say that Ihp red and black will spring n few sur- wrJ ' of the athletic associ itlon savs Tflflf fill Mn Hi (s t 1 s . ...- ... ........... nun m in iirsi-cmss cortii- tlon and that there will be no lack of funds to help the Ik)J.s nlong No arrangements for a coach have as vet been made, but this dcflclortrv will speedily be supplied il'Lni,'iMIn to.a rrKu,r conch, the Hlh team will have th benefit of hard practice against a team r.r old H. B. plivcrs. who will pet tocether as soon as the season linaVrlll nnrl nlnti a rn t.. L - ..... ..,.- """-!, "-""me ine -varsttr eialiy nt Forest Park. And then, about the mid- a-TlaSk a-ar aTl,nlA- at 1u at-. jrung.terii will line tip for a regular game, wnlch , will rrrtalnlv- be a great contest, ns ttlA TIIl.1, UntlM nl..K ht 1 . ...... .-.,...., n.uiiiiu iirs in its ranKs crack pi ivrrs. The probable make-up of the ....... ..... .. jjj-i.i ..inn', enter: Ham Krs- and "Lift v" Lawlon tackles? wvhn- ,n ,K'J,'!Vi';''VolK Chopin North Monr. TM1 Pmlth. Dniighndav nnd Klnsev. backs ...... .. ,.,., ,r., ,, j, n (p.ams In late ve.ars. nnd .among their number nre -j.-. i ... ...c . . ,. .v....-,,, iiiHjpi-s in inerity. Practlc- aealnst s"ieh men cannot but 1 bcr.eflclal to the regular red and black tear. Smith Aendemv will lose Hilts. Foster and Lehman, but. noivlthstnndlns this big loss. It may be expected to turn out n fast team, marked bv the old Smith "nevr-say-dl-" spine, which nas w-jn so manj- victories ror the red and white In former j-enrs. Eddie Lewis the newly elected captain. Is n good man i iii iiii. iiiiii nas iipierm'naiion rnouirh to make any hunch of lads work. tie VTiii nave nu'iui sfven or ine oi'l men back. nnd. with the aid of last venr's sub- !,. , n mt lha Mn... M.I..I.I I BIHUir-i nu ...t .-' .. .iiairilill MII1V1I n A pected to enter the school, will crtalnlj" mane n nig ui.i to- ine ppnnnrt. in otner lines, such ns tennis and golf, the academy Ikjjs have been kcepl"g up their work ct home and nt the summer resorts, and win be beard from In their specialties The other seendarr school of the Washington University, tbe Manual Training dntirvnl rthie tin worderfullv last fall. nnd. though lh"j too. will have to part with a number ot goewi n-n, win nave a gooa icum out for th? honor. The American School of Osteopathy football squad began practice at Kirksvltle la't Monday with about twenty-five candidates. Coach White Is getting his men In shape for the first W game, which Is with the Unlvrslty of Nebraska. Games will alo b plajcd with Missouri. Kansas and the Haskell Indians. Thf team at present Is composed nf tbe following plajers: Crab-tree. Mahsffy. cane. Davis. Gates. Maloney. lUlrskl. Van Iam. Rcdfield, Polmethes, Blgsby and Stephenson. L. R. W. BURKETT AND HEIDRICK HAVE FATTENED AVERAGES I'itchiT Dolicny of Pittltnr; Teinior;iriIy Loads the National Slag Ilt.s Delt'liitnty Is Falling Uohiiul INiwi'H ICanks- Even With the (Irrat Jlattla'WMin La .loir Still Leads the American IS.itMiien, but Is Not Keeping Up to His Usual Form. THE WTIOVAL LKAGIE. Eddie Dohenj". the erratic left-handed pitcher. Is temp'rarlly the le-ider of the Nrtlonal l-eague batsm'n. but the real li n-ors. of cour.s-. go to Emmett He drlck. who holds his fine percentage almost ur.cninged from week to week. There has liren a heavy fall In batting, and there is low .1 Jump of eleven points from Heldrlck to Eur-kett and of fifteen points frcm ISurkett to Delehantj-. Twentj-eight men are batting . or letter. Hurkett leading In hits n.iue and runs -cored, besides being the only IT. en In the League to nverage- one run ir more per gatrc. St. Louis leads in team batting. I.roukljn second. The Cardinals and Urookljna ure u1m the leaders In extra ba-e Kitting. Sam Crawford has a fat margin as olumjuon Individual slugger, nnd Frank Clim-e I'&ds the bare runner-, on a ierccnMAe c-"i"-Harper keeps his lead In the vltcnlng e!e-. . !.. i,AnAit ranUlnir I'll th iwnmenv. jsjihii)- x-u-s.. .---.. just even with the great Mathiwisun-.Mur- jihj fifteenlh ana suuiiun ciS."s The figures: UattlnK. ., . AIL It. II SH.S-B. rot r..,rl- -- l .J jtin.u), .. i .. .- -- llvi.iri . t 1UII1 M 1- ... iK-ivnur!), 1'h.I. .. isevir. ink. ....... lUitscl. ml Ciawlurd. On. .... lculfy. Cin eievii. Cl. ...... V.uKner. I'.tlf. .... Donovan. M I- Ilavls. .s V fchfckapl. I'lk Van llaltrai. . ) Kirll'J. Urn tnu. Phil ja-n.itz. 1 nib .... llouclaas, 1'ntL .... V.ul.acr. St. Ls ... Datj. ltrk lti)9t lUn.Hun. IJt '' -i. r.i l? j a -t ' r". .:. . i j. j.. ,1'ii aJ v .- - -- ---- .11 Z-.) Tl l- - J J.-. sj Hi M W ti 2 .1 .Ui vu ; : .;! i mt tLI .U Jaw s -s- :Z IS fa pi j ii ? VJ 3.1 U l- 1 -' f' . n . ;-' - " -. . n li . . .... ii i .a w " it ::: , t . i.i ij i.i - t- ?- .31 3ll '.a -I ii if T - . J" 1 H . M - . 5 a LntfiiK. N.aroleon I-i Jole holds hLs place as leader cf the American L"ague batsmen, although, his jercentage has fallen down during tho week, as have those of nearly all the sluggers, ituck Freeman ranks second and Itdljh SejbyM thlnl. ThIrtj--two men ar In the .. class. La Jole leading In runs scored ard hits made. Boston leads In team batting and the Athletics In long hits. I.a Jole Is Incomparably the champion when It comes to extra baso drives, and Isbell is the premier base-runner. Clark Griffith retains his position as chief pitcher, Jerry Nops ranking second ard Cy Young third. The tables: Ilattln-r. l'lars. La Jole. Atllftlc-i-iet-iuan, Ikston V i-'jli-ilj. Atu t-lDtrl.d. L!rolt .. JSCeiraW. fnitlrr.n I Cnllins. IiKKton .. . ster. iiaitimcre . Mahl. II.jti)n ... UioOf. ltaltimire ., -" .VlllltllCS i; .:' Jo ll -1 se 3-1 a - i 4 .a. t i-i li .5-1 . :j in - i " ; ... . -.,. a .a 31 i II :. .311 m 3) sj " ? .' rSr b. t . :i m si- - 73 Z.- 4rl n Z" iiv - I :i a9 .tl - " --- ... 4 li. u ... 9 15s i - ?.. . , ri l.i. it Jsl 47 11- -J S it) 3J ll 1J -t tt ai ii c n n J i: 4 i M 3V 1U J JC. - s-ribacn. .n i f' ; r: M lle.ume.Dt. it-. M '' g vveuvvnoii. inu Tnuma. 1 hit. .. lxbb9. On. . .. Clarke, inn .... llch. Its Kiugirr. M. L . Mchols. lloit. .. tan til. Uia. .... llarlo. Cm ... IirunnnlJ. in. llctiftry. I rk. . N. -McOuire. "t. Davis. l"k. Ill eance, CW Whit-. Phil. ... MuTiihy. t-i. N Phil. I'eiu. "ln Oiih. rhil Kiing. tni. .. JlcUnuV. On , Terney. IioJt. e.s:e. ims-u ..... Dext-r. CM McGann. M. 1 .. ltttcrtr. Its KlttreJite. U t. .. Klt n. l;rk. ...... lclan. ttil . "rk , a.lJi It. Its. nil 3iagoon. -iii ... Ixing. lloat. ...... JtMii-rse. Chi .... J-nnlnsJ. I'r 1. .-Muipby. Host. ... lrnrln. Cln . ltrk. tshtlver. t. L- lMJ.lm St. I- .. frollui. Ht I.owe. iwsi Dojle. rhl fPtfl .. Mche'ls. S-'t U ivarmer, luij.... lts.i.riiiivn. - Mor.n. lle"t ltahlen. llrl.. . Kahee. Cln . Chi. Poole, rta. ........ Warner, N T ., if 3; i. isai.i. St. I. Chi.. ?2 i! :! ? - -.r. ?i s: ii i mini.. ."" ..94 .3.S .js: .J1 .is .U4 Zi o S 63 3 i : s t; 3 - i ii D :.t 3 4 .z.s it r;j ii : .t . M 11 . 31 Ui . J - . . 191 . . 21 101 II . 7- 16 - a -..-. C . - W" T si ia '.3 4 11 ; 2 ;" - s- - , . . 4i 1A) 11 1 - a a .i 1 . M . 1.1 22a Ill I S 11 24 . 43 Ii4 ?J . 40 1-1 13 S 13 ) st -1.1 . H . Si HI 4S . S3 i) St 2 4 .31 4 4 .- 3 53 -r4 4 1 ." 7 15 ASS 1 4 .10 11 -T -.- -t 2 ,. 43 lw 13 ' f X-l :: ai : tj 1 1 ? - :s - :; ; 3J . C4 .. H 3 ..103 STl) I 11 .3 4 " S 41 91 4 V) : 4 .: S4 3?i ... 51 1' ... :i ... W KC w i :t .-4; It 41 3 11 41 3 1 4 1 1 II 1 3 .1 (latin rtrk Corcoran, Cln Zlmmer. Pt. .. t;ammons. Host ... Iiam. ls- 1T11- OietMO. Its Taylor. Chi Lly. Its. . lK.novan. Ilia. . .. rhiiippt. rj Iternard. . . Willis. lt Iever. Its T.nnehlll. It lMwell. t. J Oan:el. S. Dlnetn. ItoH Fox. Cln. .-:" Mathewcn. J., v. Cros. I'hll. :' Newton, e'ln . IKK. llernen. Cln ,el.en. N. ; Itowerman. llallman. rail. . ltjran. St. U ' Harper, ft. J- uJhofT. St. I llal.n. Jin. ; Ihigelebr. .!'"" eie'cnnor. its IleleliantT. ChJ. ... Smith, l'ts llcst. Kasia. h' Phjle. . lluphe-t. Chi Smith. N Hushes, ntk Tajlnr. N.J PUtlncrr. .BJ"t. .. UUC1UW. ... - ia "uo r KM " .15 191 -a s; W J It. iw 11 JS .. 53 W 4 IT . rt ti ; st :s w .':.-. ST w . : to . i s .'. 11 1 II s '4 231 .1 S 1 0 3 1 1 4 c .: 3 C -21T J 11 .IW 0 0 .111 1 U -III i r :T 4 1 .it 3 i .?JS .3.1 t It :'.". 34 im 13 1; .. 35 '3 ;..$i 334 3 .. 1" .. :s ict t .. 33 11 ... 4 33 .. 14 7) 4 21 4 r. :i t t ?? e ii 51 t )i - .-. 1 11 ? j , ; is- S ;?. u H 4 .1, i) w is H .1 j 0 .5)1 1 .21) 1 .?) 0 :w 4 .: - .i! 4 .156 a .IS, .is .183 ! ii so ?! s 4 11 'J 1U I. 8 5 ( 4 & 4 S 9.1 94 .14 74 . J 125 .IT 4 Ii li 21 11 10 .li .1-4 S 11 5 1) 11 T 12 i 9 .11 a l-i .i" 0 .177 1 .17t 2 i: s .1.1 1 .10 1 .1S4 ) .131 1 .133 3 .14 V .111 0 .131 0 .111 1 121 0 .111 Clubs St. I.OUH .. Ilronklvn 1'hllailelrhla ntttbuiK Chl-mrt ,. enncinnatl . .nv Yerk .:: n Clnb llntllmt. ah. it it. sit sn. ret. ItS Si i " - 10't 4.1 Vi ;.: -TSt Clubs. Pt Iiu'a .... Ilrooklvn .... e'lni-tnn-itl ... IMttsbtira . ft.lrnc . ..-fhlla.lelrMa New Turk lloaton .. .J.2-S 471 ,.3,3H' 4JI 3.41 413 .3.:27 4t -1 2i ........... .!!,. Lontt iih " "- To,a, T-trt in. in. 411 15aes isr e lis .27i 33 37 17i .174 2! 4i 1T7 3S til ins li .li Ill H 51 ...ill ...K ... J .. .H' ...1S1 ....131 ...111 . 5 30 3.) 21 IS 21 1 IS 1! 17 Sot 412 41 4 an 3i) Iti'd.Tiitar.1 Sln-fftera plarer ne'ebantr Philadelphia . arteel. CMear-t Sheeksril tlrcottltTl riiek rh'lsit-ln-ils peralev. Itnelrnstl VVallsre. st. tail's Hurkett CI tw'l W saner, rlttshurx t)alr. Ittooklm .. - rinse linn Players Chanre. CVearo e-nrroran. rsnrlnnatl tMrt-elt. CTil-ro .,.,. n tnttl ...... heekrd Pi-v-klrn Peaunom riif-i'u-. Warner Tttteb"nr .- .. Ttr-tnti.rhllaJetpaift nreeni Chlcs-n ' rteit,irty. nwri . . . .. tteM-lcV "' liil" Keeler. rots"-i Total Vvtea IP lit. 4H Baaes 1 1 1 V 12 7 111 .:::i " ; .... H i '2J M P 1 ' "" M 12 2 S . . 1- 1 '' '.'. Zi " 1 8 nine , C. sn. Jt- M is .'51 1 .ITS I YA IT .r.l " fl l .311 sa .4 M IT .311 t n .nt k it ..; , St 1, .2-. IT i .! r n ,7si 50 K .T3 c.l . . .... .- - niehers. w-. u ivt- li nt. Tm so. llatPfr St L-ul....l .7"' 12 131 C! St llie"?rTltt.buVs. . . 4 .r2 111 11 K ITl'llpril llfsh'lrg ...14 7 .T 73 171 K .1 eSnh PMlsilelohla 11 ." 73 1, Zl T ""-oVin.lrVi.klvn .. 11 .; Ill 1SJ lrt 1J .JJJ K4 : .4 34 a 18 rhfstiro. Plttswg 1'hrl". New York tltnlptwtrn. N Y I-nirell St, Iytls. sKltson. Itmoklrn II s .s.i n ITT .7 A ,a"i t i s .- t -XT 1A1 - .17 13 .11 121 S il Vi .13 io ,s5 11 a js i- Donahue Paiu ... ' '' -pi " 1" 1 ,:.' Ilahn CTnrlnratl... .10 .S"l !H TT 41 1.4 oS7e.bVri.l-a I 11 J " fl V. St. Iu1. T .55 i 11" 34 II flSS?. nreoklm 11 1 .511 i M -. Illneen Boston JJ 11 .;2 ;J " 3 ltillllra. Clnrlnntl...M .S-JJ IM -JJ .1 J! t. ,... m.ii-.i-iniitfi . s o .sy n 11 o si sTuirofr Pt. Ixuls 10 10 .SflJ jj ; t; ri vyit ij. iiosion - -- " ;- Itltmger nounn 1. .. .. - - ... - Tarlir Chleaso It H .? '" S M .vt.k.1. t1o-tr.fl 11 IS .taS lia rl r VVadilell.' lilts IS .421 5"T 2J0 fa..n Chlcaa-.. ...... s i- ;' - 1 .sin 1 nic.t. , ., , KneTee'Fh.e.g-::::'! 1 M M ili g :,13K5: gS&SZ'A S Irf S3 '3 Pitched one tl- gam-, tntcl-ed two tla gsm- tsesi may 10 t-trw m.v.-.vv-. Hackacbes are caused by disorder In the kidneys. Foley's Kidney Cm will make tbe wooeyi risnu " .Jiumi6 :s 'o 1A-: 71 117 SI o. .ui n. ir. sh sn Pct- 4i ii? lit u r . J IS 4 ill 1 t .37T . -. .- x .a. M ti ioi ; m ,u4 72 U 2 r, .346 TS 133 t. 11 .1(2 6J lui 3 -ii .337 .- ll 13 2j .atf 1 at a 4 .33 Ili .J . f) Z-t . it 4J3 . TT 313 . S3 UI . 43 1.4 lu.tmas. nlcjpj ... si -- iA ... 3. ouny. llaaukM. . ti -1. s-ireilt. li.Jton .." jk ltunran. aahlngton. K (.: lonlm, Ilaltimoie .... Ji 331 Wasrington . S3 Is! Mclarthy. Oerelar.U . n 33T sj-ycicur. n.ltlmor-... SI 3iT i-'tc-r. Wttehinton.. 77 ullil-m... mm nioie.. n 37i V.a.m-on. 1111 -VVan..l1 IT vvtjc.1. ci-veUcd ..... iti Jor . CTiicago ....... w DC IK.k. si 3j unrntli. i-hiaro a 75 llolrae-. lietruit w aM 1-likertrg. 1 leveland.. as J7. Hoaahje. JHlnaukee.. w 0 lutls. AtM'tte 357 V 1 . tl ..1. n ... Ijichane-e. ll-veiirTiiil S7 11 111 ..vuiii-vn, uiiuirptr... -i 113 33 54 attriit. uo-irn as i0 liaireti. Ueltclt 33 38 1 alcFarlaml. Calcago... II 331 Kultz. Athlrt.cs ri 4J3 Hart. Ualtlmore S3 i llraitev. Clevelinrl e- --a Crockett. Detroit .... IT WJ .enra, e.nii.aso liowil, Bo-tnn 4 421 77 !- ,cte . Waahlrgten .. TS lui tt M j-.iucey, jiunauKee. Clarke. WaJhlngtoa. I'lllcn, Detroit n eanthan. Italt , Hoy. Chleaso , Uleasrn. Iletrjlt ..... McAll ter. Detroit ., Jackson. Raltlmere., ance. llelrolt . TJ Mi . 47 IT) . Ti 301 . 31 114 .St 11 . IS 197 . 400 . S3 HIV ij im . SS 211 Cjouihlln. V.nthlnsttn K 3T 39 l li 1 tj i i 41 131 7 & TI 1(1, 2U it 2 M CJ luT U 11 St 111 10 24 It 24 3 i ei Hi i M 7 rc 13 .311 31 91 1 3 .300 "-' UV 14 IS .108 ir, in j .3... 3 4 .107 4 IS 3 30 I 1 11 2 t i 2 i s t .3M ll .Hi is .sax m 117 11 a Sh 33 3 Jll T M4 2 10 M 13 3 1 .Sit JO ii 110 1 Jf la 13 U lit 7i 114 7 21 (I lilt 13 17 111 U lit U II tsx JOS .au .i- .lit .112 111 .& .304, .304 .300 .30 CVeaer. ltelrolt Hamley llltsrauke-.., Hayien. Athletics ... louny. notion , Jtclntjre, Athlellcs.. Su'llven. O Icasa ..., Fatrell. Wah!nictoa.. netrpni 1 rerton n 31 11 41 50 33 s7 ill 3 114 31 34 11 Tt W M li 7 41 Ml 7 It S O -MS 0 7 .JS 1 10 .Mt 3 a .2l 1 I .31 1 1 .3 I B : 11 .( 4 11 .i 93 410 II 112 7 IT 1 0 7 1 1 21 70 1 IPS 10 Ml 41 110 72 111 91 11 31 Hlllert. Milwaukee ... SI 374 19 i3 27 41 71 l'l S4 104 3 13 11 19 t .174 .173 .173 .111 .271 ; Z t . 12 : laltell. Ch'ctiK.1 -9 421 Khutart. CTileaau M XI Powers. Athletic... .. Bl 131 l.eshy. Mil -Ath. .... 14 111 Ker-K Iloston 91 171 0 lltbn. W-lleve ... H Tt Cfntor. Miltrauke. 91 17t ulan. VVashlnatsn .. 1S7 Ilallmnn, Milwaukee. .lot 411 Frlel. Milwaukee .... M 233 llenln. Clefeland .... 24 9 MltchelL Iton 11 33 JlcGlnnlty. Halt 11 lot S near. VV.ehlncton ....41 14S 11 I lorn-lever. Milwaukee. 31 K0 u eVnnor. Mil -CleV. .. 41 111 14 Dunn, rtaltimore ..... a 13 17 1-urke. Mil -l"Mraf 0 .. M 9) Shas, Uetnlt 24 120 Wathlnrton y31 104 11 Kouts. naltimor .... 10 73 It lleler. Alb -Mil CI 2i 49 Matt. Athletics 10 17 7 Shay. Cleveland 19 75 4 Yeazer. CTerelanil .... 33 1T7 14 Hcott. Clere'anil ...... 17 41 h'etk. Cleveland... C7 IM 1 4 7 M M ll 10 .MS 77 HI 7 3 .343 7 .3 11 11 A Clineman. Washlnrton 97 144 47 1 41 11 K 43 S3 21 63 14 17 li 11 4 8 11 3i 11 34 r f 2 24 17 17 13 17 21 11 32 I I if! 5 . .Ml - 14 .a 0 1 rir. Athletics S) 3 Crirer. Hoston St 12 CurPr. Itnstun 17 47 Hart. Cleveland 3 (1 Monre. eHevelAnd .... 31 G-4 lluelow, Detroit lii Krar. Athletics 29 104 Winter-, no.ton 17 SS Iirls llostnn It ! llastlnr. Milwaukee.. . 11 (1 1'atterton. Chicago .. O etcnln, Detroit 24 To Plank. Athletics IS 77 VIHer. D-trolt IT M Slevers. I-etmlt 71 mrrlek. vv aehlic'.on.. i Ilanres-. CM -Cler. . llowell. TlaltlTnore .. Dnlan. Athletics .... 'm rtaltlmrre. .... liowiinr a111.-e.1eT.,,. e- Tteldy. Mllsauke- 1... K Holler. Oerelsril .... 17 Ilernhard Alhletles.... 21 Pnstks. Milwaukee .1. II IS is M 111 t) 21 17 0 II W 11 39 4 1 1 1 1 4 1 f 10 1 3 10 1 14 1 14 1 C2 10 21 2 1 10 2 2 T C 14 1 1 1 1 17 .14) .147 t .21 I .243 1 .2411 0 .ia .21t .zta .; .Zf. .234 .2Z 10 11 14 nanr'n. Milwaukee.,. Katoll. CWcaao . 14 XI 12 .m 0 .2241 1 .227 2 .2It 0 .a i 0 .m s .11 4 .ti i .IM 9 .31 0 .rt 0 . t .Ml 0 .201 0 St .IM 0 .in ; .:lg 1 .in 0 .190 - t .17 , 5 .ITT 2 .15 0 .17 0 .134 ..'iS 0 .in o .117 0 .! 0 .in Clubs. Boaton...... Athletics .... Hslltmore.... eiiirato.... Detroti.. .. Cleveland.... vr.shlnfrton., Milwaukee Clnb nattlnar. AH It. It SIT. SB. ret. , 3.413 Sil 1.011 &9 lOi ,m 3.&U C12 1.03, tn 1Z1 .ZSE 9a at l .ai-a ...2.3M IKS .. .3.431 11 ...X466 X ...7.VS1 471 ...3.40S 4V ...J.M4 4M 971 92 SOS .m Sii 71 119 .T 924 D .M 90s a u .m 914 tZ 131 .22 Loan- lilt, by Clnb. nub-. Athletics Ho-ton Ualtlmore..... Washington., Detroit Chlcaao Milwaukee... llrvelaml.. IR ..IK ...111 ,...li9 ...13! ...IM ...11 ...141 :n. a 71 14 (4 34 W 41 41 Total Extra. 4H. Ha 21 2i 17 20 24 24 17 t 112 S7S 443 430 114 449 414 Indlv-idnat Sluggera. Players. !D. in, 1.1 Jole. Athletics 42 11 freeman. Hoeton 17 11 Collin. Hoston. 24 11 lo-firs. Athletics 11 11 Ullllam. Itiltlmore 19 li Dtnlln. Ualtlmore JJ 11 Pejrrold. Athletics 11 10 Itnvle. Athletics 19 7 Anderson. Mllwalkct- .... 29 4 Stshl. f!.ton 14 It Fan-ell. Warhlnjtton 2i 10 Base Rnnnlaar. Total Extra 40. Basra. 10 1S7 10 1 2 4 110 10c 102 99 It W 27 N n a Players a. STJ. ivt- Ibell. Chlcaro 91 n .14 Mcelraw. I la It I more ti :i .34) Kel-ter. Ualtlmore 77 24 ,3aa Mertee. Chicago r 22 .IS llocrlever. Milwaukee 11 19 .US Callahan. Chleaso -2 7 .nj PlrVertnir. C-veland ,1 Kultz. Athletics fl a .MS Iowd. Unrtoh ..... 94 29 .294 Holmes. Detroit 9S. 2 .292 Casey. Detroit 91 27 .Ho Anderson. Milwaukee 101 29 m McFarland. Chicago 24 U .KX Im Jole. Athletics -91 24 .toi Jone. 4-Mcarit .. 99 24 ,tsa llartman. Chlcaito 11 11 .jr Seimour. Ualtlmore 94 21 .2-i IMtrhlnc Herorda. W. 1-. Ict. i .) 4 .713 5 .731 4 .492 3 312 34 If 11 is a -, 114 17 JOI S3 11 as I .(S3 130 2S 49 IT a ili? ..- .- s 1 M ll 24 .643 Pitchers. Orlftith. Lhlcaito. 20 .Nop.. lUltlmoie 11 Youxijr. lloston .. 21 roieinan. llcaton-Ilalt. Miller. Detroit 11 Winter.. Hofton 11 ctllahan. Chlcuro ..... 9 Mcellimlty. Ualtlmore. .10 12 .at 1(4 313 70 Pattrn. vva'hlrxton ...It 7 .411 JI 147 44 (tank. Alhlelk. 14 9 ,41 97 Its 44 Katoll, unirano ........i" 1 .on 7 in q irater. Athletics li 12 ,&A lcl zvt M Lawfs. lioiton ..........II 11 .443 124 217 W Moore. C! eland. ...... .11 10 .til SI 172 44 bee. vra.hlnston 12 12 .'J 114 24S 37 Iternhar.1. Athletics-.. 9 9 .WO 121 tl 4 14 Patterson. Chlcairo ...11 13 .4so in Ko M Ileldy. Milwaukee 12 11 .410 in isi M Teacer. Detroit ........ 7 4 .447 4 124 2B tscott. Cleveland , ii.tei Itetrolt .. lultlmore Crontn. lie . 4 7 .442 ...10 13 ..10 11 144 7 ai a 132 244 Id 14 11 .417 137 234 m 4 11 .ia ili aw U " ? .? -5i 14 3 4 trolt Ift.ctlnir. Milwaukee Dowllrir. Mll.-Cl 9 11 Hart. Cleveland ....... 7 1! tnrtck. Washington.. I 14 Piatt. Athletics 4 11 Ilawley. Milwaukee .. . 13 Mercer, Waahlnftton ... 4 2 dear. Washington .... 4 10 Rnatks Milwaukee .... & 14 Garvin. Milwaukee .... 2 12 .200 112 Pitched one tl frame. tPltcheil two tl HWM. tPltcbed three tie emmes. 373 1(2 an .m 111 it .' 141 244 . Hi IM (4 .i 124 217 90 4t .24 k ill it S aav 141 las Tl 4J4 1 St V. It- Conklln. Bowirsvllle. a, Mlii t received mere benefit from Foley irffjj jure man xruiu niuiiiaa eix en physlclana." Take so MbsUtut. W f 5 I n S - U - s ; A Ml w. A. M'-WI.V, ji. u. 604 "Washington Ate, St. LoU. If " Hz?sl ---,y.?'ra.--tir---i."j--- ?t JiSSLsS .j. .--. -

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