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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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36 SUNDAY MORNINQ, OAKLAND TRIBUNAL MAY 19, 1907. Till) KEY UPON JAILER THE CHURCHES Former Soldiers and Civilians of Eerkeley Enthuse Over Proposition. Themes in Berkeley Pulpits and Prisoner Escaped by Locking His Custodian in Cell This Malady, Also Asthma, Can Be Prevented and Cured, Say Calendar of Religious Services. People Who Know. WILL ORGANIZE I MILITARY GO SL1C I CURED NEW YORK, May 18.

The time is fast approaching when thousands of BERKELEY, May UKIAH, May 17. W. N. Gibson, the jailer, was locked in Jail last night by T- hay fever sufferers will have to con- BERKELEY. May 18.the movement hat was started recently to orKiinize a military company In this city Is progressing very favoiablyv A number of en-tbuslaatic and energetic men met at the a prisonerwho slipped out the door tend with this distressing malady.

So afterwards and made his escape close is the bond of sympathy between these sufferers that "Hay Fever, town ball this evening and effected -a Clubs" have In the past ormed to find sortie remedy to combat this terrible malady. trip to. the mountains or seashore Is unnecessary as the statements of hundreds" of sufferers- declare pos temporary organ lint Ion. Mayor Russell, formerly of the Texas volunteers, who served In the Spanish war, was selected to the office of temporary chairman. Mr.

Wooldredue. one of Berkeley's most en ergetic business nu-n. was elected to serve tftmnnmrv ftporctarv. Jailer Gibson brought the prisoners In and as usual proceeded to lock them up. Prisoner Charles White, who was under a table near the door, slipped out, locked the jailer In and escaped.

Gibson remained locked up until his wife, fearing something was wrong when he did not return, called Sheriff Donohoe, who went and found Gibson. Gibson thought so" me had played a joke on him until he found White was misting. White was serving a six months' sentence and his description exactly tallied with that of a man who murdered a deputy sheriff in Fresno county in March. The temporary organization was formed wim me luea oi mauinq imweiuk iui uC mmht.r nf H. organization itively that Toxico, the lately introduced remedy, will do the work.

Asthma is curable at any season of the year. A New York Medical concern, known as the Toxico located at 1123 Broadway, has been especially formed to dispense this remedy and thousands of free tests of Toxico will are the church announcements for tomorrow: First Christian Church Dana and Bancroft Morning services at 11 o'clock; evening at Sunday School, 9:30 a. C. 6:30 p. m.

South Berkeley Christian E. W. Darst, pastor. Corner Woolsey and Tremont streets. Sunday school at 10 a.

preaching at 11 and 7:30. First Congregational Church Dana and Durant. Kev. William Hopkins, minister. :45, Bible school; 11:30.

morning worship with sermon; 11. kindergarten class; 5, Intermediate Endeavor; 7:30 evening worship with sermon. Rev. L. D.

Rathbone to speak In the morning; Rev. W. H. Hopkins at night. Evangel Baptist Church Dwlght way, east of Telegraph avenue.

Morning service at 11 o'clock; Bible school at Young People's meeting at evening service at 7:30. Rev. A. S. Coats.

First Unitarian Church Dana street and Bancroft way. John How land Lathrop, minister. Morning service at 11; Sunday school at Minister's class in the Prophets, Wednesday at Vespers, Friday. a 5. German Evangelical Lutheran Corner Grove street and Ashby avenue.

Rev. B. Langc. Sunday school, 9:45: services, 11 o'clock. Services.

at De mauea season: CLARK LAUGHED AT BY SOUTHERN PACIFIC Lina Vista Terrace is noted for its many beautiful homes. The above cut shows the home of S-. V. Armstrong, situate on the corner of Oakland and Monte Vista avenues, overlooking the! Piicific officials are broadly smilinar about I Clark absolutely promised in writing to make no effort to build any railroad north of the latitude -of Salt Lake City, provided Harriman would make certain Joint rates, between the Oregon Short Line and Ciark's Salt Lake Los Angeles line. Under this agreement Clark was not at liberty to build to Coos Bay, had he been willing to do so.

This agreement with Harriman was In full force and effect at the time the Oregon people conferred with Clark. and It looks on its face as if Clark really had no Intention of seriously considering the Coos Bay proposition at 'the time he encouraged the Oregon men to, believe to the to gather a large numbT of recruits and thus on an early date a permanent organ lzation could be formtii. Major Rut-sell, who. it is to be hoped. Will be one of the leadine spirits of the proposed company.

Is an old military man and well versed in the arts of forming companies for military service. RECRUITING COMMITTEE. A committee' of five was appointed by the chair to serve as a recruiting committee. Those appointed are: A. L.

Perkins, Captain lit aris of the IT. C. Cadets, Ed. Howard, Lieut. Haines and Mr.

Inuring the evening Captain Searles epoke it the attitude of the University studenfi toward the proposition. stated that they were very much in faro-of such an organization and he the. u.r' that he could influence quite a nu i. of them to Join the proposed eomi. Captain Nance, according to Seaila, entertains similar lews.

A. l'erkins. who has been working strenuously to lorm the companv. is the originator of a petition whii it i.i proposed will be sent to the Boaril of Location, N. O.

after the roirjuny has been formed. The men nn thp recruiting committee will Ret its large a number of men us possible to sign the petition, which reads as follows: PETITION IN CIRCULATION. beautiful hills. 5 This home was built for Mr. Armstrong by the Karl H.

Xickel and is complete in every 'detail, that makes a home both convenient and beautiful. TRIBUNE "WANT ADS" GIVE RESULTS the more or 4ess direct promise Senator V. A. Clark gave some Oregon people a few days ago that he might soon extend bis Salt Lake Los Angeles road from Salt T.ake northwesterly to tidewater at Coos Bay; Oregon. All this Is interesting ir.

connection with facts just given out l.v the Interstate Commerce Commission, showing an Iron-bound agreement be- CL-n Clark and Harriman, whereby West Berkeley. Woif's Hall. corner University avenue and Fifth street, 2:30 o'clock; Sunday shool, 3:30. Seventh Day Adventist Church Meetings at Stiles Hall on Saturdays. Sabbath school 10 a.

church service, 11 a. m. The Swedish Methodist Congrega tion In Berkeley is holding meetings every Sunday forenoon at 11 o'clock In the Y. M. C.

on Allston way. All Scandinavians are welcomed A. J. Gustafson." pastor. Young Men's Christian Association Meeting for men at the Young Men's Christian Association Hall tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Good music. Peralta Park Sunday school meets every Sunday at 3 p. at 1525 Hopkins street. Friends Church Haste street, between Shattuck and Fulton. Lindley A.

Wells, pastor. Regular services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.

Sabbath school at a. A. W. Taylor, superintendent. Christian Endeavor prayer meeting at 6:30 p.

Japanese mission at 5 p. m. Ernest L. Gregory, superintendent. Epworth Methodist Church Corner Telegraph avenue and Durant avenue.

Preaching every Sunday, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school, 10 a.

Epworth League, Sunday afternoon, 6:30 o'clock. J. A. B. Fry, pastor.

Church of the Nazarene Grove and AUston way. Pastors, Rev. E. A. Gir-vin, residence 1803 Berkeley way; Rev.

H. O. Wiley, residence 2205 Mc-Klnley street. Sabbath services, 10 a. m.

Sabbath school, 11 a. preaching service; 6:45 p. Young People's meeting; 7 p. street meeting; 7:45 p. evangelistic service.

Week-day services: Wednesday, 7:45 p. prayer meeting; Thursday, 2 p. holi We, the Uh'derslgned clMz-nn and taxpayers of the town of Berkeley-, Conntv ot Alnmeda. State of believing that a company of State Militia can be formed in the said town of Berkeley, County of Alameda, State of California, respectfully petition your honorable body to appoint an officer for the mustering in to the National Guard, of California, a military" company now orgunlzed In this town. L.

Perkins will appear before the Board of Trustees evening and ask them for the use of the council chambers for a time until the company is further organized nnd another meeting place Is selected. The next meeting was set for Wednesday. May 2-. DR. NELLIE BEIGHLE Of 2400 Pacific San Francisco, on account of the strike, will open offices in Oakland.

Examination without questioning. Classes in healing. For particulars address 2400 Pacille San Francisco. Pope-Hartford Apency Now Here 1 B. D.

Merchant Is now Alameda county agent for Pope-Toledo, Pope-Hartford, rope-Tribuno cars. Investigate these standard cars before placing your order for a new auto. Also agent for Heftitt 8-cyIinder car. Temporary address, Alameda Garage, 2150 Central avenue, Alameda. ness meeting, A I Church Corner of Oxford and Cedar streets.

Rev. L. D. Rathbone, pastor. Rev.

W. H. Hopkins to speak In the Would you take advantage of the chance to ge a piece of Furniture valued at $50.00 for $25.00 Wouldn't you buy from a manufacturer's agent and save 50 per cent on your purchase if you had the opportunity? We are the factory agents and you can get the opportunity wit" We carry an expense of only-10 per cent. Wnen the large dealer carries 50 per cent, the purchaser must pay for it. Come in and let us the elegant new A PFT THF RITINF We sel1 to tne htels ad' first class lodging houses and these people are the closest and most conservative buyers.

Co Jj VJ.d 1 1 riCi DUiJ11iCmJiJ show you the list of patrons we have in the hotel and lodging house business. For Instance, we have the contract to furnls Hotel Holland at the corner of Grove and 22d streets. We are going to put In furniture, carpets, to the extent of $10,000. Any other furniture house woul furnish lid morning; Rev. L.

D. Rathbone in the evening. Scandinavian Evangelical Church Blake street, between Grove and Mil-via streets. Sunday school, 10 a. preaching by Rev.

Gustafson, 11a. m. 7:45 p. Young People's meeting 7 p. m.

Everybody welcome. First Presbyterian Church Services In the morning at 11 and in the evening at Sunday School at 9:45 a. Christian Endeavor Society meets at 6:15 p. m. Rev.

Lapsley A. McAfee, pastor. charge at least The Test of a Pure Water I I is its ability to keep pure, 40 ter cent more than us for the same stuff. AVhv? Because our big retail comDetitors who make the show, make vou oav for their exhibition. They have handsomer stores than ours, but you are not buying the store, but the furniture.

Our store is rr-ely a sample room. We have warehouses full of good furniture. We make friends and permanent customers with all of our patrons because we monpv. get furniture '-nm the factory because we are manufacturers' agents. No middle man for you to pay.

We carry all grades of furniture from the ry best to the highest staple and chc pest. We represent some of the leading furniture factories of Amerlcaj Now this coming week we are going to give and "Odds and Ends" sale. It i. tomorrow. We must make ri, ji olock now on the way to us.

This sale will be a "Hummer," so don't miss it. Remember, every article will be marked In plain Jlgures on RED TAGS. These prices -will be about one-half of the value of the goods to be sold. For Instance: 1 his is done without chemi ft cals, without boiling, without 8 evaporating in the wonderful 5 product known as White Diamond Table Water. Knox' Presbyterian Church Corner of Lorena and Russell streets, S.

Eastman, pastor. Sabbath school, 10 a. morning 11 a. Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. even-, lng service at 7:30 p.

m. Grace Presbyterian Services at 1914 Harmon street, one block east of Key Route, one block north of Alca- China Cabinet traz, Suuth Berkeley. A H. Laysen, LL. pastor.

Services 11 a. m. and 45 p. m. Free lecture on Jerusalem Water Co.

1 155 12th St. rhune 3010 Oak. 2 (rttmmmmioimMMottwMiwMWK Do You Sleep Restless? Not on CULLIGAN'S PILLOWS. -You will rest like a baby with your head on one of our GEESE FEATHERS and TICK PILLOW'S. You would usually pay $6.50 for a pair of these.

But at this store for all the week they will be sold for $1.45 each or $2.90 a Pair You shouldn't hesitate to get up early tomorrow morning and come down to "The Little Store Around the Corner" and select a pair. We expect a big run on this special. They will go like hot cakes. We have lots of but how can they last long at these unprecedented prices? Wednesday, .7:45 p. m.

All invited. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. IWVWVWVWWVWVW1 5 A flAfCCr.1 IDf K1 A Rf Westminster- Presbyterian Church Sunday school at 10 a. preachihgT at 11 a.

Y. P. S. C. 7 p.

preaching, 7:45 p. G. H. Wilkins, pastor. Trinity Methodist Church Corner Ellsworth street, and Allston way.

S. D. Hutsinpiller, pastor. Sabbath school, 9:43 a. J.

Sanchez, superintendent; preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. Junior League, 3:30 has discovered a way to solve equations to th 10 sixth sixth "The jyi equation cannot ved," says a Kale be boIv professor. Now, which ODD AND ENDS PARLOR Would you take this elegant China Cabinet, always sold at -rV This week one is 1Q 7C yours for only Your money back if you do not like it-Odds and Ends In Nottingham Curtains and Fish Net; very wide and 3 1-2 yards long.

You would pay from $3.00 to $8.00 for them, the regular value, at Culligan's for this week only at 75c Per Pair Did you ever hear of anything like it? Just like giving them. away. CHAIRS. Hi Is right the man from Missouri who offers to show or the Yale professor who setms unwilling to be shown? Galileo was a sixth QUARTER SAWED OAK BUFFET. LEADED GLASS DOORS.

Any housewife would be tickled to death to get one of these. Her husband would be proud of her also to see what good Judgment his wife would have. Why shouldn't he when ydu can get one of these Buffets for $5J5 That you would pay5- $40.00 for to other dealers, which Is the customary price. ODDS AND ENDS OT SEAT CHAIRS. Vienna Chairs with r.

never sold for less than to $2.50. This sale's p-weck, Other dealers can't figures or come anywv It's the same old ston equation man. and thev put him In ihe cooler over nixht. and cilil it fre Drumhead Couches quently. The greatest bar to progress Here Is a genuine snap like taking a crutch- awy from a cripple.

Imagine $20 $10 Parlor Chairs for the nominal figure of $5.50 Apiece Some people must think us crazy. Well our loss your gain. We will do the worrying. its mai more men are noi ironi 1. so many are opposed to p.

intermediate, 6:30 p. senior, 6:30 p. midweek prayer meeting at 8 p. Wednesday. College Avenue Methodist Episcopal Corner College avenue and Russell street.

George A. Henry, minister. Preaching services, 11 a. m. and 7:50 p.

m. Sunday school, 12:15. AVest Berkeley M. E. Church Seventh street, between.

University avenue and Addison street. Rev. J. H. Hester.

Sunday school, 10 a. preaching, II a. m. and 7:45 p. Epworth League.

6:45 p. midweek meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. m. German Methodist Episcopal Church Corner of California and Felton streets. South Berkeley.

Rev. H. F. Hllmer, pastor. Services at 11 a.

m. and 7:30 p. m. German school every Saturday at 8:30 a. m.

for children from German homes. No' charges. St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Jo-seoh stret.

corner Addison. Rev. V. For this Couch you would never less than $12 or $13. Thy have veldur coverings.

Culligan yiil sell you! one this week jr "TC almost noth'nr, at tV.ltJ A handy thing an. and the house. i being shown, especially doctors and instructors of the people. It is hard Savoy Meat and Turkey or Chicken Roaster i to teach an old dog new tricks, unless he has a very strong mentality. When I want a new mental horizon I go over to Lehnhardt's and hit up the sod-i counter.

New tricks there, most al Quartersawed Oak Dining Tables ways. CANDY SENT TO THE COUNTRY'S STEEL COUCHES have quite a lot. re, that w-- usually StJI at from $7.50 to at this $4.50 Almost ainmed to name the fi JIN TIN BOXES COMES OUT AS 5 FRESH AS IT WENT IN. you gure or these Couches for might think we found them. X.

Morrison, pastor; Rev. T. J. Bren-! 11S9 BROADWAY. VWWWWVWVWWVV HWUHWWI The Culligan Range Regular value always $20.00, Culligan's sale this week take one CO home for only It's like buying a twenty dollar gold piece for half of its 'value.

Is a great fuel saver. It posesses many advantages over all other ranges and come: In and see for yourself. Just think of It. You MURRAY Ct CO. 610 Broadway Oakland 6991 Heating and Ventilating FURNACES A cari have one sent to your house by paying only $1.00 a week.

Just like geuing a remittance from across I Repairing Sheet Metal Work. the Atlantic or "money from home." At Cilligans, for this 90 cents Sold everywhere for $2.50. sale only Do you wish a better proposl tlon? nn, assistant. Masses at 7, 8:30, 9:30, 11 a. evening devotions, 7:50 o'clock.

Chapel of, the Good Shepherd Ninth and Bristol. Vicar, Rev. William Hlggs. Sunday services, 11 a. m.

and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school, 10:30 a. m. SL Mark'3 Episcopal Bancroft way and Ellsworth street.

Rector, Rev. E. L. Parsons. Sunday services, 7:30 a.

11 a. 7:30 p. m. Sunday. School, 9:45 a.

m. All Saints' Chapel. Cedar and Spruce Vicar. Rev. W.

R. Hodgkin. Sunday services, 11 a. 5 p. m.

Fourth Sunday, 7:30 a. m. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. St.

Matthew's Episcopal Church Corner of Grovo and Russell streets. Sunday school at 10 a. holy communion and sermon at 11 a. full cathedral evensong and sermon by the vicar at 7:45 1 p. m.

First Baptist Church William C. Spencer, minister. Sunday school at 9:45 a. morning worship and sermon at 11 o'clock; evening service at 7:30. 0 We are gaining friends and patrons every week.

Did you ever see any one and hear of a CTLXIGAJt customer complainlig of any thing they bought from us. "Show him to us." Only kind and complimentary words do our patrons utter about us. Is not that a high recommendation? We don't wish a better "send-off." We have them in different patterns that" always sell at $1.25 a yard. Can you believe it that we will sell these same carpets to you laid and lined for a yard? How do we do it? Just to show you how the other fellows make you pay for their elaborate stores. Tapestry Carpets A FAOT We are rushed to death with satisfied who are saving from $lo to Sit per Carpet and equal amounts on Linoleum, Rugs, Shade.

Curtains, etc LERRl'S CARPET HOUSE 356 Clay near 7th win i Cujliigsin furniture. Trunks at Co3t Bet. Broadway and Washington, "Just Around I ihe Corner" 467 NINTH STREET TIMBER LANDS WITHDRAWN. WASHINGTON. May 18.

The Secretary of the Interior has withdrawn from entry 778,000 acres of land In Humboldt. Trinity and Mendocino counties, California, to be added "to the Trinity national forest- We are selling our- entire stock cf trunk, suit cases and bags at actual cost. Buy now and save money. 16th et. Trunk Factory.

539 16th et bet. Clay and San Pablo. Phone Oakland 3067..

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