Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 19, 1907 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1907
Page 11
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'OAKLAND TRIBUNE. MAT 19, leOT. V5 If At The Toggery Cloak and Suit House It'a well known that you will always find better values here than in any, other store. We will fit you, no matter what slue-you are. A large assortment to choose from every day a omethlns new. Suits at $15.00 Values that you can't duplicate elsewhere. SUNDAY. MORNING, WHS: Remarkable Values - 'rv'rM:!)i tiers 'wriL, - vv v ftff?-.-, 4, jh Vi asv $s4 .x r T- c vs Hi Wrff) l I $y ess 1 if' t It : A" ... w, ,-. wi,4,-' '-v., ? ; ,JlT - - it it A Vf.i' -rr. ' t' "i-;." . j-.vlj; ' EVERY Efi IS. PUT Gold Watch Goes to the Member Bringing In the Most Applications. Nobby Eton Suits... $13.00 Smart Semi-Fitting Jacket Suits ; $15.00 Swell Tight-Fitting Jacket Suits $15.00 New Silk Jumper Suits $15.00 Jaunty Silk Eton Suits $15.00 Silk Eton Jackets $6.50 Made of good black taffeta, lined with white satin, with new length sleeve, nicely trimmed with silk braid. Worth $8 . 50 at $6 . 50 Others at. . .$8.50, $10.00, $13.50 Long Silk Coats Silk Pony Jackets $10.00 A dressy garment of black silk taffeta, lined with black satin, back and front effectively trimmed with silk soutache. Worth 112.504-at $10.00 Others at. $13.50, $15.00, $18.50 Nobby garments of very fine quality silk taffeta, well tailored, perfect hanging and extra full: In plain and trimmed effects. Prices $11.50, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00 Walking Skirts $5.00 A' new model of good quality Panama cloth, well made, in black; blue and brown. Also new checks, stripes and mixtures. Worth $7.50 at $5.00 Misses' Coats $3.00 A Jaunty ggtment that la reallv worth $5.00, tfeJJUUllored, with cuff and fancy buttons. W.orth $5.00 at.. $3.00 i Custer Council No. 22. O. W. A. M.. has Its degree team In constant practice and It Is claimed that they will have little or no tronble In adding 'to their reputation as being the best In the State. i Every effort is being put forth to bring In a large number of applications during the present term by reason of the particular Inducements offered to the members In the way of prizes. i In addition to the tickets on the spe-fclal train on a trip through the state and winding up at the next session of the State Council to be presented to each member bringing In ten new members, the State Council has offered a gold watch as a prize to the council making the largest gain, the same to be presented to Its member securing the largest nrmber of applications to the end of the ! term. It is expected Custer Council will keep Its team In continued practice, and 111 indications are now that this council Will be the largest In the state, when the Btate Council again meets. BLOW, DEALT AT IMMORTALITY Verdict Against Property Used for Bad Purposes. SPOKANE. May 18. An lm-portant verdict was rendered today In the United States Court in a suit of E. Dempsie against the Philadelphia Fecurities Company for J30,f00. Tlx? Jury returned a verdict of damages. The suit was brought on the ground that the Windsor block, owned, by the Securities Company was used for Immoral purposes and Mr. Dempsie's adjoining property had been injured n account of such a business being conducted in close rroxlmity. it i said this gives a preedent allowing other property owners to oring suit and may result in moving the immoral district from its present location in th heart of the city. the St. rLPrlrC ,Sirm a snaPshot ? ;Mess"- Haywood, Mover and Pettibone, defendants in avwood r IT Tf "'T Yl triaJ at Bise' Idaho- From Ieft to they, are W B Boise Haho " Pettlbone' Pictu -as taken in Ihe prison yard at The Talesmen Are Subjected to Tiresome Examinations SHORT JACKETS AS.4 WELL A8 LONQ COATS- IN LARGE VARIETY AT WELL KNOWN LOW PRICES. IMWrtOT'lWtaiMKM4t?l - Til i M a jF" rORT fOSiT fflll f W&m 1 IARAR Of WBttS KJ a BGah U-l lnILl HII LnSLPVil Vi I LATEST gypi 'Hinrfny FORTH FI FfTIIJC A IIIDV Ifl TDV HAVlRAAf. F- : N.E. Cor. llth and Washington Sts. JLLLLBINU n JUfll ill III IIHl vVlHIII ' I i . j v j iC Jl x ls 1 I IB . BOISE, Idaho. May 18.-Four peremptory challenges have been used by the State and the defense in the Hay wood trial, and each has six remaining. Twenty-six names remain In the Jury box and as nearly every man called Is disqualified for cause, court, lawyers and everybody else believe that the Jury will not be complete within a week and that another special . venire will be had. This afternoon, after recess was ordered and the provisional Jury had left the room. Judge Wood announced that County Attorney Koelsch had filed a report on the Investigation into Governor Gooding's promotion of an interview Thursday -- with Murderer Harry Moore, THE WINEDALE COMPANY IN THEIR NEW BUILDING Will be Installed in he Big Modern j. Structure Tomorrow. The well-known Winedale .Company, formerly of Washington street and lately of Tenth street, will receive their many patrons In their - elegant new building which the company Qjvns and was built expressly for this popular concern under the personal supervision of its President and General Manager, Mr. William Jurgens. This fine block will compare favorablyto the best on the Pacific Coast and is a credit to Oakland, aa it would bp to any city It adorns. It Is located at 878 and 375 Thirteenth street, between Franklin and Webster streets, being a flve-fStory brick .structure of the most up-to-date construction. The fast increasing trade of the Winedale Company necessitated this immense block to, order to conveniently carry on their mammoth trade.. The reputation of the wines and liquors-carried by this reliable firm is widely and favorably known, and as a result they do a most lucrative business. Which extends to many States. This favorite company handles exclusively the celebrated Copo D'Oro Wines, which have such a noted reputation for their excellent quality a table wine unsurpassed In America a liquid that has made this section of the State famous as a wine producer. There . are many good brands of wines in Caiifornia, but none surpass ' and few equal Copo D'Oro Wines. .The demand for this famous liquid exceeds xny other California beverage, the country over, which - is certainly a recommendation that places these wines at the top-notch of pop-ularlty... . -. . , . . alias Orchard. Koelsch Informed the1 court in a lengthy type-written statement that he had Interviewed the New York Sun. New Tork Times and the Associated Press correspondents and that he was sure no contempt of court was intended, and that there was no design to Influence the talesmen who are waiting to be called as Jurors In this case. In the examination of. Jurors today the defense found a hard nut to crack in M. H. Goodwin, aged 72, a native of Maine and now a farmer of Idaho. Goodwin told a romuantlc tale of travels all over the United States for a period of fifty years, and his recital disclosed that In his youth he never remained very long n any place. He said he had resided here for thirty years and might remain a while longer. The defense could not disqualify him. so he was peremptorily challenged. An effort by the defense to get Dan Carter off the Jury. . failed. Farmer Carter is a client of Senator Borah's law partner, but Judge Wood decided that the relation , of client and attorney does not exist between the senator and the prospective Juror. Kd Ray. Clinton Matlok, and Julius Miller were excused for bias and Joseph Chinn, a Boise ' cab driver; Isaac Bedell, stock- raiser, and T. C. de Clereq. farmer, are retained,- subject to peremptory challenge.- . . .' " beginning Monday." court will meet at 9 JO a. m. and sit till noon. The afternoon sessions, 'win , begin . at' 3 .'and vend at 4. Judge Wood Is changing. the hours so ' that the Jurors and court . officials wQI not succumb to heat In the after-noon whao th eonrtraom,Ja a - roper- heated furnace, and no.human being can endure many hours !n the place. Juror Cole and another man on the panel are already ill and they will probably ha excused Monday. MESSAGE OfTmy TO PRKBYTERIANS General Assembly Sends Greeting . to Church m United States. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 18 In the general assembly of the Presbyterian church In th TTnito ct-.. ! kjkt.c:s IV day Moderator HowertoTv read the lonowing teiegram, dated Columbus: "The general assembly of Presbyterian churches sends fraternal greetings to the general assembly of the Presbyterian church In the United States. Read Epheslans, fourth chapter and 15tW verse." The telegram was stoned bv William H. Roberts. The scriptural reference rererrea to Paul s exhortion to unity. ...... PRINCE VISITS FATHERLAND. . BtTENOS ATRES, May 18. Prince Luis of Bragansa has arrived here. In an interview he declared that his voyage has no political purpose and that he came to visit his fatherland, Brazil. He hoped the Kueiumciii wuuiu revonsiaer us resolution ncainst h1 fnmllv H wo nn. vinced, he said, that a monarchy was the Dei lorm vi government lor. uracil, but he bad never thought to change Its institution by revolutions, and hoped the people would recognize his statement as BLOOD POISON Is ' the worst disease on earth, yet theeas-lest to cure WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. Manv have pimples, spots on the ckln. acres in tn mouth, ulcers,' falling hair, .bone pains, catarrh, and don't know If la BLOOD POISON. Send to DR. BROWN.- 825 Arch - St.. Philadelphia. Penn- for BROWN'S BLAXJiJ cuke 13 6 per botUa; lasts one month. Sold by Owt Drug Comoanv. Oakland ana Ban Fran ON CREDIT An Advertisement Worth Reading SELLING furniture by the monthly-payment plan is not new for years folks have furnished their houses in this mariner, little noticing the ' payments which in time resulted in a completely furnished home. Our plan has been tried by thousands, by rich arid poor, by people who live in one room and by people who live most extravagantly and every purchaser has developed into an enthusiastic advocate of the idea. It's harri to have to put out three or four hundred dollars; cold cash for furniture. Unless you have a great deal of idle cash it's absolutely foolish to do so. Most people waste a dollar a week, when with a little care this could be invested in furniture and in time buy a complete outfit for their home. People renting furnished houses or apartments pay from $10 to $5 EXTRA rent for the USE OF THE FUBN11UBE ALONE. Just think of what a fine lot of furniture you could be BUYING FOR YOURSELF with that money and you know that while you are paying for the furniture you are using it. Or suppose you have a little furniture of your own and want to make a little money. Why not furnish up a room, an apartment, a flat, cottage ;or house on the monthly-payment plan? Tbeni rent it to some one and make enough out. of the additional rent to pay the furniture payments each monthv In a short time your tenant will have paid for your furniture, and you'll be just that much ahead. It makes no difference .what you earn, or what you want, or how long ' you've lived here, or whether you're single or married, you can come here and buy furniture on credit for less than you can buy the same grades ii e t , eisewnere ior casn. It's the only feensible way, it's the easiest way, it's t best people have adopted it's the way for you. the w;ay that the ffltKsoa FEraitEre Co, 519 12th Street Bet. Clay and Washington OAKLAND

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